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two minute warning

Chapter Six

by RimPigFL - - February 21 2005

That Friday night, the four of us - Vince, Micah, Cole and I - got together in Vince and Micah’s room. We ordered in pizza and, since he was 21, Vince brought in a couple of 12 packs of beer. It was a little awkward at first for Cole and me. We’d never done any socializing with other gay guys. But Vince and Micah were so self-assured, we soon were comfortably relating to them. After all, we all had a lot in common, including football.

We spent a lot of time, as jocks do, replaying some of our greatest triumphs and Cole, I think, was pleasantly surprised to find that Vince had been watching him during practices and had some really nice things to say to Cole about his abilities. He even offered to work with Cole on helping him to become a better quarterback. After all, Vince told Cole, he’d probably end up as the team quarterback eventually. I could see Cole really coming out of himself under the attention that Vince was paying him.

Vince was also paying a lot of attention to me. But I got the feeling that it had a different intent. Vince was large for a quarterback. He was about six-two and was around 200 pounds with black curly hair and deep brown eyes. He had a massive chest which tapered to a slim waist and hard abs. His arms were well muscled and it was obvious, from the small gym shorts he was wearing beneath a tight, grey t-shirt with the team logo on it, that he packed quite a load in his crotch. I noticed that often during the evening, his hand would drift down and he’d give it a squeeze. I know he caught me looking at him do it several times because he would just smile and wink at me. He also showed a lot of hair peaking over the neck of his t-shirt and was heavily furred on his arms and legs.

Micah, on the other hand, was definitely paying a lot of attention to Cole. And I could tell that Cole was flattered - and interested. It was interesting to see him operate in this situation. I could see his attention drift from Vince to Micah and then to me. A couple of times, when he could tell that I’ve been watching him interacting with Micah, he had this kind of guilty look on his face. I think he was still afraid I was going to turn into Godzilla at any moment over it. But I just smiled and would give him a wink. Then the look of shock would cross his face for a moment as he figured out I wasn’t upset at all. A sheepish grin would follow before his attention turned, once again, to our hosts.

We were sitting on the two beds in the room. I was on one with Vince and Micah was on the other with Cole. We had all had quite a few beers and I could tell that I was buzzed and so was Cole. I also noticed that whenever he would talk to me, Vince would reach out and touch me, usually putting his hand on my leg. After a while, he just left it there. I didn’t object. It felt good and I found myself again fantasizing what it would be like to have Vince fuck me. I also started to get a hardon, and thought for a moment about crossing my legs to hide it. Then I figured, what the hell, if somebody wanted to look, let ‘em! I certainly had nothing to be ashamed of and I didn’t need to hide the fact that I was gay around Vince and Micah.

As is normal, the topic of conversation eventually got around to sex. Vince and Micah clued Cole and I into who in the Jock Dorm was gay - or at least played around. I don’t know about Cole, but some of the names shocked me! Some of them were some pretty hunky studs! Then Vince started talking about some of the hot three-ways that he and Micah had recently. While he was relating this, Cole looked over at me and I could see the question in his eyes. Was I up for this?

I smiled back and again winked. Yeah, I was! My cock was about three quarters hard and Vince’s hand was now rubbing my thigh and getting me harder by the second.

“Yeah, it was really hot!” Vince finally said. “ You guys should have been there but Micah told me that you guys don’t play around.”

This was addressed to Cole but I could see he wasn’t about to answer it. He looked over at me as if to say, “Help!”.

“That isn’t exactly the truth, Vince.” I said, looking right into the dark brown eyes of the hunky quarterback. “We had a really bad experience last summer. We cheated on each other. We went behind each other’s backs and had sex one night. It pretty much almost tore us apart. We’ve been kind of getting over it ever since. But since that little talk I had with Micah the other day, things have changed. Cole and I talked out a lot of things that we should have talked about a long time ago.”

“So does that mean you guys have changed your minds?” Vince asked, his large, strong hand gripping my thigh.

“We decided that it might be really hot to do something with somebody else if we were both involved and we were both into it.” I said, and I think the nervousness in my voice showed.

“What about with two ‘somebodies’?” Micah asked, smiling at me.

“Well, yeah. That was discussed. And two names did come up.” I grinned.

“Whose?” Vince asked, his voice low and husky.

I leaned over and in front of Cole and Micah, kissed Vince’s lips gently.

“You and Micah, of course.” I said, smiling into his deep brown eyes.

