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life at a private school

Chapter Three

At first all I could feel was my head pounding and I felt as though my entire body was being shaken by a bulldozer. My mouth was dry and I was desperate for a drink to stop the insistent burning of my tongue and throat. I cautiously opened my eyes and tried to work out where I was and why my alarm had not woken me. I was greeted by the sight of a smooth muscular tanned back right in front of me. I shook my head and tried to wake myself from the dream that I was obviously having. At that moment I realised that it was no dream and I was naked except for my CK boxers in bed with the boy that I had been in love with for the last couple of years.

I started to panic at first and thought that in my drunken haze last night that I had made a pass at Tim. The pounding in my head became worse and a small grown escaped past my lips. At that moment Tim turned over and looked straight into my eyes.

"Morning pisshead" he lazily drawled.

I stared at him intently and he returned the stare, I must have looked like I was going to start screaming or something because he then told me that I had passed out last night and he was to pissed to make up another bed so he dragged me to bed and then taken my clothes off and pretty much passed out beside me.

I started to calm down at that point and the terror that was making my head pound changed to a strange light headedness. Tim was still staring right at me with those spectacular eyes that seemed to be reading my thoughts. I closed my eyes for a second and tried to catch my breath but my body shook as I felt something warm and soft brush past my lips and I felt a soft sweet breath on my face.

My eyes flickered open and I saw Tim chewing on his bottom lip in that way that always drove me crazy.

I'm sorry he stammered, I - I - don't know know why I did that.

I lay there to frightened to move but my cock immediately stood up to attention. I was in total shock and couldn't move a muscle or say a word. Tim's deep eyes started to fill with tears and he started to quietly sob and look away from me.

"I'm so sorry its just that I really like you and I just wanted so much to kiss you, I'm sorry I'm sorry, .....fuck what the f..fuck.

He sat up and buried his head in his hands as he started to shake and his whole body twitched. I finally managed to move and I slowly reached out to tentatively touch the side of his face. Tim jerked and looked at me his beautiful face crossed with tears with a stream slowly sliding from his eyes down his cheek to his chin. I was incapable of saying anything but my eyes started to mist up as well and I leaned my face to his and softly found his lips with mine.

The moment our lips met my mouth opened and my tongue gently began to trace the soft warm velvet of his tongue as it met mine. Instantly I felt as though I was floating and I felt more fulfilled than I had ever been in my life.

We slowly sunk back onto the bed without breaking our youthful lips. I wrapped my hands around his slender young body and felt the warmth envelope me. Tim did the same and we stayed like that for what seemed like hours holding and kissing each other.

When our mouths broke a thin strand of saliva linked our mouths together until it broke and I found my voice. I looked into his eyes knowing fully that my eyes were telling him everything just as his were telling me the depths of his feelings too.

I really had no idea what was going on, I knew that I had finally found that special feeling that I had been trying to find for so many years, but I was terrified. I slowly lifted my eyes to look in his, they were opened wide and he looked as they he was a kangaroo caught in the headlights of a car. I looked down and he was doing that really cute thing with his bottom lip again, chewing it between his teeth. I just lay there in his arms staring without saying a word. It felt like there was a jackhammer making my body tremble and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out.

I was so turned on my cock was straining against my boxers making it almost unbearable but deliciously exciting as well. All I wanted to do at that moment was be held and hold Tim in my arms forever. Tim's hand slowly started to stroke the side of my face all the while his eyes continued to watch me intensely trying to read my mind. He told me later that I looked as if was going to throw up or pass out and he was frightened that I would do one or both.

My desire for him suddenly to fear and I struggled from his warm embrace and jumped out of his bed. Tim tried to grab my arm, but I wriggled free and dove across the room for my clothes. I quickly grabbed my school clothes from the mess over the chair and threw them on in a real big hurry. I don't know why I did this, my heart was telling me to stay and find out what Tim meant by all of this, but I was so terrified by the consequences of what as going on that my fear was driving me away from that room and away from my beloved Tim.

All the while I was putting on my clothes I kept my back to Tim and he didn't say anything or make and sound of trying to get out of the bed. My throat was parched and dry and when I tried to mumble an apology and say something about my diabetes it only came out as a croak. As soon as my clothes were on, and it couldn't have taken more then 2 minutes I raced out of his bedroom and tried to vainly find the way out of his house. The walls of the corridor seemed to be closing in around me and my breathing was coming in ragged small gasps. Have you ever felt as though you were disconnected from your body and you wee watching yourself do something, well that's the way I was feeling at that moment, I could see myself like it was a comedy movie moving haphazardly trying to get out of there in a hurry.

I finally found the front door and wrenched it open and flung myself out into the cool morning air. I stood there for a couple of moments gasping the fresh air as if I had been drowning in a pool of water. My eyes squinted as my brain recognised the bright sunlight and I half stumbled, half ran to my car at the side of the garage.

I shook all the way home and slowly parked the car in the carport at the front of my parents house. Mum's car was gone and the house looked deserted, so I guessed that no one was home. Finally I started to relax because I knew that I was safe, but safe from what? Suddenly I started to cry and my whole body was racked with sobs as I collapsed against the steering wheel of the car. I kept thinking what the fuck had I done, why was I so scared, the stud of my dreams, the guy who I had lusted over ever since that very first time I had seen him had made a pass at me and I had run away like a stupid dickhead.

When I finally pulled myself together I looked up as my sobs turned to sniffles and my face and shirt was soaked from my tears. I slowly got out of the car and went inside the house to my room. I dropped my bag and violin on the side of my desk and fell on my bed face down.

I couldn't understand what had happened, Tim was my greatest fantasy come to life, I had wanked hundreds of times on this bed dreaming and thinking about what I would do to him. I reached down and started to play with my cock which had not gone down from the time that I was in Tim's bed. I was horny as hell and my cock certainly knew what it wanted as I slowly gripped the head and moved my fingers slightly down the shaft. I unzipped my pants and let my hungry cock sniff the open air, God it felt so good. I adjusted my balls so that they and hard cock were free of my boxers and I slowly lay there sliding my cock up and down playing over and over in my mind images of Tim's beautiful face and deep brown eyes staring right into my soul.

I could feel my self close to cumming and I started to increase the pressure on the head of my cock just the way I love it. With my other hand I gently teased my nipples as they hardened and shivered underneath my touch. Suddenly my body shook and my breathing became faster and more erratic. My balls tightened against my body and my cock got harder and harder until my cock erupted with cum that hit me in the face, hair eyes and the wall behind my. I felt like my insides were being ejected from my cock as volley after volley of hot steaming cum landed all over me and the wall. I started to lose consciousness as the ecstasy of the feelings took over my body and I fell into a deep sleep.

My sleep was filled with strange dreams of being chased by people, but everytime I tried to see there faces I couldn't quite focus my eyes and they were always a blur. I kept trying to run away into rooms that I recognised but didn't know were they were. I closed doors and ran from room to room but the people would still bang on the doors and call "come out come out we know where you are".

I woke up on my bed sweating like crazy still in my school clothes. At first I was totally disorientated and I didn't know where I was, what I was doing and what day it was. I looked at the clock next to my bed and the numbers just stared back at me and I couldn't understand them even though they were right in front of me. My head was pounding with a banging noise that wouldn't stop. The fog started to lift from my mind and I finally saw that time was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. I sat up and the banging got louder. I realised that the banging was coming from someone at the front door.

I quickly stripped and slipped into some track pants and used a towel on my floor to wipe the sweat from my body as I walked to the front door. I opened the front door and looked straight into Tim's tear streaked face.


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