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reclaiming austin

Chapter Seven

If I had been a terrorist, I wouldn't have been questioned more thoroughly
by the FBI then I was by Marika, Ashtin and Ian during lunch. Try as they
might, they were frustrated that I wouldn't give them enough details so that
they could ferret out the identity of the person who sent the roses.
Back in the office, everyone was playfully mad at me for keeping my secret.
My branch manager, Mr. Riley, called me into his office near closing time
and shut the door. At first I thought I'd done something wrong. Instead, he
broke into a grin and said,

"So do I have to order you to tell me who it is that sends you three dozen
red roses? Those aren't cheap in case you're wondering."

I didn't know how much they were, but from everyone's expressions I knew
they must have cost a bundle. I looked Mr. Riley in the eyes and said,

"Sir, I would love to tell you and all the other people in the office, but
I made a promise that I would keep his secret until he graduated.... And,
yes sir, it's a he."

"You with a guy? Alex, if the girls find out the shock could kill them!"
Mr. Riley said with perfect sarcasm.

"Fair enough. But if I heard right, he's some
sort of college athlete. The way Ashtin tells it, he's an Olympic contender.
I'm guessing it's probably the former?"

He paused for a second before continuing.

"You get a tip on a game, whatever that game is, you better damn well share

I was ready to leave his office when I remembered something and turned to

"Sir, can I ask you something?"

"Certainly Alex, what is it?"

"What is 'redshirting?' My friend brought it up as though I should know and
I have no clue what it means."

"Oh that's easy"
he said,
"When a guy on a college sports..."
Just then his phone rang and he mouthed over the receiver that he'd tell me

As I left his office we both grinned at each other, and I was very glad that
he was my boss. I'd worked for too many crappy bosses already, and Mr. Riley
was by far the best. He had an open-door policy for us, and when I'd told
him in his office that I was gay, he just shrugged his shoulders. He said
that most of the other employees had already guessed that, but to come to
him directly if I had any
trouble with them.

While walking up to my apartment with my arms full of roses, I must have
been stopped by every neighbor. As I got to my door, Mrs. Trimere, my
55-year-old neighbor, stopped me.

"So was this that nice young athlete you were having sex with last month,
or is there a new man in your life already?"
she asked.

If I could have blushed any deeper the roses would have seemed pale.

"It's the athlete, ma'am. I'm sorry if we disturbed you."

"Oh nonsense," she said. "I should have kept my mouth shut. Now you're
going to try to be quiet, and then what fun am I going to have on weekends?"

Mrs. Trimere was a lovely woman, the product of a post-war affair between a
French woman and a black Air force pilot. She spent her first eight years in
France, then moved to Florida. It must have been quite a culture shock for
her. She was a lovely mixture of old-world South and cultured French
Most people mistook her as Creole, but she would politely tell them that
they were generations removed from the motherland while she had moved here

I knew from her cooking that she was from France. I couldn't imagine a
person not being seduced by her cooking.

"Listen to me, my Alex. Don't let a man like him get away. I know these
boys. They can be a handful, and everyone of them is a cheating bastard. But
at least with a fellow like him you know he'll make it up to you and the sex
will always be good,"
she said with a twinkle of her hazel eyes.
I wanted to ask

"What sex?"
but thought better of it. Besides, I didn't want
to be caught in a conversation with her all day about Austin when I could
simply call him by reaching for my phone.
"I have no plans on letting him go, Mrs. Trimere. As soon as he finishes
school, we're getting married, regardless of what the courts and churches
say about it."

"It's your heart child. You love whom ever your heart tells you. 'That' is
God's voice,"
She said from behind me as I sat the vase full of roses on my counter.

As I turned to say something to Mrs. Trimere, I took one of the roses,
walked over and handed it to her.

I said.
"There's too much romance for me not to share a little."
She got a huge grin and took the rose as she turned to leave.
"You are a very classy young man, Alex. The world needs more men like you."
I thanked her and said
Just as my phone started to ring.

"Happy birthday, gorgeous,"
Austin beamed over the phone line.

"Omigod! What kind of crazy man are you?"
I asked as I pulled a handful of roses toward me to smell.

"You got my flowers, huh?"

Austin asked. I just stood with my mouth open not sure weather to gush, be
sarcastic or tell him how hard it was keeping his secret when everyone at
work from the bosses to the customers asked a zillion questions all day.

"I'm glad you like them... Those are just for today so you didn't think I'd
forgotten or anything,"
he said with a boyish energy that verged on bouncy.

"Honey, half of DeLand knows you didn't forget, and by now half of Deltona
has heard, too. I ... I ..."
I didn't know what to say. My words got stuck in my
gaping mouth.

"I'm glad they made you smile. Just promise me you won't return the favor,"

Austin said through a smile I could see as clearly as if it were in my face.

"Promise. But just so ya know, this gives me two weeks to plan for your

"If I wasn't so damned hard, I'd be scared,"
he teased.

"If I wasn't so freakin' hard, I'd think of a reason you should be scared,"
I teased lamely.

And that is pretty much how our conversation went. We cooed and pattered to
each other and told each other over and over how much we loved one another.
How neither of us gagged or died of diabetic coma is beyond me.

There was no computer sex that night, just looking at each other and
reiterating over and over how we'd like to be there for the other.  He had
little time, trying to catch up with all his lessons. He was killing
himself, and I knew it.

Finally I had to chase him away. It's hard hanging up when the guy you love
is still talking. But if I didn't, he'd never get his homework or studying

About 9:30, my doorbell rang. I opened it to see Mrs. Trimere with a basket
of lemon poppy seed muffins. She made homemade breads, muffins, cookies and
pies all the time, and I'm not sure why I wasn't 500 pounds from all the
great food she gave me.

"Here you go Alex,"
she said in her Southern/French accent.

"Happy birthday."

I tried to invite her in, but she waved me off.

"You are on the computer with your man,"
she said.
"I just had to get these to you before I go to bed. Happy birthday
she said sweetly as she touched my cheek.

I ate one of the muffins and salivated. If I could cook like her, there
would be no competition between Phoebe and me. Poor girl didn't have any
clue there was a competition.

My birthday fell on Wednesday this year, and it was a long two days until
Friday night. Thursday, however, I received a strange phone call.
"Hi, Alex?"
The male voice on the other end asked.
"Uhh, yeah. Who's this?"
I replied.

"Hi, this is Ryan Fuller, Melissa's brother. She said she mentioned my name
to you."

I was a little put off by the mention of her name. But her brother seemed
nice enough so far. At least he had a nice voice.

"Ohhhh yeah. Hi, Ryan. Took me a minute. Wow, I didn't think she was
seriously going to start passing out numbers."

Ryan chuckled for a second.
"Then you don't know Melissa very well, do you?
She likes to be in control of everything and everyone. And when it comes to
me and my younger brother, it's even worse."

"So what's it like having Dr. Mangle as a sister?" I asked with a light
Ryan laughed then grunted,
"You have no clue."
"So tell me, what's her master plan this time?"
I asked.
"Well, I can only imagine the impression she made on you. But to be honest,
she liked you and your ..."

I added with a small thrill at being able to use the phrase freely.

"Boyfriend. Sorry. She wasn't sure, but that's what she thought... Anyway,
I'm calling because I work at Disney and have free passes. I invited Melissa
Dan this weekend, and I have four more. Since I have no family here except
for her, and I haven't been here very long so I don't know anybody yet
except for my roommate, I was wondering if you and your boyfriend would like
to come to the park Saturday. And since it's your birthday, I can get you a
room at the Contemporary for the weekend."

I was floored. This was too much.
"Dude, you don't even know me. That's, I mean, are you sure? Those tickets
aren't cheap. And that hotel."

"I'm not trying to buy friends if that's what you mean. I just figured it'd
make a great birthday for you. Besides, I'm not paying for them. I work in
the public relations office. I just transferred here from Disneyland in
California. I got tired of paying $2 for a gallon of gas, and Disney needed
someone with my experience here."

"Oh god, another Disney queen,"
I laughed. Ryan laughed, too.
"Um, not exactly. I might be a friend of Dorothy, but I'm definitely not
the poster child. Before this, I worked in sports for a TV station in L.A."

