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reclaiming austin

Chapter 21

Hello Loyal readers, frustrated fans and people pissed cause they couldn’t reach me. December was quite the speed bump for me. After the third ambulance visit I was resolved that I wasn’t going to see February. I made all my plans but then my ex called me from England (ever wonder where I got so many anglisisms?) And made me go a different Doctor. Turns out my Dr.s “new” plan was cutting edge 30 years ago… So I was put on a different plan and am doing much better now. The reason no one could write me is that when all this was going down, hotmail canceled my account with no explanation… and everytime I wrote to ask what had happened, they sent me this lame link that told me how to log in… as if I had forgotten after 4 years of daily checking.

Anyways, I have a new account at Gmail: OR but I tend not to use this as much after the last problem… I lost EVERYTHING…So please please please write me so I can once again create my fan base and let people know when I post.

All of you mean so much to me.

Humbly yours
Billy McBride
Aka William Tyler King

Editor’s Note: I would just like to take a minute here to say “welcome back” to Billy. The last few months have been quite a hurdle for him and me for one am so thrilled that he is back with us, healthy, happy and writing again. We love ya Billy! ~Riley James
Me again! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *blush*

Reclaiming Austin

By William Tyler King

Chapter 21

The day after Thanksgiving, Austin woke me early so we could get to my mom’s Art gallery show before the crowds arived. I had terrible cotton mouth and was beyond parched. I must have drunk 3 liters of water before brushing my teeth and then had to pee like a race horse on water pills. I figured it was all the cider we’d (I’d) had. After Austin made us a large breakfast he seemed as excited and turned on as I’d ever seen him. He commented that I didn’t seem all that excited… he was referring, of course, to his proposal, but I really wasn’t feeling great, it wasn’t anything in particular, just run down and tired I figured. I told him I was still thrilled but had probably just eaten too much and wasn’t awake yet, then I gave him a warm smile and asked with a coy tilt of the head, “But you still wanna marry me right?” I asked once we had breakfast out.

I asked as if his attitude might have had changed since last night. Cool as a winter morning he snorted and lifted his paper to read the sports section and after drinking some coffee he just said offhandedly, “We’ll see, depends on what you buy me today.” I knew he was smirking like a little kid behind his paper, “You mean besides the house?” I asked innocently. Our exchange died there as I just wasn’t feeling into it, so he read his sport section and commented that we needed to get back to the gym as we’d missed several days already. I mused that he was already bigger than Charles Atlas and I was getting pretty damned big in my chest and arms too, he replied that we were gay and had images to uphold… I didn’t say anything, but I suspected he just ate up the envy by “normal” guys who saw either of us, and particularly gay men who saw us together.

If Austin hadn’t kept pushing me, I’m not sure I’d even have gotten ready that morning… thankfully the biggest puppy I’d ever known was nipping at my heels and actually carried me to the shower and washed and shaved my entire body by hand. I was then lathered up and fingered in the most blissfully teasing fashion I think he’d ever done to me. By 11 we were out the door, and a bouncy Austin was blasting the Petshop Boys as we drove to New Smyrna Beach.

The Museum was packed when we got there, and there were various food and drink displays set around the gallery between the displays by the new artists, While Austin was more drawn towards the paintings that he saw as “normal” art, I was drawn to the sculpture and pottery and metal craft, which I interpreted as “genuine” art. As quietly as we could we kept snipping at anything the other liked, we were careful to do this under our breath because I’d already had an artist mad at me once before for overhearing my comments to ma friend. Luckily that artist didn’t know my mom was the curator and I’d been careful after that to avoid her in his presence. Mostly we were being funny and dismissive.

I was forcing Austin to look at a display of beautiful Raku pottery when Mom saw us and came over. “Isn’t this Beautiful Alex?” She asked me as I was looking at a gold, tangerine, and red clouded vase. “I knew you’d like this man’s pieces as soon as I saw them.” She said before kissing each of us. “Yeah mom, it’s beautiful,” I commented before adding, “When I get the new house, can I have my Raku collection back?” in a teasing whine. She smirked at me then added “O course dear, right after you and Austin do some yard work for me.” Then she patted me on the head and walked over to talk to a few patrons. “Man, you come buy it honest, I’ll give you that!” Austin said as we walked on. “My artistic tastes?” I asked strangely proud. “Yeah Sure. That and your smart ass!” he said patting my head as she had done.

