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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Two

The next day after Tim and I woke up, in separate beds for the sake of his mother who was home the entire weekend before heading off to Melbourne early next week, we got up and had a fabulous breakfast prepared by Sally.

Tim really liked Sally and I could tell why, instead of fussing around and acting difficult with us, she sat down and had some coffee with us chatting about her life, her studies and what it was like to work for people like Tim and his family. It was strange really having someone in the house who wasn't a member or your family or a friend in the strict sense of the word. I had always felt that Sally was like a friend and did not see her at all as Tim's parents employee.

Tim explained that all of his life he had had people around him in the house like Sally, but he had never really felt comfortable with them because they were always so scared around him, but Sally was different and was only a few years older than us.

We told her about the night out we all had planed and she gave us a huge smile and asked if she could tag along too because she had heard that the drag shows were the best in town. Tim and I looked at each shrugging our shoulders and readily agreed. She then said that she would drive us so we could drink if we wanted. We both laughed at that because we had been trying to work out who was going to be the designated driver, but since Sally would come and drive we could both really have some fun!

After breakfast Tim and I decided that we would spend most of the day lazing around the house and swimming and getting some sun in the early spring day. We both agreed that for the next few days neither of were going to bring up school or the problems I was having. The only thing that I had to do that morning was ring my mother to tell her I was OK and see what was happening at home.

Tim stood with me as I spoke to my mother on my phone who was trying to whisper since my father was in the house. I could hear him through the phone asking my mother who was on the phone. I was hoping that he would just take her word that it was someone trying to sell her something but he worked out it was me and grabbed the phone at her.

I didn't even bother to listen the tirade of abuse that streamed through the phone after the first few words of "Get back home right now". I hung up and Tim and I embraced for a few moments before we headed out to the pool. Tim noticed the glum expression on my face and solemn expression so he suggested that he give me a quick shoulder massage.

I could see the horny gleam in his eyes and knew what he really wanted, but I wasn't in the mood for sex, so after a wonderfully relaxing massage I jumped into the pool and grinned at him through the water droplets all over my face.

We had a great couple of hours chasing each other round the pool, laughing while dunking each other under the water. Then once we were really tired we lounged out on the chairs and went to sleep in the sun.

I was getting more and more excited all afternoon about going out later that night. I really had no idea what to expect after all I had never really been to a gay bar before. So many thoughts were running through my head, would anyone stop us going in, we were not yet 18 and not really supposed to be in a bar.

What were the people like, would there be other guys young like us or would they all be old guys wearing leather. I knew that was a bit silly thinking that all older gay mean wore leather. I had seen a TV show on the Mardi Gras and the only bit that I had caught before my father turned it off mumbling something about bloody queers, was the bit showing a whole lot of guys wearing leather walking up the street.

I also remembered that I was supposed to ring Sam up that afternoon because I had promised o tell her if we were going out. Sam already had plans so it was just going to be Dan, Nick, Tim, Sally and myself. While we were talking about our plans I asked Tim whether he thought that Dan had more experience with guys and stuff than he was letting on. Tim though about it for a while and asked why did I ask.

I explained that I just had a feeling about it because he seemed to be very knowledgeable about the Albury where we were going tonight and the whole gay scene. Tim didn't really think so although I still sensed that there was more to Dan than we knew about.

We still had to go to the school musical tonight, although I had decided that after last night's run in with McAllister I was going to sit with the rest of the orchestra. I hadn't mentioned to Tim that McAllister had come up to me last night because I just didn't want him getting even more worried about me or the whole situation.

Luckily the night at school was very uneventful and I managed to get through it without anyone saying or doing anything nasty. I saw the headmaster form a distance but as soon as he saw me he turned and walked quickly the other way. The only shock of the night was seeing my father at the steps of the music centre obviously waiting for me at the end of the night.

I had no intention of seeing him or having a stand up screaming match with him. I had purposely not told my mother Tim's address so there was no way she could accidentally give it to him so I knew that once I was away from the school he could not just turn up on Tim's doorstep looking to drag me back home.

