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Chapter Three

By RimpigFL - - February 21 2005

For the rest of that school year, things went on between Cole and me almost as they always had. We spent most of our time together. We slept over at each other's houses. But now we made love whenever we could. We slept in each other's arms and greeted each other each morning with kisses and declarations of our love for each other.

No one ever knew, no one ever even guessed, that we were any more than best friends. To cover our tracks, we even got into double dating. Never with the same girls. But we quickly got a reputation as 'gentlemen' because we never 'tried' anything and always had the girls home on time. Of course, the girls weren't always happy with our 'good behavior' and I'm sure they would have been shocked if they'd known what we did after we dropped them off. Usually we went home to one of our houses and fucked. Everybody was happy. We kept people off the track of what was really going on, our parents were happy because it seemed like we were dating but not getting 'serious'. They didn't want that to happen owing to the fact that, to their mind, we were 'too young'. And Cole and I were falling deeper in love with each other with each passing day.

At the graduation ceremonies that June, the football scholarships that Cole and I had been awarded were announced. We had both chosen long before to go to the same university and room together. Now it was imperative that we did. The idea of being separated from each other for four years was completely unthinkable now. Cole's Dad wasn't particularly happy about this, wanting Cole to go to the college he'd gone to, but they had no football team and even he couldn't see paying for Cole's education if someone else was willing to do it.

Our summer would be a short one. We had to be at college for the summer football training camp in late July so Cole and I decided to take off together for a couple of weeks. Cole's parents owned a cabin up on Lake Webster and we decided we would spend the time there. We left the morning after graduation for the two hundred mile trip. We took Cole's Firebird and were there in a few hours time.

The cabin took almost no time to get ready. It was small but had two bedrooms and one bath with a large screened in porch over looking the lake. A small dock jutted out into the water and made a great place for swimming and there was a beach all around the lake where you could sun-bathe. Since there were no other cabins or houses nearby, there was enough privacy to swim and sun-bathe in the nude. There was a small village nearby where we could buy groceries and other necessities but because we were only 18, we had brought beer with us that Cole's father gave him because we couldn't buy it in the village.

For the first week, everything was idyllic. We swam, sun-bathed until we were both brown all over and made love several times a day. Cole and I couldn't seem to keep our hands off each other and each night we slept in each other's arms in the double bed in what had always been Cole's room in the cabin. The nights could get chilled and several times we made love on the rug in front of a roaring fire which Cole had built in the large, stone fireplace in the living room.

In the middle of the second week, we went into the village to grab some more food as we had severely miscalculated the amount that two males our ages could consume. We went to the small local grocery and were gathering our supplies when into the store came the first three people near our age that we'd seen since we'd been at the lake. There were two girls and a young male who seemed somewhat older. Somehow we all struck up a conversation and we learned that the young male, Justin was 20 and one of the girls, Cathy, was his sister who was mine an Cole's age. The other girl, Melanie, also 18, was Cathy's best friend. They were all staying for the summer at Justin and Cathy's parents house on the other end of the lake. They were in the village to gather supplies for a large party they were throwing for Cathy's birthday on Friday night. They invited Cole and I to attend and we agreed.

I noticed two things as we stood there talking. One was that Melanie, Cathy's friend, couldn't seem to take her eyes off Cole. I was used to this however. Cole always seemed to have a devastating effect on the opposite gender - a fact he seemed totally oblivious to. The other thing that I noticed was that Justin kept looking at me and I was trying not to look back. But Justin was very hard not to notice.

He was over six feet tall and was exceedingly handsome. His body was obviously well-built, which could be seen through the sweatshirt and tight jeans he was wearing. He had jet black hair which he wore medium length and which was somewhat curly. What was most striking about him, though, were his eyes. A deep, dark blue, they seemed to pierce right through you when he looked at you from behind long dark lashes. I'd heard the phrase "bedroom eyes" before and Justin's must have been what it meant because those eyes sent jolts right to my crotch! As much as I loved Cole, there was no way I couldn't notice and even begin to fantasize about Justin.