Austin dragged me to a display of paintings of nudes done in oils with metal sculptures and wire screens attached as well as plaster and wood pieces, Austin was gawking at the few female nudes while I was admiring both the men and the metal sculptures when a voice from my past assaulted my ears with the force of a hunting raptor, “Alex??? Alex Johnson?” I turned when I heard my name and stood dumb when I looked up at the now foreign dark haired blue eyed face from my past. It took a second for my eyes to readjust before I realized whom it was, “Jake?” His superior smile and sneering shark like gaze affirmed it, my blood ran cold, something Austin noticed as I felt his arm suddenly around my waist. We all stood for a moment before Jake said, “I was excited when I found out I’d be coming so close to school…” Jake and I had gone to the university nearby. “But I didn’t think there was any chance I’d run into you here, I figured you’d be off to Orlando or Atlanta.” He said cocking his hips and putting his hands on his hips in that familiar but superior manner he’d always used. Before my brain could stop screaming warnings long enough to answer, Austin stepped slightly forward of me and struck out his hand to shake, while keeping his left hand possessively around my waist. “Hi, I’m Austin, and you are???” Austin was leaving no doubt that I was his, I was exceedingly grateful, I was all but ready to make a weak excuse there and leave as quickly as possible, with my savior of course. “Jake, Jake Lebeau, Alex and I dated in College.” Jake said with an air of superiority, letting Austin know he’d had me first. I wanted to add that it hadn’t been so much dating as it had been abuse and psychological torture, and that Jake had left me battered and wanting to kill myself after he’d left me for an eighteen year old nursing student in Tallahassee. However, my sense of decorum and propriety managed to keep me still, Austin knew something was up and I could see the exact moment he figured out who Jake was. Austin laughed and said “oooh, I was still in junior high then!” This slapped Jake momentarily.

“An old friend of Alex’s? Well god, I’d love to invite you over,” Austin continued, as though he had no idea whom Jake was. His words made me panic and grasp his hand as hard as I could pleading for him not to, “But Alex and I are real busy getting ready for a trip in two weeks to Palm Springs, you know all the packing and all that, we just don’t have any time right now.” Austin said as bold and smooth as a Prince. “Palm Springs? What’s the occasion? You missed the big white party!” Jake asked with a curiosity so pure it took his sneer away. Austin lifted my left hand and entwined our fingers and displayed the ring he’d given me. “Marriage” was all he said. This took all the fire out of Jake’s irritating sails, his face fell and Jake stuttered a weak, “Oh? Well, ummm, congratulations.”

Not content with just taking the wind from his sails, Austin wrapped a big arm around my neck and pulled me close to nuzzle my ear, “Have you found anything for the new place yet? Or anything for Ryan and Michael?” He asked me sweetly before kissing my nose. I paused a moment looking away from Jake, whose great beauty had been lost through too much partying, Smoking, late nights, and extreme weight loss, he was almost gaunt. And his skin was pale now and his eyes sunken. “Ummm, I like these nudes, but I don’t think the artist is around.” I said softly.

“Michael?” Jake asked suddenly? “You’re still friends with Michael?” Jake asked me.

Jake had hated Michael which was evident from the way his voice dropped when he said his name. Michael had been part of the reason Jake had lost control of me.

“This is a different Michael, a football player; but my Michael is dating an ex of mine down in Orlando.” I said softly, still shook up and distracted by Jake’s presence. Austin suddenly turned on me and winked so Jake couldn’t see it. “Do we have to hear about the damned underwear Model again?” He said with an exaggerated sigh and snort. This was something he might have actually done a week ago; this though, was purely for Jake’s consumption.

Jake had always hated Michael, even before Michael began talking to me about leaving Jake. Michael was taller and totally unimpressed with any of Jakes bullshit and told him so the first time they met. And when Jake threatened him Michael stepped closer and laughed in his face. The last the time they saw each other, Michael came over to our apartment after having gone out to the bars to see why I hadn’t met him there… and when he saw my black eye and bruised face, he marched in and dragged Jake out of bed by his foot and yanked him right out the door screaming and yelling and locked him out in his underwear and stayed the night with me, never asking me a thing and later pretended the entire thing hadn’t happened. We never talked about that night later, about what either of them had done. It was less than two weeks later that Jake left me. Though to be honest, that was as much because Natasha had back handed him over our kitchen table and slapped him so hard he lost a tooth when she’d seen my black eye, then told him her brothers would be happy to kill a “fucking white trash faggot” if she asked them to, and insisted that they’d never get caught because they knew how to dispose of bodies the right way, “Gators!”

