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two minute warning


It was a dingy little bar in an industrial area of town. The kind of place that welders and shop foremen hit for lunch and after work for a few shots and beers before they went home to a nagging wife and screaming kids. It certainly wasn't the kind of place I had ever patronized before. I only found it because of the neon sign above the door that simply said "BAR". There were very few patrons this late on a drizzly, miserable night. Just the hardcore drinkers.

I saw him the moment I walked through the door, sitting at the bar. What had it been? Five...almost ten years? I could see immediately that they hadn't been good years for him. Well, some of them maybe - but not all. A couple days growth of beard showed on his face and the sweat stained t-shirt and grubby jeans were more the clothing of a day-laborer or construction worker than a highly successful corporate attorney. But then, I'd heard his ability to practice law had been revoked by the state bar association. Thirty years old and already your life is a total wreck. Such a waste!

I walked over and took a seat next to him at the bar. He looked over at me. It took a moment for him to recognize me. I guess I'd changed as well.

"BJ? Is that you, man?" he said, almost as if he'd forgotten it was him who called me for this meeting.

"Yes, Cole. It's me. How'd you ever know how to find me?" I asked.

"I still have some contacts. You aren't mad that I did, are you?" he asked, his voice filled with fear and anxiety - not the self-confidence and bravura that used to be there.

"No, Cole. I'm not angry. You said you wanted to talk. Do you want to do it here?" I asked. "We could go back to my place." I suggested.

"No, let's go over to one of the booths. I don't think I want to go to your place right now. And, when we're done talking, you may not want me there, either." he said, getting up and moving over to a booth back in the corner of the dingy bar.

As I sat down, I got a better look at him head on. There were deep circles under his eyes and it was evident he hadn't slept in days. He was pale and I doubted he'd had a decent meal in a while.

"Look, Cole, no matter what's happened, I've never hated you. You'd always be welcome at my place if you wanted to come." I assured him.

"It's nice of you to say that now. But maybe you'd better hear what I've got to say first before you make up your mind." he said, and I could hear the despair and self-loathing in his voice.

"Ok, buddy. Have it your way. So what did you want to talk about?" I asked.

I sounded, I'm sure, much more calm about this than I really was. I had hoped never to see Cole again - or at least not for a much longer time than had passed. The pain that I felt over him still hadn't completely healed - probably never would. Looking at him now, my mind raced back over the years and all the memories of him came flooding back.


"Go long!" Cole yelled.

I took off down field in the dusk darkened stadium and then cut left. I turned my head back and put out my hands. The ball was right there! In my hands. Just like it always was.

We had been running patterns now for two hours after practice. Both of us were sweaty and exhausted. But none of that mattered. All that mattered was the game tomorrow. The final game for the state championship. Everything that Cole and I had worked for since playing Optimist League football in middle school came down to this. The final game of our senior year. We had the chance for the first time in over 30 years to bring the state championship trophy to Brandon High. Not to mention, secure college football scholarships for ourselves.

Cole and I had grown up living next door to each other. We were tossing some kind of ball to each other since we must have been four or five. Mostly it was a football. Whatever Cole threw, I would catch. We knew each other so well, we never even had to think about it. I instinctively knew somehow just exactly where Cole needed me to be down field, and I was there. Ever since Cole was named quarterback and team captain, I had been his number one receiver. But I had always been his number one receiver - as well as his best friend.

Growing up, we had been inseparable. Cole was an only child and I had a sister who was eight years older than me. Neither of us had a brother and so we became that for each other. Rare was the night that we slept apart. We were either at Cole's house or at mine. Our parents were friends as well - in fact, our Dads were attorneys and were partners in the same law firm. I think it was their dream that Cole and I would follow in their footsteps and join the firm as well some day. So basically Cole and I grew up in two houses with two sets of parents.

But Cole and I weren't interested in the law. We were interested only in the laws of football. We studied the college and professional teams. We watched games constantly. And we went out into our back yards and ran plays. Cole was always the quarterback, I was always the receiver.

