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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK this is a bit weird!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Why Sarah Palin must NEVER become Vice President

Sarah Palin must NEVER become Vice President, the women hold extraordinarily bigoted and dangerous views.

Forget about her opposition for a rape victim to have an abortion that's just bizarre.

Her Church where she has worshipped all of her life believes that gays can be converted to heterosexuality by the power of prayer.

This is horrible, all actual research confirms that all ex-gay ministries do is cause more psychological harm, increase the risk of suicide and doesn't actually get rid of same sex feelings it just tries to block them and replace them with prayer programmes.

Let's face it the replacement of Sex Ed classes with faith based abstinence programs certainly seems to have been successful in her own family haven't they!

If the Republicans win the election they could divert massive funding away (not that George Bush has not) from counselling services, awareness programs and give this money to faith based conversion programs.

I will be fair and say that as yet Sarah herself has not publicly stated her position, but her past actions in vetoing same sex equality legislation in Alaska has shown that she is not overly gay friendly.

She has in the past voiced opposition to providing equality for same sex couples but on the issue of conversion ministries we only have the policy of her church thus far.

Personally I don;t care if she says she does not support these things, she still supports organisations which do, which is akin to supporting the Nazi party but not supporting the policy of putting gays in concentration camps.

Extreme hatred and bigotry are not what the world and especially the United States people right now.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's getting noisier!

Saturday nights around the area seem to be getting noisier than I remember, more shouting more throwing of bottles and more police sirens.

I'm curious whether any of the 'changes' around the strip have actually had an impact.

Next weekend it's the local council elections and I am totally torn by which way to vote. There are three major options:

Keep Clover
Dump Clover and go with Shayne Mallard (Liberal)
Dump Clover and go with Meredith Burgman (Labour)

I have a problem with all three options really, Clover has pissed me off by not doing enough or simply giving lip service to the fixing of Oxford street. Her support for the World Youth Day State Government funding certainly got my back up.

But then she tempered this by digging her heals in over the funding for the rejuvenation of Hyde party after the event.

On the plus side for Clover she is not aligned with either major party and if we can lobby her well enough we mat get significant changes.

As much as I like Shayne Mallard and many of the issues he champions, I will not support a political party who has people like David Clarke and Alex Hawke, two exceptionally nasty right wing anti gay bigots in the Liberal Party (and these are just a few).

Now Meredith Burgman I have some respect for but State Labour at the moment is in a total mess and I think Local Council labour and State Labour would be too close to each other so let's keep a healthy distance from each other.

So that leaves voting for Clover not because I want to support her per se, but because I do not want the other options.


This political rant started all because of the increased noise and issues on Oxford street, which is a minor issue for the local council elections next week. I know there are far more pressing issues, like the over development of areas like the old CUB site down in Chippendale to the final design and development of the Bangaroo site on the harbours edge.

But Oxford street is my strip and it's my little baby.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's called a Condom People and it stops pregnancy and STDs

I am reading with growing hilarity the mess that McCain's running mate Sarah Palin's dysfunctional family is.

Teenage pregnancy is nothing new, it's a fact of life for so many families, ESPECIALLY when the only sex education these kids get is abstinence because that's the way God wants it.

Sex is only or procreation in a marriage right?

OH no wait a second if you are the daughter of the Republican nominee for Vice President it's OK for your 17 year old daughter to be off having unprotected sex with her high school boyfriend.

OMG people it's a Condom and it prevents pregnancy and STDS

If there was not a prime example that the abstinence sex ed programs do not work it is this.

But of course the right wing abstinence only people are just simply crowing that she made the right choice in not aborting the baby, which is such a distraction!

Let's get this in perspective, the political party which prides itself on it's high moral standards and no sex before marriage is embracing a family to potentially become their Vice President who seem to have no morals.

Let's hope this sinks the Mcain campaign entirely!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not To Pope Rally this afternoon

This afternoon I went to the No To Pope Rally to protest against the homophobia of the Catholic Church and to Taunt the Pilgrims (sorry I meant spread a message of non discrimination).
What absolutely shocked me was the number of Police that were present to 'protect' the pilgrims from us rabble, literally hundreds of Police were used, on horse bike, cars and even the Police Helicopter to keep an eye on the rally.
It always annoys me that these events end up being a total extreme left wing talk fest which went on at Taylor Square for almost an hour before anything else happened.
It gets very dull waiting through their speeches which you can't hear!
Anyway the pictures were taken on the new iPhone camera


Monday, June 30, 2008

Response from Clover Moore regarding World Youth Day

A while back when I discovered just how much money the City of Sydney Council was spenidng and so I sent an email to Clover Moore:


I am very concerned that the City of Sydney Council is not
recovering costs from World Youth Day.

It is being reported that
the Council will contribute up to 2 million dollars in direct and indirect
funding for World Youth Day. The Catholic Church is a discriminatory
organisation which should support it's own activities and not seek direct or
indirect funds for an event which is not inclusive to all people. This is
not an event which is welcoming to minorities etc.

I also read with
great dismay that Clover Moore as Lord Mayor is supporting the funding both
indirect and direct.

I believe that the Church should pay it's own
costs for this event whether they be direct or indirect should be sought for
this event.

I am extremely disappointed that Clover has not sought
the costs to be recouped and this will affect my vote in upcoming



and received back the following:

It's facsinating that this response is very different than Clover's public statements only a few weeks ago. I get the feeling that a lot of residents have complained about the hideous waste of money that is World Yout Day.

It will be interestingot see just how much money this event really ends up costing the tax payers!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Political Wanking

If you are gay and you voted for the Liberal / Coalition in the last election please explain why the dickheads YOU voted for is delaying Labor's plans to grant same-sex financial rights equal to those of heterosexual couples.

Could you please explain this for me?

In simple words if you will, because I am seeing red over this.

If the SIMPLE legislation gets changed before June 30 it can be retrospectively enacted, otherwise it cannot.

And all this because they want to diminish the value of our same sex relationships to include interdependent relationships such as sisters living together.

It's not the fucking same!

A message to Brendan Nelson , you had a gay brother who died of AIDS and you still can;t bring yourself to support equality for gay men.

I used to think it was these people were just mean and nasty, but I think that they just don't get it and they can't sell it to the absolute right wing wankers in their party.

So back to my question - If you voted for these idiots Explain to me why you don't hate yourself?


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Friday, June 06, 2008

Henson's work not obscene

The Crown Prosecuters have pretty much said that Bill Henson's work is not obscene and the images do not break any obscenity laws.

What a great victory for the arts world and the normal art lover.

And what a total kick in the teeth to Kevin Rudd, Morris Lemma, Miranda Devine, Karl Stefanovic, Channel Nine and all the rest.

