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Monday, June 30, 2008

Response from Clover Moore regarding World Youth Day

A while back when I discovered just how much money the City of Sydney Council was spenidng and so I sent an email to Clover Moore:


I am very concerned that the City of Sydney Council is not
recovering costs from World Youth Day.

It is being reported that
the Council will contribute up to 2 million dollars in direct and indirect
funding for World Youth Day. The Catholic Church is a discriminatory
organisation which should support it's own activities and not seek direct or
indirect funds for an event which is not inclusive to all people. This is
not an event which is welcoming to minorities etc.

I also read with
great dismay that Clover Moore as Lord Mayor is supporting the funding both
indirect and direct.

I believe that the Church should pay it's own
costs for this event whether they be direct or indirect should be sought for
this event.

I am extremely disappointed that Clover has not sought
the costs to be recouped and this will affect my vote in upcoming



and received back the following:

It's facsinating that this response is very different than Clover's public statements only a few weeks ago. I get the feeling that a lot of residents have complained about the hideous waste of money that is World Yout Day.

It will be interestingot see just how much money this event really ends up costing the tax payers!

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Guess what

During World Youth Day Catholics will have the option for plenary indulgence or forgiveness of ALL their sins just by doing a prayer in St Mary's Cathedral.

So those naughty Pilgrims can screw around, smoke, drink do drugs and then just go and ask for forgiveness, say this crummy prayer and all is forgiven.

And we wonder why we think the Catholic Church is warped..

Not to mention the Gay & Lesbian Catholic Forum scheduled for this [period has repeatably had its location changed because the Church has stepped in and banned them from meeting.

How do you spell CENSORSHIP!

I for one will be protesting at Taylor Square on the weekend of the Pilgrimage and will be handing out condoms and lube!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Huge Protest Planned against Pope on July 19 2008

World Youth Day condom protest against Pope

Condoms will be handed out to pilgrims en route to a papal Mass at Randwick Racecourse on World Youth Day as part of a protest against the Catholic Church's attitude to homosexuality, contraception and abortion.

A coalition of religious, atheist, gay and lesbian groups will stage the rally in Taylor Square from midday on Saturday July 19 before marching to the main event of the week-long World Youth Day celebrations.

Protest organisers are expecting thousands to gather on Oxford Street and Anzac Parade to rally against the church's attitude.

Rachel Evans, organiser of the NoToPope Coalition formed for the event, said she expected between 1000 and 5000 protesters to turn out and was confident there would be no violent confrontations with pilgrims.

"We will say to them, 'Take up the campaign within the Catholic Church to promote condoms.' We're not planning to get into any trouble. We don't want to condemn Catholic youth for being Catholics. We want to condemn the Pope for being homophobic and anti-condom."

Ms Evans, 33, who represents Community Action Against Homophobia and whose father was a Uniting Church minister, said the coalition would notify police of its route in the next couple of days but she feared the NSW Government "wants to be heavy-handed with protesters".
She said the Pope's teachings contributed to 67,000 women dying every year from backyard abortions and a suicide rate among gay youth that is seven times the average.
"He is clearly a bigot ... many in the Catholic Church are also raising these issues, condemning the Pope for his hateful ideas."

Karl Hand, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, "the home of inclusive Christianity", said he hoped there would be no confrontation between protesters, pilgrims and police, but he would not be surprised if it occurred.

He said the Catholic Church misrepresented Christianity and was "extremely uncompassionate towards people who need condoms, abortions, recognition of their relationship - and it's just not being provided by this massive worldwide church that is supposed to be a spiritual leader of people".

Other groups in the NoToPope Coalition are the Socialist Alliance, Resistance, Atheists Sydney and the Raelians, a religious sect that has claimed to have cloned the world's first human being.
Raelian members Eden Bates and Gerry Texeira said it was unfair that their leader, Claude Vorilhon, known as Rael, was denied a visa upon application while the Pope was being feted by Australian governments.

"In the Raelian movement we are very, very clear that all humanity has been designed and part of that design is to have diversity," Ms Bates said.



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Political Wanking

If you are gay and you voted for the Liberal / Coalition in the last election please explain why the dickheads YOU voted for is delaying Labor's plans to grant same-sex financial rights equal to those of heterosexual couples.

