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reclaiming austin

Reclaiming Austin 19

October 24 2005

I panicked, I stood staring at the darkness, crying, my head swimming, trying to figure out what had just happened, what had caused Austin to freak out so suddenly and so incomprehensibly bad, I hadn’t even gotten a chance to try and explain what had happened, and I had no clue where he would go now. I realized Suddenly though, that I had to call people, he’d have to go somewhere, and I had to call people, all our friends, so they could tell me if he had talked to them so they could tell me what was going on, or tell me if he went there.

I raced up the stairs and quickly began calling friends, Phil, Glen, Dan, Dennis, I called Ryan and Michael and explained what had happened, When Ryan asked why I’d lied I explained that I’d been looking at a house for us and wanted to surprise him… but he’d freaked out on me so badly, I never had the chance to explain that. I called Natasha, She alerted her friends at the P-house. I called my Michael, and I sat back and thought I should call Brian too, Brian was very sympathetic, and said he hadn’t heard from him, but he’d hold him if he got there and let me know. And then I called someone I thought maybe would know something,

“Hi, uh Nathan?”
“Yeah, Who’s this?” It was 10:30, and I guess it was a little too late to be calling some people.
“It-it’s Alex Nathan, have you seen Austin by any chance? Or talked to him today?”

“No man, what’s up? Why would you be calling me?”

I explained Austin’s brief explosion to Nathan and he sighed deeply.

“Listen dude, I’ve known that asshole for most of my life. It wouldn’t be Austin if he wasn’t doing some boneheaded shit. He likes to… explode, go kind of insane once in a while, usually over a girl…” Nathan paused briefly there, “Anyways, give him a few hours, he’ll call you and apologize… Meanwhile, I’ll call a few other old friends and see if any of them have seen him.” Nathan sounded like a real, and caring person just then…

“Thank you Nathan,” I started to tear up again.

“Dude, stop the crying will you? It won’t help, and it… well, no offence, but it sounds really gay.”

I stopped crying suddenly and just said nothing, letting him think about his comment.

“Dude, I KNOW you’re gay, but being gay and sounding gay are totally different, besides, I’ve seen you handle a lot worse already, just keep trying to think of other places he might have gone, I’ll call a few others, and if I see him, I’ll knock his ass out and call you. God DAMN he can be a jerk sometimes!” Nathan said sighing loudly.

“Thank you Nathan, I can’t thank you enough.” I said gratefully.

“Alex, do me a favor?” Nathan asked.

“Of course, what?” I asked.

“Call me Nate please…I only get called Nathan when I’m in trouble.” He said with a sardonic tone

I smiled to myself. “Yeah, sure Nate, you got it.”

“I’ll call ya if I hear anything. Call me tomorrow if ya learn anything ok?”

“You got it Nate, and thanks, I owe you…”

I ran out of ideas of who to call finally… But when I went to our room and saw the mess he’d made tearing up papers and throwing things around the room, and saw his motor cycle helmet sitting on the bed, I began to cry again, I was just so worried that something would happen to him on that damned bike. I paced and worried, and wanted to call Michael, but was scared of bothering him. At quarter till two, the phone rang,

“Alex?” It was Ryan’s Michael.

“Yeah! Have you heard anything?” I asked excitedly.

“Yeah baby, Ryan’s going to pick him up now, some guy named Gus called, said he knew you and Austin, and that Austin had gone there and gotten really drunk, and after he passed out, the guy got our number out of his wallet, and called. Ryan talked to him, he told me to let you know that Austin would be here tonight, and that we’d hold his ass till you could come down tomorrow, after work.

I didn’t sleep well, aside from all the insanity, I was used to having this big presence in bed, rolling over on me, snoring, and pressing his big cold feet on me. Strange how comforting those things can be. I rolled over finally and smelled his musk on his pillow, and that helped finally, and I drifted off to a restless sleep.

I called his work the next morning and made up some lame excuse for him and promised that this was a one-time deal. Marika and Mr. Riley were actually quite sentimental and nice to me the rest of the day.

Ryan called me at lunch and told me that Austin was sleeping off a bad hangover at their house and that they’d had a LONG talk that morning after he’d gotten sick. He suggested I come down after work and pick my lump up.