“I’ll go get the artist, I know who he is, we’re kind of dating….” Jake offered a lot less arrogantly than he had been moments ago. I could tell by Austin’s look that he wanted to get me out of there, not out of jealousy, but because I’d told him all about Jake. He knew it was a point of utter disparity for me, a time when I’d let someone else take control of me, He knew enough to know this and to be able to read my body language. If this had taken place else where, I have no doubt that Austin would have punched Jake out and probably tossed his bloody body in a trashcan.

“So, you know Jake from College yes?” This older Hispanic man said as he walked up, his name tag said “Julio Juarez” just like the works we were looking at.

We discussed his work a while as Austin purposely stared at Jake and intimidated him through unsmiling eyes, though to be honest, he never made so much as an aggressive move. His actions said clearly that Jake no longer had any power over me no matter what he thought, and Austin would protect what was his. If I’d actually have had any doubt about Austin’s suitability as my mate, his actions today allayed any fears I might have withheld.

“Please, you come with me,” Julio said to me, “I want to show you pieces in the back that management said were too ‘controversial’ for this exhibit.” Julio said as he turned, I squeezed Austin’s hand and said I’d be right back as I followed Julio. I hated leaving Austin with Jake, but I was glad to be away from Jake and trusted Austin after his display. Austin had proved himself a versatile warrior who could defend me in a myriad of ways.

After we entered the back storage room Julio walked over to a table with several of his more… “graphic” pieces on them, one had a three dimensional penis that stuck out 6 inches.

“You like? Is more your style maybe?” Julio asked looking up at me. I was thinking how sad it was for a successful artist, a fairly good looking man in his 40s, to be stuck with a leach like Jake, who had once been a an attractive guy, but who now looked like any bar fly some one might drag home at the end of a long night of partying. Julio smiled as he read my eyes. “Maybe Jacob overstated that he was your friend yes?” He asked with an arched brow. I didn’t know what to say. “He… we dated, it didn’t end so well.” I said simply. I walked over and held up a piece with a nude man throwing a football; a wire mesh audience surrounded it. “There is more you are not saying I think.” Julio added while looking at the piece I held. “Look, he seems to treat you well, maybe I just didn’t have the money or the age to know how to keep him. We were in college and both very young.” Then I added softly, “He had a cruel streak in the past.” I said as I was hoping to change the subject.

“Your both still very young, children, and he still has a cruel streak, but he doesn’t let it out around me.” Julio said. He then added, “I know he hit you Alex, he bragged about it once to me, I told him that a real man doesn’t need to hurt others to be a man, That it only showed his weakness and an evil soul!” He said as he put a hand on my shoulder, I started to shake and suddenly felt trapped. “Relax Alex; I saw how he was getting to you. That’s why I got you away from him. You wonder why I am with someone like him yes?” I nodded trying to look at the canvas. “He is a companion with free time, nothing more, although he wants to date me I think, mostly for my drugs and my house on south beach I suspect. However I will be leaving him in Ft Lauderdale with his mother when I go home. His drug use will kill him soon enough, that or his Aids.” Julio said ominously. I suddenly went pale, it all made sense now. I looked up in his eyes, shocked. “I had no idea.” I said. He nodded, “He hasn’t told me yet to be honest, but I know the signs, to be my age and gay, you learn to spot the signs. But know this Alex, when he is gone, all the evil he has done to you and the others, it all dies with him, and he will have left no one to mourn him… not even me really. And you, you will be happily married to this Austin, with friends and loved ones about you. Do not forgive him if you don’t feel ready, but find it in your heart to pity him until you can, your heart needs forgiveness Alex, yes? Hatred and regret will sit like a poison on your soul.”

I looked up at this artist with big eyes, “Thank you.” I said in awe, in 20 seconds he had… given me a peace I hadn’t known since I’d been a sophomore. So I asked about the piece of art and he said, “Since you are family, for you, $250.” I was stunned; his works all went for $800 and up. So I asked him to hold the small female nude Austin had been ogling as well. I hugged Julio and we exchanged cards, then I told to him to be careful how he ended it with Jake as he had a surprising violent streak. Plus Jake knew Judo we had met in my dojo while we were in school, though to be honest, Jake was never very good, his green belt was only given him because he was with me. Julio laughed and said, “I’m from South Florida Alex, and Cuban judo is some of the best in the world. I have a black belt in Jujitsu actually, Let him try.” And then he laughed.

