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reclaiming austin

Announcement April 3 2008

Halleluiah and trumpet blasts, I just sent the next chapter to nifty.

Many of already written for an explanation, but I’ll give you the short version. Because of the murder a few chapters back, I had to have a trial. I assumed with all the Law and Order and CSI That OI watch, not to mention Perry Mason and Iron sides and LA laws… That writing a court scene would be easy and informative… That’s what I thought… But where Bill’s assumptions meet a grain of reality… I was horribly dissatisfied with what I had, and every time I’d fix something I’d find hundreds of more unlikely situations. I was swamped and saw no light out of the swamp I had stepped into. Fortunately, After many many many attempts to get some basic help… I mentioned the problems I was having to Scott Turner… He’s another author, I had the links to his Strange Bedfellows on my older notices, he’s an awesome author and just so happens to teach law and Poli Sci. So you all need too drop him a not to say thank you. His next story is Fork in the road… I have the link bellow…

I’ll just say this… A few characters you all know and love will be in for a few cameos shortly

Give nifty a few days to post… I just sent this in….

Thanks for bearing with me.

. Hugs

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