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two minute warning

Chapter Seventeen

By RimPigFL - - February 21 2005

We went down a flight of stairs and there was what looked like, for all intents and purposes, a bank vault. At least is was the same kind of door. I didn't have time to think, for suddenly there was an explosion above us and is seemed like the cabin was collapsing on top of us. A beam came down and I saw it hit Mark. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor as well. Cole grabbed me and pulled me up while Andy tried to get the beam off Mark. Cole helped him lift it and I slid Mark from under it. Mark was unconscious and I had now idea how badly wounded. Cole and Andy pulled him into the vault and closed the door, spinning the handle to lock us in.

This was not a safe, in the ordinary sense. What it appeared to be is some kind of bomb shelter. There were two sets of bunk beds inside as well as what appeared to be provisions and water. I looked around and quickly found a large first aid kit. Cole and Andy laid Mark on one of the bottom bunks and I proceeded to check him for wounds. He wasn't bleeding anywhere that I could see but that didn't mean there wasn't bleeding internally.

We could also hear sounds, muffled though they were, from outside. It sounded like a war zone! There were several explosions and I thought I heard a lot of both automatic and semi-automatic fire. I looked up at Andy, who was very clearly worried about his new found lover and, I supposed, the entire situation. Cole was looking around when he found in a cabinet against one of the walls what looked like a radio telephone. It took him a moment or two to figure out how to do it, but he turned it on. Suddenly a voice squawked out of the speaker.

"Red Dog Leader, this is Hound Dog One! Red Dog Leader, this is Hound Dog One!" the voice said.

"Do you know how to use this thing?" Cole said looking at Andy.

"Don't look at me, I've never seen one like that." he said.

"I think I do." I said to Cole. "I saw them in Mogadishu when I was with a Marine battalion there." I said.

I took the radio phone and keyed the talk button.

"Hound Dog, May Day! Hound Dog, Mayday!" I said into the radio.

"Who is this?!" The voice thundered back.

"Be careful!" Andy said. "You don't know who you're talking to!"

"Who's this?!" I demanded.

"How did you get on this channel?!" the voice asked.

"A radio phone in the vault." I said.

"Oh, Fuck!" the voice said. "This is Sergeant Will Carter. Is Lieutenant Cooper with you?"

"Yes, Sergeant he is, but he's unconscious. A beam of the cabin fell on him. I don't know how badly hurt he is." I told him.

"Look, it's gonna take time to get to you. The entire cabin's been destroyed and it's all collapsed on top of you. If it hadn't been for the vault, you'd all be dead by now. Which is what I'm sure these sons of bitches wanted." the Sergeant said.

"Did you capture them?" I asked.

"No, sir. We blew them the fuck outa the sky. They're all dead. Unfortunately, we got no one to interrogate to find out who they were." he said, disappointment showing in his voice.

"Were any of your men hurt, Sergeant? I'm sure Lt. Cooper is gonna want to know when he comes to." I said.

"Just a couple of minor wounds. Medic can take care of them. Look, were gonna try to dig you all out of the just as quick as we can but it may take flying a dozer in here to clear out the debris. You all just sit tight, okay?" he asked.

"I don't see how we have much in the way of choice, Sergeant." I said.

"Yeah, I can see that." and then the voice clicked off.

I turned off the radio phone to save the batteries. I had no idea how long we might get trapped down here. I looked over at Andy and he was sitting next to Mark on the bunk, gently stroking his head. I looked over at Cole and I guess he could see the fear in my eyes because he was immediately next to me and taking me in his arms. I sagged against him and he held me and stroked my head.

"It's okay, babe! We're safe. Mark is gonna be just fine! I promise!" he said.

"Are you hurt?" I asked.

"Nah! Just a little shaken up is all. How about you?" he asked.

"No, at least I don't feel anything." I said.

I pulled out of Cole's arms and walked over to Andy. He looked up at me and I could see the pain and desolation in his eyes.

