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Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun busy weekend

We had a really fun busy weekend going away to the Central Coast for a friend's 30th Birthday.

It was a really fun small group of people (maximum of 12) in a rented holiday house on the edge of the lagoon just opposite the beach.

Great house to throw a party in with four large bedrooms a pool downstairs and a sun deck upstairs too.

Great fun was had by all and I reiststed any temptation and did not take my computer with me for the entire weekend! So no work stuff in between good times.
Funny coincidence of the day is having one of our friends up there for a day and night who has reguarly been featured on All Aussie Beef...

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sex Sex Sex

Now that got your attention I am sure!

For some reason at every party we have ever thrown someone ends up having sex in our apartment. I'm not kidding!

It so happens that in cleaning up during the week from last week's huge party I found an empty condom wrapper in the spare room by the sofa. Weird huh?

But what's even worse is I found out that one of the serving boys we hired to serve drinks and canapes during the event disappeared for ten minutes to go get his dick sucked in the fire stairs.

I am so annoyed!

On my time when he is supposed to be entertaining my guests he was doing an entertaining of an altogether different kind.

The only reason I found out was because the girl who performed the act on him is the flatmate of a friend of ours.

At our Mardi Gras Party last year, the two waiters at least waited till afger the event to take someone home (one was a Hungarian porn star the other an S&M escort).

The year before last two friends had sex in the kitchenette on the roof, someone got blown on the roof and some one had sex in the main ensuite.
And these are all "normal" nice parties no hanky panky!


Friday, March 07, 2008

Paying for the weekend

I am so paying for the weekend today.

My sleeping patterns have not yet got back to semi normalcy or what I call the ability to sleep for at least four hours in a row yet.
My head is congested and I have sinus pressure, which it seems almost everyone I have spoken to who was out on the weekend has similar.
But you know we do these things to ourselves so there is no reason to complain.. So I will just have to struggle through and get stuff done as best as I can while feeling a bit sluggish.
Being Friday I am looking forward to the weekend and I am not planning to do anything this weekend! I want a nice quiet weekend sitting around maybe doing some light excercise at the gym but nothing heavy!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Huge Weekend

I am back at work today and have been dealing with the effects of the weekend both yesterday and today.

The weekend was awesome with one amazing party after another.

Starting off with the party at our apartment which was as much fun as ever with lots and lots of people dropping by at all different times to say hello and join in.

Amazingly the weather behaved itself for the parade and even though it was cold there was no rain until early int he morning (then it poured down but who cares we were all dancing away in one of the venues at the Mardi Gras Party).

The Mardi Gras party was just fantastic, great music, great vibe and great friends. My only one mistake was not getting back in to the RHI to hear and see Olivia Newton John perform. But I did make up for it by being there at the end to see Cyndi Lauper perform.

We then headed off to Toybox over at Luna Park after a couple if hours of sleep and I have to say that it was the best Toybox that I had ever been to. The music, the lights, the lasers were just superb and I enjoyed every minute of the party.

I did manage to get to Homesexual for a few hours but I was totally exhausted by then and only last to just after midnight before I went back home and slept till the morning.

Then I ended up at Phoenix for most of the day and chilled out at home with friends after it closed and then fell into bed for a very much deserved sleep.

I have to say that I was totally reminded how much Home nightclub and Homesexual sucks. The club absolutely stinks and they oversell it to crap, so much so that once you are there it is impossible to move or dance without having ten people all squashed against you.

I will absolutely have to remind myself that under no circumstances will I want to pay for an overpriced ticket for Homesexual.

Whilst Mardi Gras may be the "ultimate Australian" Gay & Lesbian event they need to improve their production standards and start giving more back for the money, better sound systems would be a start!

Toybox though absolutely outdid themselves and they learnt from last years debacle where people could not not get into the dance area by only selling tickets for the one area rather than the whole park.

I am partied out for a while now and am looking forward to a few months of no partying!


Monday, March 03, 2008

Resurfacing after a huge weekend!

As a taste of things to come these are the two topless waiters we had at our pre parade party!
More to come when my head is back on straight and I am not so tired!


