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reclaiming austin

Chapter Five

I woke late the next day. Sleep had come hard, but I had slept far deeper
than usual. I woke to find myself alone in bed. My clock's LED read 10:13 in
bright red numerals. As I rolled on my back and stared at the ceiling, my
heart began to sink. I feared that my outburst had been too much, and Austin
had fled with the morning.

As I lied in my purgatory, I suddenly heard metal banging and leapt to see
what was going on. In the kitchen, I saw a half-naked Austin digging in my
pots and pans.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

Austin was not expecting me to be up. At the sound of my voice, he smacked his
head on the bottom of the counter and landed on his butt. I couldn't help but

"Martha, what the hell are you looking for?" I asked, chuckling.

Austin gave me a sour look, shook his head back and forth a few times and
began laughing at himself as he got to his feet. I can't tell you how
incredibly sexy Austin was with his 5 o'clock shadow, his red

A&F cap perched backwards on his head and his tanned chest bare all the way
down to the boxers he'd slipped on. This is what I was supposed to wake up to
every morning.

"I was gonna make you some breakfast, but I couldn't find the coffee pot and
you don't have any eggs," he said, rubbing his head.

"How about I take you out for breakfast?" I asked.

Austin grinned. "I can't cook to save my life anyways, so that's probably a
safer bet. But I owe you a breakfast, so it's my treat."

I went up and hugged Austin. "I appreciate that hon, but I have a job, and
you're still in school. And besides, you're my guest. When I come to visit
you, you can be the benefactor."

Austin leaned over and kissed my head, swatted my ass and told me to get in
the shower. As I closed the bathroom door he yelled out, "And don't take
goddamned all morning. I'm hungry. No one cares if you have every hair

I opened the door just far enough to stick my hand out and offer him a middle

11:30. We were seated at Denny's, waiting for our order. I had done the rapid
running-late routine and forgone the shave, worn Austin's nasty jock, a T-
shirt, shorts and my red Abercrombie cap, which was almost identical to

"Next time, could you try NOT to dress like me? I mean..." Austin made a
queasy face as he pointed to our red A&F cap.

"I can't help it if you dress like a fag!" I said dryly.

Suddenly Austin put his fork down and looked at me.

"I think I've come up with important insight about you," he said with
menace. "The reason you were tortured in school wasn't because you were gay,
it was because of your fuckin' mouth!"

I met his gaze evenly as I replied, "It is one and the same thing, mi amore."

Austin's eyes blazed as he looked in my eyes. "I can't believe that none of
those idiots figured out how to keep your fuckin' mouth occupied."

"Problem was, after 5 or six times they'd start whining," my voice rising to
falsetto, "Oh no, please no more. I'm only..."

Before I could finish Austin tossed a buttered English muffin at me, which
stuck to my shirt. He laughed like he was sitting through a Jim Carrey
concert. I removed the English muffin with a disgruntled look and dropped it
unceremoniously as I said, "OK, enough fun and games. We were gonna have a
talk today."

Austin turned a little pale a and stopped laughing as he looked nervously from
side to side, as though what I had just said would spill all his secrets.

"OK, OK. But not here, dude. Let's go back to your place."

We ate breakfast and talked about music and other safe topics for 45 minutes,
then returned to my apartment.

I made coffee back at my place and put on some new age stuff I kept from an
old roommate of mine. It made decent background music. Then I plopped down in
a bean-bag chair and faced my Seraphim, who was sitting on my couch pensively
cradling his cup.

"I don't wanna get too heavy now," Austin said, looking at my floor. "But,
well, the whole Glen thing totally freaked me out last night. I'm still
freaking over it even though I believe what you said about him keeping it a
secret. I'm sorry for what I said about you not understanding, though."

"Austin, I totally trust Glen. He can't say anything because if he did, they
would know he was being open and friendly to gays. He was terrified that
Jennifer was gonna come out and find us."

"Ya know, he used to be pretty cool until that bitch got a hold of him. I'm
glad he isn't totally brainwashed," Austin said softly.

Things were quiet for a few minutes as we sat there thinking and sipping our
coffee. Finally, I said, "Austin, what about us? Where do I stand with you?
Am I more than just some kinky trick for you?"

A sad shadow was cast across Austin's beautiful face. His brows knit as he
spoke softly, "I don't know what you are Alex. I-I-I mean I'm straight, I have
a girlfriend and I really care about her. I don't know. Maybe I even love her.
But," he looked up at me with a weak pained smile, "I can't stop thinking
about you, dude. I've even had dreams about you. I've hardly ever had a dream
about any girlfriends."

