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life at a private school

Chapter Fifteen

I woke up the next day as horny as hell dreaming about Tim and I from the night before. The alarm clock's insistent blaring reminded me that I had to get up and be at school in 45 minutes. I threw the covers back from the bed and stared down at my hard cock begging for attention, but in the end decided to leave it till later when I could spend more time enjoying myself. There was something amazing about jerking yourself off and the absolute perverse pleasure in doing something that was so good and so addictive.

When I was about twelve I had read about jacking off in a porno that had been left on the train. It was a straight porn book with erotic writing in it and it had only a few pictures of naked women with big tits smiling obscenely at me. I leafed through the book and started to read a passage.

"She licked her lips hungrily and beckoned me over with a crooked finger. I could see her breast full and milky white and as my dick hardened I though about how I jacked off last night for hours....."

For some reason I had never heard of jacking off and only had a vague idea what it meant. My own cock had hardened as soon as I had found the book. When you are twelve any mention of sex is enough to get you going even straight sex! That night in my dark bedroom I grasped my hard cock in my hands and experimented until it was read raw. It felt great even if I did end up with red skin on the side of my small prepubescent penis. I continued to do this every night for the next two weeks until one night all of a sudden I felt like I needed to go the toilet. In horror I quickly ran to the bathroom to go, but nothing happened except a little bit of clear liquid came out of the end of my cock.

Later on that weekend Sam and I were sitting in my backyard and I confided in her about what had happened. Even back then she was so knowledgeable and precocious and she calmly told me that I had had an orgasm and when I was older much more liquid would come out called semen. I was horrified at the thought of this and told her as much, but she continued in her monologue of what she had read in Cleo, or Cosmo about male ejaculation. At that stage I knew all about the birds and bees but I didn't understand why I didn't really feel excited about girls.

I kept on practicing jacking off or masturbating as I had heard the other boys at school calling it every night and learnt how to use hand cream to stop my dick from getting so red and inflamed. After a while I cold make myself linger on the edge of cumming for ages in a perpetual state of bliss. It took me another two years before my cum was thick and white like the men's whose pictures I had seen in magazines. I kept on practicing and practicing and now I would jerk off at least twice a day every day, but now I had someone to help me!

I woke up out of my daydreams and prepared for school and the bollocking that I knew I was going to get from my father for going out the night before. He meant well but he was so focused on my future that sometimes I thought he knew more about what I wanted than I did!

I made my way tentatively downstairs and to the kitchen where I saw my family having breakfast. My father started as soon as he saw me with the threats and the guilt trips that he was trying to lay on me. By this stage in my life I had heard every one of these and had built up a resistance to most of what he said. I sat there eating my cereal with him constantly berating me for the way I was treating my family by hanging around the "fast set" as my father put it.

"You have no business hanging around with those types of boys, they have no need to work or do well at school", he continued buttering his toast and waving the knife at me. "They are just looking for a good time and nothing else, no son of mine is going to ruin his life just before the most important exams of his life by being with these spoilt rich kids."

"John", my mother began trying to calm him down. "Josh is doing fine at school and his marks are good, let him be".

My mother had always been the one in the family who was able to calm my father down when he was being unreasonable but he was livid with rage and would not stop.

"You will come home straight after school every day until you have finished your exams and will not keep company with anyone that I don't approve of young man" he spat at me with toast flying from his mouth. I had to stop myself from laughing at the sight of my father with toast flying everywhere, but I held back knowing that if I said anything it would only be worse for me. I had no idea how I was going to get to see Tim without my father knowing what was going on. I looked at my mother who just opened her eyes and shrugged.

"we'll talk about it later I think" she said between sipping her coffee. "Isn't the school musical opening this weekend", she enquired in an attempt to change the subject. I nodded too scared to say a word and get my father started again. "Ok well, you can't let the school down and not play in the orchestra but you will have to make sure your marks are still up to scratch".

I breathed a small sigh of relief now that I knew I would be able to get some time with Tim after all. I finished my breakfast and left the house. As I closed the door I could hear my parents arguing and my father's raised voice. I shook my head and made my way to school.

Tim and I had taken to secretly meeting in a seldom used music room before class and today was no different. As soon as I saw him I dropped my bags and melted into his arms and a passionate kiss. The obvious reaction to kissing the boy I loved was evident in my pants which were tented out in an obvious mound. His pants were also showing the rather large evidence as well.

