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reclaiming austin

Chapter One

by Billy -

This story revolves around a group of straight friends who accepted my
being gay in a way, which all my gay friends are still jealous of. For
some reason there is something about me that puts straight guys at ease,
even groups whom one would expect to be somewhat homophobic. I have
friends ranging from rednecks and jocks to Southern Baptists and Ex
Military guys, and here in the Deep South, these two groups are not
generally friendly to gays.

What makes this even more unusual is that I am not at all shy
about it, but neither am I wearing it on my sleeve or in your face about
it. It simply is a fact that I am comfortable with.

The group in this portion of my life was a mixed group of people who
surfed, skated, and sometimes partied heavily. Some of the guys played
various sci-fi games like Magic and D&D, and at night, especially on
weekends, we tended to have small bon fires and drink while I and a few
others played guitars. The core of this group was lead by this guy named
Phil. Phil is hard to explain, a mix of daredevil and perfectionist mixed
with philosopher. To further understand him one would have to See his
various qualities of leadership including a brain the size of Kansas. What
Phil spoke was law and it was his enlightened views on homosexuals (as well
as all other minority archetypes) that allowed me to come out so early upon
meeting him. I had met Phil and his best friend Dan through an old High
school friend who thought we'd get along.

Phil had this way of embarrassing guys who spouted the normal homophobic
shit by turning their fears and comments against them. As an example, when
I was first getting to know these guys, I had arranged to meet them at this
club in Orlando that was known to have a lot of mixed crowds. Andrew, one
of the guys going with Phil hadn't been told there would be "fags" there.
So when he found out he freaked, Phil simply started laughing and pointed
out that: first of all, He was so desperate to loose his virginity that he
scared off even the skankiest drunk girls at all the parties, and besides,
"fags" had way too much taste to ever get desperate enough to hit on his
scrawny ass. Well, Andrew landed up just storming off outside the club.
But several other guys whom I didn't expect to show up made the journey and
at least two of them had genuinely good times. One in particular named
Dennis, while never coming over to the gay side of the fence, has
frequently gone to gay clubs with me claiming he likes them better because
no one want to start fights with him. Dennis is a Big guy, built more like
the hulk than most of us and loves to dance, apparently in most str8 clubs,
Guys usually see him as a threat. I have noticed that even in normal
settings he seems to evoke a lot of high testosterone responses. He's a
really nice guy and when gays hit on him he takes it as a compliment and
often buys the guy a drink.

Enough background already. I'll fill the rest in as we go.

This was the mid 90s and I was 26 at the beginning of this story. It was
late winter in Central Florida, which meant erratic weather. It can be 40
Fahrenheit one day and 90 the next and one could never tell when a storm
was going to pop up. This night was a crisp 50 degrees and the night sky
was clear and a brilliant deep blue with an almost full moon. We were
gathering for Dan's graduation party from college. I had gotten to Phil's
house early to help set up. When I walked in I sat down on his couch and
found myself sitting directly across from this totally hot stud muffin I
didn't recognize. This guy was about 22 I'd guess, 5'11, shoulders by
Thor, Totally perfect face-real Abercrombie looks, and Blue eyes that
seemed to freeze time. He had a perfect roman nose and these gorgeous full
lips that occasionally disappeared in a cavern of dimples. He wore a tight
brick coloured muscle shirt with a plaid button down shirt worn openly over
it. I was dumbstruck and couldn't think of anything to say to introduce
myself. The guy gave me a dismissive half smile and turned to his friends.
When Phil's girlfriend Korma came through the room she gave me a big warm
welcome and introduced me to the other guys. There was Nathan, Joe, and
Austin. Austin was the stud I'd been perving over. I stepped over to them
to offer my hand and they each gave me a casual shake and nod of the head.
By the time I got to Austin my palms were clammy and I was sweating. They
seemed much more interested in whatever they were discussing so I just
followed Korma out to work on the food tables. A little while later I saw
Austin talking to Phil, they shook hands as Austin and his buds made for
the door. "Damn" I thought, "He can't leave now!" Even if he hadn't been
that friendly, he was cute enough that I didn't really care. Korma and one
of the other girls gave me the skinny on the new guys. Austin was an old
pal who'd been away at college for the past three years on a baseball
scholarship, he only popped in once and a while as he went to UF in
Gainesville and had joined a frat two years ago.

