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reclaiming austin

Reclaiming Austin Chapter 8.

By Billy McBride.

I awoke the next day with a huge arm draped over me and a huge hard-on gently pushing at my ass. I smiled warmly and wiggled back against Austin. After a few minutes of his pressing at my hole, I got a wicked idea. While leaving the top half of my torso locked beneath his warm arms and against his awesome chest, I swung my hips out and used my toes to lift the condom box and bring it to me, then I used both feet to lift the lube and bring it to my hand. I was smiling as I did this just imaging his comments.

As gently as I could, I lubed my hands and then reached behind me to lube his muscular hard on. I was curious as to whether this was an Austin early morning woody, or if the Viagra was still kicking. After the lube, I gently put a condom on him, not an easy thing to do in this position, but I'd had practice with my former boyfriend, Jake. I re-lubed Austin after the latex was spread over his rager.

Next, I began pushing my ass onto his cock, which is an awful lot easier when you're sitting on it and allowing gravity to help. Regardless, eventually I worked him in and when his cock passed the sphincter and felt the warm soft wet insides, his body did what came natural. I was gently sleep-fucked for a few minutes before he fell into a different sleep phase and wrapped himself

totally around me, his hard cock still lodged deep within me and his legs over mine. He had one arm under me as a pillow and one slung like a giant security bar over me. If I tried saying any part of this wasn't heaven, I'd be lying. So with gentle hip movements I began fucking myself.

Despite the wonderful feeling and wicked fun I was having, eventually I fell asleep nestled like a crab by an octopus. I was lulled to sleep by his gentle hot breath on the back of my neck and his tender snores. I awoke some time later to the gentle prodding of my ass by a cock still buried deep within it.

When I pushed back into him and used my ass to grasp at his cock he spoke softly into my ear,

"Good morning, gorgeous. Apparently someone was a frisky this morning, huh?"

His hand moved from my belly to my chest and began gently twisting and toying with my nipples.

I got a big grin and twisted my upper torso and arched my neck to meet his face.

"I don't know what you're ta..."

He thrust forward suddenly.

"Uhhh ... lking about."

After the surprise thrust, he leaned his face down and kissed me deeply. His hips began their slow, almost lazy thrusting. I could feel his fuzzy chest pressed on my back and his fuzzy chin roaming between my ear and my shoulders. It felt magnificent rasping across my neck.

After 30 minutes or so, Austin grabbed my hands in his and rolled me onto my stomach. He lay on my back and continued his gentle thrusts. My feet were

Pinned beneath his heavy legs, and he used his tongue and fuzzy face to keep my face pinned to the pillow I rested on. As my moans grew, he allowed me to arch my neck around so we could kiss...

I lay pinned and fucked for half an hour before the Austin who'd obviously been reading his gift from Glen pulled me to him and rolled so that he was on his back with me laying on top of him facing the ceiling. He brought both hands up and ravaged my body, groping, grabbing, twisting and rubbing every exposed inch of my front. Finally, one hand went to my very hard cock and began stroking me. That was glorious.

As I finally reached that point and arched my back, he exploded with a furry of thrusts into my ass. Within a few seconds, I reached that point too, and he wasn't the only the one that was thrashing on the bed and moaning and cursing loudly. I exploded so hard I hit my forehead then my belly. I was gasping so hard, Austin asked if I was OK.

As we lay together, me in his arms, bathed in post-orgasmic warmth, our phone rang.


I asked with as much energy as I could summon.

"Well, did you let him get any sleep?"

Korma asked with a laugh.

"A little, I guess,"

I laughed, then asked,

"Can you keep one more secret and not tell anyone?"

"Ummm ... Sure, I guess. What?"

she stammered.

"One of the presents he gave me was two Viagra pills, which we took last night."

I said. As soon as he heard that, Austin tried to pull the phone away from me.

"Oh. Well, am I disturbing anything?"

she asked as she heard the grunting and giggling and sounds of wrestling.

"Noooo. We were done ages ago. At least 15 minutes!"

I yelled into the receiver that was being yanked from my hands.

"Alex has been naughty. And I just remembered he never got the birthday spanking he's sooo about to get!"

Austin growled in the phone as he sat on top of me.

In reality I could get out of this with no problem, thanks to my judo training. But losing was a hell of a lot more fun sometimes.

Austin was quiet for a second and then repeated,

"Yeah, one hour... got it. Oh, when is check out?"

"Oh, cool! That Ryan is fuckin' awesome. 3 o'clock. OK. See you then, Korma,"

Austin hung up the phone, then pounced and turned his full attention on me with a look of serious consternation.

"You are sooooo gonna get it now!"

As I giggled and laughed and tried to squirm away from him, he easily wrangled me over his knee and began swatting my ass. Not really a true spanking, the swats were more noise then they were painful. But I got 28 of them (27 plus one for luck), and my ass was actually sore by this point.

Austin was rubbing my cheeks saying,

"Fuck, those are some red fucking ass

cheeks! I wonder if they'd feel any different if I fucked them?"

I wiggled my ass a little and arched it up to show I'd be willing to try.


he laughed,

"if I'd met you in high school, I don't think I'd have ever touched a chick. Are you a nympho, or are all gay dudes like this?"

"They're all this horny, just not this tight!"

I grinned up at him, still hanging over his knees.