“Ryan, do me a favor please.” I asked calmly.

“Of course Alex,”

“Please explain to that big crybaby, that I’m REALLY pissed off, and he might have to find somewhere to stay for a few days till I’ve calmed down.” I growled, surprised at my sudden anger.



“Don’t involve me in your fucking games please,”

I was quiet a minute trying to determine if I was in fact, playing a game, or if I actually was that pissed. I decided I really was that pissed. It just hit me suddenly, now that I knew he was safe. How DARE he accuse me of cheating and pull that crap after all I’d done for him, after what he’d put me through!



“It’s not a game, I’m not leaving him, or anything, but I’m not sure I can see him now without seriously hurting him. I don’t want to do anything I’ll regret.” I said thinking of the time he’d seen me almost kill Nathan.

“Then don’t, but damn it Alex, you lied to him, it’s not like you didn’t play a part in this stupid thing, yeah, he really blew it all out of proportion, and trust me, I left no doubt about that to him this morning. But he wasn’t irrational about his fears, he caught you in a bold faced lie.”

I felt… like a kid being punished. Austin had been right; Ryan really could put me in my place better then even my mother.

“I’ll be there later, I hafta take care of something first before I can get there.”

I then called Nathan and told him we’d found Austin and I’d be brining him back that night. He thanked me and said he’d talk to Austin soon. I then called Korma and Cynthia and asked them to call everyone else.

I went home after work and took a quick shower and changed to go to Orlando.

As I got there I took a path I hadn’t taken in a while, and felt scared as I got close to my destination. I felt strange as I knocked on the familiar door, scared that I was doing something wrong.

“Hello?” I heard from behind the door as it opened.

“Hi Jas,” I said softly as I let him adjust to my presence.

“A-A-Alex, uhhh, come on in?” Jason sounded really shocked. He looked good with his new hair cut and much lighter hair.

“I figured you’d have just called, you didn’t need to come on down, didn’t Austin tell you that?” Jason said confused, dressed in a sexy aqua striped shirt.

“Ummm, actually, that partially why I’m here Jason, What exactly did you say to Austin? Because he freaked out and accused me of spending the day with you yesterday.

“What? Alex, I never said anything like that to him, please believe me. I only asked him to please have you call me, that I needed to ask you something very important.” Jason said putting his hand on my arm for emphasis.

“Sorry Jason, I knew it was something stupid like that, he totally freaked out last night and accused me of cheating and… I’m going over to Ryan’s to get him in a little while.” I said rolling my eyes. I could see from Jason’s look that he was thinking I’d made a bad choice. I couldn’t disagree totally right at that moment.

“So, uhhh, what did you want to ask me?” I said trying to refocus the conversation.

“I uhh… Come on in, have a seat,” Jason said as he closed the door behind me.

“Alex, I uhhh, have to ask you something, kind of, it’s… tricky.” Jason said looking down a lot. He was so beautiful, so fucking smooth and suave… and his new look was amazing.

“yeah?” I asked curious.

“Well, uhhh, when I got back, I ran into an old friend, of yours… And, I wanted to be sure it was ok with you, before I asked him…” He was him-hawing around the issue.

“Jas, honey, you don’t need to ask me to date someone else… baby, Christ, I’ll never get over the guilt I feel for what happened…” I said in confused exasperation.

“Nooo, I know that, mostly Alex, it’s just…Its Michael I needed talk to you about… I was thinking I should talk to you first.”

“Michael? MY MICHAEL?” I asked surprised.

“Uhh, yeah… I ran into him when I got back from New York… and he… we… well, he was much more outgoing and secure that time. Not like when I ran into you that first day… And we’ve had several dinners, and…”



“Next time you see that 6’6” freak monkey, will you please slap his face and call him a total chicken shit and tell him HE should have been the one asking me. Not you.”

I said this very angrily, then I smiled, “Jas, I couldn’t be happier for either of you, Not that it relives my guilt, but at least now I can hope that something wonderful might come of it.”

