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Drew and Lee Commitment Ceremony


About Drew

I thought that it was high time I updated this page since I had written the orginal about two and a half years ago and changed some bits along the way. So here goes an unabbridged about me!

I am a pretty simple gay guy, 32 years old! I am no longer a youngster and am supposed to start acting like a responsible human being!

I work in IT (doesn't every poofter) and have my own small consulting company which I have been running since the begginning of 2002. I have had a lot of varied and unusual jobs in the past, which makes up my eclectic and unsual personality. Everything from working for an environmental organisation and involving myself in sometimes risky but fun adventures, to working for the government.

I have a partner who I adore very much and constantly thank my lucky stars that I met someone who is so like me in many ways but also the total opposite of me in other ways. He and I have a good life and very happy and committed relationship. I suppose I base all relationships on my parents who have been together for 35 years and are still very much in love and happy together. they even walk down the street holding hands and my father acts like the true gentlemen and opens the door for a lady, never sits before all ladies ahve been seated and generaly has the manners of a king! My mother is one of my most admired people for what she and my father have achieved for youth in Australia and around the world.

We were "married" in January 2004 in a Commitment Ceremony with our family and friends present! You can read more about this very special event and see some of the photos from the day!

I would have to say one of the most special moments of my life was seeing my mother officially recognised for her work in 2001.

I grew up on Sydney's North Shore and attended a private school for boys, which I have nothing but bad memories from. The school was backwards in most things, although a few teachers fromt he school were and still are very fondly remembered!

As for my reasons behind running Superdrewby, I think of myself as a big brother and a lost dog catcher. I have a habbit of finding the person at a club that has never been there before, knows no one and is in need of friends. I usually (much the chagrin of my partener and friends invite them over to our group and try to make them feel welcome!

I suppose I see a need for a positive role model for young gays and lesbians, away from the scene promoting casual sex and general debauchery. A role model that promotes monogomous relationships and acceptance and equality for all peopel regardless of their sexual persusaion.