When the actual party started later I ingratiated myself to Dan by making
sure he always had a bottle of beer at his ready. I'd spent three years in
a frat; Alcohol etiquette was second nature to me. Besides, for personal
reasons I had decided to cut my alcohol consumption down to barely anything
after leaving college. The party got real busy real fast, all the guys I
knew were there and quite a few I either hadn't met or outright had never
seen as well. As I wasn't drinking much, I was mostly playing host by
making sure everyone had a drink. About 9:30 I saw Austin again, He'd
changed into a forest green polo and some pretty well ripped up jeans
(remember the 90s fad?) and arrived sans friends. When I walked up to him
I simply put my hand on his shoulder as I swung around to ask him if he
wanted a drink. As soon as he saw it was me who was touching him he
freaked out. He shrugged my hands off his shoulders and jumped as he

"Hey, hey, I ain't that way Alex."

He shook my hands off and stepped away with his hands up. I suppose I
could have been angry, or embarrassed, or even annoyed. Eyewitnesses tell
me that instead I had the look of a feral animal when he did that, I could
feel the evil smirk crossing my face and as if echoing my thoughts, Steven,
This fairly loud redneck type whom I actually got along with quite well,
started laughing and said

"ooohhhhh shit Austin, you've done it now!!!!!"

Something happened that night to me. I suppose it was the smell of fear.
Whatever it was, I became downright predatory. I felt like a coyote
watching a rabbit run. And I wasn't the only one who'd noticed it, Phil and
Steve and a few of the other couch jockeys became a chorus of urging me on.
The outburst had attracted a fair amount of attention and when Jessica came
over to express her sympathy to me for Austin's outburst. I shook her
hands off me with the same hands up position that Austin had taken,

"Hey, hey, hey, girl!!!! You know Homie don't play that game!!!!!"

As opposed to Austin's outburst which had caused a great deal of anxiety.
MY "hey, hey" brought the house down, everyone was laughing except Austin
and the people who'd come into the room to see what was going on.

At the center of the laughing Austin hung his head down and blushed, he
walked over toward me and mumbled an apology.

"Sorry dude, I-I." He shook his head, "I'm sorry, my bad ok?"

I smiled at him and held up the empty beer bottles I'd been gathering,

"It's ok dude, I was just asking if you wanted a beer?"

Meekly, Austin handed me his empty,


He said bashfully.

Although I thought it a little strange for a group of straight guys to be
egging a homosexual on, to 'hit' upon their friend, the true weirdness took
a few days to register.

After a few beers Austin picked up on the term Phil, Steve, and Dan were
using for me and began calling me, "beer wench". I really didn't mind, I
wasn't drinking beer so I might as well have fun serving it. Besides, it
gave me the perfect opportunity to interact with Austin, I took every
opportunity to place my hands on his arms or across his shoulders, any
available spot as I talked to him or asked him what he wanted to drink.
Austin was getting drunk a little too quickly so I weaned him off a little
and paced him. After I had handed him a full one later in the evening he
fixed his glazed eyes on me and slurred out,

"I know whyyy yorr gedding myy beeerz fr me, Yorr trying to geht mee drunk
so youu can take advan'age of mee."

I Smiled innocently at him and responded,

"Don't be silly Austin; I'm getting you drunk so you'll."

I tapped his chest with the neck of an empty beer bottle for emphasis.

"take advantage of me!"

It took him a minute to processes the whole thing, but when he did his face
erupted in dimples as he grinned and said,

"Weylll. thaz awright I guezz."

With that he stepped up to me and put his arm around my shoulder. I was so
excited I was weak-kneed, but I draped my arm around his waist in response
and beamed at the room. With that, we actually started to talk, well, I
talked and he slurred, but that was fine with me. Mostly he just apologized
and told me over and over how he thought I was cool even though I was
gay... Str8 boys... Whatchya gunna do?

At some point Steve started bellyaching that his "beer wench" was failing
his duties. I turned slowly toward him for dramatic effect and informed him

"beer wench (is) taking a break".

Phil was grinning and giving me a big thumbs up. A while later Austin
said he had to take a piss and I decided to get a new round of drinks for
the couch crew.

I was getting Austin a big glass of water when I heard a big commotion and
heard a lot of laughing, Suddenly Steve and Dan come and grabbed me by the
shoulders and ushered me towards the bathroom. When we got there poor
Austin stood there red faced and embarrassed. I should explain that this
was an old house and the bathroom door had an unreliable lock on it and new
people always got locked in there. ON the door was a poster board and
marker sign that said "DON'T LOCK THE DOOR-IT WON'T OPEN" And in little
letters underneath it stated, "First person to get locked in wins the door
prize." As this guy Jesse was pointing this out he said "Now WHAT will we
give you as a door prize???" A second later I was unceremoniously flung at

"Now why don't you two go back in there and lock the door again?"

