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Friday, October 03, 2008

The seven week workout wrap up

I went for my seven week DXA scan to track my workout progress this afternoon.

I have definitely been feeling the effects of working out, my waist is much trimmer and I feel much better.

To recap though, last time I weighed about 70 kgs and had 18.2% body fat.

I estimated I would be about the same weight and would have somewhere between 15 - 17% body fat (I was hoping for about 16%).

The results have kind of thrown me though.

My weight is down to 68 kgs and I am about 17% body fat which roughly equates to losing 1kgs of fat and about 1kg of lean muscle.

This is not a particularly good result as I wanted to increase my muscle mass and decrease my fat.

So this afternoon when I see my trainer we will have to have a chat about the workouts and goals etc.

I think looking at the results, I need to cut the cardio almost entirely from the workouts apart from the sprints at the start of each workout. And my diet needs some serious tweaking too, with A LOT more protein than I have been having.

I truth we only just started to have protein shakes after a workout in the last two weeks and I have totally changed my diet so that I am eating much much less.

I feel rather disappointed but it's good to know that I have at least changed my shape and using the DXA scans I can tweak the work out and the diet.

At least I am looking good for sleaze ball this weekend!

The picture is the rest of the picture taken at a party a few weekends ago and I do look lean, I just would have like to have to have gained some muscle not lost it!
On the up side my resting heart rate has gone down to in the low 50s which means I am fit and healthy.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six weeks in of focused work outs

It's now been six weeks of focused work outs, week five of the program with the new trainer and about 4 weeks since I did the DXA scan that showed I had 18.2 % body fat.

I weighed myself the other day and was slightly alarmed that my weight had gone up not down - Not that I need to lose weight as such, but I would have thought that my weight should have gone down.

Especially since I have cut out all fast food, junk food, and naughty snacks and have instead swapped them for such things as carrots, celery, protein bars, nuts and fruit and other vegetables.

The 'pinch test' and the belt buckle test all tell me that my waist is decreasing in size, but I am impatient, I want to know by how much and I have to wait for another couple of weeks before I do the next DXA scan.

I haven't been all that strict with the diet plan my trainer has given me, more so I have tried to reduce how much I eat in general and substitute foods.

The scary thing is a normal meal may only comprise say 150gm of meat / chicken or 200 gm Fish / seafood along with 1 - 2 cups of vegetables.

That's a tiny piece of meat let me tell you!

On my diet I am supposed to eat about 2300 calories a day and I must admit I do stop to calculate what I am eating.

Take today for instance:


Rolled Oats 150 calories
Skim Milk 25 calories
Honey 22 Calories
Raisins: 50 calories
Coffee with Skim Milk 25 Calories (no sugar)

Total: 272 Calories

Morning Tea:

Protein Bar 245 Calories
Mixed nuts: 50 Calories

Total 295 Calories

Total calories so far: 668 Calories which means I have about 1632 calories left in the day.

I am having sushi for lunch with a Friend today and the average Sushi box has about 330 calories in it so I will probably also have some sashimi to take it to about 450 calories for lunch.

This afternoon I will have a piece of fruit and some tuna and burgen bread for a snack which will be about 300 Calories, which leaves about 800 Calories for dinner out tonight with friends which means I will probably hit over the desired calories for today what with wine and dinner out, but since my average workout of which I will be doing one tonight burns about 700 - 800 calories I should be OK.

The biggest issue I have with weight loss and fitness is the alcohol and wine I drink most nights (every night). There are two issues with alcohol:

1) The Calories of wine are about 130 calories a glass (vodka is about 60 Calories)
2) Your body burns the alcohol first before burning fat and stops muscle growth.

As my trainer told me the results I could get if I were not drinking would probably be superb, but I want that balance in my life of drinking, eating and exercising.

I don't want to be only obsessed with my body I want to do all of this so I am healthy happy and balanced!

If you are interested I get all my calorie count information from

And yes I am slightly obsessed about getting my 6 pack back too!

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's a few weeks in now

Apart from the sheer panic that is simmering beneath the surface at the moment I am also very focused on my new workouts.

Let's hope I don't need too much dental work that interrupts the training sessions - Yes I realise that this is slightly ridiculous but I am so focused right now and it's the best I have felt in ages.

