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reclaiming austin

Chapter Three

I am not typically a morning person... Maybe it was an effect of
the X, but I was up with a certainty that sleep was not again going to
visit me.  Still wrapped in the glorious arm of Austin I was content to
just stay and bask for a while... Even if I hadn't cum myself, this guy was
the sexiest and...oddly, the most compatible guy I had yet been with.  In
my head I knew there were huge problems ahead, like the whole him being
straight thing, but my logic had left the building and my heart was hearing
neither counsel nor caveat.

      I slithered out of bed sometime after 9am and after cleaning up a
little, I went to the kitchen to cook breakfast.  Normally I barely managed
to make a pot of coffee and throw together some cereal, in minutes;
however, I had a three-cheese omelet, sausage, bacon, and three kinds of
toast, going, and had pulled grapes, apples, and oranges out and was busy
putting them on a platter when I heard the shower start.  In that moment I
went from a reaction of profound excitement to one of looking at all I'd
done and thinking, "Jesus Christ you are such a fag!"

I made the instant decision that I wouldn't under any circumstances
run outside to pick flowers for the table.  As I heard the shower cut off I
was also glad that at least I didn't have any of those silly flavored

"MAN that smells great!"

Austin called out as he came out of my bedroom dressed in a tee shirt and
denim shorts.  As he came up he ran a hand affectionately over my shoulder
and reached around me to snag a piece of bacon.

"So you little vampire, you trying to fill me up before you
chow down again?"  He said this with a shit ass grin on his face as he
grabbed a plate out of my hand and started filling it up.  With as much
real Incredulence as mockery, I arched my eye brows and put my hand on my

"Excuse me???  Vampire????"

As he loaded his plate with gooey omelet, Austin grinned up at me with
those deadly dimples,
"Well come on, the only thing you didn't suck out of me
last night was my skeleton... and it's not cause you didn't try."

"You get everything you want flashing those fucking dimples
don't you???"  I asked scowling.

Austin smirked and gleamed up at me,

"Yeah, pretty much... sure works on those ladies in
financial aid."

He smirked, then added, "And you!"

"First of all, it only works on me because I KNOW you're a
nice guy.  If you weren't you'd be sucking buckets full of attitude.  And
second, I didn't hear one complaint last night about my vampiric
activities. In fact, the closest thing I heard to as complaint was
(falsetto voice) ""ohhh please stop, I can't do it anymore... I'm 22 and
you expect me to put out like a 17 year old"


I sat down as I said this and began to fill my plate up.

"Dude, I PUT OUT for you last night and I'm STILL sucking
buckets full of attitude."

Austin said with a warm grin.  I started to grin too,

"Sorry, it's my `before coffee' `tude, it'll clear up in a few."

He laughed and added,

`"Good, cause I was beginning to think my girlfriends PMS
wasn`t that bad."

That comment hit like a rock.  `girlfriend'... I guess I knew there
had to be one... But now she was a reality. My sudden mood change was so
easy to read, even the straight boy could read it.  We were both quiet for
a minute or so when Austin said softly,

"I meant what I said Alex, I'm not gay."

That rock had just become a large jagged knife, I wanted to ask him
what last night was all about, why the kissing... why the picking me
up... why the getting me stoned on X... I closed my eyes for a second and
took a deep breath... `Why was he everything I wanted'?  Finally I spoke
up, trying to make my words sound like a joke,

"Well, you have two options as I see it then, you blame last night
on the drugs and pretend you don't remember it and avoid me.  Or you accuse
me of taking advantage of you and punch me around a bit... If you choose
that one, please don't hit my face, I haven't finished paying for the
dental work yet."

I knew it wasn't coming out right...the tone was too sad... I wanted to go
to my room and pout.

"You forgot the third option smart ass," Austin added with
a cheeriness directed at me because Austin had no clue as to what to say to
make my mood better.

I took his bait and looked him in the eyes as I nibbled some bacon. He

"I thank you for an AMAZING night last night... I mean it
dude, you rock in so many ways!  Then I remind you that we have at least
three hours together before I have to leave... and then..."

He took a drink of coffee and then met my eyes,

"And then I let you know what a cool guy you are and that I
plan to keep in touch. I mean when I come home again and for possible
concerts and shit...  and then I really do keep in touch."

Austin was smiling so warmly at me that my entire attitude started
fading... How could anyone stay mad at this guy? So finally I took a drink
of coffee and added, with a blushing grin,

"Oh yeah, I always forget about number three"

I said this with a smile that I didn't want to be there... Like when your
mom played that "don't smile" Game with you when you wanted to pout as a
child...  Then he stood up suddenly and lunged at me,

"I think I like that second one best though... stand up so
I can slug you!"