Steve howled before bellowing with laughter. Austin got a big grin when I
was flung into his god-like chest. The differences in our size were almost
laughable, not so much in Ht as in Wt, I was 5'7 to his 6'2". But I was a
128 lbs to his 212. His chest was enormous next to mine. Austin wrapped
his arms around my shoulder again and said' "cumm'n, ah need whudder." So
I helped guide 'my prize' to the kitchen. Cat calls and jeers followed in
our wake. These guys were almost being too helpful, how could I hope
to. 'seduce' my 'prey' when they were all standing around watching me

So we stood around the kitchen with his big arm around my
shoulder moving me this way and that like his personal doll as he talked.
He drank two glasses of water when I decided it was time for me to take a
piss. When I approached the head, Jennifer and her boyfriend Glen were
waiting for me, they pounced immediately, preaching to me how it was wrong
for me to try and convert Austin. I believe they used the term
'indoctrinate' several times. I tried to defend myself, but they were a
bit too Baptist for my tastes. I'd learned long ago not to argue with
religious types, not at parties anyways. I was going to point out that it
was HIM who kept putting his arms around me, and he was the one wearing the
tight 501 jeans with the multiple rips in the ass and pocket areas, and..
Luckily I was saved when several cries for me went out from the kitchen.
When I got there I found Austin bent over a garbage can hurling his lungs

Phil looked up to me and said,

"He's your boyfriend, YOU take care of him."

Having been pledge master in a frat for two years; I was an expert on
caring for drunks. I slid my hands up under his shirt and rubbed his back
and said soothing words as most of the crowd filed out. Finally when he
stopped and stood upright again, I saw that he had puked all over the front
of his shirt, pants, and shoes.

"Ohhhh dude, we're gunna have to get you to the bathroom."

"Don' lock uzz in, dey'll mahk shit up bout uzz."

He slurred slowly.

"Trust me honey, tonight you're mostly safe from the rumor mills."

With that I called for Phil, Korma, and Cynthia as I tried to lead
vomit-boy to the bathroom.

"Phil, can he use your spare room tonight, he's not going anywhere like

"Yeah, I even put a plastic sheet down just for these situations Alex."

I said Cool and then turned to Cynthia,

"Sweety, I'm gunna get his clothes to you, will you please wash them, shoes

"Surely sugar, He gunna be alraht?"

Cynthia had a lovely South Carolina accent.

Austin was a big guy; I was worried about his reaction if he felt
I was trying to start something with him. Fortunately, it was quite the
opposite, I got his shirt and shoes off ok, but when I started on his pants
he grabbed my hands and pulled them down to his crotch. As exciting as
this should have been; his being covered in puke and barely standing, took
away a certain amount of the charm. I stood him up from the sink/counter
and stood back, he was now in nothing but underwear, which were clean.

"Ok Austin, we're going to take a shower, you ready for that?"

I got a slurred response about being at the party.

"Yeah, You but you wanna get your shower early before everyone else uses up
the hot water."

I said. God had gifted me with 'drunken logic', which was an invaluable
skill in fraternities and parties like this. I made him stand leaning on
the wall as I slid my hands over his body and down his sides. I squatted
as I reached his 2(x)ist Boxer Briefs. My hands slid under the band and I
watched his gorgeous cock slide out of the retreating cotton. My god, he
was the cutest guy I had ever.. stripped. He didn't have a huge cock but
it was just perfect in dimension, about 4 inches soft, I helped him get out
of his underwear and then handed the package of his clothing out to