I laughed and said,

"Thank god, my friend Michael and I were talking about steeling a tanker
truck and filling it with several tons of testosterone and lacing the water
supply for the parks. Wouldn't it freak everyone out if they suddenly found
out all those nice young women were actually men???  Or worse, that all
those young women were actually men who only dated each other!"

We both laughed and Ryan said that he hadn't heard of Michael before but
like to meet him.

"Michael would be on you like tattoos on a biker chic!"
I grinned. Then I remembered something I needed to ask him.

"Did Melissa tell you that next week is Austin's birthday, too?"

"No shit? Really? No, she didn't mention that. Well, let me do this for you
guys. OK?"

I was dumfounded. I really didn't care for Disney all that much, but I'd
never stayed at one its hotels. I'd always wondered what they were like,
especially the Contemporary, with its "A" frame and the monorail traveling
through the main building.

"Only if you're sure. I mean..."
I said giving him an out...

"Yeah. If you want to call this Philip guy Melissa talks about and see if he
and his girlfriend want to go, I can get them the same deal. Then all of you
can stay for the weekend,"
Ryan said.

"Wow, where did you come from? Hey, since you're a sports guy, can I ask
you something?"
I asked, recalling something Austin had told me.

"No, I never hung out in the locker rooms, so I can't tell you what
so-and-so looks like without his clothes on,"
Ryan chuckled.

"Though I did watch Andy Roddick change his shirt during a changeover at a
tournament in Palm Springs."
"Ummm, That's not what I was gonna ask,"
Alex said.

"What the hell does 'redshirting' mean? Austin said the reason he wasn't
playing this season was because he was redshirting. Like I'd have some clue
what that meant. I was too embarrassed to ask him and pretended to
understand what he was saying."

"Oh, that's easier," Ryan said. "When a college athlete redshirts, that
Ryan stopped for a second and then said,
"That's Melosa on the other line. Let me take her call and if it's not too
late I'll call you back and tell you. If not I'll tell you Saturday. Ok?"

"Yeah, and thanks Ryan... You can't imagine what this means to me."

I thanked Ryan again and told him that I would talk to
Phil and Austin. In reality, I only wanted to talk to Phil. I wanted to
surprise the hell out of Austin.
Rather than give a boring play-by-play, let me give you the abridged
Austin wouldn't know anything as we were going to surprise him. Ryan was
invited to the party. We'd go to our rooms then meet up with Ryan at 5 in
the Japanese noodle house at Epcot.
Austin was coming in Friday afternoon for the party. He'd managed to
convince Phoebe that with the team out of state for a three-game weekend
series, he should visit home while he had the chance and see his parents and
friends. I waited Friday afternoon till 3:45 for Austin.

Like an unexpected cool breeze on a hot August afternoon, he drove into my
parking lot with Sisters of Mercy blaring from his speakers. Before he'd
gotten out, I heard a rap on my wall. It was Mrs. Trimere letting me know
that she also knew Austin had arrived. He hit my stairs two at a time and in
moments was standing before me like a vision of a German ubergod.

"My god. I don't know how I let you leave,"
I stuttered as I caught his sparkling blue eyes.

"Yeah. me either,"
He smirked at me. I saw immediately that not only had he grown a goatee on
his gorgeous tanned face, but that there were some short curlies coming out
the top of his black A&F jersey. He caught me looking and grinned broadly.

"You don't know how hard I had to fight to grow this for you. You gonna
make it worth my while?"

"You really are a self-centered bastard,"
I said with just a hint of a smile on my lips. He laughed and swept me up
into a long kiss. His bristle pressed against my face as his warm hot tongue
probed my mouth.

We were kissing when he stopped suddenly and almost pushed me over as he
raced to the kitchen.

He hollered,
"These have to be from your neighbor, the great cook?"

He pounced on them and was sticking one up to his mouth as raced to take
them away, But my Kitchen floor was very waxed wood, and I was wearing
socks... So I hit the very slick floor in my socks and skidded all the way
up to him, accidentally smashing the muffin all over his face. Pieces were
falling out of his nose and the icing went clear up to his eyebrows. For a
moment, we just locked eyes and neither of us knew what to do. Then a large
chunk fell off his face and hit the floor, and we started laughing so hard
we were crying. We laughed and laughed and held each other to keep from
falling over.
We split the last muffin as a compromise, though I was assured that he would
seek revenge... 'several times if I'm lucky.' I thought.

We were at Phil's by 5 o'clock, being kept away from the birthday cake they
were going to surprise us with. Dan and Steve were manning the barbecue
grill, making a flurry of hamburgers and hot dogs. For a change, I wasn't in
the kitchen scooping up salads and side items. I wasn't even doling out
chips or condiments.
I was wrapped up in two very formidable-looking arms. It's not as if I was
thinking of escaping, but I guess they were as much a symbol of protection
as they were a means of capture. I was definitely not complaining.
Even the music was being provided by the rest of the crew, though at one
point I did sing a rousing chorus of "My Man." You know the old song, "Fish
gotta swim and birds gotta fly, I can't help, loving one guy, can't help,
loooooving that ma-a-an of mine." So on and so on.

We were chased inside early by the mosquitoes. Everyone was crazy. Even
Melissa started to get silly, cans of crazy string were flying, people were
being pantsed. Wet willies and titty-twisters were all over the damned
place.  Even water balloons and a hose made appearances. It was quite the
juvenile time.

Then, at 8 o'clock, a silver Sebring convertible with the top down pulled up
to the house, and a guy looking to be in his early 30s climbed out and
started walking up the driveway. Melissa stopped what she was doing and went
flying out to greet him with a big hug. When he walked in, I noticed several
things about him. He was very good looking, but in a different way.
'Sophisticated casual' I'd call it.   You could tell by the way he carried
himself that he wasn't from here. If Austin looked as if he's stepped off
the pages of an Abercrombie and Fitch Quarterly, this guy looked as if he'd
just come from a Versace add, or maybe a GQ layout. He was about 5-foot-11,
maybe 160 or 170 pounds, with bleached blond hair that was mussed in the
current popular style. He had blondish-brown facial scruff, green eyes, one
small gold hoop earring dangling from each ear, and he was wearing a loose
fitting white silk button up that showed his great tan with plaid A&F shorts
and brown Skecher sandals. Between the three of us we had on most of A&F's
spring catalog.

I guess Austin noticed me appraising him, because his arms suddenly became
much tighter and I could feel him tensing up.

"Who's grandpa?"
he whispered in my ears. I almost laughed at the obvious jealousy. It was
cute. I didn't tell Austin
that 'grandpa' was giving us a birthday present that would blow all the
others away. I thought that it would be better to let him meet the guy

I did tell him that he should be nice since Ryan hadn't been here very long
and didn't know anybody outside of work.

Ryan was introduced around the room and then finally came up to Austin and

"Last but not least, you guys have to be Alex and Austin,"
He said, shaking our hands.

"It's nice to meet you. I hope once I get to know you guys and you guys get
to know me that we can be friends. I don't have any gay friends here except
for my roommate, Brandon, and there are days when I really miss my friends
in California."

We all talked for a while, and Austin held onto me like I was his last
vestige of heterosexuality rather than the guy who was threatening it. I
guess alpha male lingo and tradition transcends gay-straight boundaries...
But his none-too-subtle message was clear to all: "This is mine!"

I guess there are a lot of guys and a lot of feminists out there that hate
this masculine bravado stuff. I am  not burdened by that bullshit.

Suddenly, Cynthia and a few of the girls disappeared with Dennis and Phil. I
smiled. It really was cute watching straight people try to throw surprise
parties. I had so much to teach them. Sure enough, a few minutes later a
hand shot out and turned off the lights. Then Dennis and Phil came out
holding cakes and everyone was singing "Happy Birthday."

Regardless of whether I was expecting it, I blushed and so did the
touchy-feely Austin. When we stood up and went to the bonfire that was our
cakes, I was puzzled for a second. They were both baseball players. Then I
read the icing shirts: "PITCHER" and "CATCHER."
I started laughing so hard that it was only Austin's arms keeping me up.
Then he read it and started to laugh, too. In fact, it was a ripple effect
going across the room. It wasn't until I was starting to blow out my candles
that I began to count them.

