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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is this the start of the promises being kept by Rudd?

Kirby's call answered on judges' same-sex pension

Chris Merritt, Legal affairs editor December 05, 2007

THE new federal Government is working on a plan aimed at ending the unequal pension treatment of homosexual judges.

The Government's plan is a victory for High Court judge Michael Kirby, who had urged the Howard government to end pension discrimination against homosexual federal judges.
Justice Kirby had urged the former government to make the change out of concern for the financial welfare of his partner, Johan van Vloten.

The Rudd Government's plan came to light yesterday after homosexual law reform in Victoria threatened to leave the commonwealth as the only jurisdiction that gives unequal pension treatment to gay judges.

Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland said Labor was committed to removing day-to-day discrimination under commonwealth law experienced by same-sex couples, "including judges". "We are taking advice as to the appropriate means to achieve that outcome," he said.
Mr McClelland's statement came soon after Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls introduced legislation extending equal pension rights to the partners of Victoria's homosexual judges. "It is time the de-facto and same-sex partners of judicial officers received the same recognition and support that married partners receive," Mr Hulls said.


So let's see if this is the start of the equalisation of those 57 pieces of legislation for same sex relationship equality that we were promised by the new Rudd Government during the election campaign!



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