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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekends are made for fun!

We seem to be quite social at the moment seeing people a lot, having dinners and generally having a lot of fun. It's a nice balance against the amount of work we both tend to do and the weekend just past was not exception.

On Sunday the boy went off to play paintball (gay team against straight team) and cam back covered in nasty welts and bruises, whilst I ended up with Nick at Phoenix for an hour on Sunday morning. Phoenix Rising is the new replacement for the day club Manacle which closed last month.

If you have ever been to a day club totally sober and having slept all night (and staying sober) you will know what a hoot it was.

It was actually a whole lot of fun and it's amazing who you run into at these sorts of things.

Then last night we went down to FagTag at the Opera Bar on Sydney harbor. This is the second time we have been to this event and every time we go I am reminded just how fun the event is but also just how beautiful Sydney Harbour is!
Anyway I have a huge week and my to do list looks like the list of lists it's so long so no long post today.

When I was looking for pictures for this I typed Opera Bar Sydney Fag into Google and I ended up with my image from last year as the number one Image Result!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally the update on the weekends frivolities

I have been trying to find some time all week to sit down and write more than a couple of lines on the fantastic time we had on the weekend (starting Thursday night).

The weekend started on Thursday night when we went with the English One to Home Nightclub for a Homesexual Party! It was a total blast and it turned into a bit of a Sydney Bloggers meet up too, with the very sexy Gus there (and yes he even took his shirt off and danced with me!) and rather sexy Margeaux both making appearances.

Although Anthony Callea did perform I was entertaining elsewhere chatting and dancing so missed said pint sized performance. Now I did hear it and now have seen it on Youtube and I must say I am glad I did not bother battling the crowds to actually watch it.

But fear not as the early morning light started to filter in we left Home Nightclub and had to WALK from Cockle bay back up the Oxford street. Obviously due to the APEC madness there was nary a taxi to be seen, but you can imagine that the streets where littered with Police who were rather bemused watching a whole gaggle of poofters wandering through the city.

After a short break at home to shower and change we then went into stage two, Day Recovery at Manacle. Now for those of you not from Sydney Manacle is about as grungy, dirty down market as you can get and I love the place!

The English One came with me and half way through the morning Nick came and met me too. I love this place and will be very sad once it closes, but of course more to the point where the hell will we go for more early morning recovery when we certainly don't want to be home and still need to be out?

Sometime after about midday I dragged myself home, the English one had bunked off with a straight boy hours before and I was in desperate need of some sleep.

After about an hour or two of sleep the boy and I headed out for a quick bevvy with friends before heading to a private recovery party over at the Horizon with the very fun Nick from Californication and other associated friends, acquaintances and eye candy, ahem I mean people!

I did try and get some pictures of Nick and I , but all we ended up with was some blurry shots that look more like a small nuclear bomb going off than Nick and I.

The Recovery was a total; hoot with lots and lots of alcohol and dancing around at one stage in our underwear! It made perfect sense at the time thank you!

So some time Saturday morning the boy and I finally went home and went to bed, totally exhausted and I still feel it now!

It was fantastic spending some time with some fellow bloggers and it's been really nice getting to know both Margeaux and Gus. Unfortunately Adam was not feeling well so had gone home earlier int he evening which was a shame because I have only briefly met Adam!

But Gus and I have promised that we will catch up either before I head overseas or after and we can introduce the puppy dogs together too!

So tomorrow is a week till my holidays start and I still have at least three weeks worth of work to get done before then!

I do think the classic comment of the weekend has to come from Margeaux, who told me I was a bad influence on Nick LOL,

C'est moi?

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bloggers Meet wrap

A few of the Sydney bloggers got together last night at the Tilbury hotel for a small but fun get together. It was nice to see old friends Brenton, SITCG, Narcicus & Dan, and also nice to meet Gus and his partner Adam.

And Adam you made my night by not believing me when I told you my age and insisting on seeing my drivers license!

We only stayed till early as we had pre-booked tickets to see Harry Potter which was very good and very dark!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Two weeks two weeks two weeks

Well it's less than two weeks now till I want my abs back, and I am not sure whether I will meet the target.

Yes I will be cardio 'ing' every day, slurping my diet pills Lipo 6 and generally being very good with my food, but I have no idea whether I will get rid of the final layer of fat hiding my poor abs.

I am kind of getting used to the Lipo 6 now and I am enjoying the extra kick from them in the mornings! The fat pinch test is definitely showing a dramatic difference in the fat, but until I can turn sideways and no longer have the "bump" I will not be happy in compulsive obsessive behavior!

Last night was the Sydney Bloggers meet up at the Tilbury. A blast was had by all who were there including: Brenton, NSSG, DG, Narcicus and more!

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