With that, he put his arms around me and pulled me to him, his mouth coming down hard on mine. His tongue demanded entrance to my mouth and, as his tongue invaded, I sucked on it, tasting him for the first time. I could feel his hands beginning to explore my body, running up and down my back and clutching at my ass. I pushed him away and stood in front of him, my back to the other bed where I noted that Cole and Micah were wrapped in each other’s arms. There was time to explore that later, but right now, I wanted to be naked in front of Vince.

I pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans as Vince reached up and began unbuttoning them. He soon had them pushed down to my knees, exposing my jock-covered hardness. He pressed his nose into the mesh pouch and breathed deeply of the scent there. I rarely if ever washed it, so I knew what he was smelling there - my sweat, droplets of dried piss and probably some pre-cum. He growled deep in his throat to show his appreciation of my scent and his tongue reached out and began to lick the worn, soiled jock. I moaned at the feel of his tongue and it’s wetness against my cock, still trapped in the supporter.

I kicked off my shoes and slipped out of my jeans. He pulled back to allow me to slip the jock off as well. But he took it from my hand as I stripped. Now I stood before him naked. For a moment, he leaned back on the bed and simply drank in my naked body with his eyes as he brought the pouch of my warm jock to his nose and inhaled deeply. I could see that the smell and the sight of me pleased and aroused him as his cock jumped in the confines of his gym shorts. Then he leaned forward and reached up, grabbing my nipples and began pulling on them. I moaned at his touch and the sharp pleasure/pain he was causing.

I could hear behind me moans which I recognized as Coles. Turning my head, I could see him with his head thrown back as Micah nursed on my lover’s nipples. I knew how sensitive they were and knew that Micah had made the right move for turning Cole on even more than the hard cock I could see trapped in his jeans told me he already was. Turning back to Vince, I watched him as he let go of my nipples and pulled the t-shirt from his own body, giving my first unimpeded glimpse of his muscular chest. Swirls of dark hair covered it and the only way I could tell the location of his nipples was by two small gold rings piercing them. He went to toss the t-shirt on the bed, but I instead grabbed it out of his hands and put it to my nose, smelling his strong scent where the shirt had caressed his armpits. He grinned at my obvious desire for his scent.

Still sniffing his shirt, I watched as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his gym shorts and pulled them down and off. He had been barefoot so now he lay before me naked. My eyes moved down from his hairy chest, down the trail of hair that spread less densely over his rock hard, six-pack abs and down to the uncut cock that rose from the mass of dark hair in his crotch. The sight of it amazed me! I remembered how large Justin had been but Vince was enormous - even in light of Justin! I felt very conflicting feelings. On one hand, the largeness of Vince’s maleness scared me but, on the other hand, my butt was suddenly itching to feel it invading the depths of my body.

“I think it’s time we set the playing field.” he called out, and I heard Micah answer from behind me.

“Yeah, let’s get this show on the road!” he said.

I turned and both Micah and Cole were naked. Cole stood and put his arms around me and kissed me deeply.

“Are you really ok with this, BJ?” he asked, breaking the kiss and looking deep into my eyes.

I pushed my hard cock against him.

“Does that answer the question?” I grinned and pressed my mouth to his.

“Hey! Guys! Get a room!” Vince laughed.

I broke the kiss with Cole and looked around. He and Micah had hold of the beds and were trying to slide them together to create a larger area for sex. Cole and I stood in the way of the beds coming together so we broke apart and moved out of the way.

Once the beds were moved together, we stood there, looking at each other. All naked, all hard. But there was some hesitancy with Cole and I. We’d never been in this situation before and didn’t quite know what to do. Cole and I nervously looked at each other, wondering what exactly to do now. I think Vince picked up on it first. He sat down on the play area of the two beds, reached up and pulled me down on it with him. Then he reached out his hand to Cole. Cole got on the bed and the next thing I saw was Cole kneeling in front of Vince and Vince taking Cole’s cock all the way into his mouth and down his throat.

I leaned down and started to lick at Vince’s large cock. I wasn’t sure how much of it I could get in my mouth but I was game to take as much as I could. As I leaned down, the scent of aroused male drifted up to my nose from Vince’s crotch. It was a scent that transported me to levels of desire that overwhelmed me. Before I knew it, the head of Vince’s cock was pushing at the opening to my throat. I began to swallow and the next thing I knew, my nose was buried in Vince’s sweaty dark pubic hair and I was allowing my throat muscles to massage his rod.