Meanwhile, I ran some warm water in the shower and helped Austin
into the stream. I was having a real hard time trying to get him to stand
up so I finally made him sit on the floor as I washed him off of all the
particulate matter. My god, I had such a raging hard on. His skin was sooo
soft, and his muscles sooo big. And well, since I was being sooo nice, I
thought it would be ok to take a few small liberties, thus I reached down
and washed his cock very, very, carefully. I knew he was too drunk for any
true response. But I vowed that I would get another chance one day. The
problem I now had was that after getting him clean, HOW the fuck was I
going to get him to stand up? He couldn't, he'd be happy falling asleep
where he was. And there was no way I could lift him, especially while he
was all wet. So what I did was drain the tub, and then I swung my legs
over and toweled him off sitting down. Then I wrapped the towel around his
chest and squatted to get a good grip. Then I lifted him up (He helped a
little). The walk to the spare bedroom was easy as there was an adjoining
door in the bathroom. Phil had made the bed and placed an obligatory waist
bucket next to the bed. And after I laid my beauty down and removed the
towel, I took a few moments to perv over his too perfect body. From that
godlike chest to the perk little nipples. down to that glorious treasure
trail. His six packs showed even in drunken sleep. His tan line was...
magnificent. I ran a quick hand from his chest to his soft cock, sighed
then pulled the blanket up to cover him.

Phil and Steve started to laugh as I entered the living room.

"MAN, that is some technique Alex!!! Have you EVER scored with that

Steve bellowed. The room laughed and then Phil added,

"Next time why don't you just use handcuffs and restraints, I KNOW you
gotta have some of those!"

I fixed him with a worried look and said,

"But honey, you made me promise not to use them with anyone else!"

Even Phil laughed at that-one thing I REALLY liked about Phil was, he could
take as good as he could dish out.

Aside from checking on Austin a few more times, the rest of the party was
uneventful. Except for Glen and Jennifer who tried to corner me again and
preach some more. Before she'd even gotten a sentence out I asked Glen
what the Bible thought of sex out of wedlock. When he hesitated, I asked
what the Baptist church thought of drinking beer (they both had brews in
hand), and then I said,

"Look, before you go preaching to me about my potential sins, why don't you
clean house of all your committed ones first!"

Several people including Cynthia and Steve had heard that and were laughing
so hard they couldn't stand. Phil got his "announcer" voice on and said,

"IN THIS CORNER: Alexander Johnson, 5'7" and BLACKBELT in verbal banter!
His opponents are, at 6'1" GLEN ROSEN and at 5'8" Jennifer McGrath
Evangelical Brown belts. First Point goes to Alexander with a full Ipon."

I went home at around 5:45 and slept till about 3 pm. At around 5:30 I got
a call from someone whom I didn't recognize at first.

"Hi. Alex? This is Austin,"

Although I was so excited I almost fell over, I managed a cool,

"Ohh, how ya feeling today?"

"Well, physically I'm fine, I don't really get hangovers" (Ok, I now hated
the bastard) "Anyways, I was wondering If I could take you to dinner?"

I stuttered a short

"Ummm, well sure, I-I-I guess?"

The confusion in my voice was so thick even a str8 boy could hear it.

"Well. I wanted to thank you. for. you know."

"Ohhh sure Austin, no problem."

I ALMOST added that he didn't have to thank me. Then I quickly willed my
mouth to shut. Austin pressed on,

"Well cool then, how bout meeting me at Chili's at 6:30 then? Is that good
for you?"

I confirmed and said good-bye. Then I did a little excited dance around my
room. immediately afterwards I leapt on my phone and called my friend
Michael and told him the whole story up to that point. He cursed me and
said I was going to gay hell for picking up another str8 boy and NOT
sharing. I pointed out that most of the straight guys I got weren't really
straight, and besides, an awful lot of them weren't that cute so nothing
ever happened. Then I retold him every Detail about Austin for sheer
spite. We chatted for a while, mostly it was me all excited and pacing
across the ceiling, and him giving me shit about it. Michael was my best
friend, but few people would see that off hand, because all we did was
bitch and fight with each other when we had an audience. But it was all in
play and we both knew it.

I arrived at Chili's about 20 minutes early. My nerves were at
their limits and I couldn't pace around my living room anymore. I picked a
semi-isolated booth away from the main fracas. I ordered a margarita for
myself and Kilians for Austin. I figured I'd gone for several months
without a drink, I NEEDED one now! My heart was flip-flopping and I started
doing the obligatory; "What if he doesn't show," routine in my head while I
waited. But several minutes before 6:30 He walked in. He was even more
stunning in daylight. He wore a green and copper striped polo and an olive
baseball cap worn backwards. His jeans were baggy but the overall package
was one of Bacchanalian lust personified. When Austin saw me and met my
eyes, his face exploded in dimples and he almost started to blush. My
heart soared dangerously close to the sun.


Austin said in a take off of Rob Schnider's character 'Copy Boy' from
Saturday Night Live. I grinned and added

"The Austin-man-a-rOni."

