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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Strained Back

Yesterday about half way through my morning workout I managed to twist the top of my body one way and twist the middle the other. All while doing arm raises with 20kg dumbbells.

The result?

A bloody sore and strained back right in the middle of my back. I know this pain cause I have had it many many many times before. I have always had a weakness in my spine at this point, predominantly due to a very slight curve in my spine (scoliosis).

So doing most normal things like, walking, sitting etc are all a bit painful. When I move around I have to be quit cognisant of my back.

The real downside apart from the pain is I will have to forgo the gym for at least a couple of days or at least until I have full movement back.

The best way to deal with it I have found is to stretch, take pain killers and Valium. The Valium helps to relax the muscles that are all spasming and stops me from tensing up the rest of the muscles in compensation.
I am not sure whether it's the pain killers or the Valium from last night but I seem to have much more movement and less muscle tightness today, so I may at the very least get some cardio in tomorrow.

Even with the back pain we did wander around Fountaingate (Bondi Westfield) yesterday with Army Boy who is just back from a sex holiday in Hawaii. Army Boy is one of our closest friends and is a constant source of great amusement, he has a dirty potty mouth, is one of the most honest and practical people I know and loves to shock.

In addition to this he also has an insatiable sexual appetite and is constantly perving on hot boys or talking about the boys he has slept with or is planning to, or like yesterday all three at once LOL!

At one point he bounded off across the shopping center in chase of some hot boy that he spied, coming back at a run with the " he's a lay by, too young" (read under 20). The fact that the kid was walking around holding his girlfriend's hand was irrelevant to Army Boy.

I love it because if I could get away with it I would probably bound after hot boys too, instead I just stare and provide a running commentary for which my boy constantly berates me.

Among the many boys that Army Boy met while on his holiday one event in particular is priceless. While deep throating some huge marine's cock he threw up all over him, but this didn't put either of them off instead they just moved to the shower to finish up, and he did get seconds with the guy the next night too. Priceless!
But by far the best comment he made about his holiday was when two Aussie guys tried to pick him up, and he told them that he was there to sleep with Americans cause he can sleep with Aussies at home any time he likes. *sigh ever the practical boy he is!

While at the shopping centre we did look at the puppies (OK I always look at the puppies), there was the cutest little ten week old beagle.
We would love to get a second beagle as a playmate for Lucy, but there are so many logistical problems.
For starters we have a two seat car and it's being replaced in January with another two seat car. As it is it's not the most comfortable thing having the beagle on my map when we take her places, but two would be impossible!
Walking two beagles would be somewhat like adjudicating the IRAQ mess, and I am not sure how the company I share an office with would deal with me having two beagles in the office.

Mind you I am not really sure that I want to go through the whole puppy training phase again. Lucy is finally starting to act like a grown up dog and her bad behaviour is getting less.

The problem is compounded by every beagle owner I have ever met or spoken to telling us that two beagles are in fact better for each other than one. They are serious pack animals and Lucy is no exception to this rule, she craves attention and needs people or other dogs around her or she gets destructive.

So I will be at the bloggers drinks tonight at the Tilbury hopefully not hobbling around in pain too much and I am looking forward to seeing people and catching up on gossip etc.



At Sun Jul 29, 11:00:00 AM EST, Blogger wally said...

Sorry to hear your having back pain there Drew,looks like deleting twisting whilst doing arm raises might be the go from now on HEY!have a rest day,I reckon listen to your body...Go have a massage instead.
Enjoy your bloggers meet!
Cheers Wally


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