"He's gonna be okay, Andy. It was just a conk on the head. He'll come around." I said, not knowing if what I was saying was the truth or not.

No matter, it's what Andy need to hear right then. And as if God, or the young Marine, heard me, Mark started moaning. Andy got down on his knees next to the bunk and the first thing Mark saw when he opened his eyes was the worried face of his lover peering at him. He reached up his hand slowly and stroked Andy's cheek which was wet with tears.

"I must be in heaven." Mark said softly.

"No, you're in the vault." Andy managed to smile at him. "How do you feel?"

"Like I've got a three day hangover." Mark groaned. "What the fuck happened?"

"Like the Wicked Witch of the East, the house fell on you." I said, moving to the foot of the bunk where Mark could see me.

"All I remember is hearing the choppers. were the one who heard them." Mark said, looking at me.

"Yeah, I told you I spent time with Marines overseas. I learned to recognize that sound." I said.

"Is Cole okay?" Mark asked, worry showing in his voice.

"Right here, Buddy!" Cole moved to where Mark could see him.

"Andy and Cole pulled the beam off you that fell on you. We dragged you in here and locked the door. Good thing we did, too. According to Hound Dog, the entire structures collapsed on us." I told him.

"You talked to Sergeant Cooper?! How?" Mark asked.

"There's a radio-telephone down here. We turned it on and he was calling somebody named Red Dog. Is that you?" I asked.
"Yeah, that's my call sign. What I don't understand is, what the fuck happened?" he asked.

"It would seem that someone knows that Cole and I are here and decided to make sure we never left." I said.

Andy looked at me.

"But almost nobody knew you were here!" he said.

"Well, I'm sorry but there's a leak somewhere. You've either got a traitor in your organization or there's one among the Marines. And the only one that there could be among the Marines is Mark here. He knows who I am." I said.

"Well, it's not me! Why would I be here if I knew there was going to be an attack on this place?" Mark said, and I could hear the anger in his voice.

"I'm not saying it's you, Mark. I don't think it is. But somebody gave the mob the information about where we are. Did you tell any of your men or any of your commanders that you recognized me?" I asked.

"No! Why would I. I wasn't supposed to even have that information! I just recognized you by accident." he said.

"What about some of your men. They've seen me. In fact, they've seen quite a bit of me!" I smiled in spite of the situation.

"No. None of my men have been out of the field since you got here. Even if they did recognize you, there would be no way for them to get the information out." Mark said.

"Then the only other possibility is within your agency, Andy." I said, looking at him.

"I suppose it's possible, but it would have to be pretty high up for them to know that you were being held here." Andy said.

"Well, somebody knew and somebody gave that information to the mob. And the mob paid a lot of money for this little 'hit'. They are going to be miserably unhappy when they find out it was a total failure." I said.

"I don't know how I'm going to contact anybody. The satellite phone is destroyed and I don't have my cell phone on me." Andy said.

"I think we're just going to have to wait to be rescued." I said.

"How long will that be?" Mark asked.

"According to your Sergeant Cooper, they may have to bring a bulldozer in here to get the cabin off the top of us. He said something about flying one in." I told him.

"That will take several hours. Gimme the radio phone. Lemme talk to him." Mark said, struggling to get up.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Andy asked, concern written on his face and in his voice.

"I'm fine, babe, really I am." Mark said, smiling at Andy.

And as if to prove it, he reached up and pulled Andy down into a deep kiss. After several moments, Andy rose back up.

"Yeah, you seem to be fine." he grinned at the young Marine.

Andy then moved around and helped Mark into a sitting position. Actually, he sat behind him and let Mark rest against him with his arms around Mark's abdomen.

"Mmm. Real comfy!" Mark said, resting his head back against Andy's shoulder.

I picked up the radio phone and brought it to Mark. He pulled out the handset and turned the phone on.

"Hound Dog, this is Red Dog Leader. Over! Hound Dog, this is Red Dog Leader, do you copy? Over!" he barked into the phone.