As the years passed and we grew older, our bodies began to change. Our Dads built us a gym with free weights in Cole's garage for Christmas the year we both turned 14. We worked out religiously, building our adolescent muscles. And we studiously kept records of our progress. We measured out chests, our biceps, our thighs, our weight and our height. And, oh yes, we'd measure 'those' too. By the time we turned 18, we were both just six feet tall. Cole's chest was a bit bigger than mine but I matched him in biceps and thighs. We both weighed 190. And, in what a boy thinks is the most important measurement, Cole had me by half and inch. I had eight, he had eight and a half. Both were thick and uncut. Cole had almost white blonde hair with pale blue eyes. I had dark, chestnut brown hair with darker blue eyes.

Cole was what every girl on the cheerleading squad described as 'cute'. I noticed the looks he got from them and from almost every other girl in school. And some of the guys as well. But I'd been noticing his looks for a long time by then. Ever since the hormones began to flow through our bodies at puberty, I found myself fascinated with Cole's body. I loved looking at it and I got the chance to do that quite often.

We started 'messing around', as boys are want to do, when we were about 12 or 13. We had stopped wearing PJ's to bed and started sleeping naked. After all, we hardly ever ended up waking up with them on anyway. We had discovered our small cocks and took great pleasure in showing off our hardon's to each other. We would jack off together until one night, as we lay there talking about sex - our normal, night time topic of conversation - Cole reached over and started jacking me off with his hand.

I was shocked at first, both by the feelings and by his actions. No one had ever touched me there before so I had no idea how wonderful it felt to have someone else touching you rather than yourself. But it was something I never would have expected Cole to do. What made it especially strange was that I had wanted to do it to him for a very long time but had been too afraid. Now, I eagerly reached over and grabbed hold of his hardness.

It was strange. It didn't really feel any different than my own. But because when I touched and stroked it, I didn't get any feeling from it except for my hand, it gave me the chance to explore his cock in a way I'd never explored mine. The skin was so soft and yet beneath that softness it felt like steel, it was so hard.

We were laying on our sides, facing each other. No words were exchanged, but there were small moans of pleasure coming from both of us. As exciting as this was to have him in my hand, I wanted to do more. I wanted to touch his body, feel his chest and arms, run my fingers through his hair. I felt a sudden urge to kiss him. But none of this did I do. I just lay there, pleasuring and being pleasured by him. Our dry orgasms were almost simultaneous. It would be some months yet before we were able to actually ejaculate. Cole took the lead in that, too, reaching his first real cum in my hand. That set the pattern for us. Cole always took the lead in these explorations.

As our bodies matured, some of our sexuality did as well. I remember the night, we were both 15 and at the start of our sophomore year then, when we both had been told by the head coach that we were being moved up from Junior Varsity to Varsity. We were laying in Cole's bed talking excitedly about the day's events. He was laying on his back, his hands behind his head and I was laying on my stomach, hiding the hardon that had been there since we'd gone to bed. I never wanted Cole to know how much he turned me on and how much I wanted him. I think I knew, even then, that it was more than sex to me. I hid my true feelings about Cole from myself by telling myself that we were just the best of friends and that getting each other off was just something that buddies did for each other. That night all but destroyed that piece of denial for me.

Cole started talking about this girl that some of the other football jocks were passing around among themselves. Cole said that the guys said she gave amazing head.

"What the fuck is that?" I asked, never having heard the term before.

"A blow job, asshole! Don't you know anything?" Cole asked, grinning.

"I never heard it called that before." I said, ashamed at my own ignorance.

"Yeah. They say she gives great head. But I've heard that girls aren't anywhere near as good at it as guys are." he said, a sly grin on his face.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean that some of the guys have been going to Ronnie Winston to get their rocks off when they're hard up and they tell me that he can suck cock better than anybody." Cole said.

"You're shitting me! Ronnie Winston - the fag!?" I said.

Everybody in school knew what Ronnie Winston was. He made no bones about it. He was small and effeminate and talked with an affected lisp that was curiously missing when he was in middle school with us. Ronnie was the 'school fag'. I'd heard that he even told some of his girl friends that he planned to bring a guy as his 'date' the night of our senior prom! If there was a reason to completely ignore my feelings toward Cole - it was the fear of being thought of as being like Ronnie Winston!

