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two minute warning

Chapter Four

By RimPig - - February 21 2005

I woke the next morning to the scent of two things. Coffee brewing and Justin, who's arms I was still laying in. For a moment, I felt very safe and comfortable until everything that had happened last night and why I was sleeping with Justin came flooding back to me. The rush of conflicting emotions caused a tightening in my chest and I began to feel like I was going to cry again. I knew that something had happened between Justin and me last night that was more than just sex, more than just Justin trying to comfort me. Cole's betrayal had allowed the beginning of love for Justin to grow inside of me. And I didn't know what to do with that.

On the other hand, my love for Cole was still there. Not as secure as it had been, but I still could not see myself leaving him for another guy. But I still didn't know how I was ever going to learn to trust him again after last night. Nor how I was going to trust myself after what has happened between Justin and me.

Laying there in Justin's arms, I didn't want to think about any of this. What I really wanted was for Justin to make love to me again. I needed to feel him inside me once more before I knew I would never see him again. And as if he was reading my mind, I could feel Justin's arms drawing me closer and his already hard cock pressing against my butt under the covers. His breath was warm on my shoulder as were his lips as I felt him kissing me there.

"Good morning. How did you sleep?" he asked, his voice husky with sleep and horniness both.

I snuggled back against him, pressing against his hard cock to let him know that I was aware of it and was ready for anything he had in mind. I turned my head and gently kissed his arm, the hair tickling my nose as I smelled the scent of his skin.

"Much better than I thought I would." I said. "I can see you're 'up' this morning."

"It's a natural reaction to finding a beautiful young male in my arms." he said, and I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Well, I really think we should do something about that. It seems to be 'catching'." I smiled to myself.

I felt his arm move across my hip under the covers until he found my very stiff erection which he began to fondle and stroke.

"Yes, I can see that. What do you think we should do about this problem?" he asked.

"Oh, I think you had a very good solution for it last night. Do you remember?" I asked, giggling.

"Let me see, I seem to remember it starting something like this..." he said.

And as he spoke, his mouth came down on my neck and he began to bite and lick at it as he had done last night. I moaned at his attentions which were sending shivers of intense feelings through me. I turned over, facing him and his lips pressed against mine is an deep kiss as our two hard, leaking cocks pressed against each other covering us with pre-cum.

He pushed me over on my back and put his body on top of mine, resting on his elbows and looking down at me.

"Are you sure you want to do this again?" he asked, looking into my eyes.

"Yes! I'm sure. It's the only thing I am sure of right now! I want you. I want you inside of me. Not because of any other reason than that I want you!" I told him, looking up into his deep blue eyes.

He smiled gently at my words and then began moving down my body, using his mouth, his tongue and his teeth to excite me even further. He started with my nipples, worrying them with his tongue and then moved up to my arm pit to drink in all of the muskiness of my maleness there. Moving back down my body, he licked at my abs and my belly-button before again shoving his nose into my sweaty pubic hair, drinking in all of my scent there.

This time, however, he did not ignore my cock. Pulling it gently up, he pulled down the foreskin and began to lick around under the head gathering all of the trapped debris he could find there. Then he licked across the head, tasting my cock-honey before plunging my cock into the warm wetness of his mouth. The intense feeling caused me to jut my hips up, burying more of my cock in him. I could feel him swallowing and suddenly my cock was sliding down his throat, the muscles there massaging me. He began to move up and down my cock and I moaned at the intensity of what I was feeling. I suddenly was afraid that I would cum but he was too expert to allow that to happen.

He pulled off my cock and moved down to my balls. He sniffed and licked at my hairy nut sack and sucked one and then both of my balls into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the surface as he did so. He continued to orally play with them for a while before moving on.