Over the last few weeks I have been wearing my Polar Heart Rate monitor to try an optimise my workout.

At the start of every workout I do ten minutes of interval training on the rowing machine, or as I call it the vomit inducing torture device. Ten minutes of 30 second go for hell intervals and then 30 seconds of absolutely nothing.

I average about 186 bpm for this and more than once I have either thought I was about to pass out or about to throw up. It['s amazing how in ten simple minutes you can end up doling several hundred calories.

Then it's on to whatever workout you are doing for the session.

Thank god for muscle memory is all I can say

So anyway in my workouts I range from burning 585 calories (really wimpy workout) to 780 calories.

It's a really interesting measure of how much effort I put in on that session, and the calorie count really shows this.

The boy who has been hitting the gym really hard for the last few months has been getting great results, but has now just started to realise that the gym and getting / maintaining a good shape is not a 'sprint' but a long term marathon.

I know this because every time I workout for months and months then I lose interest and stop working out for a while.

For now I have a goal for the Sleaze weekend, then I have another one for the end of November when I go off to the US.

Then I don't know, maybe the gym just needs to be part of my every day 'normalcy' who knows!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Working Out again

For the last several weeks I have been seriously back at the gym. Having a trainer is fantastic although when I am not being trained by him and I see him around at the gym I feel a tad worried that he's going to look over at my lack of form and shake his head.

But that aside I have been consistently getting to the gym when I am supposed to.

After Gold's Gym closed in Darlinghurst a while back I couldn't decide whether I wanted to join Fuck me First (Fitness First) or City Gym.

But since the boy joined City Gym and the trainer doesn't do FF it was an obvious choice to join City Gym in the end.

My only complaint about City Gym is that it is often packed to the rafters and I can't get on machines when I want to or sometimes at all!

Last bight the cable cross overs where being used for half an hour by two different groups of people and I couldn't even work in!

How Rude.

The actual workouts my trainer have given me at first looked easy, although once I get into them they are brutal!

The concentration and effort required are enormous, but nothing compared to the muscle fatigue and soreness for the following three to four days.

Some days I can hardly type and keep my arms on the desk my arms have been so well worked out.

It's all good and I have set myself a goal of dropping at least 2% body fat by the end of September and staying about the same weight.

Whether this is achievable I don't know until I chat with my trainer, but in real terms it's a loss of 1.4 kgs of fat and a gain of 1.4% lean muscle.

But either way Sleaze ball is the first weekend in October and I want to have changed my body shape for this, and then again for my holiday overseas in late November and obviously for Summer!

So there we have some goals...


Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Body

As an important component of my new training regime, my trainer recommended that I get a DXA body scan, which is the absolute gold standard in measuring body fat and overall body composition.

The boy has his done about two months ago and I had mine done today.

Anything medical does my head in and going to a medical practice was anxiety ridden for me but well worth the anxiety and time!

You can cut and dice it anyway you want but knowing the EXACT details are a good thing.
So my body fat is 18.2% and my weight is 71.7 Kgs, apparently both are actually in the good range, although I have been advised to gain between 2.5 - 5kgs of lean muscle and overall get to about 75Kgs of weight.
Now before I went I estimated based on the 'pinch' test and the way I looked and felt that I was somewhere between 16 - 19% body fat.
So I have the start of a new program, I know where I am in terms of my body, now I need to set some goals with my trainer and then in about 6- 8 weeks I need to go back and have another one of the scans to see how my body is responding.
You know the most interesting thing is that I feel my tummy is really fat, but according to the scan my tummy fat is well within the optimum, doesn't that say something about my 'ideal' body shape!
Some really interesting facts about my body are:
Resting Metabolic Rate: 1767 kcal/day
Calorie Intake for weight maintenance 2430 kcal/day
Calorie intake for muscle gain 2200 kcal/day
all that means is that to just keep my body shape and put on no weight I shoudl only be eating about 1767 calories a day! My god I would almost die of starvation I think!

