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two minute warning

Chapter Fifteen

By RimPigFL - - February 21 2005

It was getting dark when I finally woke up. Cole was still deeply asleep and I decided to let him rest. I slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went quietly downstairs. The front door was open but the screen door was in place. There were no lights on in the cabin and I was just about to turn one on when I heard voices out on the front porch. I moved closer to the screen door and I was able to not only hear what was being said, but who it was that was talking in the drawing darkness.

“You must really like the Corps to put up with all this isolation.” I heard Andy say.

“Yeah. When I was growing up, I dreamed of nothing but being a Marine. But just like any job, there’s things I don’t like about it. The isolation is one of them.” That, I knew, was the voice of Lt. Mark Cooper, the young Marine officer we’d met earlier.

“Yeah, with me, it’s all the traveling. Can’t stay one place long enough to put down any kind of roots.” Andy said.

“Must be tough on your wife.” the young Marine said.

“I don’t have one.” Andy said, not elaborating. “You married?”

“Nah! Can’t see myself gettin’ tied down right now. Well...not unless something perfect came along.” he chuckled. “Those two you’re guarding, they seem to have a pretty close relationship.”

“Ahh...yeah, they do.” Andy said, clearly uncomfortable with this comment.

“Hey, it’s okay. I figured they were gay.” the young lieutenant said. “I kinda got the feeling that you are, too.”

“And you’ve got a problem with that?” Andy asked, and I could hear the belligerence in his voice.

“The only problem I’ve got with being gay is keepin’ the Corps from findin’ out about me.” The young officer said.

“Holy fuck!” Andy quietly breathed. “I would never have guessed.”

“Well, I guess you ain’t heard the old joke then about the difference between a straight Marine and a gay Marine?” Lt. Cooper said.

“No. What is the difference?” Andy asked.

“Six beers.” Lt. Cooper said quietly and then both he and Andy cracked up laughing.

When they quieted down, it was Lt. Cooper’s voice I heard next.

“I saw the wedding bands that they were wearing but I noticed that you don’t have one.” he said quietly.

“No. I might have had one with one of them, but they got back together after being apart for ten years.” Andy said.

“How long have they known each other?” the lieutenant asked.

“Since they were about four years old.” Andy answered.

“Fuck! That’s a damned long time! They grew up together then?” Lt. Cooper asked.

“Yeah. They broke up in college though. Actually Cole’s father broke them up. They’ve only been back together a very short time. I knew Cole from an investigation we did of his law firm. I fell in love with him but he made it clear that BJ was the only person he had ever loved or ever would love.” Andy told the young Marine.

So Cole was up-front with him! That was good. And he really did love me all that time! My heart thrilled to hear it.

“Then I was right.” The young Marine mused to himself.

“About what?” Andy asked.

“You just called one of them BJ. I thought I recognized him. A reporter - and a good one. I’ve read a lot of his pieces.” Lt. Cooper said.

“I thought you didn’t want to know who they were.” I could hear the humor in Andy’s voice.

“Can’t help knowin’ what I know. I also know somethin’ else.” the Marine stated.

“What’s that?” Andy asked.

“That I’d love to get your clothes off and get you into a bed somewhere, alone.” The young lieutenant said softly so that I could barely hear him.

“You Marines are blunt!” Andy chuckled.

“We’re gung-ho, can-do kinda guys. We’re trained to see an objective and take it.” the young Marine said with almost a growl in his voice. He wasn’t even talking to me and it sent a thrill through my groin!

“Is that what I am, an objective?” Andy asked. I don’t think he cared much for the analogy.

“No. You’re not. That was a stupid choice of words. I haven’t wanted a man this badly in a long time. I guess I’m somewhat rusty at seduction. Fuck! To tell the truth, I was never any damned good at seduction. I’ll tell you the truth. You are one good-looking son of a bitch but, more importantly, you seem to be one hell of a nice guy. There’s somethin’ about you that could make me start re-thinkin’ my idea about gettin’ tied down. Now, knowin’ that, you got any idea of whether or not this Marine’s got even a chance in hell of gettin’ into bed with you?” the young Marine laid his cards on the table.

I heard Andy’s feet move and when I looked out the screen door I could see that the two men had moved much closer together. In fact, it almost looked like their mouths were locked together.