He lifted my legs and pushed them back so that he would have access to my ass. I grabbed my thighs to allow him full access to my most intimate place. He started by licking at the patch of skin between my balls and my ass and then moved down slowly until his mouth was covering the entrance to my body and his tongue was once again demanding entrance. I felt myself relax and his tongue slide slowly up inside me again. I heard him growl deep in his throat as he tasted inside of me. All thoughts of anything were gone as all my attention was drawn to what he was doing to my ass. I could have laid there forever feeling his tongue moving in and out of me except for my tremendous need to feel another part of his body inside the same hole.

I didn't have long to wait. I felt his mouth leave my hole and I reached over to the night stand and grabbed the lube to hand to him. He grinned at my eagerness as he returned to between my legs and began to lubricate me for his entrance. He lubed his cock as well and then placed it at the opening of my ass. Slowly, I felt him press forward but there was absolutely no resistance. His cock slid smoothly all the way inside me until I could feel his pubic hairs crushed against my hole. His cock filled me completely and I felt one with him again.

He looked down at me, his eyes glittering with desire. I looked at him and moaned out my feelings for him.

"Yes! Justin! You feel so good inside me! Fuck me, please! Fuck me hard! I need you!" I moaned, somewhat ashamed at my own wantonness.

"You feel so wonderful! You're so tight and hot! I can't believe what you do to me, BJ!" Justin groaned as he fucked me.

His hips began to slap against my ass as he fucked me harder. He was fucking me with long strokes, dragging his cock until it almost left my ass completely and then pounding as deep as he could. I continued to moan and toss my head back and forth as his cock continually clipped my prostate and drove me closer and closer to orgasm. I was totally consumed by the feelings which Justin was causing inside me.

Justin was obviously affected by what my body was doing to him as well. Soon he lost his rhythm began to jab hard at my ass in short, powerful strokes. I knew that he was trying hard not to cum, but was being driven over the edge. At the same time, he was rapidly driving me over the edge. I could feel that tingle in my balls that told me that the cum was building up to an explosive orgasm. Within moments, my cock was rising from my belly and shooting forth a amazing amount of my white, hot man-milk all over my face and chest. The clenching of my ass around his cock as I came was all that Justin needed. I heard him begin to moan as his cock swelled inside me and began to tremble shooting his seed deep in my butt.

"God! BJ! I'm cumming! I love you!" he screamed as he shot his load inside me.

I could feel his body jerking as he shot his load inside me. It must have shot at least ten times and then collapsed on top of my, gluing us together with my cum. I put my arms around him and held him to me. I could feel the heat of his body and the sweat that covered it as he lay panting on top of me. I turned my head so that I could kiss the side of his face.

"I've never felt this way with someone." Justin murmured breathlessly. "I've never felt so complete."

I didn't say anything. I knew what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell Justin that I loved him. I wanted to tell him how complete he made me feel. But I didn't. I couldn't. There was still Cole. I knew I loved him, I knew that somewhere deep inside of me there was a bond of loyalty to him that I just couldn't get away from, no matter how much I thought I should.

Justin and I lay there until his swollen cock finally slid out of me. Then we went in and took a shower together. The shower was a long one. We kissed and tasted each other's bodies again while standing under the running water before finally running soapy hands all over the places where our mouths had been. There was a bitter-sweet quality to our love play, knowing that the time was rapidly approaching when we would part - probably forever.

Wearing one of Justin's robes, I sat in the kitchen of the pool house, drinking coffee with Justin sitting across from me. Conversation was difficult with many stops and starts, each one of us trying to avoid the subject of Cole until it became like an elephant standing in the kitchen - unable to be ignored.

"When do you want me to drive you back to the cabin?" Justin finally asked.

"Never." I said quietly. "I wish I could just stay here forever."

"I wish that, too. I truly do, BJ. But I know you're not ready for that." Justin said calmly.

"I know you're right, but I'm not sure I'm ready to face him yet, either." I said.

"There is an alternative. I could just drive you home." Justin offered.

"Justin, it's over two hundred miles back home!" I said, surprised by his offer. "I can't ask you to do that!"