"The way I look at it, anybody willing to swing on my cock should be given the opportunity - fag or not. After all, it's just a blow job. It's not like you're making love to him or something! I've even heard that a couple of the seniors on the team are known to suck each other off when they get hard up!" Cole informed me.

"Oh, yeah! Right, fucker! Who?!" I said derisively.
"Well, from what I hear, Matt Taylor and Chris Dobson are awfully close...if you know what I mean!" Cole giggled.

"Oh, right! The quarterback and the center! Sucking each other off! I believe that one!" I sneered.

"Why not?" he asked. " After all, they've been best friends all their lives. And it's just something that two guys who really like each other can do for one another when they get hard up. Ya' know?" he said.

As naive as I was, I could see where this was leading. Cole and I had been best friends all our lives and, at 15 and male, 'hard up' was a constant state of being for us! I could tell that Cole was working up to something and that something probably had to do with him getting my mouth on his cock.

Now, to be honest, ever since I found out what a blow job was, I had wanted to do this to Cole. Just to see what it felt like and tasted like to have his cock in my mouth. Mind you, I was just 'curious'! Of course I also wanted to know what it would feel like to have Cole's mouth on my hard cock as well, but I didn't figure that was going to happen anytime soon! I couldn't have been more wrong!

"Would you ever do something like that?" I asked. Where I got the courage from, I'll never know. Probably from my impossibly hard cock which was leaking pre-cum all over Cole's sheets.

He looked over at me and I could see pure adolescent lust in his eyes. He didn't answer me for a while, but I could hear his heavy breathing - just as I was certain he could hear mine. Somehow I knew that his answer to my question was going to irrevocably change our relationship forever.

"If it was you." he said, very quietly, his voice husky with desire. "What about you? Would you ever do it?"

There it was. The question I had wanted to avoid. I was afraid to answer him. I was afraid for him to see how badly I wanted him. How badly I wanted to make love to him with my mouth. To taste him, to take that part of him inside of me. But the way he was looking at me, I doubt that he wasn't already aware of what I was feeling. And it began to dawn on me that, perhaps, he wanted me the same way.

"Well, yeah. If it was you." I answered quietly, not looking at him.

We lay there for a few minutes more not looking at each other. The bridge had been crossed but we were still standing on the edge of it. I think we were both afraid of what waited for us on the other side of that bridge that, once it is crossed, can never be crossed back again.

He rolled over so that he was laying half over my body, his chin resting on my shoulder. His hand reached up and began stroking the skin of my back. Almost like he was massaging the muscles there, but not has hard. I moaned at his touch and closed my eyes. He began moving down my body and at the same time, reached under me to turn me over on my back. When I did so, my rampant cock was pawing at the air, lifting at a 45 degree angle from my body, dripping with pre-cum. He gave a low chuckle in his throat as he reached out and gently stroked it, drawing the foreskin down so that the red, wet head of my cock was visible.

He laid his head on my stomach and I could feel his hot breath on my cock. I could hear him taking deep breaths as he continued to stroke my hardness and realized that he was taking in the scent of my crotch. This surprised me greatly - not because it turned me off, but because I thought that I was the only one who got off on scent. His scent. Many nights, I would go to sleep after we jacked each other off, breathing the scent of his crotch on my hand. I thought I had been sufficiently circumspect in my actions so that he didn't know. Now I began to wonder if he hadn't done the very same thing, hiding it from me as well as I had hidden it from him. This was certainly turning into a night of discoveries for us.

Suddenly, I felt his rough, wet tongue reach out and swipe across the head of my cock. The electric jolt it sent through my body was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I think I almost came, just from that slight touch! He stopped for a moment and then continued to lick at the head of my cock and I realized that he was tasting my cock-honey. He evidently liked it because his tongue was rapidly trying to lick up all that I was producing.

Finally, I felt him take the head of my cock into his mouth. The warm wetness surrounded me and I moaned and pushed my hips up in an unconscious reaction. Nothing had prepared me for how incredibly wonderful this felt! He pushed me back down with his hand as he dropped my cock from his mouth.

"Hey! Don't try to choke me with it! Ok?" he looked at me grinning.

I dropped my eyes in shame at what I had done.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. It felt so good!" I whispered.