Outside I walked up to find Austin talking with my Mom. I noticed that Jake was gone, I worried a moment that Austin had done something and hid the body, and then I saw Jake outside though a window smoking. Some bad habits never died. Austin and I hugged and kissed my Mom and said “See you later Mom, cool show!” and I held up the piece I had just bought to show her. Austin walked with me outside, he was embarrassed by the picture I was carrying with the naked young man and then I reminded him that ½ the artists were gay and that he’d already held my hand, put his arms around me, and kissed me inside, so it wasn’t like anyone was going to be surprised. He screwed up his face a moment then grinned and kissed my nose. “Pervert!”

We talked a great deal about Jake on the ride home, and I told him how utterly proud I was of how he’d handled everything. “We’re getting married in Palm Springs huh?” I teased him after a long silence. “Sooooooo, he didn’t need to know it was Michael and Ryan getting married in Palm Springs, It sure as shit shut his mouth!” Austin added with puppy like exuberance. “Yeah it did, thank you badboy!” I said sincerely, thinking though of how Jake was dying of Aids.

“What is it?” Austin asked suddenly, it was his definitive voice.

“Jake’s got Aids.” I said slowly, the truth still harder to say than to believe…

“What an Idiot!!!” was all Austin said though he reached over and took my hand in his as a reassurance. It remained unspoken that we were still watching Austin for any number of venereal diseases after what had happened to him. Jake though had slept with every boy, man, and barfly he’d ever met though, and I seriously doubted he’d ever let a condom get between him and a good time… God knows he’d brought home a number of “little friends” while we were together and I’d been screened carefully for years after he was gone to make sure he hadn’t left me with anything serious.

“It’s not as if he didn’t know the risks, not like he caught it before people knew how to stop it,” Austin said angrily, “Not as if it was given to him against his will!” He added, I suspect he was talking about himself here.

“It doesn’t change anything baby, he was trying to bully me and you stopped it decisively!” I added.

“Know what I want right now?” Austin said changing the subject. “MMMMMMM,” I wondered, “an unpronounceable French Pastry?” I said with a grin.

“Nope, I want you at home with your mouth so full you won’t be able to talk for a while,” Austin said with a lecherous grin.

“MMmmmmmmmmm, sounds great… Howbout we stop for haircuts and maybe some lunch first?” I asked. We needed haircuts before we went to Palm Springs.

We went to the shopping center I usually went to get my hair cut, as usual Tom was working, Tom was Florida’s only straight male hairdresser and always a fun and wound up character. Austin had gone to him a few times since moving in with me. Rather then the normal haircut I’d always gotten in the past, I opted for a Caesar like Austin’s.

“A Caesar???” Tom asked, “Yup, just like Austin’s!” I smiled at Tom through the mirror. “You know everyone will think you’re his dog.” Tom added.

“Thanks Michael!” I said sarcastically as he knew who Michael was only too well. The two of us had put on our trademarked show here several times.

Austin couldn’t stop feeling my hair later or making sexy or suggestive comments during lunch.

So when I fuck you later, Iwonder if it’ll be like masturbating…” Austin mused arrogantly.

“Keep that up and you won’t have to wonder!” I added smartly.

“Ohhh get off it, you know you owe me after this morning!” Austin said teasing me.

It smacked me a bit and I could see Austin balk as my face fell… He began to apologize when I looked up seriously. “Austin, I thank you for what you did, but I don’t owe you… the truth is, I always want to have sex with you, even when I don’t feel good. You never ask me to do anything I don’t feel ready for… and that’s one of the reason’s you’re here and Jake isn’t. I love it when you push me, but I hated being guilted into doing crap I didn’t want to do.

Austin was serious a moment, his fire gone in light of my seriousness, “Alex, you know I’ll never make that fucking demand of you… though to be quite honest, I can’t think of a thing that I could ask you to do that you wouldn’t do, hell, haven’t already done with me.” He was referring to our forays into bondage and roll playing.

“Jake thought of a whole lot that he pressured me into.” I said softly before eating a chip.

Austin was quiet, I knew he was curious but didn’t want to push me on this, my embarrassment was evident.

“Jake… used to arrange for me to…sleep with friends of his… turns out he was trading me for drugs and favors…” I was barely audible, though we were far from anyone who could hear me. I could see the anger in Austin’s face and was glad we were away from Jake, for his sake.

“He WHAT?!?!?!?” Austin hissed.