From this I have lost any respect I may have had for Kevin Rudd. If this is how he will be reacting to contentious issues in the future I doubt he will have much life as a Prime Minister.


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not sure how I feel...

I am not sure how I feel about the news that Barack Obama is thre Democratic nominee for President.

On the one hand I think he is totally amazing and a truly great orator.

On the other hand I wanted Hilary to run and be president for the 'history' of it all, you know Husband and then wife are Presidents of the United States.

I just don;t know whether a black man can be voted in by the American people, I was not sure a women could be either.
I liked Clinton, I thought she was a true politician, Obama is more an unknown so I will really have to work hard to discover more about him and what he believes in.
So there it is, a true first and hopefully a real first for America too.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Now I remember why

Now I remember why we kicked out the Howard Liberal Government:

Threat to stall same-sex reforms

Phillip Coorey Chief Political CorrespondentJune 2, 2008

AFTER fighting for years for equal recognition before the law, gay and lesbian couples face another wait because of Coalition threats to delay the Government's legislation.

The Herald has been told that the Opposition's legal affairs spokesman, George Brandis, would push at today's meeting of the shadow cabinet for the Coalition to use its numbers and send the legislation to a Senate committee. The legislation, which Labor promised before the election, removes discrimination against gay couples in about 100 areas of Commonwealth law.

It does not bestow the right to marriage but gives gay couples the same rights as heterosexual de facto couples in sharing benefits such as Commonwealth superannuation and veterans' benefits.

Labor wants the legislation, which is before Parliament, passed before July 1. Any delay could push the debate back until September, leaving it at the mercy of the new Senate.
John Challis, of the CompSuper Action Committee, said he was appalled at Senator Brandis's plans. Gays would be denied the satisfaction of being recognised as equals of heterosexual de facto couples.

"It's charity, it's not social justice," Mr Challis said. "It's got nothing to do with equality between gay and heterosexual couples."


Is there a particula reason? And now we are a charity?

Go Fuck yourself Brandis!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monument to Gays Persecuted by the Nazis is innaagurated in Berlin

The monument was designed by Danish artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset who have been collaborating as an artist duo for over ten years.

From DB Artmag:

Beneath the wood is a massive 83-ton cement stele, the Monument to Homosexuals Persecuted During National Socialism, which has not yet been inaugurated. A short time ago, the carefully packed monument was brought from its production site in Munich to Berlin and raised by a special crane onto its designated spot. Now, the oversized moving crate looks somewhat surreal in the Prussian park landscape. But there was a "ceremonial atmosphere" when it arrived, according to Michael Elmgreen.

The wooden crate is opened on one side, exposing concrete treated in a dark color and an inlaid window that provides a view of a video projection inside the massive slab. Here, one sees a scene that repeats itself in one-and-a-half-minute loops: two young men in a park, immersed in a tender conversation interrupted again and again by a kiss. The video will be shown for two years, after which it will be replaced with a work by another artist. The reason for this changeover, which was not part of the original plan, was the massive criticism the monument was subjected to prior to its realization. It was alleged that lesbians were not adequately represented by the images.

"We weren't concerned with providing a definitive answer to the representation of homosexuality," says Elmgreen, and adds that the artists are more than happy with a change of video every two years.

In any case, the idea of a continuous renewal fits in well with Elmgreen's & Dragset's idea of a living memorial.


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Monday, May 26, 2008

World Youth Day Protest

I for one am fed up to the back teeth of the disgraceful way in which the residents of Sydney are being force fed the World Youth Day.

Not only are we paying for a bigoted organisation to hold a public relations event, our State Government has taken over certain areas of Sydney Council too now!

In what is being reported by the Sydney Morning Herald the State Government enacted laws on Friday that allow it to direct the council to do whatever the World Youth Day Co-ordination Authority requests.

What a load of bollocks!

Among the things they want to do is remove a park in my suburb that the 'pilgrims' will walk through, cutting down trees and removing what is a beautiful community park.

The residents around the park have sensibly suggested that the 'pilgrims' walk around the trees.

Every indicator is that this World Youth Day will be the smallest ever, a dismal failure for a Cardinal who has his sights on the top job at some stage (Cardinal Pell).

I am sorely tempted to erect a huge banner on the side of my building saying:

Fuck Off Bigots - Pay for your own bigotry

At the end of the day what I would like is either for the Catholic Church to pay for it's own event, or the State Government to give equal funding to similar events such as Mardi Gras.

Mind you I think the perfect outcome would be for the World Youth Day to be a total and abysmal failure and an embarrassment for all involved.

Ooh and here's a thought...

Why don't we throw a Gay and Lesbian festival on Oxford Street and surrounds during the 'pilgrims' walk and show our pride?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Excellent article on the recent Ban on Same Sex Partners at school formals

I found great opinion piece in The Age looked at the recent decision by the Brisbane Church of Grammar Schools decision to ban same sex partners at the school formal.

The article states:

'Look, it's fine if you're gay, as long as you don't do anything about it like having a gay relationship or express how you feel that way'."

I was fascinated, yes I do believe that the school has the legal right to ban same sex partners if they so wish, but I do not believe they have the moral right.

Times are changing and guys and girls are coming out much earlier. I do believe that it is a school's moral responsibility to be supportive of the coming out process, and as the article suggested it's a passive aggressive move by the school to say on the one it's fine to be gay but on the other don't do what's normal for you either.

Read the article


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This pisses me off - It's not a bloody Choice!

An article on told of how the University of Toledo in the US suspended a staff member for writing a homophobic opinion piece for a local newspaper.

You can read the CNS article here, and read the original article here.

The Author of the article is Crystal Dixon an Administrator for the University of Toledo. In her opinion piece she asserts that homosexuality is not a civil rights issue because:
Here's why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman. I am genetically and biologically a Black woman and very pleased to be so as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle evidenced by the growing population of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex Gays) and Exodus International just to name a few.
What a fucking load of bollocks, Ex-Gays do not change people from Gay to straight, they simply screw with their heads and try to mask their underlying sexuality.
There has never ever been any actual scientific studies done on whether the Ex-Gay movement actually works. All the 'studies' done by the Ex-Gay movement have been non scientific and discounted by the scientific and psychiatric profession.
And in fact the Ex-Gay's big poster guy John Paulk was caught soliciting guys for sex and in the end admitted he had never been healed.
This women Crystal Dixon is a homophobic bitch who uses 'religion' to discriminate against people.
How dare she say that because the Bible told her it's wrong people can change or choose their sexuality. So by her own words she must be able to change and become a Lesbian at the drop of the hat.
Personally if people want to have their pictures all over the media and stand up and say they are homophobic sure bring it on, but expect the backlash from the enlightened masses.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

These are the faces of homophobia

This couple Owen and Eunice Johns are the face of Hompohobia. They refused to condone Homsexuality and were banned from fostering children in the UK. They complained and the local council has since backed down.
Have a look at the picture of Owen and Eunice Johns their homophobic bigotry is what needs to be addressed just as racism against people of colour needs to be addressed.
let's not forget it wasn't all that long ago that the very same 'Christian' Church they support was racist!
Shame on you Owen and Eunice Johns Shame!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

2020 What would you do?

have a watch of this, a group of same sex couples were filmed in public kissing, holding hands and showing each other affection.

