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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It just gets worse and worse

I think most readers of this blog know my disdain for the Catholic Church and my special disgust at 'World Youth Day', but this now just takes the cake.

According to reports in the newspaper the City of Sydney Council (of which I am resident and ratepayer) will be contributing in indirect and direct funds well over 2 million dollars.

AND Hyde Park will be closed for up to three months after the event to fix the damage that the 'pilgrims' will cause.

I also noted with great interest that the Council is still using the out dated figures of 225,000 people attending when we all know that less than 25 % of the expected number of people have registered .

So I say to Clover Moore who supports this ridiculous waste of tax payers money and is basically pandering to the Catholic Church, you are up for re-election in September and you have absolutely lost my vote and I think the vote of many other people.

The Catholic Church should be paying for the event themselves out of their own extremely deep pockets and the tax payers of Sydney should not be.

It's a disgrace that Clover is supporting this in this way especially since she has relied sop heavily on the Gay vote to stay in power and the Catholic Church and Pell have been such vocal opponents of Gay equality.

It's time to Go Clover Moore!

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At Tue May 06, 12:37:00 PM EST, Blogger Sh@ney said...

I could not agree with you more there...The Catholic Church could fund it many times over, but we all know that greed is their only agenda.

It sure is a waste, I am not particularly fond of the youth of today and certainly do not think they deserve any special recognition. Not at tax payers expense.

I feel the same way about the Catholic Church as you do! Hypocrites!


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