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life at a private school

Chapter Five

I was running away from the group of boys chasing me and my heart was pounding faster than my legs were moving. I kept on running, but I wasn't getting any further away and they were getting closer and closer. I started to cry out but nothing came out of my mouth, all I could do was croak out a small whimper. I couldn't go any further away and I was terrified that they would catch me. I furtively glanced back at them but couldn't see their faces, I was just so tired very tired. I started to fall and fall and fall at last my voice worked and I cried out in fear.

Josh are you ok, Josh Josh....wake up its ok

I woke up from my dream sweating and shaking, with Tim's strong arms wrapped tightly around me. I was so hot and sticky that our bodies were almost glued together. I was still reeling from the dream and my heart was still doing a marathon inside my chest. Tim smothered the back of my neck with little butterfly kisses and gently whispered into my ear.

It's ok I'm here baby it's ok it's ok.

I drifted off again to sleep and this time I didn't have any bad dreams.

We woke up around 8 pm and still locked together in a loose embrace with Tim's smooth chest gently touching me as he breathed and his strong legs wrapped around mine. My mind immediately went into overdrive, I couldn't believe what was going on. Tim was the absolute object of my desire for years, not just some sexual feeling this was more than that, this is what love was supposed to be like and it had all happened in less than 24 hours.

I lay there breathing in his smell, it was like an aphrodisiac to me, it was kind of musky but oh so comforting and it just felt so very right. As soon as I smelt it I felt totally happy and content.

My parents would be home soon so I gently reached over and gently caressed the side of Tim's face and gently whispered into his ear,

baby, babe wake up sexy boy, my parents will be home soon, come one.

Tim stirred slowly and stretched out with his hands above his head making every muscle in his chest and stomach stand out. I shivered involuntarily and my cock got semi hard again. I reached my lips down and gently traced my tongue around the contours of his tongue. His tongue darted out and slipped into my mouth, my eyes closed and I hugged Tim's warm body closer to mine. We stayed like that for what seemed like hours and I could feel his hard on throbbing insistently on my thigh. I was so horny I thought I would explode and every beat of my heart made my cock feel like it was about to explode.

Tim finally let my tongue fall from his mouth and said that he really should go because my parents would be home. That certainly bought me back to my senses and I looked at the clock again and it was nearly time for them to arrive back from work. I was in a totally out of control state and there was no way that I was going to let my perfect adonis out of my bed.

Tim slowly untangled his hard smooth body from mine and he stood up letting the duvet fall from his frame. I lay back gasping at the beauty of his body in all its naked glory. My eyes caressed every bump and ripple of his body. I started from his high cheekbones and perfect face which Michelangelo could have chiseled from marble. I went further down to the top of his pecs which rose and fell gently with each breath he took. Further down to his pink nipples which looked so perfect like little peaks on a mountain of smooth honey coloured flesh mountains. Every muscle in his body was straining and I knew why they called it a washboard stomach, just a few hours earlier my tongue had been tracing the contours between each of the ripped muscle. My eyes lingered over his belly button that was tightly knotted inside and I cold make out a faint trail of dried saliva where my tongue had made its way down to his crotch.

I couldn't help but stare at his perfect cut cock, mind you it was the first one apart from my own that I had ever taken a really good look at. It was still semi hard and it hung heavily downwards a good six or seven inches of velvety creamy white skin with a mushroom shaped head that was an angry purple looking.

I was broken out of my trance by Tim saying,

You'll go blind if you do that you know.

I realised that while I had been staring at his body my hand had been absently squeezing the head of my excruciatingly hard cock myself. I blushed and took my hand away. I got up as Tim slipped his long lean legs into his CKs and pulled them up hiding his incredible manhood. I started to dress and as I was pulling a t shirt over my head Tim put his arms around me and turned me round so our lips could meet once again. I let myself go and I swear that I could hear music in my head as our tongue dueled in each others mouths and I got a hard on all over again.

As we broke our embrace I looked down and saw that he too had a hard cock that was pretty damn hard to ignore. I reached out y hand but he took it in his and said later Josh, your parents are due any second now.

I silently wished to god that they weren't coming home tonight but instead just nodded and stared up into those brown eyes of his. I could feel the room spinning as our eyes tried to search out our hidden depths. I heard a car pulling up outside the house and we jumped apart and froze.

Fuck that was close I laughed .

Tim grinned at me and started to chew his lower lip again. We stood there barely touching but oh so close until I heard the front door open and my mother calling my name. I yelled a hello and went to go downstairs to see them. Tim grabbed me as I was about to walk out the door and quickly planted a fleeting kiss on my lips and then followed me downstairs.

After I made the introductions to my parents and they went off to the kitchen to make something for dinner I turned to Tim and asked if he wanted to stay. He shook his head and said,

Um no, I'd better be getting back my father is supposed to call at eleven from New York or wherever he is. As he said this he looked away and his face started to crumple for a just a split second.

Ill call you tomorrow, and with that he brushed his lips against mine and walked out the front door leaving me in a kind of spin. I left the door open as I watched him walk to his car, get in and drive away.

Up until that moment I had never ever felt the sort of loneliness in my entire life. I sat down in the chair near the door and stared out in the darkness of the night. I could hear the wind picking up the leaves and blowing them around and the birds softly chattering as the wind blew them round.