Jason got his award winning smile on and said, “He really does love you Alex, He just didn’t want you to get upset if you ever ran into us. It would be awkward on so many levels.”

“I’d love to warn you to be good to him, but I know you too well for that, besides, HE’s the one I’ll be warning to be good…” I said with a grin. “I’ll have to think of a really good threat…”

“Ya know, assuming things with Austin with and Michael work out right for the two of us, there’s something Austin and I are going to have to learn to accept.” Jason said leaning back in his chair.

“You mean how to be around me and each other?” I asked softly thinking of Austin’s jealousy.

“No! I mean that when you and Michael are together, everyone else comes in second… You’re like this divorced couple that know each other’s every weakness and secret.” Jason laughed softly his eyes sparkling.

“You know there’s nothing there romantic right?” I asked worried he had the wrong idea…

He got a funny knowing grin and flashed a lopsided smile at me, “Oooh yeah, uhhh, he likes a LOT of the same things you do actually.” Jason chuckled knowingly with sparkling eyes. I blushed knowing a few of them as we’d discussed them several times.

“Why don’t you call me this weekend, maybe we can all go out and get some dinner… maybe it’ll help if Austin sees me and Michael together, and that I’m not trying to seduce you back.”

“Ok, “ I said lost in a sudden thought, “Jas, I just want you to know, that if fate hadn’t played her hand the way she did, nothing could have ever made me hurt you… I-I really was happy.” I said catching his eyes then looking down.

“I know Alex, and thank you. I think that might have been the hardest part, trying to be mad at you when I knew you’d never try and hurt me.” Jason said holding my eyes. “Henna explained all about what happened to Austin, and I understand now why you had to bring him back, I can’t even imagine that happening to me, or what you must have gone through with that guy, and I know you must have been torn up bringing Alex home. And as much as I hated it, I guess he really did need you, and I wasn’t prepaired to share. So please, stop feeling guilty, I’m the one who walked out baby, remember?” Despite what was going on with Austin, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off me, I wanted so badly for Jason not to hate me, and for him to find happiness.

As I hugged Jason and got up to leave a few minutes later, Jason put a hand on my arm to stop me and asked, “Alex, do you think I could stop over and watch one of your shows maybe?” I was dumbfounded,

“Jas!, YOU’RE the reason there IS a show, I’d love you to come see us.”

“Cool, I’ll see if Michael wants to go this weekend.”

“Ya know Jas, Marika was right…”

“About what?”

“She said I shoulda kept you and Austin and both,”

Jason laughed then pointed out, “Only problem is, Austin wouldn’t share your ass, and I wasn’t about to share your heart.”


“Yeah hon?”

“Aren’t we supposed to, you know, hate each other and fight since we’re technically Ex’s?”

“No hon, only lesser gay people do that, we’re too good for that crap. If you were the type to do that, I’d never haven fallen for you. Sorry, you’ll just have to fight with Austin and Michael.”

I gave Jason a huge hug and held it for a long time, and he hugged me back too.

Jason walked me out to the jeep and kissed my cheek as I said goodbye.

So I rode over to Ryan’s place much happier, and in a far better place then when I’d left home earlier.

Michael answered the door with a hug and a kiss, “Matahari is inside nursing a hangover.” He said rolling his eyes.

As I walked into the living room I found Austin with a wet towel on his head wearing a “PALM SPRINGS” t-shirt he’d obviously borrowed from Ryan or Michael. He looked up at me with glazed eyes and then looked down again with what I assume was a look of shame.

“Hey Alex” Ryan said coming over to give me a hug.

“Hi Ryan, how are you?”

“Trying to remember how to take care of drunk frat boys with hangovers actually.” He said with a dry smirk.

“Hey!” Austin said softly.

“How ya feeling today?” I responded to Austin.

“I uhhh, mostly embarrassed, ashamed. Scared I went too far.” Austin replied.

I neither denied nor affirmed his statements, Ryan and Michael were as anxious to hear what I said as Austin was.

“So explain, why you freaked out so badly and why were you so upset you wouldn’t give me 60 seconds to explain last night?”