"Why not? I've nothing better to do and I wouldn't mind. I honestly wouldn't." he said.

"But how would I explain it to my parents? I come up here with Cole and I come back with you? No, that's very nice of you to offer, but I don't think it would work." I said, sadly.

"Then what are you going to say to him?" Justin asked.

"I don't know. I guess a lot of it is going to depend on how he reacts when I get there. I'm still very hurt and angry at what he did last night." I told Justin.

"And what about what we did last night? How do you feel about that?" Justin pressed.
"I feel very guilty." I said and then continued, noticing the hurt look on his face. "But not the way you're thinking. I'm feeling guilty about what I've done to you! I heard what you said when we were making love. I know you have feelings for me. And I have feelings for you. I really do. But we've only known each other a couple of days and I've known Cole all my life. And I've been in love with him almost that long. I don't want to hurt you, but I don't seem to have done a very good job of keeping that from happening." I said sadly.

"Look, BJ. I'm a big boy. I knew what was happening last night. I knew what I was feeling for you and I knew that if I made love to you, it would only make those feelings stronger. And I knew it couldn't last beyond today. But I didn't care. And I still don't! If I only get to make love to you this one time, then I'm willing to take that. I don't want you hurting because of me! I knew what the score was and it was my decision." Justin said.

"I know that Justin but this is just the kind of situation that I never wanted to have happen! I didn't think I was capable of loving anyone else. I didn't know that I was capable of giving myself to someone else the way I did with you. And now everything is a mess and it's my fault." I said, the tears welling up in my eyes and starting to run down my cheeks.

"If I had it to do over again," Justin said, reaching out and wiping my tears with his fingers, "I'd do exactly the same thing again. What I felt with you is worth any pain I feel at your leaving. Believe me." he said quietly.

"Then I guess you'd better drive me back to the cabin now before we do anymore damage to each other." I said quietly.

He didn't say anything else until we were dressed and ready to leave. Then he handed me a card with his phone numbers at the lake and at their family home along with the address where they lived. Justin told me that I should call him if I ever needed anything - anything at all. I kissed him gently on the cheek, not trusting myself to speak at that point. He then kissed me gently on the lips and we headed out to the garage to get his car. When Cole and I had met Justin and his sister in town, they had been driving an station wagon which Justin explained was one of his parent's cars that they used when they needed to carry groceries and such. Instead of that car, Justin led me to his car, a beautiful black Corvette convertible.

The trip back to the cabin took about twenty minutes. During that time, Justin and I didn't say a word. I guess we were both locked in our own thoughts and pain. I was concerned about how Cole would react. I was also concerned about what was going to happen to us. Yesterday, things had seemed so settled. Cole and I were partners, lovers and life was laid out before us. Today, nothing was settled. While there was still a bond between Cole and me, how strong it that bond was, was anybody's guess.

As Justin pulled onto the unpaved road leading to the cabin, I had him stop.

"I'll get out and walk from here. I don't want Cole to see us together." I said, hanging my head.

"I understand." Justin said quietly. He reached over and touched my leg.

I turned to him and threw my arms around his neck and pressed my mouth to his in a deeply passionate kiss. We stayed that way for a long time, exploring each other's mouths, tasting each other as if we couldn't get enough of one another and this taste would have to last a long time.

Finally, we broke the kiss and I got out of the car. I looked back down at Justin.

"Justin, I do love you. I just wish it could have been different for us." I said, tears again coursing down my cheeks.

"I love you, BJ. If it ever changes, call me. Please." he said and I could see that his eyes were full of tears as well.

"I will, Justin. I promise."

And with that I turned away and started walking down that path to the cabin as Justin turned the sleek, black sports car around and left.

As I approached the cabin, I saw Cole sitting on the front porch waiting for me. As soon as he saw me he got up and came running down the path towards me. When he reached me, I think his first thought was to hug me, but he saw the look on my face and the smile on his died. We stood facing each other. He seemed very nervous. His hands were fidgeting and he finally stuffed them into the pockets of his cut-offs.