"It's ok, man! Glad it felt so good! I can't wait to feel what it's like when you do me!" he said turning back and again taking me into his hot, moist cavern.

He sucked down more of me this time and I began moaning. Nothing ever felt this good in my whole life! It was somewhat like that feeling you get when the roller coaster just begins its downward drop - only more intense! I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I could already feel the tingling in my balls that presaged my orgasm. I cried out, trying to warn Cole of my impending climax but it just seemed to make him take more of my cock into his mouth and begin to suck harder. I grabbed the pillow and bit down on it as I screamed out my orgasm. I didn't want his parents to hear us and come and investigate what all the yelling was about!

I shot and shot and shot in the most intense orgasm of my life up until that time! Somehow, Cole managed to suck down every drop! He even continued to suck on me after I'd stopped cumming until I had to push him off of my cock because I had become far too sensitive to deal with it. He looked at me, grinning, with a drop of my cum on his chin.

"You ate my cum!" I said, amazed at this intimacy.

"Fuck, yeah! I wanted to see if it tasted different than mine. Don't tell me you've never tasted your cum!" he said, looking at me with challenge in his eyes along with the horniness.

I dropped my eyes from his. Yes, I'd tasted my own cum. But I'd also tasted his. On many occasions when we'd jack each other off, I'd sneak some to my mouth to suck down. I loved the taste of his. I just could never tell him.

"Sure, I've tasted mine. It's ok." I said.

"Yeah, not much different than mine." he grinned.

I knew what he was grinning about. He'd eaten mine so he now expected me to eat his. What he didn't know is he was only giving me an excuse to do what I wanted to do anyway. I just didn't want him to know that.

"My turn now!" he said, laying back and putting his hands behind his head again, leaving me a totally un-obstructed view of his body.

The first thing I noticed was the scent of him rising from his open armpit close to my head. I knew that scent so well. Sometimes it was very strong, like after practice before he showered it away. Sometime it was less apparent. But now, after his doing me and especially with his sexual excitement, it was almost as strong as it was after practice. I sniffed as deeply as I dared without making it obvious but I think he noticed. He looked up and smiled at me.

I moved down his body and lay my head on his hard stomach as he'd done. It was then that I took note of the smell of his crotch rising from the sexual heat of his body. The scent was very stimulating to me, so much so, that I almost missed something. If I could smell his scent this clearly, surely then he could have smelled me! Perhaps he liked the scent of my body as well as I liked his? After all, he certainly hadn't complained about it. Nor had he seemed at all reluctant to do me first. Maybe, I wasn't the only one of us who hiding something. But I didn't have any more time to speculate about it. I had a hard cock staring me in the face, demanding all of my attention.

As I pulled down on the skin, the wet head of his cock appeared. The tip of it had a glistening drop of his pre-cum. I swiped my tongue over it, tasting his essence. It tasted much like my own, but slightly sweeter. As I licked that drop away, another quickly formed. My tongue began lapping up all of the sweet nectar that I could gather until I found myself with my mouth surrounding the head of his cock, sucking for more. A deep moan escaped him at this point and he became very verbal in a way he never had before.

"Yes! BJ! Suck my cock, man! Take it in your hot mouth! Suck me good, man! I wanna cum in you so bad!" he moaned.
His verbal urging turned me on! My cock was rock hard once again. I slid my mouth up and down his cock, using my tongue to taste and lick the shaft and head of his cock. It tasted like sweat and skin but with something indefinably 'Cole' in the taste. I tried to take more and more of him inside me until his cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. I flew off his cock, trying to keep my guts inside me.

"Are you ok, BJ? Did I hurt you?" Cole rose up to a sitting position putting his arms around my shoulders, his voice full of concern.

Getting myself under control, I sheepishly looked up at him.

"I'm ok. Just got a little too eager, I guess. It wasn't anything that you did." I told him.

And then it happened. Something I would never have expected. Something I would never even considered possible! Cole leaned down and gently kissed me on the forehead.

"It's ok, man. What you were doing felt so fucking good!" he said.

I couldn't look at his eyes any longer. I knew that if I continued to look at him, I'd give myself away. I wanted to kiss him so badly. But not a gentle kiss on the forehead like he'd given me. So instead, I turned and went back down on his hard cock which had stayed in my gently massaging hand the whole time. Cole lay back down and let me continue.