He paused just staring at me. I could see the cells in his head almost smoking
from working so hard.

"When I thought I'd hurt you this weekend I totally panicked," he
continued. "I cancelled a date with Phoebe, told the frat I wouldn't be there
for the seniors' ceremony. I even rescheduled an appointment with a professor.
I had to see you!"

I was trying very hard not to get all emotional, but this guy seemed to know
ways around all of my defenses. As he spoke, tears welled up in my eyes.

"But Austin..." I said, softly choking back a flood. "What am I? What are we?
What do I call you? Will you freak out every time someone sees us touch? Is
whatever it is we're doing ever going to be something that we can tell people

I feared his answer. It didn't come for a long time. I had forced questions on
him that he wasn't ready to face. He stood up and went over to stare at my
fish tank, the various peacock cichlids rising to greet him as he neared the
tank. I couldn't decide if it were an omen that they trusted him or just a
demonstration of their opportunistic nature.

Austin stared at them for a long time in silence, sipping his coffee. Finally,
he came over and sat on the chair next to my bean bag. I turned to face him.

"I'm going to put part of this choice on what to do in your hands," he
said. "I can't decide for both of us what to do. It isn't fair, and I'm
terrified that I'll make the wrong choice. You're older and hopefully wiser."

I grunted and made a weak attempt at a smile as he continued.

"I can't have our relationship get back to my team. That is an absolute. Not
while I'm still in school. But, summer is almost here and next year is my
senior year."

I hung my head in defeat.

"You have no clue how much I've fallen for you, Austin. But I can't wait 14
months for a guy who isn't even sure he wants to have a relationship," I said
sadly. "You're amazing. You really are. I'm not sure I've ever been with a guy
who makes me so crazy the way you do. But what happens to me when you decide
you want to go back to 'what's her name?' "

Austin reached down and took my chin in one of his big hands and tilted it up
toward his.

"I wouldn't be here putting us through this shit if I didn't want to be with
you," he said. "Christ, if you were a girl I'd have fuckin' dropped out of
school and followed you anywhere."

"If you asked me to, I'd do that for you," I offered weakly. Not
comprehending, he just looked at me quizzically.

"Do what?" he asked.

"I would become a girl for you. I'd..." I stopped, realizing how pathetic it
sounded. I found myself blushing deeply as I turned my face away wishing I
hadn't said that.

Austin released my face and put his hand on my shoulder.

"I'm no expert on this, but on Jerry Springer they said that guys who do that
shit have to go through years of therapy and take shots for years. And the
dudes claim they always wanted to be chicks. You just don't strike me that
way. You're just a dude who likes dudes."

Then he grinned and added, "Besides, if you got PMS you'd be un-fuckin'-

We both grinned. Then I asked him, "So what you're telling me is that you
really want me to wait a whole year?"

"No, what I'm thinking is that, if it's all right with you of course, we'd
just keep it low-key. Sort of like it is now. I'll be back for the summer, and
we'll get to see a lot more of each other," Austin said as he ran his fingers
though my hair.

"OK, but what am I? A boyfriend? A lover? A fuck buddy? Your mistress? The
other woman?"

"Dude, I don't know if there is a term," Austin stated. "Is there?"

I nodded my head slowly and said, "Fucked. Screwed. Pathetic. Miserable."

I looked up as I was saying this. Austin stopped grinning, stepped over to me
and lifted me off the floor.

"Fucked and screwed? One day, probably. Pathetic? No. Miserable?" Austin
pulled me into a huge hug and kissed the top of my head. "I don't want you to
be miserable, hurt or sad, dude. If I'm hurting you, I'll just end it now."

I threw my arms around his legs and held him tightly. "No. I-I-I'll manage," I
whispered with my face pressed against his chest.

Austin leaned over, pulled me up against him and lifted me to his face. We
looked in each other's eyes. His were so deep and impossibly blue I felt
dizzy. Seconds later, I was pulled to his lips and my head spun even further
as me kissed and his tongue probed my mouth. My feet dangled off the floor
until my mind finally responded and my legs rose up to clamp around his waist.

"I don't want you to manage. I want us to be patient and I want you to be
happy," Austin said tenderly.

I nodded and leaned into him. I let myself melt into his muscular baseball-
built arms and shoulders.