"Hi, BJ. Where you been?" he asked, his voice tentative, almost as if he didn't want to know.

"I spent the night with Justin." I said, my eyes coldly letting him know that I was not going to apologize for it.

"Why didn't you come home last night?" he asked, trying to sound like nothing had happened.

I walked past him and went up onto the porch. I sat down on the wooden rail and waited. He walked slowly up the path and onto the porch. He sat down on the porch swing next to me. He didn't say anything more. I think he was assessing just how much I knew of what had happened last night.

"I saw you fucking Melanie." was all I said.

From his reaction, you'd have thought I'd slapped him right across the face - which was something I did truly have in mind at the time! He tried to say something but only unintelligible sounds were coming out of his mouth.

"Don't try to lie or explain, Cole. I saw you." I repeated.

"" he sputtered. "I didn't mean for it to happen! She was all over me and I'd had too much to drink! Before I even realized what was going on she had me upstairs and we were naked." he fumbled.

"Oh, yes. I could see that! She 'overpowered' you! You have what? Fifty...sixty...pounds on her and at least eight to ten inches of height! And you were ON TOP OF HER!!! Fuck you, Cole! The next bullshit that you'll be telling me is she fucking RAPED you!!!" I screamed.

I got up and walked down off the porch, around the side of the cabin and down the path leading to the lake. It took a few seconds for Cole to follow me. He thankfully had the good sense to stay behind me and let me begin to cool down a little. Finally I got to an area where there were some fallen trees above the small beach. I sat down on one of the large trunks. Cole sat at the other end, about 10 feet away. I think he knew better than to get any closer at that point. I sat for a while just breathing deeply, trying to get my emotions under control. Cole sat and looked at me, waiting for what was coming next.

"So where do we go from here?" I finally said.

"I don't know, BJ. I swear to you, it didn't mean nothing to me!!! It was just a fuck, man!" he said.

"Oh, and the fact that she was just a piece of ass to you is somehow supposed to make it all right?!" I said, my voice raised but not quite screaming yet.

"BJ, I still love you, man. Nothing's changed!" he protested.

"Everything has changed!" I shot back.

"You don't love me anymore?" Cole asked, his voice showing real concern.

"The unfortunate fact is I do still love you. I just don't trust you!" I told him, my voice cold.

"Look, BJ. Tell me what to do! I'll do anything to make this up to you! I love you, man. Only you! What the fuck can I do to make you believe that?" he begged.

"I don't know, Cole. I just don't know." I answered.

And I really didn't. The sight of Coles strong muscular ass pumping up and down fucking her kept going through my mind. I couldn't erase the memory of what I had seen. We sat there in silence for the longest time. I guess neither one of us knew what to do.

"Did you sleep with Justin?" Cole finally asked quietly.

"Yes, Cole I did." I said looking him right in the eyes.

His eyes shifted away from mine. I could see that this wounded him badly.

"And I'll tell you something else, Cole. Unlike your claim that fucking Melanie meant nothing to you, fucking Justin DID mean something to me!" I said.

Cole reacted as if I'd shoved a knife in his guts. I could see the pain in his eyes and the fear. The worst part is, it made me feel good to think that I could hurt him as badly as he'd hurt me!

"Are you in love with him? Are you going to leave me?" Cole asked, his voice trembled with the fear of what I might answer.

"No, Cole, I am not in love with him - but I could be, very easily! As to whether I'm going to leave you, I don't know. I just don't know. If I can't trust you, there isn't much reason for me to stay." I answered him honestly but I could feel my heart breaking at my own words.

"BJ, I swear it will never happen again! I promise! I won't ever even look at a girl!" he begged.