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Friday, May 09, 2008


I am shamelessly steling this from Brenton over at Aussielicious since he took my post on the 20 / 20 report the other day.
It's of a guy who takes a picture every day to document his workouts and changes from an OK body to an awesome body. It's been ages since I have been obsessed I mean inspired to work out hard again. I seem to just have too much work on and so little motivation to hit the gym after what are generally very full on long days.

I am however in awe of this guys transformation though, it is awsome!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The battle of the bulge

Over the last few months I have been slowly but surely trimming down and getting back into a regular fitness regime.

Last year I went though troughs and peaks of working out, more time was spent away from the gym and my eating habits became particularly bad too.

Over December and January my mid section and my waist totally ballooned from a size 31 waist to about 33 inch in a matter of two months of bad eating and almost 76kgs too.

Considering the obsession I have with my abs and general weight the mess I was letting body turn into was significant.

So for the last six weeks or so I have been dieting and exercising with an almost religious fervor!

I have been doing a lot of cardio in the form of interval training which has had a significant effect on the shape of my body. Interval training is sort of like a stepped up and down intensity level cardio workout.

The intention is to cycle up to your maximum exertion in short bursts, but also to make sure your body does not get 'used' to the exercise that you are doing.

You also only have to do twenty - twenty five minutes of interval training which makes it easier to fit in to an already busy schedule. Mind you it's bloody hard going doing interval training and afterwards I sometimes shake for a while from the intensity.

But all this has definitely started to pay off, the good old fashioned pinch test (and getting into my jeans and the belt buckle test) all show that I am trimming down. Probably not quite as fast as I would like, but I am still eating and have no intention of starving myself.

I am back down to 32 ish around the waist and about 72 kgs, although I still have some way to go to get to the perfect abs obsessed body I want!

On the issue of eating though I have swapped bad snacks for good snacks and no junk food either. I have become a bit of a pig with carrots, celery, apples and bananas. I have also found a strange side effect from eating all of that good fresh fruit and veg is that I tend to get bloated while my body breaks down all the cellulose in the food.

Part of the reason I want to get trim again is purely vacuous after all it is only two short weeks to Gay Christmas - Mardi Gras and I have every intention of looking good for the party season.

In fact I have even started the tanning process two weeks out too, so I have a nice deep tan by the parties.
After all tanned skin can hide a multitude of fat!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some home truths about growing old

This year I will officially turn 36 years of age, and it's even my Chinese horoscope year too. I am rat for those who are interested and you can discover more about the Year of the Rat and the Chinese Horoscope here.

In gay years turning 30 was almost supposed to be death on the gay scene, but for me 30 was a fantastic year. Maybe I was a late emotional bloomer as I didn't really come out of my own Shell and gain the confidence I have till my mid twenties.
Regardless I have always prided myself on my mature outlook on things, youthful exuberance and the important fact that I never really looked my age.
I do still get told by most people that to look at me they think I am mid to late twenties which is a pretty big complement especially coming from 'kids' in their early to late twenties themselves. Our group of friends range in age from late teens to older friends in the sixties.
The issue of getting old is something we all have to face.
For me personally the tide of time is starting to catch up with me in a few rather significant ways. The most visible for me (and most significant) is my thinning hair which causes me much consternation and concern. One and off for the last year and a half I have used one of the topical treatments on my scalp to slow down and prevent hair loss.
When I use it the change is dramatic the hair really does start to grow back and it no longer looks as thin. The problem of course is using the damn stuff. You have to wait till your hair is fully dry before putting it on so it can take some waiting especially after a shower and you are getting ready to go to work.
But the bigger issue is it is an oil and leaves the hair quite greasy which means you can't use product in it, or you would have to blow dry your hair after putting it on and then try stying it.
At best I am a lazy time poor person so going through that whole process every morning before able to get out of the house is a push at best.
But I know by using it it stops or slows down the symptoms of male pattern baldness.
The other horrible thing about getting old is the face starts to sag, you no longer have that beautiful young subtle skin that I once did. Luckily I have been using moisturiser since I was a young teenager and it shows in my skin tone. But no mater how much moisturiser you use, nothing would be as good as a quick little lift.
Or just maybe some botox?
I don't mind getting old I just don't want to look old God Dammit!
Looking back on last year I seemed to stop working out at all towards the mid way through the year. I certainly didn't particularly watch my food intake and although most people disagree I look and feel frumpy.
It's time to actually do something about this all again, I think I was resigning myself to the 'getting older' crap and forgetting that it's not how you look only but it's also how you act.
So let's see if I can pull my finger out and get my 'mind' back into feeling young again!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

