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life at a private school

Authors Notes:

December 2009 


I have been writing this story for almost ten years and have finally as promised to so many people finished the story.  The story has weaved and meandered in many ways over the time I write it.  With huge gaps in the time between writing the story at times I had to reread my own story to remind myself of the plot twists and things that had happened.


Over the years I have received literally thousands of emails from people and I have enjoyed receiving every single one.  Part of the motivation to continue to write has been the regular emails from you the readers asking me to pleae continue and finsih the story.


One of the primary questions I always get is whether story is fact or fiction?


Well it's both fact and fiction, most of the characters are based loosely on real people or at least a combination of real people, the school I describe exists although they were extraordinarily homophobic the teachers themselves were not violent.  Many of the teachers at my private school were wonderful, caring, accepting people who nurtured and protected me from the worst of bullying and homophobia and for those teachers I say thank you.


For some of the other teachers who actively bullied students like me who were obviously gay, I hope they find peace with whatever makes them hate so much.


There were however several very homophobic incidents that were tacitly approved of by the school and I have used these and embellished upon them to create a story.


One of the most common themes I have received from readers is a deep identification with Josh and Tim and the school they went too.  While my own experiences at school were filled with angst, insecurity and bullying I was lucky enough to have friends outside the school who were more accepting of my sexuality and it was these friends who made my life bearable while I put up with the constant bullying by both students and teachers.


This story is set years before the Internet became a house hold communication channel and back then if you didn't have friends you coudl confide in about your sexuality you were isolated and alone.


One day I will edit the story and improve the plot inconsitencies, tease out the plot twists more and embellish more about parts which I think I glossed over too quickly.


You have to forgive me my grammatical, spelling and other errors, they have intentionally been left in this version of the story, mainly because at some stage I would like to properly edit it and maybe just maybe find some small publisher to publish to for me.


There is always the chance I may write a sequel to Life at a Private School and see what life is / was like to For Tim and Josh.  While I didn't meet my 'Tim' at school I have been very lucky to have met him a couple of years after school and we will have been together 11 years next year.


As a final note, I love receiving feedback from readers who have enjoyed this story even if it's just a quick note you can send me email at


Thank you for reading my story and please email me if you enjoyed it