"OK, Who the hell put 46 candles on my cake?"

I demanded loudly. But let's face it, by this point in the evening even a
heart attack would have been met
with laughter.

So Austin was handed some chocolate "CATCHER" cake and I was handed some
cherry chip "PITCHER" cake. The joke wasn't lost on me.

After the cake was eaten, the girls started to bring out the presents. Based
solely on the grin and personalities of the assembled group, I decided I
Really, desperately wanted to get out now. No such luck. This was going to
be a gay bashing of an entirely new fashion.

When Phil handed similar-sized boxes to Austin and I, he said,

"These are not just birthday presents, they are also part of a something
else we owe you."

In Austin's box was a red shirt with white lettering saying: "First Annual
Locked Bathroom Door Memorial Award." Then on the front it said "WINNER" in
huge letters.  Mine was almost identical. It said: "First Annual Locked
Bathroom Door Memorial Award." And on the front is said "PRIZE" in huge
We blushed, hugged and thanked them.

"Austin, I think there's a theme tonight. I REALLY hate it when straight
people get too comfortable with gayness,"

I said just loud enough for everyone to hear. Glen and Jennifer were next.
They had several presents for us. For me, Glen found a book by Mel White
about being Christian and gay. As he handed it to me, he said he'd already
read it and had learned a lot. He told me he was so glad we'd gotten past
our issues.

Then he and Jennifer gave Austin a book. It was the "Joy of Gay Sex," with
the words "Christian edit" glued underneath. On the inside, they had glued
black paper over all the pictures with yellow smiley faces in the center.

We were falling on each other laughing, especially when Glen said they had
glued in all the paper themselves and had to see all the original pictures.
Then Jennifer started to laugh so hard, beer came out her nose. When she
finally sputtered out that she made Glen buy the book at the mall by
himself, we all began to roar.

"Yeah, and Frank the cashier was so impressed by my courage, he gave me his
number and told me to call
Glen said with a huge grin.
"So, which of you wants the number?"
Glen said, waving a piece of paper at us.

Austin grasped me and said,

"Why don't you give it to Ryan?"

Ryan smiled and took the number.

"Charity cases? Am I at that age already?
Damn. Well, at least I'll get a discount on books."

"Toss it Ryan, I know a lot better class of queers then that. Oh, and we
still don't have the whole story on Dennis,"

I said with an innocent bat of my eyes to Dennis.

Ryan glanced over at Dennis and said,

"Tempting, but if he's on our team, I think we play the same position."

Dennis toasted him and said, "Damn stra ... Right!"

Austin was almost strangling me he was holding me so tight. By applying a
slight amount of pressure to his hand, I moved it down just a bit so it more
of a hug and less of a chokehold.

"OK, next presents,"

Melissa said as she handed Austin and I some nicely decorated shirt boxes.
My box had a baseball player-styled uniform that said "Catcher" on the
breast and on the back over the number 68.  When Austin got his out, it was
identical except -- as we all knew it would -- it said "Pitcher" and the
number was 69.

"I thought that since 68 is under 69 it was perfect. Now you have your own

Melissa said.

I was amazed that anyone would spend this much on what was essentially a
joke. I mean, the jerseys were quality made, matching baseball caps. I
finally decided I really admitted to myself that I could see us wearing
these out to some of the clubs and events.

"Thank you guys, now we have stuff to wear at GAYDAYS in June."

I said to Melissa and Dan.

Steve handed me a five-pound tub of Crisco and a pack of latex gloves. He
had a Shit-eating grin on his face, and everyone but poor Austin was

"Look honey, isn't that cute. I didn't know Crisco came in tubs this
I said.

"If I hear a glove snap tonight, I'm breaking anything that touches me!"

Austin said with a mixture of humor and bravado.

"Maybe you need to explain those shirts to him," Phil laughed.

"Yes, But if 'I' hear a glove snap, I am breaking absolutely everything
that gets near me!"

I shot back at Phil.

Dennis gave us a nice bottle of champagne and a set of glasses and a note
that read, "For tomorrow." Naturally, Austin didn't seem to understand what
that meant.  I had to hand it to Dennis, he might look like a bouncer, but
he was pure class.

When most of the festivities were done Ryan came over to us and said,

"I don't have anything to give you tonight. But, I'll pull up to the
employee's entrance at 8:55 tomorrow, so please be on time."

Austin turned and looked confused for a second.

"For our birthdays, Ryan is getting us into Disney along with Dan, Melissa,
Phil and Korma," I said, purposely withholding that we'd also be staying

Austin turned to Ryan, and for the first time seemed to be genuinely nice to
him. I let them talk and trusted that both of them were mature enough to be
left on their own.  Which was my nice way of hoping that Austin behaved
himself.  Melissa had said that Ryan had been a really good high school
baseball player, but not good enough to play for a major college. Maybe they
would find common ground.

As six members of the core group had to be on the road by 7:30 the next
morning and it was going on midnight, the party ended early. Three times, I
almost had to kill people who started talking about 'staying at Disney
overnight' in front of Austin. Luckily, he was putting two and two together
and coming up with five or fifteen.

Austin began stripping me on the way home. Twice, I had to pull my shorts up
when we stopped at traffic lights. One car full of girls was hooting and
hollering, so Austin and I mooned them. I had to redress at the apartment
just to walk across the parking lot.

At the top of my stairs Austin undid my shorts and they slid right down my
legs. Since it was fairly late around my complex, I just walked out of them
and waited for Austin to stop groping me and open the door. Inside, he tore
off my remaining clothing in microseconds and moments later was just as
naked as I was.

"How about I give you the rest of your present now?"

Austin teased as he dragged me by an arm to the bedroom.  Austin ran over to
his suitcase and started to dig in it. It was obvious that something was
missing by his frantic searching.


He began yelling over and over. Then he went to my dresser and opened my
draw and took out my lube.

"Ummm, where do you keep your condoms, babe?"
He asked as nonchalantly as he could. Like he had some reason I couldn't
have known about that he needed them for. Unfortunately, I had given my last
three to Michael for a date the previous week. Austin looked crestfallen
when I told him.
After a small cussing fit he smiled and hugged me and said,

"Well, I'm still not telling you what I'm getting you, but you'll have to
wait till tomorrow."

I smiled warmly and said, "Well, I can't imagine what it is, but I'm sure
it's going to be special 'whatever'
it is."

And so with liberal amounts of kissing and one mutual blowjob, we went to
sleep with me wrapped in his arms.

As soon as the alarm went off the next morning, we were running around the
apartment like bees on methamphetamine. While he showered, I got most of his
stuff packed and moved to the jeep. Then I packed all my stuff as well.  All
this and he still had no clue we were staying.

We hit the road at 7:45, 15 minutes later than I'd hoped, and Austin was
forced to listen to my early morning road-trip tape: ABBA Gold. But true to
his gay half-nature, he was bopping and singing along within two songs. To
this day, I'm totally convinced that Abba makes cars more fuel-efficient and
may increase speed or somehow alter time/space continuums.

So despite Austin having to make a quick stop at a drug store off the
interstate in Orlando (for breath mints and sun block he said.) And having
to follow Ryan's directions to a convenience store located off the busy
highway through Lake Buena Vista. Dan and Melissa were already there, and
Phil and Korma came up behind us. Sure enough, less than five minutes later,
Ryan drove up from the side road in his silver Sebring convertible - he had
the top down - and signaled for us to fall in behind him. He drove back down
the side road for a couple of miles, then turned into a guarded entry gate.
I could see him flash a badge to the guard, and the two talked briefly
before the guard raised the gate to allow Ryan to drive through. The gate
remained raised as the guard smiled and waved us through as well. The
two-lane road wound past Tomorrowland - there was Space Mountain to the
right - and within minutes we were parked in the Contemporary lot. Ryan
climbed out of his car and handed me a card with his numbers on it and some
hotel information that we needed. Even though it was a Saturday, Ryan
explained he was working on a project with several co-workers and they had
decided to come in.

Although I wanted to wait to surprise Austin, the other four all said we
should get our rooms done now so we could come back and change later when it
got too hot. So I spilled it all to Austin and he got way excited about our
little adventure.