His big hands cupped and rubbed my cheeks. It caused my hole to wink at him. He swatted me again as he laughed.

"Fuckin-A. You are one serious pervert!"

he lifted me up as he stood.

"We got 45 minutes before the gang comes up to collect us. So why don't you go get ready? Oh, and you need to shave your ass and chest again."

I headed off toward the bathroom, stopping before I entered. I turned back to watch him lounging magnificently on the sheets like a magazine model.

"Any chance you might wanna shave the hard-to-reach spots?"

I asked as coyly as I could.

The brilliant smile that hit his face exploded like a Roman candle, and he almost flew past me as he grabbed my arm and dragged me to the tub.

Twenty minutes later, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, smooth as glass except for my face. I'd begun shaving my face when Austin climbed out of the shower and wrapped himself in a towel. When he left the bathroom, I figured that would be it until I saw him reappear and walk up to me.

Without saying a word, he lifted my towel from behind and let his drop. He pressed me against the sink, and I felt his cock enter my seriously stretched ass. There was no gentle fuck this time. His eyes locked with mine in the mirror as he slammed his hips into me. This was animal. Our eyes never left each other. When my moans got too loud, he used a big hand to muffle my mouth.

I came with barely a full stroke. I shook as my body tried to find more it could shoot into the towel that still hung between my groin and the sink.

As my orgasm subsided, I gently but firmly bit the fleshy palm of his hand beneath his thumb. This seemed to cause him to go over the edge, and he

growled fiercely and finally bent his head forward and bit into my shoulder,

firmly but not painfully. His hips slammed me hard against the counter as I

felt his organ throb within me.

Some time later, Austin removed his hand from my mouth and resumed eye contact with me. He gently leaned over and put his very fuzzy face to my ears, which sent an electric shock down my spine. I arched into his face, and he wrapped his arms around me.

"After breakfast, I am bringing you back here and screwing your ass like a cheap erector set. I'll have you for three hours before we have to leave. And if some part of me isn't inside you, something will be very ..."

He stuck his tongue in my ear.


He stuck his tongue in my ear again.

"Wrong. Now get dressed. We're late."

One of his huge hands swung low and swatted my already sore ass.

His "commander" voice was turning on the last few cells of body, which hadn't already been excited.

"One day, we we're going to have to explore some uniform play," I thought happily as I dressed and watched him slip on some baggy gray A&F shorts,

his "pitcher" white striped shirt and his red A&F hat. I was inches away from jumping his bones again. But his sudden serious mood seemed to forbid that. We were ready at almost the same time, and as I ran out the door his hand swatted my ass again.

"Move it, cupcake!"

he ordered.

We ate breakfast at the Grand Floridian hotel, opposite the lake from the Magic Kingdom. What a lay out! What a menu! Each of us ordered our food and sat back to absorb the elegance and old-world charm of the place. Ryan had set this up for us. He had style, a real polish that showed not only in his dress and speech, but in his choices and mannerisms, too.

Now that Austin knew Ryan was also a top, I knew better than to stare too long. Besides, I had heaven next to me. He wasn't polished, he wasn't suave, he wasn't in the least bit elegant, and I knew with absolute certainty that he could make fart noises with his arm pits. But he also loved me.

"Duuuude! What's got you two smiling like Forrest Gump?"

Dan asked with a wicked smirk.

I blushed and laughed as Austin stuffed fried eggs in his mouth and shrugged at him.

Korma looked at me seriously a second then her eyes got wide and she squealed,

"No way!? Oh my god. You two!"

Austin put his fork down and looked from Korma to Phil to Dan to me, then rolled his eyes.

"And what have you just learned about secrets and gossip, Korma?"

She rolled her eyes in exasperation,

"Well nothing yet. Alex hasn't had a chance to tell me anything!"

To which most of us laughed.

"So, how was your 'game' boys? Did all the players figure out their positions?"

Melissa asked coyly as she munched on toast daintily.

Austin and I looked at each other, grinned like fools and began to blush deeply.

"I think in queer, that means yes,"

Phil said between bites of his huevos rancheros.

"You two might be the cutest couple I have ever seen. If Disney doesn't go with Chip and Dale for gay couple of the year again, I'm nominating you guys,"

Ryan said with a grin as Austin and I tried to compose ourselves.

Dan looked up and pouted and said, "Damnit, I knew I should have made my move

when I had a chance!" Melissa just swatted him on the arm and laughed with the

rest of us.

When breakfast was over, we all took turns thanking Ryan, What a strange turn-on watching Austin hug the equally fine Ryan. Ryan told us how pleased he was to help and said he'd be in touch about doing something next weekend, which he had off.

Melissa and Korma wanted to go shopping at some of the stores in Epcot, so off they dragged went with Phil and Dan in tow.

Austin put his arm his arm around me and said,

"Man, the more I see things like that, the more I think I made the right choice."

Phil looked over at us and asked,

"So what are you two doing the rest of the


Austin squeezed me tightly to him and said,

"Going back to our room."

I'm sure he gave them a wicked grin. They all got knowing looks.

Dan stopped a second and looked at us, then turned to look at Melissa, did a second double take then asked as though he was weighing his options,

"Shopping or sleeping with a guy? Shopping or sleeping with a guy...?"