Vince was moaning around Coles cock when I felt a warm wetness engulf mine. Micah had moved over and buried my cock in his throat. Micah was evidently quite experienced at deep throating and I felt like I was on the edge of cumming just from the intense feelings that his throat was giving me. Micah was moaning around my cock and when I glanced over, I could see why. Cole had leaned down, his cock still buried in Vince’s mouth, and was shoving two fingers into Micah’s bubble-butt and reaming him good.

We were all moaning and groaning over what we were doing to each other but none of us evidently wanted to lose our loads too quickly. Finally Vince pulled off Cole’s cock and looking down at me as I deep throated his, asked if I wanted to get fucked by that cock I was sucking.

“God! Yes!” I cried, pulling Vince’s cock out of my mouth.

“Then get over hear and let me get it ready!” Vince said, with a growl. “Sit on my face and let me get it open and wet!”

I pulled my cock out of Micah’s mouth and quickly squatted over Vince, putting my ass over his face. I could hear him taking deep breaths of the aroma of my butt and then I felt his tongue begin to lave up and down my butt-crack. I moaned at the touch of his talented tongue and moved my ass back and forth, trying to get more contact with his wet mouth. I could feel him working over my pucker and finally felt his lips lock around it and begin a gentle sucking while his tongue worked its way up my hole.

As I road Vince’s tongue, Micah was sucking on Cole’s hard cock and I leaned over and Cole and I kissed passionately. I pulled back from the kiss and looked into Cole’s eyes.

“Fuck Micah while Vince fucks me! I want to watch you fuck!” I moaned.

Cole gave me a horny smirk.

“Fuck, yeah! And I wanna watch you get fucked. I wanna see Vince pounding your fucking hole!” he moaned while Micah swallowed his cock.

“So what are we waiting for? Hey, Vince! Come on, fuck my hole!” I said.

Vince didn’t need to be asked twice. He pushed my butt off his face.

“How do you want it, Stud?” he asked.

“How about on my back and Micah over me?” I said.

“Oh! My favorite position!” Micah squealed. “69 while I’m getting my ass done!”

We moved into position - Micah over me, our mouths filled with each other’s cocks and Vince and Cole lining up to plow our asses. I had a ring-side seat just above me to watch as Cole slid his cock up Micah’s butt. At the same time, Micah had a perfect view of his lover fucking my ass. Vince and Cole put their hard bones to our asses and began to slide inside at the same time. It was almost like being able to watch my own ass being fucked, so close was their timing. But Cole never felt like this. Vince was HUGE! But he was also very experienced. He took his time, slowly sliding his monster trouser snake up my chute. The feel of the stretching of my bowels was exciting and made my cock tremble in Micah’s mouth.

Cole was definitely getting into fucking Micah. I could see him pounding away at Micah’s hole and figured it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load up Micah’s butt. And I could tell from the way Micah’s cock was leaking cock-snot into my mouth that it wouldn’t take long for him to blow either. That was ok with me, because the pounding I was getting from Vince’s big dong and the expert way that Micah was swallowing my cock was getting me there very rapidly. I could feel Vince now really pounding away at my hole. I’d never felt so filled in my life. Vince was certainly fucking virgin territory up in there and it was going to send me over the edge any minute.

The next thing I heard were Cole’s groans and I could tell from the contractions of his abs that he was shooting his load up Micah. This triggered Micah’s orgasm and he shot at least a pint of cum into my sucking mouth. It was all I could do to keep up with his load. Vince was still shoving that telephone pole he called a cock up my shit chute and, before I could even get all of Micah’s cum into my stomach, I was groaning like a slut and bathing Micah’s tonsils with my spoonge. The contractions in my ass set Vince off and I could feel his cock get even bigger and then begin to jerk inside my ass as he let go of his load. He must have shot at least ten times - his orgasm seemed to go on forever! I could feel his load slipping out of my hole and then down my balls until it dripped onto my leg.

We slowly untangled and collapsed on the beds. We lay there enjoying the after-glow of great sex. I was licking and nursing at Vince’s cock, getting the last of the cum from his piss-hole and cleaning his cock of his cum and my ass juices. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Micah doing the same thing to Cole.

The next few hours were spent trying different combinations. I know I was fucked by Vince, Micah and Cole and fucked all three of them before the night was over. When Cole and I finally stumbled back to our room we were so exhausted that we just fell into bed, wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms and slept until noon the next day.