It's hard to concentrate at the gym when

This is working out in front of you and beside of you, OMG he is so hot!
Me thinks I need a personal trainer, checkout his personal training company's website

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shoutout and congratulations

I'm a bit late in this but I really wanted to congratulate Bobby from Bobby's Body on his total transformation from in his words 'from an almost functioning alcoholic' to getting his life, body and health under control.

The work that he put into controlling his drinking, and turning his un-healthy body into something that anyone would be proud of.

It's a pretty amazing achievement to go from what is a grossly unhealthy lifestyle to a long term healthy lifestyle! Although Bobby said he was not going to start another blog he loves us all and did relent and start Bobby's Vanquish!

Thinking about his transformation I must say I feel a tinge of jealousy with the total lack of progress I seem to make, or the cyclical up and down of both my healthy eating habits and workout regime.

This time last year I was at the gym six days a week and I was really pushing my body hard and seeing the results. This year things have seemed to have gone haywire in this respect. But in my defense I can say that I have been going to the gym, but the lack of gym focus is inversely proportional to my workload. Work is busier than it has ever been we are getting far more clients in and out of the door and the financials are healthier.

An interesting related conversation happened in the office yesterday, one of my clients an attractive 40 year old married father of two was in my office for a workshop. Somehow the concept of substance abuse and alcohol came up and we started chatting about our alcohol taking and whether this made us or our respective friends / partners alcoholics.

Both of us drink every night as do our partners, we will call the client Smiles because he has a hot smile. Smiles said his friends know that if they come to their place for dinner etc they will be handed a glass of wine on entry and will most likely end up having to leave their cars and get a taxi home.

It kind of sounds like us, except most people are not stupid enough to drive to our place for dinner, they either live near by or catch a taxi for obvious reasons.

Because we drink every night we both wondered whether this was in fact alcohol abuse, the thought of not drinking every night (at least one drink) is a scary thought for me. I use a drink as the end of my work day, and don't generally have that first glass till either 8pm or when I have finally finished everything I can get done that day.

I know lots of people who will start drinking at 6ish and continue working on till 1am, I personally can't do that or I would probably a) write gibberish, b) tell my clients to fuck off, or c) all of the above.

So is this what represents a problem with alcohol? Every now and then we go outwe will have more than enough drinks to get drunk, not falling over drunk, but drunk enough to get silly and do stuff that I would not normally do.

I always thought that an alcoholic would pretty much start drinking in the morning / lunchtime and would drink till passing out.

Or is an alcoholic someone who has no off switch once they do start regardless of what time they start?

I turned to my trusty Wikipedia for a definition and found:

Alcoholism is a term with multiple sometimes conflicting definitions, but
with no formal recognition of the divergence of meaning. In common and
historical usage, alcoholism typically refers to any condition that results in
the continued consumption of alcoholic beverages despite negative personal and
social consequences. Medical definitions describe alcoholism as a disease which may
result in a persistent difficulty in controlling alcohol consumption. Alcoholism
may also refer to a preoccupation with or compulsion toward the consumption of
alcohol and/or an impaired ability to recognize the negative effects of
excessive alcohol consumption. Although not all of these definitions specify
current and on-going use of alcohol as a qualifier, some do, as well as
remarking on the long-term effects of consistent, heavy alcohol use, including dependence and
symptoms of withdrawal.

While the ingestion of alcohol is, by definition, necessary to develop
alcoholism, the use of alcohol does not predict the development of alcoholism.
The quantity, frequency and regularity of alcohol consumption required to
develop alcoholism varies greatly from person to person. In addition, although
the biological mechanisms underpinning alcoholism are uncertain, some risk
factors, including social environment, emotional health and genetic
, have been identified.


I think at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself whether you are an alcoholic and if you are you need to do something about it! For me, I know I use alcohol to 'self medicate' or relax into many social situations and at times I drink too much, but on the balance I do not believe I am an alcoholic.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weight Watchers points

My sister is currently on the weight watchers diet and is doing pretty well in her first two weeks.