Austin didn’t look up; he just stared at the floor and spoke. “Don’t know honestly, I was missing you, and then Jason called, and I wanted to tell you so I called over to Phil’s, then over to Roberts… then Marika’s… And they all said they hadn’t seen you that evening, but Marika remembered you getting all excited about something in Orlando… And…” He shrugged his shoulders and put his head in his hands. “Alex, I’m so fucking sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

I sat there with no expression thinking.

“Nathan says you have a history of freaking out on girlfriends.” I said simply.

“Well yeah, but that was always different, I’d get all pissy first, it was always when I’d been cheating and they first caught on and… and I was sooo happy with you, this was totally different.” Austin said looking up at me from downcast eyes. “I was soooo scared you were up to my old tricks… Karma sucks!” He said closing his eyes in pain.

“Well, before I can decide what to do or anything, I need to understand what would make you go crazy like that… it doesn’t make sense.”

“Alex, I was… calm till you lied to me, I’m not excusing my stupid actions, but that’s the moment I really lost it.

“I had a good reason to lie, I can get people to affirm this, or I can show you what I was doing, but yesterday had nothing to do with Jason.” I said calmly.

“’yesterday…?’” Austin asked repeating my qualifier.

“Yeah, I went over this afternoon after work hoping he could shed some light on why you freaked out…”

“You WHAT???” Austin and Ryan shouted at the same time, I expected it almost, I think. As they both tried to ask why, I raised my voice and pressed on. “I thought that maybe he had said something that could’ve misunderstood or taken wrong.” I said not stopping for them.

When they stopped and listened, I said simply, “He wanted to see me to ask if he could date Michael.” I looked right at Austin as I said this then turned to Ryan and said. “Despite what some people think, he really is an good guy and one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known.” Ryan held my gaze a moment and then looked away. If he could put me in my place when I was wrong, I could damn well put him in his when I was right.

“Whatever Jason had been planning to do, once Henna explained what she knew about what happened with Austin, he said he couldn’t do anything. He wished us well Austin, and relived a weight on me that never would have gone away on it’s own.”

Austin put his head in his hands again and shook it, “I’m so sorry Alex, I totally fucked this up and you deserve better.”

“Shut up Austin, THAT’S my decision… My Choice! I get to choose who is right and who isn’t for me. “I” make that choice! ME!”

Austin just sat there stunned. The room was totally quiet a few seconds.

“Alex…” Michael said gently, “I’m not sure…”

“I know why he said it Michael, I’m saying he can just fucking stop, I don’t need his sacrifices now… I need to know if he still loves me.”

Austin’s head looked up and the towel fell off, “Yes Alex, Always, that what this was about, I was afraid you were cheating on me… Those are the types of lies I told when I’d start cheating.”

He looked down at the floor again.

“Austin?” I asked.


“Are you ok to travel?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I want to get some dinner then I’m gunna show you what I was doing.”

“You don’t have to Alex, I’m ok now. If you need a secret, I’ll just learn to deal.” Austin said slowly getting up.

“Thank you, now go get dressed.” I said rolling my eyes with exasperation.

So Austin got dressed, in the clothes he’d worn the night before. Michael had washed them that morning. And we said our good byes and gave our thanks to Ryan and Michael for collecting Austin. It turns out that that guy we’d met over the Halloween weekend Gus the leather bear, had found Austin drunk off his ass at the Full Moon saloon, and not knowing where to take him, rifled the wallet and found a slip of paper with Ryan’s’ home number on it.

I asked if Austin was up to Little Saigon, Julie wasn’t working that night so we had a cute Asian waiter that may have been gay. Despite Julie not being there, we got almost exactly what we ordered, there was pork in the summer rolls, and Austin got some shrimp paste instead of meatballs, but it was all good. After wards we walked to our Jeep and
climbed in. I drove and took us over to Natasha’s house and pulled in next to Cole’s beat up faded red truck.

I immediately took Austin, whom I’d barely spoken to, directly out back towards the bungalow.

“Ummm, are Natasha and Cole out back waiting?” Austin asked.

“Maybe, don’t know really.”

“Alex?” Austin asked stopping and crossing his arms.