"There's another thing I want you to know Alex," Austin said softly in my
ears. I looked up to his eyes as his mouth moved against my face. "Girls don't
get 5 o'clock clock shadow."

"I like your shadow!" I protested, leaning in to let his chin rub against my
cheek. "I thought you were sexy as hell this morning with a little day-after

I smiled wickedly and curled my toes as I nuzzled against him.

"I was talking about yours, doofus!" Austin said as he rubbed a finger across
my chin.

"You're the one who made me get ready so quick," I said as a defensive apology.

"Still took you 20 minutes longer than it would take me," he grinned.

I pinched my nose closed and said, "Yeah, I didn't want to say anything. And
besides, at least I'm wearing clean clothes."

Austin stared at me a second, then dug his hands in the back of my shorts and
grabbed the waistband of the jock he'd made me wear.

"Uh huh. So what's with this fucking stank things then?" he asked smugly.

"You're a freakin' brat, you know that?!?" I asked flatly while trying to
suppress a grin.

"Mmm hmm. Ya know else I am?" he asked emphatically.

As I opened my mouth to tell him, he suddenly raised his arm and shoved his
armpit in my face. "I'm a stinky brat!"

I flailed and writhed and tried to force myself out of his grip, all to no
avail. My Seraphim was one twisted fucking angel.

Finally, I moved my head a little and chomped down on his prickly nipple. I
took his brown bud in my teeth and bit with some pressure. Far from the
screaming and pain I'd thought he'd react with, he clamped his hand behind my
head and moaned as he pulled me against him.

I was afraid I'd bite the damned thing off, but the only thing getting off was
him. This was an important fact to know. Just as tickling makes me forget
everything else, apparently nipple torture did the same for him. I filed this
under "very important facts" in my head.

After a couple of minutes, I lifted my face to look at his. His moans died
when I released his very red, very wet and very swollen nipple.

When I raised my head, we looked at each other for a few seconds. Then,
without a word, he let go of me so he could pull off his tank top.

"Get in the shower, bitch!" Austin growled, holding my gaze. I slid down his
torso and stripped as I walked to the bathroom. Austin followed, shucking his

Let me tell you something. Very few things in the world are better then
sharing a long leisurely shower with a loved one. It's a sensual panacea for
all that the world can throw at you. Kissing and shampooing each other's heads
while rubbing hard-ons together. Only one thing would have made it perfect for
me, but he wasn't ready for that just yet.

After most of the washing, Austin got a gleam in his eyes and told me he
wanted to shave my ass and pubes. I hesitated at first. I knew guys did it.
Michael even did it. But this was a little too crazy for me. But let's face
it. We both knew he could damned well do anything he wanted to. My weak
protests only gave it a more exciting edge for him. I wondered briefly how
different the army would be if the drill instructors used his methods.

Austin jumped out of the shower and came back with a pair of scissors to trim
my pubic hair, the hair in my ass crack and the hair under my arms. He then
had me step out of the water while he rubbed shaving cream into my armpits. He
held my arm up against the wall and began dragging the razor across my tender
pits. He talked gently to me, telling me how cool I'd feel and how hot I'd
look. As he moved down he kneeled in front of me and came face to face with my

"Is that really necessary?" Austin asked as he looked up at me.

"You caused it, you do something about it," I responded as I thrust my hips
towards his face.

Austin looked queasy for a moment, then got a devilish grin and grabbed my
cock and pulled it toward him. I was amazed and couldn't believe he was going
to give me head. Instead, he held my cock up against his 5 o'clock five shadow
and announced, "Keep it up, and I will give you the worst case of razor burn
you've ever had."

"So why don't you just use your chin to clean my pubes then? I'd certainly
like it better then having you hack away with a dull razor!" I quipped.

So Austin proceeded to rub his day-old whiskers all through my pubes. Rather
than taking my skin off, it drove me crazy. I was feebly trying to hold his
head as he drove me insane with his stubble.

Then something happened that I was totally unprepared for. He stuck out his
tongue and quickly ran it up the bottom of my dick. I was so shocked and so
surprised that I lost my balance and fell on top of him. We flailed for a few
seconds as our wet bodies became smeared with shaving cream. Austin finally
got to his feet and stood up, holding my body against his as he rose. After a
nice long kiss that made my toes curl, he plugged the drain to capture some
water and then turned the water off.

"Stand against the wall so I can shave you," Austin rasped into my ears.