“He… whored me out for drugs… but honest, I didn’t know at first. He would guilt me into it… and then call me names afterwards, make me feel ashamed for cheating on him. That was before the physical abuses started.” I said barely audible… I was so worried Austin would get up and leave me once he knew this.

“Look at me Alex.” Austin ordered sternly.

I looked up though my head was hung in shame.

“NO ONE gets to touch you ever again, NO ONE! That ring means what you said, about me owning you, and you owning me. WE are a fucking couple now, and that fucking bastard is paying for all the things he did to you. He’s lucky as shit I didn’t know this earlier or I would have taken him outside and shown him my fist over and over as it pounded his fucking face in.”

And that’s when I realized how deeply the two of us were connected, when he was worried about my past, and wanted to protect me from any hurt… and more than ever, I wanted to give this man everything I had.

“I’m getting lunch baby, then we’re going home and doing whatever you want… well, before 6pm when Michael and Ryan are coming up anyways.” I smiled demurely at Austin, he beamed at me.

“God you’re easy!” he teased through eyes that told me how much he loved me, and that he’d meant every word he’d said earlier.

I stuck my tongue out but gave him my sexiest eyes.

Later, back at the apartment, I was cleaning up the crap Austin had knocked on the floor as he’d wiped it all off the top of my dresser when he’d moved me up there for what can only be termed, an extremely athletic sex act after we’d showered. Ryan and Michael were chatting with Austin in the living room when Michael popped in and started laughing…

“And how did all that land up on the floor?????” Michael asked with great amusement as he stood in the doorway.

“Earthquake!” was my short answer as I was putting the colognes on the tray.

Michael reached over my head and gently lifted something as he said “Ohhh, I can believe that!” Then he dropped an opened condom wrapper down to the floor before wiping his hands on a towel.

“Uhhh, you might want to go wash your hands now Michael”

“Don’t worry, I barely touched the condom,” Michael said.

I was looking down at the broken lamp when I said, “Yeah, but that was our cum rag!”

Michael ran to the bathroom after dropping the towel screaming “DISENFECTENT I have dog germs.” Like Lucy on the Peanuts.

Austin and Ryan were in the door way a moment later, “What did you do to my boyfriend?” Ryan asked in mock annoyance.

“Nothing, I only told him the towel he was using to wipe his hands was… uhhh, dirty” I grinned letting everyone absorb my meaning. “YUCK, don’t you put it in the dirty laundry when you’re done?” Ryan asked. Austin beamed, “it hasn’t had time to make it there yet, hell, it’s probably still warm!”

“Welcome to the frat house!” I shot up to Ryan through rolled eyes.

“You two are fucking rabbits.” Michael laughed as he came back in the room.

“Horny rabbits!” Ryan corrected.
“Well shit, when I dated girls, I walked on egg shells and tried everything I could to get some once in a while, now all I have to do is ask, “hey, you wanna?” and he’s naked and wondering why I’m still dressed.” Austin bragged as he helped me stand up.

“And he IS 23!” I added as though that explained everything.”

Austin grimaced a moment then asked, “Heeey! So why is it you attack me so fucking often then???” Austin asked as though he’d caught me on a point. I rolled my eyes and just said, “Hello, I just said you were 23!!!” We all laughed and then Michael asked where we were eating dinner since obviously Austin wasn’t cooking.

“We’re going to the Lobster Pot unless one of you objects.” I said as I started changing into a button up shirt.

“Nooo, not that one, wear the silver one!” Austin chirped in. “ Why? You hate the Lycra!” I asked perplexed. “Not when I tie you to the bed in it…” Austin smirked at me as he slid out the door.

“Rabbits!” was all Ryan said as he turned off the lights and pulled the door shut behind us.

Ryan and Michael had brought up some extra pieces of luggage for us as we were both… local boys. Austin had lost all of his to Gene, and I’d never gotten more then a duffle. The two of them went over a brief… list of what we’d need, “It’s clothing optional so you won’t need swim suits unless one of you suddenly gets self-conscious.” Michael said. “But you will need your suits for the rehearsal dinner.” Ryan added. “And something for partying and maybe clubbing…” Michael thought as we neared the Saint Johns River.

“You only brought three suitcases? Shit dudes! Alex can’t even get all his shoes for a weekend in that.” Austin said quite proud of himself.

“Sure I can Baby, I’ll just treat you as a carry on!” I said with a smirk.