“You have no idea how good a chance you’ve got of that happening, Marine.” Andy said softly. “But I gotta warn ya. I’m still gettin’ over Cole. I don’t know if I’m ready for gettin’ ‘tied down’ myself.”

“There’s somethin’ else you should know about Marines.” the young lieutenant said.

“What’s that?” asked Andy.

“Their real fuckin’ patient when there’s somethin’ they really want.” Lt. Cooper said softly.

I thought I heard soft moaning and realized that they were exploring each other’s mouths. I quietly decided to leave them alone and went back into the kitchen and started looking for the stuff to make coffee with. I finally found it and made a pot. After it was done, I had noticed a back door from the kitchen out onto a wooden deck with a table and chairs. I took a cup of the coffee and went outside and sat looking at all the starts in the darkened sky. I don’t think I’d ever seen so many stars at one time in my life. Being as far from civilization as we were, there was no ambient light to hide them.

After a while, Andy joined me with a cup of coffee. He sat down at the table and was quiet for a while, but I got the feeling he wanted to talk.

“You make really good coffee.” he finally said.

“Thanks.” I answered.

“Where’s Cole?” he asked.

“Upstairs, still asleep. I think I fucked the energy right out of him.” I chuckled.

“But Cole doesn’t...ahh...” Andy trailed off, obviously embarrassed by the intimate information he had just imparted.

“That’s not technically true. He does, just only by me. I don’t know why, but he decided the first night we did that to each other that nobody but me was ever going to do it to him. I think it’s a trust issue with him. Or something to do with his masculinity. What ever it is, that’s the way he’s always been.” I said.

“You’re really lucky, you know that? Oh, I don’t mean about the sex. I mean about the way you two love each other.” Andy said.

“If you’d seen some parts of our lives, you wouldn’t say that. We’ve hurt each other pretty bad at times. I even raped him once. Or the closest thing that either one of us have experienced as rape.” I told him.

He looked at me in shock so I told him the story of the night at Justin’s party and what it had done to our relationship.

“But we were young and stupid then. Our passions were way out of control and we didn’t know how to handle them. We didn’t know how to talk to each other. I guess all the pain we’ve been through has at least taught us that.” I said.

“But you ended up with Justin. How did that happen? All Cole would ever tell me is that losing you was his own fault.” Andy asked.

I told him of what had happened in college with Cole losing his scholarship and then his father demanding that Cole leave me.

“It really wasn’t Cole’s fault. He was between a rock and a hard place. He didn’t realize that if he’d only come to me, I would have called Dad and things would have been taken care of. Cole still had that very ‘male’ thing about being self-sufficient. His father manipulated him shamelessly. Personally, I hope I never see his father again. I’d be too tempted to give him a shot in the balls!” I said and I could feel and hear the anger that Cole’s father still produced in me after all these years.

“So about the offer you made you guys do that often?” Andy asked.

I laughed.

“No. In fact, we haven’t done it since college! Justin and I never did it. Justin was far too possessive of me. I think he always knew that I still loved Cole. He knew that I would never leave him to go back to Cole, but he wasn’t that ‘open’ sexually. Cole and I worked all that out after that weekend at Justin’s party. We found another gay couple at college and we enjoyed some really good times with them. I guess Cole and I feel very secure about each other, especially now.” I said.

“Why especially now?” Andy asked.

“Because we been through it. We finally came back to what we always really wanted. No doubts, no questions this time. Cole will never leave me and I will never leave him. We have enough love between us to allow someone else to share it with who we care about. And that’s you. Of course, I figure you may not need us now.” I smiled at him.

“What do you mean?!” Andy said, suddenly very uptight.

“Calm down. It’s just that I happened to accidently overhear part of your conversation with the young Marine lieutenant. I sure wouldn’t turn him down.” I smiled.

Andy got this sheepish smile on his face and wouldn’t look at me for a few moments. When he spoke it was quietly and with his eyes held down.

“He really frightens me.” he said.

“Why?” I asked, astounded at this.

“Well...he’s the first guy since Cole that I know I could fall in love with. But what the fuck kind of life could we have together? Me traveling all the time, him posted to God know what hell-hole!” Andy said, and I could feel the pain and indecision in his voice.

