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reclaiming austin

Chapter Twenty Four

February 9 2007

That Christmas night ended with me giving a very special personal treat to Santa’s little helper. In turn, Said helper nailed my ass to the mattress. His volleys were sprayed like decorative snow across my belly and chest. I remember thinking as I headed off to sleep- “they really need to write a Christmas carol about moments like this…

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, if I wasn’t with Austin – regularly having sex since we had a self prescribed limited time until his “no sex before marriage” treaty occurred – I was singing with The Tellers at a holiday event.

We’d been asked to perform New Year’s Eve, too. But I couldn’t stand the idea that I wouldn’t be dancing with and showing off my new fiancé. Besides, Ryan and Michael invited us – and 350,000 of their closest friends – to a suave little affair they were having at Pleasure Island. I just hoped there’d be a few slow dances; not that, I suspected, there would be much room to dance.

Although Austin and I argued and argued over whether I would drink anything stronger than coffee that night, I finally acquiesced. Plus, he said that if I drank, I’d sleep alone on our last night of unimpeded sex. Aside from a great deal of eye rolling and huffing, I had to agree with his assessment. I thought I should take care of a few things at the office since I lived nearby, and I still felt guilty about being sick all that time in the hospital. So I went in though none of the regulars were there.

When I finally got home later, I walked in to find Austin sleeping on our couch with Tempest sleeping on his chest and a very bouncy Thunder greeting me at the door. I could clearly see where he’d been sleeping moments before by Austin’s legs at the foot of the couch. I wanted to wake them up, but they looked so cute all cuddled up that I sat across from them in the lounge chair, and Thunder leaped up into and after licking my furiously he curled up on my lap.

I dozed off shortly after that, and it was only Austin’s laughter that woke me up. “Awwww, don’t get up, short stuff. You two look so fucking cute all crashed out together,” Austin said. I looked up to see Austin standing there with Tempest draped lazily over his shoulder. As Austin walked to the screen door to go outside a moment, Thunder lifted his head, watched, then curled up tighter on my lap and yawned as he dozed off.

Later that afternoon, as I was cleaning the bedroom and Austin was making dinner, a car pulled up, which caused Thunder to bark enthusiastically. I walked out of the bedroom and found Austin bent over, pleading with Thunder to hush up. I noticed Tempest sitting on the counter scowling at them.

“Hey! Shut it!” I barked out. Austin almost fell over, and Thunder came over to me, bowing and whimpering. I pointed down at him, snapped my fingers and pointed to my feet. Thunder crawled over, kowtowed to me and sat at my feet. Austin just looked up at me with a stunned look until we heard Nate outside, “Hey asshole! You and Alex decent?”

“Nate, shut the fuck up! The neighbors don’t wanna to hear your shit!” Austin yelled out our window. Suddenly the front door opened, and Thunder started barking again. I snapped my fingers and pointed at my feet again and Thunder came crawling back.

“Damn! I see who wears the pants in this family!” Nate teased as he grinned at Austin.
“We were getting ready to go out and get some dinner, You wanna to tag along?” I asked as Austin picked up Tempest and came into the sunroom with us.

“What’s up, Nate?” Austin asked. Nate made a funny face and started laughing. “Austin Camble? I don’t know, dude. First I find you kissing a dude, now you’re playing with black pussy!” Nate broke out laughing as Austin gave me an apologetic look.

“Nice to see you too, asshole,” Austin said as he dropped Tempest and walked up to hug Nate.

“We gotta hurry guys, Little Saigon closes early today for New Year’s,” I said, putting on my bomber jacket and handing Austin his black leathers and sunglasses.

Nate took a look at Austin and was about to comment on the leather jacket when he saw me shaking my head at him as a warning. Nate smiled and cuffed Austin on the shoulder. “You gonna drive in your new truck, dude?” Austin smiled big and ushered me out the door and towards his truck, “Course I am. You ridin` with us or followin’ us over?” Austin asked, his accent dissolving in the short time he’d been exposed to Nate.

“I’m taking my own truck. Someone saw me gettin’ outta your truck, they’d like ta think I was your boyfriend, too!” Nate teased. I jabbed him lightly with my elbow, “They’d probably think I was one lucky bitch and had two macho guys all to myself,” I said, batting my eyes flirtatiously. Austin laughed and shoved me lightly towards the truck while Nate shook his head and mumbled, “Wrong dude. You’re just too fuckin’ wrong!”

