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Monday, June 30, 2008

Response from Clover Moore regarding World Youth Day

A while back when I discovered just how much money the City of Sydney Council was spenidng and so I sent an email to Clover Moore:


I am very concerned that the City of Sydney Council is not
recovering costs from World Youth Day.

It is being reported that
the Council will contribute up to 2 million dollars in direct and indirect
funding for World Youth Day. The Catholic Church is a discriminatory
organisation which should support it's own activities and not seek direct or
indirect funds for an event which is not inclusive to all people. This is
not an event which is welcoming to minorities etc.

I also read with
great dismay that Clover Moore as Lord Mayor is supporting the funding both
indirect and direct.

I believe that the Church should pay it's own
costs for this event whether they be direct or indirect should be sought for
this event.

I am extremely disappointed that Clover has not sought
the costs to be recouped and this will affect my vote in upcoming



and received back the following:

It's facsinating that this response is very different than Clover's public statements only a few weeks ago. I get the feeling that a lot of residents have complained about the hideous waste of money that is World Yout Day.

It will be interestingot see just how much money this event really ends up costing the tax payers!

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