Overall she has managed to lose 3kgs so far which is a pretty good feat. Personally I am the fattest and heaviest I have ever been, somewhere between 74 - 76kgs, when with my current musculature I should be about 70 - 71kgs or there abouts. So I can stand to lose between 3 -5 kgs of fat

In my ever increasing obsession with getting back in shape I was researching on the web the whole points thing. Apart from the site I found of circa 1970s weight watchers recipe cards (yes the image is of frozen coffee on a stick) that reminded me of my mother's collection of these cards I did find some fascinating other information.

Based on my weight I should be getting somewhere up to 27 points a day which would be approximately 1200 calories which personally I think is ridiculous. But the whole concept of points as opposed to calories is a lot easier for me to understand.

That coupled with the fact that I can still have some chocolate and alcohol.

Which brings me to the other issue, I think based on how much I drink that I really should cut it down significantly to maybe either only vodka lime and soda (that's actual limes not lime cordial) and one glass of wine a day or only one glass of wine in total.

It's a choice I have to decide I want to make how important is regaining and then maintaining my body vs eating badly. Mind you the positive health outcome of eating well is also something for me to think about too.

While I think of it there is picture taken of me in about 2000 when I was visiting the girls in Finland where one of them had lifted up my shirt and I had the best abs I ever had. I really must find that photo and scan it so I can show what my obsessed body looked like back then!

I think what I really need is to find a regular dependable gym buddy, someone who can help me at the gym and I can help them.

Crap I seem to get really obsessed every winter about this!

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Strained Back

Yesterday about half way through my morning workout I managed to twist the top of my body one way and twist the middle the other. All while doing arm raises with 20kg dumbbells.

The result?

A bloody sore and strained back right in the middle of my back. I know this pain cause I have had it many many many times before. I have always had a weakness in my spine at this point, predominantly due to a very slight curve in my spine (scoliosis).

So doing most normal things like, walking, sitting etc are all a bit painful. When I move around I have to be quit cognisant of my back.

The real downside apart from the pain is I will have to forgo the gym for at least a couple of days or at least until I have full movement back.

The best way to deal with it I have found is to stretch, take pain killers and Valium. The Valium helps to relax the muscles that are all spasming and stops me from tensing up the rest of the muscles in compensation.
I am not sure whether it's the pain killers or the Valium from last night but I seem to have much more movement and less muscle tightness today, so I may at the very least get some cardio in tomorrow.

Even with the back pain we did wander around Fountaingate (Bondi Westfield) yesterday with Army Boy who is just back from a sex holiday in Hawaii. Army Boy is one of our closest friends and is a constant source of great amusement, he has a dirty potty mouth, is one of the most honest and practical people I know and loves to shock.

In addition to this he also has an insatiable sexual appetite and is constantly perving on hot boys or talking about the boys he has slept with or is planning to, or like yesterday all three at once LOL!

At one point he bounded off across the shopping center in chase of some hot boy that he spied, coming back at a run with the " he's a lay by, too young" (read under 20). The fact that the kid was walking around holding his girlfriend's hand was irrelevant to Army Boy.

I love it because if I could get away with it I would probably bound after hot boys too, instead I just stare and provide a running commentary for which my boy constantly berates me.

Among the many boys that Army Boy met while on his holiday one event in particular is priceless. While deep throating some huge marine's cock he threw up all over him, but this didn't put either of them off instead they just moved to the shower to finish up, and he did get seconds with the guy the next night too. Priceless!
But by far the best comment he made about his holiday was when two Aussie guys tried to pick him up, and he told them that he was there to sleep with Americans cause he can sleep with Aussies at home any time he likes. *sigh ever the practical boy he is!

While at the shopping centre we did look at the puppies (OK I always look at the puppies), there was the cutest little ten week old beagle.
We would love to get a second beagle as a playmate for Lucy, but there are so many logistical problems.
For starters we have a two seat car and it's being replaced in January with another two seat car. As it is it's not the most comfortable thing having the beagle on my map when we take her places, but two would be impossible!
Walking two beagles would be somewhat like adjudicating the IRAQ mess, and I am not sure how the company I share an office with would deal with me having two beagles in the office.