He kept up that deadly smile as he sat down. Then he saw the beers and
started laughing out loud,

"Nooooo, NOT AGAIN!!!! You Evil Beer wench, You just wanna Get me in bed

At which point the waitress who'd been following him over broke into a

"You'll have to teach me your secrets"

She said to me playfully with a wink as she put my Margarita down. Austin
went pale for a moment when he realized he'd been heard, he started to
stammer something out about too much beer, and me serving everyone, but she
continued to grin at him and keep him off balance.

Austin finally said,

"After I finish these, (It's always 2-4-1 at Chili's) please just get me a
sweet tea please."

She jotted it down and took an order for appetizers before leaving. Austin
looked at me with this funny smile, blushed a little then hung his head
down and shook his slowly from side to side as he took a big breath of air
and let it out slowly.

"I can't decide if I should thank you or blame you for last night Alex."

He said as he looked up and cocked his head slightly to the side. He still
smiled but I could see his deep blue eyes searching mine.

"I can't figure out why you're being so cool to me after I was such an ass
dork to you last night either."

I smiled and took a drink,

"Well, you redeemed yourself when you apologized last night, and besides,
now I get to tell everyone that I got a college baseball player into the
bathtub and then the bedroom."

I winked at him to ease his mind.

"Yeahhh, I can't wait to hear how good I was next time I hit town."

We both laughed at this and then he added,

"And please be kind, I know I'm not exactly a porn star down there.."

I broke into a wide grin,

"Sure, whadda ya want, 9-10 inches?"

He started to laugh and this got me going as well,

"Fuuuuck that! I want 12 and half swinging between my knees bitch!"

"Funny, So do I... "

I said as I arched my eyebrows meaningfully.

The more we bantered the harder we started laughing, after a while the wait
staff started watching us and our server said she was going to have to cut
us off on drinks. Rather then pissing us off it only made us laugh harder
as we weren't buzzed and had only just started drinking. When the food
arrived we had gotten over the giggle fits.

"So dude, how long you been part of Phil's anti-drugs, liberal
crusade to rid the world of mean people?"

I laughed at his one line summation of Phil's loyal posse.

"Well I like the guys and I hang around a lot, but I don't quite fit the
wholesome image he fosters, and besides, I can't surf. But, I guess I've
been hanging around about 2 years or so."

Austin cocked his to one side,

"So what, are gay and wholesome mutually exclusive or something?"

"Well I think that depends on who you ask?" I said smartly.

"I'm asking you." He said catching my gaze with his eyes.

"Sure, you can be gay and straight laced I suppose." I shrugged.

"Butt you aren't?"

"Well. I have been recently, but my past is somewhat sordid."

Austin just smiled and nodded,

"So, what's your preferred poison then?"

I smiled and searched for a neat analogy to keep the game going, but
finally just said,

"I guess I never went any further then pot. And even that has been
extremely rare as of late. I used to drink like a leprechaun in my Frat but
haven't much lately. Do you really wanna know the rest of my details?"

I asked with a coy grin.

Something was going on in Austin's mind, but I couldn't figure out what it

The rest of the meal was insightful and we both found out we had
similar music tastes including 70's and even some 60's stuff. But
strangely, we both loved dance music. At that moment, Stereo MC was
getting us 'connected'.

At the end of the meal Austin handed the waitress his credit card and told
me to put my wallet away. I loved the casual assumption of power he
took. I also liked the fact that he was keeping true to his word and taking
me out to dinner. Before we left Austin handed me a card with his phone
number from school and his email address.

"I don't get back here all that often during classes, but go ahead and
write me. To be honest, you're about the only guy out of that group I think
I'd choose to party with anymore. Some of those guys really need to learn
how to loosen up and relax. So next time I hit town why don't we party a

Then he thought for a second and as I was about to ask him just what he
meant by "party," he broke into a big grin.

"I meant with my clothes on Perv!"

We both laughed at this and as he walked me to my car I sidestepped his
hand that he'd extended and wrapped my arms around him in a big hug. He
hugged me back although it was a bit tentative at first.

I got in my car and pulled over to where he'd parked, rolled my
window down and said.

"way I see it is, If I've bathed you, I can damn sure hug you."

He laughed and waved at me as he slid behind his gray Dodge Dart. The
muscle car fit him like that pair of jeans he was wearing.

I smiled as I drove off, feeling the card he'd given me with his email
address and phone number, just to make sure I still had it.
by Billy -

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