I was more careful this time. Not letting myself get completely carried away. I found that I could take his cock deeper than I had expected. When it reached the back of my throat again, I stopped and gained control over my gag reflex. As I moved my head further, his cock began to slip, ever so slightly, into the top of my throat. Something about it felt very good and very right. I suddenly had this picture in my mind of devouring him. Of being able to take his cock completely inside of me. And it was something that I wanted!

Trying to take more of him into my throat, I suddenly hit a blockage. It wouldn't go any farther. I didn't know what to do at that point when suddenly, I had the undeniable urge to swallow. Doing so opened the passage and his cock slid effortlessly deeper until my nose was buried in his fragrant pubic hair. I had done it!

I was pulled out of my reverie by Cole's moans and babbling.

"Fuck! Yeah, man! You got it all down! God, BJ! Your throat feels so tight and so good! Yeah, eat all my cock, man! Fuckin' take it all!" he moaned.

I was his to command. I began moving up and down on his cock, going deep and hearing him moan. He began thrusting up like he was fucking my throat. That was the best of all! To watch his hips move and the power of his thrusts as he sank his hard cock in and out of me. The raw male power and energy of him was driving me over the edge. I felt that tingling in my balls that told me I was about to cum but I hadn't even touched myself. I was going to cum just from Cole fucking my throat!

I began to moan around his cock as my load shot out against his thigh. Whether it was the vibrations of my moaning around his cock in my throat or the feel of the warm wet cum that splattered him or a combination of both, Cole's cock became rock hard, expanded slightly and tremors began to shake it as he unloaded deep inside me.

"Fuck! I'm cummin' man! Take my fuckin' load! Suck me, BJ!" he all but screamed.

I pulled back on his cock so that I could take his load in my mouth and taste it as he had done mine. A huge amount of cum emptied into me each time his cock trembled. I quickly realized that I either had to swallow or drown in it. His cock kept shooting and I swallowed every bit that I could, but some still managed to leak out around my lips.

As our mutual orgasms subsided, I noticed that his arm was laying across my shoulders and his hand was playing in my hair. It must have been there all along, but I was so intent on doing him that I didn't even notice. This display of affection was way beyond anything I had expected. I realized that the way that Cole and I related to each other had made a major, dramatic change. I reached out my hand and began to stroke his legs gently, feeling the smooth skin and the muscles beneath. They were relaxed now that his orgasm had subsided, but the power of them could still be felt. I began to stroke every part of his body that I could reach, finally giving in to my desires.

Cole, as well, continued to touch and stroke my back, neck and head. Neither of us said a word. We just lay there, touching each other as we basked in the afterglow of our powerful orgasms. Finally, I raised up and looked at Cole. He smiled at me and I could see something in his eyes that at first, I didn't recognize because I never expected to see it there. I saw love. Cole looked at me with love in his eyes. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know what it meant. I only knew that his look triggered something in me that finally made me realize what it was that I had felt for him all these years. I loved Cole.

It wasn't just the love of friendship. It wasn't the type of love that one brother has for another. I was deeply in love with him. And I had no fucking idea of what to do about it!

Cole didn't either at that point. What he did do, surprised me even more. As I moved up the bed to lay next to him, he pulled me instead to where I was laying with my head on his chest and his arm was around me. He gently stroked my head and played in my hair with his fingers.

At first, I was terribly uncomfortable with this. I lay there almost stiff as a board so afraid to relax for fear that all of my emotions would come pouring out of me and I would make Cole so uncomfortable with them that he would turn away from me. But, gradually, I did relax. Even to the point of taking my hand and putting it on his chest. I began stroking gently across his hard pecs, feeling the silky smooth skin and inhaling deeply of his scent. I was in heaven! I was in Cole's arms and I wanted to just lay there for the rest of my life.

"We should get some sleep. Big day tomorrow. First practice as members of the Varsity." he murmured softly into my hair.

I went to move over to my side of the bed. I turned my back toward him because I didn't want to look at him. I wasn't ashamed of what we did or what I was feeling. I just didn't want him to know how much what we had done had affected me. But Cole had other ideas.

