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Monday, January 15, 2007

Thoughts on the Detox

In the end I stopped the diet on Saturday after six days of eating only organic foods in the de-tox. From Friday mid afternoon the side effects of the diet and pills were quite full on.

I was getting almost crippling stomach cramps and going between feeling nauseas and normal.

Reading the comments about the detox have been really interesting. Yes I agree that a careful diet with less alcohol is a better option.

I think in retrospect I am glad that I did the six days of detox, although I would have liked to have reached seven days, but I will not use the detox pack again!

I will however have a few nights a week with no alcohol and start eating more fish than the once a week we do now. The thing I was reminded about during this was there are a whole lot of healthy foods that I enjoy eating and was ignoring!

I suppose everything in moderation and moderation in moderation LOL!

Metabolic Typing

I did finally do the metabolic typing to determine what my type was and found that not surprisingly I am a Protein Type with quite a high certainty. This translates to my meals should comprise:

40% Protein
30% Carbohydrates
30% Fats

I was surprised by the fat percentage being so high, but in retrospect it makes sense for me as I do like foods high in fats (not necessarily bad fats though), nuts, smoked salmon, avocados etc.

The protein came as absolutely no surprise as I do crave red meat a lot and you know what they say, when you crave something it generally means you are missing out on something in the food that your body needs! One other surprise for me was I should avoid citrus and vitamin C, and instead dose up on Vitamin A. I generally take a lot of vitamin C, being an ex smoker your body needs the antioxidants to help repair all the damage that was done.

But more interestingly I can't take Vitamin A as I had a massive overdose of it through three separate course of Ro-Accutane which did some serious damage to my body over a ten year period.

I have ordered a body typing book on eating and I will go through it and find ways to tweak my eating habits into what's good for me. So thanks Nick :)

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