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life at a private school

Chapter Seven

I sat there staring off into space for while until I remembered that I was at school and had to go to my next class.

The rest of the day dragged by and I was in a constant state of panic and fear. I was so excited by the thought of being with Tim that afternoon but I was also frightened as to who else had picked up on me being gay.

Finally the bell rang for the last period at school and I could go! I gathered up my things and raced for my locker and then ran to the train. By the time I got home my cock was semi hard and I was horny as hell. I practically tore my school clothes off and jumped as my hard cock sprang out of its confinement in my boxer shorts and hit my hard smooth belly. I grabbed it and gave a few quick tugs as I made my way into the shower, thinking about what would hopefully happen later that afternoon.

By the time I made my way to Tim's house it was almost 4:30 and the temperature was starting fall as night approached. I rang the doorbell and pulled my coat into my body to try and keep warm. I waited an eternity before the door finally opened and Tim stood there in his tack pants and a green t shirt showing his school house colours. He reached out and gently touched my lips with his and quickly slid his tongue into my mouth. My cock which had been behaving itself up till now quickly got hard again as Tim backed into the house pulling me by my mouth.

We kissed for a few more minutes in the entrance to his house and then finally we broke free a thin trail of saliva hanging from his mouth. I shook my head and looked down to the hard lumps that had formed in our pants.

Gee talk about headspins! I said as I followed him into the kitchen..

I'm so sorry about this morning, its just that I'm not ready to tell anyone yet that I'm Gay, he said turning away from me and opening the fridge.

S'ok, I don't think I'm really ready to come out yet either, I said as I thought to myself yes he is gay, thank god for that! But you know Ms Summers she knows, and then I spent the next ten minutes telling him everything she had said to me today after class.

Tim sat down on a stool in the kitchen slowly chewing the corner of his lip in that way that made my knees go weak and the pit of stomach do cartwheels. I could tell he was worried, because she knew, she knew that it was Tim with me.

Don't worry about it, she's cool she even told me that she's a lesbian and lives with her girlfriend.

He looked straight at me and said slowly and deliberately, don't tell her anything about me I've got too much to lose, don't say a word about me and you, his eyes were staring intently at me watching for my reaction.

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard, I shook my head and told him I wouldn't say anything. I wanted to know what he wanted and strangely enough he started to tell me.

Look don't take this the wrong way Josh, (my heart sank hen I heard that but I continued to listen), I can't explain the feelings I have for you but I think I love you, but we have to be so careful my father would kill me if he found out that I was queer, and my friends my friends oh Godů..He started to cry and thin slivers of tears ran down the sides of his face.

Its so unfair, why can't I be normal like everyone else, why not, why can't I just be like everyone else? I pulled him into my arms and let him cry on my shoulder, his tears running down his face and splashing on my exposed neck. When he stopped sobbing I gently kissed his forehead and I thought how funny it was that the boy I loved so much and idolised as being so strong and so perfect was just like the rest of us, frightened and vulnerable.

After a few more minutes he looked up and he said, while we are at school lets keep away from each other and just see each other out of school, that way no one will suspect anything. I thought about this for a while and nodded my head, I didn't want it to be this way but I understood how he felt. As awful as it was to hide the truth, and I knew that I would be hard not to light up everytime I saw him at school if that's what it would take I would do it. I loved Tim that much and he had told me he loved me.

We moved closer together and his lips found mine and we started to kiss again this time I let my fingers wander all over his exquisite body. My fingers made their way up under hi T shirt and softly caressed the warm smooth skin that covered his rippled stomach. With every breath he took the muscles in his stomach contracted and I could feel the power straining under the soft supple skin. My fingers lightly pinched his right nipple and he moaned and shook as the sensation traveled all over his muscle toned body.

My tongue slowly made its way to his ear where I softly licked from his ear lobe all the way up and around, his body tensed and convulsed and my cock got harder in my shorts and started to throb with excitement at what I was doing with him. Little moans where escaping from his mouth as I took all of his ear into my mouth and gently licked and nibbled. He couldn't take it much longer and he pulled his ear away from me and his mouth engulfed my ear and I started to pant and moan as my body went limp and then hard with the ecstasy of all the sensations running through my mind and body.

Tim picked me up in his strong arm never letting my mouth apart from his own and carried me up his bedroom and lay me on the bed The feel of his hard cock pressed against my side was so intensely erotic.. He started to undress me starting with my shoes and socks, after every piece of clothing he would lean up and passionately kiss me and then take an item of his own clothing off. We were both naked and rubbing our hard warm bodies together writhing on his bed in pleasure. His tongue journeyed down my neck to my first one nipple then the other. He bathed each one with his tongue gently nibbled then blew on it. My toes curled up and my cock kept on springing around under the oral ministrations he was putting me through. He traveled further down sliding his tongue around my belly button leaving a small pool of saliva. He finally grasped the head of my cock which was by now leaking pre cum like an open tap and sucked it into his warm mouth. I looked down to see his perfect high cheekbones on either side of my hard cock and he caught my eyes then closed his and tried to get all of my cock in his mouth. My hips moved up and down trying to force more of my cock in his hot mouth, but he couldn't take it very far down, every time it went to far he would choke and move away.