When we got to the restaurant and were seated, Julie came floating out and got a huge smile. “Alex, Austin, how are you?” Then she turned to face Nathan, whom she had never met, “My name is Julie, if you’re a friend of Alex or Austin, you’re a friend of mine.” Then she smiled her award-winning smile.

“OK, you want a serving of summer rolls each?” She asked indicating Austin and me. “Yes please, and bring Nate an order of spring rolls too please,” I said.

After Julie had set down the rolls and Austin had grabbed his, I noticed Nate watching it like it was something pornographic. “And that’s why I ordered you a spring roll,” I said, to which Austin looked up with surprise and the phallic summer roll hanging out his mouth. Nate shot me a quick smile and said, “Thanks.” Austin elbowed me gently and when I turned to face him he smacked my face with his other summer roll.

“You are such a shit sometimes,” he said, then he stuck his tongue out at me. “You and cute guys. How you always have one with you?” Julie asked from several tables away.
“They are sweet and then they hang out with you and then they get all mean!” I wanted to defend myself, though Austin and Nate were laughing, “Sorry ma’am, he was protecting me this time,” Nate offered as he laughed. “What? Just cause these look like soft dicks?” Austin said waving his summer roll in the air

“Baby, be nice,” I said. “Damn! You guys really are like boyfriend and girlfriend,” Nate said, sitting back.

“No, Nate, we’re like boyfriend and boyfriend,” Austin corrected. “Never thought two guys would be so …” Nate said, searching for a word. “So … close?” Austin offered. “Well, yeah, I guess so,” Nate responded. “You ignore them if they too bad,” Julie teased as she walked by on her way to the kitchen.

“That’s kinda why I invited you down here,” Austin said pushing his empty plate out. “What, so I could watch you eat egg rolls that look like dicks?” Nate said with a chuckle. “No, that was a fucking extra.” Austin laughed,

“I had something I wanted to ask you and I wasn’t sure how you’d respond.” Austin asked as a lead in. “Yeah, What?” Nate asked. “Well, you and I go back a lot of years, and I always thought that when I got married that you and Joe would be up there with me …” Austin left the rest of the sentence implied.

“Well yeah, but …” Nate offered as he looked over at me. “I mean, YOU’RE OK with this?” Nate asked me in abject confusion, I then understood that he hadn’t grasped the whole picture yet. “Yeah I’m OK with it,” I said as I smiled and lifted my hand to interlock fingers with Austin and bringing them up to kiss. Nate looked perplexed a moment then the light of recognition went off and he understood what Austin was leading up to.

“Ohhh, you mean you,” Nate said pointing at Austin, “and YOU!” He said moving his finger over to point at me. I smiled and nodded as Austin said, “Dude, I know it’s not what you were thinking, and it’s not really what I had planned way back when, but if you’ll agree to it, I’d love to have you stand by me when I marry Alex.”

Nate sat there for a moment before breaking into a huge grin, “You are soooo gay.” Then he began laughing as he stood up and came over to hug Austin. “Course I’ll be there, dude. God damn man, why do you hafta even ask?” Nate asked, sitting down. “Dude, you’re my bro. If you’re wanna get married, I’m with you, dude. Even if it’s another dude you’re marrying” Nate said happily.

Austin looked puzzled, “You know I mean it’s Alex I’m marrying, right?” Nate sighed, “Yeah, dude.” Then as Austin sat back looking surprised Nate continued, “Look Austin, I know I been a real asshole, and was a fucking douche when I saw you guys kissing back when, but if you wanna spend your life with a dude, what the fuck do I have to complain about?” Nate asked, smiling at me. “I mean, if you’re asking me what I think you’re asking.” Austin smiled at me then looked over at Nate, “Yeah man, I was asking if you wanted to be my best man.” Nate beamed. “Austin, I’d love to stand next to you and hand your ball and chain to Alex.”

