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two minute warning

Chapter Eight

By RimPigFL - - February 21 2005

"Dad! What are you doing here?!" I exclaimed.

There I stood, naked as the day I was born, with my father standing in the hall looking at me. I didn't know what to do. After all, just beyond me in the room, Justin was laying in my bed - naked as well.

"I came to talk to you, son." my Dad said.

Not thinking clearly or fast, I managed to realize that I had to get some clothes on and give Justin a chance to do the same.

"Could you give me just a second, Dad?" I asked.

"Sure, BJ." he said smiling.

I closed the door and turned to Justin who was rapidly dressing.

"It's my Dad!" I said.

"So I heard! Look, I've got my cell phone on me. Call me when it's safe for me to come back." Justin said.

"Ok. I have a feeling that the shit is about to hit the fan." I said.

"Just remember, you're over 18 and you don't need their money. I can and will take care of you." Justin said, kissing me quickly.

We were both dressed by that point and I opened the door, and asked Dad to come in. He walked into the room and was visibly surprised by seeing Justin standing there.

"This is a friend of mine, Justin, Dad." I said.
"Pleased to meet you, sir." Justin said, holding out his hand.

My dad grasped his and they shook.

"Nice to meet you, Justin." Dad said, but I could hear the question in his voice of who exactly Justin was.

Justin didn't wait to be questioned. He excused himself, saying he would let Dad and I talk and quickly left.

"Do you want some coffee, Dad?" I asked, moving toward the small kitchen to get it.

"Sure." my Dad said, and sat down at one of the desks - the empty one that had been Coles.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked.

"I think it's time that we had a talk." he said.

He didn't sound angry or upset but I knew what this little 'talk' was going to be about. I brought him a cup of coffee and sat down at the other desk with mine.

"So what do you want to talk about, as if I didn't know already." I said.

"I got a call yesterday from Cole's father, Taylor. It's the first time since I've known him that I slammed the phone down in his ear." Dad said calmly.

"I take it he told you about Cole and me." I said.

"No. He spouted some goddamn crap that was so full of shit that I refused to listen to it!" Dad said, his anger beginning to show.

"Dad," I said quietly. "It's true."

"No, it's not!" he answered. "Not what Taylor told me! Look, BJ, I've known about you and Cole for quite a while now. You two weren't always careful about closing your bedroom door. I knew there was something going on between the two of you since you were little boys. I didn't think anything of it. That kind of thing is normal for boys at the ages that you were. But as you got older, I saw the change in you. I knew you were in love with him. Anyone with eyes and half a brain could tell it. And he was in love with you. So what happened?" Dad asked.

I was stunned. I had no idea that Dad was aware of any of this!

"You knew?! Why didn't you ever say anything?" I asked.

"Because it was between you and Cole. It wasn't any of my business. That, and I got the feeling you didn't want to talk about it with me. Son, I don't care who you love. I just want you to be happy. But something happened here, and I want to know what it was." Dad insisted.

" knew that Cole was injured during practice. The doctors say that he can never play football again. Then the University took his scholarship away. But from the moment that Cole came out of the hospital everything changed. He was different - distant. I couldn't reach him. And then yesterday I came home to find this." I said, handing him the letter.

Dad read it and his face became redder and redder. He was furious by the time he finished it.

"Well, I can see who wrote this!" he said, slamming it down on the desk.

"Yes...Cole." I said.

"Cole my ass!" Dad shouted. "It was that goddamned Taylor! Oh, he may have had Cole actually put it on paper, but I'd know that bastard's style anywhere! I've seen enough of his letters over the years to know his style."

"Cole's Dad made him write it?" I asked, my mind in a daze.

"Yes! I'm sorry, BJ. You didn't deserve something like that. It's crap and you know it. You didn't force Cole into anything he didn't want. I've known you two far too long. Cole was always the leader of you two. If there was a 'predator' at all - it would have been Cole!" he said.