We all laughed at his obvious aversion to shopping. I said quickly,

"Well Dan, unless Phil puts out you're outta luck. We're taken, and Ryan's working."

"Come on. Help a guy out?"

he said mockingly.

Ryan was raising his hand to say something with a smirk on his face when Melissa shot her little brother an evil look, grabbed Dan by the arm and

dragged him off kicking and screaming.

"You ready, kiddo?"

Austin asked as we walked back toward the monorail.

"You sure we can't go shopping?"

I asked softly, with a pout.

Austin stopped and turned to look at me with his blazing blues, which caught the morning sun. He quickly put his new Oakleys on.

"We can play games if you want, or we can go back and get naked. We won't have time for both," he said. He was so matter-of-fact and blunt I was shocked right out of my little game. I grabbed his hand and held it over my shoulder as I led him to the monorail station. Although I never actually saw it, I'm almost certain he had that little victory grin men get when they win a point.

The monorail took us back to the Contemporary. While we were walking back toward the elevators, I saw Chip and Dale posing for photos with some of the kids. I grabbed Austin and headed over. As they were inside one of the stores, I bought a disposable camera and asked the guy working the counter if he'd take our picture with Chip and Dale. He was more than happy to help out

Anyways, Chip and Dale stood on either side of us and Austin hugged me close. Then the guy taking our pictures said,

"That's sweet. You want a couple more?"

Austin said yes, then grabbed me and laid a big wet one on my mouth. I closed my eyes and was so enjoying the kiss I didn't even consider the fact that a few months ago, he'd never even been with a guy, and now this. Someone was doing something right. We took a few more pictures, then went back to the room.

In the room, Austin went and looked out our window at the lake. Even his back was a wonder to watch, and I was drawn to go up and hug him from behind.

"You won't see anything that way baby, here, let me help,"

Austin said as he peeled off his shirt, his back muscles flexing and stretching like some erotic orchestration. I reached up and ran my hands over the gorgeous muscles.

Slowly, Austin turned around and took my hands in his, lacing our fingers together and bringing them to his lips for a gentle kiss.

"Have I told you how fuckin' gorgeous you are?"

Austin asked.

I just shook my head no and buried my face in his fuzzy chest that was hard as steel but covered with a soft silky coat of brown hair. Finally, I moved my face over and began to lick, suck and nibble on his nipple.

There was no frantic rutting or athletic sex, no marathon of intercourse the rest of the morning. We simply licked, sucked, kissed and petted each other. He examined how far my legs would stretch in each position, and I took a long, languid time sucking on his overworked cock.

We talked about the weekend, about what good friends we had and about what lay ahead for us as I licked his nipples and enjoyed lying fully upon his massive and hairy chest and across his warm body. We also talked about the strange décor of the Contemporary, how it looked like a retro attempt to look, well, retro. The walls screamed upscale 1970, and the art, well, screamed something.

As I lay on his chest and critiqued the décor, he gently stroked my hair and used his other hand to hold and play with my ass. It was strangely soothing, and soon I was listening to his heartbeat and zoning towards a nap.

"What are we doing after check out?" Austin asked.

"OH! We're going to meet Michael at Little Saigon, I didn't tell you because it would have ruined the surprise, and then I forgot."

I said to his chest.

"That's your gay friend, right?"

Austin asked.

"Yeah. I was bad so they limited me to one gay friend. I had to trade the rest in for a toaster,"

I answered with a grin.

"If I stay with you, am I going to be a bitter sarcastic bitch like you?"

Austin asked with an ease that would leave one assuming he hadn't caught on to what I'd said.

"I hope not. We won't have any friends then," I yawned into his chest.

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke,"

Austin smirked.

Austin got up a little later to finish off the wine we'd gotten at Epcot the day before. As he walked back to the bed with two wine glasses, he sat them

down on a table next to the chair that was near our bed. Rather then laying down, he reached down and grabbed my leg and brought it up to his lips until I was nearly on my shoulders. When his tongue snaked out and writhed between my largest toes, I inhaled sharply. The bottoms of my feet were so insanely ticklish.

He was having a power trip teasing me and bringing his tongue just short of my soles. I was beyond ticklish on the soles. As he tortured me, I tried to find a way out, even if it was exquisite torture. I noticed that he was leaning over and laying more of my body on the bed, thus more of my balance. Finally, I realized he was right in front of the chair, so I placed my other foot on his chest. When he released the first foot to grab the second, I simply pushed gently with my foot and he went sprawling in the chair with a surprised face.

A second later I was standing in front of him with a box of condoms, some lube, and a huge grin.

"Bold move for a little shit, so what's next?"

he asked as he crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back relaxed. I sat on the floor and began to minister to his cock. It grew gently in my lips and became like a rock after a few minutes.

"Yeah? That all you're fuckin' doing?"

Austin asked with feigned boredom.

Without a word, I reached for the condoms on the table, which caused his cock to jump ever slightly. I got a sly grin, and he began to breathe a little

deeper in anticipation. I took a silver pack, ripped it open, took the mildly lubed ribbed Trojan and unrolled it a bit and sat it on his cock. Then I leaned over and used my mouth and tongue to work it down his rigid cock. His sharp intake of air was making me grin. When it was all the way on, I licked his fuzzy balls for a few minutes.

