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reclaiming austin

Chapter 22

July 23 2006

True to Austin's word, he did me that night, on the warmer carpeted floor in what was going to be our guest bedroom and then again later on our dining room counter over a t-shirt. And before we left he did me again on a rug we rolled out in what would be our bed room.

"This will be even better when we get some fucking furniture in here. Austin said rolling off of me to rest and regain his breath after our last" fuckathon. "Hey, I like roughing it with you"I mean, as long as you're naked at least. I said defensively. "Or wearing a leopard skin loin cloth" I added with a faraway smirk as I thought of him dressed as Tarzan.

"Fuck'n A, you're such a PERVE! He said grinning to himself as he breathed hard trying to regain his breath.

And so, over the next few nights we moved a large portion of what we owned to the new place. I had given Michael directions on how to move my Cichlid tank while we were gone. He of course, kept goading me by referring to it as my goldfish bowl. Then he'd add, "Besides, Jason will be helping me, and he works with Dolphins. Which would get Jason all defensive and starting a new battle line as "dolphin's aren't even fish!" Michael just smirked since he couldn't be happier than when he was actively goading someone else and making them suffer.

By Thursday night we were heavily moved into the new place and were just in my apartment in DeLand after work eating our dinner when the phone rang. I let Austin get it as he was in the kitchen anyways making us a stir fry while I typed away on my computer. I could hear his excited voice as I was writing.

"Ohhh, Hi Mom! he was silent with a few 'Uh huhs' and acknowledgements. "Sorry Mom, but we're going to a wedding in Palm Springs tomorrow" "yeah, I KNOW he's my father" After a few minutes of long pauses and low talking, Austin appeared in our doorway with a long look on his face.

"My dad had a heart attack the day after Thanksgiving. My face must have fallen because he quickly reassured me, "Nooo, he's alive Alex, But he's still in the hospital, and mom wants me to see the SOB instead of going to the wedding.

"Michael and Ryan will understand hon, he's your father" I offered expecting that that was his problem. "Nooo, fuck that SOB, he fucking threw me out of HIS house and said he never wanted to see me again. Fuck him; Michael and Ryan are more family to me than that bastard will ever be! He said angrily" I hadn't realized what a raw nerve I'd just picked at.

"I'm sorry baby, you know I want you with me, but he IS your dad" I just don't want you worrying about him all weekend" I said in my soft appeasing voice.

"Alex, he'd kill you if he had a chance; he blames you for my being here" He's the reason I had so many issues with gay people when we first met. Hell! If he'd known about Joe, that bastard would have pulled the fucking trigger Austin said in a fiery explosion.

"Well what about your Mom? Obviously she thinks you two can work it out" I added as an after thought.

"SHE still believes in fucking miracles, Alex, she gives money to fucking TV evangelists and thinks she can fuck'n pray me straight. Austin said definitively.

I had no desire to argue with him. Honestly, I wanted him with me on the trip, but something told me this was important. "You know I'm behind any decision you make hon, I just don't want you to regret this in the future. I said as my last piece.

"I know baby, and I appreciate it, Mom sure will be impressed when I tell her. He said as he stepped up and hugged me. "But I promised that I'd go, Ryan wants me as his best man, and I WANT to go, besides, I want to fucking cream all over you in California" call it my domestic redistribution plan. He leered at me as he lifted me easily off the floor and swept me to our bed.

After pounding my ass into a soft gooey paste, he kissed my lips and said, 'Thank you hon" Maybe after work I'll go and see him before we go" If that fucker'll even see me! he said lying down beside me.

"Baby, he's your dad" I started to say before a frustrated Austin cut me off, "Alex, you've never met him, you have no clue how homophobic a red neck he is! Will you drop it please? ok? He snapped.

"Yes, that's true Austin, and I'm not arguing that point, I'm just saying that a lot of parent's need time and room to learn to accept their kids being gay, and kids who turn away from the parents don't help in any way" I said softly rubbing his chest and kissing his shoulder softly.

Austin made a pouty face, "I asked you to "Drop it! and you talked anyways"

Austin rolled over till he was on top of me and pressed his mighty chest and arms to stretch me out beneath him, "I'll be fine hon" Now stop talking and wrap those legs around my waist! he rasped in my ear"

"Again? I wondered out loud" "Until I give you permission to stop, old man! he teased back"

The next day I learned you really can walk funny after enough hard pounding, not that I complained much. Hell, I even bragged to Marika and Ashlyn about it, James smiled and I knew he was thinking of his date that weekend with Christian"

I went home and finished packing and through Austin's stuff together as I knew he'd likely be late since he was visiting his dad" God I hoped it was going well.

So Austin FINALLY showed up about 5 minutes before we were supposed to be on the road to Orlando. He was both quiet and pensive as he started to load the jeep with the bags I had packed. We were strangely silent as we loaded into the Jeep, which was very unusual for us, as we bantered almost constantly when we were together. Finally as we double checked that we had everything for the 9th or 10th time, Austin said, "Sorry about the mood, I'll talk to you about it on the way down to the fucking plane" thanks for giving me time hon.

"I'm fine honey, just worried about you" and maybe a little curious. I said as I got him a beer.

Austin walked up and hugged me from behind. "And I love you for it baby"But I'm ok, just" thinking, trying to decide what to say. I fell against him and pressed myself into his embrace. "I'm really, REALLY glad you're coming! I said softly.

He snorted and whispered in my ear,You're just happy I'm gunna be on the plane cause you're scared to death of them! he asserted.

"AND that you're coming with me" I can't imagine facing all those people without you. I protested.

"You little tramp, you'd just pick up a new boyfriend. Austin teased nuzzling my ear playfully. "Turd boy I said reaching for a carry on back pack I'd filled with books and stuff.

Austin grabbed me tighter and purred in my ear letting it turn to a soft growl.
"That's better, you're forgiven now I teased pressing my body against his once again.

Once we were loaded, I drove since I needed to calm myself down before the flight and Austin had had several beers already. After we got on I-4 he started to talk. "So I went to the hospital to see my dad after work he began.

I remained silent, letting him continue at his own pace. "I met my mom there at the hospital in the waiting room so we could go in together... He said distantly. "And as soon as he saw me enter his room he began fucking yelling at me, he ordered me out of his fucking room and called me a fucking fag disappointment, Austin Paused, "those were his fucking opening statements of his fucking screaming outburst, and then, as I went to wait for mom in the waiting room, the light on his room came on, and I heard the intercom calling a code blue to room 318, dads room. Alex, he had another heart attack just from seeing me.

There was so much, angst and pain in his voice, my heart began breaking, I wished desperately that I hadn't ever encouraged him to visit that awful man. "Austin, baby" I began"

"PLEASE don't say it wasn't my fault Alex, it was! The fuck'n sight of me caused his fuck'n heart attack!

. "I'm not gunna argue with you baby. I said solemnly. "I just wanna ask how he is now, how you're doing? I asked softly.

"Alex! Austin said seriously, "He had a fucking heart attack! How do you think he is? Austin asked incredulously.

I flinched, he was right, it was a dumb question. "I mean, did he"? I began,

"No he lived; the Doctors were still in there when I fucking left though. Austin said sternly.

"And you? I asked pensively, knowing what a dangerous question it was.

"I almost killed my father Alex, how do you fucking think I'm doing? he asked with underlying anger.

"Austin, that's ridiculous, his prejudice almost killed him, you're only guilty of loving him and wanting to mend your relationship! I said defensively.

"Well Alex, I think it's safe to say that won't ever fucking happen. Austin said looking at me. "He kind of made it fucking clear, he'd rather fucking die then accept me, he'd rather work himself into a fucking heart attack than talk to me"

"Austin! I protested, wanting to argue against his assertion.

"No Alex, I love you, but you don't know a fucking thing about the world I came from" You came from a world of reason and romantic poetic ideals. And I love you for it, but my world is fucking dark and primitive" guys don't love anybody, don't hurt, don't feel anything! You saw the way Nathan was; that's what I came from! He might be young enough to change, I was" but dad won't change" EVER!. He made that clear tonight. Austin set his chin firmly and turned and faced the road, I knew it was pointless to argue with him, so we were quiet till we got near the airport.

