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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Seven

 by Drew 

We were kind of successful keeping our hands off each other in the shower, except for when Tim bent down and took my hard cock in his mouth and the stimulation made me lose the second load of the night down his throat.

And in return I nuzzled Tim’s cock and made him erupt in my mouth.

After we were dressed and presentable we made our way downstairs and headed to the noise we could hear from the kitchen.

When we walked in I was amazed at how many people were in the kitchen more than just Dan, Nick, Sam and Cass.

At least twenty other people had turned up and were now standing in the kitchen. I was shocked by this and a bit embarrassed since we have been upstairs having sex for the better part of an hour and a half all told.

The crowd was made up of a few people from our year and a few other people from the school musical who had watched our coming out and had decided that screw the school we needed support.

I was touched by this.

The real surprise was that there were more people still coming including a lot of Tim’s team mates from the Rugby team. Now that was a surprise!

We learnt more about what happened after we had left too. Most of the audience made of parents, friends of friends etc had been thoroughly shocked by what had gone one (not us coming out because that was really only witnessed by a small number of students.

No most of the issues came from the fact that a teacher had physically assaulted a student which was condoned and covered up by the school, but the same teacher was actually picking up boys on the ‘wall’ in the city for sex.

I was pretty naïve about this and even though I had seen the pictures being flashed on the screen I just thought that McAllister was picking some guy up for sex.

It was explained to me that there was a notorious spot in the city just near Oxford street where young guys sold themselves. The area was known as The wall because it had a huge big wall of a court right down the side.

We all yabbered on about this and wondered aloud whether McAllister was gay, bi or what, we knew or at least had evidence that he liked guys.

I knew though that even though we had had an unexpected victory of sorts and I had been vindicated in my decisions not to press forward with charges this was not finished.

The question that everyone had was who had recorded the conversations and who had taken the pictures.

Tim and I really had no idea although as we talked with Cass and Sam we started to suspect who or rather whom it may have been.

Sally came up to me at one point while I was getting a drink and smirkily suggested that next time we were going to have sex we may want to lock the door. I turned bright red with embarrassment and she laughed and told me that Nick and Dan had turned up about ten minutes after we got back, after an hour they got bored of waiting for us and decided to come and get us.

But when they came down they were laughing themselves stupid and told everyone what they had just seen.

I was mildly annoyed by the fact that they had told everyone, but I accepted what Sally said which was lock the door next time!

By about midnight there must have been nearly fifty people in the house, and I was truly flabbergasted that so many people would come to support us, especially since not less than 24 hours ago I was pretty much shunned as being the outsider that everyone thought was gay.

By this time Tim’s mother had decided that it was late and the party should end, or at least move on somewhere else.

Dan, Nick, Tim and I decided that we kick back for a while here and encourage everyone else to leave.

It took a while but soon the house empty save for the us and we went to the back of the house to talk quietly. I had been waiting for this opportunity for a while because I had some questions I wanted answers off of Dan.

I was also wondering where Ben was, after all he had been around earlier in the evening before the musical but now he was very conspicuously absent.

So we finally ended up outside on a beautiful night sitting around the pool just the four of us when someone came through the side gate. I jumped at first by the sound of the gate being opened and a dark figure came round and into view.

It was Ben.

We all looked at him and he just stared back at us for a moment before asking whether it was ok that he was here. I took Tim’s hand in mine as he sat next to me, looked at him to say it was ok and then nodded and told Ben it was fine.

“Yeah, it’s cool come and sit with us for a while” I suggested.

We all sat around for a little while not saying anything at first, I didn’t want to be the first to speak and I think everyone else was waiting too.

“So”, Tim asked, which one of you was it?

As he turned and looked Dan and Nick with an inquisitive look.

Dan and Nick just looked back at Tim blankly as if they had no idea what Tim was talking about.

I was as surprised as Tim, I had been sure up to that point that the whole thing had been orchestrated by Dan or Nick or even both.

Everyone was staring at Dan and Nick when a voice said,

“It was me”

Turning around we all looked at Ben who had just spoken.

I was pretty damn shocked, Ben?

Then some of the pieces started to fall into place in my mind but I wanted to hear what Ben had to say.