Then he pushed me gently against the tiles. As he took the shaving cream and
shook it, he leaned over and began kissing my ears and gently rubbing his
stubble up and down my neck. I came all over the wall while he was smoothing
the foam over my crotch.

When I finally stopped cumming, Austin kissed me gently and said, "You are one
easy bitch!"

"Get over yourself," I said as my breathing started to ease.

I watched as he took my razor; which he'd just replaced the blade in, and
brought it to gently glide from my upper thigh across to my crotch and up to
my lower abdomen. It took everything in its path and left a smooth track. A
few more careful strokes and I was not only hard again, but I was very nearly
smooth down there.

When Austin grabbed my balls, I almost lost another load, the feeling of that
blade over my nut sack was indescribable. Fear, agony and erotic sensuality.
What a mind fuck! As a last measure, he took my nearly invisible treasure
trail away. I was now smoother than a baby's bottom.

I was truly amazed at how forward Austin was being. I mean, he only licked me
once, but here he was holding my balls and using my cock as a handle as he
shaved my privates. Yeah, definitely not gay.

Austin moved me over to the warm spray to rinse my white smeared crotch off. A
moment later, he told me to turn around and bend over. As his hand rubbed up
and down my crack, my body gave an involuntary shiver.

"You really dig that huh?" he asked in honest consideration.

I was about to answer when he discovered that by rubbing my rosebud, he could
make me shudder and forget what I was saying.

"So if you freak out like this from a little friction on the outside, what the
hell happens when a guy gets inside?" Austin asked as he rubbed my hole with
his thumb.

I sucked in a deep breath. "I know a way you can find out bro."

Austin was quiet for a second, and then he stopped rubbing my ass and
said, "If and when that ever happens, it won't be while you have all this hair
back there. So grab 'em and spread 'em, sweet cheeks!"

It was clear that Austin was having "thoughts" as well. I was so hard as the
razor rode down my ass that I nearly came again.

Instead, I just leaked precum onto the floor. It only took Austin a few
strokes to
clear my ass of the few dark hairs that grew on my otherwise dirty blond
After rinsing, Austin kissed my right ass cheek and stood up.

>From behind, Austin reached around and ran his hands from my erect nipples
down to graze my silky smooth crotch. He leaned into me and wrapped around me
as he was running his big hands over my body. He leaned down to nibble on my
ear and run his tongue from my lobes halfway to my brain. I was moaning in a
language with no words, only loud guttural vocals. At one point I realized
his very erect hard-on was pressing teasingly against my ass, and whether he
knew it or not, his hips were trying to do what he his brain kept denying.

"Now, isn't this a better feel for you?" Austin breathed into my ear.

"Ummmmm hmmmm," I mumbled incoherently.

A few minutes later, we were lathering each other up and I slid my hand back
and tried to stick a soapy finger in Austin's well-lathered ass. He bolted
upright, grabbed my arm and shouted, "No!" I explained that I wanted to clean
him out good so I could rim him, and I pointed out that he'd already been
doing it with much bigger fingers. He leaned over slightly and let me clean
him as well as I could have hoped.

A moment later, he leaned over to grab the shaving cream again. "What are you
going to sh.?"

I didn't finish what I was saying as he began to spread the cream over his
massive, tanned chest. Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed the can
and said, "No!"

He looked at me puzzled, "No what?"

"No, you have to stop shaving your chest! Otherwise I'm gonna grow all mine
back," I said into his prickly chest.

"Two problems with that, my hairless wonder, First off, Phoebe hates it. And
second, I kinda like shaving you and watching you squirm," he said with a
mischievous smirk as he reached out and pulled me to him.

I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. I stopped and looked at our feet
for a second then met his eyes again.

"A, no one has a right to tell you how or what to do with your own body unless
you want them to." I emphasized this by running my hands over my torso. "B,
you have asked me to put my life on hold for a year, and I have asked for
nothing yet." He stopped grinning and looked down at the floor. "C, I don't
want to be the kind of guy who makes demands of a partner regardless of what
he calls himself," I said with a smile.

"But this isn't a decision that either Phoebe or I should be making, it's
yours and even if I would prefer you with some hair in all the right places. I
won't think any different of you one way or another no matter how you choose."

Austin reached out and pulled me up to his chest and kissed me long and hard.

"Do you have any fucking idea how amazingly cool you are Alex? Fuck, if all
gays are as cool as you I can't believe more of us haven't switched sides. I
mean, all girlfriends do is try and fuckin' change us, and it gets fuckin'

A second later, he was kissing me with all his soul. His words may not have
been poetry, but he had a language as beautiful as any I've ever listened to.