"You gunna be alright on the plane hon? Austin asked me a little later. His voice strangely calm after his earlier outburst.

"I have to be. I responded tersely.

"Alex, please don't be like that, this has fucking nothing to do with you. Austin pleaded.

"WHAT??? I asked explosively. "How can you say that to me??? Have I not been a god dammed part of your life through this whole bloody thing??? I asked him pointedly as I slammed on the brakes and turned to face him. "You tell me right fucking now if I'm wasting my time? Are you with me or are you going back to that other life? You obviously still feel part of it! I demanded.

Austin was stunned, he turned and faced me, his eyes wide with shock. "Alex, I never ever had any intention of leaving you" is that what you really thought? he asked reaching over to take my hand on the gear shaft.

I let him hold my hand, "Sorry baby, but I just don't know" I want to believe you" but" this is all so big, and you're so" I began to protest, Austin squeezed my hand.

"Alex, sweetheart, there was never a single moment when I thought of leaving you, hon. That was never in question for me" I love you, I want to be with you. Please believe that, Alex. My Dad made it clear that there is no room in his life for me. That's his prerogative, but I hope like hell there's still room in yours for me? Austin pleaded.

The fear and doubt in my heart that had been brewing suddenly melted" "Of course baby, Austin, I just don't think I could have handled loosing you again" I said haltingly.

"So, let's not play the jealous girlfriend self-fulfilling prophecy card, ok? Austin asked with that irresistible smile flashing.

I couldn't help but smile back through a deep blush, "As if I stood a chance against you turd boy! I said as I blushed.

"If we weren't so close to the airport I'd make you pull over so I could scrump you into next week. Austin said stubbornly.

"If we weren't boarding as soon as we got to the airport, I'd pull over right here! I said pulling back on the road.

"When we get to the hotel, your tight little ass is ALLLLL mine! Austin said as he settled back. I felt my ass tighten at the thought of him making me his, yet again.

The Airport wasn't as crowded as I'd seen it on some weekend mornings, thank god for evening flights. We stood in line and checked our luggage on and took our carry on's with us. I almost balked as we got to the area the lounge was in, the plane was already loading and Austin deftly pushed me along. Have I mentioned yet that I don't like planes?

A perky brown haired flight attendant took our tickets and told us where to sit. We were on a DC-10 so there were mostly just seats on the sides. I sat on the outside since Austin wanted to spare everyone my lunatic ravings if I thought I saw anything outside by the window (thanks FRIGHTSHOW).

When we were seated, Austin held my hand and leaned over to kiss my cheek, "It'll be fine Alex, we'll be there in no time. He said reassuring me. I squeezed his hand for all I was worth as the plane taxied down the runway. Austin was still holding my hand when the flight attendant came by with the cart later to offer us drinks and pretzels. She gave us a wink and a smile, especially to Austin who was obviously trying to help me.

We had these mini cokes and little bags of pretzels as we flew over Florida. A short time later, the attendant came back with a small blue blanket, "Here, you guys can keep warm now, she said putting the blanket over our arms which were holding each other.

"Thank you! Austin said, grateful for her attempt to shield us. Austin rummaged through his complementary bag later looking for his headset when the captain announced the movie we were seeing. Austin leaned over when it got dark and asked me to let him go to the bathroom. As he passed me he whispered, "I'll be in the first door on your left, wait five minutes then come join me!

I was started to protest about how dangerous it was, but the thought hit me that that was what he was so excited by, and before I could utter a syllable, he was gone. So I waited a few minutes and got up the courage to stroll to the bathrooms knowing the whole time that everyone I saw knew what I was about to do, I opened the door and slipped into the tiny room to find Austin sitting on the toilet with a lecherous grin.

"You're such a tramp! he whispered to me through his grin.

"Only for you turdboy! And god help you if we hit any turbulence! I whispered back, in a half hearted protest.

"I've got all your turbulence right here sweet cakes! he said as he lifted a very hard cock into the air already cloaked in a condom and glistening with lube. "Now why don't you back that sweet little ass down on this? He ordered quietly as he gently stroked it. So I undid my pants and sat myself on his lap with a wiggled as I felt his already lubed and condomed cock slide up my waiting ass. It was mostly me driving our" fuck to the finishing line. I jacked off into Austin's hand and he shot in the condom. It took about 20 minutes for each of us to climax and clean up, all in all. It wasn't our most romantic fuck by any means, but with him reaching around me to play with my nipples and his five-o-clock shadow scraping my neck, it sure made the most of what we had.

As Austin washed his hands he whispered, "Congratulations, YOU are now a member of the mile high club too!

"Too??? I asked noticing his qualifier. "April and I joined together when we flew to Vermont to see her family He told me, April was one of his early college girlfriends.

So Austin cleaned up, discarded the condom and washed his hands good and said "Give me five minutes before you follow me back to the seat, OK? And then he slipped out. I went ahead and peed before I washed and left. God we were so bad!

I passed a tall blond flight attendant on the way back to my seat, "You two have fun? She asked quietly as she smiled and winked at me as I passed her. I was mortified and was blushing up a storm by the time I got back to find a satiated Austin leaning back in his seat with his hands behind his head. "We were caught! I hissed at him all wound up.
"You worry too much! He said without opening his eyes.
"Austin, that stewardess stopped me, she KNEW! I hissed at him trying to keep my voice down.

Austin opened his eyes and looked at me then blinked, "Sooooo?

"Sooo, WE were caught!!! I repeated in exasperation.

"Baby, even if they knew for sure, there's nothing they can fucking do about it now, so relax. Austin said with a smile as he closed his eyes again.

The problem was two fold as far as I could see, HE was an exhibitionist by nature, he enjoyed the danger and taboo of "almost getting caught. I however, was a lot more shy, I was scared of people finding us, and wanted my privacy. I stewed knowing he'd gotten his wish and that we had actually been caught which only thilled him further.

A few hours later, it was light out and we were landing in California. Landing was my second most hated part of any flight, so I closed my eyes, held Austin's hand, and prayed till we were told we could depart.

The Palm Springs airport was smaller then Orlando's but it was smartly decorated with south western designs and cactuses and succulents. Over the next weekend I'd be seeing more cactuses and desert plants than I ever thought could have existed.

The air was a little cool, but dry, something I wasn't expecting, As I had been raised in Florida's sauna-like humidity. Austin saw a number of other gay couples there, and boldly put his arm around my shoulders and guided me to get our bags. These were the times I especially loved having a partner. Particularly since he was so big and just intimidated people out of our way.

After we claimed our bags, we followed the crowed to the lobby where we saw a tall bleached blond holding a sign that said "WELCOME ALEX AND AUSTIN in large rainbow colored balloon letters. When we walked up to him he got a big grin and said "Well, well, Ryan wasn't lying when he said to watch out for the exceptionally cute couple, one in extra large and one in petite size. The guy said grabbing my bag and taking a duffle from Austin. "My name's Justin and I'll be your guide till we hook up with Ryan and Michael later. Justin said as we exited the building.

"Was it just me, or are there a LOT of gay couples in there? Austin asked as he took my hand in his.

"Oh god, this place is crawling with gay couples, Haven't you ever done a white party here? Justin asked, I said "No, Austin just looked at me and mouthed "A what?

"Holy shit, I know you two are from Florida, But you've never made it to the white party? The BIGGEST gay party of the year?
"Uhhh, sorry, this is my first time out of Florida to be honest, and Austin's mostly been in the straight college life till we met. But if it helps, we've both been to a few raves. And I've been to GAY DAYS at Disney a few time I offered.

"Cute, but no where near the same cutie pies, not at all the same" I'll have to show you some pictures if we get to my house later. Justin said as if he were going to give starving Ethiopians food for the first time.

"I've heard the other strippers talk about the white party? Austin said trying to feel part of the discussion.

"Ohhhh, just how cute are you by the way??? Justin said laughing as we swerved through traffic. "Listen baby, the White party is way more then a Rave, and well, to be honest, you and mini-stud would fit right in with your shirts off" wall to wall muscle, That's a big part of the white party. Justin said with a smirk.

"So what are you, part of the white party tourism committee? Austin asked with his smart ass grin. Justin laughed, "nooo, I work for the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce. Justin said flashing a quick smile then he lifted his sunglasses and said, "Really, I sell real estate though, to be honest, that also entails selling this area. He said with a thoughtful smirk.