When he lifted me out of my chair I was almost laughing, as I stood up I
turned around to get out of his grip, but stuck my ass out teasingly as I
did so.

"Little perv."

He said as he brought his huge hand down soundly on my ass.  It stung...a
lot! As I started to wiggle my way to freedom, he easily lifted me and
carried me down onto the love seat with him so I was splayed across his
lap.  Then he began to wack me good and hard on the ass,

"OOOOWWWWWWW, That hurts!!!!!"  I cried out as he spanked

"Well you said I couldn't hit your face gayboy, make up
your damned mind!"  Austin retorted in mock seriousness.  Finally I bucked
enough that I fell off his knees and landed on the ground.  I got to my
knees quickly and tried to scoot away from Dr. Sadism. But as soon as I did
he grabbed me by the running shorts I was wearing and yanked them down, in
my efforts to liberate myself I wiggled as he held them and they slid off
me.  Between peels of laughter Austin giggled out,

"Yeah, wiggle that ass boy!!!!!  God damn that looks

Finally I stopped on the other side of my room and turned and sat on the
floor with my hands covering my lap,

"Will you please give me back my shorts?"

I asked him, he in turn was spinning my shorts around on his finger and
grinning lewdly at me.

"Come and take them from me."

He challenged with a sinister grin.  I sat there knowing that if I
approached him he would clobber me, and it wasn't as if I was big or strong
enough to even make a good attempt at stopping him...  As I sat there
trying to figure out what to do, he launched at me with blinding speed, in
a second he'd swooped me up and tossed me over his shoulder like so much
dirty laundry.  This boy was strong, and his shoulders were more like a
linebacker's than a baseball player's.  I got a serious hard on as I rode
those shoulders.  He walked to the bedroom swatting my now bare ass with
his free hand,

"Damn boy, I may hafta rethink my decision against fucking
you... That's a pretty sweet ass for a guy...

His words stung a bit, I had thought all along that we were heading to what
I thought all guys who sucked dick did... Then I remembered that only one
of us had sucked dick so far.  Like all my mental acrobatics thus far, I
pushed this puzzle aside and retorted,

"Actually, I was hoping you'd introduce me to some of your team
members who were a little... ummm... bigger?"

I was unceremoniously tossed on the bed with his words,

"Fucking little bitch, just like all the other groupies and team

Before I could respond he leaped on top of me and started tickling
me... He had no way of knowing that one could beat me, blow me, bite me,
throw me, or stick bamboo shoots under my nails, ANYTHING but tickle
me!!!!! I went crazy flopping and fighting and trying to get free.  It was
pointless as he was so much bigger than me... He kept yelling that he
didn't hear any complaints last night and no one else had ever
complained... All I could do was scream and plea incoherently at that
moment.  Finally he rolled off me and ran his hand gently up and down my

"So...uuuhhhhh... how much time do you think I have before I should

I looked up in his happy, expectant, eyes...

"Negative five minutes I'm thinking!"  I said with as much bravado
as I could call up.  When I saw his exaggerated hurtful eyes, I placated
him with,

"Depends on what you want to do I suppose... Rubbers are in the top
draw of the night stand..."

He grimaced when I said this, even though it had only been a
joke... Mostly...

"Dude, I just don't think I'm ready to do..."  His face screwed up
in a sour expression.

"`that'.  I just can't get over the whole ass-shit thing..."

I was about to protest this when he fell on me and started kissing
me... His meaty hands were grabbing my ass cheeks and kneading them

Within moments He was straddling my face and feeding his gorgeous cock to
me, moaning pleasantly and gently fucking my mouth.  I discovered as I
began, how extra sensitive he had become since last night... whoever this
`girlfriend' was, was probably going to have to sleep alone for a night or

As he came he clutched my face closely to his crotch, his seamen flowed
more than shot this time, but his orgasm was still intense.  I swallowed
and tried to licked him clean, but he grabbed my head and just said,


Even as I stuck out my tongue trying to reach his cock, he pulled me up
against his hard once smooth chest, which was still breathing hard.  I was
held firm to his as he caught his breathing returned to normal.

"What's with the stubble fields?"  I asked as he shredded my face
with what once had been a polished surface.

"I haven't shaved yet... live with it bitch!"  He called out

"WHY?"  I asked,
"Does Mr. Butch Sports star shave his chest?"

"Because his Girlfriend think's it's sexy asshole! Not all of us
are smooth like you naturally..."  He added.

"Well Stop... Because your...  I was about to say boyfriend, but
realized we hadn't discussed that yet... We really hadn't discussed
anything yet...
"Because `I' don't like it... I think a little hair would look sexy
as hell on you."  I said running a hand along his masculine chest.