He was almost running around me in circles as we went back to our cars.
Several times, I would have to say he actually bounced. He was so excited he
didn't even flinch when the cute guy behind the counter told us we'd be in a
one-bed suite on the 14th floor overlooking Bay Lake and the Magic Kingdom.
In fact, Austin grabbed my hand and almost bounced all the way to the
elevator. I heard several "aaaaawwwwws" and a few laughs from the front desk

If I hadn't been with him every second of the day thus far, I'd have sworn
he was on crystal or something. I was seeing a child-like side of Austin I'd
only glimpsed little pieces of before... He was Acting like an 8-year-old on
Christmas morning.  It was making all of us smile.

When we got to our room, we were both caught up in the moment.  As we walked
in to our room we found a huge tray with a chilled bottle of Remmy Martin
Champagne, a 10" solid Chocolate Mickey, (in Dark Choc) and an assortment of
fancy Chocolate truffles.  A note attached to a vase with a single orchid
said, "Enjoy your room, Ryan." As I poured the champagne Austin grabbed to
identical truffles and stuck one in my mouth for me and then ate his... The
boy nearly had an orgasm... If I wasn't almost having one myself because
they really were that good... I may have been jealous. We took our flutes
and walked to the balcony overlooking the lake and park below. Austin came
up and threw his free arm over my shoulder and pulled me close. I felt so
secure that moment.

"Do you know how crazy and wonderful my life has been just since we met?"

He asked without looking at me. Our eyes were both fixed on the view as it
unfolded before us.

"Well, if it's been half as crazy as mine, I'd say you need a long nap and
a longer drink,"
I replied with a warm nudge from my head to his chest.

"Like anyone gets sleep with you in bed?"
He teased as he hugged me tighter to him.

"Do we have to go to the park or can we just stay here?"
I asked from near his armpit.

"Well, there's no rule that says we have to go to the park,"
Austin said,
"But you know those fuckers will get security to open our doors if we don't

"So? Let's answer in the middle of midair penetration,"
I grinned.

"OK. First of all, I have no clue what midair penetration is,"
Then he got a big grin I could feel even several inches below it.
"And second, you know I don't do that nasty anal shit."

We were both almost laughing, as we both knew the other knew what his
"present" was, what he'd planed, and what he'd run into buy at the drug

"Mmmm hmmm. You fo'got two impor'an words baby,"
I said in perfect Puerto Rican sista vernacular.

"Yeah, what?"
he asked, amused.

"'Yyyy' and 'et!'"
I said as I snapped my fingers twice.

We drank in silence for a few minutes before Austin Casually put his empty
glass down, took mine and held it to my lips to finish, then sat it on the
table next to his... Then began to tickle me.

We were finally interrupted by a knock at the door.

"You were so totally just saved by the fucking bell!"
Austin preached down to me.

I wiggled free and ran to the door,

"What bell, doofus?"

I swung the door open and jumped behind whoever happened to be waiting there
just as Austin sprang half the distance to reach me. As I figured, it was
the other four. I darted out, and they started to laugh as soon they saw our
antics. Dan grabbed me under the armpits and lifted me up.

"I believe this is yours,"

He said as he walked toward Austin.

"You keep the little shit know it all. He thinks you're cuter than me

Austin said in a pouty tone.

"Daniel is already spoken for,"

Melissa said with a smile as she put her arms around him protectively.  I
tilted my head to the side like a little kid and asked with as much
innocence as I could muster,

"You mean you wouldn't share?"

Melissa promptly said,

"No dear, would you?"

"No, in fact if I see any Disney quuens looking at him too long I will
report their asses soooo fast to their superiors, they won't even have time
to gossip about the hunk and his midget boyfriend."

Melisa laughed then looked me deeply in the eyes before getting a cat-like
smile and saying somewhat mysteriously,

"I feel sorry for anyone who underestimates you honey. Very, very sorry."

She smiled and pushed me back at Austin, who 'grudgingly' caught me. Of
course, I was then tickled into helpless goo, but everyone else enjoyed it.

We did something of a haphazard tour of the Magic Kingdom; we only live 45
minutes North of it (barring traffic) so we had all been there dozens and
dozens of times.  Primarily we hit the longer, darker rides so that Austin
and I could make out. I didn't know if he
Knew all about the video cameras on the rides. But I did, and I figured if a
queen was working, he needed a show.
Boy, did they get one. What had started out as simple kissing and groping,
dissolved into his hands sliding down the back of my pants and up the front
of my shirt.
Finally I stopped him and said,

"Honey, you gotta calm it down a little. They have cameras everywhere, and
they will toss us out if it goes too far."

He got a wicked grin and said,

"I know. I just wanted to see how far I had to go till you would say
anything, you little exhibitionist tramp!"

We stopped and turned to face one another in the Pirates of the Caribbean
entrance. I was full of piss and vinegar as my grandmother used to say.
Austin stood there, all 5 feet and 11 inches of him. All his brown wavy hair
and short, well-groomed goatee trailing down to a trimmed chest full of
brown hair down his treasure trail to a well-groomed crotch. There was a lot
of hair on both his forearms and legs. His skin was tanned from lots of time
in the sun, and he would have been black if not for all the sunscreen he
wore.  His sapphire blue eyes still had the power to freeze me; he knew all
the looks it took. His muscles rode on his body like those of a lion or
tiger, graceful and ready to spring. With a different mind, a different
heart he could have been physically dangerous. I wondered at times if he
wasn't dangerous in an entirely different way.

"I'm not ashamed of you shortstop. I LOVE being seen WITH You.  You know
I'm here for your pleasure," I said in this low and raspy voice as I looked
in his eyes and let my head roll gently to the side as I stuck my pinky in
my mouth and sucked on the tip.

"Like I said,"
Melissa stated,
"Very, very, sorry for anyone underestimating you."

Phil stated.
"He even gave me a hard-on."

That broke the spell, and we all laughed as Austin stood between us and

"Go get your own, I've almost trained this one do things the way I like

He said as he flashed a grin over his shoulder at me.  I just walked up to
him and ran my hand gently across his buttocks.

"Somebody is underestimating me"
I said as sweetly as I could.

We broke up to our respective couples. Austin stopped being so forcefully
gropy and relented to just handholding on rides and simple kisses when no
one else could see... well, except the camera guys. Every few minutes,
Austin would lean over and ask me just loud enough for one or two of the
others to overhear,

"Can we go back to the room yyy-et?"

Finally, Dan said,
"OK, but if you do we all get to watch."

Before I could say anything, Austin said,

"Fine with me. You know he's a little exhibitionist perv anyways."

"Hey! Fuck both y'all!"
I scowled.
"Man, you're right, and apparently he's into threesomes, too!"
Korma laughed.

>From the Magic Kingdom, we took the monorail to the transportation center,
and then got on another monorail that ran from the transportation center to
We did a few of the exhibits at Epcot before heading to the Japan pavilion,
which was my favorite. It was almost 5 o'clock, and Ryan was waiting for us
on a bench outside the noodle house.

"You kids having fun?"
He asked as we got our food and found a place to sit.

"Yeah, it's either the giant talking rodents or the company. By the way,
did you know Chip and Dale were gay?"

Phil queried.

Ryan played along, looking around as if he was about to share a company
secret that he didn't want others to overhear.

"Well, we're not supposed to talk about it. But those two are inseparable.
I heard they had a commitment ceremony last year."

He spoke in a soft voice, and then deftly used the chopsticks to coax a
noodle into his mouth.

"Yeah, well Dale was giving Alex the eye. And then Austin and Chip got all
upset and started pouting. Ugly scene,"

Phil added.

"Yeah, this little tart'll do anything with a fuzzy face and an employee

Austin said seconds before he realized that he'd put his large foot into his
equally large mouth.
His face went pale as he looked at Ryan and gasped for an apology.

"Special preference given to those who can stuff their cheeks with nuts,"

Melissa added coyly. The humor broke the tension of a serious faux pas.

"Austin, looks like you can get a guaranteed job here when you graduate,"

Phil taunted.