Could you please explain this for me?

In simple words if you will, because I am seeing red over this.

If the SIMPLE legislation gets changed before June 30 it can be retrospectively enacted, otherwise it cannot.

And all this because they want to diminish the value of our same sex relationships to include interdependent relationships such as sisters living together.

It's not the fucking same!

A message to Brendan Nelson , you had a gay brother who died of AIDS and you still can;t bring yourself to support equality for gay men.

I used to think it was these people were just mean and nasty, but I think that they just don't get it and they can't sell it to the absolute right wing wankers in their party.

So back to my question - If you voted for these idiots Explain to me why you don't hate yourself?


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Friday, June 06, 2008

When you don;t like something create a new club right?

I find the Anglican turmoil at the moment humorous to say the least.

It looks like the Anglican Church will actually split all because the Americans are accepting of homosexuality.

OOOOh look at me they've taken my toys!

Jensen is a stupid wanker in my opinion and really and truly should be focused on something important, like the growing homeless problem in Australia. Instead he is worrying that the homosexuals are wanting equality.

Stupid Narrow minded idiot.

If they split the Church does that mean they have to give all the Churches and money back?

I doubt it!



Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I read with great anger that the total cost of World Yout Day has now blown out ot $139 million dollars with the Catholic Church only contributing $10 million dollar!

10 Million dollars?

Oh what bullshit!

and that almost 140 million dollars could have been spent on proper infrastructure in NSW, or on Nurses or Teachers.

I absolutely believe that unless the Government provides like for like funding to ALL organisations like this then it should be user pays and in this case the Catholic Church certainly has enough money.

Having given away billions in the last couple of years to compensate the victims of a predatory clergy.



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

At least he got it half right

The brother of the Sydney Archbishop has said he would "not be welcoming the Pope, going out to see him or waving a flag" he did not "pray for rain on his parade".

However he then went on to say that people like myself who are protesting against the ridiculous waste of money are wrong, because again in his words:

"It is perverse to think that the Government is helping promote Roman Catholicism by assisting World Youth Day as they are. If this were the world Jehovah Witness day or the world yoga conference, the government support would be the same," he said.

Now this is the point that I have been making, the Government does not support all groups the same and in fact the Catholic Church is getting exceptionally special treatment.

Mind you I can't stand Jenson particularly as he is a hugely homophobic man, and his issue with the Roman Catholic Church is one of Doctrine, or to be specific the infallibility of the Pope.

I guess I am just going to have to encourage all my single friends to sleep with as many of the 'confused' Catholic boys from overseas when they are here for World Youth Day. Maybe then our 'Gay Agenda' can take over and rational thought will win out!


Monday, May 26, 2008

World Youth Day Protest

I for one am fed up to the back teeth of the disgraceful way in which the residents of Sydney are being force fed the World Youth Day.

Not only are we paying for a bigoted organisation to hold a public relations event, our State Government has taken over certain areas of Sydney Council too now!

In what is being reported by the Sydney Morning Herald the State Government enacted laws on Friday that allow it to direct the council to do whatever the World Youth Day Co-ordination Authority requests.

What a load of bollocks!

Among the things they want to do is remove a park in my suburb that the 'pilgrims' will walk through, cutting down trees and removing what is a beautiful community park.

The residents around the park have sensibly suggested that the 'pilgrims' walk around the trees.

Every indicator is that this World Youth Day will be the smallest ever, a dismal failure for a Cardinal who has his sights on the top job at some stage (Cardinal Pell).

I am sorely tempted to erect a huge banner on the side of my building saying:

Fuck Off Bigots - Pay for your own bigotry

At the end of the day what I would like is either for the Catholic Church to pay for it's own event, or the State Government to give equal funding to similar events such as Mardi Gras.

Mind you I think the perfect outcome would be for the World Youth Day to be a total and abysmal failure and an embarrassment for all involved.

Ooh and here's a thought...

Why don't we throw a Gay and Lesbian festival on Oxford Street and surrounds during the 'pilgrims' walk and show our pride?

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It just gets worse and worse

I think most readers of this blog know my disdain for the Catholic Church and my special disgust at 'World Youth Day', but this now just takes the cake.

