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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six weeks in of focused work outs

It's now been six weeks of focused work outs, week five of the program with the new trainer and about 4 weeks since I did the DXA scan that showed I had 18.2 % body fat.

I weighed myself the other day and was slightly alarmed that my weight had gone up not down - Not that I need to lose weight as such, but I would have thought that my weight should have gone down.

Especially since I have cut out all fast food, junk food, and naughty snacks and have instead swapped them for such things as carrots, celery, protein bars, nuts and fruit and other vegetables.

The 'pinch test' and the belt buckle test all tell me that my waist is decreasing in size, but I am impatient, I want to know by how much and I have to wait for another couple of weeks before I do the next DXA scan.

I haven't been all that strict with the diet plan my trainer has given me, more so I have tried to reduce how much I eat in general and substitute foods.

The scary thing is a normal meal may only comprise say 150gm of meat / chicken or 200 gm Fish / seafood along with 1 - 2 cups of vegetables.

That's a tiny piece of meat let me tell you!

On my diet I am supposed to eat about 2300 calories a day and I must admit I do stop to calculate what I am eating.

Take today for instance:


Rolled Oats 150 calories
Skim Milk 25 calories
Honey 22 Calories
Raisins: 50 calories
Coffee with Skim Milk 25 Calories (no sugar)

Total: 272 Calories

Morning Tea:

Protein Bar 245 Calories
Mixed nuts: 50 Calories

Total 295 Calories

Total calories so far: 668 Calories which means I have about 1632 calories left in the day.

I am having sushi for lunch with a Friend today and the average Sushi box has about 330 calories in it so I will probably also have some sashimi to take it to about 450 calories for lunch.

This afternoon I will have a piece of fruit and some tuna and burgen bread for a snack which will be about 300 Calories, which leaves about 800 Calories for dinner out tonight with friends which means I will probably hit over the desired calories for today what with wine and dinner out, but since my average workout of which I will be doing one tonight burns about 700 - 800 calories I should be OK.

The biggest issue I have with weight loss and fitness is the alcohol and wine I drink most nights (every night). There are two issues with alcohol:

1) The Calories of wine are about 130 calories a glass (vodka is about 60 Calories)
2) Your body burns the alcohol first before burning fat and stops muscle growth.

As my trainer told me the results I could get if I were not drinking would probably be superb, but I want that balance in my life of drinking, eating and exercising.

I don't want to be only obsessed with my body I want to do all of this so I am healthy happy and balanced!

If you are interested I get all my calorie count information from

And yes I am slightly obsessed about getting my 6 pack back too!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Body

As an important component of my new training regime, my trainer recommended that I get a DXA body scan, which is the absolute gold standard in measuring body fat and overall body composition.

The boy has his done about two months ago and I had mine done today.

Anything medical does my head in and going to a medical practice was anxiety ridden for me but well worth the anxiety and time!

You can cut and dice it anyway you want but knowing the EXACT details are a good thing.
So my body fat is 18.2% and my weight is 71.7 Kgs, apparently both are actually in the good range, although I have been advised to gain between 2.5 - 5kgs of lean muscle and overall get to about 75Kgs of weight.
Now before I went I estimated based on the 'pinch' test and the way I looked and felt that I was somewhere between 16 - 19% body fat.
So I have the start of a new program, I know where I am in terms of my body, now I need to set some goals with my trainer and then in about 6- 8 weeks I need to go back and have another one of the scans to see how my body is responding.
You know the most interesting thing is that I feel my tummy is really fat, but according to the scan my tummy fat is well within the optimum, doesn't that say something about my 'ideal' body shape!
Some really interesting facts about my body are:
Resting Metabolic Rate: 1767 kcal/day
Calorie Intake for weight maintenance 2430 kcal/day
Calorie intake for muscle gain 2200 kcal/day
all that means is that to just keep my body shape and put on no weight I shoudl only be eating about 1767 calories a day! My god I would almost die of starvation I think!

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Friday, May 09, 2008


I am shamelessly steling this from Brenton over at Aussielicious since he took my post on the 20 / 20 report the other day.
It's of a guy who takes a picture every day to document his workouts and changes from an OK body to an awesome body. It's been ages since I have been obsessed I mean inspired to work out hard again. I seem to just have too much work on and so little motivation to hit the gym after what are generally very full on long days.

I am however in awe of this guys transformation though, it is awsome!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Year Anniversary of not smoking

I was reminded by this post that on the 15th of February it is the two year date of my giving up smoking!

I am very proud to say that I have never had another ciggy, not have I even had a puff of one!

I know though that one single puff would take me all the way down that nasty slippery slope, so I avoid it like the plague.