The party was a large one, but not too much for the house, which was almost a mansion. Cathy told me it had 8 bedrooms and a pool house, which was really another one bedroom apartment. Justin evidently lived out there because he wanted privacy. Cole and I circulated for a while but got separated. I went outside to the veranda of the house. There was a full moon and I could see a large formal garden with a large swimming pool in the middle. I could see the pool house where Justin lived at the other end of it.

I was just kind of day dreaming when I felt the presence of someone standing near me. Thinking it was Cole, I turned to say something to him but instead encountered Justin.

"It's a beautiful night, isn't it." Justin said, coming closer.

"Yes, it is. And this is a great house." I answered, unaccountably nervous for some reason being alone with him.

"My parents like to let everyone know that they have money." Justin said derisively. "But big houses like this can be very lonely."

"And yet you choose to live separated from the big house." I said.

"I like privacy. And since I am the 'Great Disappointment' to the family, they prefer that I am not visible most of the time. Oh, they never had said that. Never would. But I can tell." he said.

"Why are you the 'Great Disappointment'?" I asked, not being able to imagine how someone as good looking as Justin could be a disappointment.

"Isn't that obvious?" Justin asked.

I just stared at him. I couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me.

"How long have you and Cole been lovers?" he asked, changing the subject. His question hit me like a ton of bricks, coming out the blue as it did.

"What do you mean?" I asked, almost indignantly.

"It's perfectly obvious to anyone who can see that you are much more than just friends. Especially the way you look at him." Justin said, quietly.

I looked up into Justin's blue eyes. The intensity of his look made my heart race and I knew I couldn't successfully lie.

"We've known each other all our lives. I couldn't say exactly when it started. We've only just admitted to each other how we felt recently." I answered. "But how did you know?"

"Now you understand why I am the 'Great Disappointment' to the family. Remember that old epithet from when you were a kid, 'It takes one to know one'?" Justin smiled.

"Ohh!" I said, the realization of what Justin was telling me finally hitting me. "How long have your parents known?"

"Since I was about 13 and they caught me giving head to my best friend. They sent me away to a military boarding school thinking that would 'straighten' me out. The only thing that did was give me lots of practice at making other boys very happy." he grinned.

I laughed at the whole insanity of his parents trying to make him 'straight' by sending him to a school full of other boys.

"I haven't had much experience at all. In fact, the only boy I've ever slept with is Cole." I said.

"I kind of figured that from the way you've reacted to what I've told you." he said, drawing closer. "I'm sorry that Cole got there first."

I could feel the heat in my face and knew I was probably blushing bright red. No one in my life had ever come on to me this way. I was flattered. No, I was more than flattered. I was tempted. What would it feel like to have Justin's arms around me? What would his kiss be like? What would his skin taste like? I could already smell his scent beneath the woodsy smell of his cologne.

I suddenly realized that my cock was hard and pressing down the length of my jeans. Justin must have noticed it as well.

"Perhaps it's not too late for me, after all." he said softly, a slight smile dancing around his lips.

"Look, Justin, you're very attractive. But I've only just met you. And, as you pointed out, I do love Cole." I said, trying to dance my way gracefully out of the situation.

But Justin pressed on. "As the song says: 'What's love got to do with it?'. I'm saying I want to go to bed with you. I wasn't asking you to marry me." he grinned.

"But I don't do things like that." I protested. "Never have! I've been completely faithful to Cole."

"And has he been completely faithful to you?" he asked.

"Of course he has!" I said defensively, as if Cole needed defending.

"Oh, so you've agreed to be monogamous?" Justin asked.

"Well, we've never talked about it. But I could never cheat on Cole. I love him." I said.

"I wish that I could find someone as loyal as you are, BJ." Justin said, taking his hand and gently stroking my cheek, a look of sadness in his eyes.