For the rest of that school year, we experimented sexually with a lot of guys. We had a number of return bouts with Vince and Micah who became very close friends, but we also had 3-ways with some of the other guys on the team, some of whom I would never have guessed would play around.

But always, Cole and I were there for each other. I still loved him with all my heart. No matter who we fucked around with, it was never what I felt with Cole. Making love to him or him making love to me was still special every time. I floated through the days, knowing I was loved, knowing that I would sleep that night in Cole’s arms.

As the summer grew close, we wondered what we were going to do. While we could go home, we really didn’t want to. We were very happy living on campus in the ‘Jock Dorm’ with all our friends and, besides, if we stayed and did the summer term, we would be able to graduate that much faster. Our parent’s, while somewhat disappointed at our not coming home, decided that we were making the right decision - at least academically. We did remind them that we’d have to be back early for the start of football training camp anyway. We promised to come home for a weekend during the summer so that they could at least see us.

Now that we were sophomores, the late summer training camp for football was critical. With Vince no longer a part of the team, Coach was looking for a new quarterback. Cole had been one of Vince’s back-ups but that was no guarantee that he would take Vince’s place. And it was a critical to me to find a place as a receiver.

From the first day of practice, it was clear that Coach was definitely thinking of Cole for the quarterback spot. And Cole knew it. I’d never seen him work harder in all our years of play. I knew that this was something that Cole wanted and wanted bad! I did everything I could to help him and things were going really well until one afternoon practice late in August.

It was a miserably hot, humid day. Everyone was tired and unfortunately, that’s when mistakes happen. Coach had been running plays with the offense against the defensive squad. This was supposed to be a drill concerning the quarterback and the receivers but somebody evidently didn’t tell the defensive line that they were only supposed to be putting up token resistance. I saw the center snap the ball to Cole and I took off running down field. When I turned back, however, I could see Cole on the ground and one of the massive defensive line-men on top of him. The lineman got up off Cole, but Cole didn’t move.

I figured he’d just gotten the wind knocked out of him as I started to trot back to the line of scrimmage. But then I saw the coaches and the medical people running out to the field and they didn’t look like this was something simple.

When I reached Cole, he was passed out on the ground and I noticed that one of his legs was bent at a very unnatural angle. The team doctor worked on him for a while and brought him around. As soon as he was conscious, however, Cole began to moan over the injury to his leg. He couldn’t walk and the next thing I heard was an ambulance pulling onto the field to transport Cole to the hospital. I looked at Coach and I’m sure my face told him all he needed to know. He told me to ride in the ambulance with Cole and he’d meet us at the University hospital.

The ride there was short, but through it, Cole kept hold of my hand like somehow that would help with the pain. At least I could tell his grip was strong.

“I’m scared, BJ!” Cole whispered to me.

“I know. But don’t be. They’ll fix you up good as new.” I told him, trying to be as positive as I could.

“I don’t know. I think this is pretty bad.” Cole said, shaking his head.

“Let’s just wait and see what the doctor’s have to say.” I said, but I was as worried as he was.

At the emergency room, they took Cole into a room and I sat in the corridor outside while the doctors examined him. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be in there with him, I wanted to be with the man I loved, but I knew I’d just be in the way. After a short time, Coach came along with several of the other players including Micah. He knew immediately what I was feeling and came over and sat down next to me.

“It’s going to be ok, BJ.” Micah said. “It’s not like it’s life threatening or anything.”

“I know that. But it hurts so much to see him in pain and I can’t do a fucking thing about it.” I said.

“I know, buddy. But they’ll take care of him.” he said.

“Yeah, but it’s like I can’t even tell anybody how I feel and I can’t be there with him because I can’t tell anybody that we’re lovers! And it wouldn’t mean anything if I did! We’re as fucking married as my sister is, but I can’t even be with him when he’s in pain!” I said, and I could feel the emotions welling up inside me and the tears starting to fill my eyes.

Micah could see how upset I was and he put his arm around me, trying to comfort me. I was grateful for him being there. At least I had someone who understood. We sat there for several hours while they worked on Cole. In the mean time, Micah made some phone calls and the next thing I see is Vince striding into the ER. Coach and all the guys from the team greeted him but he made a bee-line over to me and took me in his arms and hugged me.

“It’s gonna be ok, BJ. Cole will pull through this.” he whispered in my ear.