I didn't know what to think. Cole was gone. And now Dad was telling me it wasn't my fault after all. I suddenly couldn't take all the emotions welling up inside of me. For the first time in many years, I broke down crying in front of Dad. I was so embarrassed! I didn't know what he'd think of me! What I didn't expect, however, was what happened next. Before I knew it, strong arms were around me and Dad was holding me, letting me cry on his shoulder. It had been so long since I'd felt his strong arms around me and felt the comfort I'd known as a little boy.

I stopped crying after a while and pulled myself together. Dad continued to hold me and when he saw that I was more myself again, he gently kissed me on my forehead and let me go. I smiled at him.

"Thanks, Dad. It's been far too long since we've done that." I said.

"I agree, son. Now, why don't you tell me about Justin." he said.

My face got hot so I knew I was blushing a bright shade of red.

"There isn't all that much to tell. Well...actually, that's not quite true. There is something to tell." I said.

I told Dad about what had happened at the lake at Justin's house and some of what had happened between me and Justin. I told Dad about Justin driving all the way here overnight to be with me and how he had offered to send me to school somewhere else.

"He has that kind of money?" Dad asked.

"From what he's told me, he's independently wealthy because of a trust from his grandfather. He lives in New York and wants me to come live with him." I said.

"Do you love him, BJ?" Dad asked.

"No. But I could. Very easily. I knew that summer that I had very strong feelings for Justin. I buried them because I loved Cole. Now, I think it was a mistake." I said.

"Pardon my butting into this, but I could see, even with just the short time I saw you two together that Justin loves you very much, son." Dad said.

"I know that, Dad. I've always known it." I replied.

"I'm sorry to say this, BJ, but Cole is a coward. He doesn't have the courage to stand up for what he is or for the love he has for you, either. Justin doesn't strike me as being afraid of either of those." Dad said.

My Dad, it seemed, was a tremendous judge of character. I couldn't disagree with his assessment of either Cole or Justin.

"No. You're right, Dad. Justin isn't afraid to stand up for himself - or for me, either." I said.

"Why don't you give him a call and tell him it's safe to come back now. I want to meet him and I think we all have something to talk about, don't you?" Dad said.

I was shocked! How Dad knew about calling Justin I'll never know, but I did call him and he was back in a few minutes. He and Dad sat and got to know one another and we all three talked about what I was going to do.

"I hate to disappoint you, Dad, but I really don't want to be a lawyer." I said.

"So don't! I never wanted you to be one! BJ, I don't care what you want to be, just so long as you're happy doing it - and it's legal!" Dad laughed. "So what DO you want to be?"

"Well, to be honest, I want to be a journalist. I want to travel the world and write stories about people. That's what I want to be." I said.

"And Columbia University, one of the finest Journalism schools in the country, is right in Manhattan!" Justin crowed.

"Justin, BJ told me that you offered to put him through school. Now that's a very generous offer, but are you sure it isn't just a little bit too generous?" Dad asked.

"No, it isn't. You have to understand. My grandfather, my mother's father, was extremely wealthy. He didn't like my father, however. He thought that he married my mother for her money. Well, that may or may not have been true. My father has made a lot of money on his own, but nothing like the level of wealth of my grandfather. Anyway, to keep his son-in-law from getting his hands on his money, my grandfather left everything to me and my sister. I have enough money that I would have a great deal of trouble spending it in my lifetime - or my children's lifetime, either. If I would have had children." Justin explained.

"Are you're parents aware of the fact that you won't?" Dad asked.

"Do they know I'm gay? Yes, they know it. It's the 'Great Family Shame'! Never talked about, never alluded to. I, frankly, have very little to do with them because of it. I find nothing to be ashamed about, but all they care about is what other people think." Justin said.

"I'm very sorry for you, son." Dad said.

Both Justin and I looked at each other when Dad said this. I wasn't sure, nor was Justin, whether Dad's use of the word 'son' was just a figure of speech or something more - an acceptance of Justin.

"Please don't be. Despite everything, my sister and I are very close and I'm very happy living my own life. I just want someone to share it with." Justin said, looking straight at me.

"Are you sure, Justin? You know I'm still hurting from Cole. I don't know what I could possibly offer you!" I said, forgetting that my Dad was sitting right there listening to Justin and me.