From the speaker came the voice of Sgt. Cooper.

"Red Dog Leader, this is Hound Dog! Over! Are you okay, sir?"

"Yeah, Sergeant. Just had the wind knocked out of my sails. What's happening?"

"Well, sir, we had three minor injuries. All have been treated by the medic and returned to active duty. I've gotten hold of HQ and they're flying in a dozer so we can move this house off of you." the sergeant reported.

"So HQ's been notified of what happened?" Mark asked.

"Yes, sir!"

"What about the choppers?" Mark asked.

"Well, sir. I'm sorry about those. All three were completely destroyed. We were not able to take any prisoners so we have no information about where they came from or how they got through our airspace." the sergeant reported.
"That's okay, Sergeant. At least you guys got 'em. Thanks." Mark said.

"HQ said the chopper with the dozer would be here in about an hour. We'll get you all out of there as soon as we can." the sergeant said.

"Thanks, Will. I'll leave the radio on so you can let us know. Red Dog Leader, out!"

"Will do, sir! Hound Dog, out!" and the radio was silent.

"It just doesn't make any sense!" Mark said.

"Yes it does." I replied. "In order to fly through this airspace, there have to be certain call signs, correct?"

"I'll tell you this truth, BJ. I'm just a grunt. I don't know nothin' about flying." Mark said.

"Don't look at me! I don't know anything about it either!" Andy said.

"Okay then let me inform you. Each aircraft has a transponder on it which 'squawks' or sends out a signal telling the ground who they are. The transponder also sends out call signs which can let the ground know that they have permission to over fly this airspace. Somehow, those choppers got those call signs and were somehow cleared. Otherwise, I'll bet some Marine F-16's would have been scrambled and they would have been blown out of the sky within two minutes of entering this airspace." I said.

"How the fuck do you know all that?" Mark asked, obviously amazed.

"Reporters get to know a lot of things." I grinned.

"So who would have gotten the information and given it to the choppers?" Mark asked.

"Again, it's looking more and more like your agency, Andy. Somebody there could have had the 'squawk boxes' on the choppers rigged to send out a specific call-sign and then notified the Marine base that choppers squawking that call-sign were from your agency and were to be given clearance to fly up here. As to why Mark's Marines weren't notified, I can't tell you." I said.

"I can." Mark answered. "We were under radio silence unless there was an emergency. Since these choppers were cleared at HQ, they didn't need to let us know. We would have figured any choppers flying in were supposed to be there. That's why they were able to get their rockets off before my men took them out." Mark said.

"Rockets?" Andy asked.

"Yeah. I'm figuring Sidewinder missiles. At least that's what the first blast sounded like. I remember that." Mark said. "And it would take missiles to blow up the whole cabin."
"Well, somebody was really eager to get rid of us." Cole said.

"There's one thing I'm pretty sure of. It couldn't be any of us. I don't think Mark would have done anything to put Andy in danger and I'm sure Andy wouldn't do anything to put Mark in danger." I said.

"Or you or Cole, either." Andy said.

"But, unfortunately, what that means is that we can't trust anybody but each other. I think we can trust your Marines, Mark, but I don't know about anybody from your agency, Andy." I said.

"I agree." Andy said reluctantly.

"In that case, I think I have a plan." Mark said.

And for the next couple of hours we discussed and refined it. In the mean time, we could hear a bulldozer out side and could feel the rumble through the floor of the vault as the Marines dug down to us. Finally, there was a clanging at the door of the vault. Andy and Cole went over to unlock the door, needing both their weight to turn the huge round handle of the locking mechanism. When they finally got the bolts drawn back and pushed on the door, it opened on silent hinges. There stood a Marine Sergeant, around 25 and about 6'4" tall with red hair, freckles and bright green eyes. He snapped to attention and saluted Mark who was still laying on the bed.

"At ease, Sergeant." Mark said. "Come in and close the door. We need to talk to you."