"If he graduates. He's not even playing this season, and his grades are
still slipping lately,"

I added with a scowl to Austin.

"I guess maybe I've had a distraction lately. Gee, maybe I should give

Before he could finish I'd unobtrusively grabbed his balls under the table
and smiled, saying,

"Or maybe you need to give up some 'other' distraction. Or, here's an idea,
you could study more!"

His head nodded in agreement, so I released his balls.

"Alex, you simply must teach me some of these tricks of yours,"
Melissa said.  Dan feigned panic.

"Dude, you were my friend first. If you ever wanna have a chance with me,
the cute one, you can't share any of your secrets with Melissa!"

As Melissa was about to protest, Austin tapped Dan on the shoulder and
smiled before saying,

"Dude, there are a few secrets you really should let him share. Trust me on

I couldn't stop grinning and even blushing slightly as most of the table
started to laugh and ask "Like what?" and "Oh reeeaaallly?"

I was amused to see how quickly Ryan and even Melissa worked their way into
the free-for-all. The teams changed constantly: gay vs. straight, Alex and
girls vs. men and tops, three couples vs. Ryan. Making everyone laugh was
the point.

We walked around slowly that night, spending the entire time at Epcot,
drinking in England's pub, Germany's Bierhal, or Italy's Vineyard, and
eating in France's bakery. Toward the end of the evening, as the parade
ended and the fireworks were getting ready to start,
Dan and Phil worked me up against a metal fence that looked over the lake.
Austin came up right behind me, Ryan stood behind us and each of the other
couples took our flanks. I leaned back into Austin's huge arms and let him
envelope me.

I watched the fireworks go off and smiled as I realized that Austin was
pressing his hard-on into my ass. I loved the way he wrapped me up
protectively and ensured I wouldn't fall off the fence.
At some point I realized he was singing in my ear, took me a second but I
finally realized it was NIN's Head like a hole.  But he was substituting his
own words for me alone.

'You've got a hole, I've got a dick, I'd rather stick you then wack off
I almost fell off the ledge I was laughing so hard.

The fireworks were great, and the company was fantastic.

When the fireworks ended, Ryan said he was taking off. His car was parked in
a company lot behind Epcot, and we were taking the monorail or the bus to
the hotel. I gave Ryan a huge hug and thanked him for everything he'd done.
The others crowded around me and we got a huge group hug going.  Ryan just
grinned and said he was glad he could make our birthdays special.

We made plans for breakfast the next day, and Ryan parted amongst the
massive crowd that had ooohed and aaahed at the colorful explosions. I'm
sure this wasn't the first-nor the last - Disney fireworks display he'd

We strolled back to the monorails, beating much of the crowd, and took it
back to the transportation center, changing over to the monorail that would
take us to the Contemporary. We strolled around the lobby a while and then
rode the respective floors. As soon as Phil and Korma got out and we were
alone, Austin pounced on me and kissed me into submission. I waved at the
spot I thought the cameras were.

In our room Austin immediately peeled off his Pitcher jersey and then
started to grab at my "PRIZE" shirt. We'd thought it best to alter our
shirts for this day. No sense freaking out the families that had no clue
that they were surrounded by thousands of queers.

"Show me your cock, and show me your ass, tell me what can I do to make you
Austin sang to Collective Soul's "Shine." He wasn't gifted musically, not
even close, but he was giving me one hell of a hard-on. I think he wanted
this as much as I did. Maybe even more.

When Austin started to reach for my pants, I dangled my keys in front of him
and apologetically asked if he would go get my Army duffle out of the Jeep.
He rolled his eyes and asked,


"I've got a few things we might need tonight,"

I said, arching my eyebrows suggestively.
Austin put his ripe Picher's jersey back on and grabbed our room key.

"You better make this up to me when I get back!"

He said in mock annoyance. Well, semi-mock annoyance at least.  As soon as
the door closed I went to my bag and took out a dozens votive candles and
lit them all around the bathroom. Even with no lights on, it was bathed in a
soft golden glow that shown all the brighter because of the mirror.  I
started the water and put a generous amount of Bath and Body Works cucumber
melon bubble bath in the tub. It was one of my favorites. When the tub was
ready, I left a trail of clothing for him to follow into the bathroom, where
I'd be in the tub waiting. I set up the small boom box and started a tape
that featured Seal, Jewel,
Chris Isaak, Tony Braxton and even Ravel -- artists I liked and figured he
would, too.  Lastly I poured two more flutes of champagne and sat them on
edge of the tub.

I heard the door open and Austin called out my name. I just reclined in the
bubbles like a crocodile waiting for a hapless antelope. When he entered the
bathroom, he was carrying all my clothing that I'd left for him along with
my Army duffle, which hadn't been in the Jeep but hidden in the room waiting
for this moment.

"This is yours,"
He said with lust-filled eyes as he took in the candlelight, the lightly
scented bath and me below a million bubbles,

"...And you dropped these!"

"Why don't you toss them over there,"

I said pointing towards the sink,

"along with yours."

He was about to remove his shirt when he stopped, looked at me and said,

"I'll be right back gorgeous."

With that, he bounced to the first room, where our luggage was still waiting
and came back a minute later with another tape. I got his biggest, flashiest
smile as he carefully took my tape out and popped the other in and rewound
it. When I heard the Divinyl's Song "I Touch My Self" start playing, I began
to laugh, especially since he gave me that serious stripper/model glare and
began taking his shirt off one button at a time with great flare.

When I saw he was going to continue, I lay back with a huge grin and watched
him dance and move seductively for my benefit. It was definitely doing what
he'd intended it to. Too bad I didn't have some dollar bills I could give
him for his performance.  He fixed his sapphires on me, and they never left
my eyes as he slid his tanned torso out of his shirt. I watched as he ran a
hand all over his furry chest and even tweaked his nipple. I loved the way
he then cocked his hips to one side and shoved his hand down his pants. I
swear he was copying every male stripper I'd ever seen. Had he done this

Finally, he undid his pants and wiggled them down to the floor. Austin toyed
with his black 2(x)ist boxer-briefs, lowering them teasingly and raising
them back. Finally, he came over and lowered his boxers just over the base
of his cock. He took a handful of foam and turned around. A second later his
boxers were off and when he turned around again to face me his very erect
cock was covered in foam and he had a beaming grin.

"So how was I?"

He asked with a coy tilt of his head.  He was such a boy sometimes... A big
beautiful boy in a man's body.

"I'da tipped ya if I had any money with me."
I said with just the top of my head visible over the foam.

Austin walked over all cocky and stopped next to the tub.

"Yeah? How much?"
He asked with the biggest shit-eating grin I'd ever seen.
I said with a finger to my chin as I thought.

"$5. That's one per inch!"

I waited to see what he'd do, and when it registered he said,

"You little shit!"

I ducked under the water, but he grabbed me with no trouble. BUT because he
was so off balance, I yanked him and he splashed into the tub like Shamu,
sending half the water and most of the foam all over the bathroom floor.
When he rose up out of the remaining foam, he couldn't suppress the smirk
spreading over his face.

"You fuck! YOU little Fuck... You are SOOOO Gunna so...SO fuck'n pay for

He warned, even as my arms and legs wrapped around him.
He moved in and kissed me as I tied him up with my arms and legs. Finally he
couldn't help giggling and his menace and bravado disappeared like morning
dew in the afternoon sun.

"Why don't we toss a few extra towels on the floor then fill the tub up
some more?" he asked between kisses.  So I told him to add more hot water to
the tub with some bubble bath while I put some towels down to soak up the
flood he'd made. (Well, it WAS his body that displaced the water.) Some of
the candles had been drenched and the light had gotten much softer.
I went over and switched tapes back to mine. When I turned to climb back in
the tub, I saw Austin lying with his slicked-back wet hair, his chest
sticking out of the bubbles and his hand raised just high enough to motion
me toward him with a bidding finger. As I stepped in he pulled me down onto
his lap.

"Now I gotcha, you little fuck!"

Austin said menacingly in my ear with his face pressed against me.
Amazingly our drinks hadn't been flooded or knocked over in the fracas.  So
he picked one up and handed it to me.