"The only thing I want, the only thing I've ever wanted from you, BJ - you're love. And I know you can't give that right now, but I'm hoping that eventually you will. I know you're hurting. I know that Cole did a lot of damage. I'm willing to do anything I can to help and repair that damage and hurt. All I'm asking is that you give me the chance." And saying this, Justin reached out and took my hand.

I looked deep into his eyes and it was like time stood still. I knew that I wanted Justin. I knew that I felt things for him. But the feelings were so different than what I had felt for Cole. I didn't realize then that love is different with each person that you love. I just knew that I was hurt and lonely and I wanted to be with Justin.

"I do want to be with you, Justin. But can you accept that part of that is my not wanting to be here anymore? I don't want to play football, I don't want to live in the Jock Dorm. I can tell you all the things I don't want. But when I try to think about what I do want, the only thing I can see is you. Is that enough? Is that enough for you, Justin?" I said gazing deeply into his eyes.

"That's more than enough for me, BJ. In fact, it's more than I had even hoped for. However, I think we might be embarrassing your father." Justin said, pulling back and letting my hand go while he smiled at me.

"That's all right, Justin. I never thought that I'd be privy to this part of BJ's life. But I thank you both for trusting me enough to experience it. I did wonder if the relationship between two males could be anything beyond the physical drive that most men feel. Now I understand how deeply emotional it really is. I see nothing different, BJ, from the commitment your mother and I have to each other. Except for the fact that there is no legal binding in marriage." Dad said.

"And hopefully, that will eventually change." Justin said to Dad. "After all, marriage between those of the same sex already exists in Holland and Denmark. And the passage of 'domestic partnership' laws throughout the US has already begun to have an impact on large corporations and they way they treat their gay employees and especially their gay employee's partners."

"Yes, I'm aware of some of those changes. But I think that real change, real recognition of your relationships will take longer than you think. I could be wrong, but something like that doesn't change overnight." Dad said.

"I have to agree. I think it will take much longer than any of us is willing to wait. But what other choice do we have?" Justin said, his voice sounding resigned.

"But, in the mean time, the most important thing is not to give up hope and not to give up fighting for what you believe in." Dad answered.

"I've no intention of doing either." Justin said, raising his head as if to signal his defiance of society's unfair treatment.

"So now what?" Dad asked.

"That's my question." Justin said, looking at me again. "What now, BJ?"

"Classes haven't started yet and I haven't been back to practice since the day that Cole was injured. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing to stay here for. I need to write a letter of resignation and give up my scholarship, but that's just a formality. I could do that later." I said.

"But it's best to do before you leave, BJ. Don't leave anything undone behind you." Dad said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. You can see, there isn't a lot to pack-up. There are some people that I want to say good-bye to, but that's about it." I said, looking at Justin. "Do you think the Jag will hold it all?"

Justin just sat there stunned for a moment at my question. I think it finally hit him that I was saying 'yes' to him. That I was going to come live with him in New York.

"There's plenty of room! Don't worry about it!" he exclaimed, grinning a huge grin at me.

"Well, then I guess everything is settled. I'd best get on the road. I want to be home before dark. Your mother worries, otherwise." Dad said to me.

"Dad...what are you going to tell Mom?" I asked. I hadn't stopped to think about that.

"BJ, your mother and I already had that discussion - a long time ago. We've both been aware. Your mother loves you and feels the same way I do that she just wants you to be happy. Of course she was somewhat disappointed about not having grandchildren until I pointed out to her that she's too young to be called 'Grandma' anyway." Dad said, grinning at me.

"Mom knows, too?!" I exclaimed. I guess it doesn't do you any good to try and hide things from people who love you. They find out anyway!

"Yes, BJ. We're your parents. We've known you since you were born. There's very little that you can hide from us. But we love you, BJ. We both want you to know that. Don't ever feel that you have to wonder about that. And don't ever feel you can't come home." Dad said.

"I know that, Dad. I guess it's nice to know that you both do know all about me and still love me. There's a lot of guys that don't have that." I said, thinking of Cole and what he must be going through with his father.