"Sorry Justin, you can save the spiel, we just got a new place in Orlando and are in the middle of moving. Austin said.

"Congrats guys! Justin said happily as he sped past a big slow tangerine convertible. "Ryan already told me not to strong arm you into buying anything, so I've already promised to be good. Justin added sheepishly. He quickly added "Unless you want to see this gorgeous little bungalow! It's perfect for a happy couple.

Austin and I just laughed at his sudden exuberance and funny pitch. "Not at the moment sorry, but if we decide to move, we'll let you know. I offered as I quit laughing.

A little while and a lot of banter later, we pulled into a big parking lot, "Welcome to Desert Palms Inn guys, one of the nicer gay resorts out here; the boys had booked you at CCBC in Cathedral City, but the truth is it's kind of a fancy bath house really. Justin said. "And we convinced them to go to a nicer venue for you guys. Justin added with a wink

We got out and looked at the desert scenery and then the wickedly hot obviously gay couple entering the lobby. "Go on Austin, take your damn shirt off, you know you want to. Justin encouraged as we looked at the other couple after getting out. With no further encouragement, Austin shed his big black t-shirt and flashed an eager grin at me.

"Very cute, but I'm not stripping till we hit the room. I said laughing at his puppy like enthusiasm and need to show off again, but still mortified by the airplane discovery of us in the restroom.
"You will if I fucking tell you to! Austin barked in his alpha-male bravado.

I gave him a smart ass sneer and ignored his preening. "So why don't you just take it off him? Justin asked giggling at our antics.

I turned and gave Austin my sassy face and said "Yeah, why don't you reach over and take it off me? I asked with an evil grin.

"Go on, take it off him! Justin enthused in response to my dare.

"Austin balked, "YOU take it off him, the little guy scares the fuck'n begezzus out of me! Austin said to Justin without slowing down.

"WHY would someone as big and built as you, be scared of him, even if he s built, he's still only half your size. Justin said suddenly intrigued.

"You ever grab a scorpion or a rattlesnake with bare hands? Austin asked.

"Noooo. Justin said unsure of where Austin was going.

"Dude, you don't touch Alex unless Alex wants you to, that's why "I get away with so much. Austin said answering Justin's question and adding his own parentheses.

"You a fucking Mob boss or what? Justin asked me with serious interest.

"Dude, he's like a little blond Bruce Lee or something... Austin responded as he opened the lobby door for Justin and Me.

A cute young guy with bleached blond hair and several obvious tattoos on his arm waited on us and got a big smile when he saw who we were on his screen

"YES!!!!! Mr. and Mr. Camble? He asked looking up. I was about to correct him when Austin said "Yeah, that'd be us, though currently he's still Mr. Johnson. I let it pass and just smiled as Austin put an arm around me; it was out in public and everything which, aside from the brief airport scene, was a first. "Hi, I'm Brett, which I had already seen on his name tag. "If you'll please follow me, I'll show you your suite.

So we walked through a fancy enough south western lobby and out into a lush walkway decorated in birds of paradise plants and lush palms. Our "suite was one of the big rooms past the smaller rooms and past the swimming poor which even in December had a dozen naked men in chairs sun tanning around it.

"I can't wait to suntan in the nude. Austin enthused excitedly to me as he looked at the crowd.

"Well, you'll certainly be the youngest fittest one here, that's for sure! Justin scoffed as we entered the cool and very posh suite.

"DAMN!!! " Austin said as I nodded in agreement.

"Are you SURE Ryan and Michael are covering this? Austin said out loud, though it was a rhetorical question.

"Oh Please! Justin said in perfect gay sarcasm. "You're lucky Ryan didn't hire a small Mariachi band to greet you here-he thinks you're Florida royalty or something. Justin explained. Austin and Brett dumped our bags on the big king size bed and then Austin handed Brett some money and thanked him. Before he left though, Brett showed us the big whirlpool bath/hot tub and the wet bar.

"HOTTUB??? Austin asked as he began to undo his belt. I grinned but then noticed Justin standing there waiting for the show.

"What time are you picking us up later? I asked Justin as a way to let him know we wanted some privacy.

"Ohhh, Dinner time I guess, Justin added as Austin's jeans hit the floor. "Unless you want me to stay? He offered; his interest as apparent as his perfect nose.

"Thanks, but I think we need to rest and regroup after that plane ride. I said as I guided Justin to the door.

"All right than, you have about two hours, then I'll be back and we'll go to a late dinner. Justin added with one last longing glance toward Austin. I smirked but was secretly proud that this fairly attractive guy was scoping out my boyfriend. Justin caught my smirk and blushed slightly, "Ummm, ok, I'll catch the two of you later. He said on his way out the door.

After he was gone I quickly stripped and waited as Austin filled the tub with warm water. I loved watching his tanned hairy ass. "Why in hell do you keep your ass so fucking perfect if you never plan on letting anyone do anything with it? I asked him from the bed.

"I let you eat it all the time! He said back to me without turning his head.

"You know what I mean!

Austin stood up, and walked towards me grinning. "One of these days, I'm gunna fucking call that bluff of yours, and then what are you going to do? He asked pressing his chest into my face.

"I don't know, guess I'll fuck you! I said as I moved to allow my mouth to cover his hard nipple. I heard his hiss as I bit down hard, doing what we both obviously wanted to do.

A half hour later, I was sitting on his cock, letting the warm water and afterglow of sex relax my body as he wrapped his big arms around me.

"Can't we just stay here all weekend? Austin asked as he kissed my neck.

I moaned in pleasure and squeezed my ass together which he felt through his cock. "Was that a 'yes' Austin asked in my ear before sticking his hot moist tongue in it afterwards.

"That was a" I was suddenly jarred from the water by a quick jab of his hips which sent his still hard cock shooting up my now relaxed ass, I just moaned as I felt his boyish need to assert himself quieting my smart ass response. "W-Wedding! was all I managed to get out before Austin wrapped himself around me and almost literally fucked my brains out.

After this third time in a single day, he was wiped out. We both lay in the warm water and regrouped.

"WOW! was all I managed to get out" I felt Austin nodding in response. "as I was trying to say, I finally got out after resting a bit, "I'd love to stay here all weekend wrapped up with you, but Ryan and Michael did pay our way with the understanding that we'd be there for them. He nodded again, and I pushed myself against his warm wet chest and added, "but really, I'd love to spend a vacation with you just like this. Then I rolled over, still in his embrace, and kissed him deeply.

"Lets dry off and lay in bed a while. Austin said groggily as he slipped out from underneath me to stand. He reached down and easily lifted me out with his massive arm.
"Hon, I PROMISE that on our next REAL vacation, we can have sex as often as we want and won't have to worry about anyone else's agenda. Austin said as he toweled off. I kissed him deeply then dried myself off so I could quickly get under the warm covers and nap with Austin before we got ready to leave.

Austin was already sleeping when I crawled in, but in his half sleep, he turned over and created a spot under his right arm for me to curl into. "Love you. He said softly kissing me in his half sleeping state. That comment warmed me up more than he would ever know, So I told him I loved him back and snuggled against him as we both let sleep overtake us.

Loud knocking on the door woke us a while later, and true to form, Austin bound out of bed in the nude and didn't hesitate to open it and greet Justin with a quick kiss on the cheek. I however, deeply wanted to get back to sleep and so they talked with each other as they took turns trying to coax me out of bed.

Finally, my very randy and mischievous boyfriend leaned over me, ran the tip of his tongue up my neck till he got to me ear, then he slowly inched it into my ear and began sucking on my lobe, "I'm off to shower if you'd like to join me" Leaving no room to misinterpret what he meant, he reached under the covers and groped my cock before kissing me once more and strolling to the bathroom.

I'd love to embellish and say I sprang out of bed and ran to his arms in the bathroom, the truth though, is that I slowly crawled to the side of the bed and with my eyes still closed walked to the toilet and peed. It was only then that I heard the shower and walked over and was lifted by Austin and kissed as I was drawn into the wet heat.

"I guess I always know how to motivate you huh? Austin said kissing my forehead.