We slowly ground our bodies together while our tongues tried to plumb new depths in each other's mouth. Little tingles of electricity flew up and down my spine making my head swim and swoon. My hand made it's way up Tim's back under his shirt where I could feel the smooth hot flesh that I lusted after. I brought my hand around to his chest and playfully pinched his nipple. He arched his back and pushed himself deeper into my mouth horny as hell and ready for anything I had in mind.

At that moment we heard a rustling at the door as someone was trying to unlock the door. My heart almost exploded with fear as we sprang apart from each other and tried to rearrange our pants and shirts to hide our very evident hard ons. My face felt like it was bright red and my head was pounding uncontrollably as the terror of being caught flashed through my mind. What would I tell my father, what would happen to me at school, so many questions and so much fear.

I was breathing rapidly as I stared at Tim's face which had lost all colour and started to turn a peculiar shade of gray. IT seemed like hours since we first heard the door and in that time I felt as though I had aged ten years.

The door opened and Ben a student from our year walked in holding a musical instrument case. At first he looked startled and took a step backwards but then took a good look at us and raised an eyebrow. I was too terrified to read anything into his actions and Tim and I tried to be casual about seeing him in this room away from everyone else.

"what are you guys doing in here so early," he asked looking at our pants. By that stage our hard cocks had subsided slowly but it was still pretty obvious that we had hard ons. Here was the school stud the most popular boy in the school with me the guy who was ignored and ridiculed behind his back.

"um, we were just um, practicing for the school musical, um " I kind of stuttered out, all the while looking at Tim and expression of horror in his face and eyes.

"yeah, like thanks Josh um, but I had better be off now" Tim managed to cough out and he fled the room leaving me standing their in an awkward silence with Ben. I didn't really know Ben all that well, we had been in a few classes over the past two years but I had never really got to know him. He was a good looking guy from all the sports he played and had a well developed body for 17 or 18. I had seen him a few times in the shower after sports training and I was certainly impressed by what I had seen. He was about 6ft 3 and still growing by the looks of it, thin, but not skinny and a cute face with a shock of red hair. Not your classic beauty but good looking none the less!

I had never spoken more than a few words to him in the past, although I knew that in the main he had always been nice to me and never bullied or harassed me like a lot of the other sports guys. During the pregnant pause since Tim had fled the room we stared at each other for a while. I noticed that his eyes would quickly dart to my pants where my hard cock had finally gone down and was no longer obvious. Due to my horny state from being with Tim just now I was looking at Ben in quite a sexual way and I had to stop myself from imagining him without his clothes having his dick sucked.

A small smile started to form at his lips and his eyes kind of twinkled as he said, "so how long have you two been friends, I don't remember seeing you around Tim before".

My eyes widened and I could feel my damn face go red again staring at Ben wondering just how much he had worked out. "Not long, we kind of got to know each other practicing for the school musical", I stammered out all the while feeling as though I was going to pass out or something. I did not want to answer any of Ben's questions because I had the sense that he had put two and two together.

We spent a few minutes talking with me trying my hardest to get away from him, something in my mind told me to be careful of Ben, as if he was capable of causing me great anxiety or pain. I couldn't put my finger on the feeling I had but I suspected that he might be gay and very much in the closet. It was the way his eyes flicked up and down my body and rested for a few seconds too long on my crotch. I had become something of an expert in the past few months since going out with Tim of picking up on the slightest little hints about people's sexuality.

Whether Ben knew that Tim and I were gay was something I could not tell and in all honesty I did not really want to find out. On the other hand if he was gay it would be nice to get to know more people that Tim and I could be normal and ourselves around. But the danger button in my mind kept on flashing making me very wary.

In spite of all this I was still unconsciously checking him out and my eyes were following the curves of his shirt as it grazed against a nipple that could just be seen under the white shirt. I was wondering what he looked like out of the shirt again as my eyes wandered down to his shorts which bulged out a bit at the crotch. I looked up as he grinned again and gave a little chuckle which made my face go red and hot again.

As I said a hasty goodbye and darted for the door he grabbed my shoulder which made me shake a little. "Um, maybe I'll see you at the cast party this weekend then?"

I nodded and tried to say something but my mouth had suddenly gone dry and all I could do was croak out, "yeah see ya there maybe".

I finally fled the room and out into the cool winter air, all the while trying to calm down my breathing. I realized that my cock had gotten hard when he had grabbed my arm and I worried what this meant. I loved Tim and didn't want to be with anyone else, but Ben was very cute and I got the impression that he was definitely gay and interested in me. I searched the playground for Tim before my first class but couldn't find him anywhere. When the bell rang I made my way to Maths and the beginning of the day.