When I stood up, I grabbed the lube and reached down to liberally coat his straining cock. Then I handed him his drink and straddled the chair, facing him. As agonizingly slow as I could, I lowered myself onto his cock.

"Got anything left in there, big boy?"

I asked.

He kissed me then shrugged his shoulders,

"We'll see when the condom comes off, I guess."

I loved the little shudder that shot through his body when I rested my ass fully on his crotch.

And so for half an hour, I used my leg muscles to fuck myself and bring my boyfriend closer and closer to orgasm. We kissed deeply while we fucked, and his hands held me tightly around my waist.

Finally, his meaty hands held me still, and he used his awesome hips to rabbit fuck me until his eyes roiled back and he dropped me onto his spasming cock. His head slumped forward and rested on my shoulder.

Twenty minutes later, we exited our bathroom and began dressing. Austin was all worried about not looking right for Michael, so he had me pick out

everything. He wore a navy A&F polo that really set off his eyes, a pair of baggy white Tommy Hilfiger shorts and his brown deck shoes with no socks. I

dressed almost opposite in blue shorts, a white and red A&F shirt, and neutral-colored deck shoes.

He sprayed three shots of Izzey on, and I had a short talk about cologne etiquette. So he washed himself off a bit, and I finally said it was better. He put on a gold chain and a gold rope bracelet. I told him he couldn't look any better unless he wanted to go nude, which most everyone, especially Michael, would love.

Rather than have the other guys come up, we waited for their call then went down to Dan and Melissa's room and saw what they bought. We went over to Phil

and Korma's room once we'd cleaned out Dan's room.

When we were done, we went to the lobby and had a friendly guy named Marco check us out. He was obviously gay and gave us all a sincere farewell. We hugged and agreed to call later when we were all back home. Then we split up and went to our respective cars.

Forty-five minutes later, I was pulling on to Colonial Avenue and heading towards Mills. One block short of Mills, I saw the undersea mural on the wall that signified the entrance into the part of Orlando called the ViMi district. The area had loads and loads of Korean, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. There was also a large number of Asian grocers and gift shops. The place we sought was behind the mural.

"I've never had Vietnamese food before. Is it more like Japanese or Chinese?"

Austin asked.

"Neither. It's more like a real meal then Japanese, and it has less grease per serving then Chinese. Some of the dishes are similar to Chinese. They have egg rolls, only the fried ones are called spring rolls and the ones wrapped in rice paper are called summer rolls. They have beef and broccoli and a bunch of similar foods, but they are soooooo much better,"

I went on enthusiastically.

This truly was one of my favorite places on earth. The thought of sharing it with Austin and having him meet Michael had me almost tripping over my feet.

We walked in the front door. Julie, my favorite female bar none, greeted me as

soon as she saw me standing there.

"Hello, Alex. How are you today? Michael is waiting for you in other room,"

she said in her lovely accent and smiled warmly as she guided us toward our table.

As we neared the table, I saw Michael. He was a difficult person to miss at 6-foot-6. He gave me a playful sneer as I approached. That was his way of

saying, "Hi."

"I already bring you two order summer rolls with extra peanut sauce. What does your friend want, more summer roll?"

Julie asked, smiling brightly.

I looked at Austin, who shrugged his shoulders at me.

"How about one order of summer rolls and one of spring rolls. Oh, and two of your jasmine tea lemonades? Thanks Julie, you're the best."

She seated us and handed us the menus and drifted off towards the kitchen. She stopped and turned toward Michael.

"You be nice to Alex today. His new boyfriend not going to understand you play with Alex."

Even with her reproach to Michael, she smiled and laughed lightly as she went off.

"Sup, bitch?"

Michael asked me, trying to hide his grin at being scolded.

"Michael, this is Austin, Austin, this is Michael. No talking to each other, either of you!"

I ordered grinning like a school kid even though I tried to look serious.

Austin pushed me in the arm and gave me a "what the fuck?" look.

"You're cute, but I'm not taking fucking orders from you, buddy boy!"

Michael pretended to read his menu as he stated,

"Good for you Austin. If you haven't learned already, Alex likes to be given orders. But watch him. He's a sneaky little shit!"

Austin was looking at Michael and began to grin,

"Yeah, no fuck! So how do you deal with him when he starts his..."

At that point I coughed loudly and said,

"I thought I told you two there was to be no talking between you?!"

Michael grinned at me then sighed and said,

"OK, biotch. But if I'm nice to you this time, you have to be nice to me next time we go out, even if I'm drunk!"

I stuck out my hand and said,


Michael grabbed my hand and shook it.

"Fine, but I'm still not saying anything

nice about you."

Julie saw this exchange as she whisked Austin's appetizers down in front of him.

"That nice. You two always fighting, and I have to tell everybody you only playing. Maybe Alex new boyfriend not understand you guy,"

she smiled at us.

We thanked Julie, and I introduced Austin to the wonders of peanut sauce. The first time I'd heard of peanut sauce had been here, and I had to be dared to try it. Now I thought it was the most addictive thing on earth, Besides Austin.

While Michael and I were devouring our summer rolls, Austin started with the more familiar spring rolls.

"You really like those raw ones?" he asked.

"Everything is cooked, silly. It's just wrapped in rice paper instead of wheat, and it isn't fried. All that's inside are rice noodles, green onions, shrimp, pork, and a few herbs,"

I said.