"If I don't get coffee soon, I'm gunna suck any caffeine I can find out of your jugular vein. I responded as I bit his neck playfully. So I slowly woke up in the warm spray and we both showered then shaved and brushed our teeth,

"Hurry up boys, dinner is in 20 minutes, Ryan will kill me if we're late. Justin hollered from the main room.

Austin went out first and I followed 5 minutes later walking into the main room with a towel around my waist. "Alex, did you pack my favorite red shirt? Austin called, I walked in to see Justin staring intently at Austin's naked ass, that was facing him as Austin rummaged through the suitcase trying to pick out what to wear.

I gave the highly embarrassed Justin a grin as I walked up to Austin, "It's still dirty hon, you wore it last week" I thought you could wear that black silk button up and maybe the silver blue tie that makes you eyes pop.

Austin stood up in full nude glory and shot me an award winning grin, "I knew I should have just asked you what I was wearing tonight! You're almost the perfect girlfriend, He said kissing me deeply.

"ALMOST? I asked when he finished and stood up.

"Well, aside from you being a man and not having breasts I mean He said grinning.

"Ok Boy's time to get dressed and stop playing kissy face" Justin said in his sing song voice.

After I'd gotten my shorts on, I handed Austin a box and said, "If you decide to wear underwear tonight, try these, they're square cut boxer briefs from 2(Xist)" They're wicked sexy and feel great!. I said with a little grin as I pulled a pair of red mesh one's out for me.

I heard Austin whistle when I bent over to step in the leg holes, "SWEEEEET! He sang before swatting my ass and then tearing at his box to retrieve the black ones I'd bought him.

Austin paraded around briefly in his new underwear, I doubt he could have tried to not to look like a sex god no matter what he did. Justin's tongue was almost on the floor and he had obviously sprouted wood. Finely Austin slipped on his black 501s and then his shirt. I watched amused while I was dressing as Austin struggled again and again with his tie. I was about to stop Austin and offer to help when an exasperated Justin popped over and said,

"Here stud muffin, let me get that naughty tie for you! And he proceeded to fix Austin's tie to a perfect fit.

"Thanks Justin, Austin beamed as he got some cologne, "Good thing I'm a stripper and don't have to wear these much anymore huh? Austin asked Justin with a sheepish grin.

"You just stick to being eye candy, I'll worry about your ties. Justin offered.

I was that quickly cut out of Austin's life, or that's how it felt anyways. So I pushed Justin away playfully and said "If anyone's going to be tying his ties, it's going to be his husband. I said with a smile as I leaned against Austin.

"Told you not to touch anything he owns without asking permission first. Austin said with a laugh.

"I-I-I was j-just offering to h-help Justin said suddenly awkward and self aware.

"Appreciate the offer bud, but you aren't the first person who's been after me when I was with someone else. Austin said sheepishly.

I was about to say something then stopped when Austin said. "I appreciate it, but you gotta know, he's mine and I'm his. Period! "Austin said flashing his smile at me. God I loved this 'not as innocent as he acted' man.

"Well, we should really get moving I guess. Justin said a little reserved.

"Sorry Justin, I just wanted you to know we were a committed couple, no open relationships here. I said as we moved to the door that Austin held open for us.

"Yeah, no problem, I just got carried away I guess. He offered apologizing to us.

Justin drove a dark green Altima, normally I let Austin ride up front, but, this time I rode shotgun. We went to the Villa Adobe Resort a nice gay and lesbian cafi with upscale food.

When we got inside, a cute as hell young Hispanic boy lead us to a large gathering of tables where I finally recognized Ryan and a very drunk Michael. "ALEX" AUSTIN... Ryan called out as he bounced up and came over, I had expected our normal quiet dinner with the two of them and the two of us, and Justin What I found though was about 18 guys all older than me but in typically great Palm Springs shape.

Michael was slower to respond but seemed even happier to see us. "ALEX!!!!! Michael screamed excitedly from across the table as he stood up and rushed over. "I'm so fucking glad to see you baby, where's Austin? He asked looking up see Austin hugging Ryan.

"AUSTIN!!!!! Michael squealed in my ear as he suddenly fled to greet him. I was starting to feel like a vegetable side dish at a steak dinner. Ryan must have read my mind or seen it in my eyes, "Don't let it worry you, Michael's been drinking all day, he's been asking about both of you all day. Ryan said to me as he gave me a big bear hug.

We sat down with two separate groups at first, but after a short time, Austin was behind me asking if there was a free seat for him.

I jumped up, "You can sit here baby! I said glad he was back with me.
As he sat down he asked, "Thanks hon, but where are you gunna sit? I wanted to sit with you As he sat, I scooted between his legs and the table and sat on his lap.

"Don't worry, I won't go far. I sassed as I leaned back into him.

Suddenly his left arm snaked around me and pulled me into him, "You made it sound like it was your choice" And then he began kissing the back of my neck; nibbling on my neck and drawing his wiskers across my skin, which I loved. To be honest

"RYAN, THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN! Michael called out rather loud.

"It's ok Michael, let them get it out of their systems now so they don't do it tomorrow during the ceremony. Ryan said calmly while shrugging at me.

"Everyone here is soooo freaking jealous of you baby! Austin said in my ear before kissing it.

"You mean, they all want to get in YOUR pants I think, don't you Gorgeous? I asked perhaps a little bitter though I felt it and was trying to keep it in check.

"Tooooo bad for them, You're the only one getting lucky with me tonight sweetstuff. Austin said as he turned my face to kiss my mouth.

For dinner we had a choice of Chicken Marsala, Lobster in a lemony hollandaise sauce, and a Thai vegetarian dish. There was also a pot roast but no one picked that. Austin and I ate away on the lobster and I had two glasses of this iced Latte thing they made. Austin of course drank beer, though I was glad it was draft at least and not in a can. For desert we both had personal Lemon Tarts, Austin had it with fresh raspberries, I had it plain.

Eventually, a waiter helped us move people over so I could have a seat next to Austin. A guy with reddish magenta hair sat next to me, his name was Cameron. Aside from smoking these extremely stinky euro cigarettes, Cameron seemed like a nice guy, though extremely high energy. Austin told me later the guy was on some kind of uppers like speed or probably coke.

After a couple of coffees Austin and I went with Justin to HUNTERS, a bar the others were meeting at. We walked into a huge club strangely devoid of the clouds of noxious smoke which covered the gay clubs in Florida. There was at least the ever familiar thump, thump, thump coming from the dance floor and echoing out through the parking lot. Aside from the music, the only other clue this was a gay bar, were the shirtless men and drag queens mulling about.

Due to their sizes, Ryan and his posse weren't hard to spot, especially when big blond Michael was seen draped over Ryan's arm looking a lot more" do I say tired or drunk here? Than he had been earlier. Still as the three of us got close, Ryan got all excited and started walking towards us taking Michael carefully along on his shoulder as he went, "Welcome boys, this was one of our main party spots when we lived here" Hasn't changed much! He said gesturing widely.

4 or 5 of the guys with Cameron kept disappearing in groups and going back and ordering drinks before rejoining us, after the third time Ryan leaned over and said "They say all they're doing is smoking. Personally, I think they're doing coke or something. He said a little too loudly.

Justin overheard this as he was standing next to me and Austin still, he looked suddenly crestfallen, "Without inviting me? He moaned sadly.

Austin and I commiserated with him a bit and then Adrian, one of the older guys who'd actually stayed inside, said loudly, "Well dear Boys it's been great seeing you again, but I'm off to Midnight's.

Justin told us that 'midnight's was actually clubs called "Blame it on midnight. A small upscale piano bar with a live musician. Adrian would have left alone except for the manipulations of my very wound up boyfriend, " We need to go too, Austin pleaded with Ryan, Ryan had a dismissive "WHATEVER Look at first, and then a confused look until he saw me watching them.

Suddenly Ryan announced to the group, "Ok Boys, this place is done with tonight, WE'RE going to Midnights. The group looked shocked mostly apparently Blame it on Midnight was seen as an old time queen bar for show tunes and ex show boys.

"Come on Stud, Justin says they have a live piano bar. Austin said as he nibbled on my ear. I giggled and acquiesced with hardly a sigh.