Congratulations to moi!

I checked and I did blog about it last year too.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some home truths about growing old

This year I will officially turn 36 years of age, and it's even my Chinese horoscope year too. I am rat for those who are interested and you can discover more about the Year of the Rat and the Chinese Horoscope here.

In gay years turning 30 was almost supposed to be death on the gay scene, but for me 30 was a fantastic year. Maybe I was a late emotional bloomer as I didn't really come out of my own Shell and gain the confidence I have till my mid twenties.
Regardless I have always prided myself on my mature outlook on things, youthful exuberance and the important fact that I never really looked my age.
I do still get told by most people that to look at me they think I am mid to late twenties which is a pretty big complement especially coming from 'kids' in their early to late twenties themselves. Our group of friends range in age from late teens to older friends in the sixties.
The issue of getting old is something we all have to face.
For me personally the tide of time is starting to catch up with me in a few rather significant ways. The most visible for me (and most significant) is my thinning hair which causes me much consternation and concern. One and off for the last year and a half I have used one of the topical treatments on my scalp to slow down and prevent hair loss.
When I use it the change is dramatic the hair really does start to grow back and it no longer looks as thin. The problem of course is using the damn stuff. You have to wait till your hair is fully dry before putting it on so it can take some waiting especially after a shower and you are getting ready to go to work.
But the bigger issue is it is an oil and leaves the hair quite greasy which means you can't use product in it, or you would have to blow dry your hair after putting it on and then try stying it.
At best I am a lazy time poor person so going through that whole process every morning before able to get out of the house is a push at best.
But I know by using it it stops or slows down the symptoms of male pattern baldness.
The other horrible thing about getting old is the face starts to sag, you no longer have that beautiful young subtle skin that I once did. Luckily I have been using moisturiser since I was a young teenager and it shows in my skin tone. But no mater how much moisturiser you use, nothing would be as good as a quick little lift.
Or just maybe some botox?
I don't mind getting old I just don't want to look old God Dammit!
Looking back on last year I seemed to stop working out at all towards the mid way through the year. I certainly didn't particularly watch my food intake and although most people disagree I look and feel frumpy.
It's time to actually do something about this all again, I think I was resigning myself to the 'getting older' crap and forgetting that it's not how you look only but it's also how you act.
So let's see if I can pull my finger out and get my 'mind' back into feeling young again!

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary since giving up smoking!

Yippeeee to me!

No smoking for a year, not even a puff!

And boy do I feel so much better for it!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I want my abs back!

I am deep into my new years goals of fitness and body transformation and have started to notice the difference.

I am averaging my full 4 cardio sessions a week which gives me about 2200 2500 calories burnt and 4 - 5 weights sessions a week.

So goal to reduce body fat by the end of February 2007 is definitely on track!

I was walking the dog last night and ran into an aquantaince / friend, who was just leaving the gym. We were talking about my workout mania and I mentioned that I wanted to get back my abs.

In response he said 'yes, I know your abs, they were very nice!'

So yes I want my god damn abs back and I will bloody work to get them hehehe.
The first picture was me in 1999 at a party - the hand is my old boss lifting up my shirt, and about 30 minutes after this I was convinced to strip to my underwear to go swimming in the harbour in the middle of the night!
The second picture was me about four years ago off to a dance party - yes I really wore those shorts to a dance party LOL!
Interestingly both pictures show the thing that I hate the most about my body and that is my obliques (the round bit around my lower waist). No matter how fit or skinny I am, I never seem to be able to get rid of it!
Actually come to think of it, the first picture is about three months after the boy and I met, so he must have liked my abs too hehehehe.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Novel Way to Tone Up!

A guy in the states is using his Nintendo WII as a way of oning up and losing weight. The results are pretty impressive, nearly 9 pounds in 6 weeks! Have a read of his blog

Personally I think he looked ok to begin with, but hey who am I to talk LOL

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hump Day of Detox

Today is hump day for the de-tox. I have lasted three full days of dieting, pills and headaches without sucummbing to the evilness of processed foods.

Well I did have a natural wattle seed bar with honey, but although it was 'made' it was organic and no nasty artificial colours, flovours or preservatives were used.

Oh dear God who am I kidding?


Only Three days left and then I can start eating again!

Did you know that it's really difficult to get Hershey's chocolates in Australia? I have a real thing for Hershey bars, I just love them! Last year when we were in the States I stocked up on Hershey's, only a few.

Ok about 4 kilograms of chocolate! I almost had to get a back just for the chocolate, but in the end it was squeezed into the extra bag we bought anyway!