“How long are you gunna keep giving me all this attitude? I’m not complaining or saying I don’t deserve it, I deserve worse. I’m asking cause my girlfriends could keep it up for weeks. But they weren’t as good at as you are.” He wasn’t being sarcastic he honestly expected an answer.

“Austin, after your little show last night, which was an ambush by the way, I am perfectly in my rights to have an attitude for a little while. But it won’t last more than a day unless you screw up again.” I said with a blank expression. Austin rolled his eyes and caught up to me as I neared the bungalow and knocked on the front door.

A tall woman with long brown hair and a nice face, totally devoid of makeup answered,

“Hi Ronda?” I asked,

“Na, I’m Rachel, Ronda is out working till about 9:30, how can I help you?” She asked with a polite smile.

“Hi, My name is Alex, and I was here yesterday with Natasha/Frank looking at this place since he said you were moving to Portland…”

Rachel got a big grin and held the door open so we could walk in, “Hiii, yeah, she told my all about you wanting this place, and keeping it secret until Christmas.” I didn’t look at Austin’s face, I just nodded and said “Yeah, but unfortunately, plans have changed.”

“Ohhh, you’re not planning to move down then?”

“Nooo, we’re still moving, but it’s not a secret anymore.” I pushed Austin up to Rachel and said, “This was the guy it was supposed to be a surprise for.”

“Hi, Austin” he said deeply blushing as he held his hand out to shake.

“Ohhhhh, I’m sorry, did I say something I…?”

“Nooo, it was a bunch of drama, and the only way out was to come clean.” I said looking over to Austin who was blushing and hanging his head.

“Alex…I…How can I…. God, I’m such an idiot, I’ll never be able to…” I cut him off with a quick, “Oh yes you can, but we’ll worry about that later. So what do you think?”

“I don’t think there’s any way I deserve you.” He said looking around.

“Obviously, but I meant about the house?”

“Would you like to see the bedrooms and the sunroom… well shade room, it’s on the side under the trees?” Rachel asked.

So She showed us the house and all the rooms, the small walk in closets… the very small bathroom… the open kitchen that opened to the dining room and had a small reach-through onto the pool deck.

“So when exactly are you moving if you don’t mind my asking?” I asked her.

“Well, Rhonda’s mom is sick and we’re going to be staying at her house. We leave at the end of the month. After Thanksgiving.” Rachael said.

“I’m sorry, I hope it’s not too serious,” I said earnestly.

Austin got all excited when he saw the fireplace in the living room.
Austin was loving it, and couldn’t stop gawking at Rachel… Sometimes his straight background could be so damn anoyingt… Other times, it could be so damn adorable. I wasn’t sure which this was.

As they’d be packing the next few weekends, I volunteered Austin to help out on the weekends before he went to work. He gave me a funny look and was about to ask how I had the authority to offer his services when Rachael laughed.

“Give it up Austin, the wife always gets those privileges, doesn’t matter what sex or what orientation you are… Rhonda does it to me all the time.” And we all got a laugh out of it.

We were going to go visit Cole and Natasha, but she had left for the club and he was asleep already… So we went home. Or that’s what Austin thought.

“Hey! Where the hell are you going?” Austin asked when I turned on to OBT instead of going to I-4 to go home.

“We’re going to Bernie’s.” I said by way of an explanation. I wasn’t in a real, talky sharing mood, though my mood had softened a lot. I KNEW Austin was wondering what the hell we were doing at Bernies as he’d been the one dragging me in last time.

When we got inside Bernie remembered us from Halloween and asked us a how we were doing.

“Ohhh, pretty good, but I’m having a little problem,” I said with a polite grin.

“What’s that?” Bernie asked.

“My slave isn’t attired right! I said sharply looking right into Austin’s eyes. His eyes got wide and his mouth hung open.