I reflected for a moment that the whole situation was all so silly. I hadn't come out or anything and yet I was being abused to the ends of the earth by my father, just because I dared to stand up against the bigoted and stupid school. I knew though deep down that the school would have asked my father about sexuality and probably inferred that I was "not a mans' man" as I had once been told by the headmaster. I think that my family knew that I was gay but like so many parents choose to pretend they don't or cling to some vain hope that their child is not gay.

Instead of going out the front of the music centre, Tim and I went out the back way of the hall. We met up with Nick and Dan who were coming back to Tim's before we all went out tonight. We almost ran all the way to car and all of us were laughing and carrying on just like little kids.

Sally was waiting for us when we got in the house and really surprised us by flashing a really tight top at us with he breasts almost hanging out. We laughed and whistled at her even though none of us were straight and we all preferred guys.

"Sally, you aint gonna have much luck picking up a guy tonight even dressed like that!" Dan laughed as well joined in.

During the afternoon Tim and I had decided that we were really going dress up the night out and have some real fun. We had chosen to wear similar clothes in fact. Tight black T shirts and blue 501 levis, which would just show the very top of our matching CK underwear. I always preferred to wear white CKs and Tim preferred black. I grinned at the thought that later on when we moved in together we would always know whose was whose underwear just by the colour.

By the time we came back downstairs with our hair all spiked up in a really sex way Dan gave a little whistle and said we were sure in for a good time tonight. As we were walking out of the house I caught a glimpse of the five of us in the mirror. Four very good looking athletic boys all dressed in clothes that accentuated and pronounced the young male bodies. I grinned at my reflection and realized that the four of us looked damn hot even if I did say so myself!

Dan had put on a blue wife beater with the slogan "Lick me till I scream" that seemed to make his hard pert nipples stand out even more than normal. For a moment I am imagined myself licking those nipples but shook my head and reminded myself that I had stunning boyfriend who was standing right next to me.

I still had a few butterflies in my stomach about what we were going to do, I accepted the fact that I was gay, that wasn't an issue, but going to a gay bar felt like a huge step for us! It was that whole thing of not just being gay but also it was a bit like standing from a street corner and shouting I'm gay, I'm gay!

Dan took control and directed Sally where she could park that would be safe and not too far a walk to the bar. The area seemed a bit dark and dingy but we were all there so I didn't feel all that unsafe. Dan explained that we were down a back street from Oxford Street, about a five minute walk, but the car would be safe there and it was perfectly safe to walk around.

I took Tim's hand in mine and squeezed as if to reassure both him and me that we were alright and doing the right thing. As we got closer I could hear the steady beat of dance music and say a few people standing outside the club smoking. I was instantly nervous as we approached worried that they might stop us and ask for ID, but instead we just walked in a side entrance and up some stairs to the source of the music.

My heart was beating and my eyes were wide open as we walked through a lounge type area with a few pool tables. A few of the boys around them gave us an up and down look as we passed but most just ignored us. I looked around at the guys there expecting to see something, but not sure what I was supposed to see or look at.

I felt slightly light headed from all the excitement of actually being in the Albury and grasped Tim closer to me. We passed lots of people and went into small cocktail lounge where a drag queen was singing next to a piano. Dan waved at various people and as he passed someone he knew gave them a quick kiss on the lips or the cheek.

I craned my head around as we passed a few very hot looking guys and was shocked when they looked directly back at me and smiled. I quickly looked away and pulled Tim even closer until we were almost on top of each other. Dan stopped us all and asked us whether we wanted drinks, we all nodded our heads and he shouted above the noise that since it was our first time he would buy us all a round. After he took our orders Dan scampered off still saying hi to different people including a lot of very hot guys to get us drinks.

The drag queen that had been singing had now stopped and was telling dreadful jokes to the audience who were laughing very hard. Tim and I leaned against the wall watching everything going on trying not appear to green or fresh while still trying to remain calm and collected. Nick was standing with us grinning from ear to ear and wildly chattering in Sally's ear about something that we could not hear. She was definitely excited and I could see her eyes following the ass of a very cute guy as he walked by. As he went past me Sally looked up and caught me perving too and she motioned for me to look at Tim who almost had his mouth open and tongue dragging on the floor.

You would think that we had never been surrounded by attractive guys before but I think that it was more the novelty of seeing lots of gay guys all being so open about their sexuality in public that just made it even more exciting.