“Andy, I’m gonna give you some advice from someone who’s been there. Love fuckin’ hurts. It can tear your fuckin’ guts up. But even one moment of it is worth years of that pain, because loneliness and the feeling of not being loved is far worse. You grab that Marine and take whatever there is! Love doesn’t come knocking very often. You need to be answering the door when it does. And you don’t have to do it naked with a hardon!” I laughed, reminding him of how this morning had started.

Andy smiled at me.

“The more time I spend around you, the more I realize why Cole is so in love with you. I hope that Lt. Mark Cooper can love me half as much as you love Cole.” he said.

“Oh, from what I heard, that young Marine is more than capable of giving you more love than you will ever need. Trust me on that one. I’ve known some Marines in my time. They are not what everyone expects. Oh, they can be rough and tough and occasionally pretty gross. But when it comes to love, they are passionate, gentle, tender and faithful.” I told him.

“Now wait a minute, how do you know that?” he asked. “You were with Cole and then Justin. You’ve only been on your own for a couple of years.”

“Well...let’s just say that Justin and I had an understanding. I would often be all over the world for months at a time. Justin knew how passionate I was. He gave me permission to do what I needed to do while I was away. He just didn’t want to ever know about it. And I kept that promise to him, he never knew about it. But I’ve covered a number of combat areas and there were several Marines that I found to be very comforting when I was lonely and in need - if you get my drift.” I said.

“Oh. Then I guess you do know.” he said.

“My halo slipping somewhat, Andy?” I asked him smiling.

“No, not really. I guess being realistic, that type of arrangement, given the situation, only makes sense.” he said.

“But you still wouldn’t be comfortable with it if it was your lover, right?” I asked.

“Right.” he said.

“But, don’t you see, Andy? That’s fine! My way doesn’t have to be your way. Everyone is different. We do what we are comfortable with, what meets our needs. Justin knew I would always come home to him. I gave him the same permission that he gave me. And to this day, I don’t know - or want to know - if he ever took advantage of it. You have to work things out with whoever you fall in love with. Please don’t think of my relationship with Cole or my relationship with Justin as any kind of model! It worked for us because that’s who we are. You have to find what works for you...and maybe a certain Marine lieutenant.” I said.

“That still doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like to take you up on your offer.” he said quietly.

“The offer is open to you whenever you want it, Andy. No pressure, no demands. We both care very deeply about you and want to share our love with you. That’s all.” I said.

“Thank you.” he said.

“For what? I haven’t done anything yet!” I laughed.

“Yes, you have. You’ve given me the opportunity to really see into your life. That’s a very intimate thing. And you’ve given me lots to think about. That’s really good for me.” Andy said.

“Hey, where the fuck is everybody!” we heard Cole yelling from inside the cabin.

“Out here! Through the kitchen!” I yelled back, smiling at Andy.

“So what the fuck are you two up to out here, huh?” he asked. “If it’s a blow-job, I want in on it!”

“Andy, have you met my lover, the horndog? The one who’s brains are all in his jockstrap?!” I laughed.

“Yeah, you know you like your nose in my jockstrap!” Cole laughed and leaned down and kissed me deeply.

“Truer words were never spoken! You had an awesome smelling jock!” I grinned.

“So what the fuck are we gonna do about dinner?” Cole asked.

Andy and I looked at each other and grinned.

“See!” I said to Andy, “That’s what I love about males. They are so easy to please. Give ‘em sex, give ‘em food and lots of both and they’re happy.”

“So come on then! I’m starvin’!” Cole said.

I stood up and put my arms around him and kissed him.

“I think that the only reason you called me that night is you were hungry!” I laughed.

“I was hungry. Hungry for you. Hungrier than I ever thought I could be. Almost ten years without you! It’s gonna take at least twice that long to make up for all that lost time.” Cole murmured to me as he chewed on my earlobe.

“Fuck!” I breathed quietly. “You keep that up and dinner is gonna get really delayed!”

“I’ll go start it.” Andy laughed at both of us. “You two stay here and work it out between each other.”

And with that he went back into the kitchen.

“So what have you two been talking about, as if I didn’t know.” Cole smiled.