Mind you I am not really sure that I want to go through the whole puppy training phase again. Lucy is finally starting to act like a grown up dog and her bad behaviour is getting less.

The problem is compounded by every beagle owner I have ever met or spoken to telling us that two beagles are in fact better for each other than one. They are serious pack animals and Lucy is no exception to this rule, she craves attention and needs people or other dogs around her or she gets destructive.

So I will be at the bloggers drinks tonight at the Tilbury hopefully not hobbling around in pain too much and I am looking forward to seeing people and catching up on gossip etc.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Motivation & Timing

The last couple of months I have been slack as all hell at the gym. What with the workload, shorter days and a general tiredness of trying to fit everything in to the day I didnt really go to the gym more than once a week at the most for about three months.

The result of this is a definite increase in the old waist size and a general lack of fitness.

For the last few weeks though I have been back at the gym, certainly not as reguarly as I would like and I have not yet been really pushing myself for fear of overdoing it and pulling a muscle. But now I am starting to get back into the swing of things and have committed myself to get back to the gym and start working towards those fitness goals.

Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that next MOnday I will be turning 35, God Forbid no! I don't feel any older or wiser than I did ten years ago...

And it still feels like I am 25. Is this waht it's like getting older? You lose perspective on the years and it all starts to merge into one?

Who knows if that's what its like for everyone else, but it certainly does feel like that for me!

Back to the gym though and my warped body image issues though, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, oir just at the gym.

Something that offers extensive, and I mean extensive motivation to get to the gym.

Oh lordy me he is the absolute perfect specimin of a male, sexy, hot and seems both confident and vulnerable all at the same time.

And of course the fact that he is a nice guy well that just takes the cake!
So I have great eye candy, I mean motivation to go the gym and work out hard!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can you hear a scream in cyberspace?

I have been Missing in Action on this blog for well over a week. In fact I think it's closer to ten days really or maybe even two weeks, but I am back (sort of). Work has been going crazy and I have accepting new projects and clients left right and center! IN between all of this I have consistently been back at the gym five times a week focusing on cardio to quickly strip the excess fat around my mid section.

In between all of this we have been doing some social stuff and I have been keeping up with the news of the world! I thought I might highlight some of my current annoyances and features.

Catholic Cardinal threatens NSW Politicians over Stem Cell Debate - If they vote to approve stem cell research he has indicated that they should not do communion and has implied that they may even be ex communicated from the Church. Personally I think the cross dressing bigot should pray for forgiveness of his own bigotry.

Alan Jones gets sacked from channel nine - This had me wooping with delight yesterday when I read this in the newspaper. Apparently the new management of Channel Nine and Australian TV station has sacked the right wing John Howard Apologist Radio broadcaster. He has had a spot on morning television for the last twenty years, but since the Packer family has sold the controlling interest, Jones's acerbic right wing dribble is no longer required.

Will and Tobys - We stepped out last week for a late supper to the newest and hottest club / supper club on the strip. Will and Toby's has taken up residence in the newly refurbished

Lewis the Dalmatian - my sister in law has bought the cutest little new dalmatian and has called him Lewis (lou Dog or bear). he's only seventeen weeks old and he is already almost as large as Lucy, so I can only imagine how large he is going to end up.

Creationism Museum Opens in Ohio - A museum which promotes 'intelligent design' and suggests the world was created 6000 years ago when people roamed the earth with dinosaurs has opened its doors. This museum will only server to confuse kids and make sure American bible bashers kids are more disadvantaged in the future!

Bush Nominates anti-gay Dr for Surgeon General - And finally Bush is trying to nominate the next Surgeon General. John Holsinger is a religious nutcase who in the past has started an ex-gay ministry and said that his study of biology prevents equality for gays and lesbians. He sounds as bad as the idiot Surgeon generals in the eighties who were pretending AIDS did not exist!

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling Kind of Sore

There is a hiccup in my preparations to wear footy shorts to the dance parties this weekend....

I will not be able to do any cardio this week as I have hurt my leg.

It's all a bit silly really. The metal false ceiling on my life fell on me last night and the sharp edge of the metal jammed straight into my ankle just above my Achilles tendon.