The bar was a small place and it was easy to see it had once been a smoke filled haven for lonely older gay men. We must have been the first young blood to be there in years except for the bartenders and waiters. The bar was decorated and had the appearance of a quaint 1940s piano bar, complete with the baby grand raised on a tiered dais and a 60's something guy playing piano.

I was ordering Austin and I a couple of drinks when I noticed him on the dais talking with the guy who had stopped his older melody. After a few moments, during which I figured out what he was conspiring, Austin came over with a shit eating grin and said "Ok babe, you're up when you finish your drink.

"Huh? I asked pretending not to follow.

"Baby" Austin said as if I were a small child he was teaching, "I got you here so you could serenade us. He said drawing a long drink off his bud long neck.

So I went up and met Buddy, the Piano player, and he handed me a play book listing all the songs he knew, I finally picked one and got a new drink which I set besides the Candelabra and vase of cut roses.

"Good evening ahh, Gentlemen and guys who want to be ladies, or at least treated as such! I added with a smirk. "Tonight I've been asked to sing a few songs and this first one is going out to my good friends Ryan and Michael, who are getting married tomorrow. I nodded at Buddy and he began stroking the keys, "I picked an old Burt Bacharach song since there probably isn't a lot of cross over in what he and I play normally. Ryan, Michael, this one's for you. Then I smiled at Austin to let him know it was really for him.

This Guy's In Love With You

You see this guy,
this guy's in love with you
Yes I'm in love
who looks at you the way I do
When you smile
I can tell we know each other
very well

How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you 'cause
I've heard some talk they say you think I'm fine
This guy's in love
and what I'd do to make you mine
Tell me now is it
so don't let me be the last to know

My hands are shakin'
don't let my heart keep breaking
'cause I need your love,
I want your love
Say you're in love,
in love with this guy,
if not I'll just die

Tell me now is it so
don't let me be the last to know
My hands are shakin'
don't let my heart keep breaking
'cause I need your love,
I want your love
Say you're in love,
in love with this guy,
if not I'll just die

So after that Buddy went into a whole Bacharach song list, I took Austin's out stretched hand and allowed him to take me for a warm embrace and a long slow dance on the floor. One thing I always marveled at with straight couples, was the slow dancing the couples did, I always wondered why gay men never caught on to that. Ryan too had dragged the now listless Michael up and was mostly holding him, but slowly swaying as well.

After I sung a few more Bacharach songs, Ryan walked up and said, "That was just Beautiful Alex, thank you" I think you may have to do it again so Michael will appreciate it too as if he'll even remember anything from tonight. Anyways, I'm getting him some water and taking him to bed. Want me to wake you for breakfast?

"Sure, that sounds nice. Austin said as he cradled me.

"Good, there's a small coffee bar called "Koffi I think Alex, 'our little caffeine addict' will enjoy.

I lifted my head at my name's mention and just smiled at Ryan, "Thanks hon, you're a doll. I said quietly.

"Yeah, I think I'm taking my wife back to base too. Austin said as he hugged me to him too tightly for me to say anything about his assertion. I was going to protest, but all that came out was a long yawn. "Yeah, Time to get this one in bed. Austin laughed as he upended his beer and reached for his wallet. I gave Ryan a sleepy goodnight hug and then kissed the already snoozing Michael good night.

Justin drove us to the resort but didn't come in, after giving Austin a hug and me a kiss on the forehead, "Night guys, see you tomorrow. Justin said as he closed his window and drove off.

Austin wrapped me up and put his huge jacket on me as we walked back to our room. I loved wearing his big coat. I guessed this was what it would feel like to wear your dad's jackets. Back at the room we brushed our teeth, and got ready for bed, Austin went to bed naked and I decided to do the same after I saw his wicked eyes smiling at me. Austin had scooted under the covers and held a flap up for me to crawl under next to him. The covers were thick and fluffy and smelled clean and fresh. I was asleep within seconds of latching onto Austin.

I woke about 4am and had to pee like I'd had an entire keg, then I drank a liter bottle of water before crawling back into bed and wrapping up next to Austin. When I awoke again later that morning, I was distantly aware of Austin crawling over me as he woke up and tried to wake me. I grumbled and rolled over away from him and kept my eyes shut hoping he'd go away and leave me alone. Austin finally got tired of trying to cajole me out of bed and went to take a shower, then he came back and woke me again,

"LOOK, Ryan will be here to take us to breakfast soon. You gotta get your fucking ass out of bed and get ready! He snapped finally.

Angry and feeling crappy I finally dragged my ass out and made it to the bathroom and peed a fucking torrent. As I was cleaning a little, Austin came up behind me and touched my shoulder as he came in to kiss my neck, "Back off Austin! I growled.

Austin just backed up and snorted, "Fine, I'll be over with Ryan and Michael! He said angrily as he left.

Part of me wanted to apologize and run to him, part of me though was just so freaking angry and pissed off" I don't even know what I was pissed off at. But aside from feeling exceedingly tired and just angry beyond words, I was thirsty as hell and wanted caffeine in the worst way. At no point yet, had it occurred to me that Austin hadn't done a single thing wrong, he'd been the same happy morning person I usually loved to wake up to each morning, today however, my morning was spent trying to explain to Ryan and Michael, in my head, why I'd been so pissed, since I knew he was obviously down there making me out to be the bad guy.

I strolled down to Ryan's room finally and saw, even at this time of day, a world of men in jump suits waiting for the sun to come out so they could sun bathe. I was startled as Ryan and Michael's door swung open as I reached for it. "Hey bright eyes, Michael asked groggily, "You in a better mood now or should we hose you down and leave you to brood? he asked as Ryan filed out past him.

"Wrong side of the bed I guess, " I said to the boys as Austin filed out and closed the door behind him.

"Wrong side of the fucking planet is more like it! Austin observed with a snort.

"I don't know why I'm so fucking angry! I said to no one in particular. "It's a hangover dude, I've never seen you with one I guess. Austin said as an explanation.

"I only had two drinks aside from cokes, and they were mixed drinks, trust me, I wasn't drunk! I protested.
"Ahhh, getting older can have that effect, can't hold your alcohol anymore" Ryan teased as we walked to the car they'd rented.

"Nooo, I mean, it's kinda like that, the headache and the dry mouth, I protested, "I don't know though, it feels different.

"Yeah, well you better be ok by the ceremony. Ryan said ominously.

"Well guys, I'll be there, but I think I'm skipping today's festivities and just sleeping. I said to the group.

"You sure hon? Austin asked suddenly acting a little more concerned.

"It's not like we're guunna get out here again any time soon" I stopped and hit his shoulder with my head as he passed, "I don't know" I feel like wet crap. I said yawning.

"Well, maybe I'll come tuck you in then" Austin teased with a sexy grin then added, "If you PROMISE not to yell at me again anyways.

I must have had 2 pots of coffee and a few glasses of water and an orange juice for breakfast, but I just couldn't look at the food" I wasn't nauseous, just" I had no appetite. The boys ate like there was no food left in Florida. And commented on my not eating saying I'd feel better after some food. "Sorry guys, all I want to do is go back and lay down for a while. I said as an explanation.

As we drove back Austin hugged me tightly in the back seat whispering platitudes in my ear. Although I was holding my tongue this time, in truth it was more irritating than alluring at the moment.

Austin did come in and tuck me in, he also got a new bottle of water and some aspirin from the front counter and brought them to me. He was going to stay, but I insisted he go with the boys and have fun while I slept the blahs off.

I fell asleep almost immediately and slept till Austin woke me up a few hours later, "Hey babe, Time to get ready for the wedding, you ok now? He asked with an appreciable amount of reticence.

"Much better I said with a smile.

"Must be, you didn't even try to decapitate me this time. Austin said with a boyish grin.

"Ohhh, you ain't getting off that easy bucko, I still want your head! I shot back at him with a leer, "between my legs!

"Fair enough!" Austin seemed more then happy to comply as he snuck himself under the ample covers and wrapped his lips around my cock and began giving me a long eager blow job. Afterwards, I got up and Austin helped clean me.

As I showered later, Michael came over with two tuxes for us, both dark grey pinstripes. He and Austin bantered a while and as I dressed in mine, I marveled at how at ease Austin was with all this, and thought of how freaked out he would have been a few months earlier by two guys getting married.