“You are not the center of the universe, my love! I can have a conversation without you coming up!” I said.

“Not with Andy.” Cole said seriously.

“No, not with Andy. I filled in some information for him that you hadn’t bothered to give him. I wanted to disavow this whole ‘St. BJ’ notion that he seemed to have gotten from you.” I said.

“I never said you were a saint!” Cole protested.

“Cole, you told the boy that I was the only person you had ever loved or ever will love. He was deeply in love with you at the time. Now what conclusion do you think he’d draw from that? Hmm?” I asked him.

“Ok, maybe I should have explained a few things to him but I wanted to set him straight from the get-go.” Cole said.

“Yes, I know. And you did do that. I just let him know some of the reasons why we were apart and why we’re back together. And besides, I don’t think that we’re gonna have to worry about Andy being alone much longer.” I said.

“Oh? Why not?” Cole asked.

“Because there is a certain Marine lieutenant who appears to have designs on our friend’s body, mind and heart.” I grinned.

“The one from this morning?” Cole asked.

“Yes, sir! Lieutenant Mark Cooper, USMC!” I grinned.

“He’s gay?!” Cole stared at me.

“Evidently. At least that’s what he told Andy. He also informed Andy that he was lookin’ at him as more than just a quick lay. Seems this Marine may have wedding bells playin’ in his head. And I think Andy does, too. But he’s afraid.” I said.

“Of what?” he asked.

“Well, let’s first discuss the fact that he’s still getting over you. Then there is the little thing about the fact that Andy travel’s constantly and this Marine can evidently be sent anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. I can understand his reticence.” I said.

“Reticence, huh? Fuck, BJ! I went to law school and I don’t say ‘reticence’!” he laughed.

“You aren’t a writer, either! And to hear you tell it, you all but flunked law school! I graduated magna cum laude!” I said.

“What’s that mean, you swallowed a lot of cum?” he laughed.

“You know you’re a pig sometimes, Cole!” I grinned at him.

“Yeah, and as I remember, you used to love that in me.” he said quietly licking the side of my neck.

“Fuck! Will you cut that out! You’re gonna make me horny again!” I sighed.

“That’s the whole idea.” he murmured.

“I thought you were hungry?” I said.

“Yeah, I am. I’m just makin’ sure what’s for dessert.” he grinned.

“Come on. Let me go help Andy. The quicker dinner’s ready, the quicker dessert will happen.” I smiled.

“That’s what I like to hear!” he grinned.

I went into the kitchen and Andy had three steaks laid out on the counter.

“How do you like ‘em?” he asked.

“Cole and I both like medium rare.” I said.

“Well, that’s easy, that makes three of us!” he laughed.

“You gonna see your Marine tonight?” I asked.

“No. He’s on duty tonight. He’s off tomorrow night.” Andy grinned.

“Well, just to let you know, Cole and I have dessert already planned. If you want to join in, you’re welcome.” I said.

“Don’t mind if I do?” he said quietly and then took me in his arms and kissed me quite passionately. “I been wanting to do that since I saw you naked this morning.”

“You didn’t have to wait so long.” I said quietly.

“Yes, I did. Still needed to think about things.” he said, letting go of me and going back to preparing the food.

“Well, I’m glad you did, then!” I smiled at him and he grinned back.

“Hey, what’s takin’ so long?” Cole asked as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hold your horses. We’re about ready here.” Andy said.

“Why don’t you go make a fire in the fireplace. I think it’s gonna get chilly tonight.” I said to Cole.

“Good idea! Think I’ll lay a fire in the fireplace up in our bedroom as well. Never know when it might come in handy.” Cole said and winked at me.

Andy cooked the steaks on a grill out on the deck while I made salad. He’d already baked potatoes and I set the table. By the time Cole was finished laying the wood for a fire in the fireplace in the master bedroom and got the fire lit in the main room, dinner was ready. We sat down and all three of us wolfed down dinner. It seems we were all very hungry after the day we’d all had. When dinner was over, Andy and I cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher. By that time, Cole had gone upstairs and was waiting for me in the bedroom. He had no idea that Andy was about to join us. I thought it would be a nice little surprise for him.