My body reacted to his touch as if a jolt of electricity had gone through me. I knew right then and there that I needed to get away from Justin before all of my supposed 'loyalty' went flying out of my head and I raped Justin right here on the veranda!

"I'd better go find Cole." I said.

Dropping his hand to his side, Justin just looked at me, that sadness still apparent in his eyes.

"Yes, I suppose you had." he said quietly.

I turned and walked back into the party. I searched everywhere on the first floor of the house but I couldn't find him anywhere. I did finally find Cathy, Justin's sister. I asked her if she'd seen Cole anywhere.

"I saw him about an hour ago. He and Melanie were headed upstairs." she giggled.

'Upstairs? But there were only bedrooms upstairs?' I thought to myself. 'Why would they be going up there?'

I realize now that my naivete was incredible! Why else would two people be heading towards the bedrooms!

I went upstairs and started searching. Each door I opened, there was another naked, or nearly naked couple on the bed having sex. Sometimes more than one couple. I began to suspect something but just couldn't believe it! With the fourth door I opened, I learned to believe. There was Cole and Melanie, naked and he was vigorously fucking her!

I stood and watched for about 30 seconds, unable to believe what I was seeing. Cole, the man I loved more than anything in the world, fucking a woman! They didn't even notice that I was there. I quietly closed the door and went running down the hall. I had to get out of there! I couldn't take it!

I ran down the stairs and through the party. I wanted to get to the lake so I could be alone. I saw Justin, who must have seen the distraught look on my face, but when he tried to stop me, I pushed past him. I ran out the doors to the veranda, past the pool and Justin's pool house until I got to the beach at the lake. I ran until I was exhausted and then fell in a heap on the sand, sobbing.

I'm not sure exactly how long I lay there before I felt strong arms around me and someone pulling into their embrace. As soon as my head rested against his chest, I could tell by his scent that it was Justin. He held me and gently stroked my hair, not saying a word. I continued to cry, my tears wetting the front of his polo shirt. Justin just held me and waited until I got myself under control again. I continued to cling to him, even after I had exhausted all of my tears. He waited quietly until I tried to speak.

"Cole....and Melanie....I ..." I couldn't get the rest out.

Justin continued gently stroking my hair, his voice deep and quiet in the night.

"Shh! Don't try to talk. I know all about it. Cathy told me. Melanie had been planning her little seduction since she met the two of you." he said.

"She what!!!" I screamed, pulling back from Justin's embrace.

"The little cunt had this all planned. My fucking sister even helped her! I had no idea any of this was going on. I terribly sorry, BJ. I don't know what to say or how to make this up to you!" he said.

I could see he was very distraught, too, at what had happened.

"I don't blame you, Justin. And I guess, in some ways, I don't blame Melanie. After all, she wouldn't know what was going on between Cole and me." I said.

"Don't bet on that! She and my sister were well aware that you two have a relationship. They just decided it didn't matter. I informed my sister that Melanie has one hour to get the hell out of the house. Since I'm in charge this weekend, I can make that stick. What they did was despicable! And I informed her of that in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, that cannot undo what's already been done." he said, hanging his head.

I gently reached over and lifted his head with the tips of my fingers until his eyes were looking into mine. I could see the despair there over what had happened, but I could see something else. I could see the desire he still had for me. And, I guess, he could see the same desire in my eyes. What had been unthinkable to me just an hour ago, now seemed highly possible. I knew I wanted Justin. And now that Cole had decided our relationship was not exclusive to each other, there was really no reason why I couldn't have him.

I guess that Justin could see this decision in my eyes, because he leaned forward and gently placed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed back against his lips hard and slightly opened my mouth, inviting him to do the same. Our kiss deepened into a very passionate one, our tongues tasting each other while our hands began to explore the contours of each other's bodies. Justin finally broke the kiss.

