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life at a private school

Chapter Twenty Nine

 By Drew

I had a restless night worrying about what was going to happen at school the next day and I woke up pretty exhausted and tired.

I could tell that Tim felt pretty much the same as I did and was just as tired and apprehensive.

We had a pretty good chat about how we should react and we both agreed that we would be circumspect with our affection but totally honest and open.

In deference to the fact that for the main most students at the school would be weirded out by it we decided that we would not hold hands or do anything that would draw any more attention to us than necessary.

We honestly had no real idea what to expect but we were expecting some trouble and agreed that we would take it as it came.

When we got to school as we thought the whole school was abuzz with the scandal of McAllister being caught picking up rent boys. Suprisingly the part about him colluding with the Headmaster and our coming out was not the main topic of conversation.

We had a few snide comments of faggots, poofters and other childish anti gay epitaphs but in the main the other students either left us alone or said nothing.

There was a large notice on the main school notice board that there was a whole of school assembly at 8:25 and everyone was expected to attend. Reading this both Tim and I both shared looks and wondered exactly how the school was going to spin this one.

The rumor mill was going wild and the stories were everything from McAlister being arrested for molesting students, to McAllister having a big old gay affair with the Headmaster.

I was not sure whether the lack of rumor about us was due to the fact that people were reticent to tell or ask us or whether people didn’t know.

I did soon find out though, the news that Tim had punched McAllister was well known as was the ‘rumor’ that Tim and I were gay and going out with each other.

But not much was being said if the headmaster had had his comeuppance either.

But were soon to find out exactly what had been said and done.

As the entire school filed into the gymnasium for the assembly there were murmured whispers and a few more faggots called at us.

Once everyone was seated and waiting the Headmaster go up to the microphone and started speaking.

I was very surprised that the Headmaster was there and rather pissed off too, but I forced myself to calm down and listen.

“Over the weekend there was a serious incident and accusation against a valued member of our academic staff”, he droned.

My face and jaw tightened as I heard this, accusation my ass I thought.

“The teacher in question has been suspended on full pay pending an investigation and we will investigate these accusations very seriously, further an investigation will be undertaken by the school to identify the person or person’s who interrupted and destroyed the good name of the school at the School Musical”, he continued.

By this time I was absolutely furious and my entire body was tensed up in a ball of anger. I could sense that Tim was as furious as I was.

“There is an undercurrent of evil and unnatural activities in the student body, and a plain contravention of the laws of God. The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong and there are certain students in this school in this very hall who contravening the natural order of God’s law”.

By this time I had had enough I was not going to listen to this drivel I turned to Tim and quietly said I have had it let’s get out of here. I could see the same steely look of determination on Tim’s face I had seen on Saturday night.

“Are you sure”, he asked?

“yes”, I said we have come this far and I am prepared to stand up and be myself”, I confirmed.

Then together Tim and I both stood up took each others hands, looked up at the headmaster and teachers and defiantly started to walk out of the assembly.

Momentarily lost for words the Headmaster stopped talking in mind sentence and the entire gymnasium was so quiet you could only hear the rustling of students as they say on the hard floor.

For a moment that felt like an hour we moved slowly through the masses, then a gasp went up as Dan and nick then stood up near us grabbed each other’s hands and looked defiantly up at the Headmaster and started to walk out too.

Then the totally unexpected happened more students got up individually and in groups got up and started to walk out.

It was still deathly silent until someone started to clap, I looked around and realized that the clapping was coming not from the student’s but from the group of teachers, one teacher then more until almost half of the teachers has stood up clapping us as we went to leave with the power of our convictions.

Almost as if in a dream more than half the student body had stood up too and was now clapping slowly as we moved. I was dumbstruck I had never expected such a thing to happen and I felt like I might start crying but I kept my composure keeping a tight hand hold of Tim.

Then just as suddenly as the clapping had started it stopped and we were momentarily stunned by the silence. We saw people pointing towards the podium and we looked around.

There on the stage standing next to the Headmaster were a group of Police, one of whom was talking animatedly with him.

Everyone stopped for a moment and you could just hear the conversation between the headmaster and the Policeman.

“Sir you are being arrested and will be charged with being an accessory after the fact of an assault against a minor, you don’t have to say anything”…

But the rest of what was being said was drowned out by thunderous applause from the majority of the student body.

Both Tim and I stood there watching as the Headmaster was lead off complaining loudly to all and sundry.

I had been vindicated.

Tim and I looked at each other and leaned in to hug each other as the students around us applauded and cheered.