At recess I met up with Tim and we spoke about what had happened this morning. I told him my suspicions about Ben and he was very quiet. Mind you I didn't tell him that I had been checking him out or that when he grabbed my arm my cock became hard. I wasn't about to sleep with Ben or cheat on Tim so I didn't see the point in making him jealous or mad at me.

Dan and Nick joined us during the break and we laughed at the idea of the "gay group" meeting at recess. Dan had a sly expression on his face as if he and Nick had been up to something or were about to get up to no good. Dan finally announced after a few minutes of prodding that he and Nick were going to a gay bar in the city after the school musical that weekend and wanted to know if we wanted to go as well.

The thought both terrified and excited me as I had been thinking about going to a gay bar from before the time I had started seeing Tim. I had read all about Oxford Street in the city which had a whole lot of gay bars and it sounded like a really cool place. The problem was that if I started to go to places like that then I would be in danger of being found out by either someone at school driving by or even worse by someone my parents might know seeing me.

I looked at Tim and we both shrugged and said maybe, but we would have to think about it and get back to them later in the week. Dan told us that he had been to the Albury, which was a popular bar for younger guys like us to go. He said that every Saturday night lots of really cute guys went there and it would be no hassle for use to get in as they never checked ID. There were two bars he continued, one was like a public bar with lots of guys standing around drinking and the other was a sort of cabaret show with someone singing.

Listening to all of this I silently wondered just how much experience Dan had had in the past, he certainly seemed to have done a lot of things and now we found out he had even been out to gay bars. Part of me really wanted to go and see what it was like but the other part of me was really frightened by the idea and wanted nothing to do with it. I looked at Tim and he was chewing his lower lip in the way he did when he was nervous. I wanted to go over to him and kiss him because it made him look so sexy and cute. Being at school in the midst of 1500 boys kissing Tim was not a very good thing to do.

His eyes told me that going to a gay bar was the last thing he wanted to do, but there was also something else in his eyes. I couldn't quite tell what it was but I sensed that like me he was curious but frightened.

Nick piped up and begged us to come with them, after all it was his first time too he said. At that comment we all broke up laughing and carrying on because we knew from the rather graphic tales Nick and Dan had told us in the past it was definitely not his "first time" for anything else. The bell rang while we were laughing and we had to get back to class. As Tim walked by I gave him a quick little squeeze on his bottom and he sheepishly looked back at me and raised his eyebrows in a little wink of recognition.

I had Cass's class next and I always looked forward to her classes, not just because I counted her as a friend now, but also because she had a real way of making everything we studied really interesting and relevant to our lives. I suppose that she was a bit of a radical in many ways, left wing and very militant teaching in a prim and proper upper class school. She had once told me that her role was to shock the spoilt righteous kids into thinking about other people. Looking around at the collection of snobs in my class I wonder just how much impact she had on them. Looking around I caught Ben's eye and I immediately turned a shade of red again and looked away.

All through class I could tell Ben was watching me and it made me feel a little bit spooked, but at the same time it also gave a me a bit of an ego boost knowing that a cute guy like him was checking me out. I was distracted by these thoughts in the class and Cass noticed that I had other things on mind and she was not happy. She kept on singling me out and asking me questions about the books we were studying for our exams which were only about 8 weeks away.

After class Cass came up to me asked me whether everything was alright. She had a concerned look on her face and I could tell that her mind was working in overtime to try and work out what was going on in my head. I told her my suspicions about Ben and she looked at me tight lipped and said nothing at first. Then she started to tell me what she knew about him. In some ways she was betraying his trust by telling me, but she also wanted to help him so in the end her desire to help outweighed her need to keep things confidential.

Ben it seems was struggling with his sexuality and this had become very apparent in some of his creative writing tasks. He was also seeing a counselor twice a week for chronic depression, something that really surprised me as he was very popular and didn't seem to have a care in the world. The counselor was outside of the school, but he had been given the name by Cass. I suddenly realized that Cass seemed to attract a lot of us that were coming to terms with our sexuality!

I told her that he had made a timid pass at me and that I felt rather threatened by the whole thing, mainly because of the attraction I felt towards him, but I didn't tell her that. Cass, however picked up on my unspoken interest and suggested that she would a have a word with him and tell him to back off from me and not try anything. I made her promise that she would not tell him that I was gay and especially not tell him anything about me and Tim or that Tim was gay. I trusted her implicitly about this and knew that she would not break my trust. The only reason she had said anything about Ben was so I wouldn't hurt him in any way.

We walked to the teachers' common room as we spoke and Cass also asked me to do something that surprised me a little as well. "Just be nice to him and be his friend, because he needs friends at the moment, there is a lot going on in his life", she asked looking me straight in the eye. I nodded my head and she said smiled said thanks and then walked into the common room.