Dan came back with our drinks and explained that we were in the piano bar of the hotel where every night they had on live singers. Tonight's singer was a drag queen named Hugh Monroe. Apparently he was extremely popular judging by the number of people that were crammed into every available spot there was. I noticed that lots of guys old, young and in between would slow down as they passed by us and look just a little more than was necessary and I felt quite uncomfortable by all the attention. We almost downed our beer in one go out of nerves I think and then decided to get some more. Tim offered to buy the next round and wandered off to do so leaving me with the gang.

As Tim wandered off I watched him walking up the steps and realized just how attractive my boyfriend was. His youthful body was bulging with muscles in all the right spots and his ass was tight and round almost depicting the perfect idea of a bubble butt! I grinned as he turned around and winked at me and I realized that he had caught me checking out his ass in the mirror by the stairs. I didn't mind after all he was my boyfriend and I can have him naked whenever I want!

I wasn't really paying attention to the drag queen on stage and was surprised when I looked up and she was sitting in Dan's lap singing a song that I recognized. However I didn't think that the words she was singing were quite right as they were rather rude. She looked up and I panicked for a moment as I though she was going to come up to me but she instead went back to her little stage. I breathed a sigh of relief and at that moment Tim came back with his hands and arms full of drinks.

Tim and I chatted in between the noise all around us, talking about the place and the people that we could see around us. As the night wore on we had more and more drinks until we were feeling a bit drunk.

Dan had been talking to some friends and he then interrupted us and said for us to follow him next door to the main bar as the proper drag show was starting. Up until this point we thought that this was the drag show that we had been watching so we were really surprised that there was more.

We walked around the cocktail bar and through a door into a new bar with even more people than we had seen before. To move through we had to squeeze our way past all sorts of young guys and older guys. Some were really attractive while others were just normal, but a lot seemed to be really weird looking. I made sure that Tim's hand was very firmly in mine as we were dragged around the front of the bar by Dan, almost into the middle of most people.

Once there Dan shouted in our ears that the show would start in about five minutes and would blow our minds. We ordered some more drinks battling to the bar and back and just as we made our way back the lights in the bar went down. Different music started playing from the pervious heavy dance music and spot lights went on in the middle of the bar.

I could just hear the opening bars of Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat as a drag queen all dressed up in an Egyptian costume came out. The show was amazing with three drag queens and two very attractive boys dancing and miming to about half a dozen of the songs form the musical. It was very well down in a funny sort of way watching men dressed as women mime to songs and dance around behind the bar. At the end of the show the crowd went wild with applause including us!

Dan and Nick seemed to know every one of the drag queens names as they gave us a running commentary on who they were and what they did which we thought was highly amusing. The funniest part was when Dan told us that one of them was a very good looking attractive guy when not in drag. But for the life of me I just couldn't see it at all!

So far Tim and I had had an amazing night and we were quite drunk by the time the show was over and we thought that the night was over since it was about 1 am by this time. But Dan had other ideas in store for us and told us that we were going to have coffee in California and then go to Flinders.

I looked at him blankly as we walked out and said California? He laughed and said No the Californian it's a coffee shop down the road and we are meeting some of my friends. I shrugged my shoulders looking at Tim and had a quick chat to see whether we were both ok to go out still. I was starting to get a bit weary, but it sounded like fun and I was really curious about meeting Dan's friends.

We half wandered and staggered down the street chatting and talking about the night so far and how much fun we had had. Poor Sally had pretty much been ignored the entire night apart from a few girls who had come up to her in hope that she was a lesbian. She had flirted with the girls but admitted that she wasn't actually gay or even bisexual and they had lost interest really quickly.

Nick and Dan walked in front of us talking and holding hands, even though it was a main street and anyone driving by could see. Thinking about it I decided that we could be this bold as well, after all Tim was my boyfriend and we were on Oxford Street which is supposed to be the most gay street in the country!

I took Tim's hand in mine and for the first time with people all around us in the middle of the street we held hands to show that we were together and a real true couple.

For the first time in my entire life I felt complete and whole as Tim and I were being honest with the world. I turned to Tim while waiting for the traffic lights to change and kissed him full on the lips.


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