Michael added quickly between bites,

"Besides, they hold a lot more sauce."

Austin looked funny as he lifted the 7-inch soft, round, springy tube with curly rice noodles inside that looked like veins. I began to see what he was he was seeing.

"So... do, um... straight guys eat these too?"

he asked.

"Because I've never seen a more phallic food in my life."

I held mine and looked at it while thinking about what he said.

"Do you know how many years of training Alex is going to have to undo to use his teeth on those now?"

Michael said, chomping on his summer roll.

Austin was tentatively trying the summer roll when I said,

"I just hope I don't get confused later on tonight."

Austin and Michael both choked on their food and began sputtering, trying not to laugh. Austin was even funnier because he was blushing.

"I don't know why you were worrying about me scaring him away when you go and say shit like that,"

Michael said in his soft Virginia accent.

Finally, Julie came with the drinks and took our order. I ordered Austin the barbequed meatballs and shrimp paste on rice sticks, I ordered No. 38, which is shrimp paste and two summer rolls and Michael ordered the sautéed chicken and shrimp paste. I explained to Austin that shrimp paste isn't a paste. It's almost like a spicy meatloaf made from shrimp rather than beef and formed over

skewers of sugar cane and roasted. It's delicious. Austin had to be convinced, so Julie finally brought him out a piece to convince him. He loved it.

I let Michael and Austin talk over lunch, and I just sat back happy that my boyfriend and best friend seemed to get along. Michael and I had been nearly inseparable when he lived in Daytona, but aside from phone calls, we rarely got to spend much time together since he'd moved to Orlando. But when Jake had broken up with me, Michael drove to my house to be with me as I fell apart. He's not a touchy-feely kind of guy, and I was seriously depressed when all that happened.

When the two started to talk about baseball, Michael's eyes got wide suddenly and he pointed at Austin and said,

"Camble! You play baseball in Gainesville."

Austin beamed for a second, nodding.


"So how did you land up with this guy who couldn't tell a bat from a hockey stick?"

Michael asked.

Austin smiled, then dropped his head bashfully a moment.

"lucky, I guess. Right place, right time."

Michael turned his gaze from Austin to fix me with a cold icy glare.

"Now, I really hate you, you little bitch. Not only do you get all the straight boys,now you get famous athletes, too? How THE HELL DO you do it?"

I turned and grinned coyly at Austin and shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know. How did I land you, big guy?"

Austin blushed and looked down, then looked up quickly at me and laughed as he suddenly blushed harder and looked down again.

"OK. The two of you are gonna make me puke! Cut it out already!"

Michael gagged at us.

"Don't mind him Austin, he's only like this till Christmas time, then he gets to steal all the Christmas decorations from Whoville. Then his little heart that's three sizes to small cheers up."

We had a long, leisurely lunch. The two of them talked sports and school. I encouraged Austin to ask Michael about some car troubles he was having, since Michael was both a car enthusiast as well as a mechanic. At one point, I got up and excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came back, they were still talking but there was a slight tension in the mood.

"So did Michael have time to fill you in on all the details I asked him not to tell you?"

I joked as I sat down.

"Yes, but he didn't believe me when I told him you were into fisting."

Michael said flatly.

"That's because Austin doesn't need a fist, honey. Unless it's to loosen me up,"

I shot back with an innocent smile and batting eyes.

Austin didn't follow at first, but when he figured out that I was giving him a huge compliment, he beamed and glowed like he'd been set on fire.

"I see. Well, does he know how ticklish you are?"

Michael smiled at me. He knew ways to tickle me that no one else would ever have though of.


I said bravely, trying to think of all the places I hadn't mentioned yet.

"Even with the phone?"

Michael asked smirking.

Austin turned a quizzical look at me and waited. I shot daggers at Michael then swallowed and said,

"Michael, because he's a freakish mutant, can make these dolphin noises and as soon as I hear them I crack up laughing. Nothing that big should be able to produce these sounds."

As if to demonstrate his point Michael let loose with one of his mezzo-soprano falsetto squeals. I have no way to even approximate the sound except to say it's an awful lot like those right whale sounds they play on TV and new-age albums. As soon as he did it, I started to giggle and put my head down on the table to hide it.

"Dude, what the fuck are you squeezing to make that sound?"

Austin asked in amazement.


I said from beneath my arms on the table as I cradled my head.

"He's a freakish mutant, just like I said."

"Mutant, huh? I'm not the one who can be tickled through his shoes,"

Michael said as he stuffed his last bite of chicken into his mouth.

"Why haven't I killed you yet?"

I asked him earnestly.

"Cause you're a foot shorter than me, and you don't have a slingshot that goes with those shoes I guess,"

Michael stated with a smirk creeping across his face.

As tough and mean as he tried to be, his lighter side often won out around me.

Then Michael added,

"Besides, you're twisted and you love being Tortured, and that's why you brought Austin here, isn't it?"

All I could do was stare at him and shake my head. How do you deny something like that? No matter what you say, you look guilty. Especially when it's all

true, well mostly.

"Listen Austin, if I find out that you've done anything but basic tickles or ass slapping, your batting average is gonna really suffer. He's a little shit, but he's my little shit. I will share with you as long as you don't abuse that right. Understand?"