It look hideous with a huge big triangular wedge gouged out of my leg.

The doctor at the Emergency Department told me how damn lucky I was that it only grazed my tendon and hasn't damaged it at all! Five nasty little stitches and some pain, and I can't do any cardio this week!

I am just hoping that the swelling and pain will all have gone by the weekend so I am not hobbling around at the dance parties.

In thinking about this, I am so very lucky. If I had not been wearing thick jeans I would now be facing surgery to reattach the tendon and months and months of physio therapy!

Thanks guardian angel!

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Two weeks two weeks two weeks

Well it's less than two weeks now till I want my abs back, and I am not sure whether I will meet the target.

Yes I will be cardio 'ing' every day, slurping my diet pills Lipo 6 and generally being very good with my food, but I have no idea whether I will get rid of the final layer of fat hiding my poor abs.

I am kind of getting used to the Lipo 6 now and I am enjoying the extra kick from them in the mornings! The fat pinch test is definitely showing a dramatic difference in the fat, but until I can turn sideways and no longer have the "bump" I will not be happy in compulsive obsessive behavior!

Last night was the Sydney Bloggers meet up at the Tilbury. A blast was had by all who were there including: Brenton, NSSG, DG, Narcicus and more!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lipo 6 for fat burning

In my never ending quest to ris myself of the extra fat around my mid section I have been taking Lipo 6 for about a week.
I have tried all sorts of things in the past including Carnitine in various forms and have had very mixed results.
So far I am not really sure whether I am getting the results I want, but I have been told by so many people that Lipo 6 does work. I was going to get Hydroxy cut but the cute guy behind the counter at my local bodybuilding supply store said people were getting better resulst with Lipo.
There are some side effects, and it feels a bit like I have had five cups of coffee in the morning. But my cardio sessions are at a far higher intensity and I am burning through a good 20% more calories in my 40 minute sessions.
So let's see two and a half weeks to go till I want my abs back!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I need some inspiration right now to keep on hitting the gym harder and harder. I have a new objective, one which was thrust upon me by a mates new boyfriend.
I have agreed to go to mardi gras wearing footy shorts and not much else as they will be. Problem is the new bf is particuraly msucely and I don't think has a single once of fat on him, not just the least he is ten years younger than me!
So I have to get my full set of abs back. So five days a week of high high high energy cardio (even more than normal). So the inspiration is above, that picture is just hot - stolen shamelessly from American Urge!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I want my abs back!

I am deep into my new years goals of fitness and body transformation and have started to notice the difference.

I am averaging my full 4 cardio sessions a week which gives me about 2200 2500 calories burnt and 4 - 5 weights sessions a week.

So goal to reduce body fat by the end of February 2007 is definitely on track!

I was walking the dog last night and ran into an aquantaince / friend, who was just leaving the gym. We were talking about my workout mania and I mentioned that I wanted to get back my abs.

In response he said 'yes, I know your abs, they were very nice!'

So yes I want my god damn abs back and I will bloody work to get them hehehe.
The first picture was me in 1999 at a party - the hand is my old boss lifting up my shirt, and about 30 minutes after this I was convinced to strip to my underwear to go swimming in the harbour in the middle of the night!
The second picture was me about four years ago off to a dance party - yes I really wore those shorts to a dance party LOL!
Interestingly both pictures show the thing that I hate the most about my body and that is my obliques (the round bit around my lower waist). No matter how fit or skinny I am, I never seem to be able to get rid of it!
Actually come to think of it, the first picture is about three months after the boy and I met, so he must have liked my abs too hehehehe.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Morning Coffee

It's finally Friday morning and I am having my coffee before heading intot he office for a full day of work!

The boy is back (YIPPEEEEEE) tired from honkers but glad to be home, and the good news on Wednesday my mother does not need an operation on her spine! So all in all a good week.

I have a lot on my mind at the moment, like the Sydney Mardi Gras refusal to included groups in their parade and fair day because they conflict with the commercial sponser (and I thought mardi gras was a grass roots community organisation!).

Toybox is in five weeks this sunday so I have to seriously increase my workouts and cardio sessions (and restrict the bad calories too LOL. That said I am at the gym with cvardio sessions 4 - 5 times a week and am doing 4 - 5 weights sessions too.

