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music reviews

Music Reviews

Music is such an important part of our lives, from the beat of dance music to the soft soulful tones of ballads, it defines us, makes us sad and makes us happy. From the very first time we can remember listening to the radio, the televison or a CD and feeling emotion.

Jason Mraz Mr, A-Z ReviewJason Mraz Mr, A-Z
Superdrewby recently caught up with the very talented and very hot Jason Mraz during his whirlwind tour of Australia promoting his third album Mr, A-Z.



Delta GoodremDelta Goodrem
I have been a huge fan of Delta's for many years, and in the last week she was the final act for the Openinhg Ceremony of the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne with her song - Together We are One! I ahve managed to find a youtube video of this performance and even the lyrisc of this great new song!

Doll - Kevin Cahoon
RuPaul Red Hot!
The amazing RuPaul has done it again with another album of tongue in cheek dance hits.