I laughed and said, “Sorry, man. It’s not going to be one of those black leather weddings.” Then I froze and looked over at Austin, who’d turned to look at me. “Are we?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow. Austin shrugged and said, “Whatever you want, baby.” I pretended to think about it a moment then said, “Naaah. I don’t want to have you all chained up on our wedding.” Austin just screwed up his face and said, “Yeah, that’s believable.”

Nate started laughing and said, “Ohh, face it. He owns your ass, and we all know it.” I shrugged when Austin asked, “Wait, you mean I own his ass or he owns mine?” Nate just looked over and started laughing, “Does it fucking matter man? You’re both dudes,” Austin and I joined Nate in laughing.

“Wait a second, man,” Nate said with a sudden stop to his laughing, “Yeah?” Austin and I asked simultaneously. “Sooo … I gotta throw a bachelor party for you?” Austin looked over at me questioningly, so I just shrugged. “Yeah, I guess so,” Austin offered. “OK, but uh … do I hafta hire -- like -- guy strippers?” Nate said with a scrunched up face like he was being offered ass flavored medicine. Austin started laughing and said, “Dude, I’m bi, not gay. Hell, you can get any kind of stripper you fucking want.” Austin said laughing. “Yeah, anything he wants as long as he doesn’t sleep with anyone,” I added with a jab to Austin’s side.

“But it’s OK if I sleep with them, right?” Nate asked. I laughed, “Yeah dude, you can boff anyone there except Austin.”

“Hey!” Austin said, nudging me. “It’s my last hurrah before marriage, if I wanna sleep with my best friend.” “Fuck you. We ain’t sleeping together! Alex, count on it,” Nate offered loudly before laughing. “Asshole, maybe I should ask one of my gay friends to be my best man.” Austin said with a melodramatic pout. “Why? You can’t sleep with any of them either,” I shot with my arms crossed. Nate was laughing and Austin shrugged and said, “No fair.” At that point Julie came over and took our orders.

“Eat up bucko, you’re gonna need a lot of stamina tonight!” I said to Austin, Nate looked over, “I know I’ll regret asking this, but why?” Austin got a big smirk, “Yeah, why?” I gave a sly smile to Austin, “You really want me to go into details here?”

Nate suddenly gave a pained look, “Noooo. Please don’t.” At the same time, Austin said, “Yeah, I want all the details smart ass!” I looked back and forth between them then said, “Because Nate’s our guest, you are going to behave your damned self!”

Austin looked hurt a moment then glared at Nate, “Ya know, when you aren’t here he talks sex all day long, hell, we’d probably be over one of the tables now.” Nate just laughed, “Ya know asshole, I’ll say one thing, as horny a bastard as you were growing up, it’s good you finally found someone who was as fucking horny all the time as you.”

I made a snorting derisive laugh, “You mean when he isn’t going ‘Help, stop, please, I’m only 22 and …” I was cut off by a big hand covering my mouth as I heard Austin in his deepest voice, “Baby-don’t go telling lies.” I was about to bite his hand when he kissed my ear and nuzzled me, “ There, there baby … just relax.” I looked over and saw Nate sitting with a shit-eating grin.

“I’ll say one thing for this whole ‘gay’ thing … Austin never had a girl who could keep up with him and his appetite and, shit, when they fought, he was totally outmatched. You two seem to… well, you make it all work,” Nate said.

Austin scooted his chair closer to me, “You mean it Nate?” Nate rolled his eyes and gave a screwed-up smile to us, “Yeah. You two be as gay as you want, and I’ll learn to be OK around it I guess.”

Austin stuck his hand across the table, and Nate took it and they shook. “Thanks Man, I can’t tell you what that means to me.” Austin said. “Wish I’d had this talk with Joe a few months back …” Nate said before hanging his head.

“Nate, Joe wasn’t ready, and neither were you, and you were only a small part of what he was afraid of. He had no clue how any of his family or friends would react.” I said slowly. Nate looked me in the eye, “Thanks man, but you’re wrong, Joe knew exactly what his family and friends would do, and nonna us woulda been very nice.”

“He’s right Alex, you came from a different world then we did.” Austin said as a young Vietnamese waiter was putting Nate’s plate down. Julie followed a few seconds later with the remaining plates. “You enjoy your supper, if you need anything, please let me know, OK?”