Friday, February 29, 2008

It all starts today

Today it all starts.

Roads and Lanes will start to be closed and progressively during the day crowd control devices will be left around strategic areas of the parade route.

Providing the weather holds out, the strip will be full of people by about mid afternoon, peole strolling around, buskers, beggars and street stalls doing everything from Henna Tattoos to body jewelry.

I love this weekend because it makes the strip become alive again and sparkle!

This is my street, this is where I live, this is where I play

So come on Oxford street shine for us all!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the Pink Flight is in the Air Baby!

The Air New Zealand Pink Flight is in the air and due to arrive in Sydney soon!

Who else but Ait New Zealand would have an entire flight dedicated to bring revellers to Sydney's Mardi Gras.

I am getting so damn bloody excited, it's been too long since Mardi Gras has been this much of a focus not just in the Gay & Lesbian community but also in the mainstream press.

Even though the strip itself has not yet exploded with colour it's starting.

Let's just hope that the rain holds off on Saturday and the crowds come pouring into the strip to watch and celebrate in diversity!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Start to the Week

I have been flat chat the last few days at work and have had little time to do much other than work.

I am loving the new office like crazy, it's great to be back in a fun and very groovy environment again. The dogs are very funny to watch and I will have to get some pictures of them playing together when I get a chance.

It is however only five days till Gay Christmas, otherwise known as Mardi Gras and I am excited beyond belief. Although I am just a tad nerbous about the intended scope of partying...

So Saturday night we throw a Mardi Gras Parade Party at home, then we are off to the Mardi Gras parade whic is well and truly sold out. I had a quick look on ebay and some tickets are selling in excess of $450 a ticket! (strike that there are two tickets for $1025 dollars)

Then on Sunday we are off to Toybox, then off to Homesexual with Offer Nissim on Sunday night and will either collapse in bed sometime early Monday or will end up at some salubrious joint like Phoneix Rising.

I dare say there will be (or is intended to be) sleeping at some stage between each party - well that's the current plan anyway!

So there is huge amounts still to be organised and I don't have a thing to wear!

And I do think that London Preppy should have come with his friend Donnell to join the week of gay frivolity too!

On a nice note my Lewis Payton signed cards arrived today and I have had a quick look. While the photographs are stunning two small things have disappointed me:

1) Only one of the cards is signed;
2) the quality of the prinitng leaves a bit to be desired.

But for $39.95 USD what can you expect?

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend's Wrap

This weekend saw quite a bit of social activity for omce away from both Home and the familiar surrounds of Oxford Street.

On Saturday night we went to celebrate the very sweet Gus's 25th Birthday at Gus and Adams home in the surburban enclaves of Sydney. A hugely fun night and we finally go to introduce the beagle to the huge labrador Shelton.

It was also nice to see the ever sweet Dan who is no longer 'from the mountains' as he has moved into student accommodation in the big smoke woohooooo!

Then on Sunday the celebrations of 'Gay Christmas' otherwise known as the Mardi Gras Festival, and in particular Fair Day was in full swing for us.

Apart from having a very badly behaved beagle who would NOT sit still and strained and pulled till our tempers were frayed we had a blast. The boy went home late in the afternoon and then met back up with us all early in the evening as we went on for dinner and then more drinks at The Bank Hotel in Newtown.

Fair Day was as usual a mixed affair in terms of organisation. For the umpteenth year in a row people were not allowed to bring in alcahol and instead had to buy it on site.

Now that's fine and we understand that Fair Day is a licensed event AND New Mardi Gras has to make money, but for crying out loud have more then two bars in the entire place so people do not ahve to queue for more than 20 minutes to get a drink.

It's a small issue and I suspect may even be intentional (to stop people from getting drunk as it is now a very child friendly event).

The dinner was enlighteningas we were talking to some friends who whilst being ten + years younger than me have a very similar view point on community and the need for it.

Mind you the hot boys at Fair Day were fantastic, although many of them are going to have some very unattractive tan lines this week hehehehe.