Dad got up from the table and Justin and I rose, too. Justin reached out to shake hands with Dad but Dad instead pulled Justin into a hug.

"If you're going to be the one who 'marries' my boy, then you'd better get used to being treated like my son, too!" Dad said.

"I think I could get very used to that." Justin said, grinning at Dad.

I could see that this moved Justin greatly. Having always been the 'shame' of his family, I could understand why he would be moved by my Dad's acceptance of him into ours. I smiled at Justin and then Dad turned to me.

"You let your Mom and I know when you get to New York. You know how she worries." Dad said, but I knew it was Dad who worried just as much.

"I will, Dad. I promise." I said, and then hesitated. "Dad...I don't know how to..."

Dad cut me off.

"Save it, son. That's what father's are for." he said and took me into his arms, gave me a huge hug and again, kissed my forehead.

"Well, I've got to hit the road!" he said, walking out the door to my room, but he wasn't fooling me. I saw the glistening of tears in his eyes when he turned back to wave good-bye. Just like there were in mine.

Justin moved over behind me and put his arms around me. I leaned my head back onto his chest and he leaned down and kissed my neck gently.

"I promise I'll do everything in my power to make you happy, BJ." he murmured in my ear.

"You already have, Justin. I just hope I can do the same for you." I said, turning in his arms and looking up into his eyes.

"You did that when you said 'yes', BJ." Justin said.

And then his lips brushed mine gently and I reached my hands around his neck and pulled him forcefully against me in a passionate kiss. At the same time, my hand slipped down to his crotch and I could feel him already hard.

Pulling back from the kiss, I smiled at him and asked, "Now, where were we when Dad interrupted us?"

It took almost no time at all for us to get naked and back on the bed. Soon we were playing "sword swallower" and taking each other's hard cocks down our respective throats in an eager '69'. This time we weren't disturbed and I finally got to taste Justin's load. I was surprised. Most guy's I'd been with had cum that was bitter and salty. Justin's, on the other hand, was sweet and only slightly salty with almost no bitterness at all. I guessed it just went with his sweet nature.

We lay in bed for a while, just touching and holding each other - not saying much of anything. Then finally, we got up and went down the hall to the showers and cleaned up. Getting back to the room, I followed Dad's advice and quickly produced two letters of resignation - one to the University and one to the Athletic Department. I put them in envelopes and together, Justin and I walked down to the mail room for the dorm and mailed them.

We went back to the room and began to pack my stuff. I really didn't have that much so it didn't take us any time at all. By that point, it was late in the afternoon and I went to say good-bye to Vince and Micah. They were very surprised by the rapid turn of events in my life, to say the least.

"You're just going to quit school, give up a scholarship and move in with this guy! You gotta be kidding!" Vince almost screamed at me.

"Vince, calm down. It isn't that at all. I'm not quitting school. I'm transferring to another one. Columbia University in New York. And it's not like Justin and I don't know each other." I said.

"No? Who is he? Tell me that!" Vince challenged me.

"Do you remember what I told Micah about last summer when Cole and I cheated on each other?" I asked him.

"He's the one?" Vince said.

"Yes. And I knew at the time that I had very deep feelings for him. I almost left Cole then. But I stayed. I can't say that was the best decision I ever made! But I've been given a second chance with Justin and I'm not going to blow it." I said.

"Why Columbia?" Micah asked.

"Because what I really want to become is a journalist and Columbia has an excellent school of Journalism. And it's in Manhattan, where Justin and I will be living most of the time." I said.

"It take it from the looks of the Jag he drives, he loaded, right?" Vince asked.

"Yes, Justin has money. He is heir to his grandfather's fortune. But I hope you two know me well enough to know that Justin's money has nothing to do with what I feel for him!" I said.

"No, BJ! We know that!" Micah said, giving Vince a very dirty look for having brought the subject up to begin with.

"No, BJ. I don't think that. It's just, are you sure you know what you're doing?" Vince asked.