Listen and watch what happens!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is it time to start thinking of boycotting the Olympics?

A report in today's newspaper outlines the IOC's toughening of the rules on what athletes can say, do, write, wear and generally think in terms of political dissent.

IOC president Jacques Rogge has said athletes have freedom of expression, as long as those expressions comply with the Olympic charter

What a load of bullshit!

So long as it complies with the Olympic charter.

So that means you can't voice your opinion about the Human Rights Violations in China, nor can you write a blog entry about the Tibet issue etc.

China has also announced new extraordinary powers to search and detain ANYONE, sure it's a communist country and this can happen anyway, but come on!

The reason why China was given the Olympics was to encourage the Communist regime to allow world wide focus to be placed on the issues to hopefully encourage change in the right direction.

Based on the heavy handed way the Chinese have dealt with the Torch Relay protesters and the way they have reacted to dissidents in their own country I would say so far this has not worked.

But what gets my blood boiling even more is when the Olympic Committee itself is tacitly approving the gag order and by therefore is turning a blind eye to the Human Rights abuses.

I am all for China having the Olympics, but having an official edict which prevents the athletes from expressing their views is disgusting.

If I was an Olympic athlete I would be boycotting the games


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It just gets worse and worse

I think most readers of this blog know my disdain for the Catholic Church and my special disgust at 'World Youth Day', but this now just takes the cake.

According to reports in the newspaper the City of Sydney Council (of which I am resident and ratepayer) will be contributing in indirect and direct funds well over 2 million dollars.

AND Hyde Park will be closed for up to three months after the event to fix the damage that the 'pilgrims' will cause.

I also noted with great interest that the Council is still using the out dated figures of 225,000 people attending when we all know that less than 25 % of the expected number of people have registered .

So I say to Clover Moore who supports this ridiculous waste of tax payers money and is basically pandering to the Catholic Church, you are up for re-election in September and you have absolutely lost my vote and I think the vote of many other people.

The Catholic Church should be paying for the event themselves out of their own extremely deep pockets and the tax payers of Sydney should not be.

It's a disgrace that Clover is supporting this in this way especially since she has relied sop heavily on the Gay vote to stay in power and the Catholic Church and Pell have been such vocal opponents of Gay equality.

It's time to Go Clover Moore!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Australian Government to announce Gay Equality Legislation

Matching rights for gay couples

Phillip Coorey Chief Political ReporterApril 30, 2008

THE long battle by gay and lesbian partners for the same legal and financial rights as de facto heterosexual couples is about to end, with the Rudd Government planning to remove inequalities in 100 areas of the law.

The federal Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, will announce today that the necessary legislation will be introduced when Parliament resumes next month for the winter sittings.
The measures do not amount to gay marriage; they afford gay couples the same treatment as heterosexual de facto couples in areas such as tax, superannuation sharing and social security.
The issue came to a head last year when the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission found discrimination existed in 58 areas of financial and work-related laws.

The High Court judge Michael Kirby highlighted the inequity by publicly complaining that his partner of 38 years, Johan van Vloten, would have no access to Justice Kirby's pension if the judge died before him.

Under current law, if a retired judge in a heterosexual relationship dies before his or her partner, the partner is entitled to 62.5per cent of the judge's pension. But Mr van Vloten would not receive anything because he is not female.

Upon Labor winning government, Mr McClelland instituted his own review of Commonwealth laws which found inequities in 100 areas, many more than uncovered by the commission's report.

Mr McClelland said all would be redressed.

As well as tax, superannuation and social security, other areas to be reformed include health, aged care, veterans' entitlements, workers' compensation, employment and entitlements.
"In keeping with the election commitment, the changes do not alter the marriage laws," Mr McClelland said.

"They will make a practical difference to the everyday lives of a group of our fellow Australians who have suffered discriminations under Commonwealth laws for far too long."

All the changes would be operational by the middle of next year; most will begin as soon as legislation is passed. The Australian Democrats have long supported the reforms and there will be no problem with the laws passing the Senate before July 1.

Mr McClelland said children of gay couples would not be disadvantaged by the changes.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Offensive waste of money

I have not hidden the fact that I am not a fan of the upcoming World Youth Day (sic) or rather the Catholic Church's Day.

I think it is misguided and dangerous in these political climates to promote fear, hatred and discrimination against minorities.

However what really gets my blood boiling is the 86Million dollars the NSW State Government will contribute to this event when they do not contribute a cent to the largest Gay & lesbian Event int he Southern Hemisphere (Mardi Gras).

It's offensive, it's discriminatory and it's pathetic.

The event is only open to Catholics number one and the Catholic Church let's net forget is one of the World's largest and richest organisations, oh and they pay no tax either.

So why the Fuck should I as a tax payer being further giving my taxes to such a restrictive, discriminatory organisation such as the Catholic Church.

Remember these are the people that believe the ban on same sex marriage is moral, that homosexuality is evil etc.

So the NSW Government will quite happily receive about 45 Million dollars in tourism influx for Mardi Gras 2008 without lifting a finger to sign a cheque to help out, but the Catholics call with all their money and they write a cheque for 86 Million dollars.

Personally I think the Pope is a terrorist (As terrorism ultimately involves the use or threat of violence with the aim of creating fear not only to the victims but among a wide audience, it is fear which distinguishes terrorism from both conventional and guerrilla warfare. Source)

Every time the Pope makes an anti gay statement he is doctrinally approve violence against gays and lesbians. It may not be traditional terrorism but the Catholic Church still incites violence against minorities.

Whilst we in this country still have anti discrimination laws that EXCLUDE religious organisations we have no hope of getting equality. At least in the UK the laws passed INCLUDED religious organisations which means that even they cannot hide discrimination behind behind religious dogma.

Anyway It just pisses me off!


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Should the Olympics be used for political protests?

The protests against China and the Olympic flame have fascinated me on many levels.

On the one level I am in awe of the passion people have in protesting (my protesting days are well in the past). On another level I am horrified by some of the comments against the protesters that members of the IOC have been saying.

Kevin Gosper an Australian on the IOC has been scathing of the protesters, saying they are full of hate and they are diminishing the validity of the meaning of the Olympics.