Anyway a hugely fun weekend, so now it's full steam ahead for the week and today I finally move into my new office, although I don't have an internet connection in the office yet so I will have to work from home until that is connected.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Back in town

I have just got back from an amazing couple of days in Melbourne staying at Peter Pan's (his real name is forever a secret) house. The boy met both Dangermouse and myself down there on Friday and we spent virtually the entire weekend.

The weekend was a total riot with everything from playing dress ups and tongue kissing a Warhol portrait, to being absolutely munted on the dancefloor at Market a gay nightclub in Melbourne.

I have never really spent a lot of time in Melbourne before apart from when I would go down for two or one day work trips. But most of these times I did little else other than work so I never went out or wandered through the shops

But I really have found Melbourne loads and loads of fun! Oh the letters above are from a movable art work that you can create your own words and phrases, Dangermouse did this one with PP.

Last week up until Friday was a bit of a right off for me as I had a terribly sore back which I have now been told is a bulging disk (personally I think it's just some swelling that caused a spasm but I digress). I was not really in the mood to do much because of the pain and I was even a bit cautious about going to Melbourne. But it seems to have mainly sorted itself out now which is fantastic.

While I was in Melbourne I decided that a new art acquisition is required, so I have decided to purchase two of Scott Redford's sculptures entitle My Favorite Polar Bears, one in white and one in black.

I just have to work out a payment plan as they are not cheap!

Talking about art I had a fascinating discussion with Peter Pan about art and legacies. His own very impressive collection will upon his death be donated to a mjor public gallery to be known as the "" collection. It was really interesting to think about what your own legacy is going to be when you die.

For a very long time I wanted children because I wanted to leave a legacy or something of me for the future. But as I have grown older I have realised that I do not want the all encompassing responsibility of children.

PP's concept is that art collecting and then bequests to a major gallery are the best way to be remembered for posterity. He explained that buildings unless a magnificent structure don't last long these days, by the time your children (if you have any) pass away your memory will have been relegated to not much.

But because art is timeless and historically important by building a superb collection over many years and giving it away as a whole will entrust your name to history.

It was a fascinating though actually and it truly did get me to thinking again about what I would like my legacy to be.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Surfacing after several days of hard partying

We are finally surfacing after a couple of days of hard partying for the introduction to New Years and 2008.

What started off as a house party stretched for almost 48 hours, from house party, to house party, to Dance Party to recovery party.

All in all an amazing and very satisfying way to bring in the new year although I will paying for my excesses over the next couple of days.

When my scattered mind is back to normal I will write something either more interesting or insightful.

I am not going to bother writing about the Sydney fireworks that's already passe, instead I think I will write about what people have told me about their 2008 plans.

So welcome to 2008!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally the update on the weekends frivolities

I have been trying to find some time all week to sit down and write more than a couple of lines on the fantastic time we had on the weekend (starting Thursday night).

The weekend started on Thursday night when we went with the English One to Home Nightclub for a Homesexual Party! It was a total blast and it turned into a bit of a Sydney Bloggers meet up too, with the very sexy Gus there (and yes he even took his shirt off and danced with me!) and rather sexy Margeaux both making appearances.

Although Anthony Callea did perform I was entertaining elsewhere chatting and dancing so missed said pint sized performance. Now I did hear it and now have seen it on Youtube and I must say I am glad I did not bother battling the crowds to actually watch it.

But fear not as the early morning light started to filter in we left Home Nightclub and had to WALK from Cockle bay back up the Oxford street. Obviously due to the APEC madness there was nary a taxi to be seen, but you can imagine that the streets where littered with Police who were rather bemused watching a whole gaggle of poofters wandering through the city.

After a short break at home to shower and change we then went into stage two, Day Recovery at Manacle. Now for those of you not from Sydney Manacle is about as grungy, dirty down market as you can get and I love the place!

The English One came with me and half way through the morning Nick came and met me too. I love this place and will be very sad once it closes, but of course more to the point where the hell will we go for more early morning recovery when we certainly don't want to be home and still need to be out?