I thanked her and we sat and ate. “I still wish Joe was here for this …” Nate mused as we sat in silence. “Joe woulda freaked Nate, and chances are he woulda hated or been jealous of Alex.” Austin said.

“Joe shoulda been here to see his best friend get married, he shoulda been here to see me now!” Nate said with an emphasis that dared us to say anything about it. “Yeah, Joe and Alex woulda problly gotten along just fine, I think,” Austin volunteered softly.

We ate the rest of diner with less talk and a lot more gossip and informational talk then before. As we ate, Nate kept looking up and deciding not to talk, finally after a short stint of trying to use the chopsticks like I’d shown him, he blurted out, “OK, I gotta ask, Austin, dude, when did you decide to go gay and stop seeing girls?”

Austin and I looked at one another, and I shrugged. “Well, as you know from Joe’s letter, he and I were fucking around back in high school, just blow jobs though, I mean him giving them to me, I was too fuckin’ scared back then to go any further because ‘I didn’t wanna be gay’,” Austin said with finger quotations around the last five words. “But honestly Nate. I didn’t set out to try a dude. I’d barely thought about it since I started college. I went from one fulltime girlfriend to the next Veronica, Lacey, Phoebe… and then …” Austin said softly as he leaned back and put his hand behind my head. “I met Alex … We met at a party and… dude… I mean to tell you, everything fucking changed for me.”

Austin leaned in close to me and kissed my cheek then turned to Nate, “Ya know, I’ve loved a lot of women. I’ve been in love once or twice … but none of it comes close to what I feel now.” My heart was threatening to fly out of my throat. “You are so gay,” I managed to squeak out weakly as Nate and Austin cracked up laughing. “I love you, too, smart ass!” Austin said, pulling me against him fo kiss my head.

We finished dinner and made plans to get together next weekend. We still had to dress, get Thunder back to Ryan and Michael’s house in Thornton Park before leaving for Pleasure Island. So I dressed and showered (alone) and got ready as Austin drove the puppy back to play with Ryan and Michael’s dogs, Thor (a black Lab-Dalmatian mix) and Loki (a German shepherd).

I was just putting the finishing touches on my self when I heard Austin enter the house. “Damn! You look fucking amazing,” he said as he walked up and hugged me from behind. I caught his eyes on the full mirror over our sink. “Welcome back, gorgeous, you gonna get dressed up?” I asked as I leaned into him. “Yup, and you’re gonna undress,” he said, reaching a hand around me to start unbuttoning my silver-striped silk shirt. I grinned as I swatted at his hand “Hey, I’m almost ready.”

Austin stopped halfway down my chest and turned around to start pulling his T-shirt off. “OK, I just thought you’d like to join me in the shower,” Austin teased as I was perving over his muscular back and sculpted shoulders. I used one hand to continue unbuttoning my shirt and reached the other out as I turned around to stroke his back, I couldn’t see it but I knew with total certainty that he had a gloating smile.

“Well, you might need someone to help wash those hard-to-reach places, ”I offered
as I slid my shirt onto a bench we had by the linen closet. “I was thinking about washing
some of your hard-to-reach places,” he leered at me as he turned around while undoing his jeans.

“Oh,” was all I said as I began unzipping my pants. “Besides, Last night I thought you needed a good shave.” I dropped my pants and smiled at him. “Oh?” I asked as I watched his jeans hit the floor. “Mmmm hmmm,” Austin said as he sauntered over and ran a big calloused hand over my shoulders and down my side.

Ten minutes later, I was in the shower with Austin. He was washing my ass as he fingered me and ran his hand over my skin. A few minutes later, he had spread my legs and was squatting behind me running his safety razor over my ass. When I turned around after he’d used his fingers to carefully clean my insides, he took my cock in mouth and began a delicate blowjob as he carefully spread shaving cream around my crotch. After I had been shaven clean and smooth, Austin finished his blow job and then stood up to lather my body as I lay against him listening to his heart beat.

A half-hour later, we were standing in my bedroom. As I got redressed he went to the closet and called out, “I think our next house needs a walk-in closet” he said absent-mindedly, “OK. That would clear up so much crap in the room.”

“You mean you can put a hamper in there and whine at me to put my socks and underwear in it?” he asked sarcastically. I scowled, “I just said that didn’t I?” Austin stepped out wearing an orange Gators T-shirt and green corduroy pants. He spun
around for my approval, “Is that’s what you’re wearing tonight? Really?” I asked.

