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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Racism is Gay

In my search for information on American Apparel I came across the DIY edgy T Shirt company Steez Luiz.

I saw the above T Shirt and at fisrt I was like that's so inappropriate, how dare someone use the derogatory term 'that's so gay' as a way to show how inappropriate racism is.

Then (yes it took me a moment) I realised that it's a meant to be ironic and is actually a statement about why so many people who are against racism (read the fundamental christians) are anti-gay.

Cool huh!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Little Johnny Bigot goes against Australia's mood - again!

Even though 71% of Australians are in favor of equality for gay couples, our illustrious Prime Wanker, sorry I mean Dickhead, I mean Minister, refuses to even entertain the idea and is sticking to his anti gay bigotry.

Source: Pink News

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Sebastien Gacond is not gay

Sebastien Gacond

28 year old Triathlete Sebastien Gacond is not gay and he has requested the website Outsports remove his picture from their website. The article is here and the source of my interest was from Brenton
Sebastien says he is not gay and has nothing against gay people, but he doesn't want to have either his picture or his name on any gay website.
The search engines return search results with his name linked in gay websites and he does not like that it would seem.
Well mate the Internet is a great place, and unfortunately by starting this story he is going to fan thousands of news articles and blogs where we talk about this issue.
Sebastien, be proud of the fact that as a straight man the gay community can look to you as being particularly hot! If I were you I would do some sort of community service for the gay community quickly before you become known as an anti-gay bigot!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can you hear a scream in cyberspace?

I have been Missing in Action on this blog for well over a week. In fact I think it's closer to ten days really or maybe even two weeks, but I am back (sort of). Work has been going crazy and I have accepting new projects and clients left right and center! IN between all of this I have consistently been back at the gym five times a week focusing on cardio to quickly strip the excess fat around my mid section.

In between all of this we have been doing some social stuff and I have been keeping up with the news of the world! I thought I might highlight some of my current annoyances and features.

Catholic Cardinal threatens NSW Politicians over Stem Cell Debate - If they vote to approve stem cell research he has indicated that they should not do communion and has implied that they may even be ex communicated from the Church. Personally I think the cross dressing bigot should pray for forgiveness of his own bigotry.

Alan Jones gets sacked from channel nine - This had me wooping with delight yesterday when I read this in the newspaper. Apparently the new management of Channel Nine and Australian TV station has sacked the right wing John Howard Apologist Radio broadcaster. He has had a spot on morning television for the last twenty years, but since the Packer family has sold the controlling interest, Jones's acerbic right wing dribble is no longer required.

Will and Tobys - We stepped out last week for a late supper to the newest and hottest club / supper club on the strip. Will and Toby's has taken up residence in the newly refurbished

Lewis the Dalmatian - my sister in law has bought the cutest little new dalmatian and has called him Lewis (lou Dog or bear). he's only seventeen weeks old and he is already almost as large as Lucy, so I can only imagine how large he is going to end up.

Creationism Museum Opens in Ohio - A museum which promotes 'intelligent design' and suggests the world was created 6000 years ago when people roamed the earth with dinosaurs has opened its doors. This museum will only server to confuse kids and make sure American bible bashers kids are more disadvantaged in the future!

Bush Nominates anti-gay Dr for Surgeon General - And finally Bush is trying to nominate the next Surgeon General. John Holsinger is a religious nutcase who in the past has started an ex-gay ministry and said that his study of biology prevents equality for gays and lesbians. He sounds as bad as the idiot Surgeon generals in the eighties who were pretending AIDS did not exist!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Could this be any more bigoted?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald 10 April 2007


Thursday, February 08, 2007

You can legislate but you can't stop us!

In an article explaining his government's decision to veto the ACT's Civil partnership was because it included a 'ceremony'. Which is too much like marriage in his mind.

What a load of utter bullshit! Well Mr Ruddock youn can veto the legislation, you can ban marriage between two same sex partners, but you know what?

You can't stop us from celebrating out love withour family and friends in a ceremony to mark our commitment!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Australian Biogots Strike Again

Overt the last week, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard and the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock have again proven just how bigoted they are!

First up it was reported in The Age, that during this session of Federal Parliament, legislation would be tabled to ban the overseas adoption of children by same sex couples.

The second is the government's veto of the ACT's same sex civil partnership bill (again).

Now both of these things serve real purpose other than being discriminatory and int he case the adoption ban a potential wedge politic issue for the upcoming federal election later this year.

Howard and Ruddock are once again trumping up the anti-gay sentiment in people to win themselves votes, all the while denying the basic human right of equality under the law.

Once upon a time the government and the law were supposed to uphold the basic rights of humanity, but the Australian Government seems intent on keeping Gay & Lesbian Australians as second class citizens.

This certainly reinforces my view in a previous post that you cannot be gay and conservative without either being politically naive, stupid or hate yourself and your sexuality.

The problem with the adoption ban is two fold. On the one hand if the opposition party fights this they will create a wedge politic for the upcoming election (can't you hear it now, The Australian Labour Party wants gay pedophiles to be allowed to adopt children).

But on the other hand if the opposition say nothing and the legislation is passed, it entrenches more discrimination in law. Discrimination that will take years to undo.

Apart from the discriminatory issues at play, have our federal Politicians got nothing better to do than enact discriminatory legislation? Australia is the grips of an economic slowing and the worst drought in living history!

Guys get your thoughts out of my bedroom and back on the country. Oh sorry, I assumed they ever had their eyes on the country.

Howard and your right wing cohorts you are an asshole! And I will celebrate the day you are thrown out on your sorry little ass and have the first of the history books start condemning you as the weak narrow minded little man you were.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Of Course the Religious Right Doesn't Like it

You know I just don't get the looney bin James Dobson from Focus on the Family. This time he is saying that the new movie Happy Feet is dark and promotes homosexuality.

His argument is, it's about a penguin who doesnt fit in, so therefore it's actually promoting the idea that homosexuality is genetic (um er by the way the penguin isn't gay).

Like What the Fuck? Get a life mate, or stop fighting your own sexuality


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