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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Eight

 by Drew

I woke up in the morning before Tim, as he was pushed up against me like any normal teenager my cock was rock hard, especially since it was pressed up against Tim’s delectable ass.

I watched Tim for a while as he slept, his chest raising slowly up and down with his deep breaths. The smooth contours of the muscles underneath tensing and flexing as his lungs expanded making me very horny.

I decided that it was time he woke up and I gently moved myself off of him until he was asleep on his back and quietly moved the sheets back over his naked body.

As I suspected he was as hard as a rock and his penis was throbbing ever so slowly.

I moved down the bed until my mouth was just over his penis and blew hot air over it, it twitched and a drop of clear precum appeared on the top.

I leaned in and used my tongue to lick up the nectar savoring the taste of sweet and sour in my mouth. I then used my tongue to lick from the top to his balls and his entire boys shivered in pleasure.

I knew that I was going to wake him up quickly but I wanted his cock in my mouth and dripping more of that delicious precum in my mouth.

I enveloped the head of his cock in my mouth and used my tongue to stimulate the sensitive head which had the reaction I wanted.

Tim’s hips instinctively shoved more of his cock into my waiting mouth and I spent some time lavishing his tasty cock with my mouth.

My own cock was throbbing with desire and I was surprised when I felt a hand reach and gently grab it. Tim was now awake and enjoying the attention I was giving him.

He moved around a bit so he could grab my cock with his mouth and we settled into a leiseurely movement of sucking each others cocks.

I knew I couldn’t last very long and before I knew it my orgasm was approaching and I came in his mouth with four or five strong spurts. Half way through I was rewarded as his dick enlarged in my mouth and he came in my mouth.

We both leaned back panting as the last of our orgasms receded and basked in the afterglow.

I moved up to his chest and we snuggled for a while longer and fell asleep.

Tim awoke first and gently got up to try and not wake me, but I was sleeping lightly and I woke up to see him padding around the room naked.

I watched as he quietly went around the room marveling at how sexy he was as he slipped on some gym shorts.

I lay in bed for a while and gathered my thoughts and reflected on what I had to do today.

There was one final thing that I had to do and I knew I had to do it today.

Talk to my parents and tell them the truth.

I was worried about how this conversation would go, on the one hand my mother already knew that I was gay and was in Tim’s mother’s view Ok with it. My father on the other hand was the total unknown.

I had no idea whether my mother had told him or not, I suspect that she had as they were not the sort of couple to keep things from each other.

I lay there thinking for a while until Tim returned to the room with two mugs of coffee and saw I was up.

He leaned in a gave me smooch and then sat down on the edge of the bed looking at me.

I was the first to speak and I told him what was on my mind. I needed to talk to my parents and I needed to do it alone. When I told him this he started to protest, but I explained that this was something I must do all by myself.

He tried to talk me into letting him come but I steadfastly refused. In the end I did agree that we would drive there together and he would wait in the car, but out of site of my parents.

So after breakfast and a whole discussion over what I was going to say and how I was going to say it, we jumped in Tim’s car and drove the short distance to my house.

The entire way over my heart was beating at a thousand miles an hour and several times I was tempted to tell Tim to turn around and go back to his place. But I knew in my heart and my mind that this had to be done.

As we reached my place and parked outside, Tim again asked if I was sure I wanted to do this alone, I nodded hugged him and got out and stared at my house.

It was a quiet morning and the front yard was as always perfectly clean and ordered thanks to the work my mother and father did to keep the house.

I walked slowly to the front door, but before I was half way there the door opened and my mother stood there with a smile on her face looking at me.

I walked the last few meters to the front door and my mother hugged me in a tight powerful hug.

“Come on, come in we want to talk to you”, she said brushing her hand against my face.

We walked in to the lounge and my father was sitting on the couch watching the TV, when I entered the room he reached out and flipped the remote to turn the TV off.

“Sit down son”, he said as he motioned for the sofa opposite me, as my mother hovered nearby.

“coffee, tea” she enquired nervously?

I still had not said a word as I was terrified as to what was going to be said and shook my head in the negative to my mother and sat down watching my father.

My mother sat down in a nearby armchair and for a while we all stared at each other. I was totally unsure of what to say or how it was going to be received, but after a while I decided that since I was the one who had come to talk I would start.

“I’m gay”, I said looking straight my father.

There I had said it, it was out in the open now, my heart thumped in my chest but I steadfastly stared at my father.

Finally he broke the ice and simply replied,

“Yes I know”.

“I’ve known for a long time Josh, but I haven’t known how to react”.

Tears formed in my eyes and I could see my mother was quietly crying too.

“I’m sorry josh I truly am, all I ever wanted for you was better than what I had”, he said as he got up and came over to me and hugged me.

I broke down and cried and cried and hugged my father for the first time in years.