We walked over to Ryan and Michael's room a little later, "Oh good, you're dressed, I was afraid you wouldn't make it" Michael said as he fastened Ryan's bow tie.

"Even if I were still sick I wouldn't have missed this. I said with a smile.

"Besides, I knew all he needed was an old fashioned cure. Austin chimed in.

"How'd you get him chicken soup out here? Ryan asked in true bewilderment.

"It was a" a different uhhhh, cure. Austin blushed alluding to the blowjob. "I don't even want to know. Ryan said laughing as he caught on.

'Well "I do! Michael chimed in as he pushed Ryan out of the way.

When we were all ready, we assembled for a picture in the lobby which a cute young bellhop named Greg took for us. Ryan and Michael had opted for two alternate tuxedos, Ryan wore a black one with a magenta cumber bun and tie, Michael wore a cream colored linen one with matching magenta tie and cumber bun. The wedding was held, in of all places, an MCC church which was located in a strip mall. It was surprisingly nice inside, not the tacky thing I would normally associate with a strip mall church.

The sanctum was decorated with cream and magenta ribbons, and all kinds of cream, white and magenta flowers, including two bouquet's of cream and magenta tulips by the side of the alter.

Another couple, Dennis and Art were paired with Austin and me as Ushers. Dennis and Art were neat well dressed guys in the same age group as Ryan and Michael. Both were friends of Ryan's who worked with him when the boys lived out here. Later on, Austin, Dennis and Art stood with Ryan, while Justin and Cameron and a bleached blond guy names Stewart stood with Michael. Ryan told us later that Michael and Justin had dated before he'd come along and that Cameron had been Michaels best friend for years.

"Justin and Michael dated? Austin asked confused, it was only then that I remembered that Michael was another bottom.

"Ohhh trust me, Michael loves to bottom, Ryan said with a smile, "But then what did he do with Justin? I asked beating Austin to the question.
Ryan Laughed then said, "Ohhh he may not look like it, but Justin is a greedy top, he loves doing bigger built guys like Michael. Then he turned to Austin and tapped his chest, "Why'd you think he was always looking at your cute bubble butt? Ryan laughed as he winked at me.

Austin was visibly put off by this and gave a grunt as he put his arm around my neck. It was as much for his own comfort as it was to show which position we each had. I smiled as I knew which position we each preferred. And I had no intention of letting him explore other possibilities with Justin.

As we stood near the entrance talking with the boys and the crew we'd met the night before, Austin said rather loudly, "Hey Alex, here comes your boyfriend! As Melissa and Russ walked up smiling, followed by Daniel and an older straight couple I assumed to be Mr. and Mrs. Fuller. As Austin gave his arm to Mrs. Fuller to guide to her seat, I nudged Russ and as he laughed, I took his arm and said "follow me. Melissa laughed but gave a hearty "HEY! as we walked off. I then sat Daniel as Austin walked Mr. Fuller to his seat and Cameron walked Melissa.

Michael's parents we substantially younger, and looked a little more youthful and energetic then Ryan's older and more stoic and conservative parents. Cal, and Rhoda were in high spirits when we escorted them to their seats. Lastly, as Cameron and I were waiting for stragglers and Austin was off getting ready, An older lady whom I figured must have been the reverend came in, she had a shortish graying blond mullet and a wide warm smile.
"Hi Muriel! Cameron said hugging the woman enthusiastically.

"Hello Cameron, so who's this well dressed little guy? She said indicating me.

"Oh, this is a friend of the boys from Florida.

"Ohhh, you must be Alex than, I assume Austin is off getting ready? I Smiled and gave her a warm hug as she embraced me.

"Yes Ma'am! It's a pleasure to meet you. I volunteered.

Rev Muriel turned to Cameron, "THIS is a true Southern gentleman; you'd watch and learn from him! She said as she patted my shoulder, then she gave me another hug before entering the sanctum.

"Trust me Muriel, everyone here is watching these two! Cameron retorted as she left.

Right before the ceremony started, Brandon came running in followed closely by a tallish pale skinned guy that it took me several seconds to register as Billy. I might have realized it sooner if his hair had still been black, but now it was somewhere between hot pink and vermillion.

The two boys came over and gave me huge hugs. "I'm glad I know someone else here finally Billy said in his monotone voice.

"I'm glad to see you too, I told him careful to let him read my lips as I lead the two to where I'd be sitting soon.

Cameron was given some signal a few minutes later and I went and sat down as Cameron went and stood with Justin to wait for Michael. The man playing organ played Pachebelle's "Canon as Ryan and Michael strode toward Reverend Muriel Starke wearing a contrasting set of tuxedos.

Reverend Muriel nodded her head and raised her hands as a benediction and indicated that we should stand.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I'm so very glad to welcome you here to our home in the desert to celebrate the joyous pairing of Ryan Wayne Fuller and Michael BenjaminWaters in holy matrimony. The boys took each other's hands and turned to face the reverend. "While this may have no legal significance in the laws of this land, what we do here today is all the more holy and significant as it is a commitment of love between these men. Michael and Ryan are vowing before God and all those assembled that they will forever be a loving and committed couple. Although Austin was standing there facing 2/3rds away from me, he turned to face me with an award winning smile and just winked at me.

I smiled back, knowing full well that he'd have wed me that second if things had been different.

The ceremony went on as most weddings do, with lots of pomp and traditional vows, and finally Reverend Starke asked if there was anyone here who had reason to object to the marriage of these two, I noticed several people turning to look at Justin, to see if he'd actually say anything. He didn't, thank god, so Muriel asked for the rings and gave them a small blessing then handed them to the boys.

"Do you Ryan Wayne Fuller, take Michael Benjamin Waters to be your committed husband, in sickness and in health, in times of bounty and times of scarcity, to love honor and cherish so long as you both live?

Ryan beamed up at her, "I sure do!

She turned slightly to face Michael, "and do you Michael Benjamin Waters, take Ryan Wayne Fuller to be your wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in times of bounty and in times of Famine, to love, honor and cherish as long as you both shall live?

Michael was choked up and it showed when his weak "I do came out .

"Then by the powers vested in me, and in the sights of God and all those present, I now proclaim you wed and bound to one another for all days. Muriel then gave them permission to kiss but they had already begun a long lingering passionate kiss.

"Our reception hall is located through the door in the entry hall where you entered, and we will be honored if you will all come in to give your personal blessings to Ryan and Michael.

I was asked a few moments later to help guide the older or unsure people where to go.
Especially since gay men had extraordinary fashion sense, but few had any direction sense whatsoever,

After most of us had come in and found a place to settle down, a DJ played a mix of 80s and topical hits before announcing "Will everyone please put your hands together and help me to introduce Mr. Ryan Fuller and his life partner, Mr. Michael Waters? And of course there was a lot of clapping and cheering as the two walked in. The DJ then announced Michael's parents, then Ryan's family.

Austin was seated by me for the dinner and we could watch as Ryan and Michael sat at the head table and were made to kiss over and over by puppet master's ringing forks off of crystal drinking glasses. The dinner was the typical uninspired fair, stuffed flounder with mixed vegetables, Chicken cordon bleu, or Roast beef Au Jus with asparagus. The food was done well and served warm, but I'd eaten the same thing at every other wedding I'd gone to.

As if reading my mind, Austin leaned over and whispered, "Is it ok if I plan our dinner with Mrs. Tremere?

I patted his hand which rested on the table top, "Of course baby, Go wild on me!

Austin leaned in and butted my head with his as he moved is mouth to my ear, "Ohhh, you can Plan on it bottomboy. He rasped in my ear seductively. My sphincter clenched uncontrollably after that.

Some time after dinner was over, the DJ announced the first dance with the grooms and their mothers, After a few minutes of them dancing to some Kenny Rodgers song, I saw Justin walk over and ask Michael's dad to dance, he laughed but gave his hand to Justin and said loudly, "OK, But I'M leading!

They danced and then an over eager Cameron tried to do the same with Ryan's dad, but he acted like he'd been shot and refused to dance. None of the Fullers seemed to be having much fun, so I suggested to Austin we go over and liven things up" Russ was leading Melissa out to the dance floor which left Daniel and the reticent father.