Vince’s strong arms around me were tremendous comfort.

“What if he can’t play? What if he can’t ever play again?” I asked, looking up into Vince’s eyes.

“We don’t know that, BJ. Let’s just take things one step at a time, ok?” Vince said, and I could see the concern in his eyes but whether for me, for Cole or for both of us, I didn’t know.

After a few hours, the doctors came out and talked to us. Cole’s knee was badly messed up and they were going to have to do surgery the next morning. The doctor asked who ‘BJ’ was, so I answered.

“That’s me, Doc.” I said.

“He’s asking for you. You can see him for a few minutes. We’re going to be moving him to a room soon.” the doctor informed me.

I headed into the ER. I found Cole a couple of cubicles down, his leg covered in towels and what looked like ice bags underneath. Cole smiled when he saw me and reached out his hand. I pulled the curtains closed to give us some privacy. I took his hand and leaned over and gave him a deep kiss.

“Are you ok? Are you in any pain?” I said and then whispered, “I love you.”

“Nah! They pumped so many shots into me, I can’t feel my leg at all and I’m fuckin’ stoned!” Cole said, giving me a big, dopey grin.

“Yeah. I can see that.” I said trying very hard not to smile back but not succeeding.

“Hey, BJ! How ‘bout a blow job?” he grinned.

“I don’t think this is the appropriate time or place and I doubt sincerely with all those meds in you that you could even get it up.” I said quietly.

“Wanna bet?!” he said, grabbing my hand an pushing it against his crotch.

The son of a bitch was HARD!!! How he managed with all the drugs I’ll never know. But hard or not, I was not about to give him a blow job in the ER!

“Look, Cole, they’re going to move you to a room soon. When you get there, I’ll get you off, ok?” I bargained with him.

“You promise?!” he said, sounding just like a little kid.

I had to grin at this. “Yes,” I said, “I promise!”

“Ok.” he grinned. Then his face became more serious. “They say I may never be able to play again. BJ, what am I going to do?!” he asked and then the tears started to flow from his eyes.

I reached over and held him in my arms.

“I don’t know, Cole. But we’ll get through it. Besides, they don’t know for sure! Don’t go getting yourself all worked up. Let’s wait and see what happens after the surgery tomorrow.” I said, nuzzling my face into his hair.

He rested his head against my chest as he slowly stopped crying.

“Don’t leave me, BJ. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” he said again sounding like a little boy - a very scared little boy this time.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay right here with you.” and I stood there holding him with him resting in my arms.

I didn’t know what to think either. I couldn’t imagine Cole without a ball in his hand. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like for him if he couldn’t ever play football again. It was so much a part of our lives and had been for most of our lives. It just couldn’t all be over now!

Soon an orderly came to take him to his room. I rode up with him and helped the orderly lift him over into the bed and get him comfortable. I was still wearing my sweaty t-shirt and gym shorts from the workout. I hadn’t been suited up today because Coach was having some of us doing wind-sprints and conditioning. As the orderly left and I leaned over Cole to straighten out his blankets, he buried his nose in my armpit as I stretched across him and took an obviously deep whiff of my aroma.

“Fuck!” he murmured. “You stink really good!”

“How can you even think about sex at a time like this!” I grinned at him.

“I can’t get near you without thinking about it!” he smiled back at me. “And besides, these drugs they’ve got me on have me so fucked up, I’m so horny I could shoot a load in half a second! How about a blow job for your poor injured lover? You promised!” he whined like a little boy.

I could see the horny smirk on his face and when I looked down, I could see the blankets tented with his hardon. Shit! He was horny! And worst of all, so was I! My cock started growing in my jock the minute I saw his hardon. Not that my reaction was any surprise. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get a hardon from seeing him with one!

“You want me to suck your cock. Here? Now?” I looked down at him.

“Fuck, yeah! Make me feel good, BJ! Come on, man! You’ve got a hardon, I can see it! You’re all funky and stink so good and I know I do. Please!” he begged.

Since we started having sex with each other as kids, I’ve never been able to say ‘no’ to Cole and this time was no exception. I leaned down and kissed him deeply as his strong arms came up around my neck. He was right. I could smell his strong aroma and it drove me crazy - as always! I broke the kiss and pushed his arm back above his head and buried my nose in his funky pit. The stink of him rose in my nose while I snorted like a pig. Then I began licking his pit, getting the dark hairs wet with my saliva and tasting all the sweaty musk that he had.