This was obviously 'Hound Dog' or Sergeant Will Cooper. He went over to the bunk where Mark was sitting up now without Andy behind him.

"Are you okay, sir?" the sergeant asked him.

"Yeah, Will. I'm fine. Just a conk on the head. You know I'm too hard headed for there to be any damage from that!" Mark grinned.

"Yes, sir! You do have one hard head." Will grinned back.

"We've got a problem, Will. That attack means that somebody leaked the information on where our 'guests' are. Now, I know it couldn't have been you or any of the men so my guess is that somebody in Agent Ballentine's agency was the source of the leak." Mark told his sergeant.

"Yes, sir. That would make sense." Will said.

"Therefore, we can't release these men back to people from Andy's agency until we make sure that the rat in their organization has been found. So this is what we're gonna do." and Mark told the sergeant our plan.

When we got out of the vault, there was a corporal with a cell phone who had a call from Washington for Andy. Andy reported that we were fine. He listened to the caller and then disconnected and placed another call. This time, he asked for the head of the New York office who was an old friend. Andy told him what had happened and that there was a good chance that someone in the Agency had gotten hold of the information of where we were and set us up with the mob for the attempted hit. He didn't tell his friend what we planned, however.

About and hour later, a large, black SUV drove up with two more agents from Andy's agency. They were here to take us to the plane to fly us out to another destination. Before they could say anything, however, they were surrounded by Marines with their rifles pointing at them. They were led off by Mark's men while Andy started tearing up the back cargo area of the SUV. After a few moments, he pulled out a small, electronic device and gave it to Mark who gave it to one of his men who left with it.

"What was that?" I asked Andy.

"GPS locator. Kind of like 'Lo-Jack' but world wide. With it, my agency knows where this vehicle is at all times." he said.

"Are you sure that's the only one?" I asked.

"Yeah. They're too cheap to put two of them in a vehicle. They cost a couple thousand a piece. These aren't like the ones you can buy for your car." Andy told me.

"So now?" I asked.

"So now we drive out of here and find someplace to hide you that nobody knows about." Andy said.

"And I'm going with you." Mark announced.

"No you aren't! They'll fuckin' bust you to private and throw you out of the Corps." Andy said.

"You think I give a flying fuck? I've found you now and I ain't lettin' you go! Especially not into something dangerous without me!" Mark insisted.

They stood there staring at each other - Alpha Male to Alpha Male. I figured somebody had better step in and I figured it would have to be me.

"Guys, could I say something here?" I said and they both looked at me. "Mark's orders, I believe, are to guard us and see that absolutely nothing happens to us until he is relieved from that duty by duly authorized authority, am I correct, Mark?"

"You could have written the orders!" Mark said in amazement. "You really did spend time with the Corps!"
I smiled at him.

"Therefore, since such duly authorized authority has not arrived, his orders remain the same. I don't think he could be court-martialed for following his orders." I said.

Andy stared at me.

"Andy, we need him. First of all, he's much better at weapons than either Cole or I are. Secondly, he has a great deal of knowledge about how to protect us. Third, he's awfully nice looking to have around." I grinned.

Andy finally grinned back.

"Okay. I see your point. All three of them." he said blushing.

"I won't ask you which one you agreed with the most." I smiled. "Lieutenant, do you think you could find us some clothes?" I asked.

"Yes, I think I can. Sergeant!" Mark called out to Sergeant Cooper.

The sergeant came over and he and Mark consulted while Cole pulled me aside.

"How did you know all that about the lieutenant's orders and stuff? I'm a lawyer and wouldn't have figured all that stuff out!" Cole said.

"Well, you've already admitted you weren't a very good lawyer. I knew that Andy wanted Mark along but he didn't want to put his new lover in legal jeopardy. I have spent my time with the military and have a pretty good working knowledge of both the UCMJ and the way they operate." I said.

"The UCMJ?" Cole asked.

"The Unified Code of Military Justice. You really did almost flunk law school, didn't you!?" I laughed.