My mother came out of the Kitchen and gave me strange look as she closed the door.

Is everything all right dear? You seem very quiet tonight.

I nodded in response and slowly got up. As I passed my mother she felt my forehead and said more to herself you look very flushed, have you eaten yet? Trust my mother to worry, I looked at my reflection in the hall mirror and I was very pale.

I mumbled something about being very tired and started to make my way up the stairs towards my bedroom as I did my mother called out, Tim's nice dear, I don't believe that we've met him before....

My heart almost stopped in shock and I turned around trying to think of something to say all the while my mother's eyes were searching my face trying to see what I was thinking.

Um he's in the musical orchestra and he had accidentally taken home my music and so he came around to drop it off. That was a damn good save I thought to myself, I didn't usually lie to my parents and I felt really bad, but a lie like that was far more preferable to telling the truth whatever that was.

As I went up the rest of the steps I could feel my mothers eyes on the me as she watched me go upstairs. There was something in her face I was sure of it, I hoped to dear god that she didn't have any idea what the truth was.

I got to my room and closed the door and looked around at my bed which was totally disheveled with all pillows everywhere and the duvet on the floor and the sheets bunched up. I breathed in and I could still smell Tim's special smell in the room. All of a sudden everything he had touched took on a whole new meaning and I sat down on my bed closed my eyes and remembered every glorious moment.

I was snapped out of my trance by my mother knocking on the door with the phone. She smiled at me and handed me the phone. As she did she looked around at my normally neat room and gave me a quizzical look.

The phone call was from Sam my best friend in the world, she and I had gone to the same kindergarten and primary school before we had both gone our separate ways to different private schools. Sam had gone to the my sister school which wasn't that far away, but recently we had not seen much of each other because we were both studying hard for our HSC. Same was the most flamboyant person I had ever met in my life, she was a cross between a hippie and a catwalk model, tall skinny and stunning but she wore the most ancient clothes in a psychedelic colour scheme. She was a huge Carpenters fan, so tacky but so cool at the same time. Most people our age had never even heard of them but hey that was Sam, mad and eccentric but with a heart of gold and she had almost every guy in the world chasing her from dusk to bloody dawn.

Sam was the only person in the world that knew all my secrets and I knew all hers. When I was fifteen she had come straight out and told me that I was gay...I almost choked on my coke when she said this and I started to deny it, but she just laughed and told me to stop being such a stupid pratt and just accept it.

Over time we had talked for hours about me being gay and how she knew. To her it was quite simple, I never tried to perve on her or look down her shirt to see her tits. Oh that and I would sit their staring at boys I thought were cute without even realising it.

Sam started shouting at me over the phone and calling me every name under the sun and I suddenly realised that we were supposed to be at a concert tonight and I should have picked her up three hours ago. She had been trying to ring me since 7 and I had never heard the phone once.

I apologised for what seemed like forever and then said' you are not going to believe what happened to me...

Oh yeah don't tell me she snorted, the man of your dreams turned up on your doorstep and just swept you off your feet yeah blah blah blah"

I didn't say anything for few moments and she said, "Josh, Josh you didn't you didn't no way no way, oh my god I'm coming straight over don't you dare move buster Ill be there in five"

Without another word she hung up and I was left sitting there holding the phone to my head listening to a busy signal.

It was nearly ten thirty and I knew my parents would freak with Sam turning up at that hour, or lets face it any hour. My parents thought Sam was a fruitcake of the highest order and she played up to it so much. When she knew that she was going to see them she would always dress for the occasion, something revealing yet yet um quite amazing. She once wore an entire outfit made of mars bars, well she did want to be a designer so I guess she was going down the right track, it was certainly different. When she sat down the dress all the wrappers split open and chocolate went everywhere. I thought it was great but my father just shook his head raised an eyebrow and walked away.

Sam knocked on the door and I raced down before my parents could get up and yelled out that it was ok just Sam. I could hear my parents whispering in the kitchen and I dragged her up stairs. For once she was dressed normally in torn jeans and a black jumper, until she turned around and I saw the back of the jumper was gone replaced with lengths of fishing line.

Within fifteen minutes I had told her everything and she was sitting on my bed staring at me in shock speechless, not that lasted for very long. She started asking me all sorts of questions shaking her head in amazement and muttering you bastard over and over again. Well he was the best looking boy I the whole school. I was still half floating on a cloud somewhere out near Mars and reality was nowhere near me at that moment. But good old Sam always knows how to bring a touch of reality into any situation.

So you know that he has a girlfriend don't you..

My face started to twist up and for a moment I thought I would start crying.

Sam came over and hugged me then I told her I didn't care, because he told me he loved me and it was so obvious that he was gay and that she didn't mean anything.

At that moment I realised that in the entire time we had been together we had never spoken about whether we were gay or whatever. Last night we had just clicked so easily and then today we had pretty much slept and had sex and that was about it.

He had told me he loved me, but he had a girlfriend, I didn't know what to think.

Sam stayed for a few hours before my eyes couldn't stay open any longer and I fell asleep with Sam still there.

I slept badly and kept on having the same dream of trying to run away, but every time I woke up Tim wasn't there and I was alone.


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