How dare Kevin Gosper get all high and mighty, after all it was he who pulled strings so his daughter could carry the Olympic flame on its way to the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

It's not just a theoretical ethical discussion, we are talking about people being murdered, forced into labour camps and being denied natural (or any) Justice for that matter by the Chinese Government.

I am always told when you are protesting or arguing you must have a realistic outcome, in this case there are realistic outcomes. The outcomes we want involve China accepting basic human rights in places like Tibet.

Yes the Olympics is supposed to be a non political sporting arena (in theory anyway). In practice the Olympics is a highly politicised world event where one country competes against another and one ideology competes against the other.

I don't agree that China should not have been awarded the Olympics, I believe that by letting China host the Olympics the world is focusing on their terrible Human Rights record. And I strongly believe that the protests and the world's attention may have a positive impact on Chinese policy.

The world is not a vacuum and by simply have the world's attention placed on the Human Rights abuses things will change.

For things to change sometimes people must protest (I am not an advocate of violence) but sometimes blood must be split for a revolution to happen.

Just think of the gay Rights movement, blood has been split in the name of change.


Another update on the ban on same sex partners at teh School Formal

I was interested to read more about the blog I wrote about last week where a Brisbane Private school banned same sex partners from attending the school formal.

An article in today's newspaper outlines the issue from the student who raised the issue's point of view.
What was fascinating is that he says there are 'dozens' of openly gay students at the school.

This just floored me!

I know people are coming out much much younger, but dozens of openly gay students at a private boys school is fantastic!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

more on anti-gay Hillsong

God's cure for gays lost in sin

Former residents say separation contracts, a ban on physical contact and teachings by an 'ex-gay' are part of Mercy Ministry's attempts to stamp out lesbianism in its flock, reports Ruth Pollard.

WHEN Mercy Ministries says it helps young women with "life-controlling issues", it means in part that it aims to teach them not to be lesbians.

In line with the Hillsong Church's strict doctrines teaching that homosexuality is an affliction that can be cured, Mercy Ministries is keen to ensure there is no lesbianism under its roof. It issues "separation contracts" to young women who make friends with each other and prevents any form of physical contact between residents.

"While I was there, we received much teaching on the evils of gay and lesbian lifestyles," said Naomi Johnson, who spent nine months in the ministry's Sydney house.

As someone with no issues about her sexuality, she was perplexed by the ministry's continuing focus on the issue.
"In particular, there was an ongoing teaching video series by Sy Rogers an 'ex-gay' - now reformed - married Christian," she said.
Rogers - an American who conducts speaking tours on Christianity and sexuality- spoke at Hillsong Church's Sense and Sexuality Workshop in Sydney last September and is due to address its Colour Your World Conference next year.

"Sy will bless you with his insights into identity and the heart," the Hillsong website says.
"Happily, homosexuality can be turned around," Mr Rogers says in a clip of his show, Turnaround, on "Homosexuality is out of tune with religion; it is not what God planned for human sexuality."

On its application form, Mercy Ministries used to ask young women if they had been involved in lesbianism, next to the question on whether they had been involved in prostitution. They changed that in 2006 to ask "have you ever been involved in any form of same-sex relationships?".

Another former resident, who did not wish to be identified, said: "Girls were asked on the application form, as well as in a telephone interview, if they have ever had lesbian or bisexual relationships. They asked if I hadbeen involved in drug abuse, witchcraft, or lesbianism. They bunched them in together like that."

In the house, residents were prevented from having any form of physical contact - no comforting hugs, no shoulder to cry on - and even though there were three young women to each bedroom, they were not allowed to change clothes if another person was in the room, she said.

Mercy Ministries denies it runs an "ex-gay" program, and Hillsong has stopped running its "ex-gay" program, called Living Waters, although both organisations remain staunchly conservative - anti-abortion and anti-gay.

The Herald asked Hillsong to explain its teachings on homosexuality. No response had been received last night.

One former member of Hillsong, who held several "leadership positions" in the church, revealed that he was shunned when he disclosed his homosexuality.

"The ostracising that occurred by fellow worshippers was severe," said the man, who asked not to be identified. "As soon as I came out my entire social network decided the best way to deal with the situation was to stop all communication with me.

"The only hope I had was my family and friends who were extremely supportive as they were not Hillsong members."

Hillsong Church taught that the devil inspired people to act on homosexual desires, he said.
"Hillsong believes that homosexuality is not normal and not a part of God's design for mankind - their belief is that it should be fixed and it's something that can be removed from someone's life."
One option presented to the man was to force himself into a heterosexual relationship. In the meantime, he was removed from his leadership role in the church and isolated.


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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I eat my words

CNN is projecting that Hilary Clinton will win Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island.

I eat my words earlier today...


Will she or won't she?

As the votes are rolling in for the delegates in the USA I can't help but think that as much as I love Hilary Clinton and want her to be President of the United States I think that Barrack Obama will get the nomination.

I do think it's obvious that the Republican candidate will be McCain and I am not sure that Obama can beat McCain.

It's going to be an interesting 24 hours in the USA.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Racism is Gay

In my search for information on American Apparel I came across the DIY edgy T Shirt company Steez Luiz.

I saw the above T Shirt and at fisrt I was like that's so inappropriate, how dare someone use the derogatory term 'that's so gay' as a way to show how inappropriate racism is.

Then (yes it took me a moment) I realised that it's a meant to be ironic and is actually a statement about why so many people who are against racism (read the fundamental christians) are anti-gay.

Cool huh!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Howard to be Knighted?

A recent media report suggests that former Prime Minister John Howard could be given an Order of the Garter.

Personally I find this absolutely disgusting.

The man has ben one of the most divisive figures in Australian society in the last 12 years. If this happens I will lose any and I mean ANY repect I had for the Queen.

The most John Howard deserves is the knowledge that he was thrown out on his ass and was one of the onlytwo sitting Prime Ministers to ever lose their own seat.

Mind you if it did happen it owuld probably reopen the entire republic debate in this country again.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Who will it be this Super Tuesday?

I think by now we know that the Republican candidtae will be McCain, but who will be the Democrat candidate?

I want it to be Hilary because I believe that as an insider and a previous resident of Pennsylvania Avenue she can get more done than Obama. But in a few days time we are going to find out just who will win the Super Tuesday.

I am not going to pick who I think will win because I think there is a 50/50 chance for both.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few Pictures from today's Vigil

A few thousand people turned up to protest againt the homophobic violence this afternoon and then marched up Oxford street.

It was certainly a sight to see all the pink Australian flags waving around!

The very talented Shauna Jensen and Diva in training Courtney Act performed Proud as the finale of the vigil, which I must say as truly inspired and moving choice!
My only disapointment was that we didn't close down Oxford street and make a real statement, but I feel that in a small way things will change for the better. It's all just baby steps.