Austin stopped smiling and gave me a disgusted look, “OK, OK. I’ll change, but if you dare ask me if those pants make your ass look big-I’m leaving you and going back to girls.” He disappeared behind the closet door, and I saw his shirt discarded over the bed,

“What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, a little perturbed. “That whole ‘Is that what you’re really wearing?’ ” he said, mimicking me. “Jezus Alex, that’s just girl talk for ‘I don’t like what you’re wearing.’ If you start speaking girl, then why am I with you? I could have stayed with Phoebe if I wanted that.”

I continued dressing but hung my head, “Sorry baby.” Austin came around the closet wearing a black silk shirt with no pants. “It’s OK. Just try and talk plain from now on, OK? That’s one of the best parts of dating a guy.” I smiled and walked up to him and got on my knees, “Here’s another.” And I yanked his underpants down and went to town on Mr. Floppy.

After about 20 minutes of him saying, “Honey this taking, oooohhhhh, way,
ooooohhhhhh, too long …,” he finally grasped my head with both hands and buried himself in my mouth as he shot. I stood up and wiped my mouth a minute later and asked “Did you say something dear?” Austin looked down at me and closed his eyes, “Yeah, we like that other thing.”

Then he walked to the closet and grabbed a nice pair of charcoal gray slacks. “Is this OK, then?” Austin asked as he stepped into them. “Peachy, hon,” I said as I grabbed a blue print tie for me and grabbed a white and red tie for Austin.

An hour later, Austin was handing our licenses to this cute brown-haired guy at Pleasure Island so that we could pick up the tickets that Ryan had left for us. The place was packed with people of every shape size and color. And I noticed right away that we weren’t even close to being the only gays or gay couples there.

It was nearly an hour after we arrived that Michael came up from behind us. “Heeeeeey, you made it,” he shouted over the thumping music and the massive din. “Woulda been here an hour ago if little man hadn’t pinned me down for a blow job,” Austin yelled back. I didn’t know weather to be embarrassed or laugh, so I punched him in the arm.

We found Ryan several minutes later. He had a Janet Jackson-type microphone and earpiece in addition to his light-green shirt from Geoffrey Beene and a tie that was light green and silver. “Hey guys,” he said. “I’m on call in case something happens.”

A while later we were dancing with Ryan and Michael, when a bunch of people started heading for the exits. Ryan pressed the earpiece to his ear then looked down at me: “Fireworks,” he said to me. I grabbed Austin and pulled him down to me so he could hear me, “Let’s go outside and watch the fireworks.”

A moment later, I was dragging Austin outside with Michael and Ryan tagging behind him. We walked out side with 5 billion other people and stood like statues from Easter Island watching the colored lights explode across the heavens. Ryan put his arms around Michael just as I felt Austin’s arms wrapping me up. We watched in silence only hearing the occasional explosions and the thump from the clubs.

Every so often, the crowd would exclaim “ohhhh” or “ahhhh.” After 15 minutes, a loudspeaker started a count down, from 30 down to one. When the countdown reached “one,” another huge volley of fireworks lit up the sky and burned our retinas with a multi-hued assault.

Austin turned my body to face his and brought his mouth over mine for a huge mind-blowing kiss. My first thought was, “Not here in front of everyone.” Then I realized he was doing this despite the public -- perhaps because of it I thought. I melted into his embrace and heard Michael exclaiming “Awwwwwww, they are sooo cute together.”

A few minutes later, Austin released me so he could wish Ryan and Michael a happy New Year’s, too. And I ended up kissing both Michael and Ryan and wishing them a Happy New Year. I was a little stunned when Austin put his arm around my shoulder and began ushering me towards the exit gates.

“We’re gonna go now guys, see you when you get home.” Austin said to Ryan. “You’d better not. You’re going to be way too busy,” Michael said waving us off. “What’s he talking about?” I asked Austin. “Sssshhhhhhhhhh. Don’t worry about it, baby. Just trust me tonight, ok?” I nodded my affirmation though I was very suspicious.