"As romantic as it might sound, making love on sand can be a very uncomfortable proposition. Why don't we head back to my pool house?" he asked smiling down at me.

"Can I spend the night with you? I don't feel very much like going back to the cabin with Cole." I said.

Justin smiled his understanding.

"Just try and get away from me." he grinned.

We got up and walked back down the beach, our arms around each other, until we came to Justin's pool house. Actually, it was a house. A one bedroom house with a large den as well as a deck which looked out over the lake. Justin's bedroom was large and had a king sized bed. The house also had it's own hot-tub on the deck and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom which was also quite large. We entered from the deck into the den.
"Would you like a drink?" he asked me.

"I really don't drink." I said. "All those years of training kind of kept me from it." I explained.

"Football, isn't it?" he asked, going to a small serving cart with several liquor bottles on it.

"Yes, Cole and I have scholarships to State." I said, suddenly remembering all of the dreams and plans that Cole and I had made together. What the fuck was going to happen to them?

I almost started crying again. I guess Justin noticed because he handed me a glass at that point.

"Here, a rum and coke. It will help calm you down." he said gently, taking a seat on the couch next to me, his body pressed against mine.

His presence seemed like a life boat in a very rough sea. I quickly downed the drink, liking the taste of the rum and wanting to get the soothing effect of the alcohol as quickly as possible. As soon as I'd finished it, I turned to Justin.

"Just hold me. Please?" I said quietly.

He immediately took me back into his arms and I just rested there, my head on his chest. In his arms, I felt safe and secure. Nothing outside - not Cole, not anything - could reach me. I also realized that I was starting to feel the alcohol working in my system which also put things at a distance. I could feel Justin's hands working their way under the pullover sweater that I was wearing that night. Then I felt his hands touching my bare skin and a delicious chill went through me. A real rush of feeling and desire and I trembled in his arms.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"No. I'm just very turned on to you right now." I said.

"Then perhaps we need to go to the bedroom, unless you really want to make it on the couch." he smiled.

"No, I want you in bed!" I grinned. "And I want you now!"

I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind that a great deal of my desire for Justin had to do with wanting to run away from the pain that I was feeling over Cole but, right at that moment, I could have cared less. I wanted Justin - I needed Justin. I needed his hands, his arms, his very substantial cock that I had felt pressed against me several times. Above all, I needed to have sex with him to blank out my pain for a while. I guess on some level I knew I was using him, but I just wasn't in touch with that part of it. I also think that Justin knew this as well, but seemed more than willing to have me - no matter what the circumstances.

But just as we were about to head for the bedroom, we heard a loud pounding on the front door of the pool house and Cole's voice, obviously drunk, yelling.

"BJ, you in there? Come on, man! Open the fucking door! I gotta talk to 'ya!"

Justin looked at me as if to say, 'What do you want me to do.'

"I don't want to see him, Justin. At least not tonight. Maybe not ever again. But definitely NOT tonight." I said.

"I'll get rid of him, you go on and lay down in the bedroom." he said, taking charge of the situation.

I did as he said and went to the bedroom. I didn't lay down, however, I stood by the open door to the bedroom and listened as Justin opened the front door to the pool house.

"Oh! Hi, Justin." I heard Cole's voice. It sounded like he'd had a lot to drink. "Is BJ here?"

"No, why would you think that?" Justin answered, his voice even and calm.

" sister said that he might be with you." Cole said, apparently confused by not finding me there.

"I don't know what gave her that idea. I saw him a few hours ago. But haven't seen him since." Justin said.

I was somewhat surprised at his easy ability to lie so calmly.

"Well...if you happen to see him, would you tell him I'm looking for him?" Cole asked, sounding somewhat embarrassed at making the request.

"I doubt that I will see him as I'm on my way to bed. If, however, he comes here for whatever reason, I'll tell him that you're looking for him." Justin said.

"Ok. Uh...thanks, man." Cole said and then I heard Justin close the door.