I writhed on top of him till I was comfortable. I felt his hard cock (which
was distinctly more then 5 inches) between my legs. Austin constricted me up
tightly in his formidable arms and legs, and I relaxed fully upon him as a
blanket of foam covered our bodies.

"I wished we'd thought to bring some condoms,"

Austin said in my ear between tongue assaults.

I saw right through his little game.

"Yeah, too bad you didn't think to get some at the drug store when we were
there this morning,"
I sighed mockingly.

"Dude, I was just getting some sun block, which we've been using all day,
and some breath mints, which YOU finished off after lunch."
He said seriously in my ear.

I rose a little to turn and look at his face. I almost panicked believing
he'd forgotten them once again. My head was racing, wondering if anyone at
the front desk would have any. Surely we weren't the only couple who'd ever
forgotten them. When I saw his face it was a huge set of dimples and a
"gotcha smile" that greeted me.

I relaxed back against him and simply said,

And took a drink of very nice champagne.

"And very soon, you're gonna be my little fuckee,"  He said as one hand
slid over my body and played with my hard cock. I smiled and laid back fully
enjoying the feel of his wet body wrapped around me.

I just couldn't believe how fantastic all this was. I don't mean the whole
Disney thing, although that made it even more special than if we were in my
apartment. I mean, the whole thing with Austin. He was everything I'd been
wanting, and more. I couldn't help it; I turned over and began kissing him
passionately even as our faces sunk in the oversized tub. When we rose back
to the surface he broke the kiss and asked,

"So what was that for, gorgeous?"

I just looked in his eyes and smiled. I tried speaking, but words wouldn't
come out. Finally, I relaxed in his arms, chest-to-chest, face-to-face, I
put my lips to his ear and said softly,

"That was for being you, for being more then I could dream about, for
helping me remember what it was to feel love and not all that other crap
most people accept as a cheap excuse for the real thing."

"I love you, too,"
Austin said in my ear with a nuzzle.

"But you're still a little fucker!"

We then spent a long, leisurely time soaping each other up and rinsing in
the big tub.  Austin took my razor and while I lay upon his chest, he shaved
me as carefully and gently as a brain surgeon. I lay fully upon him and
allowed him access to every part of my body. It was wildly erotic to lay on
a guy with a hard on pressed under your ass and a furry chest on your back.
The thrill came as one hand smeared shaving cream and the other drug the
razor across every inch of my torso. Finally, to finish he had me turn
around and straddle his chest, spreading my ass while he rubbed my asshole
and gently fingered me and took far too long to finally bring a razor to my
ass... He knew every way to tease me. Not a very dignified position... But I
loved the feel of putting myself in his hands...

When we'd finished, I took Austin by the hand and led him to the shower.
There we rinsed off and shampooed each other - when we weren't kissing and
fondling each other. Eventually we finished and spent a long time drying
each other off and sucking each other long enough to maintain erections.

When we'd finished, Austin flung his towel on the floor (there were still
plenty of wet areas). Then he flung mine to the floor and swept me up

"'I' was gonna carry 'YOU' like this!"
I protested as I lay in his arms and gave him a pouty face.

Austin just leaned forward and rubbed noses as he said,

"Next time you can carry me sport."

I had my arms wrapped around his neck and was kissing him there as we left
the bathroom. Suddenly I said,

"Wait, my duffle!"

Austin stopped, looked at it and then at me,

"Go ahead. Use the arm holding my legs. I'll be OK."
I suggested.

So Austin let go of my legs, and I kept them right where he'd left them,
supporting my weight through my arms. When he replaced his arms with my
duffle slung over his shoulder, he grinned at me.

"Holy fuck. You are gonna be one prime piece of ass with muscles like

he said as we crossed the room towards the bed.

"Baby, YOU have NO idea!"

I said in a sultry voice as I ran my fingertips across his whiskered face.
His smile almost wrapped around his head as he laid me gently on the bed.

"First, let me go get your presents,"
He said as he left my duffle and me alone momentarily.
He came back a second later carrying a small box wrapped in tissue paper in
a foil gift bag. I broke out in a huge grin, as I knew what it was and
couldn't believe he went to all this trouble with it. It wasn't a very
straight thing to do.

"Happy birthday, gorgeous,"
He said to me with ear-to-ear dimples.

I took his bag and was surprised that it weighed a little more then I
expected.  The first thing I saw was a box of ribbed Trojans, the words had
been changed to "For his pleasure" with a post-it note. We both got a huge
grin as he leaned over and kissed me deeply.

"Do you know how fuck'n long I've had to wait? How fuck'n hard its been to
wait this long? I wanted to take you and do you at the party that night...
when you said you were getting me drunk to take advantage of you... Damn
that was such a total mind fuck... I want to make this special. I want to
give you a mind and ass fuck that no one will ever match... not that I plan
on giving any of them the chance."

Then he leaned over and kissed me. Finally he stopped and said,

"Go on, there's more."

Next, I pulled out a bottle of warming lotion that heats up with friction.
We got wicked grins when we looked at each other.

"Two more to go."

He said. I found two small boxes inside the bag. One weighed a little more
than the other, and he said to open the lighter one first. Inside, I found
four blue tablets.

I looked up at him confused, and he grinned and said,

"Viagra!  Not that we need it, but now I won't be begging you to stop
because 'I've gotten so old'. We can go till we drop."

I smiled what must have been my evilest and most seductive grin at him. He
beamed like a child with two many presents. He bounced over to the bathroom
and brought back a glass of water for us, and we each did a pill.

In the last box was a gold herringbone chain, a hefty one; on the end was a
flat disk with the markings of a baseball on it. In the center was the
number 19, his baseball jersey number. On the back was a small inscription,
which read, "You're always my first choice. With love, Austin."

I choked up as I let the chain rest on my fingers. He wiped the tears from
my eye with his thumb and said,

"All right, none of that, or I'll take it back and get the $20.00 broken
hearts pendants."

I laughed when he said that because I'd seen a couple wearing those and made
him promise to never get so desperate for ideas that he'd buy us those.

"You have no idea about the things I've wanted to do to you all day,"

Austin rasped in my ear, with his hot breath sending chills across my body.

"Yeah I do,"

I said softly then turned my face towards his.

"Even the bloody chipmunks knew what you had planned. Christ, if another
Disney queen shot me the evil eye today for landing you first, I..."

"They are totally out luck. It's you or ... Tonight, this weekend, it's you
... all you,"

Austin rasped deeply in my ear as he took my pendant and fastened it around
my neck.

I didn't sob but tears welled and streamed down my face. He didn't know how
to stop them so he began kissing me.

We kissed a few minutes before I stopped crying and remembered his present
and took a well-wrapped large box out of the duffle and gave it to him. He
unwrapped it and opened the box to find a black bikers jacket with some
tasteful chrome on the sleeves, pockets and neck.

Naked, he got up and put it on. Omigod! He looked like every woman's and
every fag's deepest wet dreams about bad boy.

"Jesus fucking Christ! Alex?! This is awesome!"

He said, looking at himself in the mirror over the vanity. Finally, he came
back in and looked down at me with his head seductively cocked to the side.
"Want me to leave it on?" he asked in his deepest voice. I just nodded yes.
  He then noticed four smaller, wrapped boxes. When he picked them up and
opened them he, found a pair of silver Oakley shades, a versace wallet, Some
black Eddie Bauer slacks, and a bottle of my favorite cologne, Issey Miyake.
  He looked up at me and asked,

"How the fuck can you afford this on your salary?
Are you selling coke on the side?"

"Nope, I'm selling pictures and videos of you over the net... MAN, The fags
really eat you up!"
I grinned.

"'Specialy in your baseball uniform!"

He grinned and shook his head, praying I was only joking.

"Ok, well since "I" paid for these, where's your present?"
He asked with a shit-eating grin.

"Keep that on much longer and you're gunna get my present till neither of
us can move."

I said as I ran a hand across his chest under the jacket.

"Ok hot-stuff, you haven't answered me, how did you afford this jacket and
the other stuff?  Dude?!?!?"
He stated shaking his head and holding the stuff

"So I'll eat Raman noodles for a while. Seeing you in that jacket is worth
it.  Oh my gawd... for Christmas, you are SOOO getting a Harley Davidson!"
I responded with an excited face.

