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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just love the rednecks

A Brisbane Private School has banned it's final year students from taking their same sex partners to the formal.

Because in their words the formal is "... about protocols and decorums".

What a load of bullshit.

However what gets me really pissed are the comments from rednecks.

Thank goodness though I know that most of these stupid idiots are also the stupid idiots that are also racist and xenophobic.

The Catholic bigots annoy me the most because the doctrines are just so hate filled in the guise of the interpretation of the Bible.

We all know that Catholicism is declining in the Western world, but it's growing at a huge rate in the developing third world.

This along with the schism in the Anglican Church where there will probably be a split between the Western moderate branches and the far more conservative Third World branches.

How will these bigots cope when a Hispanic or God forbid a black man is elected Pope? How will this affect their ridiculous racist sensibilities.

I am laughing myself stupid at the ridiculousness of people's fear of minorities and I find it exceedingly amusing that in the end their own hatred and bigotry will come round and bite them on the ass.

There is a place for religion and faith in the world, but not when hatred and bigotry is espoused in it's name.



At Mon Apr 14, 03:03:00 PM EST, Anonymous J-Man said...

Isn't this a private school? Nobody is forcing kids to attend this particular school. I think it's probably fair to accept the rules and beliefs of a school you are choosing to attend.

If you were attending a Jewish or Islamic school, you would be expected to follow their religious views as well.

Not that I think this boy shouldn't be allowed to bring his boyfriend to the dance, but he needs to attend a school without religious doctrines.

At Mon Apr 14, 03:08:00 PM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

I think that's a tad unfair to simply say they have to adhere to the rules of the school or choose another school.

I can understand if it is a rule such as no smokig or drinking at the Prom, but sexuality is no longer 'in the closet' so to speak...

and not all kids can 'choose' which school they go to.

At Tue Apr 15, 01:18:00 PM EST, Anonymous J-Man said...

Fair enough. I just think it's kind of unfair to go to someone else's school/house/whatever and expect them to follow your beleifs/opinions/etc.

At Tue Apr 15, 01:21:00 PM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

This issue has becoime huge in this coutntry the last couple of days.

It's also been reminded that only a religous organisation can discrimiinate against on the basis of sexuality.

If the school was private non religous then they could not discriminate.


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