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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Why the Australian Government Sucks!

The Australian Federal Elections will be held some time this year and the Conservative Government headed by arch conservative John Howard is behind the eight ball in the opinion polls.

Of course being behind in the polls doesn't mean shit when it comes down to the actual result of the day. Most readers know I am particularly focused on equal rights for same sex couples in addition to the three pillars of a good society, Education, Health care and Social Services.

Throughout the Western World there is a push towards equalising same sex rights, even in the USA where the ultra conservative neo-cons are still hanging onto power some states are recognising sex relationships.

However Australia is falling even further behind, with the Federal Government vetoing the ACT's bill for same sex civil unions not once but twice!. source

Of course Howard and his right wing bigots claim that it's not meanness or discrimination against same sex couples (even though they all say a same sex relationship is worthless). Instead they come up with all sorts of arguments like:

Marriage, as we understand it in our society, is about children, having children, raising them, providing for the survival of the species. source

But this week the Federal Attorney General Phillip Ruddock has told the biggest untruth so far that can be proven to be a lie:

“If you change the eligibility criteria to include same-sex partners, it adds to the money that has to be found to pay the pension – and the proposition is a very simple one,” he said.

“Issues that can be readily addressed that don’t involve significant budgetary outlays which do bring different considerations to bear will be examined by the government.”


But in the Federal Budget which will be handed down next week the government is giving an $8000 bonus to parents with children!

So let me get this straight so to speak, they can fund a bonus like the baby bonus (get $3000 for having a baby), which encouraged violence; a spike in gambling; and a rise in teen pregnancies & increased sales of plasma televisions, but they can't afford to have equality for same sex couples?

What a load of horse shit.

This is nothing more than a cynical ploy to get the soccer mums to vote for them and look at the underlying message:

"We support babies but not those dirty poofters and lesbians! Vote for us to keep felinggood about your bigotry"

Vote the bastards out and relegate Howard to the footnote in history where he belongs.



At Sun May 06, 12:21:00 PM EST, Blogger ozBoi said...

Sadly this election is only going to be about the lesser of two evils and not about same-sex anything.

On the one hand you have Howard who treats ordinary people like assets and employees, not like his employers. Somebody who doesn't care what he does to the country so long as it conforms to his vision of what we should be like.

But then on the other you have Rudd, a Christian, who's so involved in the "climate change" bandwagon that he's painted himself into a corner. He's going to spend billions of dollars on something we don't even know we can fix (if we're even the problem in the first place) and his views towards paid maternity leave make me wonder if he's any better for this country than Howard is.

I think it's time to change government, and when Rudd overtook Beazley I thought he might be a great opportunity to oust Howard. Now I'm not sure the platform he's running on is much of an improvement.

Politics in this country makes me sick, but I doubt it gets better anywhere else.

At Sun May 06, 12:24:00 PM EST, Blogger Sunshine said...

This kind of injustice really makes me mad. Every single word they say against gay marriage is an excuse. In their minds, we are a minority who wouldn't severely affect their election chances, so they think they could afford to freely express their conservative moral high horse and use the political platform to discriminate against us. Unless they put themselves into our shoes and feel the full impact of their bigoted policies, I don't think they are going to change soon.

At Sun May 06, 09:28:00 PM EST, Blogger Volacious said...

I agree... "economic" excuses like that are just that... excuses. I don't think our politicians believe it anymore than our public does.

That being said, ALP is no ray of hope either.

At Mon May 07, 07:09:00 PM EST, Blogger BlaireGourmand said...


Your comments about the Liberal government are uninformed, Howards' & the department of cabinet have tabled a paper to remove all discrimination from federal legislation... check the age, herald and fin review websites, only the constant bleeting of the anti howard hippie left refuse to listen. I should that I'm gay and vote.

At Mon May 07, 07:24:00 PM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

yes I have seen this paper and have read the basics.

Essentially though this wankish government stating they will end dsicrimination is a bit like attila the hun saying he will not kill his enemies.

Back in 2005 the government used the carrot of same sex superanuation rights to essentially ban gay marriage. The legislation to define marriage as aan insitution between one man and women was passed. However the legislation to provide equal rights was never passed.

so let me say this, I will believe it when I see it. If you do read the recent comments by Ruddock and understand that the HREOC report on Same Sex Discrminiation is being tabled AFTER the budget you will see that they have no intention of introducing equality.

So blairegourman if you don't like reading my 'constant bleeting of the anti howard hippie left' stop reading my blog.

I am not a hippie nor do I bleet, I do vote, I do employ people and I do pay tax.


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