My mind was racing around trying to assemble the clues I had. I was quiet as we drove, and I only smiled a little bit as we drove north on Interstate 4 toward downtown. Ryan and Michael’s house was located east of Lake Eola, and there were plenty of people downtown as we made our way through the revelers.

“I got a key from Ryan earlier when I dropped Thunder off,” Austin said as we walked up the lit driveway. “Why are we here?” I asked as he ushered me up the driveway. “You trust me?” Austin asked as he opened the door. “Always,” I replied as he turned on lights and led me to the dining room, which had been cleared of the table and now had only the Christmas tree and a hardwood floor.

Austin went over and lit a few candles on the mantle and hit the “play” button on the CD player. As the first few notes rang out, Austin spun around and put his hand out to beckon me to join him as The Righteous Brothers began to sing Unchained Melody. Austin sang softly to me the same song his mother had sung to him as a child. As I walked up and took Austin’s hand he swung me into an embrace and sang softly to me as we swayed to the music.
"Unchained Melody"

Oh, my love, my darling
I've hungered for your touch
Alone, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine
I need your love
I need your love
God, speed your love to me
Lonely rivers flow to the sea to the sea
To the open arms of the sea
Lonely river sigh, wait for me, wait for me
I'll be coming home
Wait for me
Oh, my love, my darling
I've hungered, hungered for your touch
Oh, my, lonely time
And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much
Are you still mine, I need your love I need your
love, God speed your love to me.

After we’d danced a while and heard Chris Isaac, Melissa Ethridge, and the indigo girls, Austin steered me out to a chilly night where he instructed me to undress as he began to peel his clothing off. I was moving too slow for him because of the cold so he began removing my shirt and finally picked me up and carried me into the hot tub. Where he sat me over his condomed cock and began to slowly fuck me.

I was so wrapped up in Austin, both literally and figuratively, that it wasn’t until I heard the front door open and Michael and Ryan entering that I realized we’d been fucking for at least 45 minutes. At first, I picked my head up and looked at Austin worried that we’d be caught, but he just smiled and said, “Relax, baby. Michael swore they wouldn’t come out and bother us.”

I looked up in his eyes, “So I have you all to myself?” I asked with a coy grin. “Absa-fucking-lutely” he responded with a smile and puffed out chest. We kissed and I rode gently up and down his cock in the bubbling water for another half an hour before he broke our kiss and reached over to grab a very melted ice bucket.

“Originally, this was going to have champagne in it, but … well …,” he pulled out a can of Diet Pepsi. “Thirsty?” he asked. I laughed and took the can he offered as he took another for himself, after we’d finished our cans, we resumed our kissing and I began riding the boy like he was a bucking stud horse. I came several minutes later with his hand helping to finish the job. When he came several minutes after that we hugged and kissed tightly as we rode out his orgasms. When he finally broke our kiss, he stood up still carrying me.

“Wanna go to bed now, or you wanna totally prune out?” Austin asked. “Yeah, baby, let’s go to bed” I said as I hung my head on his chest and sighed, then I asked him coyly, “Think you have another volley in you tonight?” I asked. “Well, I hope so, since it’s gonna be a while till we do this again.” Austin said, reminding me of our pact. “Only if we both behave …” I said, wiggling my eye brows mischievously. Austin laughed as he carried me inside. “Could you be any worse? You little vixen,” Austin laid me in our bed in the spare room and went out to retrieve his CD to play in our room.

Before we resumed our cuddling and fucking, I looked up at Austin and said, “Ummm, what’s the chance you thought to bring something to eat? I think my blood sugar is dropping from all the activity.” Austin reached down and lifted me up by his outstretched hand. “I didn’t plan for this, but I doubt Ryan or Michael would mind us grabbing something from the kitchen,” he said as we wondered naked towards the kitchen.

We passed the door leading to Ryan and Michael’s room. They weren’t being loud, but you could definitely tell they were having sex. There were several muffled grunts and groans and the sound of flesh smacking against flesh.

After a little scrounging, we decided on a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with glasses of milk. Austin had remembered to pack an overnight bag and drop it off when he brought Thunder over earlier. Later, we had a very slow and leisurely love-making session in a candlelit room while listening to the CD he’d made for this occasion.

