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life at a private school

Chapter Ten

My mind slowly started to flicker with that half awareness of being and I could feel something warm, soft yet hard against my naked chest and arms. Though was electric to me I knew what it was but I couldn't quite tell. There was something else, the smell it was so comforting and happy, if a smell can be happy! Of course I knew what it was it was Tim, I was waking up wrapped around the boy I loved and who loved me. My whole body was sore from falling asleep outside under the stars all night.

I didn't want to stretch for fear of waking Tim, whose soft breathing was making his chest rise ever so slightly and gently scratching my nipple. The sun was just rising and from the position I was with my arms wrapped around Tim I could see the sun just start to poke its head above the sea. I lay watching one of the most magnificent events on Earth, the sunrise. The top of the sky was a dark deep blue with just the faintest hint of stars deep out in the cold reaches of the universe, which at that moment revolved around myself and the sleeping adonis in my arms.

The horizon was a dreamy orange pink colour with a thin wisp of cloud that looked almost as though it had been painted there by a divine painter's hand. I breathed in the smell of Tim and gently touched my soft velvety lips to his bare smooth skin. As I kissed him he sighed and I held him closer watching the sky become brighter and wash the dark night away with a light blue. As the orange and pink wisps of cloud grew stronger and more pronounced it became warmer under the blankets that were wrapped around us.

A solitary bead of sweat ran down from Tim's hairline and trailed down his neck where I watched it descend below. As the sun exploded above the horizon and the new day was finally born upon the north coast of Australia Tim stirred and pushed himself more tightly into my arms. I gently ran my finger up and down the top of his hard muscled chest and couldn't resist every know and then reaching down and tweaking jis nipple which was hard a with a pointy end.

Tim pulled the blankets off the top part of our sweaty bodies and let the warm morning sun kiss and cares our chests. The sun felt so good on my naked chest after the stifling heat under the blanket and my nipples instantly hardened. Tim moved so he could look at me and with sleep filled eyes whispered "I love you……You are the best most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me".

His brown eyes stared incessantly into mine watching waiting for my response and I knew at that moment that I had finally broken through the last of his defenses and he could be totally free with me. My eyes filled with tears as I gripped him tighter and buried my face in his neck to try and hide my tears of joy and happiness. Tim gently stroked the back of my head and then gently moved my face so our mouths were at the same point.

Reaching out to him our mouths and tongues became the only point of importance in the whole universe. We let our mouths and tongue join us together under the warm morning sun with the seagulls rudely watching crowing gleefully while the waves crashed on the beach as if applauding our love and intimacy with each other. Our hands gently at first then with more excitement rubbed and massaged each others naked bodies. I could feel every muscle in Tim's body rippling and pulsating with his raw animal lust that was lurking just below the sensational smooth soft skin of his oh so perfect body. I grasped his hard cock in my hand and he shuddered and I could feel the pent up emotion in his tongue as it went rigid and his mouth opened wider to let out a half sigh and groan from somewhere deep inside him.

He returned the favor and grabbed the head of my cock, using the precum he found dribbling out of the tip he made little circular motions on my cock head sending shivers up and down every atom of my being. My toes cramped at the sensation and my head started spinning, I didn't know whether to scream, moan purr or cum I was in heaven. When I regained a little of my composure I found my hand was still sliding up and down Tim's hard cock and I let our mouths apart as I started a quick slide with my tongue down his chest feeling the goose bumps on his skin that my ministrations were causing. Past his nipples which I licked and gave a quick friendly nip with my teeth which made Tim's whole body shudder. Down through his belly button where I licked up a small trail of sweat mixed with precum to his hard cock.

Tim's cock was a wonder all of its own! It pulsed and thrashed around and every now and then a new little quirt of precum would almost spurt like cu from his cock. I quickly engulfed his cock in my mouth and Tim's back arched forcing his cock deep into my throat. Although it was a mouthful it was exactly what I wanted and I struggled to make sure that I was giving him a blowjob to remember. I didn't realise until I felt Tim's warm mouth close around the tip of my hard cock that he had wriggled around and was now able to 69 with me.

We were so horny that it took only minutes for us with each others hands help to spurt cum all over each other's faces and hair. When I looked up at the mess I had made of Tim's beautiful hair my eyes must have gone wide and not notice my own face because he started to laugh and then reached a finger over to my nose and rescued a great big glob of cum that had landed there. We both burst out laughing and fell of the sofa onto the blankets bunched around the deck. We found each others mouths and continued to wrestle with our bodies and tongues for about twenty minutes.

Our stomachs were groaning and moving begging us for food. Still laughing and acting like a couple of five years old buck naked as the day we were born with dried cum from this morning and the previous night cracking on our bodies we ran inside to the shower to clean up. As Tim ran in front of me his ass wiggled and moved in a away that made my cock spring right back to attention, but I knew that I could leave it till much much later.