I walked over and took Daniel's hand in mine, "Hey, I know you were hoping for a chick, but I'm almost as good from what I hear.
Daniel looked up and snorted, "Thanks Alex, but you really aren't my type.

"Well if you don't dance with the little blond, I guess you're gunna be my fucking bitch! Austin said acting all Neanderthal and grunting at him. Laughing as he realized his limited choices, Daniel took my hand and we laughed as we did a slow dance to some female singer.

Daniel actually relaxed after a minute and rested his head on my mine as we danced. "I'm gunna get so much shit if any of my frat brothers find out about this. He said snorting a laugh.

"Well, first of all, if any of your frat brothers see us, it means they're in a gay church in Palm Springs at a gay wedding" I bet they won't say much! And second of all, you know what the difference between a card carrying homosexual and a frat boy is? in unison with me Daniel said "About a six pack.

"Still, if you grab my ass I'm gunna hafta punch you. Daniel said belligerently.

"Fair enough, cause if my fianci sees me grab your ass, I think we're both gunna be in a world of trouble.

After a while I felt Daniel disengaging me and heard Billy's monotone voice "Excuse me, May I cut in please? He said it a little too loudly.

With a smile Daniel bowed out and handed me over to the grinning Billy. I tried asking how he was doing but the silence from him reminded me oh his hearing problem. So I leaned back and looked up at him and made sure he could read my lips, "So how are you Billy? Did you have a good time?

Billy laughed and said, "Oh yeah, this is my first time in California. The wedding was nice, so when are you and Austin tying the knot?

I rolled my eyes, "All I know so far is it'll be after Christmas.

"Well be strong, I'm sure he's got something special in mind. Billy smiled at me and we danced our song and I realized Billy couldn't hear the music so he must have been following my rhythms.

After the next song started, Austin cut in and gave me his "Gottchya smile.

"So what's with the 'I'm gunna fuckya!' smile? I asked with a smirk.

"Ohhh, just thinking" Austin sang out looking up to his left and poking his tongue in his cheek as if he were plotting something. "Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I DO PLAN on taking advantage you later. He said huskily in my ear, then he stood back with a shit-eating grin, "Just so you know.
I just grabbed him tightly and hugged him close and gave his tight ass a quick grope. "I love you too I whispered in his shoulder then he returned my hug, "Love you He whispered.

As we weren't crazy dancing, we lasted for quite a while and only left the floor because I wanted a drink so badly.

"You boys having fun? Melissa asked us at the bar.

"Oh yeah Sweetie, I'm having a great time. Austin chirped sweetly.

Melissa leaned close conspiratorially and whispered just loud enough for the two of us, "Don't repeat this, but I really expected more from a gay wedding, this is pretty much the same as any other wedding I've been to.

I nodded my agreement but Austin just said, "Well Michael wanted a more personal service, But Ryan wanted it this way, mostly for your parent's I think. He said as an apology, mostly for Melissa I think.

"Yeah, I can see that, Dad's given Ryan enough shit over this already, if it were a "Wild liBERAL wedding, Melissa said with hand quotes. "He would never have let it end.. I'm just proud Ryan finally told him he was gay. She added with a sigh. "Sure takes the pressure off of me and Daniel trying to cover for him all the time. Melissa said adding "I can't believe you got Daniel to dance with you, a SLOW dance none the less! She said giving me a smile.

"Alex knew I wouldn't let him dance with any of the gay boys so he had to go after the straight boy. Austin said trying to sound tough.

"And not only does Austin know I have a long line of straight men I've scored with, including him. I added as a dig, "But after Daniel, I danced with Billy. I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Whore! Austin called me with an out turned tongue.

"Tease! I responded without a pause.

"What is it with you and name calling as foreplay? Melissa asked with a laugh.

"He's a pervert; you never know what's going to turn them on. Austin added smugly.

"As a fellow pervert, I, for one, think you have a pretty damned good idea what turns me on. I shot back with a smart ass glare.

"That's cause I'm talented, not because I'm perverted. Austin said airily.

"A talented turd. I added turning to walk away.
"Correction! Austin said grabbing my shoulder past Melissa. "I'm 'your' Turd! He said sliding up to me.

I hugged him tightly and lay my head on his chest and said, "yeah you are.

The cake was cut a little while later; it was a delicious beige cake with almond butter cream over a walnut praline pound cake with an apricot filling. Ryan and Michael seemed to take great care not to get any icing or cake on one another, Austin leaned over and whispered, "Dream on party boy, I'm paying you back for that cupcake on your birthday. (referring of course to the Lemon muffin I accidentally smashed on his face. I got a big grin.)

"That's ok baby, I'll be holding the knife. And I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

"God you're a violent little thing! Austin said standing up and looking down at me.

"You have noooooo clue! I said using a judo move to bend him over so all his weight was being held by me and he was face up looking at me a little startled. So I kissed him and we got a small applause by the guys around us.

After the reception we talked with Ryan and Michael a short time and heard all about their honeymoon plans in Hawaii before Brandon and Billy drove us to our room to pack and then to the Airport. We wished them a good night as they were staying another week so Billy and Brandon could explore Palm Springs further.

We sat on the plane and Austin told the flight attendant, a short haired brunette that I needed a drink, but I opted for water as I felt crappy already. I thanked her then squeezed the shit out of Austin's hand when the plane was taking off.

"You will stop after we reach cruising altitude, right? Austin asked giving me a small warm squeeze on my hands.

"Sorry, yeah hon" or at least when we get a ride home. I offered swallowing deeply as my ears started to pop. Austin handed me some gum and popped a piece in his own mouth.

After we reached cruising speed, and after looking around to see that were indeed alone; Austin turned to me and asked, "Ok Hon, so what did you think about it?

I turned and smiled, "It was Beautiful, why?

Austin smirked at me, "That was soooooo, not what you were thinking. He teased.

I wanted to say how it was just like most of the other weddings I'd been to, and a little boring, but I KNEW how traditional he was. "Well what were you asking me then? I responded.

"You know, what you liked, what you didn't" what OURS will be like? He teased then poked my belly and made me squirm.

I gave him a sardonic look and said, "Look sweetie, as long as you're next to me, I don't care if we're in togas, buck naked or in tuxes.

Austin grinned, "Naked huh? then he used his fingers to smooth his none existent goatee.

I laughed "Duffus!

"Ok, but what about our wedding, what would you want to have? What would be your dream wedding? Austin asked poking me again.

"My dream wedding? I asked. "Well, you'd be there I guess. I said off handedly.

"Gee thanks! Austin teased.

"It's just not that important baby, except for you being there. I KNOW you're pretty Norman Rockwell traditional, and you know I'm not. If you want a church wedding, we'll have one.

Austin was quiet a second then he leaned over and gave me a big kiss, right there on the airplane with everyone watching, "God I love you! he said when he began leaning back and the kiss had ended.

"Ok, so let me say something and then ask you again. First of all, yeah, on a lot of things I'm pretty damned traditional, but with you, I have two rules, we only see each other, and I'm the man. After that, we can discuss anything babe.

I just smiled warmly at him, If I'd felt better, I may have actually teared up. "Thanks honey!

"So that being said, what are you thinking about for out special day? Austin asked with a grin.

"All the fun we'll have on our honeymoon? Austin got a big cheesy grin, "I meant about our ceremony you horny little nympho

"Well, I'd like us to our own vows, I may sing mine" I'd love for you and Mrs. Tremere to plan the food" My mom can be in charge of the invitations and decorating" I hadn't given it much thought to be honest, I figured you'd want something more traditional. I said smiling. "So what about you hon? Obviously you've given this some thought. I said tweaking his cheek.

Austin sat back with a strange look took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Well, yeah, I've had a few thoughts on the matter. He offered, "First of all, I think we should ask Glen to perform it for us. He said looking in my eyes.

"Ohhh baby, that's a great idea! He won't even need to be ordained yet since it's not legal I added.

"And I thought it would be nice to do outside, early spring maybe? Before it gets rainy or too hot. After a few more ideas he took a deep breath, "I have one other thought, but I'm pretty sure you won't like it. He said.

"What is it? I asked finally.