Before we left the shower, I told him I needed to douche. He gave me a funny
look and stepped back. I told him that guys did it too to keep their asses
clean. He stood and watched as I took my bottle and cleaned myself out. He
just shook his head as we walked to the bedroom, "I swear, you have as many
things you gotta do as a damned girl."

"Not everything, I don't hafta put on makeup and shit." I said as we walked
into my bedroom.

Austin suddenly stepped in front of me and leaned over to kiss my lips
softly. Then he ran his fingers over my face as his eyes wondered from pore
to pore.

"Nah, you're too beautiful to cover up with that stuff. I-I know that guys in
the past have teased you for your looks, but wow!" Austin's face went from
wonder to grinning as he held my blushing face. "Your face is incredible. I'm
glad those other fags never realized what a catch you are."

As meaningful as this was, as tender as his touch was, as much love that was
in his eyes, I couldn't let that comment go.

"Austin?" I said tenderly.


"You know I am deeply in love with you don't you?


He grinned like a little kid.

"Remember how much I love you when I say this, OK?" I asked as he held my face.

"Yeah, shoot," he said with a hint of concern.

"I know you meant well, and I believe that you care even more then you can
express. But if you ever call me or another of my friends a fag again, I'm
gonna knee your balls so hard they have to remove me surgically." I patted him
on the cheeks, "Baby."

Austin kissed the top of my head, told me he was sorry and we let the issue

In the room, we started to get ready for the party. It was a little early, but
I told Austin that if we got everything ready early, we'd be able to have a
little "play time."

As we got ready I thought of something, "So Austin, you graduate in a year.
I'm waiting a whole year. So what happens to Phoebe?"

He stopped cold, he didn't move with his back to me.

"I . Don't know," he stammered. "Maybe, maybe you two would learn to like
each other, maybe..." his voice trailed off, shaking his head then turned to
look at me. "Maybe I'm bisexual, huh?" he asked softly as he looked at my feet.

"Maybe," I answered. "It's a year away. Do I have to have an answer for you

Austin asked, looking up and catching me with those magical blue orbs.

"No, but you do need to think about it. Three of us are depending on you for
an answer."

We finished laying out the clothes I picked out. After that, each time I'd put
on a pair of underwear Austin would bounce over and take them off me. When I
jumped at Austin to slide his boxers down, he stood still and didn't react
like I thought he would. Instead, he bent over my desk and parted his ass.
His message was clear and I knelt to give him my best work. I dragged my
tongue up his hairy, but clean, crack several times before going to work on
his rosebud. In seconds, I had him moaning and cursing in a manner that
blended his words into a long purring sound. My tongue was massaging parts of
him that were virginal to things both male and female. The way his muscular
ass kept pushing itself full upon my face, I had no doubt that he liked this

A few minutes later, he got up and told me he needed a drink. I told him I
did as well, to which he laughed and said, "Yeah, I could tell. Your tongue
was getting a little dry."

So I stood up and announced, "Beer wench to the rescue!"

I got up and grabbed a few from my fridge. When I returned, he was sprawled
like a sexy cat across my bed. When he looked up and exploded in those
dimples, it took my breath away. That old Berlin song never made sense to me
until that moment.

As I handed Austin his beer, he took my free hand and pulled me down to him.

"So you know that Kingsley scale you told me about? Where do you fall on
that spectrum?" Austin said as he wrapped himself around me.

Then he took a long swig and looked at me while I took my own quaff and got

"It's Kinsey hon, not Kingsley. And I'm a 6. No guessing there. What about

"Well, I've been reading about it on the Internet. Near as I can tell, I'm
probably a 1 or 2."

I had a serious look on my face as I said, "Only till you're excited honey,
then you're at least a 4 or 5."

Austin looked confused, like he was going to protest, till he saw my smirk as
I fondled his growing cock. Then he swatted me lightly and groaned, "You're
such a fuckin' butt weasel!"

I giggled and squirmed as he tickled me one handed so as not to spill his
beer. After a minute or two, he stopped and as he stood up he upended his

"Be right back, butt weasel. I need another beer."

Austin was gone for far longer then it should have taken to get a single beer,
so I got up and followed him to the kitchen. When I got there, I found him
finishing off a second beer.