I grabbed his shirt collar and dragged him over to the collars and said, “Kneel!” Despite his reservations and fears, I think his libido was taking over and he knelt with no question. “I want that one.” I said pointing at one with big spikes, lots of rings, and that matched a few of the wrist restraints. “Remove your shirt!” I ordered Austin calmly. This was fun, I wasn’t going to be a bitch for weeks like his old girlfriends, we’d have one night with switched roles, and that would be the end of it… and Austin might learn a few things about what I liked and what he might like. After I collared him and got him cuffs and an armband on his left arm, I made him go behind the counter and put a chain mail jock on…. And model for us. I put a leash on him afterwards. Damn that boy looked hotter then a habanera pepper in a skillet. I also had Austin pay for it all, just like he’d done to me. I watched, as Captain kinky, got a hard on, it was easy to see in chain mail. I’d let him put his shorts back on over his chain mail after we got in the jeep, but he’d have to ride home shirtless wearing his collar as I was driving. I made sure to emphasize, “I was DRIVING” to him. I had a plan… With what he’d put me through, I felt I deserved a little time.

“Tell Gus I said thank you for protecting my pet. And we’ll try to see him next week.” I said without explaining why.

“Sure thing” Bernie said as he gawked at my reticent and very humbled Austin. It was quite a different picture from the puffed up and exuberant Austin trying to make me his slave. I expected more of a fight from him, and was all prepared for it; I think guilt was making him go along with all this… Too bad, I’d have welcomed a little fighting about now.

I let him put his shirt on before we pulled into our parking lot at home, I didn’t want to explain anything to the neighbors or Mrs. Tremere.

“When we get inside, strip to your jock and fetch me the handcuffs” I said as we were walking up the stairs… ‘GOD!!!! This was fun,’ I just didn’t want to push too hard, I didn’t want to ruin my surprise by going too far…

Austin stripped and walked to the bedroom wearing his collar and jock strap, I watched his beautiful and muscular ass move like a tiger’s muscles under his skin. God give me strength, I wanted that boy. It was possible that slave Austin was even sexier then master Austin… though they all paled to leather biker jacket bad boy Austin.

I had him kneel again and cuffed his hands behind back, then had him straddle a stool so I could tease him, run my fingers and hands over him, when he began asking questions, I shushed him, then went and got a handkerchief and gagged him… Not part of my plan, but it was truly satisfying and kept him guessing, and it was keeping him off balance. I drew fingers slowly up his side which gave him goosebumps, and then would play with his ass, groping and fingering his cheeks telling him how much I was going to enjoy these later, I asked if he were ready, I could feel his shudder and see the concern in his eyes. At first he shook his head no, but when I told him how worried I was the night before, how mad I was later on… I asked him again if it was alright if I did this, He didn’t want to, but slowly he nodded his head with resignation and a lot of reservations. His eyes were closed but he was acquiescing. Despite all that happened to him, he was willing to go along with this. I undid his cuffs and told him to go lie on the bed with his hands over his head.

When I came in a few minutes later I found him face down on the bed. I smiled warmly. As I sat on the bed, I ran a hand over his back and up his wonderful cheeks. Then slapped them and told him I wanted to face him. He rolled over with a look of confusion on his face. I tied his arms and legs spread eagle, but not too tight. After playing with him, which was frustrating as he wasn’t ticklish really, I straddled his lap then slowly up on his chest so when I took his gag out, he could blow me. It’s not like he never did this on most nights, he’d gotten very good. But we’d never done it like this, never with him preparing for me to assault him, as it were. His eyes were troubled and very concerned but our eyes never parted, I was beginning to rethink my plan, that maybe I was pushing him too far. Rather then play it out, as I had planned to do, I took a condom and opened it, which he watched with resigned eyes. Imagine his surprise when I turned around and put it on his cock rather than mine. I scooted back a little and maneuvered myself to sit back on his cock, which hadn’t once lost it’s erection since Bernie’s. Even afraid, that boy was hard as steel. As I rocked myself down gently on him, pleasuring myself, I smiled down at him and chuckled.

“I only wanted you to give me permission to fuck you honey, I never planned on actually doing it. These costumes we wear don’t define who we are. You’d be my man even if you were wearing a dress. But uhh, don’t please!”

I continued sliding up and down on him.

“I figured, I needed you to give me something precious to you, on top of allowing me to take control, which I know you love doing so much, being in control… I figure when I let you up… we’ll call it even.” I said grinding down on him. I had never had Austin this way before, and I was rather enjoying it.