I spent the rest of the day puzzling over all threes new things I had learnt trying to make sense of my own feelings and also trying to work out what it was that Ben was going through. I could tell that Ben had a thing for me and he was not being all that discrete about it either. I made up my mind to be nice to him but wasn't sure how I would react if he tried anything on with me. After all he was cute and it was all so confusing. There was something in his eyes that made me wary still, but I was still unsure of what it was or how to deal with it.

I was supposed to go home straight after school as per my fathers instructions, but I wanted desperately to see Tim and spend some time alone with him. In the end I rang my mother and told her that I had a special rehearsal this afternoon for the musical and I wouldn't be home till after five pm. She told me to be good and said she would deal with my father. As I was saying goodbye she started to ask me something but stopped and then made some mention about Tim and asked how he was.

I was rather surprised by this, but said he was OK. I tried to sound relaxed but it made me worried when she asked after Tim so I quickly got off the phone and went in search of Tim.

I found him in the weights room of the school gym doing some shoulder exercises with David another of the football boys. I watched them through the glass because I knew that Tim would get embarrassed if I came into the weights room. I wasn't a place that I frequented very often and it would look a bit strange me working out. Tim was straining to lift a weight above his head and the muscles in his arms were straining and looked huge. My cock immediately got hard in my school pants and I put my hands down to my crotch and squeezed.

Tim looked up and caught my longing and very horny gaze. He winked at me and went back to his training with David. I watched for a few more minutes while David did the same exercise straining and panting to lift the weight above his head. David was a good looking kid about 5ft 11 with a really athletic body. He had a shock of blonde hair that was cut in a very short crew making him look like an army recruit. His upper body was incredibly well developed and I could see his sleek hard body underneath the slim white t-shirt he was wearing.

Tim grinned at me and made a small head gesture towards David as if to say he was cute. I grinned back and licked my lips in agreement laughing at the same time. David was a nice guy but I don't think he would have been very happy to know that his training buddy was gay and he and his boyfriend were checking him out. I tapped my watch and mouthed half an hour to which Tim nodded his head and returned to helping David finish the rest of the exercises.

I wandered away from the weights room and back upstairs to the gym entrance to go and check my swim training roster. I chuckled to myself as I passed by the entrance to the change rooms again remembering what we had been up to in their last night. My cock was still semi hard and I realized that I was in a constant state of semi arousal whenever I was around Tim or I thought about him.

I killed time for half an hour while I waited for Tim to finish his work out and sat down to read a few chapters from Macbeth which we were studying for our final exams. When Tim finally showed up he was covered in a sheen of sweat and it made him look good enough to eat whole. I must have subconsciously shown my raw lust because Tim gave me a cheeky look. As he approached he furtively looked round the gym before grabbing me and kissing me for a moment.

"So my little voyeur did you enjoy the show with David?", he enquired cheekily.

"Sure, he's very cute, but not as cute as you spunky!", I responded pinching his nipple through the damp material of his shirt. He was obviously randy as hell after the workout and I could see the outline of his hard cock through the baggy workout shorts.

I laughed at his predicament because it was too risky to do anything at school, but we were both in a rather delicate state with our hard cocks straining and leaking precum.

"Is anyone home at your place?" I asked with no subtlety at all to hide my meaning.

"No, I don't think so", he responded licking his lips hungrily.

We quickly raced to his car and made the journey to his place in record time. During the trip I had managed to undo his shorts and had my hand around his hard cock gently smothering the head and body with copious fluid that was bubbling from it.

As soon as we were in the house our faces met and we started passionately kissing and groping each others bodies. We left a trail of clothes strewn form the front door to his bedroom. By this stage we were both grinding against each others hard bodies in only our underwear with our hard cocks free and rubbing against one another.

I started licking his chin and then lifting his head up with my hand I thoroughly licked the dry sweat off his throat making him moan and shake with small convulsions. I made my way down his chest savoring the sweaty manly taste as I nibbled and licked at his nipples making then harden and tense.

I didn't want him to come too quickly and I knew that he was already close so I brushed his hand away from his cock and licked the spongy head a few times with my tongue. He shuddered every time my tongue found his head and small quirts of precum oozed out the tip. My hands were urgently kneading and massaging his ass cheeks as I engulfed the entire head in my hot mouth.