Stand Up and be Counted

This afternoon is the Vigil against Homophobia, virtually everyone I know has said they will come (apart from the boy who flies out to Singapore this afternoon).

I must say I am pretty suprised by some people who are making an unprecedented effort to come along to this event. As many of our friends are relatively apathetic about things and many whilst vocal about issues are not generally motivated to actually do something.

So for those of you in Sydney are you going to come along and stand up and be counted?

WHAT: 'Reclaim The Right' Vigil

WHEN: 26 January 2008, starting 4pm

WHERE: Harmony Park (next to Surry Hills Police Station)

BYO: Rainbow flags, friends & family, seating, drums/instruments, peaceful determination, sunscreen, snacks/water


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Reclaim Oxford Street Vigil

This weekend a Reclaim Oxford street Vigil is being held to protest against the steady decline of the Once Great Golden Mile into a violent dirty place to visit.

I have a huge vested intetest in this area as we live here and Oxford street is our basically on our front door. So anything that affects the street affects us in a very personal day.

So if you have the inclination and want to do something some along this Saturday and stand up for a real clean up and solution for Oxford street! I will be there with the beagle as this is our normal dog park and I feel a real need to stand up and be counted!

WHAT: 'Reclaim The Right' Vigil

WHEN: 26 January 2008, starting 4pm

WHERE: Harmony Park (next to Surry Hills Police Station)

BYO: Rainbow flags, friends & family, seating, drums/instruments, peaceful determination, sunscreen, snacks/water

Check out the Sydney Star Observer ( for ongoing coverage and more background information:






ATTACK WAS ON ALL OF US (by Maxi Shield)


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Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm so excited, I threaten world peace!

I know I know, according to the Pope same sex marriage threatens world peace.

Recognising gay marriage is as bad as the potential for nuclear war, come on really what a load of bullshit.

The Pope is coming to Australia next year for world youth day, me thinks that it's about time that someone as racist as the Pope and obviously as discriminatory should be banned from Australia under Australia's own laws.

He incites violence and his organisation is akin to a terrorist group.

So I think we should call on the Federal Government using it's Not of Good Character legislation to ban him from entering Australia...

What do you think?

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is this the start of the promises being kept by Rudd?

Kirby's call answered on judges' same-sex pension

Chris Merritt, Legal affairs editor December 05, 2007

THE new federal Government is working on a plan aimed at ending the unequal pension treatment of homosexual judges.

The Government's plan is a victory for High Court judge Michael Kirby, who had urged the Howard government to end pension discrimination against homosexual federal judges.
Justice Kirby had urged the former government to make the change out of concern for the financial welfare of his partner, Johan van Vloten.

The Rudd Government's plan came to light yesterday after homosexual law reform in Victoria threatened to leave the commonwealth as the only jurisdiction that gives unequal pension treatment to gay judges.

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland said Labor was committed to removing day-to-day discrimination under commonwealth law experienced by same-sex couples, "including judges". "We are taking advice as to the appropriate means to achieve that outcome," he said.
Mr McClelland's statement came soon after Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls introduced legislation extending equal pension rights to the partners of Victoria's homosexual judges. "It is time the de-facto and same-sex partners of judicial officers received the same recognition and support that married partners receive," Mr Hulls said.


So let's see if this is the start of the equalisation of those 57 pieces of legislation for same sex relationship equality that we were promised by the new Rudd Government during the election campaign!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do you hear that?

Do you hear that?

That's the sound of optimism back in the country!

Now the hard work begins, let's make sure both Malcolm Turnbull and the Labour party ont he other side keep their promises and fix all 58 pieces of legislation for equality of same sex couples.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Day

Today is Election day in Australia, a day as Winston Churchill famously stated will go down in infamy.

The campaign has been awash with negativity and dirty tricks, predominantly from the Liberal / Coalition. There is a mood of change in the air, but who knows what tonight will bring?

All the polls point to a Labour victory, but it ain't over yet and we will still have to sit through the day and see what transpires.

I saw the side poll on SMH and it did surprise me that the 74% of respondents think that Labour will win.
I am undecided on who will win, one because I am afraid of jinxing it, and the other because I think sometimes dead cats do bounce and we haven't seen all the dirty tricks of a Howard Government yet.
Whatever happens today I can pretty much be rest assured that I will be hung over tomorrow morning! We are having some friends over for dinner tonight including the adorable Nick.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Counting down the days

I have been relatively quiet n the issue of the upcoming Federal Election in Australia, mainly because I think my desires for a fairer more honest Government are well known.

I was chatting to a client about the election and ideologies of the respective political parties and it turned out that she lives in the electorate of Wentworth, which until recent times was a blue ribbon conservative seat. But with the electoral boundaries redrawn last year it's now very much a swinging seat.

The incumbent member is one of the 'chosen' ones in conservative politics and was tipped to potentially be a future Prime Minister. But he is in gave danger of losing his seat to the opposition.

But the conservatives have to show just how devious and cynical they are by starting a campaign saying his opposition is not a legal candidate.

How do you spell Florida?

It looks like this election may actually be lost and won, not by the great democratic choice of the people but by the courts.

I reckon it's going to be a nail biting finish and I reckon the conservative pollies will mount legal challenges on any grounds they can, after all they don't care what the people actually vote for or think...



Thursday, August 30, 2007

If it quacks like a duck

If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, looks ike a duck, let's face it it's a duck!

And the Lame Duck Senator Craig was obviously cruising for sex in that airport toilet.

Come on how in their right minds picks up a piece of paper from the floor of a dirty toilet stall that their neigbour has dropped - gross!

Unless of course it's a message asking for hot sexy gay sex!

I found this right wing biddy's article where she tries to explain that it's all a democratic conspiracy!

Read this and laugh your head off!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not suprisngly a vote was deferred

The Federal Cabinet yesterday deferred a decision to extend equality for financial and other government services to same sex couples.

It was not overly sup rising really as this one is such a huge political hot potato and we are so close to the Federal Election being called.

As Sam said in a comment to my previous post, the Federal member for Wentworth (which now includes areas with the highest gay population in Australia) has at the very last minute jumped on the gay equality bandwagon, it's too little too late.

I do find it so offensive that a person can still sit there with a clear conscious and deny the basic human rights of equality. It's generally their religious faith that they just take a faith based stance which you simply cannot argue with because they will not listen to reason or logic.

In the article I did read I almost choked on my cornflakes as I read:

It is understood the Prime Minister, John Howard, supports changing the law but
told cabinet "we'll have a further look at it".

Where or when has little Johnny Howard ever said that he support equal rights for Gays and Lesbians and actually backed this political rhetoric up with any, any any even minute equalisation of the laws?

These sorts of discussions and quotes are the stuff of an ever scared and out of touch group of old men, who still believe that a women's place is at home, her body is not hers to decide the fate of, poofters should be seen and not heard, if they are seen it's OK to beat them to within an inch of their lives.