“No baby, I have to do one more thing once we’re done, to make sure it never happens again. And we still need to talk about it. But I’m glad you’re ready to have it done with, and aren’t planning to hold it over me forever. I’ve been through enough of that and I don’t think I could go through again. Trust me, I will learn from my mistakes.” Austin said, I loved looking down on his taught and beautifully muscled body stretched out for me to enjoy… I reached down and ran fingers across his fuzzy chest, he was helpless to do anything as I pinched and played with his nipples. He may have been helpless, but he sure liked the attention.

I totally loved the feeling of power I had, looking down and watching his face contort and his hollering as he orgasmed, I came shortly after and decided I had to let him go, both because I knew how sore my arms got when they’re tied up like that, and also because I needed them wrapped around me post orgasm.

After some copious cuddling, Austin finally said he was hungry.

“Well, unless you want a PBJ, you’re the cook baby.”

“You’re the slave, you’re the cook, you’re the top…” Austin said mockingly as he walked out talking to him self in falsetto, I just laughed and in my deepest voice said,
“Awww, don’t be like that baby-you know a man’s place is in the kitchen.”

“Barefoot and muscular?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, and naked, and maybe with a backwards hat.” I said lounging on the bed.

A minute later Austin stuck his head back in the room wearing a red Abercrombie hat backwards, All he did was smile at me and I flew off the bed to grab a stool and watch my man whipping some concoction up. I watched his naked form frying up eggs and cutting up brioche to toast. He was just the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I made him sit on the counter as he ate and drank his coffee so I could see his whole body… and go up and lick crumbs off his chest. These came with loose hairs of course. I didn’t mind. While he was up there, I decided to spread his legs and… went down on him… I was learning to like being in control. It was midnight when we finally went back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom though, Austin went and got a shaving kit out of his gym bag and sat on the side of the bed with a funny, pensive look.

“Alex, I’m going to show you something, and I don’t want you to get mad ok?” He asked placing a hand on my calf and caressing it.

“What? I don’t get it?” I said holding his shaving kit; I thought maybe he was planning on getting rid of his chest hair.

“You don’t have to shave it off do you?” I asked thinking his dancing job required it.

“It’s not a razor babe…” Austin said looking in my eyes, “But it was for the dancing, and for you…” He said still caressing my thigh.

I finally opened it up and became horribly worried when I saw these big syringes and a couple of brown glass vials.

“WHAT???” I asked sitting up suddenly. “Austin, how could you? Not this!” I said assuming it was heroin.”

“Alex! It’s not drugs, not the kind you think anyways!” Austin said loudly trying to calm me down.

“Austin, what the hell is this then?” I said pulling out a syringe.

“It’s steroids, I was trying to get bigger…” Austin said looking in my eyes. “I wanted to be the biggest and baddest for you.”

“Austin…” I said shaking my head in disbelief “Baby, 98% of guys on earth wish they had you’re body… More muscles aren’t going to help, you’ll start looking like one of those weight lifter freaks.” I said taking the kit back and closing it.

“And aren’t these illegal?” I asked.

“Well… yeah… But I’m not on a sports team, and no one’s gunna test me. And before you start telling me all the downsides and all the negative effects, I know, I didn’t plan on being on them very long. I didn’t know they’d begin effecting my temper so soon.” Austin said looking in my eyes. “I-I want you to throw them away for me… I’m done.”

I just sat looking at Austin, thinking… “So you’re not on heroin or a child pornographer, not a rapist…. Not into fisting…. Nothing else I need to know?” I asked.

Austin blushed and did that boyish roll of his head, “Naaa, my only other crime against nature is my obsession for this little bossy blond guy… I keep wanting to pork him to shut him up…”

“You’re SUUUUURE…. That’s it???” I said without missing a breath.

“Well,” he blushed, “I got awfully hot when he took over tonight… DAMN that was hot!”

I grabbed his collar that I’d left on all night and pulled him over for a kiss.
“Mmmmmmm, yeah, it was fun, wasn’t it?”