"What's with the beer binge?" I asked.
Austin finished off the bottle, sat it on my counter and burped. "Nuthin'. Got
any vodka or rum? Maybe some tequila?" he asked.

"Top cabinet over the sink. Is something bothering you?" I asked, fearing he
might be disturbed because I rimmed him.

Austin took my Absolute Citron down and almost filled a glass with it.

"No, I-I-I just need a drink. I won't get drunk. Not like before anyways."

Austin poured a little Mello Yello in his vodka. And despite the protest,
which had almost reached my tongue, I only smiled and said, "Good, cause we
got a few hours before the party, and if you keep drinking like this..."

Despite his promise of not getting drunk, Austin started to drink his vodka
rather quickly. Then he came over and put his arm around me.

"C'mon. Let's go back to the bedroom," he said. As we were going through the
living room, he asked, "So you ever make it with a frat boy before?"

"Honest? All of the guys I've been with have been frat guys," I told him.

"You're kidding?" he stopped and asked.

"You know what they say, only difference between a frat boy and a gay boy is a
six pack. Or in your case, two-and-a-half kegs." I spun around and quipped.

"I didn't want to come off as easy," he smirked at me as he flung his arm over
my shoulders again.

I allowed myself be escorted back to the bedroom. By the time we'd gotten
there, he was almost done with his drink. I couldn't figure out what was going
through his head or driving him to drink like this.

As soon as he'd set his drink down, Austin spun around and lifted me up into a
passionate kiss. It wasn't a casual or soul-depth kiss. It was very nearly a
frenzied, demonstrative kiss. His large hands pawed at me and clung like he
was drowning. He laid me down finally and knelt over my face, letting his
satiny balls rest on my lips. I opened up and let my tongue reach out and
start caressing them. He shuddered and softly moaned in response.

As one big hand caressed my face, his other reached down and began pinching my
nipple. A few minutes later, he shifted and let his rigid cock slip between my
lips. As I was sucking his cock, he suddenly rolled off me and laid to my
side. I was shocked as he took my steely cock in his hands and began jacking
me off.

Contentedly, I nursed his cock like my life depended on it. But when I felt
his breath on my dick, I nearly forgot what I was doing till a firm hand took
my head and guided my lips up and down his choice cock.

Austin very nearly lost his cock when I felt two soft lips grasp the head of
my cock. I was shocked, surprised, and so unprepared I almost bit down.
Fortunately for Austin, I recovered before I hurt anything. My cock was so
excited by the prospects of getting attention from someone other than myself
that it began to throb. My ecstasy was short-lived as Austin began to gag with
nothing but my head in his mouth.

"It's OK, Austin," I said after pulling off his cock. "It means an awful lot
that you tried. Don't make yourself sick before the party."

With that, he pulled off and I swallowed him once again and began worshiping
his taut cock. At least now, I thought, I knew why he'd been drinking. He just
needed a little courage.

After grabbing his drink and finishing it, I found my surprises were still
coming despite his gag reflex.

"I wasn't sure if I'd be able to do that or not. It's not like I can get any
practice at school. But, well, I could practice one thing."

Before I could try and figure out what he meant, Austin stuck his hands
between my legs and spread them and pulled my knees into his armpits. His face
was inches from my ass. I pulled off his dick in surprise. Sure enough, his
tongue rode up my hairless crack, and his fingers kneaded my ass and pulled my
cheeks apart.

"I've been practicing this on Phoebe for a few weeks. It'll be even easier on
you cause I know you clean it better then she does."

With that he stuck his face in my hairless ass and began to rim me. It's hard
to say if he was any good or not. It's like that old joke about blowjobs:
There are good BJs and bad BJs, but even the worst is better than none.

I tried my best to concentrate on Austin's cock, but it was fucking impossible
with his tongue buried half way up my ass. He really did put all his effort
and skill into this, his big muscular tongue assaulted my asshole and took no
prisoners. Finally, I dove back down on his dripping cock and let him know how
much his efforts meant to me. Now I really understood his drinking binge: He
did need some liquid courage to get started.

Man, he sure didn't need anything now. His big tongue was driving me insane!
After a few minutes, I felt his muscles tense and I swallowed him deep to take
his load. He shoved his tongue deep as he started cumming. When he was done,
he laid back for a second. A moment later, I felt a long wet finger slide up
my ass. Did I mention how big
his hands and fingers were? His palms alone could cover almost my entire hand.
My next surprise was when Austin maneuvered himself so that we were face to
face. Despite his having just shot a load down my throat, he moved in for a
kiss with his finger still gently fucking my ass. He was so buzzed that he'd
forgotten that fact. But once we were kissing, he never tried to stop. So I
laid on top of him while he slid another finger in my wet ass and kissed me
ardently. As two long, virginal fingers finally found my prostrate, I suddenly
shot all over our bellies.