All of our lives, when we slept together, it was always apart. Each of us on his own 'side' of the bed. We might touch in the night, but we never curled up in each others arms. Tonight was different. As I turned, Cole turned with me and moved his body right up against mine, his arm still under my head. His other arm came around me and pulled me to him, so that we were spooned closely together. He put his hand on my chest and buried his face in the back of my neck where I could feel him breathing against my hair. I could feel the whole length of his body touching the length of mine. His knees touching the back of mine, his thighs spooned into the back of my legs and his warm crotch pressed against my butt. It was the most intimate act that had ever happened between us. Far more intimate than the hesitant first sex we had just had. This was a loving and intimate act on Cole's part - not brought on by the hormonal demands of his body, but by something far deeper.

As I nestled against Cole, I realized that this is what I had always wanted from him. The sex was wonderful and exciting and I hoped that it would continue and would expand. But this - this loving, intimate bonding - was what I needed most. I had no words at that time to tell him what I was feeling. And I had no desire to voice them even if I had them. I was still so afraid that tomorrow we would wake up and Cole would withdraw from me because of what we had done and because of what we had shown of ourselves to each other. But it didn't stop me from reaching up and putting my hand over his on my chest. And in this way, we both were quickly asleep.

The next morning I woke before Cole. We were still spooned together and his arms were still around me. What woke me up, however, was something hard insistently poking me in the ass! Cole was 'up', he just wasn't awake yet! And his cock was rubbing back and forth in the crease between my legs and butting into the back of my balls. I felt wetness there, evidently from his cock-honey leaking out in a steady stream. The shaft was rubbing directly against my hole and it was causing all kinds of reactions in me. The shaft of his cock rubbing against my hole and that piece of skin between my ass and my balls was causing my own morning 'woody' to leak cock-honey all over me and the bed.

It was also messing with my head. I had never even thought about the possibility of Cole fucking me. I'd heard guys talking about 'corn-holing' and stuff so I knew it was possible, but I had played with my hole while jacking off before. Just getting the tip of my finger into my tight opening was a painful operation the first time. Mostly I just stroked across the opening while I jacked off. It felt really good! And that was what Cole's cock was doing now!

I also was still afraid of Cole's reaction to our physical intimacy when he woke up. How would he feel about us being still wrapped up in each other? How would he take what he was doing to me now? Would he want to fuck me? Did I want him to? It was too fucking much to deal with in my adolescent mind - especially when I was as hard as I was. I didn't have that long to think about it because I felt Cole's breath on the back of my neck and his face rubbing in my hair.

"Morning." he said, his voice groggy with sleep, and husky with horniness. "Umm. You feel good!"

His arms tightened around me and his cock made a deep stab between my legs and his body shuddered with the feelings his cock was having in that warm, wet place. He put his face to my neck and kept gently humping me. I lay there very still, seeing where he was going to take this. I was not about to give him any encouragement because I didn't want him thinking that I wanted him to fuck me.

"God, BJ! I am so horny, man! I really need to get off!" he groaned.

"Yeah, me too!" I assured him.

As if to see if I was being honest with him, he reached down and grasp my hardon in his hand and began jacking me off with the same slow rhythm that his cock was sliding in and out between my legs. I groaned and reached back and grabbed his hip and began stroking him there. He pulled my body tighter to him which changed the angles so that his cock was now almost pushing against my hole for entrance to my body.

This was going way too far and way too fast for me. I wasn't ready for anything like that yet! I didn't even know how Cole really felt about me and I wasn't about to become his fuck toy! If fucking was going to happen between us, it would have to be mutual - just like the cocksucking had been. And I would have to know that Cole loved me, the way I loved him.

But at the same time, I was horny, Cole was horny and, no matter how he felt about me, I loved him. I turned around, dragging his cock out from between my legs and without stopping to think about it, went down all the way on it so that it was buried in my throat. Cole moaned and grabbed my head, and began playing in my hair while I sucked him. I thought that as hot as he was, he would cum quickly, but he seemed to have something else in mind.