Sometime after about midday I dragged myself home, the English one had bunked off with a straight boy hours before and I was in desperate need of some sleep.

After about an hour or two of sleep the boy and I headed out for a quick bevvy with friends before heading to a private recovery party over at the Horizon with the very fun Nick from Californication and other associated friends, acquaintances and eye candy, ahem I mean people!

I did try and get some pictures of Nick and I , but all we ended up with was some blurry shots that look more like a small nuclear bomb going off than Nick and I.

The Recovery was a total; hoot with lots and lots of alcohol and dancing around at one stage in our underwear! It made perfect sense at the time thank you!

So some time Saturday morning the boy and I finally went home and went to bed, totally exhausted and I still feel it now!

It was fantastic spending some time with some fellow bloggers and it's been really nice getting to know both Margeaux and Gus. Unfortunately Adam was not feeling well so had gone home earlier int he evening which was a shame because I have only briefly met Adam!

But Gus and I have promised that we will catch up either before I head overseas or after and we can introduce the puppy dogs together too!

So tomorrow is a week till my holidays start and I still have at least three weeks worth of work to get done before then!

I do think the classic comment of the weekend has to come from Margeaux, who told me I was a bad influence on Nick LOL,

C'est moi?

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Monday, September 03, 2007

More Bloggers Meetings

On the weekend we were invited to Margeaux's repeated 27th Birthday party which was a total hoot! The party was great fun as you can see above both Margeaux and I were most definitely a few sheets to the wind.
In fact I was told off twice for being rowdy.
In incident one I put my butchest voice on and screamed at some friends down on the street, Unfortunately I didn't realise that a security guard was downstairs and I was told off twice, once by the security guard and the second time by the host :)
The second incident involved me throwing ice off the balcony - I just have no idea what came over me!
But maybe it was the great group of friends that Margeaux has that made me lose my common sense. The illustrious Nick from Californication was there too which is always a pleasure. I really do love eclectic groups of people at parties it's really cool to meet all types of people not just the 'regulars'.
And we will be seeing Margeaux at Homosexual this coming Thursday night too!
No if you are very lucky there is one of the worst picture of me ever on Margeaux's camera, it shows me in my campy silly self, hands in some horrible campy expression LOL, so if you need to see this hassle Margeaux LOL!
We are off to the Gold Coast today for a few days to escape the APEC madness and have a bit of R&R in between working from a different location.
My 3 Net connect card is plugged into my trusty Sony Vaoi, my mobile is charged and I am excited!
The puppy is in doggy day care at Rose's and has been there since yesterday afternoon and I miss the little miss already, but I know that she will be fine and happy!
So great weekend was had!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another weekend another party

It would seem that almost every weekend we seem to end up partying in one way or another. Having had a huge weekend last weekend and a pretty full on week too catching up with our mate in town from LA.

This weekend was supposed to be a lot quieter and slower, even though we were throwing a party in honour of our mate from LA!

As it was I was feeling particuarly chuffed yesterday after inviting Nick to the party last night from Californication, he told me he had just posted a blog entry about meeting me. To say I was chffed would be a total understatement the post is so sweet :)

It's always a bit scary throwing a party especially as we have such an ecclectic group of friends that woudl not generally meet apart from doing something like this.

You never know just who will turn, when they will and how everyone will or won't get along.

The start time for the party was eight, and by eight thirty we still olny had one freiend there, but like all parties by midnight the place was heaving with people!

Since I am really on my diet to lose the rest of the spare tire round my waist and get back my abs, I have almost stopped drinking wine entirely, and have switched to vodka:

1 Galss of Vodka Soda and squeeze of lime -> 60 odd calories


1 Glass of White Wine -> 120 - 130 Calories.

So all in all a significant different, not to mention that you drink more soda than wine which makes it even better!

By about Midnight though, the mixing of the drinks from a nip of vodka in each glass became half vodka and half soda water. I didn't feel especially drunk last night although I had also not eaten from about lunch time as we had a large special lunch for my mother's Birthday.

There was a little bit of drama last night as well with two friends having a huge blue over some things that have been going on, and another friend's acquaintance being a total mess due to his friend dying the night before from a GBH overdose.