"I had to take the bar three times to pass it." Cole said sheepishly.

"Babe, I love you. I could care less if you were a good lawyer or not. Actually, I'm rather glad you aren't. With the exception of my Dad, I don't really like lawyers." I said grinning at him. "I like jocks a lot better!"

"Well, I'm not really one of those anymore." Cole said.

"You will always be a jock to me. And just wait until you open that gym!" I said.

"I'm wondering if we're gonna live long enough to open it." Cole said.

"We're gonna make it. Trust me." I said.

"I always trust you, BJ." Cole said and leaned over and kissed me.

I thought for a second about the Marines surrounding us, but then I remembered some of them probably watched Cole fuck me last night on the deck! I guess a kiss, even a deep one, wasn't going to shock them.

About that time, Sergeant Cooper came up carrying fatigues and boots for all of us. He handed sets of the fatigues to Cole and me.

"Consider yourselves now members of the USMC." He grinned.

"I thought they didn't allow our kind in the USMC." I grinned back.

"Whoever told you that knows nothing about the Marine Corps. We don't care who you fuck as long as you can fight." Sgt. Cooper said. "And as cool as you two have been through this little episode, I'd be proud to serve with you anytime."

"Thank you, Sergeant." I said.

Cole and I put on the fatigues and combat boots. We looked at each other and smiled.

"Hey, you look really good in a uniform, babe!" Cole said.

"So do you! We gotta get a set of these for ourselves. We can play 'war games' when we get home!" I said.

"Mmm. Like two guys in a foxhole?" Cole asked with a leering grin at me.

"Now that sounds like it has some interesting possibilities!" I grinned back.

Just then we heard Marks voice.

"You guys ready?" he yelled.

I looked at Cole and winked.

"SIR, YES, SIR!" I screamed in a creditable imitation of a Marine recruit.

Mark just about fell over laughing.

"You are SERIOUSLY mental, you know that, BJ?" he said when he calmed down.
"Just don't tell Cole!" I laughed.

"I think he already knows." Cole poked his head over my shoulder.

"Come on, guys! Let's get outa here." Mark said.

Cole and I climbed in the back seat and Mark got in front with Andy who was driving. As we took off, Mark turned around and handed us each a military issue .45.

"You need to have these. Do either of you know how to use them?" he asked.

"I've shot before." Cole said.

"I was qualified on the range at Quantico." I said.

"Fuck! I should have figured!" Mark grinned. "Good, you show your lover how to handle the weapon."

I spent the next half hour showing Cole how to load and unload the magazine of the .45 and how to put the safety on and take it off. I also told him to leave it on for now.

"Do you all have any idea where you're going to take us?" I finally asked Andy and Mark.

"For now, we're heading for Denver." Mark said.

"Yeah, I've got an aunt who lives there. She has a ranch outside of Denver so we figured it might be a good place to hide." Andy said.

"But won't your personnel jacket have her listed as a relative? And if she's the closest to Montana, they're gonna figure you might take us there." I said to Andy.

" see, she's not really my aunt. She's an old friend of my family. She moved out there many years ago. I haven't seen her since I was about 12." Andy said.

"Okay, but are you sure she'll want to help us?" I asked.

"Yes. I think she will. She's quite a tough bird. In fact, she's a bull dyke." Andy said.

"You're parents were friends with a bull dyke!" Cole asked.

"Well...they never figured that out. I did eventually." Andy said.

"Ahh, can I ask what we're going to do for money? Everything we had: ID, credit cards, cash, were lost in the cabin." I pointed out.

"I got Sergeant Cooper to round up some cash for us. We've got around $400. That should take care of gas, food and lodging long enough to get us to Denver. I'll figure out something else when we get there." Mark said.

"Just get me to a phone and we won't have to worry. If you can get me to a computer, that would be very helpful as well. I have some 'troops' of my own I can call in." I said.

"The BIA?" Cole asked smiling.