He gently pulled my head off his cock. I looked up at him. I know my face was full of questions - and frustration! He grinned at me and then moved around so that his head was pointed at the foot of the bed. He reached out then, grabbed my hips and pulled my hard cock toward his mouth. I may have been new to all this sex stuff, but I wasn't stupid! I re-buried his cock in my throat as he took mine into him. We lay there moaning around each other's cocks in our first 69. This was so hot to us, that we came very quickly, unloading our hot teen loads down each other's throats.

We lay there for a while, nursing on each other's cocks and getting deep whiff's of the scent of each other's crotches. I knew I had to get up or my cock would start growing again very quickly. I pulled out of Cole's mouth and looked down at him.

"Gotta piss! Now!" I said and ran to his bathroom.
Cole was right behind me and as we stood there, relieving ourselves, he did something that just about caused me to pass out! He reached over and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him as we stood there pissing. Again, it was the intimacy of the act that blew me away. I didn't dare look at him. I knew I would melt into his arms. I also knew I'd probably start getting hard again.

And as if this wasn't enough, when we finished, he walked over and started the shower. I went to leave so he could take his before I took mine. But instead, he grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the shower with him! He wanted us to shower together!

Now, we'd of course showered together many times over the years in the locker rooms at school. But that was in large 'gang' showers where there might be a dozen guys and everybody had his own shower head. But we had never shared the shower together at our homes. I began to understand that it was not Cole I had to worry about as far as a reaction to our intimacy was concerned - it was me! I didn't know how far Cole wanted to take this, and I also was afraid that it would be less far than I did. But, so far, it was way beyond any level I ever expected to get to with him! Not that I was complaining, mind you! On one level, I was loving every minute of this. But I was also still so afraid that I would give away how much I really cared about him, how much in love I knew I was with him! I didn't want to scare him off or have him hate me.

But nothing seemed to be scaring Cole at all! When we got into the shower, he immediately grabbed the shower gel and, squirting some in his hands, began to wash me - not himself! His hands slid all over my shoulders and chest, slick with the shower gel. I watched his face as he touched me so intimately. He gently massaged my chest and then began to gently pull at my small male nipples. They instantly hardened under his touch and sent jolts of electricity straight to my balls! If I had any hopes of not getting an erection - that destroyed them completely! My cock instantly rose to it's full hardness and slapped itself against my abs and proceeded to leak more pre-cum.

Cole noticed my reaction and I heard a deep chuckle come out of him. He continued working down the front of my body, soaping my abs and then reaching into my pubic bush and creating what looked like a white, foamy beard above the base of my hard cock. He soaped my balls and then squatted down and began soaping my legs, running his hands up and down them. But he completely ignored my cock - like it wasn't even there.

Getting back to his feet, he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. He began rubbing shower gel into my the muscles of my back, massaging them at the same time. I moaned and leaned forward, putting my hands against the tile wall. This gave him free access to both my front and back. I felt his hands move forward and up and then begin to soap and massage in my armpits. The feeling was incredible! I knew I loved the scent of my pits, but his stroking fingers told me that there was more there than just scent! Another highly erotic part of my body which I never knew about was now permanently logged in my memory.

He slid his hands down my back until he reached my butt. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, or what I wanted him to do at that point. He seemed to hesitate himself, but then he squatted down and began to work on my legs again, only this time, his hand sweeping up them until his fingers lightly brushed against the under side of my ass cheeks. His hand felt good no matter where they were, but I was starting to really wanting him to touch my butt. He seemed to be reading my mind because he suddenly stood up and took the globes of my ass into his hands and began kneading them. I moaned and pushed them back into his hands for him to have better access. I felt his hands moving over my ass and then felt one of his hand begin to delve into the crack which separated the cheeks. As his hand explored deeper, he came to my hole and I moaned as his fingers lightly brushed over it.

He took his other hand and pulled my cheeks apart for his hand to have better access to my butt. I was bent over somewhat, my ass sticking out and Cole was gently prodding at my hole with his finger. The feelings were over whelming! I knew I was sensitive but the touch of Cole's fingers sent fire burning through my body and strange desires started to assert themselves inside me. I began to seriously contemplate what it would be like for Cole to fuck me. What it would be like to have his masculine power buried deep inside my body, feel his strength in the strong strokes of his cock as it moved in and out of me.