I suggested to Andy that Cole would probably already be naked so maybe we should slip out of our clothes before we went in the bedroom. We dropped out clothes in the bedroom next door and then I lead the way into the master bedroom. The only light in the room was the fireplace which was sending flickering golden light out into the room. Cole’s body was half in light half in shadow as he lay on the bed waiting for me. When he saw both Andy and I walk in naked, he raised up on his elbows and looked at both of us.

“This is a dream come true!” Cole said quietly.

“You still having wet dreams after all these years?” I smiled at him.

“Fuck, I never had wet dreams when I was young! You always sucked the cum out of me before I went to sleep!” Cole grinned back.

“Yeah, that’s right!” I laughed.

“Fuck! I wished I’d known you guys then! We could have had a hell of a time!” Andy said.

“Nah! We know a lot more about how things should be now!” I said.

“Yeah!” said Cole. “We know lots more about pleasin’ a man now. Come here, Andy. Lemme show ya.”

Andy crawled on the bed. I stayed standing at the foot of it while I watched Andy melt into Cole’s arms. Cole kissed him deeply. It was so erotic to watch these two beautiful men begin to make love to each other. Because they had been lovers, there was no awkwardness between them. They easily slipped into sync with each other.

After a few moments, I guess they noticed that I hadn’t joined them. They both looked over at me. I slid onto the bed and lay next to Andy which put him in the middle between Cole and me. Andy lay on his back and reached out his arm to put it around me. I moved into his embrace and we were soon kissing deeply as well. The taste of him was exciting and I moved my hand down his slightly furred chest until I was grasping his hard cock. It was almost the same size as Cole’s but was circumcised. I ran my thumb across the helmet-shaped head of Andy’s cock and could feel the slick wetness of his pre-cum, which I began to spread around the head of his cock. Andy moaned at this into my mouth. I pulled away from his mouth and moved down to where my lips could start sucking at his cock. Cole moved up the bed and knelt over Andy, presenting his hard cock for Andy to suck.

Andy quickly took Cole’s cock between his lips and Cole pushed forward until his entire cock was buried in Andy’s mouth and throat. ‘Someone else who can deep-throat Cole! He must love that!’ I thought to myself as I proceeded to do the same thing to Andy. Evidently, he’d never had this done or done very few times. The moment I had his cock buried in my throat, Andy thrust his hips up and moaned deep and loud around Cole’s cock. I quickly pulled off, not wanting Andy to cum this quickly. Cole looked back at me.

“It’s okay, BJ. He can cum and keep going at least twice.” Cole informed me quietly.

No problem! I quickly buried Andy’s cock back in my throat and was having a wonderful time snorting the male funk in his pubic hair. That male smell always turned me on! I deep throated Andy for a while, but I was after something else. I pulled of Andy’s cock and moved around to where I was laying on my stomach between his spread legs. I moved forward until my nose was right up against his hairy nut-sack. I breathed in the sweat and musk of his balls and moaned deep in my throat. Fuck! I loved the smell of sweaty male balls! My tongue snaked out and I began to lick his hairy bag and Andy started moaning around Cole’s thick cock. I bathed his nut-sack with my tongue until I had licked up all the sweat and musk I could find, leaving it wet with my saliva. Then I licked that back of his nuts while moving down to lick that small patch of skin between his nuts and his ass.

I pushed up his legs with my hands. Cole, evidently watching me and knowing what I was after, reached back and grabbed Andy’s legs from me and tucked them under his own arms to give me a clear shot at Andy’s ass-crack. And a beautiful, fragrant crack it was, too! Lightly furred with a dark rose, star-shaped hole that seemed to wink at me. The strong scent of male ass hit me and my nose immediately began running up and down his furrow, sucking in all of that wonderful ass-scent that I could find. I was in pig-heaven! The scent of Andy’s ass was a wonderful as Cole’s. My tongue couldn’t wait any longer and I began licking Andy’s crack with long sweeps of my tongue up and down it. He moaned louder around Cole’s cock.

“Yeah! He’s fuckin’ good at that, isn’t he?” Cole was saying to Andy. “BJ’s the best ass eater in the world! Trust me, he’s been eatin’ mine since we were 17! You’re in for a real treat!”