The chocolate lasted about two weeks, yes TWO WEEKS to eat 4kgs of chocolate.

OMG I was such a pig.

But for now I and craving a Hershey's bar so much I can smell the sweet sweet chocolate!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pumpkin Seeds - Dry Roasted

I know this is weird but there is an organic food store literally 10 metres from my front door. It's been there for at least six months an until yesterday I had never ventured inside.

Not surprisingly since I can't eat any of my normal snacks I had a look inside to buy some yummy fruit. Being adventurous I went in again this afternoon and came across some Pumpkin seeds dray roasted sea salt (organic of course).

I had a look first at the eating plan just to make sure and yep, I am allowed pumpkin seeds and sea salt! And get this, not only are they good for you but they are Delicious! Yes a wholesome yummy snack that helps the whole de-tox and they taste great!

I had a look through the entire store and have been wondering ever since how come I don't shop there for stuff in general.

Off to the gym tonight for another cardio session, I normally would do a workout tonight, but I feel that I don't have the strength for it. So instead I am going to do a 40 minute cardio session and see if I can't get my good old lymphatic system de-toxing as well as my stomach, bowel, liver and intestines!

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Day Two - I feel LIke Crap

Day Two of my misery, well alright it's not quite as miserable as I am making out, but it is pretty close!

I am not overly hungry right now (mid morning) but I am starting to feel sluggish, tired and generally worn out. Which according to all the literature I have read about the de-tox diet is a normal way to feel starting about the second day and lasting a few days. The duration of which depends on just how 'toxic' your internal organs are!

Knowing what I have put my body through the last couple of years I can say with certainty that if my internal organs could, they would take me to the United Nations for crimes against humanity.

I think the overall the concept of a de-tox is not which herbs necessarily you take, it's more the whole experience of cutting out things in your diet that are bad for a while.

I'm not pining for anything in particular like chocolate, it's more a desire for 'substantial' food which I am used to. Mainly red meat and bad carbohydrates which my body seems to crave, but when I have them it makes me sluggish and tired (although not quite the same as right now).

One of the important factors is to exercise as well, which I do anyway, walking to and from the office, taking the dog for a few walks most days and going to the gym for weights and cardio sessions. Last nights workout was certainly not up to my normal level, whether this was a psychological reaction or because I had eaten much much less than normal I don't know!

So day two and five days to go. I wonder what I will feel like tomorrow?


Monday, January 08, 2007

Start of the detox

Today is day one of my de-tox diet, which means basically for at least the next seven days I will be starving myself and feel miserable.

I have been wanting to do a de-tox diet for a while, and since I am the sort of person where it is all or nothing, a good solid week without any alcohol or bad foods is perfect for me. The problem for me is more psychological. I know that my body doesn't need the naughty foods and most of the time I don't actually eat them, it's just that when I am told I can't have them I just want them even more.

I thought about doing the full fifteen day de-tox, but it is our wedding anniversary next week and I am intending to have a great night with as much to drink and eat as I want! The naturopath did say that the de-tox can be done as two seven day blocks months or weeks apart.

So my plan is to do this seven day detox this week and see how I go and what sort of results I actually get.

I can say that I already feel tired and hungry, but this could also be because it was the first day back at the office.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fitness Moving Forward

For Christmas I was given a Polar Heart rate fitness monitor. I had an entry level one years ago when I was serious about training and found it indispensable, but the watch was lost and strap stolen.

I was taught that working to could be done in two ways:
  1. By exertion form 1 to 10; or

  2. Based on heart rate.

The problem with exertion, is that it is really variable on how you are actually feeling at that specific time, whereas your heart rate is the actual energy usage at the time.

I am a fan of both ways of cardio, but I do like to understand what my body is really doing! So the Polar Heart Rate monitor is really useful for me!

I have been using it for a week now and I am really happy with what it has shown me, which while a bit of a surprise was not entirely unforeseen.

Whilst quite often in cardio I feel like I am really working myself to the optimum level, in fact I was at about 60 - 70% of my optimum level for cardio / fat loss. My recovery is OK and I can go from a really high pulse rate down to a slightly above my norm quite quickly.

But and there is a huge but, my normal resting heart rate is a lot higher than I would like. Walking around it is still somewhere between 80 - 90 bpm which is indicative of not being overly fit!

The other issue I have noticed is that to keep in my own optimum cardio zone I have to quite push myself.

And finally the difference between what the machine at the gym says my calorie burn and what the actual is, is a difference of up to 20%. I thought I was doing between 500 - 550 calories a cardio session when in fact it was about 420 - 450.
So all in all an excellent present and hopefully one that will really help me achieve my long term fitness goals!

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