He grinned and said,
"Well two breasts trump a great breakfast..."  Then he kissed me on
the forehead and handed me back my shorts.
"But not by much."  He tossed in with a smile as he put a hand on
my shoulder.

"So do I call you Hoover or the fucking Eveready rabbit?"  Austin
asked as he pulled me up to face him.

"I always thought `Alex' worked out nicely." I stated.

Austin grinned and was about to kiss me when he got a panicky look in his
eyes and stopped.  I started laughing as I got up off him and started to go
to the bathroom,

"Still afraid you might like how good you taste huh?" I asked.

Austin called out as I was gargling,

"Even if I did like it, I still wouldn't go down on you... you'll
just have to get over that."

I stopped in the doorway and gave him a dirty look,

"Gorgeous as you are Austin, I'd be terrified to stick my dick in
your mouth, so relax."

Austin had a dangerous gleam in his eyes as I walked towards him,

"Ok, I'll bite, `WHY' would you be afraid to let me blow you IF I
wanted to?'"

"You just answered your own question sweetheart."

I said to him as I climbed back on top of him and stretched out over him so
I could maneuver for a kiss.

"Ok, I don't get it, how'd I answer my own question?"  He asked

I shook my head from side to side as I went "tsk tsk tsk."  Finally he went
over everything he'd just said and I could see the light bulb go off.
Without any warning he suddenly shot up and bit me on the shoulder and
started growling like a dog.  I giggled at first and then he started to
bite harder... It didn't so much hurt as it did call for a response... So I
bit his earlobe,

"Ok bitch, you wanna play games???"  I growled out from between my

So he bit harder and so I bit harder and we both growled orders at each
other to stop...  Finally he snuck a hand up to my arm pit and started
tickling me again.  He had me thrashing and begging for release but
wouldn't stop... Finally, as I rolled off of him, he rolled over on top of
me and pinned my hands above my head and used his legs to pin mine down.
He looked down at me as I tried to get my breathing under control; his face
was a mask of excitement and mischievous charms. His eyes burned with an
almost frightening blaze.
"You give yet?"  He asked me.

I nodded my head and said,

"Yeah, please, no more tickling."

Austin leaned down so his face was in mine and asked quietly,

"'Please no more tickling' WHAT?"  He challenged.

"Please no more tickling `SIR?'"  I asked, suspecting the game he
wanted to play... Which was fine with me, I was so hard at that second all
he'd have to do is rub my belly and I'd shoot like a fire hose.

"That's right BITCH, you call me SIR from now on!"

To say this was a turn on would be like calling Australia a south pacific
island.  Part of the turn on though, I later realized, was in not knowing
how far Austin planned to take the game.  Then he leaned down and very
seriously said,

"Come on, tell me who's your daddy?"

I tried and tried to bite my tongue, finally I couldn't help it and laughed
and laughed at that coment, if there was one phrase he should never have
used, that was it.

"Dude, you really had me going there... I mean REALLY... But that
was one DORK-assed thing to say... You really ruined the mood with that
one... SIR!"

I said.  He grabbed me and as ferociously as he could, started tickling me
and saying "DORK HUH?" over and over as he tickled me. I was thrashing and
giggling as he finally stopped and we looked each other in the eyes as we
caught our breath.  I finally broke the moment by saying,

"You're the one in control; you have to make the first move Dork."

Austin paused, breathing a little heavy... He looked down for a few moments
then raised his defiant face, got a smirk, and replied,
"Shut up and kiss me Bitch!"

Our faces met in the most passionate kisses yet.  His hands went to my ass
and kneaded my cheeks as he attempted to bring me closer still to his body,
my hands rode up and down his Greek god's body.  After a few moments Austin
rose up and looked down at me with a strange expression on his face,
finally he smiled warmly and slid off to spoon me, his cock nestled in my
ass crack.  What surprised me though was that while I was arching my neck
to meet his kiss, he began to slowly rub my hard on.  I moaned softly as he
started tentatively and then as he got used to the feel, picked up a little
speed and held my hard aching cock more firmly.  I lasted perhaps 5 minutes
before I shot so hard I hit my chin.  Austin's hand instinctively slowed
down as my weekend build up dribbled down his hand... He whispered in my

"I would never have done that for any other guy."

Then he hugged me tightly before excusing himself to go wash his hands.

We went out to lunch after that and he left from the Olive garden.
Although my brain kept reminding me of his girlfriend and his lack of
desire to do anything further with me, my heart was dancing and daring
anyone to try and impugn my feelings towards Austin.  The last thing he did
though was to make me promise not to tell anyone... THAT was going to be
tough as shit.

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