My mother came over and hugged us both as I continued to cry in my father’s arms.

After a while we all calmed down and my mother very gently suggested that I should get Tim from the car and invite him in as she would like to meet my boyfriend.

The whole situation was a bit surreal and nothing like what I had expected. I went outside and collected Tim and very quickly brought him up to date on what had just happened.

He was as surprised as I was especially considering the actions of my father not more then three days ago.

But he came inside and was warmly welcomed by both my mother and my father.

The conversation seemed to flow with the four of us, Tim as always was polite and respectful even if he was as a shocked as I was.

We all talked for a couple of hours, my parents asking questions and me answering them as honestly as I could.

I was pretty surprised by the revelation that my parents had guessed I was not straight for many years but my father especially was so fearful of ‘difference’ in people he had desperately wanted me to be ‘normal’ in his words.

I had incorrectly assumed that the news of the night before had filtered through to my parents and this was the reason for the welcoming reaction.

But I was totally stunned to figure out that in fact they had no idea. It seems that after talking to Tim’s mother my mother had cornered my father and given him hell over the way he had treated me and acted.

The news of McAllister and the Headmaster’s demise was totally shocking to my father and I could see in his eyes that he was feeling guilty and dreadful that he had sided with the school.

I reflected for a moment that the past few months had been not just a growth for me but for my parents as well.

My father looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked me if I would ever be able to forgive him for the mistakes he made.

“I love you Dad and I totally forgive you”, I said and moved again to hug him.

“Thank you” he said simply.

We continued on talking for a while and we spoke about what I wanted for the future, I felt a little déjà vu it was if both Tim and I have were having the same situation as we had had 24 hours earlier with Tim’s mother.

I was having a bit of trouble believing that this was all happening and that things had come around so well.

I knew that even though my parents were doing their best to accept the fact I was gay there was still a ways to go to for us to build back our relationship.

Both Tim and I told my parents how we had discovered each other, leaving out the dirty bits of course and my parents watched as we spoke and held hands.

After a while we were all quiet and I knew that we should probably leave and let my parents digest everything we had just said.

I also suddenly realized that we had left Ben alone back at Tim’s place and hadn’t actually seen him that morning and it was now nearly 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

I was also starving and could feel my blood sugar levels were dropping and I would need food quickly or I could become ill from my diabetes.

My mother offered to make us lunch but what I really wanted was to get somewhere quiet and alone with Tim so we could talk.

So we made our good byes, hugged my parents and my father gave Tim a hug too which surprised the hell out of me, I suppose this was a day of surprises all round really!

We made our way to a local coffee shop and had a quick lunch and then made our way back to Tim’s place to see if Ben was still there or if he had left.

During lunch Tim and I both dissected what my parents had said and their reaction, he like me was still pretty shocked by everything and we were both still processing the revelations.

By the time we got back to Tim’s I was emotionally and physically exhausted and I could tell Tim was too by the look in his eyes, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for a few hours holding on to Tim.

But it wasn’t to be, when we got back Ben was waiting for us and it looked like he had been crying.

Tim and I had a quick conversation and we both agreed that Tim needed to have a private chat with Ben. I was a little bit uncomfortable about my boyfriend being alone with Ben since I knew that Ben was still very much in love with Tim. But I knew that I could trust Tim and I knew that right now Ben needed time alone with Tim.

I went upstairs and lay down and the next thing I knew I was being gently woken by Tim and it was dark outside.

As I woken up I sat up groggily and Tim told me about the chat with Ben, it was hard for Ben, even though he had said last night that he knew he could never be with Tim he was still heart broken by it.

The only real solution was plain good old fashioned time for Ben to get over it.

We hugged each for a little while and we spoke about how much we loved each other. Kissing Tim passionately on the lips we were interrupted by a knock on the door and Ben walked in.

The kissing we had done had had a reaction on both of us and we were both sporting very obvious erections, but did our best to hide them.

Ben instantly saw our predicament and blushed but kept looking between the both of us.

It was obviously having the same reaction on Ben too and for the second time in the last few weeks I could see a very prominent bulge in his pants.

There was so much sexual tension in the air you could have lit a light bulb with all that energy, and I found myself once again wondering what Ben looked like naked and what he would be like in bed.

Ben cleared his throat and said he was going home and would see us at school tomorrow, coming over and hugging us both.

I could feel his hardness pressed against me and I shifted to make my own hard on more comfortable.

Ben then moved away and walked out the door.

I let out a breath and said, “wow that was um interesting”!

A small part of me was disappointed that nothing happened but the main part of my mind was glad that nothing transpired.

I then realized that tomorrow we would have to go to school and face up to everything and my heart instantly started to pound again in my chest.

We only had a few days left of school and we had to face up to whatever was going to happen