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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Can You be Politically Conservative & Gay?

David the recent contestant in Australia's Big Brother, the openly gay Queensland farmer has made no secret over his desire to get into politics. But his political leanings are right wing with the extrodinarily homophobic National party.

In his own words he want's to push a gay agenda through this party. Now forgive me for my cynicism, this is a party which is right wing, Christian Fundamentalist and thinks poofters are the scum of the earth.

But yet this yokel wants to join them? Give me a break mate!

Number one I thinbk david is a looney bin doing more damage to gay rights in his stint on Big Brother than the gay hairdresser (don't ask me for names because I have no idea). He might be a smart lad I have no idea, but to cry every five minutes, act like a total drama queen in arguments storming off and throwing little hissy fits and now wanting to support an anti gay political party?

How do you spell internalised homophobia?

I personally have a huge issue with gay people who support conservative right wing politics, and I am not ashamed of saying this. Several weeks ago I got all heated at a dinner party when a fat suburban queen indicated that he was a huge John Howard supporter. I was incensed and very pissed off at the short sighted, me me me attitude this showed. Not to mention the total lack of self respect and obvious disdain he was showing anyway for all things gay.

I saw a great comment about the right wing gay guys recently, suggesting if you are gay and you support right wing politics then you are supporting the re-criminalisation of homosexuality and supporting the pushing back into the closet of gay people just to mention two issues.

Sure sometimes it is important to work from within a political party to effect change, but in this case it's tantamount to saying that it is OK to marginlise and discriminate against minorities and we shoudl be thankful for anything we get given.

Well I for one hope that David wakes up and smells the coffee. If he wants to push gay rights join a party that cares not a party which actively discriminates.


At Thu Sep 14, 08:05:00 AM EST, Blogger Sunshine said...

The hairdresser's name is Rob. Poor thing, he's now stuck with doing that stupid late night game show with that Hotdogs. *shudder*

It's hard with politics sometimes because each party doesn't fully represent the issues you support. That's why sometimes it's a matter of picking the lesser between evils. For instance, the Federal Libs are very good with their economic management and policy but they are obviously a bunch of narrow minded homophobic wankers. In the end, I guess you have to work out which issues are more important to you and go with that.

At Fri Sep 29, 01:48:00 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Rob the Hairdresser did was to reinforce the very negative sterotypes which you seem to be happy to live upto. Your attack on the 'fat suburban queen', whats that about?What has his weight got to do with his politics and he lives in the suburbs - is he less of a gay brother for not living in newtown?Most of us dont.try taking off your pink coloured glasses and put away your rainbow sash you might be able to meet a guy without a fake tan with some hair on his chest.

At Fri Sep 29, 08:27:00 AM EST, Anonymous Marc Gervais said...

Before I start, I must declare that I think David was the only worthwhile reason to watch that stupid TV show.He conducted himself well at all time, emotions included. I only wish I could have met him earlier on in my life. OK that's my stand's another. How wrong you are....everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but to say that David should not have shown his emotions etc....has put back the gay movement....John Howard is a....Wake up you idiot (my opinion). In the scheme of things, gay or not, is not that important to the world. You conduct your own life as you see fit (pierced nipple and all) and good luck to you. Try and change things if you must. But get off David's back and let him do it his way too.
May I suggest you spend a little less time looking at your own tummy flab in the mirror and listen to other points of view.

At Fri Sep 29, 04:25:00 PM EST, Anonymous Alex Grierson said...

To start with, I don't pretend to have much political knowledge. That said, I am a open homosexual-male. The previous two statements that seem to go hand in hand are a large part of our community. While many of us may not know where to vote or what number to put, we all as a community draw together and stand up for ourselves.

Personally, after watching very little of a series on its way out, I can say that Rob did less harm than David. Why? Because people en mass prefer to view homo's as fuzzy stylists with a lisp, a wrist and baggage. It is this friendly, care-free approach that many of us exert that boost public confidence and says "We're not here to rape your little boys". If the public indeed had a image from Leather Pride Week or Inquisition as a homosexual role model, you can immagine what that would do to the fire.

Camp Queens and Suburban Fags have done nothing other than boost the identity of this community (be it for the right or wrong reasons). Look how Queer Eye raised the profile and brought more people to the realisation that we were actually "Ok" or to a lesser extend "Fair Dinkum". So anonymous, while i'm not sure what stereotypes you think are negative, hideous or make you cringe (eg; anonymous is a limp wristed fuck), I would suggest you accept other people for what they are and learn to appreciate and understand your community before you start to discriminate against them.

"Fat Suburban Queen" is a camp analogy and in no way could be refrencing his weight. Just because I call you a fat mole doesn't mean your actually fat. Secondly, I happen to live in Newtown and definatley dont call my friends or partner "brother". Also, If you care for statistics - most of us do live in the ghetto. Sydney has the most concentrated population of homosexuals in their CBD than any other well-known homo-friendly country.

Get your fact's straight girl... Also, for laughs "Rainbow Sash" is just so camp! If you wanted to sound a little more butch you should have called it a flag or grease cloth. My partner is just as camp as I am and he has both no fake tan and hair on his chest. Sounds like you need to stop being afraid of being gay and start embracing it.

Marc Gervais, please proof-read or otherwise construct your responses with a clear head as viewing alphabet-soup makes my head hurt. While you can go and have your declerations, you can listen to mine. If you think that some ugly gay boy was a good justification to watch Big Brother then one must question your morals and your age. You are a 16 year old girl like a very large percentage of their voting audience, no?

If you wish to meet David, come to our Mardi Gras next year. I'm sure David will have his own float.

As far as I'm concerned, most things gay are important to the world. When you see friends die for no reason, when you can't have the same rights as your married straight sister and when you cant adopt a child because your 'loving parental skills' are questioned because your different things are a little bit fucked. As a gay male it is my job to change things. I not only have to look out for myself, but also my friends and my community. Together we actually do make a difference! Of course, I wouldn't expect you to know these things, your from Melbourne. (Sydney always had a better scene love). And for the record, that is not a attack but a statement, as it would not have given you the bigger picture of a massive community.

Obviously Superdrewby is listening to other points of view because he has to approve the publishing of your comment. If he wanted to be a bitch and censor speech, he would have trashed it a long time ago. I see your 'photos' depict men. Where is your photo. Where is your body, I would sure like to have a look and make a fat assumption on how you live your life just from your chest. In fact, I would love to make a personal attack on you because you don't publish pictures which may help others in their quest for feeling better. What do you have to hide hey?

Just because you may have been from the country and may have thought Brokeback Mountain was a moving love story that made you want to go out and buy it on DVD and watch it so much half a layer disolved because you think it was the BEST GAY FILM EVER doesn't mean I cant poke sticks at you and call you shit even though I have nothing to base it on.

You make me sick. You stand back and let others fight for you. You have no interest in helping our community share in happines, equality and a fair go. It's people like you that are putting the gay movement back dear.

Stand up and be counted you coward.


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