“I’m sorry about everything I really am” he started.

“I’ve known about McAllister trawling The wall for a while”, he said simply. Which shocked me and everyone else to say the least.

“You know that my older brother is in the police right, he asked most of us shaking our heads not knowing where this was going.

“Well about a year ago his police station had a huge operation to try and get rid of the prostitution problem of underage guys in the city. They staked out the area where most of the guys were and took pictures of the guys picking them up.”

“McAllister was one of those guys they photographed but since all they ever got of him were pictures of him negotiating and kissing the guy they could not pick him for anything”.

“My brother being an old guy of the school had recognized McAllister and had told me about it”.

“My brother doesn’t know that I like guys and thought it would be funny if I would use the pictures to screw up McAllister so he gave me copies, however as much as I disliked McAllister I knew that I couldn’t do anything with them because well it was hypocritical of me doing anything”.

We were all surprised at this disclosure but there was more to come.

Ben looked at Tim and said very clearly, “I wasn’t going to do anything with the pictures or what I knew even when Josh was assaulted because, um because…”

“Because you are in love with me and thought it would drive me and Josh apart”, Tim responded.

“yes” he barely whispered.

Tim squeezed my hand and let Ben continue.

“After I spoke with Josh the other day something inside me changed and I realized that even though I love you Tim, you can never love me like you love Josh. So when the whole thing at school happened with Josh and McAllister I decided I needed to do the right thing”.

“The other night when McAllister came up to Josh and threatened him I was on the sounds desk and I was doing test sound recording. Josh was wearing a two way mike and the whole thing was recorded”.

“The other conversation was also recorded the same way, so I decided to use it all and expose the Headmaster and McAllister”

“Wow” we all said in unison.

“Did you know that I had decided not press ahead with charges”, I asked Ben, “before tonight I mean”?

“No, I had it all planned and was going to do it anyway” he said.

I was satisfied by that, because if there was something I had learnt in the last few days was that the best way to get over something was to let it go.

We all peppered Ben with questions, especially Dan who seemed very interested in the fact that there had been pictures of people picking up underage kids on the wall.

We were all talked out after a while and we sat there dangling our legs in the warm water of the pool thinking about things.

“So are you boys gonna come out too” Tim cheekily asked Dan and Nick?

“Not on your life boyo” Nick replied quickly, although Dan looked like he had something to say but decided to keep quiet.

“I wonder what will happen to McAllister and the Headmaster”, I asked aloud surprising myself that in some ways I actually felt sort of sorry for them.

“They deserve whatever they get” Tim said, I was hesitant for a moment before I spoke.

“yeah I agree that they deserve what they get, but I feel kind of sorry for McAllister, if he is gay and is do deeply in the closet that he feels he is repulsed by anyone who appears gay, imagine how much he hates himself”, I opined.

We all sat around thinking about that for a few minutes before Dan spoke up and said, “But it’s not the fact that he’s gay it’s how he acted and treated you”.

I thought about it for a moment and just shrugged.

I turned to Tim and told him that I thought it was about time to go to bed, because there was something I needed to do tomorrow and I needed some sleep to do it.

Tim winked at me in a suggestive way and everyone broken up laughing especially Nick and Dan, I blushed a bright deep red and put rest that that, no we are not going to have sex tonight, I need to sleep.

Then I turned to Ben and suggested that since it was late why didn’t he stay over and sleep here too.

I think Tim was rather shocked by that, I am sue in his mind I was planning some sort of dirty sexual threesome between us.

“In the spare room” I corrected and this time it was Ben’s turn to blush.

And everyone broke up again giggling and laughing at the innuendo in the first place.

I was still having some strange sexual feelings for Ben but I thought at this stage it was important that I show my speciation for everything he had done today.

Sure a threesome with Ben was interesting on many levels but I was pretty sure that I was not ready for that and I wasn’t sure I ever would be.

The group finally started to drift off, Tim showed Ben to the spare room and then came back and snuggled into bed with me.

As he gently caressed me I could feel his body and hard cock pressed against my ass, but even though my cock has instantly got hard I needed sleep and needed clarity for what the next day.