"You just don't get it, do you, Cole? It's not the fact that it was a girl! Though, I'll admit, that was really something I never expected out of you! Boy, girl - it doesn't matter! We loved each other! I trusted you! How the fuck am I ever supposed to trust you again?" I said, lashing out at him.

"But, BJ, man, we're even. I had my little fling, you had yours! We can start over!" Cole said.

"EVEN!!! You fucking ASSHOLE!!!" I screamed. "How the fuck do you have the nerve to think that we're EVEN! How the fuck do you have the fucking nerve to even sit there and try to equate what happened to us!!! You cheated on me! You betrayed my trust in you! You fucked around behind my back. Were you even going to tell me about it?! If it hadn't been for what you did, NOTHING would have happened between Justin and me! You've got nobody but yourself to blame for this! You - and that fucking cock you can't keep in your pants!!!"

"Jesus, man! Just tell me what to do! BJ, I love you! I don't want to lose you! I don't want to be fighting like this! I'm sorry! I swear it won't happen again! I swear I'll be faithful to you! Just please stop all this! You're tearing me apart!" he said, tears running freely down his face.

"And just what the fuck do you think you did to me!" I said, anger still flowing through me. I walked passed him and down the beach.

Cole didn't follow me. I guess he decided it was better to just let me cool down for a while. I walked for a long time. I kept thinking about all the plans and dreams that Cole and I had. And I saw them all going up in smoke. I also kept feeling my breaking heart desperately wanting to go back to the way things were - back to loving Cole without reservation. But I knew I could never do that again. There would always be that question.

I also thought about Justin and what we'd shared together. I didn't want to have any feelings for him, but I couldn't help myself. I knew that for as long as I lived, a tiny piece of my heart would have the name 'Justin' written on it. The only guilt I felt over what we did, however, was the guilt of feeling like I'd used him. He'd given to me, he'd soothed and calmed me with his love and I left him to come back here to Cole. I knew that was wrong, but I couldn't help myself. Whether or not my love for Cole was damaged by his betrayal, I still loved him.

Finally, exhaustion overcame me and I started walking back towards the cabin. When I got there, Cole was sitting on the front porch swing. I could see that he'd been crying. He looked up at me at me as I stood in front of him. The look on is face was like a puppy that was afraid you were going to hit him. The sadness and wariness in his eyes tore at me. I couldn't stand causing him all this pain, no matter what he'd done to me. No matter how well he deserved it.

I sat down on the swing next to him and we just sat there in silence for a long time. I was afraid, actually, to say anything to him. Afraid that the words that would come out were too harsh, too wounding. I'd wounded him enough for one day and I knew it. If we were ever going to be able to put our relationship back together, this couldn't go on this way.

Cole's hands were laying on his thighs. I finally reached over and covered the one closest to me with my hand. He looked over at me, finally meeting my eyes. I could see tears welling up in his and felt them welling up in my own as well. He lifted my hand with his until it reached his mouth and then, his eyes still looking deeply into mine, he gently kissed the back of my hand and closing his eyes, rubbed his cheek softly against it and then lowered it back to his thigh. He didn't look at me again - I guess afraid of how I'd react to this.

Leaving my one hand on his, I reached over and lifted his chin with the fingers of my other hand and turned his face towards me. I looked deeply into his eyes. I could see the fear and the longing there. I knew he loved me. I knew he wanted me. And I was still too much in love with him to deny that need. I moved forward and gently kissed him on the lips. He moaned as I did. He stayed still, however. He didn't try to take this any further, afraid of how much I would allow. I leaned back in and this time, moving my hand to the back of his neck to pull him closer, pressed my lips hard to his and pushed my tongue out, licking his bottom lip and demanding entrance to his mouth. His mouth opened and I kissed him passionately.

He returned the kiss, moaning as he did so. I knew then what I wanted. I knew what I had to do. It would seal this horrible episode in our lives together. I only wondered whether I had the strength, the brutality, to carry through with it.