I walked over and sat on the bed as Justin entered the room. He sat down next to me, not touching me.

"He's gone. I doubt he'll be back tonight. Look, BJ, you don't have to stay here. I can take you back to your cabin. Or I can fix you a bed on the couch in the den. I don't want you to feel like you have to sleep with me if you don't want to." he said calmly.

I looked at him. He was trying gallantly to give me an out from doing something I might regret. The only thing was, I didn't want an out. I wanted Justin's arms around me. There would be no regrets over anything that happened in this room. I was, unfortunately, waking up to a simple fact of life. Just because you love someone, doesn't mean you can trust them. It doesn't mean they won't hurt you.

"No, Justin. I want to. I want to very much. More than that, I really need you right now. I know that sounds selfish and I know it sounds like I don't give a fuck about your feelings and I'm sorry for that. But right now, that's how I feel." I said to him.

I think he was a little taken aback at my honesty. I really didn't want to hurt him. I liked him very much. Maybe at another time, another place, I could have loved him. But right then, all I knew is that I hurt and I needed him to help me take that hurt away.

"BJ, I wanted you the moment I met you. I almost hate having this happen between us under these circumstances. I feel like I'm taking advantage of you. But I don't care either. I want you so much, I don't care what the circumstances are. I'll do anything to help you, I hope you know that. And if sharing my bed tonight can help, I don't care if you don't care about my feelings right now. I understand how you feel right now. More than you realize." he said.

I looked into his eyes and saw a misty sadness there. Something told me that Justin had been in this situation before, but he had been on my side of it. I didn't want to ask because I didn't want to bring up anything else painful, but I couldn't help being curious.

"You're so kind and so beautiful, I can't imagine anyone doing to you what Cole did to me tonight." I said quietly.

"Well, believe it! It happened. Only he DID promise to be faithful. And then I found him in bed with my best friend! Someone I had known since childhood! I'm lucky I don't own any guns because I wanted to kill both of them." he said, looking down, and I could hear in his voice the anger which he still felt at the disloyalty of his lover and his best friend.

"How long ago did this happen?" I asked.

"Two years ago. I've stayed alone since then. Oh, I haven't been a monk or anything. But my few flings in that time have been with guys that I was sure I would never see again. I never wanted to be close to anybody again. Until I met you." he said.

At this last, he raised his head and looked deeply into my eyes. I could see how much he wanted me. And I wanted him, but not in the same way. I needed him. I needed his strength, his healing, his desire to make me feel desirable again. But I knew that somewhere under all the pain I was feeling, I still loved Cole. And I knew I couldn't love anyone else until that changed.

"Justin, I don't love you. I can't let myself. As hurt and angry as I am, I know that somehow I still love Cole. I don't want you to get hurt over me. I don't want to do what your lover did to you." I said.

"You can't, BJ. I understand all too well that you're still in love with Cole, just as I'm still in love in some way with Taylor. I understand that there is no future for us beyond tonight. But I don't care. I'll take tonight. At least I can feel again what it's like to care about the guy I'm with. Can you understand that at all?" he said, as his eyes seemed to be pleading with me.

"Yes, is some small way I can. I've never had sex with anyone but Cole. I've never known what it was like to have it with someone I didn't care about. Which, I guess, says something about how I feel about you. I guess in some way, I do care about you. I guess that's why I don't want to hurt you." I said, sadly admitting to myself that I would probably be better off if I was in love with Justin - a thought that shocked me!

"I'm willing to risk it, if it means being close to you, BJ. I swear to you, I won't pursue anything beyond tonight. I know you still love Cole. But I want you to promise me one thing - if that ever changes, please, think of me?" he said almost too quietly for me to hear.

"Justin, you'll be the first one to know." I promised.