Austin leaned over and scooped me up again smiling broadly.

"How do I Fuck'n thank you for this??? For today? For yesterday? For not
judo chopping me in the juggler the first time we met when I was such a
total fucking asshole? For all your patience?"

He began kissing me and I wrapped my arms around his leather-clad neck.

"And for teaching me all about this other world."

More kissing ensued. Finally, we broke it off and I said I had one more gift
to go along with his unopened gift (the condoms). He smiled and asked me
what it was. I smiled and told him to sit down and I'd show him.

I began deep stretches, full splits and some martial art exercises that
really stretched out the muscles. Austin was grinning lewdly as I did this.
Finally, I got on the bed and threw my legs up and over my head and brought
my knees to my chest and then worked them under my armpits. I was
double-jointed and very limber from all the martial arts. His deep blue eyes
almost fell out of his head.

"Fuck'n A!!!"

He said in awe.
I smiled invitingly as he reached down and stroked the inside of my leg from
my knee to my ass. He had a hungry look as he stood up straight and began to
take the jacket off. I shook my head to the contrary.

"No, leave it ... please?"

He got a wicked smirk and asked,


I nodded my head afirmatively. This boy was hot in ways Falcon hadn't
discovered yet. His wicked smirk got wider before he said,

"All right."

Then he grabbed the Oakley's and put them on.  After that he went to his
suitcase and came back wearing his black leather cock strap. The look alone
was more then I could bear.  Never, not in all the porn I've ever read or
surfed, and ANYBODY ever looked that perfect.
I was virtually ready to cum before we'd even begun.

"Wow, that pill works fast!"

I stammered.

"Dude, it hasn't even had time to dissolve. All that,"

He said pointing at my hard-on,

"Is just you!"

I said softly,
"It's just you,"

Slowly he moved upon me, lowering himself over me till I was covered with a
leather jacket-clad hunk. Could life get better?

So I kissed him as his hard cock rubbed up and down my ass crack and his
leather jacket draped over me like a leather blanket.
Austin grabbed my ankles at one point and pressed down on them till they
were on the pillows. His grin as he lifted his face told me how turned on he
As I reached up I grabbed his jacket and pulled him back to me.  After some
time, Austin sat up on his knees between my legs and looked down at our
cocks. They were both leaky and looked dangerously close to exploding. I
smiled mischievously up at him as he brought the box of condoms to me.

"There are actually four different types in there. At home there are eight.
You'll have to use these up first I guess,"

He grinned down at me.

I chose a red packet, and he put the box away. Then he grabbed the lube, and
before I could say anything he assured me it was water-soluble. I remember
thinking then as I stared into his perfectly blue eyes that I hoped that
soon we wouldn't even need those. He applied a little to his cock before
reaching for the condom packet. I brushed his hand aside as he reached for
the packet, then I opened it up and bent over him, unrolling the condom just
a little.

"Ya know, normally I'd suck you to a nice hard state, buuuut I don't think
I want that 'warming' lube in my mouth,"

I said. Gently, firmly, I grasped his cock and listened to the sharp intake
of air. Slowly and with intense deliberation, I worked the roll down over
every bump of his rigid cock.  I unrolled the impossibly thin latex all
along the length of his meaty cock. His moans were like music.  When I had
unrolled it and made sure there was a reservoir, I sucked it gently for a
minute before grabbing the lube and oiling it up right.

"You ready for this, Stretch Armstrong?"

Austin asked me with a smile.

"Well, aside from your fingers I haven't had any action there in almost a
year. Would you mind loosening me up a little first? Please ... quickly ...
really, really quickly?"

I stated as emphatically as I could.  Austin got the sweetest smile as he
looked at me.

"So what you're telling me is that after all this time, you would rather
get fingered?"
He asked with a grin.

I grinned back and just shook my head side to side and said,


Then I gave him a sultry look and tilted my head slightly, "

"What I'm saying is, it's going to be really ... really ... tight."

"Well, we'll just have ta loosen you a little then, won't we? Can't have my
baby in too much pain."

And with no preamble, he moved until most of his body was on the floor and
he could stick his face in my well-parted cheeks.  When his tongue started
to lap, I went crazy moaning and writhing. For 10 full minutes, he sucked,
licked, chewed, probed, and caressed my asshole and the surrounding flesh.
Finally, he sat up on the bed and brought his big beefy hands to my ass
cheeks. With a grin that nearly separated his face from top to bottom, he
patiently and gently worked lube into my ass with a big pointer finger and
began working it further and further.

I could feel the gentle warmth spreading around my hole, and I could tell
from his smile that Austin could feel it spreading across his groin, too.
After a short few minutes of Austin spreading my ass lips with one and then
two fingers, I told him it was enough and watched the grin spread across his

This was one horny boy.

"MAN, You must really want this!"
He smirked to me.

"MMM HMMM, but if you don't get over your self now, I'm gunna get off first
then go sleep on the couch."


"FONZI, will you please shut up and fuck me already?"

He moved up and allowed his body to settle between my spread thighs, and
lowered himself till his face was inches above mine, his sapphire eyes
holding me where I was though they were some kind of anesthetic. His chest
was on mine, and his cock was pressing slowly into my hole.

"Oooohhhhhhh, you really are a tight little guy aren't you?"

Austin hissed between clinched teeth as he entered me. My moaning was
already filling the air.  How to describe having a jock deity enter ones
body...pain, excitement, euphoria, some discomfort at first... Then the warm
spread as he makes your ass his...

Austin's closed his eyes as he entered me, as if he needed to feel his way
down the cave. He wasn't the longest shark in the sea, but he sure was a
hefty one. These moans were real, not just sounds to fill the air as I'd
done to make not-so-gifted guys feel better about their prowess. My most
effeminate trait may be that while I couldn't fake an orgasm, I could fake
how well they fucked like a Lawyers wife.

When Austin hit bottom and I felt his heavy bush on my bare ass, his eyes
opened and bored down into mine. Together our eyes locked and remained for a
long time. My ass sung and felt a mixture of pain and growing completion.
His hips pulled back then brought that stout cock fully into me again, our
eyes shared every minute thing we felt, I felt his power and he felt my
hunger. This union was perfect. We neither rushed it nor drew it out, his
hips danced and my ass responded.
Since this was a newlywed suite, the headboards were fastened tightly to the
walls. No banging, no matter how hard Austin pounded me. But my moans and
groans more then made up for the thumping of the headboard.

I writhed on the mattress and arched my head and back. He had found that
spot that drives men wild, and he was hitting it over and over. He was
sweating and grunting like a wild beast his eyes nearly feral as he released
everything he'd been feeling. Words had quickly gone from English to some
primitive guttural sounds.
As Austin pounded I gripped the sheets on either side of me and began
pulling in syncopation with each thrust from Austin. That jacket looked so
damned hot on him.

Suddenly he slowed down and began teasing my ass with little rhythmic
thrusts.  When he fell on me, he was mumbling in my ear something
incomprehensible and only partially English. I unhinged my legs and brought
them tightly across his back, using my heels to pull his thrusts harder and
faster into me.

I'm not sure if my pulling him with my heels instigated the next phase of
the Austin ride, a definite E-ticket that beat anything Disney was ever
likely to build. But soon Austin reared up and grabbed my ankles and began
to rabbit fuck my ass so hard that even though the headboard was attached to
the wall, somehow he had it knocking like a jackhammer.  Finally, he grabbed
one of my legs and pulled it up to his face and began licking my toes as his
pulling rolled me slightly on my side. To take advantage of this new
position, Austin moved to straddle my other leg, ensuring that I was split
with his cock driving to my very center.

As I writhed and tossed and arched I realized the sheets were all pulled
from the bed.  And as Austin continued to pound my ass like a hydraulic
piston, my toes were curled up like an electric current were gripping them.

As his orgasm quickly approached his speed picked up until like some
almighty engine he was bringing those talented hips to bear upon me fully.
His breathing had become ordered, and I could see sweat on his brow. When my
mouth opened in a silent scream, he took it as an opportunity to kiss me and
fill me in that much more with a part of himself. I was lost beyond thinking
or reason.  Pain had receded and allowed a glow to take me over that I had
almost forgotten about.