He arched his back and tried to force more of his hard cock in my mouth until I could fit no more in and only a small bit of the base was left uncovered by my oral cavity. My hands and fingers had found his ass crack and where busy sliding back and forth helped on by his sweat. One of my fingers grazed his tender ass hole and he shook and pushed even harder into my mouth making me gag for a moment. I pulled his slimy cock out of my mouth and added a little saliva to my fingers and again found his asshole.

This time I started twirling my finger around and gently applied some pressure to his anus. He was babbling incoherently at this stage with his head back and his mouth open in total ecstasy. I pushed a little more and his ass opened up and let the tip of my finger inside.

My cock which had been totally ignored was dripping precum onto the floor and leaving a huge puddle on the carpet. I was in total ecstasy myself with the feelings that ran though my body of having my finger in Tim's virgin ass and my mouth wrapped around his tasty and very hard cock. I pushed deeper inside and experienced the warm tightness of his ass. I grazed something hard and round in their and Tim's whole body exploded in an orgasm of such power and intensity I thought he would pass out. Feeling his orgasm made my own cock go over the edge without me even touching it sending huge ropey strings of cum splattering his legs and feet.

Tim's cock was spurting hot creamy cum in my mouth and I tried to take it all but had to take it out of my mouth there was so much of the liquid. I continued massage the inside of his ass and his whole body shook and spasmed with an orgasm that went on for what seemed like hours.

My own orgasm was making me weak and we fell onto each other exhausted, but totally satisfied. Our bodies were glued together with quarts of cum. My face was dripping and my hair was matted against my head with a combination of sweat and cum. Tim's eyes were glassy and his breathing was still ragged and short as if he was trying to catch his breath. I pulled my finger slowly from his ass and his cock dribbled out a little bit more cum to add to the collection already gracing our bodies.

"My god, my god, oh my god", was all Tim could utter as he lay their panting. I looked at him with uncontrollable lust in my eyes and greedily attacked his mouth smearing cum all over his face while my tongue dueled with his.

We lay there like that covered in cum kissing and rubbing the cum into each other's bodies talking about what had just happened. I had read about the male prostate in a porno magazine so I was able to put two and two together but Tim was totally astonished that his asshole could give him such total and absolute pleasure. I pinched and rubbed his nipple smearing the cum that was already trailing down his hard pec.

My cock was already hard again and when I could feel his was hard as well poking me in the side as it throbbed with his heartbeat. I grabbed his arm as I got up and pulled him up with me and we raced to the shower. Tim had his own ensuite just off his bedroom and we dived into the shower and started to wash the sticky mess of our bodies kissing and nibbling at each other's bodies. I grabbed the soap and massaged his body as I soaped him up. I ran my hands over his broad strong shoulders and applied some pressure to the muscle which were pumped up after his massage.

He moaned as my hands went down his back to his small tight waist and further down to his asshole which I just couldn't resist. I used the soap to penetrate him again and he moaned and shuddered as my finger made its way in again. His hands were tracing the curves of my ass as well. I felt a finger at the entrance to my ass and then some pressure as he entered me. The feeling was astonishing and I gasped involuntarily as he pushed a finger deep inside me.

It hurt at first but the feeling soon stopped and a warm glow seemed to radiate from his finger. Tim's mouth had taken my ear into his mouth and the feelings in my body were making me so weak that I had to lean against the shower wall.

He disengaged his mouth from my ear and dove for my hard cock. He took the whole thing in my mouth while fingering my tight virginal asshole. Even though I had cum literally twenty minutes before my cock exploded again in his mouth letting forth jets of hot cum.

Tim grabbed his own cock and jerked it a few times before letting out a sharp gasp and shooting cum all over the side of the shower.

We finished our shower and took turns toweling off or bodies. I was still amazed by the beauty of Tim as I rubbed the soft material over his hard young body. His chest rose slowly as he breathed and his beautiful big brown eyes stared at me with love and desire.

As I padded back into his room I saw the time was nearly seven o'clock and realized that I was going to get in huge trouble with my father for not coming home straight after school. I looked at Tim with fear in my eyes and started racing around the house picking up my school clothes. I stumbled as I tried to get in my pants and Tim held me so I wouldn't fall down. He understood and said he would give me a lift home.

He quickly dressed in an old tattered school rugby jersey and track suit pants and we left his house. He pulled up short of my house and took my hands in his and kissed me deeply.

"Don't worry baby, it'll be ok just tell then the practice went longer than expected". I was almost too terrified to get out of the car and face the wrath of my father but after saying our goodbyes and telling each how much we loved them I went to my front door to face the music.

As I opened the door and walked in my father started shouting at me, "Where the hell have you been, I told you to come home straight after school!". My heart started beating fast and my mind raced wondering how the hell I was going to get out of this one!


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