I was really turned on my Cole’s ‘recommendation’ and vowed to do the best ass-eating job I’d ever done on Andy’s butt. I began licking all around his hole, digging in the wrinkles for more of his taste and then began sucking on his ass-lips, drawing them into my mouth while my tongue pressed against the opening to his ass. He quickly loosened up and my tongue was almost literally sucked deep into his hole and I was tasting the dark, tangy interior of Andy’s succulent butt. I tongue fucked him, tasting him and feeling the smoothness of his interior. My own cock was leaking cock-snot so badly that there was a large spreading wet-spot under me on the bed.

“You about got him ready, BJ?” Cole looked back over his shoulder at me.

I looked up at him and winked. I knew what Cole had in mind and I knew what I wanted. He wanted to fuck Andy’s now wet ass, and I wanted Andy’s cock up my hole! I pulled my face out of Andy’s butt and moved over so that I was laying on the bed next to Andy on my back. Cole pulled his cock out of Andy’s mouth and Andy looked over at me. He quickly got up and got between my legs and swallowed my cock down his throat. I groaned at the wet heat of his mouth and throat and grabbed his head, running my hands through his hair. Cole knelt on the bed, slowly stroking his cock and watching Andy eat mine. Without prompting from me, Andy let my cock slip from his mouth and moved down to my balls, licking them and taking them in his mouth. He then lifted my legs and attacked my butt! He, too, was evidently into scent because I could hear him taking deep snorts of my ass while his nose moved up and down in my trench. Then I felt his tongue traveling the same path. I moaned at the feel of his rough tongue against my tender ass-flesh.

But Andy didn’t stop there! He, too, began sucking on my ass lips and I pressed down with my muscles to open my chute for his tongue which was pressing against my opening. I felt it slide inside me and I moaned out my gratitude for the wonderful feelings his tongue was giving me as it fucked my asshole.

“Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Tongue fuck me! Eat my hole!” I moaned.

I looked down between my legs and watched as Andy continued to eat my butt until I thought I would cum just from being rimmed. But Andy had other ideas. He rose up to his knees and spit in his hand and used it to lube his cock. He then grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and put his cockhead at the opening to my tunnel. I pressed down with my muscles and his cock slid easily into my hole until his pubic hair was tickling the outer lips of my ass.

I moaned at the feel of him inside me and he looked down at me and smiled a wicked smile! Then he began moving his cock, in and out of my hole for a few strokes, making me moan all the more. Knowing there was more to come, Andy then put my legs over his broad, muscular shoulders and leaned forward until he was resting on his hands above me. I saw Cole move into position and saw his head dip down. I figured he wanted to add more lubrication to Andy’s butt and to grab a taste of that succulent hole for himself. After a few moments, I saw him rise back up and then I felt, rather than saw, him push his cock into Andy’s butt. Coles push inward into Andy’s interior caused Andy’s cock to press farther up mine.

Cole began to fuck Andy whose cock began to move out and into my hole in rhythm to Coles cock going in and out of his own asshole. The harder Cole fucked Andy, the harder Andy fucked me. It was like being fucked by Cole by proxy! I could only imagine the wonderful feelings that Andy was having being fucked and fucking at the same time. I know just the feel of Andy’s cock being slammed in and out of my hole by the force of Cole’s masterful fucking of Andy was bringing me quickly to the point of no return. But I didn’t want to cum yet. If Andy could cum several times, I wanted to use that advantage. It seemed Cole had the same idea because while he continued fucking Andy, I noticed that he slowed down considerably while increasing the power of his thrusts. This was guaranteed to get Andy off, but would keep Cole from cumming at the same time. I, too, was able to hold off cumming as Andy began to shoot his load deep into my ass. I loved the feel of his raw male power as he shot deep into my hole.

Andy almost collapsed on me but I could feel that his cock was still hard. He looked down at me.

“You didn’t cum?” he asked.

“No, I want to cum in your butt.” I said.

“Yeah, BJ! You gotta fuck his ass! It is fantastic!” Cole said from behind Andy and I could see he was pulling his still hard cock out of Andy’s hole.

I suddenly had an idea. I didn’t know if Cole would go for it, but I thought it was something that Andy needed to help him get over Cole. I looked at Cole and mouthed ‘let him fuck you!’. Cole looked at me in shock.