Cole was only wearing a pair of cut-offs. I grabbed his shoulders and dragged him to his feet with me. I reached down and literally ripped open the shorts and let them drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them. His cock was only slightly hard, afraid of where this was leading. I pulled off my own t-shirt and jeans which I'd had on from last night, kicking the boat-shoes off my bare feet until I was a naked as he was. But my cock, by comparison, was rampantly hard.

I grabbed him into my arms again and brutally kissed him this time, biting his tongue and lips until he let out small cries of pain. I pulled him down to the wooden floor of the porch and pushed him onto his back. He knew then what was happening and I could see in his eyes that he welcomed this punishment which would end our combat. As I rose over him, he wrapped his legs around my hips, giving me clear access to his ass.

There was no love-making here. This was going to be a brutal fuck. All but a rape. I had no concern about how he felt about it or whether he would receive anything but pain. I wasn't as much interested even in getting off so much as physically punishing him in the way he had transgressed our relationship.

My cock was harder than I ever remember it being. I spit on my hand as the only lube and coated my hardness with it. I didn't even bother to wet his hole, I merely placed my hard cock at the sweaty entrance to his body and, with one brutal thrust of my hips, buried my cock inside his guts. I heard his moans of pain and the corresponding look of violation on his face. I was not moved by it. Without even giving him a chance to get used to my cock inside him, I began to brutally fuck in and out of his hole. I pounded his hole as he all but screamed in pain. And with each scream I elicited from him, I took profound pleasure. As I fucked his ass, I kept seeing his butt rising and falling as he fucked that girl the night before. And the more this vision returned to me, the harder I fucked him. I was like an animal. This was a revenge fuck of epic proportion! I used all the anger I had in me to fuel the energy with which I brutalized his hole.

But soon, his cries of pain turned to moans of pleasure. He was getting off on the hard fucking. I looked down and his cock was as hard as I'd ever seen it and leaking copious amounts of cock-honey onto his belly. I knew that he would soon begin shooting his load. But I was no where near ready for this fuck to end!

My prediction to myself came true a few minutes later as his cock began to spew his white, hot cum all over his face, chest and stomach. I could feel his hole massaging my cock with the tremors that went through him as he came. But they did not push me anywhere near orgasm. My body and mind still burned with the anger and betrayal that I felt and I pressed on, fucking him even harder. The slapping of my thighs against his butt as I fucked him became a constant, rhythmic tattoo which built in tempo as well as volume.

Having cum, I could look at his face and could tell that the pain of this fuck was returning. But I didn't stop. I kept right on fucking him - hurting him. I shocked even myself at the ability within me to wreak this kind of vengeance! But I couldn't stop! I only prayed that this would finally burn these desires out of my system and allow me to once again love Cole. I heard Cole begin to whimper at the burning in his butt from my continued fucking but I couldn't stop. I wanted it to hurt! I wanted to burn into his memory the pain and the anguish he'd caused me.

Cole didn't protest. He lay there passively while I continued to rape his hole. On and on it went, my relentless pounding never slowing. After a while, Cole's sounds of pain ceased and he began to moan in pleasure again. I looked down and his cock was hard and trembling like he would cum again. This began to stimulate me and I shifted the angle with which my cock was reaming his hole so that it smashed repeatedly hard into his prostate. He began to grunt with each thrust of my cock and I could tell he was very near to climaxing again. I, too, felt the tingling in my balls which foreshadowed my own orgasm.

Suddenly, Cole began to scream out in the throws of pleasure.

"Fuck, yeah! Rape my fucking hole! Pound me! Make me cum, BJ!" he yelled.

The tightening of his hole around my cock as he shot more cum onto his cheat and stomach pushed me over the edge. I shot load after load of hot cum deep into his guts. My hips kept pounding my cock into him long after my balls had given up all the cum they had. Finally I collapsed on top of him, my cock buried in his butt and we lay in a sweaty, heaving heap.