When he came the last time he bit my shoulder, and I felt his whole body convulse as he poured his seed into the condom grunting and groaning. We kissed afterwards and I didn’t even mind that I hadn’t gotten off. I was with my guy and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke to clanging noises coming from the kitchen. I put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and found Michael half-asleep trying to make a pot of coffee.

“How ya feeling?” I asked. “My mouth feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls,” he said opening and closing his dry mouth for effect. “Well, get some water and have a seat. I’ll make coffee and fry up some eggs.” Then, as I went over and took the coffee from Michael I said, “Poor Austin is totally worn out from last night,”

Michael got a frisky grin. “I bet he is. How are you feeling today? You seem to be walking OK.” I blushed as I put the coffee grounds in the machine. “Ummm. No comment,” I said with an uncontrollable grin. “I see. Well we didn’t hear anything last night, so you weren’t going all jungle fuck like Halloween. In fact, except for the time you guys came to the kitchen, we wouldn’t have known you were here.”

I apologized and explained I’d gotten low blood sugar and needed something to eat. “Don’t worry, Alex. I only meant that you were exceptionally quiet – especially for two guys about to be celibate for a number of months,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t know how he expects to do this, it’s a great idea, but … he’s 23, I don’t think he can go two days without any sexual release.” I said scoffing. Just then Ryan walked
In. “And you’re 27, and I don’t think you can, either,” he said, his blond-brown hair disheveled and his face with some brown stubble. He went to the cabinet and got a can of Science Diet scooped some into three bowls.

I poured us all cups of coffee and sat down and just phased out thinking about how magical the night before had been, suddenly Ryan was waving his hand in my face and broke up laughing with Michael as I was brought out of my revelry. “Earth to Alex!” Michael teased. “Huh?” I asked aware that I had been daydreaming for several minutes. “I asked if you and Austin had a good time last night,” Ryan said. Then he added, “I guess your response affirms that.”

I got a big dopey look, “Yeah …,” I said sheepishly, and then added, “oh my god, Austin can be so romantic when he tries.” Ryan and Michael nodded and smiled at one another. “I’m guessing you two had something to do with this, huh?” I asked. Michael just said, “We planted a suggestion, and Austin executed it. If there was any magic, it all came from him.”

Just then I heard our bedroom door open and close. “Morning, baby!” I called out as I got up to make some toast. “Hey, sweetie, Ryan and Michael up yet?” he called from the living room as he crossed it. “No, we’re trying to sleep,” Michael yelled out as Austin walked in the kitchen.

“Hope we didn’t wake you too much last night.” Austin said with a big grin. “Are you
Kidding? You two were deer mice last night,” Ryan said as he handed a cup of coffee to Austin. “Besides, we were too busy ourselves to pay attention,” Michael said before retrieving eggs from the refrigerator.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” Austin asked as I took out a pan to fry some eggs. “Making breakfast?” I guessed. “I’m the cook, you just sit back and look pretty,” Austin said taking the pan out of my hand. I acquiesced and handed the kitchen reins to Austin. 20 minutes later we were all eating a wonderful omelet with fried ham and toast.

After Austin had washed up after breakfast, we thanked Ryan and Michael and made dinner plans for later in the week. We then loaded up thunder in Austin’s truck and went home. At home, Thunder bounded around the place like a hippo in a shopping mall, knocking things over with his mace-like tail.

Austin noticed the red lights on the answering machine blinking, first message was my Michael’s voice “Hey bitch, it’s me. Jason and I went to some benefit some friends of his were throwing, models, not fish people. Call me when Austin takes his dick out of your ass.”

I rolled my eyes as the second message came on. It was Nate’s easily recognizable voice. “Hey asshole, it’s me. Not sure what you did last night, but this is the third time I’ve called, and I thought I should just leave a god damned message. Call me when you fucking get this.”

I began laughing. “Ya know,” I mused. “We must have the two worst best friends in Florida. All they ever do is fucking cuss at us.” Austin laughed as well. “We need to introduce them to each other; can you imagine those two together? Nate would make some homophobic joke, and Michael would just tower over him and intimidate the fuck outta him,” Austin said. “Only problem is, Michael is turned on by rude homophobic comments; Nate would probably land up with a boyfriend.” I responded, at which we both laughed some more. “And?” Austin asked between peels of laughter.

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