“Are you sure, BJ?” he asked.

I knew what he was asking. No one but me had ever fucked him before. That was always my ‘prerogative’. But it was nothing I had ever asked Cole for and I felt that Andy would love to finally be on top of Cole.

“I’m sure.” I said, smiling at him.

He shrugged his shoulders as if to so, ‘Okay, have it your way.’ Andy didn’t see the interplay between us so he had no idea what was coming. He knew I was gonna fuck him so he stayed on his hands and knees while I moved behind him. Then he saw Cole move in and slide himself, face down and legs spread, to where Andy’s cock was resting in Cole’s crack. Andy looked down at Cole and then over his shoulder at me. I smiled at him and nodded. Cole turned back and looked at Andy, grinning.

“Come on! Fuck my butt!” Cole said.

I couldn’t see it, but I could only imagine the grin that spread across Andy’s face. He leaned down and started eating out Cole’s ass just as I leaned down and started eating his again. I wanted to make sure he was well wet for when I fucked him. I looked between Andy’s legs and could see Cole pushing his ass up into Andy’s face trying to get Andy’s tongue further up his hole. I waited for Andy to be done rimming Cole. Then Andy lubed up his cock with spit and put it at the entrance to Cole’s ass. Cole just pushed right back onto Andy’s cock, swallowing it with his butt. Andy moaned as his cock slid deeper and deeper into Cole until he had no more cock to shove. He began slowly fucking Cole, both of them moaning at the feelings they were creating in each other. After a few strokes, I brought the head of my cock to the opening of Andy’s hole and pressed forward as he was pulling back out of Cole’s ass. My cock slid right up Andy’s hole and he was now impaled on my cock and about to bury his own cock back in Cole’s ass.

I let Andy moved between Cole and I but soon found that his ass was just to good to passively enjoy. I began pounding away at Andy’s butt, slamming my cock up his shit-hole and listening to the moans from both Andy and Cole as my cock made Andy slam into Cole’s butt. Soon I was on my way to cumming and I wasn’t about to stop this time! I wanted to shoot my load into Andy’s hot butt and nothing was gonna stop me. Andy, too, seemed well on his way to sending his second load of spoonge up Cole. In fact, I think it was Andy that started the chain reaction. His tunnel gripped my cock as he came in Cole’s ass, causing my cock to start shooting my load up his butt. I could hear Cole’s moans and knew he was delivering a load of his hot white cum onto the bed beneath him.

I pulled my cock out of Andy’s hole and began to suck my load out of his butt while Andy did the same thing to Cole. After we had both sucked our loads out of the asses we had fucked, Cole turned around and we swapped cum as we kissed deeply. Cole pulled out of the three-way kiss and lay on his back. When Andy and I broke our sloppy, cummy kiss, he called to me.

“Hey, BJ! Get over here man and sit on my face! I wanna suck Andy’s first load out of your butt!” he said.

I immediately did as he requested and felt his lips lock round my hole. I pressed down with my muscles and forced Andy’s cum out of my butt and into Cole’s mouth. When he was done licking it all out, I turned and put my mouth onto Cole’s and tasted more of Andy’s cum and my butt. It was a magical feast!

Oddly enough, all of us were hard again so we circled and began sucking each other’s cocks. Cole sucked me while I sucked Andy. When we were all about to cum, we turned around and now I sucked Cole while Andy sucked me and Cole sucked Andy. That’s the way we came, each shooting another load of cum down each other’s throats almost simultaneously. We were all exhausted by that time and all curled up to sleep. I was the lucky one who grabbed the middle so I had Cole spooned to my back while I was spooned to Andy’s. And like three little puppies, we went to sleep.

I woke in the morning to Cole shoving his cock up my hole and Andy shoving his ass back on mine. It was a long, slow, leisurely fuck. I loved the feeling of having a cock up my ass while my cock was buried in an ass! Of course, it wasn’t enough to cum once. Once we had, we merely turned over and now Andy was fucking my ass filled with Cole’s cum while I was fucking Cole’s ass. When we came the second time, I sucked my load out of Cole’s ass and then he sucked his out of mine while I sucked my other load out of Andy’s butt. Then we all went back to sleep for a couple of hours curled up in the same position.

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