I couldn't speak, and even as I was cumming he kept gently finger-fucking me.
Finally, I
clung to him and buried my face in his shoulders

"So, I was all right, huh?" Austin asked like a little kid fishing for a
compliment. It was so sweet, and I was so freaking surprised by what he'd
done. All I could do was hug him and laugh.

"Yeah baby. You're a Starbar (*)!" I finally said still hugging him tight.

"A Starbar, huh? Is that better then a Snickers?" he rasped in my ear as he
ran his shadow-covered chin across my lobes.

We kissed and made out for a while longer. His two-day shadow was driving me
crazy. He rubbed it across my nipples or up my neck, and once he ran it up and
own my ass crack. I nearly shot again.

Finally he stopped and said, "No offense dude, but if I don't wash this stuff
off me, I'm gonna heave."

With that, he leapt up and I watched his world-class ass move towards my
bathroom. After stepping in, he stopped and stuck his head back in my room
for a second and said invitingly, "You could join me, if you want."

I flew out of bed and into his opened arms in seconds. We both laughed as he
lifted me for a brief kiss. Our shower was brief as we'd already showered and
shaved. Well, I was shaved. He wasn't, which was fine by me.

I threw on a big T-shirt to run out and make some supper as Austin started to
get dressed. I'd given him a new navy A&F muscle tank I'd gotten on sale and
couldn't wait to see him in it, but suggested he not put it on till we'd
finished eating.

Several times during dinner and afterwards, Austin came up and grabbed my ass
and kneaded it. I moaned softly even when he grabbed me and pulled me over his
knees for a slap on the ass and a bit of finger play. My little voice was
telling me it wouldn't be long till Austin was ready for full-contact fun.

As it was, he'd shocked me totally already. How could he rim first but not
fuck? I was curious, but really couldn't get concerned about it. Austin did do
all the other things I really enjoyed. How lucky was I to have found a
straight guy who loved to kiss and make out -- even with a gay guy?

We were cleaning off the table. He was not only helping, he'd told me to sit
down and rest while he did it. He didn't know where anything went, so I helped
him out.

The doorbell rang suddenly and I asked Austin to get it while I threw some
pants on. As I dressed, I heard Austin's voice and another male voice. When I
walked in the living room I was surprised to see Austin talking amicably to
Glen. While Glen and I had been friends, or at least acquaintances, for a
hile, neither of us had ever been to the other's apartment before.

"Hi, Glen. What's up?" I asked as I crossed over and shook hands with him.

He looked at me seriously for a second then gave Austin a quick look before
staring at the floor.

"C'mon man, what's up?"Austin asked before joking, "Don't tell me you're here
to yell at me again."

Glen grunted then looked up at Austin, "You know me right? For what, like nine

Austin got serious and nodded his head affirmatively. "Yeah, something like

"You know me well enough to know I would never tell anyone else's secret,
don't you?"
Glen said holding Austin's eyes. Austin went suddenly pale, and I could see
him starting to tremble.

"Glen, please tell me this is a sick joke," Austin whispered.

"Sorry dude. After Alex left, Phil came over and asked me if you two had
finally stopped hiding your affair. He said Audra had overheard you and me
arguing about Alex earlier, and she'd run in to tell Cynthia. I told Phil that
he had to make sure no one else said anything. I told him your career was at
stake. He tracked down who had been told. I think we got everyone. Only a few
people were left by the time Alex left. Maybe seven or eight people. But I
wanted to tell you before you got there."

Austin was quiet for a second then shot up and exploded, "Mother fucking
shit!!!!!!!!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs and slammed his fist at open

"Goddamnit! Might as well just video tape myself getting fucked and hand the
fucking tapes out before goddamned practice!" he hollered at Glen.

Glen hung his head and apologized several times, even though truthfully it
wasn't his fault. Austin finally went to my room and slammed the door. Glen
started to go in there, but I stopped him and told him I'd take of it when
Austin calmed down. Right now, he was too volatile to listen to anybody.