I was in heaven and every nerve in my body felt like it was on fire . I was so close from all of the kissing we had done before, but I didn't want to come to soon. I pried him off my cock and he looked at me with a suprisingely worried look on his face as if he was doing something wrong.

I whispered my turn as I repeated the process on him nibbling his nipples and making him shake. My mouth finally found his hard and throbbing cock as I managed to open my mouth to his invading monster. I was able to get about half of it into my mouth before I started to feel the gag reflex so I went back up to the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around the sensitive head trying to inflame every part of his body. We moved around so we could both suck each others cocks at the same time and I finally found out what heaven was.

We did this for what seemed like an eternity the taste and pleasure I was getting from sucking his cock was almost better than the feelings I was getting from Tim sucking my cock. I was getting ready to cum and I could feel that he was too. As much as I loved him I didn't want him to cum in my mouth so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked it furiously and he did the same. Sweat was dripping off my forehead and falling onto his cock which was slippery with my saliva. Suddenly his cock head swelled up and turned a deep purple and his piss slit opened before a huge blast of hot creamy cum flew out and hit me on the cheek. At the same time I felt myself lose control and my own orgasm start.

Time stood still as we each went almost catatonic and our orgasms took over our bodies and minds. When I finally regained my senses our faces were covered in warm cum that as dripping down onto the duvet on the bed. I was so weak from the explosion but my cock was still as hard as a steel spike sticking straight up.

Tim disentangled himself from me and picked a towel up from the ground and used it to wash the cum from my face and then his. Then he crawled onto the bed and pulled our bodies together and arranged the duvet over us so we were warm.

Tim lay back on the bed and I snuggled into his body with my head resting on his chest holding him tightly. His hand gently caressed my face and stroked the side of my head and I contentedly drifted off to sleep while being held by my special stud.

I woke a little later with Tim still stroking my head and I opened my eyes and gently kissed his perfect lips. We lay like that for a while longer as we spoke about our lives, our desires and what we wanted o do when we finished school.

I had decided that I was not going to do music at uni instead I was going to do a computing degree even if my parents didn't like it at all. Tim on the other hand hadn't decided what he wanted to do, but he knew what he didn't want and that was to be a lawyer like his father and have no time for a life. He was thinking about studying art something his parents would never agree to but thats the way life is he said, you can't always do what your parents wanted him to do.

We spoke about what our feelings were about each other and I was suprised to find out that he had fallen in love with me that same time that I had when he had first set sight on me and I had fainted in front of him. He like the fact that I was myself and even though the guys at school gave me hell I acted exactly the way that I was I didn't hide away from the world. I thought this was funny coming from the most popular boy in the whole school. Tim was in love with me but had been frightened by the feelings that he had and what it meant.

I had accepted long ago that I was gay and realised even though it was going to be difficult gay it was who I was and there was no reason to hide it. I wasn't ready to sing it from the rafters, but I was happy with who and what I was, unlike Tim who was still ashamed and would have preferred to be straight and not to deal with it at all.

We talked and talked and talked and found out just how much we had in common. Every time I tried to bring his parents up he would changes the conversation and I realised that he was hiding something from me. I knew from what he had told me that he wasn't close to his parents and he desperately needed affection. I knew that when he wanted to tell me what the story was he would.

I looked at my watch and realised that I had better get home or my parents would go mad at me, that and exams were coming up and as this was my HSC year I had to do well to get into the university course of my choice.

I kissed Tim again and again until I really had to go. I put on my clothes and we spent twenty minutes at his front door saying goodbye.

I left his house on cloud nine, I was in love and he was in love with me!

When I arrived home my parents asked where I had been and I mumbled something about helping Tim with some homework and the went to my room. Sam had rung while I as out so I rang her back and told her everything. While I was on the phone I hung up my school clothes that had been lying on the floor and the slip of paper with Ms Summers number was on it fell out of my shirt pocket. I picked it up and read the back, If you need a friend call me on 998877867 Cass. In all the time I had known Ms Summers I never knew her name was Cass and I thought it was funny.

I put the phone number on my desk and thought about what had made her give it to me. After some homework I climbed into my cold bed and tried to fall asleep, but I was still so turned on by the afternoon with Tim my cock was hard and straining. I took care of business and then fell into a deep sleep dreaming of Tim and his prefect body, my Tim, my boyfriend Tim.


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