According to reports in the newspaper the City of Sydney Council (of which I am resident and ratepayer) will be contributing in indirect and direct funds well over 2 million dollars.

AND Hyde Park will be closed for up to three months after the event to fix the damage that the 'pilgrims' will cause.

I also noted with great interest that the Council is still using the out dated figures of 225,000 people attending when we all know that less than 25 % of the expected number of people have registered .

So I say to Clover Moore who supports this ridiculous waste of tax payers money and is basically pandering to the Catholic Church, you are up for re-election in September and you have absolutely lost my vote and I think the vote of many other people.

The Catholic Church should be paying for the event themselves out of their own extremely deep pockets and the tax payers of Sydney should not be.

It's a disgrace that Clover is supporting this in this way especially since she has relied sop heavily on the Gay vote to stay in power and the Catholic Church and Pell have been such vocal opponents of Gay equality.

It's time to Go Clover Moore!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Offensive waste of money

I have not hidden the fact that I am not a fan of the upcoming World Youth Day (sic) or rather the Catholic Church's Day.

I think it is misguided and dangerous in these political climates to promote fear, hatred and discrimination against minorities.

However what really gets my blood boiling is the 86Million dollars the NSW State Government will contribute to this event when they do not contribute a cent to the largest Gay & lesbian Event int he Southern Hemisphere (Mardi Gras).

It's offensive, it's discriminatory and it's pathetic.

The event is only open to Catholics number one and the Catholic Church let's net forget is one of the World's largest and richest organisations, oh and they pay no tax either.

So why the Fuck should I as a tax payer being further giving my taxes to such a restrictive, discriminatory organisation such as the Catholic Church.

Remember these are the people that believe the ban on same sex marriage is moral, that homosexuality is evil etc.

So the NSW Government will quite happily receive about 45 Million dollars in tourism influx for Mardi Gras 2008 without lifting a finger to sign a cheque to help out, but the Catholics call with all their money and they write a cheque for 86 Million dollars.

Personally I think the Pope is a terrorist (As terrorism ultimately involves the use or threat of violence with the aim of creating fear not only to the victims but among a wide audience, it is fear which distinguishes terrorism from both conventional and guerrilla warfare. Source)

Every time the Pope makes an anti gay statement he is doctrinally approve violence against gays and lesbians. It may not be traditional terrorism but the Catholic Church still incites violence against minorities.

Whilst we in this country still have anti discrimination laws that EXCLUDE religious organisations we have no hope of getting equality. At least in the UK the laws passed INCLUDED religious organisations which means that even they cannot hide discrimination behind behind religious dogma.

Anyway It just pisses me off!


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Another update on the ban on same sex partners at teh School Formal

I was interested to read more about the blog I wrote about last week where a Brisbane Private school banned same sex partners from attending the school formal.

An article in today's newspaper outlines the issue from the student who raised the issue's point of view.
What was fascinating is that he says there are 'dozens' of openly gay students at the school.

This just floored me!

I know people are coming out much much younger, but dozens of openly gay students at a private boys school is fantastic!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just love the rednecks

A Brisbane Private School has banned it's final year students from taking their same sex partners to the formal.

Because in their words the formal is "... about protocols and decorums".

What a load of bullshit.

However what gets me really pissed are the comments from rednecks.

Thank goodness though I know that most of these stupid idiots are also the stupid idiots that are also racist and xenophobic.

The Catholic bigots annoy me the most because the doctrines are just so hate filled in the guise of the interpretation of the Bible.

We all know that Catholicism is declining in the Western world, but it's growing at a huge rate in the developing third world.

This along with the schism in the Anglican Church where there will probably be a split between the Western moderate branches and the far more conservative Third World branches.

How will these bigots cope when a Hispanic or God forbid a black man is elected Pope? How will this affect their ridiculous racist sensibilities.

I am laughing myself stupid at the ridiculousness of people's fear of minorities and I find it exceedingly amusing that in the end their own hatred and bigotry will come round and bite them on the ass.

There is a place for religion and faith in the world, but not when hatred and bigotry is espoused in it's name.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

more on anti-gay Hillsong

God's cure for gays lost in sin

Former residents say separation contracts, a ban on physical contact and teachings by an 'ex-gay' are part of Mercy Ministry's attempts to stamp out lesbianism in its flock, reports Ruth Pollard.