"Yes, Vince. I do. You guys probably don't know it, but my Dad was here this morning. He's met Justin and we all sat down and talked about it. He's in favor of it." I said.

"Wait a minute! Your Dad knows about you and Justin?!" Vince's tone told me that this was beyond his comprehension.

"Yes, Vince. Both my parents knew about Cole and me. I just found that out today. Dad told me that only thing that is important to him and Mom is that I'm happy. And with Justin, I really feel like I really have the chance to be." I told him.

"Fuckin' A! Your parents know and are ok with it! You are one lucky fucker, do you know that?" Vince said, envy evident in his voice.

"Yes, Vince. I'm just beginning to figure out how lucky I am. Dad told me he thinks that Cole didn't really write that letter. He thinks that Cole's father dictated it and made Cole write it. I hate to admit it, but I think Dad may be right about that and about something else." I said.

"What?" Micah asked.

"Dad said that basically Cole is a coward. He can't deal with who or what he is and can't stand up for himself and who he loves. I understand being scared, I certainly was. But I was more than willing to stand up to my parents for Cole. I just knew he'd never do the same for me. And this whole thing proves that I was right. Cole's going to have to accept who he is someday or it's going to destroy him." I told Micah.

"It's not that easy, BJ." Vince said.

"No, Vince, it's not that easy. Nothing worth anything ever is. But denying who you are is the most destructive thing a person can ever do to themselves. Look at the two of you! Everyone knows that you're lovers. You haven't hidden it away. You haven't flaunted it either, but you won't allow anyone to deny your right to love each other. Cole would never, could never do that. I see that now. I know that he is ashamed of what he is. I refuse to live like that." I declared.

"No, you're right. Nobody's ever going to tell me who I can love and who I can't. I'm really sorry about you and Cole but I hope you find what you're looking for in Justin. He seems like a really good guy." Vince said, giving me a hug.

"You're a very good judge of character, Vince." I smiled at him.

"Yes, good luck, BJ. We're really going to miss you!" Micah said.

"And I'm going to miss the two of you! I'll never forget what you've done for me. And I will keep in touch." I said.

"Well, then you'd better write to me!" Micah laughed. "Vince won't write anybody! Of course he will use e-mail, so let me give you our e-mail address."

Micah wrote their e-mail address down for me and then I hugged both of them again and left. When I got back to the room, Justin was waiting with the last of my suitcases.

"This is the last of it. Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes. As ready as I'll ever by, I guess." I said.

He could hear the hesitation in my voice. He walked over and put his arms around me then leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss.

"Everything is going to work out, BJ. I know you're going to be happy in New York." he said.

"No, Justin. I know I'm going to be happy with you. It doesn't matter where." I said and kissed him again.

He smiled at me and we left the room and headed for his car. Somehow he had managed to get everything into the Jaguar convertible, but only the front seats were empty. As we drove off campus, I looked back for the last time at a place where I had been incredibly happy but incredibly sad as well.
I was already late afternoon when we started out. I figured we wouldn't get to Justin's place until very late that night. Instead, as we drove through Connecticut in the early evening, Justin took an exit off the throughway and we found ourselves in a beautiful New England town. He drove up to what looked like an old Victorian mansion which turned out to be a beautiful bed and breakfast where Justin had made reservations for us.

The inn was owned by two older guys who I figured were gay. Justin later told me they were long-time lovers (over 30 years) and he had known them for quite a while, having spent weekends at the inn on numerous occasions - just to get out of the City for a while.

The suite they showed us to had a lovely sitting room, a beautiful bedroom with a fireplace and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi which was big enough for both of us. The bedroom had a large, canopied bed as well as what looked like real antique furnishings. Justin assured me that they were. I was somewhat uncomfortable at first with all this luxury and Justin must have noticed because he came over and put his arms around me.

"What's the matter, BJ?" he asked.

"Nothing." I said, trying to hide my discomfort.

"No, don't even start that. Don't hold back on your feelings. Something's wrong, now tell me what it is." Justin insisted.

"Ok. It's this place." I said.

"What? You don't like it?" Justin asked, surprise showing in his voice.