Michael asked with no sign of emotion on his face.

Austin nodded his head but appeared confused. Michael and I had a bizarre relationship even by gay standards. Complex, that's how friends put it. But Michael was just making sure Austin wasn't going to take anything too far. As Michael knew, I could handle most situations in a face-to-face situation, but I was a pushover once I became emotionally involved.

"Michael, stop scaring my boyfriend. Sheesh! You're worse then a mother!"


he replied to me,

"this was nice. But I'm going out with Straneza later to Parliament House, so I'm gonna hafta get going."

Michael said as he laid his chopsticks down.

"Since it's your birthday weekend, I'll grab lunch for you two. So, are we still on for that canoe trip next weekend?"

"Of course, had it planned for weeks,"

I said. That was, unless Austin dropped out of college and came home early.

Austin and I smiled and made kissy faces before Michael interrupted us.

"You know I want nothing but the best for you Alex, but if you start that stupid dating thing where you stop calling your other friends, I am going to be mad as hell with you."

"Relax Michael, as long as he's in Gainesville that won't happen. Tell Straneza I said hi, and I'll call you tomorrow night."

I said, glad the secret-fest was over.

"Austin, it was nice meeting you. Glad you have the, whatever it is that let's you put up with the hyper little shit,"

Michael said as he shook Austin's hand.

Michael and I hugged, which seemed to take Austin back. It really seemed to me that he was surprised by the open display of gay affection. He didn't know what a Mecca this restaurant was for gay men. It was right down the street from the GLBCS on Colonial and right around the corner from the gay bookstores and gift shops on Mills. We said our goodbyes and sat to finish our food as Michael took the bill from Julie and went to pay.

"So? Whadda ya think?"

I asked Austin eagerly.

"About what?"

Austin said in a strange tone, as though something was on his mind.

"Well, I meant about the food."

I said.

"But while you're on it, what's going on, why the sudden strangeness with you?"

Austin was quiet a second as he finished his last bite of meatballs. Then dropped his head for a second, and lifted it to look at me as he said,

"The food is awesome. Remind me always to trust you on food choices. Guess its part of the gay package, huh?"

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders and added,

"OK, so what's up? Was it that hard being around more than one gay guy?"

His face got all worried and he held up his hands.

"No, that's not it. Fuck dude, I saw several tables of fag, I mean gays, sitting all around us. I even surprised myself by how not an issue it was."

Then he looked at me again and studied my eyes for what seemed a long time before he dropped his head a second then lifted to ask me,

"OK, so who is Jake? When was all that stuff? How the fuck long ago was it? And, what is it

with you and Michael?"

It poured out so fast and I hadn't been expecting any of these questions. I just stared at him open-mouthed for a second, then regained a little composure.

I took a long drink of the jasmine lemonade and finally said,

"Jake was my last boyfriend. We went out for two years, got very serious, lived together. It ended abruptly. I kind of ... ummm ... lost my grip. Michael helped me a lot during all that time. It's been over for almost two years... 17 months. Why?"

"Michael told me not to pull any Jake crap on you,"

Austin said.

"Why would Michael bring all that up? I don't understand?"

I asked confused and suddenly as bewildered as Austin had looked. Austin was just staring at me. In fact, he went over and sat in Michael's seat so he was across from me.

"Alex, Michael threatened me. He said that I ... that if I pulled another Jake on you, he was going to find me ... and make sure I felt as bad as you did."

Austin just shook his head then really floored me.

"Dude, Michael's in love with you. It's so fucking obvious."

I didn't know if I should laugh, explain, laugh, or possibly be mad. Finally, I swallowed and figured I'd just explain.

"Honey, Michael and I are ... like brothers ... or sisters ... Yeah, we love each other but,"

I shook my head slowly side to side.

"He was the first person I called after the whole thing with Jake fell apart."

"He ... he said that He and your other friends took shifts for three weeks watching you cause they were scared to leave you by yourself ... that you were talking ..."

Austin didn't finish. He didn't have to. My eyes gave me away.

"Yeah. All that's true. I was on Prozac for a year. I ... didn't deal well with the whole thing. I don't think I would have actually done ... it. I don't know. I can't believe Michael would tell you these things,"

I said, feeling as hurt and confused as I felt betrayed.

"Dude, Michael said it because he fuckin' wants me out of the way. He wants you,"

Austin said, fighting back the pain and hurt.

I tried to protest and explain things, but Austin got excited and started to raise his voice.

"And I mean, I know what he sees. I can't imagine being around you all that time and not being with you. And that's why he's so ... why

he picks on you and teases you, cause that's how he deals with not having you."

Part of me really wanted to stop him but he was so ... I don't know, ready to concede... I kept trying to interrupt, but he wouldn't let me.

"And I mean, he's so ... so ... masculine ... not the way he sounds, but he's built ... he's tall, he's gotta be,"

his eyes fell to his lap as he was trying to impart that Michael was hung.


I finally managed to get in. He looked up at me then stopped and hung his head.

"Austin, he's a bottom, a catcher, a prize just like me. We love each other deeply, but not like that. Really, dude. And besides, you know what he says about guys with big feet?"

Austin looked up at me and shook his head.

"They gotta buy big shoes. You know what he says about guys with big noses? They better have long fingers to reach everything. Big thumbs? Better hitchhikers. Relax dude, there is no competition,"

I said looking at his groin through the table.