As I began to move my mouth down his body, tasting his sweat-salty skin, Cole pushed the blanket off so that his groin was exposed. His hardon pulsed and lifted itself from his rock-hard abs as my mouth moved closer and closer to it. As I moved closer, the raw scent of his maleness became stronger and stronger. It was a scent that I knew so well, knew for so long and loved so much! A scent that transported me to realms of sexual desire where no other male could take me.

I could see his cock was so hard that the hood was pulled back from most of the head and there was a drop of diamond clear cock-honey clinging to the opening of his piss-slit. I reached out my tongue and licked the droplet off and savored the taste of Cole’s sweetness in my mouth. I could hear him groan at the touch of my tongue and knew from the way he sounded and the way his cock throbbed that this would not be a long blow job. I figured that I had better get my mouth around him before he came on my face without any help from me at all.

I slowly buried his cock in my mouth and throat and could feel the incredible hardness of him. His cock was throbbing in my mouth and coughing out more and more of his sweet cock-honey as I slid my mouth up and down the shaft, taking care to wash his cock with my tongue. I could taste the sweat, the funk of his body and the head-cheese he’d built up during the day - that flavor that always had me hard at the taste of it! I could feel my own cock throbbing in my jock as I worked on Cole’s cock and then I felt his hand slip down and into my shorts. He began massaging my cock in my jock-pouch and I moaned around his cock. I knew it was all he could do at that point, but I also knew it was going to be enough to get me off.

We both started moaning at the same time and I felt his cock pulse and then belch forth his first load of manseed just as my own cock began to fill my jock-pouch with my own load. I eagerly swallowed every bit of cum that Cole shot into my mouth and down my throat. At the same time, I felt Cole’s hand reach inside my pouch and cover his own hand with my seed. I felt his hand leave my pouch and then I heard the slurping sounds behind me. Cole was licking my seed from his hands while I nursed on his hard cock, trying to coax more of his cum from his balls.

Finally, we were both spent. I raised up and looked down at him. He still had his hand to his mouth tasting me. I leaned down and he moved his hand so that our mouth’s could meet and we could share a taste of each other. We kissed long and deep until finally we needed to come up for more air.

“I love you.” I murmured to him.

“I love you, BJ. More than you can ever know.” Cole swore to me.

“We going to get through this, lover.” I told him.

“Yes. We’ve gotten through everything else. We have to get through this!” Cole asserted.

Then I pulled up a chair and sat down next to his bed. I stayed until visiting hours were over and then went back to our room to try and get some sleep so that I could make it back before Cole went to surgery in the morning. I walked into our room, pulled off my clothes and fell into bed. I didn’t even bother with a shower, I was too tired. I tried to remember the last time I’d slept without Cole in my arms or his around me. I couldn’t remember before I passed out.

I woke up before dawn the next morning, hurriedly showered and ran over to the Medical Center. Cole was already awake when I got to his room. He was first up for surgery that morning and they were going to ‘prep’ him in a few moments. A young male orderly came with a tray of water and soap to shave Cole’s leg. We both laughed at the idea of him having to have his legs shaved.

“You want me to go and get you a pair of pantyhose for after surgery?” I asked him.

“No, but you might want to pick up some Midol for yourself for pain because I’m going to beat the crap out of you when I get out of this bed!” Cole said, trying to look fierce.

The orderly returned with another larger pan of hot water, towels and some pads.

“You have to have a bath before surgery.” he told Cole. “These pads have soap in them. All you have to do is put them in the water and wash yourself with them. Think you can do that?” he asked.

“I can help him.” I said.

“Ok.” the orderly replied and left.

“You going to give me a bath?” Cole asked, giving me an odd look.

“How many times have I washed you in the shower? At least 100, I’ll bet!” I said, taking one of the pads and putting it in the water to get it wet and soapy.

“Yeah, but BJ, you know what fuckin’ happens every time you do!” he said.

“Yes. Fucking.” I stated, a grin on my face.

“Ok, just so long as you know!” he lay back on the bed, a smile on his face and put his arms above his head.

It was a long, slow bath. My hands covered the front of his body from his face down to his feet. I’d never done this for him before and I realized it was something we were going to have to do again. I loved being able to touch all of him this way.