But my desires were short-lived. Cole stopped touching me and raised his hands until his arms were wrapped around me, pulling me into a standing position and against his body. I guessed that he, too, could imagine the power of our coupling and it was more than he could deal with as well. But as he held me in his arms, his mouth sought my skin and he licked and nibbled across my shoulder, sending shivers through my body and raising goose-bumps on my skin. We stood there, lost in time, feeling the warmth and strength of each other's body. I could have stayed there, locked in his arms forever, but he stepped back finally, letting me go.

I turned around and looked at him. His eyes held so many things. Horniness, yes. But more. A tenderness I'd never seen before. A yearning for something that we both seemed to be avoiding. To break the spell, I picked up the shower gel, squirted some in my hands and approached him. He watched me carefully as I began to wash his body, following the same pathways that he had on mine. The feel of his body under my hands was so much more than I ever imagined. The softness of his skin and the strength of his muscles. The warmth of him. I had wanted to touch him for so long and now he stood, open - giving me permission to do what I willed.

I found myself eventually, on my knees before him, running my soapy hands over his legs. I looked up and saw above me his rampant cock, the foreskin pulled back in excitement and a drop of his pre-cum gathering at the piss-slit. Beyond that, I looked up and saw him looking down at me. An intense look on his face and his eyes filled with so much tenderness that I thought my heart would break at the sight. I knew, right then and there, whether he ever said the words or not, Cole loved me. He was as in love with me as I was with him. I reached up, grabbed his cock and softly licked off the small drop of pre-cum. He closed his eyes as I did so and moaned but quickly opened his eyes again.

I looked at him while I slowly moved forward and swallowed his cock down my throat until my nose was pressed against his soapy pubic hair. Our eyes never lost contact as he watched me take him completely inside me. He reached down and very gently stroked my cheek. It was like some ancient ritual where a knight swears fealty to his king. Right then and there, kneeling in his shower, I pledged my life and my love to him and he accepted - without words, without the need of words.

I pulled off his cock and rose to my feet. He put his arms around me and held me to him. We both knew that something had just happened between us but neither of us was ready or capable of speaking of it. He released me and turned around so that I could begin to wash his back.

My eyes marveled at the beauty of him. The broad muscular back which tapered down to a slender waist and then flared out again into the magnificent globes of his ass. I worked my hands down his back and then up his legs until I stood behind him with that butt in my hands. I didn't know how he would react to this. But he simply leaned forward, his hands on the tile wall as mine had been and gave me permission to touch that most intimate and secret part of a male's body.

My hands kneaded the strong muscles of his ass cheeks and I reached below and began to drag my fingers through his ass trench from behind his balls up to where the crack ends at his lower back. He moaned as my fingers slid over the opening to his body and I went back and began to softly and gently caress his hole with my fingers. He pushed back against them, almost as if he wanted me to enter him, moaning at the feelings I was giving him. But I knew that this was not the right time for such incursion into him. I withdrew my hands and did as he had done. I stood and wrapped my arms around his chest, pulling him towards me and locked my mouth on his shoulder, licking with my tongue and nipping his skin with my teeth.

He moaned and leaned his head back against mine, rubbing it back and forth as his hands rose to his chest and gripped my hands which were around him there. I reached up and grabbed his ear with my teeth, gently nibbling and got a louder moan in response.

But then I lost my nerve. I was afraid. I didn't know where this was leading and I didn't know how to get us there. I was still afraid to go there with Cole - this was all so new to me! I let go of him and stepped back. I turned and looked at me. I could see the question in his eyes. I looked at him for a second and then dropped my eyes to the tile floor. I couldn't take the intensity of the look he was giving me. I heard him give a small sigh and looked back up. His face had changed. It was gentle now and seemed to tell me that he understood. There would be other times. The dance was not over. This was just intermission.

This set a pattern for us, an easy intimacy between us. We didn't talk about what we were doing or what it meant to each of us. We simply continued to have sex with each other as often as possible and now, when we slept together, it was always in each other's arms. Sometimes Cole in mine, sometimes me in his. It didn't seem to matter.

And for the next two years, that is the way it continued. Until the night of the state championships.

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