The long and the short of it meant that today I have been feeling just plain hideous! We were on our way with a whole group of people driving up to the Hunter Valley to go taste wine and have fun, but within twenty minutes of the drive I started to get shaky, nauseous and felt just grim. So the poor boy turned the car around dropping me off home and then catching up with the rest of them.

I have spent half the day sleeping and the other half feeling quite grim. It's only now at about 6pm at night which I am feeling better (not fully better but almost better).

I am pretty sure that I most likely ended up drinking well over a bottle of vodka last night all t0 myself.

I will not be doing that again for a while!

I have a pretty busy week this week, a couple of large client deliverable and trying to get everything wrapped up so I can essentially take next week off while the APEC thing is on in Sydney.

We received work last last week that yes as expected my office will now be in the high security area and unless I want to submit to extensive checking I will not be allowed in. Mind you we are in the Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday for a work thing which only leaves Thursday of which I will simply work from home!

Noted too...

I noticed that you can now upload video directly to your blog so I have given it a go!


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Monday, August 20, 2007

Two degrees of Separation

The weekend was a huge event for us with lots of things to do and a huge Birthday party / clubbing and then recovery that went from Saturday night till Sunday night.

The party was for Chuckles (as his partner lovingly calls him cause he always has a smile on his face) and very unlike a gay party it was a Tupperware party! Yes a Tupperware party, and even further we did in fact purchase some new outdoor (read plastic) wine glasses for the roof.

Now before I get caned for having plastic wine glasses, there is nothing worse than having glasses blow over in a breeze and having broken glass around, especially with the beagle running around.

The party was hugely fun and we all ended up at The Bank hotel in Newtown, then a few hours later upstairs at the Midnight shift. Early (or late) in the morning we all traipsed over to try and get in Arq but by then they were no longer letting anyone new in so we tried the new club downstairs at the recently refurbished Oxford hotel.

This one was kind of OK, but as hot as all hell and we were really just killing time till Manacle opened around 7 am. Manacle has to be one of my favorite clubs, it's dark it's dingy and its always a recovery place with people that have generally been out all night and are still partying well into the next day.

By about ten am I had well and truly had enough and headed home for a sleep and what I thought was going to be the end of the day.

But no fear, the day was not over yet LOL!

After about four hours sleep Chuckles sms'd to tell us to come to a recovery at none other than Nick from Californication. Now this was was cool, and the whole two degrees of separation, Chuckles grew up with Nick in the same rural town in NSW, I kid you not!

In between acting disgracefully, drinking, watching the new episode of Kath and Kim and generally having a blast we even managed to keep it together to blog on Californication!

One really funny thing that Nick and I did discuss was the fact that he thought I was a pure and innocent based on what I write on my blog, I was stunned even amused, because I am anything but innocent. If I hadn't already been drunk I think I would have fallen over in astonishment.

Of course this led to a discussion on just how good / bad we actually are, but as we blogged yesterday any more details would just incriminate the guilty parties.

One nice thing from the weekend is that I am finally starting to feel that my diet is paying off, although I am feeling pretty body conscious at the moment due to an almost total lack of gym for the last couple of weeks and I feel tiny and i look like I have no muscles at all, my waist which was in serious danger of becoming huge has turned the tide and my abs are starting to reappear!

I have been really good on my eating habits and have almost totally swapped vodka for wine (although yesterday the boy and I did manage to get through four bottles of white wine.

So for the first time since going out for my Birthday last month I didn't feel quite so fat! I still have a Long way to go and I need to get back into the gym properly (I almost feel like I am shrinking and no just around my waist!).

My waist has gone done almost two belt buckles and the jeans I bought a month ago which fit perfectly are now sexily loose!

I am aiming to get back to my size 30-31 by the time I head overseas in late September.

So the weekend was a real blast and probably our last big weekend out for a while before we go away, or that's just what I think!
Oh and the piccy was stolen from Dan Murphy's Flickr account! and is of Manacle around Mardi Gras time.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

So onto the weekends wrap up

Friday night we had friends over for drinks and canapes to celebrate the start of my Birthday weekend which was fantastic and for once even the dog semi behaved by not trying to most everyone that came through the door.