Glen and I talked about what had happened. I realized that even before Audra
had heard anything, people had seen the way Austin and I were glancing at each
other and how I looked at him when I was singing. How he made it too apparent
that he was avoiding me. Everyone had been suspecting it since that first

I thanked Glen and told him that I would try to get Austin to go to the party,
but couldn't make any promises. Then I asked him to have a long, long talk
with Audra, who was an incurable gossip. If anyone could reach her ethical
center, it was Glen.

After Glen left I went to bedroom door and knocked gently. "Austin? Can I
come in please?" I asked as passively as I could.

The door opened and I saw his back as he walked to my window to look out at
the trees. When I walked over and touched him, he didn't even move. But as I
stood beside him, I looked up and saw silent tears rolling down his cheek.
Slowly, so as not to spook him or draw an angry backlash, I put my arms around
him and drew him into a powerful hug. He turned and faced me finally and
almost fell on me as he began to cry louder. I held him for a long time,
patting his back and reassuring him.

Finally he stopped and stood up. He walked to my bathroom and got a wet
washcloth and wiped his face.

"What am I gonna do Alex? Do you know how many guys at the party have
brothers and sisters and friends that go to UF? Or even FSU or UCF. Gossip
like this travels quickly."

I didn't answer him at first. I held up a finger while I went to my file
cabinet and dug around for a second, finally finding I was looking for. I
handed some pictures to Austin. His face reacted with shocked when he saw the
first picture, the body of a young guy who'd been beaten to death with a
baseball bat. The other pictures were of other guys, some from the military,
who'd been killed or maimed as well.

When he looked up at me he was aghast, "What the fuck?"

"Those are pictures of guys who've been gay-bashed. The first guy I showed you
was on a weekend baseball trip in rural Alabama. When the other guys found out
about him, that's what they did with baseball bats. It was a few years ago.
The others were all victims of gay bashings, two from last year. I used these
in college as a reminder of what can happen. So we aren't going to say much of
anything to those people at Phil's. I'm going to have copies of these for each
of them to take home as a reminder of what can happen to their friends if the
urge to spread juicy gossip overcomes common respect."

"Are these supposed to make me feel better?" Austin asked with a horrible pall
over his face.

"No, baby. And I would never have shown them to you except that I think your
friends need to have a very serious reminder that not everyone is as tolerant
or accepting as our group is. I don't want you to worry, but when I'm done
with them, they will all know that outing you is tantamount to a death

Austin handed me the pictures and nodded the go-ahead. Then to prove that his
good nature was irrepressible, he leaned over with a mischievous grin and
said, "Of couuuuurse, if we wanted to be totally sure, we could just go over
and cap their damned asses."

I laughed before adding, "OK, but you're digging the damned hole to bury them

We laughed for a few seconds before I got a worried look on my face.

"Oh, and you have to leave Dan alone," I stated emphatically.

"Why Dan?" Austin asked curiously.

"My god, Austin, have you seen his face? His shoulders? The way he fills out
his surfing shorts? My god, that boy has to be 10 inches soft!
know...if you don't work out I have another straight guy to seduce."

Austin didn't say a word at first. He just looked at me dumbfounded. "Just
like that? After all I've done for you you'd replace me with him?"

"No honey, you know I love you more than pickled okra. But baby, if you leave
me I need someone gorgeous and hung to take my mind off of you," I pleaded
through my grinning lips.

Austin's response was to tickle me and call me "whore" over and over till I
was a laughing puddle on the floor.

Finally he stopped and said, "Just for that, I'm gonna tell your boyfriend
Glen that the only guy you wanted to save was Dan, not him after all the nice
things he'd done for

I looked shocked for a second and mouthed "oh, fuck!" before we both laughed
and he pulled me to the bed to hold me and kiss me.

"Have I mentioned that I really love you, Alex Johnson?" Austin purred in my

"No, actually you haven't Austin Camble," I whispered in his ear.

Austin kissed my ear and stuck his tongue it for a second before
adding, "Well, stop thinking of Dan when I'm kissing you and maybe I will."

I just snuggled as close as I could and whispered.

"Dan? Dan who?"

(*) A Starbar is a British candy bar and the phrase, "You're a Starbar." is a common one meaning "great" or that someone is special.  Alex uses this Expresion because His real life counterpart picked it up from a very sexy British boy.

That's chapter 5 guys, after all the crap my computer put me through I finally
got it out.

I have to thank Scott for all the wonderful help he's given me in this trying time. Sometimes a friend will come out of nowhere but still make a bigger difference then they could possibly understand.


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