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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Size matters...

I pissed myself laughing over this!

Dear Bossy: This is an unusual problem which might sound amusing to some but is really serious.

My daughter has a lovely young fella. He’s clean cut, polite and treats her well. They are clearly in love. Obviously a seriously potential son in law.

The “problem” is I think they will soon be sexually active - with which I have no problem. However when my husband and the boyfriend came home from the beach they were all hot so went for the shower. Hubbie “saw” the boyfriend’s flacid penis whilst they were swapping places in the shower room and he told me it’s a whopper in all measurements.

Hubbie is a standard size guy & so could make a judgement. My “problem” is - is it a problem? Should I tell my daughter what she may be (I nearly wrote facing) having to deal with. Or is it a non-issue? Is it my business?

Hubbie thinks, like most men, he would like a monster too! But I’m not even going there so far as the “lucky girl” & other joke asides are concerned. Daughter is a standard 5ft 5 inch tall dress size 14.

Please advise

Click the here to read the response and the comments it's truly gold


At Tue Mar 23, 02:56:00 PM EST, Blogger Janek said...

Maybe, but it's on, and that's just rank. Eww...

At Tue Mar 23, 03:01:00 PM EST, Blogger Superdrewby said...

it's just so creepy!

daddy looks at daughter's boyfriend's cock! weirdoooooooo

I love the comments that suggest daddy wants a bit of the oversized cock hehehehe

At Tue Mar 23, 03:10:00 PM EST, Blogger firstimpre55ion said...

Wait! What was he doing in the bathroom at the same time he was just getting out?! And um pardon me, but didn't she just say the two of them came back from the beach together or am I totally reading it incorrectly?! O_o...

At Wed Mar 24, 04:57:00 PM EST, Blogger wally said...

Sounds like the mother has way too much time on her hands!!OMG i have just had the best laugh at some of the comments made! but I don't blame dad for having a look at the dudes dick!!! I would..but then again I llke dick.


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