Austin smiled and kissed me back passionately.
“Yeah babe, we’ll have to figure out how to decide who gets to be boss incase we both want to on the same night.” He said trying to pin my arms down as he slid on top of me. I quickly raised my hips and unbalanced him and then rolled out and got on top of him, it was a simple Judo pinning maneuver.
“Simple, we wrestle for it.” I said gazing in his sparkling eyes with a huge smirk.

“Ok, I wanna know why you didn’t try fucking me though,” He asked with a strange gleam in his eye.

“I didn’t think you’d want me to.” I said letting him go to caress his face. “Do you?”

“I don’t know, I know I don’t want it to hurt like it did back in Gainesville.” Austin said kissing my hand. “But maybe if you went real slow… I don’t know, I mean, I really like fucking you.” He said with a sudden grin and a chuckle.

“I’m starting to get used to it too finally” I said with a deep sigh.

“Ass monkey!” he said grinning

I leaned down to kiss him and laid down totally on top of him and felt his hard cock poking my belly and his collar poking my face.
“This needs to go” I said removing it forcefully.”

“Well, I missed work today and you must be exhausted, we can discuss all this tomorrow.” Austin said wrapping his arms around me and rolling so he held me as we got into our sleeping positions.

“Lets go brush our teeth, you taste like summer rolls, besides, I gotta pee.” I said sliding out of bed and heading to the bathroom. Austin came trotting up and hugged me tightly,

“A new house, IN ORLANDO!!!!!!!” He squealed before kissing the back of my very sensitive neck. “And a pool, I can’t wait to fuck you in the pool!” it might have sounded more… vulgar from someone else, but from Austin’s mouth, it was poetry.

That night we kissed ourselves to sleep and I awoke the next morning to a very sensual kissing on my neck and a pair of imploring hands, seeking permission for him to make love to me as I woke up. Permission was granted enthusiastically.

That day I hadn’t even gotten to lunch before I had a call from Ryan and my Michael, both wanting to know what was going on, and then Phil and Dan, and Glen called wanting more information about the house. Which was amazing, as I had only mentioned it briefly to Ryan… My Boy was calling everyone and going on about it. Marika and I not only discussed that, but also we decided to ask Robert if he wanted to be Manager of us, as he was the one closest to the music industry. Besides I teased her, he was scared of us and we’d be able to get him to do whatever we wanted anyways. To which she started laughing and got a conspiratorial and in a small voice said, “I know!!!!!!” to which we both roared.

Then we talked about a new bit I wanted to do with back up singers, she had two girls from her Choir she said she’d ask. We could practice Friday and Monday.

Mr. Riley came over to make sure I’d be over to his house for Thanksgiving as Mrs. Tremere had chosen to have dinner there as he had a much larger place. She’d been spending more and more time at his house and they both seemed to be a lot happier. I’d already invited my Mom over to Mrs.’ Tremere’s as we’d largely stopped having big holidays since most of my larger family had either died or had moved away.

Despite the extra work we were doing, and the additional income, Austin and I were living like pauper’s trying to save for the move, and to get something nice for Ryan and Michael’s wedding. Austin and I drove to Orlando the next night to get his motorcycle which was parked the fullmoon saloon and stopped at the Altamonte Mall on the way back up. We looked around and couldn’t find anything that really grabbed us. But it was fun shopping as a couple.

“Hey, Mom’s got a show this weekend out in New Smyrna, why don’t we see if we can find a cool piece of art?” I said suddenly thinking of it.

“Sure babe, but I know nuth’n about art, you gotta be the man on this ok?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, we’ll start looking for us too! Christmas is going to be all about out new house.” I said bumping into him.

Wednesday, Austin stayed up late baking pie after pie and I was glad we bought a few extra pie tins so he wouldn’t run out. He also made fresh bread and two apple crepe tortes that were gorgeous. The apartment smelled awesome and when he came to bed later, I could taste the cinnamon and nutmeg on his skin. I was fast asleep when he’d finished cleaning up and crawled into bed. The next morning, I got up early and made a full breakfast for us, we had a LOOOOOONG thanksgiving ahead of us.

Hey look, NO CliFFHANGER!!!!!!!! Not really. And they’re happy… I wonder how I can mess that up! Hehehehehe… 20 will be out soon.

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