WHEN Mercy Ministries says it helps young women with "life-controlling issues", it means in part that it aims to teach them not to be lesbians.

In line with the Hillsong Church's strict doctrines teaching that homosexuality is an affliction that can be cured, Mercy Ministries is keen to ensure there is no lesbianism under its roof. It issues "separation contracts" to young women who make friends with each other and prevents any form of physical contact between residents.

"While I was there, we received much teaching on the evils of gay and lesbian lifestyles," said Naomi Johnson, who spent nine months in the ministry's Sydney house.

As someone with no issues about her sexuality, she was perplexed by the ministry's continuing focus on the issue.
"In particular, there was an ongoing teaching video series by Sy Rogers an 'ex-gay' - now reformed - married Christian," she said.
Rogers - an American who conducts speaking tours on Christianity and sexuality- spoke at Hillsong Church's Sense and Sexuality Workshop in Sydney last September and is due to address its Colour Your World Conference next year.

"Sy will bless you with his insights into identity and the heart," the Hillsong website says.
"Happily, homosexuality can be turned around," Mr Rogers says in a clip of his show, Turnaround, on "Homosexuality is out of tune with religion; it is not what God planned for human sexuality."

On its application form, Mercy Ministries used to ask young women if they had been involved in lesbianism, next to the question on whether they had been involved in prostitution. They changed that in 2006 to ask "have you ever been involved in any form of same-sex relationships?".

Another former resident, who did not wish to be identified, said: "Girls were asked on the application form, as well as in a telephone interview, if they have ever had lesbian or bisexual relationships. They asked if I hadbeen involved in drug abuse, witchcraft, or lesbianism. They bunched them in together like that."

In the house, residents were prevented from having any form of physical contact - no comforting hugs, no shoulder to cry on - and even though there were three young women to each bedroom, they were not allowed to change clothes if another person was in the room, she said.

Mercy Ministries denies it runs an "ex-gay" program, and Hillsong has stopped running its "ex-gay" program, called Living Waters, although both organisations remain staunchly conservative - anti-abortion and anti-gay.

The Herald asked Hillsong to explain its teachings on homosexuality. No response had been received last night.

One former member of Hillsong, who held several "leadership positions" in the church, revealed that he was shunned when he disclosed his homosexuality.

"The ostracising that occurred by fellow worshippers was severe," said the man, who asked not to be identified. "As soon as I came out my entire social network decided the best way to deal with the situation was to stop all communication with me.

"The only hope I had was my family and friends who were extremely supportive as they were not Hillsong members."

Hillsong Church taught that the devil inspired people to act on homosexual desires, he said.
"Hillsong believes that homosexuality is not normal and not a part of God's design for mankind - their belief is that it should be fixed and it's something that can be removed from someone's life."
One option presented to the man was to force himself into a heterosexual relationship. In the meantime, he was removed from his leadership role in the church and isolated.


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Monday, March 17, 2008

Will the Governmen Act?

I am no fan of faith based ministries especially when they focus on 'all your problems stemming from not being a good enough Christian".

There is a huge expose on the Sydney Morning Herald today which exposes the truth about the Hillsong Funded Mercy Ministry in Australia.

In addition to destroying the lives of young women at crossroads in their life they also run a thinly veiled Ex-Gay program.

When will the Government act on the Hillsong 'Church' and undertake a proper investigation of their finances and operating principles?

This is not a religious organisation this is a big business which pays no Tax because of it's religious status.

Oh and the company Gloria Jeans provides funds to Hillsong and Mercy Ministry and the Franchiser owners are members of both the Hillsong Church and The Mercy Ministry.

Come on let's have a real investigation huh?


Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm so excited, I threaten world peace!

I know I know, according to the Pope same sex marriage threatens world peace.

Recognising gay marriage is as bad as the potential for nuclear war, come on really what a load of bullshit.

The Pope is coming to Australia next year for world youth day, me thinks that it's about time that someone as racist as the Pope and obviously as discriminatory should be banned from Australia under Australia's own laws.

He incites violence and his organisation is akin to a terrorist group.

So I think we should call on the Federal Government using it's Not of Good Character legislation to ban him from entering Australia...

What do you think?

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