Of course, half way through it, Cole had a hardon which begged for attention. But I left it until the very last. The hardest part was getting him turned over on his side so I could wash his back and butt without hurting his leg. But we took it slowly and carefully. Finally everything was done but his cock and balls.

I took the warm pad and began to wash his balls while my mouth washed his cock down to the very root of it. Again, Cole came quickly only this time I didn’t join him. I was too worried about the surgery to even have much of an erection. Cole noticed that I didn’t get off, but I told him he owed me one.

Finally, a nurse came and gave him a shot to relax him and Cole quickly succumbed to the drug induced haze that the surgeon’s wanted him in prior to surgery. They came with a gurney and wheeled him out of the room. I sat there for a few minutes, so scared for what was about to happen.

While this surgery wasn’t life-threatening or anything - it was life changing. What if it wasn’t a success? What if the doctors were right and Cole would never play football again. What would happen to the two of us?

All of these thoughts were going through my head when I suddenly felt a presence in the room. I looked up and there was Vince, standing there looking at me. I didn’t even realize that I had been crying until he walked over and brushed one of my tears from my cheek with his finger. Vince knelt down next to the chair and took me in his strong arms.

“It’s going to be ok, BJ. He’ll come out of this fine, you’ll see.” Vince said.

“But what if he doesn’t?! What if he can never play again?” I asked through my tears.

“Then he’ll just have to find something else to do with his life. But his life won’t be over. He’ll still have you.” Vince said.

“What if that’s not enough?” I cried.

“Then Cole is a fucking fool.” Vince said, and squeezed me tight in his arms.

Vince stayed with me until they brought Cole back from surgery many hours later. He was very groggy and slept off and on. Vince left and I stayed with Cole the rest of the night, catching cat-naps in the chair next to his bed. Nurses came and went all night, checking his vitals and changing his IV bags. None of them said anything about me being there except for one young male nurse who came in to check on Cole in the middle of the night.

“He’s ok.” he said to me, after checking Cole’s vitals. “No fever, regular heartbeat and blood pressure. That’s a very good sign. Plus he’s got a superb body. He’ll recover from the surgery very rapidly.”

“Thank you. That’s good to know.” I said.

“You two, you’re very close?” he asked, but I could tell his question went deeper than it sounded.

It caught me short. Under normal circumstances I would have said that Cole and I were ‘just friends’ or ‘roommates’ or other such euphemisms. But I didn’t feel like hiding anymore.

“Yes, we’re lovers.” I said.

“How long?” the young nurse asked.

“A very long time. Since we were kids.” I answered.

“You really love him a lot. I can tell.” he stated.

“Yes, I do. He’s everything to me.” I told him.

“I had a guy like that once. I really loved him and I know he loved me. He couldn’t deal with it though. Killed himself. Crashed his car into a bridge.” He said, his eyes clouding over.

“I’m sorry. How painful it must be for you.” I said.

“Yeah, it was a long time ago but the hurt doesn’t go away.” he answered.

“Maybe you’ll find someone else.” I said.

“Maybe...but it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, you’re not hear to listen to my problems. If you want I can have another bed rolled in here for you.” he said.

“No. I’m ok like this. I just need to be near him.” I said.

“I understand. You just rest easy. Nobody’s going to disturb you. I’ll make sure of that.” he said, giving me a smile.

“Thanks. I appreciate that.” I said.

After he left. I pulled the chair closer to Cole’s bed. I leaned my head against it and fell asleep.

The next morning I was there when the surgeon made his rounds. He checked Cole’s leg and then went to leave. I ran out into the hall and caught up with him.

“Doctor, I’m BJ. I’m Cole’s best friend. How is he? How did the surgery go.” I asked.

I’m sure the doctor saw the concern in my eyes. He gently smiled at me.

“Now normally, son, I can’t give that kind of information to someone who’s a patient’s ‘best friend’ but I get the feeling that it’s ok in this case. Your friend is doing as well as can be expected. The surgery was much more extensive than we thought going in. There was much more damage than we had originally assessed. I’m afraid he’s going to have a very long recovery ahead of him before he’ll even be able to walk again.” the doctor said to me.

“What about football?” I asked, afraid of his answer.

“Well...he’ll be able to watch football, but that’s about it. He’ll never be able to play again.” the doctor said, his voice full of sympathy.

I stood there stunned as the doctor walked off. There is was - the message I didn’t want to hear! Cole could never play football again! What was going to happen? How would Cole deal with this? How would I deal with it? And how would we deal with it together?

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