"Not here,"

I said, holding my hand to my heart.

"And definitely not where it really counts,"

I said, squirming my ass gently in my seat while holding his blue eyes with my gaze and a warm smile.

He got a small grin and hung his head in that bashful way he had that made me go all gooey.

"You wanna get going sport?"

I asked.

"Lemme drive this time?"

Austin asked as his natural exuberance won out over all the doubt that Michael had unintentionally caused. Michael was going to pay for this-right after he peeled himself off the floor when I told him Austin's hypothesis.

I left a $20 on the table as we were getting ready to leave.

"That's a pretty big tip for the price of the food dude,"

Austin said,

"and you don't know if Michael tipped or not."

"Oh yeah, he always tips real good!"

I said. Before Austin could even get the next question out I smiled and said,

"Because this is Julie."

I intercepted Julie just as were getting ready to leave and kissed her on the cheek and told her I'd probably see her next week. She hugged me, then whispered in my ear,

"Your boyfriend is very cute. Much better then Jake. Bye, Alex."

She smiled and gave Austin a small hug and then was gone into the kitchen.

As we walked to the car Austin said to me,

"Why is everyone protecting you from me? I have this fear that if anything happens I'll have Dennis the hit man, Michael the gay green giant, and scores of angry Vietnamese ninja coming after me."

"Well, then, I suggest you don't screw up then silly, cause you forgot my judo team, Korma and Cynthia and Glen and Jennifer. Dude, you'd be so fucked!"

I teased him as we laughed our way to the car.

"By the way, what did Julie tell you?"

I asked.

"That you're a very nice boy and need a nice guy."

he laughed.

"That's a threat?"

"No, But when that other waiter walked out of the kitchen this mean looking chef chopped some hunk of meat in half with this huge cleaver while looking at me ... I know that was planned!"

"Paranoid much?"

I asked as I forcefully bumped into him knocking him off the sidewalk.

We laughed at each other as we climbed in the Jeep and headed out into the hell that was I-4 traffic.

"I can't believe I have to wait two whole weeks to see you again dude!"

I moaned over the engine and traffic.

"Yeah, But dude, I'll be living at home, so you'll see me all the time. Especially now that my father's retired. We can't fucking stand each other. You'll see me so much you'll be trying to fuck'n ship me back to Gainesville."

Austin yelled over the noise.

I thought about this a minute then blurted out,

"So stay with me if it's so bad at home!"

"Are you sure dude? I mean this weekend is the longest we've spent together,"

he yelled back at me.

"Well, if we don't get along you can always move home. Not like you've got no recourse."

I hollered back.

"You really mean it? I can move in when school's over?"

Austin asked loudly.

"You want me to drive up there and grab some stuff when you're ready?"

I offered as answer to his question.

"Dude, I was soooooo hoping you'd ask me that. I mean to stay with you. But

yeah, if you came up in this we could get all my shit in one fuck,n trip,"

Austin yelled at me.

"Damnit, those fucking dimples got me again! Played like a fool wasn't I?"

I mock scowled at him as he rewarded me with a face full of dimples and made an air kiss at me.

We drove the rest of the way to apartment in relative silence. I sang to Abba and then put the radio on. At my apartment I was a mixture of happiness, sad, tired and a little sore. Mostly I was very, very content. I felt like a piece of a puzzle had been solved.

"Come on up. I'll make something for dinner before you hit the road back,"

I offered, trying to delay the inevitable.

He grinned at me and his blues sparkled in the setting sunlight.

"Horn dog,"

he teased.

I shook my head from side to side slowly.

"How can you even think about that after all the sex you've had this weekend?"

I asked him as we grabbed our luggage.

In a high-pitched mocking voice he replied,

"Oh no, I'm 27 years old and all I have to do is lay there while my big stud boyfriend does all the work satisfying me with his HUGE god-like penis. But I am sooooo tired. I guess he'll have to do me while I sleep."

I gave him a mean glare then grabbed my backpack and left him with a Jeep full of packages.

"Fine, big stud boy. I'm going to try and carry this bag up. I guess you'll hafta grab the rest. Thank God I have you to take care of me."

He lost the wiseass smirk he'd had and started to protest, but I was already heading up the stairs grinning like a drunk frat boy.

I was inside feeding my fish when Austin appeared looking more like a camel then a human with bags and suitcases covering him and dragging behind him. I just started laughing,

"I was joking, baby. I was going to come back down in a second,"

I protested, upset that he'd carried all of the bags himself.

"Just get your fuck'n ass in the bedroom and loose the clothes little man!"

Austin ordered.

I obeyed without question, stopping briefly to grab my backpack that had all the lube and condoms in it.

"Now get your ass in bed and wait for me, fagboy!"

Austin called out. A week ago I'd have been up his face over that comment. But somehow his argument that he was half-fag seemed to placate me.

Besides, I knew as soon as he smiled at me I'd be helpless in his hands anyways.

I saw that he picked up my phone and was using it because of the lights on my bedroom set. A few minutes later, he came in fully dressed.

Wearing his jeans, a white T-shirt (of mine, I have no clue how he squeezed it on, but it looked hot), the jacket I'd gotten him, his red A&F hat worn backwards, and the Oakley's. He was carrying a beer bottle and drinking out of it as cool as a James Dean wannabe. His face was unshaven, and his

shadow was almost a full beard by now. God, he was hot. How could any man or woman resist this?