"Oh, no! It's beautiful! I've never been in a place like this in my life!" I said.

"Oh. That's what it is. Your feeling uncomfortable. Like you don't belong here or are going to break something. It that it?" Justin asked smiling at me.

"Well...yeah. I mean, the only time I was ever in a motel with Cole was in a Motel 6! We didn't have the money to stay places like this. And even my parents tend to stay at Holiday Inns or Best Westerns when we travel!" I told him.

"Well, I'm sorry, BJ, but when I travel I like to go first class. You're just going to have to get used to going to interesting places and staying in beautiful surroundings. But trust me, nothing here is as beautiful as you are - or as valuable." Justin said, with a twinkle in his eye.

I looked up into his beautiful deep blue eyes and knew that he meant every word he said. I also realized how stupid I was being about all of this. Being with Justin was very different than what life I had known before, but it certainly wasn't something I couldn't get used to!

"I know, I'm being stupid." I said.
"No, you're just trying to get used to a very new situation in a very short amount of time. I know you're not used to places like this - but I wanted, for our first night together, to bring you someplace romantic. Someplace I love. Can you deal with that?" he asked.

"Yes, I can. The place is really beautiful. But, you know this isn't our first night together." I said, blushing.

"Yes. It is." Justin said. "No, it won't be the first night we've slept in the same bed, and it won't be the first time we've ever made love to each other. But it will be the first time that we've done it without you belonging to someone else." Justin said, looking away.

I reached up and pulled his face back to where he was looking right at me again.

"It will be the first time that I've belonged to you." I said quietly.

"I didn't want to say that. It has to be your decision, BJ. I won't try to force you into anything." he said.

I threw back my head and laughed!

"Oh, no! Just bring me to the most beautiful and romantic place I've ever seen with a huge canopy bed and a Jacuzzi for two - but you're not trying to force anything!" I grinned at him.

He had the decency to look chagrined at my words.

"Ok, perhaps I did lay it on a little thick. But I love you so much, BJ!" he protested

"I know, Justin. And I love you. But you don't have to try so hard. I'd love you with or without romantic interludes or all that money you've got! I don't need any of those things - I just need you." I said.

"BJ, you've had me. Since the moment I met you." he said leaning down to kiss me passionately.

The kiss lingered and deepened. I could feel the heat rising between us. No matter that we had both had a very strenuous and emotionally trying day, the desire for each other was too strong to deny. And being young, we saw no reason to deny those desires and still had the energy to avail ourselves of them.

Justin pulled on my t-shirt until he could get his hands inside of it and begin to stroke the skin of my back with his hands. His touch was firm but gentle and my skin prickled with goose bumps at the feel of him. My cock was so hard it was uncomfortable - and dripping cock-honey all over the inside of my underwear. I could feel Justin's hardness pressing against me and I decided that, regardless of the romantic surroundings, I wanted him NOW! I wanted him HARD! And I wanted him ROUGH! We could play 'touchy-feely' later!

I pulled out of his arms and quickly divested myself of my clothing. He evidently could see the fire in my eyes because he, too, quickly was as naked as I was. We joined again, but this time like gladiators in the arena, our bodies crashing together in passionate embrace.

"Take me now, Justin! Take me HARD! Make me yours!" I begged him and he answered with a deep growl that I had never heard from him before.

Justin had always made love to me gently and I supposed that this was the way he liked it best. Whether or not that was true, I was amazed by his reaction now to my plea. I knew that Justin was strong but I am not small or light! Justin reached down and picked me up in his arms and all but threw me on the canopied bed and then moved on top of me to take possession of my body. He grabbed my hands and pushed them above my head, locking them with is strength so that I was laid out beneath his strong, hard body and at his complete mercy.

He began by kissing me deeply but not just with tongue this time but teeth as well, gnawing on my tongue and biting at my lips and down to my chin. Then, moving down, he began to lick and nibble at my neck and to draw this skin into his mouth with such strength that I knew he was well marking his territory and that I would wear those passionate 'hickeys' for a while. But I didn't care! The mix of pain and pleasure was driving me to whole new heights of passion. There had been times with Cole when our passion had driven us to a very male roughness with each other - but never like this! Never this calculated mixture of pleasure/pain which sent heat rushing through my veins and caused me to moan uncontrollably in need and desire.