At this, Justin put his strong arms around me again and drew me close to him. His scent surrounded me and I let myself go. I wanted this! I wanted this badly! I needed Justin to make me forget for a while, to feel something other than the pain and betrayal I was feeling. As he pressed his mouth to mine in a deep, passionate kiss, I could almost feel the anger and the devastation slipping from my body and the incredible desire I had for Justin rapidly expanding to fill it's place.

As we kissed, I could feel Justin's hands tugging at the back of my shirt, trying to pull it out of my jeans. Finally he got it free and began to pull it off my body. We broke our kiss so that I could raise my arms and he could remove it. As soon as I was naked from the waist up, Justin began to lick and suck at the skin of my neck and shoulders. He was like a starving man who was finally given food. I was worried at first about possible signs on my skin of his attentions, but quickly decided I didn't care if anything showed.

He started to move down my body towards my chest, but I pushed him back. He looked at me with confusion in his eyes.

"No fair! You still have your clothes on!" I smiled at him.

I saw his eyes light up and he stood and quickly began tearing the clothes from his body. I was amazed at what was revealed. His body was even more beautiful than I had imagined! His chest was covered with dark, silky black hair. His nipples were prominent, like little rubber erasers. The hair on his chest gave way to a trail of dark hairs down the middle of his very muscular abdomen. I could see the ridges and valleys of his very muscular abs. And then his treasure trail continued down into the waist band of his jeans.

Justin kicked off the deck shoes he was wearing and opened the buttons on his jeans and began slipping them down. I realized that he was not wearing anything underneath them, just as I was wearing nothing under mine. He stepped out of his jeans and stood there naked in front of me. I was awed by the beauty of him, but I was almost terrified of his cock! I'd never seen a cock that big before! Not only was it long, but it was very thick. I estimated it to be at least ten or eleven inches. He was uncut, and even though his cock was standing up hard between his legs, there was still foreskin covering the head. I stared at it, not really sure what exactly what I would be able to do with it!

Justin stood there and let me drink in the magnificence of his body. He must have seen the hunger in my eyes because he seemed to derive great pleasure from showing himself to me. He even turned around so that I could see his very strong, muscular back. It was broad at the top and came down in a 'v' to an almost impossibly thin waist only to flare out into a beautiful 'bubble-butt' covered lightly with the same dark hair which covered his chest, groin, arms and legs.

Turning again so that he was facing me, he reached out and lifted me to my feet. He unbuttoned my jeans and began slipping them down my hips. I pushed off the sneakers I was wearing while he squatted down to remove the jeans from my feet. I grabbed hold of one of his broad shoulders to steady myself while he slipped the jeans from around my ankles. Squatting there, it brought his face in direct line with my cock, which was rigidly standing between my legs, straining at it's full eight inches. He leaned forward and I could hear him breathing deeply. A deep growl arose from his throat as he drank in the scent of my crotch. He then began to gently lick at my balls and the base of my cock.

My cock was leaking like crazy, the cock-honey pouring down the side of my rigid erection. Justin lapped up some of this with his tongue and looked up at me with a smile on his face.

"As sweet as you are." he said quietly, standing up and pressing his mouth to mine.

I could taste my essence on his mouth as he kissed me and I caused me to shiver in his arms from the intensity of my desire for him.

"Are you cold?" he asked, breaking the kiss.

"No. I just want you so much. I want you to make love to me!" I begged.

"With pleasure." he said and got onto the bed, pulling me down with him.

He put his arms around me and pulled me to him so that our cocks were rubbing against each other and leaving trails of cock-honey all over our abs. His hands began to explore my body as mine did his. The softness of his skin and the strength of his muscles beneath surprised me. I didn't picture Justin as a 'jock', but he evidently worked out very seriously to achieve the muscular development that he had.

Justin began to be more forceful in his exploration of my body, leaning his head down to begin licking and biting at my neck and shoulders again while his hand stroked down my body until it was delving into the trench of my butt. I could feel his fingers seeking the opening to my body and, finding it, he began to gently stroke the outer lips of my ass. I moaned deeply at the intrusion as he gently slid one finger into my hole. He didn't go deep, but the feeling of him - any part of him - inside me overwhelmed my senses.