“We have a room for you where we’re staying at the &&&&&&&.” Michael said.

When we finally arrived and were seated I suddenly felt as though I was sitting at a table full of straight men as the conversation turned to football teams. After five minutes of rolling my eyes and sighing as if I’d thought any of them might notice I suddenly let out with, “Holy crap, that waiter isn’t wearing any underwear!” He was of course, but the three of them suddenly stopped talking.

“Yeah he is!” Michael said bewildered that I would make such a simple mistake,

“I know, I was just making sure the three of you were still gay!” I said with a smirk. Ryan gave me a dirty look which I’m sure Austin was too, “I would have thought this afternoon would have fucking proved which fucking team I’m playing for now,” Austin said still talking with football lingo.

Not wanting to let him down too quickly, I said, “You made a few a really good passes but the past five minutes have been a total fumble!” I said as I raised my glass for a drink.

“Someone isn’t happy unless HE’S the center of attention!” Ryan said looking right at me.

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t need to be the center of every conversation. BUT, I should feel a part of any I’m privy to at least… talk real estate, business, legal strategy, or fucking nuclear physics, ANYTHING but sports!!!” I replied then took a long drink.

“He’s got a point.” Michael said backing me up.

The waitress came over a minute later, we always got waitresses as a group of men, unless My Michael asked for “a really cute waiter” when we were being seated. Before smoking in restaurants became illegal, when the host would ask if we wanted smoking or none smoking, Michael would proudly say” We’ll need FLAMING! Thank you!”

So Michael, Ryan and I got seafood and Austin ordered a big steak. The food was great and Austin surprised all of us by paying for it when he got up to use the bathroom.

I told Ryan and Michael about how proud I was of how Austin had out maneuvered Jake and come to my rescue. So when Austin sat back down Michael said, “Awww, it’s Alex’s Knight in Abercrombie armor.” Austin puffed out his chest and said “I don’t know about that, but I’ve seen ex boyfriends treat girls I was with like shit before, and this was no different, that ass was trying to intimidate Alex and belittle me. So I handed him his own sorry ass.” I leaned my head on his arm and said, “Yeah you did, and I won’t ever doubt you again baby, not that I did this time, but DAMN you exceeded expectations!”

“It would have been more fucking satisfying if I hadn’t found out he was so damned sick though…” he added as an after thought.

“Sick?” Ryan asked.

“The artist told Alex that Jake had fucking Aids.” Austin said.

We were all quiet after that. We walked to the jeep in a cool dark night devoid of the billion mosquitoes that haunted the tree lined walk during the summers.

At the top of the stairs to our apartment we found a large round box, It was crudely wrapped in white paper and had a large silver bow on it. Austin dove for the card and opened it and read the card out loud, “Dear Austin and Alex, I could only buy one hat since my hat fit Austin but Alex’s head is smaller. Anyways, thanks for the great Thanksgiving and I hope ya’all have a great wedding this weekend. James will give ya’all my phone number when ya’all get back. Alex, I still owe you a hat, but merry Christmas. Christian.”

Then Austin ripped the box open and lifted out a black felt cowboy hat and put it on.

“A nice young man left that box for you my dears.” Mrs. Tremere said from her kitchen window which looked out at the walk way.

“Hello Mon Cher” All of us said in unison. I mean while was shoving everyone out of the way as I dragged my cowboy to the apartment and unlocked the door.

“Ryan, why is Alex dragging Austin to the apartment?” Michael asked.

Ryan reached over and tapped Michael and whispered loudly,”Remember, they’re rabbits! Horny fucking rabbits!”

Austin was laughing but allowing me to tug him around, “And ya’all are forgettin’ about Alex’s hat fetish!” He said with a noticeable drawl.

I stopped inside the apartment and turned to face Ryan and Michael, “Look at that boy!” I said indicating Austin who was grinning his award winning smile, “Now picture him smiling wearing nothing but that hat!” Ryan suddenly pushed me out of the way and dragged a laughing Austin towards the bedroom, “I said IMAGINE it!” I growled following the pair.

“Does this mean I should dig my hat out?” Michael asked from behind me.

“YES!” Austin, Ryan, and I said in unison. Then we all laughed. Ryan and Austin retrieved the luggage while I fixed everyone a drink. I handed Michael his and said I was sorry I didn’t have any martini glasses or makings yet.

“Well, you will soon dear, you’re moving to College Park, you’ll have to drink Martinis then.” Michael said with a grin.