Bring on the Federal Election and hurry and let Australia decide whether these out of touch old men are ready to go.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Will they or won't they?

The Federal Cabinet will today debate legislation that could seek to understand whether same-sex couples should have the same legal and financial rights as heterosexual couples.

Only a handful of members of the Liberal / Coalition have been pushing this, Warren Entsch who seems to have championed the gay equality issue from the outset and supported by Joe Hockey, Brendan Nelson, Nick Minchin and Philip Ruddock.

The most interesting and obviously vote hungry is Malcolm Turnbull the Federal member for wentworth, who is in danger of losing his seat due to a redistribution of areas which now includes areas such as Darlinghurst, East Sydney, Waterloo etc which all have a very high proportion of gay constituents.

The debate in cabinet will fail or pass based very much on Howard's views, and thus far the Prime Minister has steadfastly refused to offer any form of equality for same sex partners.

But being an election year this could be an interesting debate and outcome. Whilst the religious right are furious at even the thought of equality for same sex relationships and equate it with same sex marriage (which it is not), by pushing the legislation forward it defuses the argument that the Liberal Coalition is inherently homophobic.

So it's an interesting challenge - Does the government potentially alienate the religious right, or do they try and be seen to be "progressive" and socially aware?

The last time this Government offered something to same sex partners was in 2004 when they introduced legislation to ensure marriage was defined in law "as a union between one man and one women", tacking on superannuation rights for same sex partners.

The problem was whilst the marriage definition was passed and then made not law the superannuation side was never actually ratified into law.

So even if the cabinet does say yes we will seek to provide the same financial and legal equality for same sex couples this does not mean they will actually do anything more than give lip service to the actual mechanics.

Personally regardless of what actually happens today in cabinet this does not change my view that I am ideologically opposed to what this Government does and believes in.

source SMH


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yet again Howard's Government blocks equality

Gay judge pension move blocked

August 14, 2007 - 10:46AM

The Howard Government last night blocked a push by Labor to extend pension rights to the partners of homosexual judges.

During debate on a bill making unrelated technical changes to the superannuation of federal judges, Labor introduced an amendment that would end decades of discrimination against homosexual judges.
But the Government argued the amendment was inappropriate given cabinet was about to consider a broader package of legal and financial rights for gay couples that extended further than judges.
It used its numbers to defeat the amendment. The minster Malcolm Turnbull and Liberal backbencher Warren Entsch, who are pushing within the Coalition to end such discrimination, were among those who voted to defeat the amendment. The Labor candidate Mr Turnbull's seat of Wentworth, George Newhouse, said the actions of his rival "stink of hypocrisy".
Under current law, if a retired judge in a heterosexual relationship dies before his or her partner, the partner is entitled to 62.5 per cent of the judge's pension.
If the judge is homosexual, then his or her partner gets nothing.
The discrimination faced by same-sex couples was highlighted a month ago when the High Court judge Michael Kirby called for the law to be changed so his partner of 38 years, Johan van Vloten, could have access to a part-pension payable for life should Justice Kirby die first.
This right would be automatic if Mr van Vloten were female.
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission published a report in June finding same-sex couples were discriminated against in 58 areas of financial and work-related entitlements.
Labor frontbencher Nicola Roxon mentioned Justice Kirby last night as she moved the amendment.
"There is no suggestion that a judge who is in a same-sex relationship is any less worthy of receiving a pension as one who is in a heterosexual relationship," she said.
"But if he were to die before or after his retirement, the person whom he has loved and forged a life with for nearly four decades would get nothing, not a single thing."
The Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said the Government was still considering the report and the broader package of Commonwealth defined benefit schemes and he would not deal with judges in isolation.
"That is one which, I would say, is not necessarily as deserving as those relating to returned servicemen and those relating to Commonwealth public servants," he said.
"It is inappropriate to single out members of the judiciary in advance of the consideration of the members of other defined benefit schemes."
Mr Ruddock complained the changes, if implemented, would cost money, and Labor's case-by-case approach was financially irresponsible.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Who will Howard Blame next

Talking with my parents again last night on the issue of John Howard's lies, they still firmly believe that he is truthful and a good economic manager. sigh!

This was sent to me by a friend and I just had to share it.

Incidentally, John Howard's own biographer today said that he should step down for the good of the country. Poor Johny, I Hope he stays on and resoundingly get's thrown out of office!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

John Howard Sleeping


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For my actual birthday on Monday night the boy and I went to my sister's for dinner with my parents. I always find this a stressful as much as I love my family, my sister and parents have become even less in touch with reality as they get older.

I suppose in many ways my family and especially my mother were cushioned from the day to day true reality of life, and her views are very much still based or stuck in the 1950s on most topics.

She still believes that a wife should really stay home, that managers do no work, and that most people work 9-5!

One of my biggest bugbears is her fervent support of John Howard because 'he is such a nice man and he even washes up'. She cannot and will not believe that he lies, and she has this elitist snobbish attitude that drives me bonkers.

My teenage years were very much spent battling my parents (mothers) views and these have been ingrained into my sister now too. Coming out for me was not an easy experience and there is still a great deal of latent homophobia in my family.

In fact my sister who quite frankly should know better accused me 'of being a bit fixated on the whole gay rights issue'.

You can imagine how much that was like waving a red flag at a bull!

Of course I am fixated on the 'gay rights issue'. Equality is an issue that is about as basic a human right for basic respect as you can get.

There are so many issues with my family that just drive me potty, these just being the ones that are most commonly raised.

If you asked my family they would say that they have always been supportive of me. But if you scratched the surface it wasn't support at all, more like coercion, sneaky tactics and more often than not strong arm tactics to get me to do what they wanted.

Unfortunately due to their age and their stubbornness you cannot argue with them, they just either do not listen or do not understand complex arguments (or simple for that matter) anymore.

I had thought as the years had passed and I had grown into adulthood and have been out of the closet now for seventeen or so years that they would get it, but they just don't.

In all of this they are becoming less able to deal with the realities of the world and this fantasy world is being pushed upon my sister too, who at 38 is still waiting to be married so she can be 'complete'. (because there must be a problem with a girl if she is not married according to my mother).

I think at the end of the day what upsets me the most is their blind support of a political party that actively discriminates against me, in fact many of it's members would advocate the re criminalisation of homosexuality and have us thrown in jail.

And when I try to point this out I am told I am a bit fixated on the gays rights issue.

I do love them I just wish they would actually be supportive!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

John Howard Heckled by Speeedo Man

The very attractive Josh Brown Heckled the Prime Minister Yesterday in nothing but a pair of speedos! I for one would like to say that we need more hecklers like Josh! Bring them on!