Our traditional house Mardi Gras Parade Party is also in five weeks tomorrow night and I had better start planning this soon or I will have no times to get stuff done!

This weekend the puppy trainer is coming along to help us with her growly moods, she snapped at me yesterday morning which was not good, but she was mortified afterwards and spent the next 30 minutes making it up to me.

A few things have been pissing me off of late as well...

I had an email telling me that my site didnt print properly and to fix it up immediately, well blow me down with a feather bitch! You don't pay to use my site, you don't click ont he advertising instead you grab and print the content and then tell me I have to immediatley fix a problem, well fuck you!

I am fed up to death of the lack of respect the tennants in my building show for the building, please don't dump your rubbish in fire exits, no it is not a smoking building, and please do not put your ciggerrete out on the floor of the elevator. Please do not park illegally in the garage and restric access ot otehr people's car spots, please do not just dump your rubbish anywhere. No I am not your building manager and do not ring or write and tell me what I shoudl be doing. If you want something done, pick yourself up and do it yourself, or move out!


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Monday, January 15, 2007

Thoughts on the Detox

In the end I stopped the diet on Saturday after six days of eating only organic foods in the de-tox. From Friday mid afternoon the side effects of the diet and pills were quite full on.

I was getting almost crippling stomach cramps and going between feeling nauseas and normal.

Reading the comments about the detox have been really interesting. Yes I agree that a careful diet with less alcohol is a better option.

I think in retrospect I am glad that I did the six days of detox, although I would have liked to have reached seven days, but I will not use the detox pack again!

I will however have a few nights a week with no alcohol and start eating more fish than the once a week we do now. The thing I was reminded about during this was there are a whole lot of healthy foods that I enjoy eating and was ignoring!

I suppose everything in moderation and moderation in moderation LOL!

Metabolic Typing

I did finally do the metabolic typing to determine what my type was and found that not surprisingly I am a Protein Type with quite a high certainty. This translates to my meals should comprise:

40% Protein
30% Carbohydrates
30% Fats

I was surprised by the fat percentage being so high, but in retrospect it makes sense for me as I do like foods high in fats (not necessarily bad fats though), nuts, smoked salmon, avocados etc.

The protein came as absolutely no surprise as I do crave red meat a lot and you know what they say, when you crave something it generally means you are missing out on something in the food that your body needs! One other surprise for me was I should avoid citrus and vitamin C, and instead dose up on Vitamin A. I generally take a lot of vitamin C, being an ex smoker your body needs the antioxidants to help repair all the damage that was done.

But more interestingly I can't take Vitamin A as I had a massive overdose of it through three separate course of Ro-Accutane which did some serious damage to my body over a ten year period.

I have ordered a body typing book on eating and I will go through it and find ways to tweak my eating habits into what's good for me. So thanks Nick :)

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The week that was

It has been a hugely busy week this week, with mountains of work and enormous amounts of socialising and drinking. I must admit that I have been very lax with my gym routines this week having only been once at the beginning of the week.

The young American house guest left yesterday several hours after the boy got back from San Jose (he was away week). I was glad that they met as the American was supposed to have left the day before to meet up with other friends of friends.

Having a house guest is always difficult for me as my home is sacrosanct. I retreat from the world at home, but I love having people around. He was a good house guest and was great company for both the puppy and I.

I must admit it was kind of sad to see him go, under normal circumstances our paths would not cross as we come from particularly different cultures, he is way into BMX and extreme sports and well I know nothing about either!

So I was a bit sad because I enjoyed having him here and realistically I will not likely spend time with again unless he is staying with our mutual friend when we are there too.

My liver however will need some time to recover from this Christmas period, in fact I am contemplating whether I do a five day total detox in early January once the party season is over.

Last night was the Christmas party of a good friend, even more alcohol and the most amazing food as always. The friends is one hell of a good cook and spends days preparing and cooking for such an event. The picture above is from his apartment with fireworks in the background.

So the coming week will be extraordinarily busy, I have huge deliverable for quite a few clients to get done, not to mention the preparations for our families all coming to our apartment for Christmas!

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