"Hey babe, wanna beer?"

He asked coolly.

My reaction to him was very evident. I mean besides the salivating. He just leaned against my doorframe like God's gift to me. I nodded my head yes in response to his question. He grinned at my evident hunger as he went back to my fridge to get a beer.

Austin walked over to the bed. Even the sunglasses didn't hide his lust at the site of me spread out on my belly.

When Austin got on my bed he sat with his back against the headboard and pulled a pillow onto his lap and indicated he wanted me to lie across it. So I took a big drink then handed him the bottle to set aside. I then climbed across his lap and rested while he caressed and massaged my sore ass. It was

amazingly relaxing.

After a short time, I was startled by the sound of my doorbell. Austin lifted me pillow and all and moved me aside.

"Wait here, dude."

He casually ordered as he got up and went to the door.

I waited while he answered it and was knocking around my kitchen. Finally, he came in carrying a pizza box, with plates and stuff piled on top.

Austin sat in my overstuffed chair, sat the pizza box on the side of the bed and motioned for me to come over to him. He took off his jacket and sat down in the chair, the ridiculously tight t-shirt riding up over his tight six-pack and straining to burst at the seams.

"Sit down,"

he said, motioning me to sit on his lap. So I sat my naked ass across his jeaned lap and rested against his chest.

"So, not that I'm complaining, but why am I naked and you're not?"

I asked as he was putting pizza on a plate for me.

"Cause that's how I wanted you. Duh!"

he smirked sarcastically.

I knew it was a not-so-subtle power play. I hoped he enjoyed it as much as I did. I lay upon him and ate the pizza he'd bought, enjoying the feel of the

fabric and warmth upon my vulnerable body. I puzzled my head under his chin satisfied by the casual evening we were having. I smiled thinking about all the evenings like this one we'd soon be enjoying.

As we finished, Austin grabbed all the dishes and put them in the box and took them to the kitchen.

"Go brush your teeth garlic breath,"

he said as he reached my doorway.

When I was done brushing my teeth, I turned to leave. Austin was standing in the bathroom doorway, smiling as he stared at me. When he caught me looking back, he suddenly blushed and did his adorable head drop. I smiled back at him and walked up. I put my hand on his chin and lifted it until he was looking down at me.

He snaked his arms around me and pulled me up to him. Neither of us spoke. His eyes were telling me everything I needed to know at that moment. He bent over and slowly brought his face to mine. His lips parted as he brought our mouths together. My eyes closed as he began kissing me - his tongue seeking mine and his arms gently lifting me and grasping at my naked buttocks. Even the fact

that he hadn't brushed and his mouth tasted of garlic and pepperoni didn't faze me. This was love.

Despite that, I was naked and horny as ever, despite his cock fighting against his jeans, despite that we had all the things needed for a session of hot sweaty sex, all we did was kiss and cuddle. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me; I tried in crawl in his skin to be closer to him.

It was about 10 p.m. when I finally said,

"If you stay any longer, you won't be able to leave till tomorrow."

He looked at me and was about to ask me why when I answered his unasked question.

"Because if you don't leave soon, I'm going to suck your dick so raw you won't be able to wear pants. Besides, it'll be too late to drive back. Or you could stay until tomorrow."

I offered with a coy smile.

Austin took in a big breath and sighed slowly before he said,

"Yeah, you're right. If I don't leave now, I won't be able to leave, period. Besides, the

sooner I get back the sooner I'll be back to stay."

So we kissed some more, then separated his stuff from mine and packed him all up. I wanted to get dressed and follow him downstairs, but he said I should get ready for bed since I worked the next day. I loved the way he could go from 8-year-old kid to fully adult. It was just another thing that sucked me into him.

He had stacked his bags by the door. We kissed again, he lifted me off the floor and gently snaked an index finger up my open ass as he held me aloft.

"You make sure he knows this is fuck'n mine, and I don't fuck'n share!"

he growled softly in my ear. I was moaning but managed to ask,

"You mean, Ryan?"

"Nah, Dan. I saw the way he was eyeing you at breakfast, and all those comments about wanting to have sex with you so he didn't have to shop," Austin said gruffly, a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

My head popped up and I looked at him a moment stunned that he couldn't see that Dan was just playing. When I looked him in the face and was ready to defend Dan, I saw the little smirk creeping up Austin's face. We both laughed a few seconds and then kissed some more.

Finally, the finger was withdrawn and I was set back down on the carpet. I got one more long kiss before he grabbed his bags and disappeared through my door.

My heart was so high in my chest I felt an orchestra should be playing some fantastic musical number with loads of violins. It took all my willpower not to through on some shorts and follow him down and stand in the street and watch him leave. I think that was part of why he had me naked.

Since I was so full of energy and nowhere near ready to sleep, I did the only thing I could think of. I called Michael and forced him to listen to me go on and on about Austin. Surely that was a just punishment enough for what he had said earlier to Austin.


I want to thank all the wonderful people who have written me... several of you have filters or something blocking my responses because I couldn't reply to you... and I reply to everyone...

This story is far from over so ignore my earlier projection of 9 chapters.... We are barely at the half way point now...



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