“I’ll have to invent a Southern Comfort martini I guess!” I said sipping my drink.

“Ahhh, we can take the small town southern boy out of the small town, but…” Michael mused.

“Hey, at least my drink doesn’t have a pull tab!” I said indicating the fridge full of Budweiser we had.

“Touché” Michael said holding his glass up in a mock toast.

So the four of us talked and bantered until 10 when Ryan and Michael left “cowboy frisky” and me. “So what do you wanna do now?” I asked innocently as he walked in the bedroom.

“Just a second hon, I need to find something then I’ll let you decide.” Austin called out.

I waited about five minutes before Austin came out wearing the black hat, a pair of black leather chaps we’d gotten, a pair of combat boots, and a smirk that could be read in outer space.

“Howdy partner!” was all he said as I slid off the couch to the floor with my mouth agape.

True to his earlier word, he tied me to the bed and used every trick he’d learned so far to make me speak in tongues. Mostly I said his name and cursed erotically, but a few times my speech devolved into moans, and guttural exclamations.

After he finally finished and was cuddled around me in a tight spoon he asked innocently, “Do you objectify me?” “Yeah, you mind?” I responded smiling. “Naa, I think it’s kinda sexy to be honest.” He was quiet a moment then he asked “so,Is that it though? Is that all I am?” I was curious about his sudden… curiosity. So I turned over to face him. “How can you think that Baby? Hon, you’re my mate, my playmate, my partner… my hero, Austin, You’ve become the biggest and best part of every day.” I said before kissing his lip softly. Austin beamed a moment then said with a little tease, “well is it too much to ask to hear it once in a while?” I grinned now that I knew he was blushing in the dark. “No, it’s not too much to ask… Please forgive me?” I asked as I cuddled against him. “I’ll think about.” He said as he wrapped me up in his big arms. And that’s how we fell asleep.

Since I wasn’t working that weekend as Henna and George had gone to her Moms for Thanksgiving, we were free to spend a Sunday as we wanted to. Austin and Mrs. Tremere made a huge breakfast and we all had a nice relaxing breakfast when Mrs. Tremere got a huge grin and said, “My children, this may be one of the last meals we have together like this.” It was then that it sunk in and both Austin and I sat stunned a moment. “Nooo, Mrs. Tremere, we’ll have dinners, an occasional breakfast, I’ll still be coming over for cooking lessons…” Austin said in an appeasing manner. “Mon Cher, you won’t be next door, but you are still part of my family.” I said as I got up and hugged her.

“I can’t remember if we discussed this before the two of you left for Orlando, but I have news of my own.” Mrs. Tremere smiled.

“Do I guess or are you gonna say something?” I asked.

“I am moving as well, after Christmas I think.” Mrs. Tremere smiled as she poured more coffee in Austin’s cup.

“With Mr. Riley?” Austin asked.

“Yes, he invited me to stay with him… one day we may marry, but neither of us is rushing this yet.” She said with a glow. I stood up and hugged her and said how glad I was she wouldn’t be here alone, and then Austin hugged her right over me.

Mrs. Tremere left shortly after that to go down and visit “Ivan”. Austin read his sports page dressed in a pair of boxers and a tank top and I laid my head on his lap and watched TV as he stroked my hair.

At about 2pm the phone rang and woke me up, I listened as Austin grabbed it, “Hi Natasha,” He started, “Ohhh Nothing, he’s sleeping on my lap and I’m reading the sports page.” I smiled thinking he thought I was still asleep. “This weekend? Shit, we’re going to Ryan and Michael’s wedding out in Palm Springs!” Austin said with a moan.

“What is it?” I mouthed up at him from his lap. “Natasha said the girls are moving out early and the place will be free this weekend!” Austin said with his ear on the phone. “Yeah, Alex just woke up.” Austin said in the receiver.

“Shit shit shit!!! I said sitting up suddenly. “We have to move a week early???”

Austin rolled his eyes. “Hello? Didn’t you just hear me say we were going to fucking Palm Springs?” He asked. “We could start today!” I said excitedly. “You only have three boxes packed.” Austin interjected. “We have all week!” I pleaded. “You mean when we aren’t packing or at work.” Austin said sounding inscrutably logical. “And who’s gonna help me with the bed and the big stuff?” Austin suddenly said. “What? Like I’m a 60 pound weakling???” I said a little excited.