Source SMH


Monday, June 25, 2007

Get Up Equal Before the Law Campaign

This was sent to me by a mate:

Dear friends,

*Please note - the "e" in this word has been removed to avoid spam email filters.

We've done the research and it's a landslide. A GetUp-commissioned Galaxy poll last weekend reveals a whopping 71 per cent of Australians, including 63 per cent of Coalition voters, believe same s-x* couples should have the same rights as heteros-xual couples in de facto relationships. These results should make all Australians proud. Yet on Friday, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission released its year-long inquiry into same s-x discrimination which reveals that discrimination remains ingrained in 58 pieces of federal legislation.

>From superannuation and workers' compensation to Medicare, tax and pensions, Australians are treated like second-class citizens purely on the basis of their s-xual orientation.Right now our politicians are deciding how to respond to these damning findings. This is our urgent opportunity to tell them it's time to wipe this discrimination off the books forever by giving legal equality to same s-x couples.

Australians want their friends, family and colleagues in same s-x relationships to have the same rights as other citizens. One piece of legislation, redefining de facto legal status, can start us firmly on the path towards greater equality. Sometimes change can only happen when the people lead. And we will. GetUp's poll found majority support for equal rights extends across every demographic, across every region, across every political party in the nation. Tell the politicians it's time they caught up to the people that voted them in. Put your name to the petition calling for equality now - and please share this campaign with all your friends. You can be sure that at least 70 per cent of them will thank you for it! You can also support this campaign by donating here.

Thanks for being part of this,The GetUp team

PS: By following the link to this campaign, you'll get a sneak peek at our new website! It's still under construction, and so all pages of the site may not be fully functioning, but stay tuned for the new site's official launch next week!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Johnny Bigot goes against Australia's mood - again!

Even though 71% of Australians are in favor of equality for gay couples, our illustrious Prime Wanker, sorry I mean Dickhead, I mean Minister, refuses to even entertain the idea and is sticking to his anti gay bigotry.

Source: Pink News

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71% of Australians Suport Gay Marriage

A SIGNIFICANT number of people support gay marriage and the same legal rights for same-sex partners as de facto heterosexual couples, an opinion poll to be released today has found.
The poll, for the online campaign organisation GetUp!, is believed to be the first poll to record majority support for gay marriage in Australia.

"Australians don't want their gay friends and family to feel like second-class citizens," the executive director of GetUp!, Brett Solomon, said.

"Why is it that when Australians favour equal rights for same-sex couples by more than a 3-to-1 margin, neither major party will give it to them?"

Seventy-one per cent of those polled said legal rights in heterosexual or same-sex relationships should be the same.

Mr Solomon said it was no longer the case that "granting rights to same-sex couples was political suicide. Instead, it is now electoral necessity."

Source SMH


Monday, May 28, 2007

Why has our Government not condemned this?

An Australian is attacked for particpating in a gay rights march in Moscow in full view of the Police. Article here
All of Europe is outraged yet in Australia our Government says nothing.
Why has the Australian Government not complained?


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why the Australian Government Sucks!

The Australian Federal Elections will be held some time this year and the Conservative Government headed by arch conservative John Howard is behind the eight ball in the opinion polls.

Of course being behind in the polls doesn't mean shit when it comes down to the actual result of the day. Most readers know I am particularly focused on equal rights for same sex couples in addition to the three pillars of a good society, Education, Health care and Social Services.

Throughout the Western World there is a push towards equalising same sex rights, even in the USA where the ultra conservative neo-cons are still hanging onto power some states are recognising sex relationships.

However Australia is falling even further behind, with the Federal Government vetoing the ACT's bill for same sex civil unions not once but twice!. source

Of course Howard and his right wing bigots claim that it's not meanness or discrimination against same sex couples (even though they all say a same sex relationship is worthless). Instead they come up with all sorts of arguments like:

Marriage, as we understand it in our society, is about children, having children, raising them, providing for the survival of the species. source

But this week the Federal Attorney General Phillip Ruddock has told the biggest untruth so far that can be proven to be a lie:

“If you change the eligibility criteria to include same-sex partners, it adds to the money that has to be found to pay the pension – and the proposition is a very simple one,” he said.

“Issues that can be readily addressed that don’t involve significant budgetary outlays which do bring different considerations to bear will be examined by the government.”


But in the Federal Budget which will be handed down next week the government is giving an $8000 bonus to parents with children!

So let me get this straight so to speak, they can fund a bonus like the baby bonus (get $3000 for having a baby), which encouraged violence; a spike in gambling; and a rise in teen pregnancies & increased sales of plasma televisions, but they can't afford to have equality for same sex couples?

What a load of horse shit.

This is nothing more than a cynical ploy to get the soccer mums to vote for them and look at the underlying message:

"We support babies but not those dirty poofters and lesbians! Vote for us to keep felinggood about your bigotry"

Vote the bastards out and relegate Howard to the footnote in history where he belongs.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Put Words into John Howard's Mouth!

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Based on my many previous posts on the illogicality's of a gay guy wanting to be part of the conservative side of politics, a news paper is reporting that David from Big Brother has had his political ambitions quashed again.

Personally I do not understand in the slightest how you can be gay and want to support a right wing Conservative faction of politics.

It's not suprisingly that a party as conservative and homophobic as the Australian National Party would not block an openly gay man's desire to gain a larger role in politics. Let's get this right shall we?

The National Party camopaigned against qualising the age of consent for same sex guys and girls, they are opposed to anti-homophobia campaigns in schools, are opposed to same sex relationships.

David, if you want to get into politics try the democrats or the labour party


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Go F*** yourself MCain

Hacker turns US presidential candidate's site pro-gay

McCain, a Republican Senator and presidential hopeful, has a record of "U-turns" on gay issues.

MySpace site of John McCain has been manipulated to make it appear as if he supports lesbian marriage.Mike Davidson, a web publisher and writer, has claimed responsibility for the prank.A message was placed on the website supporting gay marriage.

It read:

"Dear Supporters, today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage... particularly marriage between two passionate females."

McCain, a Republican Senator and presidential hopeful, has a record of "U-turns" on gay issues.At 70, he is the oldest candidate for the Presidency and would be the oldest person to be elected to the office if he won the election in 2008.

Davidson claims that McCain's camp hijacked HTML code from his website to create a template for the McCain site.

On his own website, Newsvine, Davidson said: "You see, John McCain's people commandeered my world-renowned MySpace design template, they did not credit me for the template, even though the template explicitly requested credit. They used my own unmodified imagery, specifically for the "Contacting John McCain" table."

As if that wasn't bad enough, the McCain crew is actually pulling their image direct from my server on each page load. So every time someone visits the McCain MySpace page, my bandwidth is being used to deliver part of the page!

