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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weight Watchers points

My sister is currently on the weight watchers diet and is doing pretty well in her first two weeks.

Overall she has managed to lose 3kgs so far which is a pretty good feat. Personally I am the fattest and heaviest I have ever been, somewhere between 74 - 76kgs, when with my current musculature I should be about 70 - 71kgs or there abouts. So I can stand to lose between 3 -5 kgs of fat

In my ever increasing obsession with getting back in shape I was researching on the web the whole points thing. Apart from the site I found of circa 1970s weight watchers recipe cards (yes the image is of frozen coffee on a stick) that reminded me of my mother's collection of these cards I did find some fascinating other information.

Based on my weight I should be getting somewhere up to 27 points a day which would be approximately 1200 calories which personally I think is ridiculous. But the whole concept of points as opposed to calories is a lot easier for me to understand.

That coupled with the fact that I can still have some chocolate and alcohol.

Which brings me to the other issue, I think based on how much I drink that I really should cut it down significantly to maybe either only vodka lime and soda (that's actual limes not lime cordial) and one glass of wine a day or only one glass of wine in total.

It's a choice I have to decide I want to make how important is regaining and then maintaining my body vs eating badly. Mind you the positive health outcome of eating well is also something for me to think about too.

While I think of it there is picture taken of me in about 2000 when I was visiting the girls in Finland where one of them had lifted up my shirt and I had the best abs I ever had. I really must find that photo and scan it so I can show what my obsessed body looked like back then!

I think what I really need is to find a regular dependable gym buddy, someone who can help me at the gym and I can help them.

Crap I seem to get really obsessed every winter about this!

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