Slowly, my cock deflated and began to slip from his cum-filled ass. My face was buried in his shoulder and I could feel him licking the sweat from my body and gently caressing my wet hair with his hand. It was a soothing gesture, almost like a mother soothing a tired child. As I hoped, all the anger, all the rage, seemed to have been fucked out of me. All that was left was exhaustion which came out as I began to sob, the shudders wracking my body while Cole held me tight in his arms. Over and over, he kept telling me softly how sorry he was and promising never, ever to hurt me that way again.

I wasn't sure if I believed him, but I wanted to. Oh! I wanted to so badly! I wanted to believe that we could just go on from here and put this weekend behind us. But somewhere, in the back of my mind, was the thought that it is far easier to forgive than to forget.

After I calmed down, we got up off the floor of the porch and staggered down the path to the lake. I fell into the cool waters and allowed my body to float. Cole was beside me the whole time, watching me - waiting to see if the storm was over. Finally, as I felt the sun and the water reviving me, I looked over at him. I saw the anxious look on his face and knew I needed to do something to assure him that the worst was over.

I smiled gently at him and he rapidly return my smile. I reached over and held onto his shoulder as we treaded water and leaned in to kiss him. He put his arms around me and held me as we gently touched our lips together. It was a tentative start to our reconciliation, but it was a start.

Breaking the kiss, I quickly pulled down on his shoulders, dunking him in the water. Then I raced away and the chase was on! We played in the water like a couple of kids for the rest of the afternoon. As the sun began to go down, we walked hand-in-hand back to the cabin. It was beginning to get chilly as the sun went down and, noticing I was shivering slightly, Cole put his arm around me and drew me to his warm body. I rested my head against his shoulder as we walked up the path.

When we got to the cabin, Cole took charge. He sat me on the couch in front of the fireplace while he went and dragged a blanket off the bed to put around me. He lit a fire in the fireplace and then joined me on the couch under the blanket, holding my naked body against his own. He asked if I was hungry and I realized that I had really had nothing to eat all day.

Cole was by no means an expert in the kitchen, but he managed to make some hot canned soup and some sandwiches which we shared on the couch in front of the roaring blaze. We lay there together, feeling the warmth of each other's bodies and not saying a word. My head was on Cole's chest and his hand began to drift down my back. I kept expecting him to stroke my butt the way he usually did, but something seemed to be holding him back. I realized that he was afraid to initiate any intimate contact between us, afraid that I might reject him. It was then that I realized that I had miscalculated. There was one more thing necessary to end the impasse between us.

I stood up and Cole looked up at me. I could see the worry in his eyes that I would walk away from him again. Instead, I reached down and took his hand and pulled him up off the couch. Still holding his hand I led him to the bedroom. I got on the bed on my back. He looked down at me, his love and desire shining in his eyes. I reached up my arms to him and he quickly covered my body with his. Just as he had done, I wrapped my legs around his waist, letting him know clearly what I wanted. He moaned at the realization of what I was offering him and pressed his mouth to mine in a deep, passionate kiss.

I reached over to the night stand and retrieved the bottle of lube. I poured some in my hand and reached between our bodies and began to wet his cock with it. He moaned at the touch of my hand. I also used the lube to wet my hole and then grabbed his cock and brought it to the lips of my ass. Cole took over from there, gently and slowly entering me. I moaned at the delicious feeling of fullness that his cock gave my ass as he bottomed out in my hole. He allowed me time to adjust to his girth and then leaned down as kissed me again as he began to pump in and out of my butt.

He was soon moving swiftly and firmly in and out, massaging my prostate with his erection. I was moaning into his mouth from the feelings deep within me. Because he had gotten off twice while I was so brutally fucking him, he could take his time with this fuck. He stroked in and out of my hole for what seemed a very long time, gently and slowly bringing me to the point of orgasm. I looked up into his eyes and could see him concentrating on making sure that I had maximum pleasure from this joining. I could also see the love and desire he had for me and, for the first time that day, he began to see the same in my eyes. He grinned at this vision and I gave him a gentle smile in return.