After the drinks a large number of us moved on to upstairs at the Midnight Shift for more dancing and frivolity. After hours and hours and hours of dancing chatting and carrying on we moved on to Arq nightclub which was only open downstairs.

The music was awesome and the crowd was really mixed and lots of fun.

Then we wandered across the road to Manacle, which as always was fully the the rafters of fun and happy people.

Sometime around midday we went home and then were invited to a recovery at someones apartment near by which we went off to.

All in all a huge weekend and was great meeting new and really interesting people!

I think the highlight for me though was the very sweet young guy who was so convinced I was lying about my age that he made me show him my license :)

Thanks ...

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Hmmmmm somehow I feel like somethingon this menu

Happy Birthday to me! Details of the trashiest weekend on record to follow

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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Long Weekend's Frivolities

Every now and then we throw caution to the wind and kick our heals up in the Emerald City, and when I saw kick I mean, basically act like 20 year olds and be trashy for a couple of days & nights of utter fun.

The long weekend started on Thursday night with drinks at home with mates T&J and their your work colleague who we shall call Sit. After drinking and carrying on for several hours before heading out to Arq nightclub. Because the club was closing at 4am we had to compress a full night into only s short time which was pretty fun! Although I was absolutely rat shit exhausted from several weeks of work and not bad sleeping patterns so I bunked out early.

But the next morning we started again with J & Sit who we drank and carried on with til late in the afternoon.

Then one house party at 6pm and a dinner with friends at their place that night! One hell of a cool twenty four hours.

But then Saturday!

Drinks for a friends 30th, dinner at a friends place and bed.

So Sunday was supposed to be a day of family and relaxation, but no fear our arms were twisted (ever so well) and we succumbed to going out again with friends!

Sunday night 11pm ARQ.

My God we haven't been in the place for years before Thursday night and look at us, we end up going out twice in a weekend even worse to the same place.

what are we like?

So there is the extreme partying over for another few months, but we did make some new friends through other friends which is always cool. It's funny but it does take a lot for us to actually meet and then bond with new people as we can both be very focused on our little work and sometimes we forget to look outwards.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The weekend's wrap up

So it's finally Tuesday and I am in the mood to start documenting what is the equivalent of gay Christmas in Sydney, the Mardi Gras season.

I must admit that this year's celebrations were different than other years for us. For me the week was a lot quieter than normal because of the wound on my leg which was still hurting and casuing me some grief, but in the main by the weekend it only hurt when I used my leg in certain ways.

We had decided that for the first time in seven years we were not going to do the Mardi Gras party and owuld instead do the Toybox party the next day.

We agonised over the decision, but with the police shut down of Azzure the weekend before and the general dismap at the dis-organisation and seemingly stupid decisions and comments of New Mardi Gras itself we were quite happy with our choice.

The New Mardi Gras organisation just seems to have lost their way and I do not feel they represent the community's best interests any more. Ever since the original Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organisation went broke a few years back, the New Mardi Gras seemed to have lost the plot.

The parties last year, Sleaze & Mardi Gras were lack lustre and seemed to lack a special something. Personally I think that Mardi Gras things that because they are "Mardi Gras" they can get away with giving the punters less for their money.

Having been to a Toybox party at Fox Studios (the same venue as Mardi Gras and Sleaze) I cannot understand how the Mardi Gras parties are not as good!

But I digress really!

I had meant to go to the Sydney Bloggers meet Melbourne Bloggers on Friday night, but we ended up have unexpected guests from interstate for the weekend! It was really nice to have the boys from the sunshine state and it made the weekend all that more enjoyable!

As is our usual tradition we threw a Mardi Gras Parade Party on Saturday night at our apartment which overlooks the parade route. We had an amazing party and I only just remember crawling into bed at about 3am for a few hours of sleep before getting up and going to Toybox at Luna Park.