After washing ourselves which involved a lot of soap hands all over each others bodies, it does take a lot of work to clean a 17 year old hard male body, we had breakfast out on the deck where we had slept the night before. Since it was only Saturday morning we still had the rest of the weekend to be totally alone together so we didn't rush, but allowed ourselves to relax with each others company over coffee, orange juice, cereal, bacon, eggs, sausages and hash browns. Hey we are growing lads and all that sex had made us damn hungry!

From the balcony I could see all the way up and down the 90 km beach, at one end of the beach nearest the house was a small mountain that I had climbed everytime I came here as a child. I looked at Tim and smirked as he dreamily watched a lone gull swoop down into the waves and rise with a small fish in it's beak. He looked so god damned cute in his jeans and open mambo shirt.

Do you wanna climb that little old hill over there, I asked pointing towards the mountain?

Sure, think you can keep up fish boy? Or can you walk on land as well, Tim shot back.

I laughed, " maybe depends what I get if I keep up really, what are you offering"?

Tim grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap and kissed my lips and then said, " well you already have my heart, so um………….how bout my soul?"

I pulled him back down on top of me and passionately kissed him. I could feel my cock harden and start to throb against me and I could feel the heat radiating from Tim's crotch as well. I pushed hi away and ran for the house to pack a backpack to go climb the mountain.

As we set off down the beach I slipped my hand into Tim's, at first he tried to pull away and looked around the beach at the people far down the beach worrying about what they might think.

Don't worry, they don't care and they don't know us, relax relax, I said as I tightened my grip and he relented and gripped me back. My heart jumped as I realised that he was not going to let my hand go and that he was finally starting to come to terms with his feelings. We walked down the beach and my heart felt so perfect and so light with the knowledge that Tim my perfect angel the one that I loved, loved me too and was holding my hand in public.

As the surf lapped against our feet I pulled Tim and tried to dunk him in the water, laughing he pulled away and pushed me to the dry sand landing on top me pinning me down. He nibbled my ear and I struggled to get away.

Surrender you cant escape you are my slave, he jokingly sid with my ear between his teeth.

Never never, I shouted struggling even more to get out and pin him down.

We carried on wrestling and throwing each other off until we were totally exhausted and lay back on the sand with our legs spread and our hand s clasped together laughing and panting for breath. An elderly couple walked by and nodded their heads and said hello to us totally oblivious to the fact that we were two boys holding hands lying for all the world to see together.

We made it up the mountain and from the top of the mountain we sat together with our heads rested against each other backed up to a rock and looked at the distance we had come, not just physically but mentally as well.

So how are you feeling today about being more open about your sexuality?

Tim squirmed a bit and stared way out to see before replying, I feel ok letting people I don't know and will never see again know that I am in love with you but I am terrified about telling the people at school, my parents………..I wish that we could just go somewhere where no one knows us and that we can start our lives together without any fear or anything ……oh I just don't know what to feel sometimes.

I sat there listening holding his hand and caressing the side of his face. At that moment I could not imagine loving him more, but I too was worried about school and how people would react when, not if they find out that we are gay and together.

So how are we going to do this then, I asked. I suppose we just continue the way we have and then once we have left school then we can maybe move out together away from our parents and make it all work somehow, I dunno. All I know is that I want to be with you forever, I said as I hugged him close.

I love you too, and we will work it out don't you worry, Tim said kissing me on the forehead. I will make sure that you are always safe always happy and that we are always together. Tim had become a lot more self confident especially over the last twenty four hours and I was starting to really like this new confidant persona.

The rest of the weekend was spent making love in every room of the house and on the beach at sunset on a huge big fluffy blanket, something was indescribably sexy but also terrifying with the thought of someone catching us naked and at it out in the open.

By Sunday night we had both fallen deeper in love talking and sharing our lives experiences. We even used the photo booth by the corner store to take photos of use together. Four special memories of our very special weekend, our first weekend away together.

By the time we packed the sports car took down the roof and zoomed off down the road I felt like a different person, with strength to get though the last three months of school and out in the world where we would be open about our sexuality and our love for each other. The closer we got to Sydney the more I felt like something was wrong and the stranger I felt. Something was wrong and I didn't know what it was but I didn't feel well.

I asked Tim to stop the car at the next petrol station so I could get some sweets as I thought my blood sugar level was out of whack considering I hadn't really checked it all weekend I had just taken my normal tablets. As I got out of the car my head suddenly felt dizzy and I put my hand to my head and said Tim help I'm, and then crumpled to the ground unconscious.


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