Austin rolled his eyes, “It has nothing to do with how strong you are baby, you don’t have the reach or the height.” Austin pleaded. “Give me the phone when you’re done.” I said and laid back down. So Austin and Natasha gabbed a few more minutes and when he hung up he handed the phone down to me. So I took it and dialed, “Hey Michael, Can I ask you a favor bitch?” I said leading in, and then I called Phil and Dan, then Glen, then Dennis. “There, all the big guys you ever wanted.” I said smirking as I lifted his shirt and sucked and chewed on his overly sensitive nipple before running to the spare room to pack.

“TEASE!” He yelled after me before he whined that we had no boxes yet. I grabbed a few broken down boxes and some packing tape and tossed them on our bed and said “Nice try whiney boy!”

It was about 45 degrees out when we finally packed the first few boxes in my jeep and headed down at dusk to start moving in. The conversation on our ride down was… well… interesting.

Austin sighed at first, an indication that he was thinking of something. “’Sup hon?” I asked the pensive driver. “It’s nothing…” He said with another sigh. “Pretty deep, your ‘nothing’.” I said back to him. “Well, I mean, we’re getting a new house, we have decent jobs… I just always figured…” He trailed off, so I finished his sentence for him, “that you’d be starting a family?” He didn’t say anything, but he nodded… “Sorry hon, I was thinking about kids and how we can’t have any.”

I gambled on a comedic approach, “You do plan to keep trying though right???” I asked excitedly. Austin laughed “Yes perve… and maybe one day soon we can stop using the fucking condom. That’ll increase our fucking chances.”

“Not sure that’ll help, me not having ovaries and all, but if you think it’ll help!” I said shoving him in the arm.

“Hey, you could be on Oprah and Ricky Lake and the whole talk show circuit… You could face angry Republicans and have huge black women defending you!” Austin said with a smirk.

“That Republican says one thing about my baby and there won’t be near enough guards!” I said defiantly.

“Besides hon, there are ways around the whole adoption ban; we just have to have the money for it.” I added trying to bring his mood up.

“You mean aside from getting you pregnant?” he said,

“I’m not saying I want you to stop trying or anything, but there are several other ways we can do this when we’re ready…”

“When we’re ready?” Austin repeated. “Yeah hon, it’s a romantic thought, but there is no part of our life that’s… stable enough for a baby right now, besides, you’re only 23, I think you have a few wild years left yet, hell, I know I do.”

“So you’ve thought about this?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, even before you proposed…” I admitted.

“What about a dog?” Austin asked as a compromise, “We could start with a pet.”

“You mean a cat?” I countered thinking about the walks in the rain but knowing Austin’s proclivity toward large dogs.

“No, I mean a dog, a big barking rough housing dog.” Austin said adamantly.

‘Honey,” I said sighing, “with our crazy schedules right now, a dog isn’t feasible, we’ll be gone a lot, and who will walk him? And where in that little place will we keep a large dog???” Austin sighed and began a pensive pout, “yeah, you’re right… and with a cat we can always stay over night if we want to…”

“Baby, one day we’ll get a big new place, and we can fill it with kids, dogs, ponies, soccer equipment and baseball diamonds if that’s what you want…” I said proudly.

Austin cheered up at the thought, “Yeah? Can I keep you barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen too?” He asked teasingly. “Yeah, like YOU’D let ME in YOUR kitchen!” I replied.

“Mmmm, you have a point my little toast maker. Well, can I keep you naked and fucking pregnant?”

“What will the children say with me walking around naked?” I smirked at him.

“Alex, sweetie, who says I’m ever going to untie you from the bed?” Austin leered at me.

“Ok, we’ll both stay naked, you do the kitchen and I’ll carry the babies.” I agreed.

“You just want my fucking cock in you!” Austin teased.

“Keep up that attitude and you’ll have to get yourself pregnant.” I shot back before kissing his hand.

“I can’t wait to fucking try to get you pregnant all over the new place.” Austin said seductively in his raspiest voice. “Well, since we’ve done it on every surface and in every position in our current apartment, I guess you need to expand you’re… Mmmmm, ‘territory’.” I said smiling.

“I’m gonna fucking nail you on the bare floor tonight.” Austin said matter-of-factly. “Yeah?” I queried back at him as a huge grin spread across my face. “On the carpet not the cold wood right?” I asked with a small plea. “Anywhere I fucking choose!” Austin replied cockily. A shiver went through me but it wasn’t from the cold…

So this is the endo of chapter 21, only two or three left, I tend to think more since we aren’t near the boys wedding yet…

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