Bad McCain! "Davidson claims that because no servers but his own were touched, no laws have been broken.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quote of the day

A former Labor prime minister, Paul Keating, said Mr Rudd was performing wonderfully and described Mr Howard as "an old, desiccated coconut".

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

You can legislate but you can't stop us!

In an article explaining his government's decision to veto the ACT's Civil partnership was because it included a 'ceremony'. Which is too much like marriage in his mind.

What a load of utter bullshit! Well Mr Ruddock youn can veto the legislation, you can ban marriage between two same sex partners, but you know what?

You can't stop us from celebrating out love withour family and friends in a ceremony to mark our commitment!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Australian Biogots Strike Again

Overt the last week, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock have again proven just how bigoted they are!

First up it was reported in The Age, that during this session of Federal Parliament, legislation would be tabled to ban the overseas adoption of children by same sex couples.

The second is the government's veto of the ACT's same sex civil partnership bill (again).

Now both of these things serve real purpose other than being discriminatory and int he case the adoption ban a potential wedge politic issue for the upcoming federal election later this year.

Howard and Ruddock are once again trumping up the anti-gay sentiment in people to win themselves votes, all the while denying the basic human right of equality under the law.

Once upon a time the government and the law were supposed to uphold the basic rights of humanity, but the Australian Government seems intent on keeping Gay & Lesbian Australians as second class citizens.

This certainly reinforces my view in a previous post that you cannot be gay and conservative without either being politically naive, stupid or hate yourself and your sexuality.

The problem with the adoption ban is two fold. On the one hand if the opposition party fights this they will create a wedge politic for the upcoming election (can't you hear it now, The Australian Labour Party wants gay pedophiles to be allowed to adopt children).

But on the other hand if the opposition say nothing and the legislation is passed, it entrenches more discrimination in law. Discrimination that will take years to undo.

Apart from the discriminatory issues at play, have our federal Politicians got nothing better to do than enact discriminatory legislation? Australia is the grips of an economic slowing and the worst drought in living history!

Guys get your thoughts out of my bedroom and back on the country. Oh sorry, I assumed they ever had their eyes on the country.

Howard and your right wing cohorts you are an asshole! And I will celebrate the day you are thrown out on your sorry little ass and have the first of the history books start condemning you as the weak narrow minded little man you were.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Do you know River, River Phoneix, music by Joni Mitchell

My god he was an amazing actor, and well Joni Mitchell moves me every time!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



December 5, 2006



NGOs from around the world welcomed a landmark statement on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, delivered last Friday at the United Nations Human Rights Council by Norway on behalf of 54 States.

The statement condemns human rights violations directed against people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, commends the work of UN mechanisms and civil society in this area, calls on UN Special Procedures and treaty bodies to address these issues, and urges the Human Rights Council to pay due attention to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including consideration at an upcoming session.

"This is the largest-ever statement delivered at the UN on sexual orientation issues, and the first ever to explicitly highlight human rights violations based on gender identity." said John Fisher, Co-Director of ARC International. "We are encouraged by the measurable increase in cross-regional support for sexual orientation and gender identity issues in recent years. The time has come to ensure that human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity receive the international scrutiny and condemnation they demand."

"Numerous Special Procedures have documented violations of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons," said Chris Sidoti, Director of the International Service for Human Rights. "These violations include use of the death penalty, torture, criminal sanctions, police harassment, violence, rape, beatings, disappearances, denials of freedom of expression, raids and closures of NGOs, and discrimination in education, employment, health and housing. Too often in the past, these human rights abuses have passed in silence. Now, the era of invisibility is over."

Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Co-Secretary General of the International Lesbian and Gay Association highlighted the fact that more than 460 NGOs from 69 different countries had joined together to commend Norway for its leadership and support the statement. "Activists from around the world often work on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity at risk of their jobs, their freedom, even their lives. The Norwegian statement has united States and NGOs from around the world to send a clear message that human rights violations directed against our communities can no longer be ignored."

Earlier this year, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour in a keynote speech to an International Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights noted that "violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons is frequently unreported, undocumented and goes ultimately unpunished. ... This shameful silence is the ultimate rejection of the fundamental principle of universality of rights. ... Excluding LGBT individuals from these protections clearly violates international human rights law as well as the common standards of humanity that define us all."

As the coordinator for African-rapport and as an educator activist for Amnesty International USA, I express my disappointment of political leaders, and all other key players who do not to accept that sex between men exists and that is relevant for AIDS prevention, care , support work, and to support HIV programs directed to MSM.

We believe that it is time to start a debate on repealing anti-gay criminal laws in UN. We are all created equal; that we are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all human beings.

A human rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS starts from the premise that human rights abuses contribute to the spread of HIV and undermine attempts to protect people from becoming infected, and once infected, from receiving needed treatment and care. The promotion and protection of LGBT human rights must therefore be at the center of all aspects of an effective response to HIV/AIDS.

Education and information is the weapon that needs to be used to eliminate homophobia, discrimination and racism—implemented in schools, or in form of information to law-makers, adults, parents, and law-enforcement officials.

You and I know that this fight is not over. We will never waver when it comes to defending our values and fighting for what we know is right.

Human dignity has no nationality; it is inherent in all people of the world simply because they are human. I hope that we together shall not passively defend the principles stated here but that we shall fight for them with all the vigour within our hearts, seeking to advance and perpetuate our human liberty and individual dignity.

Yours truly

Jimmy Leon
Coordinator for African-rapport
Educator activist Amnesty International USA

John Fisher
Co-Director, ARC International
Cell: 41-79-508-3968

drew - I know I am being lazy reprinting this but I do believe that this is a significant step forward for the United Nations. The next step is to actually create UN policies that force teh UN signatories to take the protectio and equality of gays and lesbians seriously throughout the world.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

New phone

So this will be my first attempt to photo blog from my new phone

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Just live with the disappointment

The boy and I had a look at the mobile phone I have been hankering over for months, the Nokia N93.

I have been salivating over this phone and it's features ever since I first saw it online.

But when I actually handles one yesterday my desire waned considerably! It's is simply too big to be a useful phone for me, especially since my current phone the Motorola Razr is so small (even if it is a piece of crap).

Oh well I will just have to wait and see. I might get another inspiration soon!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democrats take the senate

In Breaking News CNN has announced that the Democrats have taken the Senate as well. This well and truly sends a strong signal to the world that George W Bush and his policies are no longer welcome.

In other election results, the people of America have shown that bigotry is still alive by the number of states that voted to ban same sex marriage.

Great just peachy. I have never understood what the true issue is with the ban. Do people honsetly thinking that allowing two people that love each other the right to get married is going to affect marriage?

And to the folk from Colorado who voted against even recognising same sex couples - Fuck You!

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