His mouth moved down to my chest where he began to work on my nipples in the same fashion. My small nipples were erect already from the passion I felt for Justin, but his teeth and the power of his mouth soon had them red and sore as the erotic charges went through my body. Moving from my nips, Justin next attacked my open, vulnerable underarms. I first heard him taking deep breaths and knew that he was imbuing himself with my scent. I had smelled it myself when he had raised my arms above my head and knew there was a feast of aroma there if that is what he sought. And it evidently was because after I heard the intake of his breath gathering all of my scent that he could, I next felt the sloppy wetness of his tongue as he sought to taste the salty, muskiness of my pits.

He left both of them sopping wet with his saliva when he finally again began to move down my body. He licked his way across my abs until his nose was buried in my pubes and I could hear him taking deep breaths of my scent there. He'd let go of my hands and they now reached down and played in his hair while he licked around my groin. He moved down between my legs and began sniffing a licking at my balls. He chewed some on my nut-sack, causing me to moan and cry out at the feelings he was creating in my body. But Justin had a mission and he was on target because the next thing I felt was his hand sliding under my thighs to lift my legs up and back.

I knew what he wanted so I grabbed my legs and pulled them back until my knees rested on my chest. We both wanted this. Justin wanted to fuck me and I wanted him inside me in the worst way. When my ass trench became visible to him, he immediately began inhaling my scent and running his nose up and down my crack. His tongue came out and he began to lick up and down it as well, passing over the opening of my body and then locking his lips around my hole and sucking the lips of my ass into his mouth. I could feel his tongue pushing it's way inside me and I moaned as I pushed out with my ass muscles, making my hole relax further and allowing his tongue to go deeper inside me. He fucked his tongue inside me as far as it would go and I continued to make my muscles relax to allow him greater access. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted him. I wanted Justin inside me. I wanted to belong to him.

"Fuck me, Justin. Please, fuck me now!" I begged.

He looked up from between my legs and saw the need in my eyes. He raised up and spit on his hand, lubing his cock with it before placing the head of his cock at my hole. He pressed forward and, with almost no resistance, his cock slid easily into me - not stopping until he buried it entirely in my chute. He closed his eyes and groaned at the feeling of my hot hole surrounding his cock and I reached up and grazed my nails across his chest which caused shivers of desire to tremble through his body. He opened his eyes and looked down at me.

"Yeah! Fuck, yeah! Fuck me, Justin! Pound my fuckin' ass! I need it! I need you!" I begged.

He grinned and began fucking me. At first, he seemed tentative, afraid that he would hurt me. As I urged him to fuck me harder he eventually let go and, before long, was pounding the living shit out of my ass - just as I wanted and needed.

"Yeah! That's it, Justin! Fuck my butt! Pound that fuckin' hole. Make me feel it!" I moaned.

He did exactly what I begged for. He pounded me into the bed until I feared that it would break beneath us. Of course, this kind of hard-driving fucking was not going to last long. I could soon tell that Justin was getting close to cumming because his rhythm became as ragged as his breathing. My cock and balls let me know that with Justin's ravaging of my hole and his pounding of my joy-button, I was ready to lose my load at any time. I let go and suddenly felt my cum rising from my balls and shooting out of my cock, covering both Justin and me with my wild orgasm. Justin lasted only seconds longer. I guess the clenching of my chute around his cock while I came was enough to set him off because he was soon crying out and unloading his balls deep in my ass.

Justin collapsed on top of me and I held his sweaty body in my arms. We both were trying to regain our breath after the exertion of our love-making. I gently licked at the sweat on Justin's shoulder and heard him moan at the touch of my tongue.

"I love you BJ." Justin murmured.

"I love you, Justin. Just keep loving me." I begged.

"I will. I promise." he swore to me.

It was one promise that a man made to me in my life that was kept.

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