"Ok, so if we were a regular couple, we'd have been fucking celibate until we got married.

"Yeah? Well it's a little too late at this point. I said laughing.

"Well, to be celibate till Marriage from the beginning, yeah" Austin said leading me to his conclusion.

"WAIT!?!? You want us to be celibate till we're married? I asked him not sure if he really meant it.

"What about if we wait till after New Years to start? Austin added quickly with a doe -eyed plead.

"You mean you REALLY think we can go without sex for more than a few days? Possible weeks or months??? I asked seriously.

"Between your self discipline and my competitive nature, yeah, we'll make it. And really, it'll make our honeymoon that much more meaningful.

I gave Austin a skeptical look, "Well, I can't promise we'll make it, but if you wanna try".

"Hey, it's a matter of will power, and you have plenty to spare" and we're still free till New Year's Eve" Austin said with a sexy arching of his eye brows. "And until that day, I'm gonna bounce that booty till you can't see straight. Austin said leaning close then kissing my cheek.

"Anything else? I asked

"Well, I don't have a date yet, but keep the last week of February open, maybe early March" Oh, and I have a few ideas about where to do it, I'll talk it over with Ryan, Michael, Michael and your Mom. He said taking my hand in his and kissing the back.
"Have I told you how much I adore you today? I asked him with a warm smile.

"Maybe he teased in a sing song voice. "But It's not like I'll fucking stop you if you wanna say it again. He said shooting me his best toothy grin.

"I'm totally in love with you Austin Camble. I said softly, looking in his magnetic blue eyes. Austin hammed it up by using his front fingers to say "more, more by bringing them towards him over and over and closing his eyes in a mock show of being humble.

Michael and Jason met us after we'd gotten our luggage, "they actually let you fly with him, with no leash or muzzle or anything? Michael said to Austin when he saw us. As I was going to respond, Austin swept me over in a deep dip and gave me a long kiss.

"Bunch of fucking fags this clean cut blond kid in his late teens said to his girlfriend and whom I assumed was his younger brother.

Austin stiffened up and Michael turned to face the 'phobe' "I'm going to ask you real nice to apologize to my friends before I beat you senseless asswipe. Michael said low and menacing. The blond kid was wearing a WWJD Tee shirt and puffed out his chest in a weak show of Bravado until he noticed how tall Michael was and took an involuntary step back. "And before you start worrying about the 6'6 Mechanic, I wanna warn you about the 5'4 martial arts instructor and the 6'2 professional athlete that are about to teach you some manners Jason chimed in as he noticed me making a bee line to the kid.

"Honey, just apologize, I don't think these guys understand your sense of humor" The medium-sized dark haired girl said clutching blondies arm. "uhhh, yeah, sorry dudes, I was just uhhh a little surprised is all. The blond kid said backing up and suddenly loosing color in his face.

"I'm still fucking waiting on that apology. Austin said catching up some and trying to look scary, as if a 6'2 hunk of muscle wouldn't be scary enough advancing on you with a menacing glare.

"No, no, Really, I'm sorry dudes. The blond kid pleaded as Michael reached him.

"Now fucking mean it. Michael hissed menacingly as he towered over the kid and cocked his arm back.

"NO! Please!?!?!? I mean it, I'm really sorry I said anything, I promise, I'll keep my mouth shut from now on. Please forget I said anything. The kid pleaded using his arms to shield his face.

I was going to let it drop, when suddenly Austin stepped up, he was at least an inch taller and a hundred pounds heavier than the kid. "That your Brother? he asked with glare.

"No, he's my first cousin, Joel. The kid said, still pale. "Kiss him! Austin said, I was suddenly aware of a small crowed forming around us, Mostly people with baggage who'd gotten off a flight. The kid paled and balked, "but I'm not" not gay" he pleaded.

"I don't recall asking you if you were. Austin shot back as he took a bold step forward.

"But" The kid said starting to cry, and then the other kid protested. "You didn't say anything when he was harassing us, so either you kiss him back or I'm fucking pounding you both!

Suddenly the tall one bent over and gave his friend a quick peck on the lips. "See, it wasn't that hard, but this time I want to see tongues! Austin said getting in their faces.

When the girl started to protest, I put my hand up to silence her. I was curious as hell what he was planning.

"NOW! Austin bellowed in the crying kids ear making him move to his friend. He Paused tears rolling down his face, but when he felt Austin's hands on his back he closed his eyes tight and leaned forward to meet the smaller boy's mouth in an open mouth kiss. It was brief, and a few people in the crowd either clapped or made disgusted faces and walked away.

"Now" Austin said calmly, "All these people saw you kiss a boy, so YOU know what it feels like to have that public scrutiny. So take your fucking girl friend and get the fucking hell out of here! And think of this next time you start to open your damned mouth. Then he turned to the smaller blond guy, "And you! Grow some fucking balls! If your dumbassed friend starts something, open your fucking mouth next time. Then Austin turned to the girl who stood there open mouthed, "And honey, get a better handle on your homophobic boyfriend, cause some of us do fucking bite back! And then Austin put his arm around my shoulders and marched me through the small crowed that we had flown with.

"DAMN!!!!!! Jason said on the tram. "Someone's got his big bad going on!!! I hugged tightly to Austin, feeling safer than I had in many years.

"Yeah he does! I enthused as I hugged him to me and stuck my face in his chest.

I assumed Michael was going to drive us back to DeLand and corrected him when he turned left on Colonial. "I'm taking you home dick breath. He said in his most 'you're so fucking dense.' voice.

"Wait a minute, we're still in DeLand until this weekend. Austin chimed in.

"No you aren't, Jason MADE us move y'all this past weekend while you were off in California playing around. Michael said in exasperation.

Austin and I turned our faces to one another with opened mouths, "You WHAT? I asked in surprise.

"I got Denis, Glen, Phil, Dan, and Michael to help move your stuff while your Mom and Mrs. Tremere oh, and Korma and Cynthia packed. Took us about half a day on Saturday. So now you're all moved in and we did a brief set up. Jason said.

He was unbelievable, after everything I'd put him though" how could he still be so insanely sweet and considerate?

"Jason, baby" Why? How? I asked faltering and being totally unclear about what I was asking. Jason, who was in the passenger's seat turned to me with a big smile.

"Alex, baby, all I did was organize the thing, I mean, I helped too, but it was just a matter of getting a few other guys to help, and Michael was the one who thought to call your Mom and Mrs. Tremere. Jason said with his picture perfect smile.

I reached up around the seat and gave the growling irritable Michael a big hug, "Awwwwwwwww, you actually helped? I said happily as Austin laughed.

"Screw you two! Michael said almost without any vitriol.

Michael and Jason drove us home and we arrived a lot earlier than if we'd driven to DeLand. The boys decided to stay in the car when we pulled up since they had to work the next day. Jason told us that Mrs. Tremere had bought a few items for the fridge like milk and eggs.

The place was decorated and set up well given the time they'd had and that most of the stuff had been in another town a few hours earlier, the dining room was set up, and most importantly, our bed was made with new red 600 count cotton sheets. "Hey loverboy, why don't you change and get ready for bed? Maybe you just need a good nights sleep to feel better, maybe you just had jet lag.

I fell against Austin and hugged him tightly before he bent over and gave me a long passionate kiss. "Your mouth is dry baby, why don't you go make us some tea? Austin asked sweetly as he reached down and grabbed our bags.

"Ok, hon, I'll make us some tea, you go unpack.

"Oh look, we already have a message on the answering machine. Austin called from the bedroom, I was rattling around the kitchen so I didn't hear the message, but Austin's face was totally emotionless when he walked back in.

I handed him a cup of tea when I walked to over to ask who it was, "My Mom" my father" My father died last night. Austin said, still showing no emotion.


GOD! Me and those damned cliffhangers!!! One day I'm gunna open my front door and see 500 gay men with tourches and pitchforks waiting to string me up!!!! Lol"

Sooooo" anyone caught my clues as to what's going on aside from the upcoming wedding??? What did ya think??? What worked, what didn't??? Write and let me know at I LOVE to hear from people. OH, and as I've done before, I want to encourage people to read another nifty writer, Scott Turner, who wrote "strange bedfellows in the college section" GREAT story!!! He's truly gifted.

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