Because this had never happened to me, I began to compare the way that Justin was making love to me to the way that Cole did. There was something gentler, more loving, more tender about the way that Justin approached the act of love. It's not that Cole was not exciting and certainly I never was disappointed by what we did together, but Justin seemed to have a deeper sense of what this was all about. In some way, he seemed to put more of himself into what he was doing. I didn't feel any of the holding back on his part either physically or emotionally, that I felt sometimes with Cole.

I realized at that point, that there always had been something held back in Cole - unless he'd been drinking. It was like he wanted to make love to me, but part of him wouldn't allow it. Part of him wanted to keep things between us on a purely physical basis. He wanted to have sex, but he was somehow uncomfortable with love having any part of the sex act.

Such was not true with Justin! He was 'present' in that bed - body, heart and soul. Nothing was held back. The strength of his desire and the strength of his emotions were, at first, almost overwhelming! I somehow felt fear that I would drown in his desire and lose myself entirely. But almost as soon as I realized this, it was like a door opened up inside of me and all of my desire and emotions came flooding out to meet his! I realized that no matter what I thought at first, I was not just having sex with Justin, I was making love to Justin. There was evidently a part of me that was capable of loving him! This revelation was astounding to me. I had no idea that I had the capacity to love two men at the same time! And I wondered how this new concept was going to affect my life.

But I had no time to think about this. Our mutual desire for one another was reaching almost a fevered pitch. I knew that what I wanted most in the world was for Justin to fuck me. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted to know what it was like to be joined to him as if we were one body. Justin felt it, too, and he began moving down my body, pushing me over on my back.

Justin completely ignored my crotch and immediately upon getting down between my legs, began pushing my thighs up and back, burying his face in my ass. Again, I could hear him breathing deep of the scent there and then felt his wet, slightly rough tongue begin to drag its way through the valley of my butt. It dragged over my sensitive hole and I moaned at the touch. He locked his lips around the lips of my ass and began to gently suck at them while his tongue licked around them in circles, getting closer and closer to my opening until the tip of his tongue was pressing against it trying to gain entry to my body. I felt myself relax and his tongue slide all the way into me.

Justin licked deeply inside my ass, tasting my inner body. I moaned and thrashed on the bed, loving the intense feelings that his tongue and lips were giving me. I never wanted him to stop!

"Justin! God! Don't stop! Please! It feels so good! I love your tongue inside me!" I moaned.

He looked up from between my legs grinning with his talented tongue all but hanging out of his mouth.
"If you love my tongue - you're going to go crazy for my cock!" he said, his voice husky with desire.

That brought me somewhat to my senses. His cock! That huge weapon that I had seen and felt. It was huge! Far longer and thicker than Cole's. I wasn't so sure that I could take it. But then Justin went back to eating me out and my mind could no longer think.

Finally, Justin stopped rimming me and got off the bed. He walked over to the beside table and pulled out a bottle of lube. He got back between my legs, this time having me hold my legs back. He squirted a large dollop of the cool gel onto his fingers and began to work it around and into my ass. I moaned when he had two fingers working in and out of me. I began to believe that I could take his large cock deep inside me. I didn't have long to wait to find out.

Justin got between my legs and began putting the gel all over his massive cock. He then took my legs in his hands and spread them farther out, causing my ass to raise and open to him. He put his cockhead at the opening to my body and placed my legs over his broad shoulders. He then leaned forward to kiss me deeply while slowly shoving forward with his hips, driving his cock slowly into my ass. There was some pain and resistance at first, but once I figured out that my ass could take his size, I relaxed and then his cock slid completely into my butt, giving me a greater feeling of fullness than I had ever gotten before.

Once Justin was all the way inside me, he rested for a moment and then broke the kiss.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"As I'll ever be for that telephone pole of yours!" I grinned.