I could feel the pleasure building in me and knew that I was going to cum soon. Cole never had failed to get my off. It was as if his cock had been created to pleasure my hole. I began to moan and thrash on the bed as he brought me closer and closer to climax.

"Yes! Cole! Fuck me! Make me cum! Take me there!" I begged, my eyes boring into his.

He looked down at me and I could see that he, too, was close. Within moments, we both began to cry out as I felt my cock shooting between our bodies and his cock unloading in my ass. The orgasm seemed to last for an eternity before Cole finally collapsed on top of me. We lay there, gathering our breath and gently stroking each other's bodies.

Finally, Cole rolled off me and pulled me to his embrace. I lay in his arms, the fingers of my one hand gently stroking his chest. This is the way I wanted it. This is what I needed us to get back to somehow and maybe, just maybe, we had made a start toward that.

Cole gently kissed me one last time, and curled in each other's arms, we slept.

The next morning, I woke before he did and went into the kitchen and began to make coffee. It was Sunday, and we were due back at home this evening. I began to pull empty boxes out and begin to pack up what little food there was left over, leaving enough for breakfast. We'd have lunch on the road home.

Cole stumbled into the kitchen a little while later. He came over and took me in his arms and gently kissed me. I thought he would want coffee, but he kept kissing me, the kiss becoming deeper and more passionate. I could feel Cole's hard cock pressing against my rapidly rising one. I didn't know exactly where Cole was going with this and was shocked when he began moving his lips down my body until he was on his knees before me. He took my cock into his mouth and swallowed it until his nose was resting in my sweaty pubic hair.

He began to suck me off while he played with his own cock. I don't know what caused me to do it, some instinct took over, but I suddenly grabbed hold of his head and began to fuck his mouth with my cock. Not hard, but with some authority. Cole moaned deeply at my actions and I understood that this is what he wanted. He wanted my domination of him. He wanted to make the obeisance to me to prove his devotion and loyalty.

I fucked my cock deep into his throat and thrilled at the feel of his muscles as they massaged my cock. I knew that this could not last long until I shot my cum deep inside his sucking mouth.

"Fuck, yeah! Cole! Suck my cock man! Eat it! Get me off!!! I want to shoot my load down your fucking throat!!!" I all but screamed.

Cole moaned at my ravings, getting off on what I was saying and I felt him jacking harder and faster on his own cock as he quickly was bringing me to the edge of my own orgasm. Within moments, it was there and I emptied my balls down his throat. There was so much cum, Cole couldn't swallow it all and I could see it drooling out the sides of his mouth. I heard him moan and felt his hot, wet cum hit my legs as he spewed all over the floor.

For a while, we just stayed that way. My cock buried in Cole's mouth and my hand running through his hair, him still kneeling before me. I finally pulled my cock from his mouth and pulled him to his feet. I kissed him deeply, tasting my cum in his mouth and then leaned over and sucked the residue of his load from his cock and again kissed him, allowing him a small taste of himself.

We went and took a long, sensuous shower together which resulted in yet another orgasm for each of us before packing up and finally heading home. We only had a couple of weeks to get ready to report to college football camp and then next phase of our lives.

But as we left the lake, I couldn't help but think of Justin and the deep pain that I knew I had caused him. I only hope he realized how much pain walking away from him had caused me. But there was never any real doubt that I would stay with Cole. Glancing over at him, I gave him a smile and he reached over and squeezed my leg with his hand.

"I really love you, BJ. You know that, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes, Cole, I know you do. And I love you." I answered truthfully.

"And I am really truly sorry for everything that happened and I promise that I will never, ever hurt you that way again." he said, and I knew he meant every word he said.

"Let's just try to forget it about it, Cole. We're still together. Nothing is going to change that." I said.

I never said I was any good at predicting the future.

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