Now I must admit that I was slightly disappointed by the Toybox experience, it was a great party, but I just didn't like the venue all that much and found that there was not quite enough chill out spaces.

Who knows maybe I am just expecting too much from the parties! But I still think it was a much better party than Mardi Gras would have been for us!

After partying till about 8pm at Toybox we jumped in the gay bus (yes full of gay and lesbian revellers heading back into town (and no the bus was not named Priscilla LOL). Then we made a last minute decision to head out to Amazon Homesexual at Home Nightclub in Darling Harbor.

I must admit that I did not last long at this party. By about midnight the lack of food for twenty four hours was seriously catching up with me and my stomach was churning. So I headed home to bed.

So all in all a good weekend, great party at our apartment and loads of fun out and about!

Looking out on Oxford street today it looks like the Mardi Gras Parade never happened. It's sad really, I remember years gone by when the weeks before and the weeks after Mardi Gras Oxford Street was awash with people and colour.

I used to be such a support of Mardi Gras, but with the current organisational management and their weirdness I think they are destroying the vibe and the community spirit.


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tonight Tonight Tonight

Tonight is MARDI GRAS!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mid Week Wrap

I am almost totally recovered now from my exetrions on New Years day and night, my previous posts were live from the dance floor which made me feel like a total geek!

But hey I am geek!

I am gonna have to keep this short because my home ADSL connection has been shaped until midnight an it's almost damn impossible to do anything on the web!

One nice thing about monday - I met Nick from Californication whcih was way cool! And then coincidently I saw him again today having lunch! Weird but very cool!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

The week that was

It has been a hugely busy week this week, with mountains of work and enormous amounts of socialising and drinking. I must admit that I have been very lax with my gym routines this week having only been once at the beginning of the week.

The young American house guest left yesterday several hours after the boy got back from San Jose (he was away week). I was glad that they met as the American was supposed to have left the day before to meet up with other friends of friends.

Having a house guest is always difficult for me as my home is sacrosanct. I retreat from the world at home, but I love having people around. He was a good house guest and was great company for both the puppy and I.

I must admit it was kind of sad to see him go, under normal circumstances our paths would not cross as we come from particularly different cultures, he is way into BMX and extreme sports and well I know nothing about either!

So I was a bit sad because I enjoyed having him here and realistically I will not likely spend time with again unless he is staying with our mutual friend when we are there too.

My liver however will need some time to recover from this Christmas period, in fact I am contemplating whether I do a five day total detox in early January once the party season is over.

Last night was the Christmas party of a good friend, even more alcohol and the most amazing food as always. The friends is one hell of a good cook and spends days preparing and cooking for such an event. The picture above is from his apartment with fireworks in the background.

So the coming week will be extraordinarily busy, I have huge deliverable for quite a few clients to get done, not to mention the preparations for our families all coming to our apartment for Christmas!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tis the Season to be Jolly

I love the season to be jolly, you actually feel as though it's ok to party and party and party!

Some friends of friends have come over from the states, so of course the nice thing to do is to show them round. And since one of the friends is a smokingly hot straight boy who loves nothing more than have a bander, well hey let's go!

So drinks turns into drinks turns into drinks turns into crashing the tail end of other friend's work Christmas parties.

Oh dear and I have to work today and I have more Americans for dinner and then drinks out tonight! Berocca here I come!


Monday, November 20, 2006

When you're the only one without a tan

For the first time in a while we went out to a gay event (the last being Sleaze & Sleaze Update), FagTag at Opera Bar.

For those not in the know Fag Tag is like a moving party / event which "tags" a different venue every few weeks. Usually the venue is somewhere way out of the norm, predominantly straight clubs which "fags tag".

The brain child of Tim Duggan it kind of builds on the eighties phenoneman of Michael Alig's random parties in New York made famous in the movie Party Monster, (well without the drugs and murder anyway).

Opera Bar is in great spot for a summer afternoon party, at the world famous Opera House in view of the Harbour Bridge and city. It was a fantastic afternoon evening where too much was had to drink and general frivolity reigned supreme!

My one observation, was that we seemed to be the only people there without a tan!

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