He grinned back and slowly pulled his cock about two or three inches out of my ass. Then he slammed back in with a little more force, driving his cock into areas of my guts which nothing had ever reached before. I thought at first there would be some pain in this 'virgin territory' but, instead, it felt incredibly good! In fact, the harder he pounded me and the deeper his cock went, the better it felt.

Justin was a very talented lover! He didn't just fuck me. He used his cock to make me drive me to the heights of passion. He varied the depth and angle of his thrusts so that he never entered me the same way for very many strokes. This constant change kept me on the edge of climax for a very long time. I could feel my own cock oozing cock-honey at an amazing rate. I knew that I didn't need to touch myself. Justin's cock alone would bring me to climax. But not until he was ready to.

I couldn't believe his stamina. I thought that Cole could fuck for long periods of time. In comparison, it was almost as if Cole was beset by 'premature ejaculation'. Justin fucked me for what felt like more than an hour and didn't seem tired or any where close to orgasm! I lay there, lost in the sensual feelings that his cock was sending through my bowels to every part of my body. I watched him as he fucked me, the tensing and movement of his muscular body and the sheen of sweat which seemed to enhance the beauty of it. I could feel his sweat dripping on me but, more importantly, I could smell the mingling of our scents and the scent of our love-making.

I had almost reached the point where I wanted to beg Justin to get me off. I almost couldn't bear another minute of the exquisite pleasure that his body was giving mine! But all I was capable of was moaning as he continued to drive me farther and farther beyond any point of ecstacy than I had ever experience before. Just as I felt that I couldn't go any further, suddenly he was taking me there. I didn't want this to ever end, but I began to be afraid that if it didn't, I would die from the power of the orgasm that I would reach!

Finally, I could feel Justin tense and could feel his cock swelling in my ass. He began to angle his cock so that it hit my prostate on every stroke. This is all it took to drive me over the edge. I heard myself literally screaming as I felt Justin begin to cum deep in my guts. Again and again, he pounded into my ass and his cock trembled in unloading yet another load of cum inside me. He must have shot more than a dozen times! And each time he did, he forced more cum from my own cock. By the time he finished, I was covered in my own cum from my face down to my pubic hair. I could not remember ever cumming that much at one time in my life!

Justin collapsed on top of me, sealing our sweaty bodies together with my cum. He began to lick the cum from my face and neck and then kissed me deeply, sharing my load with me. I wrapped my arms around him and drank in my cum and his spit, trying to suck him inside of me. Never had I been made love to like this!

As we lay there in each others arms, I began to come back to my senses. The lovemaking had evidently been successful because, while the pain of what Cole had done remained, it was not tearing me apart anymore. And my own feelings of self-worth and desirability had been well restored by the way that Justin had made me feel. Now, all that was left was a cold anger. But that could wait until tomorrow.

After a while, Justin and I got up and went into the shower together. We washed each other slowly and sensuously - each of us seeming to want to memorize by sight and feel every part of each other's bodies. We both were aware that it was unlikely that we would ever have this chance again and we were taking advantage of the opportunity.

After showering, Justin turned on the hot-tub on the deck and we lay in the warm, bubbling water looking out over the lake, beautiful in the light of the full moon. We didn't talk. There was nothing really left to say. Somehow tomorrow I would have to confront Cole about his betrayal and make some decisions about what I was going to do from there. And Justin would go back to being alone. How I wished I was two people so that one of us could stay with Justin! I knew how badly he needed love - and how much he wanted mine. But I just couldn't give him what he wanted. For good or ill, I was still in love with and committed to Cole - no matter what he had done.

Justin and I slept in each other's arms. I thought that now that we had made love, I would be uncomfortable doing so - having succumbed to my desires for him. But it wasn't like that at all. It was almost as if we had done this for years, so comfortably did we fit together. Justin's scent surrounded me as I lay with my head on his chest and his arms around me. And like that, I drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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