And so as his orgasm erupted, our bodies were perfectly joined. We held each
other tightly as his orgasm shook his body, and I could feel the pulsing in
my ass while he roared and cursed in my ear.  That sound gave way to
grunting that was so primitive it turned me on, especially as he locked eyes
with me once more as his pulsing cock danced deep within me. With each
breath he exhaled his body rested further and further. When he was done, he
stayed deep within me, his eyes locked on mine with no trace of the funny
guy I'd grown to love.

This was the primitive beast going through its instinctual need to mate,
regardless of the futility.
He withdrew only long enough to change his condom before entering me again.
This time, my knees bent over his shoulders, and he had a rhythm I'd never
had anyone else try on me before. It was amazing, sort of like one long
stoke followed by two quick jabs before withdrawing and starting over. He
smiled down at me, and his upper body didn't budge an inch. This was all hip
I reached up and pulled Austin close for a long, long kiss. Then he repeated
the same rhythm over again and again and again. My ass was pulsing, and I
found even my moans were repeating the rhythm. After about 10 minutes, I was
arching my back and craning my neck for the incessant rhythm was bringing me
to a hands-free orgasm.

Just as it hit, Austin pulled us together, and my ass began to spasm all
over his cock as I emptied myself all over our bellies and chests. Over and
over it felt like I was shooting gallons of cum out of myself... I had to
close my eyes when I was done shooting; I just held him and tried to breath.
We held each other and breathed heavily ... grasping ... sweating. He looked
better then hot in that jacket.

Finally he looked down at me and smiled. Then we kissed long and
passionately. He pulled out and rolled over on his side next to me.

"I'm not a virgin any more,"
He said with a smile as his huge hand ran over my chest.

"Me either,"
I said in response.

He giggled then asked,

"You were a virgin before this?"

"Not to sex. But whatever it is we just did, are still doing ... Yeah, I've
never shot like that before. Never felt that rhythm, never ... felt so
complete ... not like I do now,"
I said as he rolled on top of me and kissed me.

"I don't think I'm ever gonna get enough of you,"

He said running his hands through my hair.

"Nope, just enough to get you hooked,"

I joked as I lifted my head for a quick kiss.

"These pills are fucking great, but I think tomorrow we're gonna be in big

Austin said as he cleaned up from his last condom and put a new packet on my

"Oh goody. Do I get to fuck you now?"

I asked excitedly.

"Would you really want to?"

Austin asked as he tossed the washcloth carelessly over towards the

"Not really, unless I thought you wanted me to,"

I said as I rolled to face him.

"And if I told you I wanted to fuck the fuck out of your fucking tight ass
for about three fucking weeks?"
He asked as he rolled me to face the other direction.

"I'd fucking say we needed a bigger fucking jar of lube and more fucking

I answered over my head.

"I can reach the phone. We're in luck,"

Austin said as he lifted my top leg and scooted closer from behind. My head
rested on his divine shoulder, and my leg was hooked under his elbow, which
was lifting it up towards my shoulder.

"This time we're taking it slow and easy, OK?"

Austin asked with his lips over my ear and his cock already sliding into my
twice-lubed hole. The warming lube was doing its job. He was melting, and
sweaty, and my hole was on warm fire.

"You're the captain baby,"
I moaned softly as his tongue entered my ear.

"You're gorgeous,"
Austin said as he used his stubble to rub against my ear.

His cock was slowly riding in and out. It was great.
I replied that he was too, but I was sinking fast to the spot where I
stopped using real words and only communicated through sounds and moans.

We stayed like that for a long time, me on my side with his cock
methodically burying and unburying itself in my splayed ass. His face up
against the back of my neck and his hands anywhere they wanted to be.

Forty-five minutes later, Austin took my shoulder in his teeth and gave me
four quick, hard thrusts. He shook violently when it was over. I had eased
myself totally against my leather-jacketed baby. And he grasped me and held
on to me like he feared I'd be taken away.

I got our last washcloth and cleaned him up. The used rubber went in the
waste bin. The shots were definitely getting smaller as the night went on. I
then lay across him with my ear on his chest over his heart. He told me they
had machines to make the heartbeat sound for babies and baby animals. I
could understand the appeal. His was strong and virile, like a kettledrum.
With his hands stroking my hair and running over my body, in no time I fell

Austin let me nap for an hour (I suspect he slept, too) then woke me up
again. I loved laying across his fuzzy chest and listening to his heart.

"Hey, let's go clean up before bed, huh?"

Austin asked me softly.

"Uuuuuuh uhhhhhh!"

I moaned as a protest and held even more tightly to Austin. I had no desire
to ever leave that spot.

"C'mon, I'll fuck ya again!"

Austin offered cheerily.

It dawned on me with horror that he might be a morning or night person. He
had entirely too much energy.

The next thing I knew, he was sliding out of bed and taking me with him, my
head still pressed to his chest.

"You go,"

I protested.

"I'll be dirty and skanky till tomorrow."

He was having none of it, and I was whisked off the bed and carried like a
doll to the bathroom.
At the shower door, he repositioned me so my legs were wrapped around his
waist, his hands were cupping my ass from behind and my head rested on his
shoulder. My arms were loosely around his neck. He was simply too comfy, and
I fell asleep till I felt warm water over me.

"What the fuck?!"

I yelled as I tried to get up.

"Rise and shine, gorgeous!"

Austin said in my ear as he held me tightly against him.

I relaxed after I remembered where we were. I lay my forehead against his
and just relaxed as the water washed over us. I washed his hair and chest,
but he was pretty much in charge of everything under my tightly grasping
legs. As I thought we were finishing, he reached to the soap dish behind me
and pulled out a silver-packed condom. We hadn't used a silver one yet.

He grinned at me as he opened it behind me and reached down to put it on. As
my head lay against his, I giggled,

"What are you doing? Are you planning to scrump me again???"

I asked.

"Baby, I'm never, ever, gunna scrump you,"

He whispered in my ear.

"I'll love you, I'll make love to you, I might even f-u-c-k you sometimes.
But you will never be scrumped, not by me by me."

He was so earnest and so sincere that I melted in his wet arms.

"Have I told you that I love you lately?" I asked as he lubed my hole

"Yeah, but if you wanna say it again, that's OK,"

My biker boy offered playfully.

I realized then that I was being lowered gently onto a latex-coated cock. My
ass swallowed the cock like a hungry child does a chocolate bar. I moaned as
hot water washed over me and a hot rod entered me.

"I love you Austin Camble,"

I said breathlessly. Austin worked an arm under my legs and brought them up
so I was now suspended from my knees onto a cock. Austin wrapped his arms so
that as my knees hung over the arms reached around and grasped each other,
spreading me as his mouth sought mine for a secondary round of penetration.
I was literally bounced to orgasm, just as he bounced me to get his.

"I only know three more positions before I have to refer to Glen's book. Or
maybe I'll just buy another copy,"

Austin said through strained breathing.

"Let's dry off first, honey. You have damned well claimed this ass as yours
already, and I'm not taking it anywhere,"

I said.  We slowly dried each other, kissing and groping along the way. Then
Austin tossed me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and played with
my ass, as he got ready for bed.
When we climbed under the sheets, Austin scooped me up and brought my head
back to his chest, and he held me like this,

"Hey baby, can I ask you something?"

I asked softly across his chest.

"Yeah baby, what is it?"

"I keep asking but nobody has told me yet what Redshirting is... I was too
embarrassed to ask when you told back then... What's it mean?"

"Oh, that's easy baby,"
Austin said.

"When a college athlete redshirts, that means we sit out that particular
season. We're still considered part of the team, but we don't lose that year
of eligibility. If he redshirts his first year of college, then he's called
a redshirt freshman. If you redshirt as an upperclassman, that means you're
probably sitting out to rehab an injury, you need to work on your grades or
the team already has a couple of older, more experienced players at your
position and they want to save you for down the line.  That's what I'm
doing. Does that make any sense?"

He asked.

I'm told he got no reply, just a soft warm flow of air across his chest.
Austin apparently stayed awake a little longer and just stroked me till he
too joined me in dreamtime.

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