"Yep! The BIA!" I smiled back.

"The Bureau of Indian Affairs?" Andy asked puzzled.

"No, BJ's Intelligence Agency! Two of the best researchers and computer scammers in the business. It was through them that I got all the information that I gave you on Schuster and Callum's connection to the mob." I said.

"How can they help?" Mark asked.

"Well, in several ways. They can get us cash quickly and I think that one of them might well be able to track down where those orders for the choppers came from and from who." I said.

"They'd have to be pretty good for that." Andy said.

"Andy, how long did your agency investigate Schuster and Callum without coming up with the mob connection?" I asked.

"We investigated them for more than a year." Andy said.

"I got all that information on them in about 24 hours. I think my team is up to the assignment." I said proudly.

"Fuck! I guess they are! Sure you won't let me know who they are? They could really help us in our investigations!" Andy said.

"Trust me, your agency couldn't afford them!" I grinned.

"Ahh...guys...I hate to mention this but..."Cole started.

"You're starving!!" Andy and I said together.

Cole grinned sheepishly.

"Well, there's a town about an hour away. There's a McDonald's there. We'll have to do drive-thru. I don't want to risk any of us being seen in public around here." Mark said.
"That's fine with me!" Cole said.

"My lover is not what you'd call a gourmet." I smiled at Mark. "As long as it isn't moving, Cole will eat it."

"Sounds like most Marines I know, including me!" Mark laughed.

We pulled into the small town and got drive-thru at the McDonald's. Mark informed us that since it was over 700 miles to Denver, we would stop for the night. For security purposes, we would all take one room. We all shared the driving so that no one would be unduly exhausted. I was driving and Mark was sitting next to me as it started to grow dark.

"We should start looking for a place, preferably where we can also get drive-thru again." Cole said.

"Okay, next decent town we enter, we'll stop." I said.

"I can't believe how well you're holding up through all this." Mark said to me.

"Listen, if you knew some of the places I've been, you'd know this is a picnic in comparison." I said.

"I heard you talk about Mogadishu. Where else?" Mark asked.

"I covered the Balkan war. I was in Kosova and all over Serbia and Montenegro. I was also in South Africa and Botswana." I said.

"You seem to like dangerous areas!" Mark said.

"I go where the stories are. Most of them are not in nice neighborhoods." I said.

"Doesn't Cole worry about you?" he asked.

"He didn't have to. We were not together during those times. My former lover Justin must have worried but he never said anything. He knew that I was doing what I wanted to do and he always gave me the freedom to be who I was." I said.

"So why did you guys break up?" Mark asked.

"We didn't. Justin died. Cancer of the pancreas. That was a little over two years ago." I said.

"I'm sorry, BJ. I didn't mean to bring up any unpleasant memories." Mark said, his face showing his concern.

"It's okay, Mark. The memories I carry of Justin now are all good ones." I smiled.
"Then you and Cole got back together a couple of years ago?" he asked.

"No. We've only been back together for a few days, actually." I said.

"You're kidding me! I could have sworn you guys had been together for years!" he said.

"We've known each other since we were four. Cole is the only lover I've ever had other than Justin. I'm the only lover he's ever had, unless you want to count the 'political marriage' that he made with his boss's daughter which was a total disaster." I told him. "Cole and I broke up when we were 19. It was his father's doing. He basically black-mailed Cole into leaving me."

"So how did you guys get back together." he said.

"Cole called me. Told me he wanted to see me. As much as he had hurt me, I still loved him. I always will. So I went and met him. It took about two minutes of sitting there with him for me to know that I still was in love with him and I wanted him back. He took a little longer to convince because he thought that, after what he'd done, he would never be 'good enough' for me. I've been working on getting him over that. Cole is the only man that I want to spend the rest of my life with." I told Mark.

Cole, who evidently was listening to part of this conversation, leaned over the front seats and kissed me and then held out his hand.

"This time we've got rings to remind us who we belong to." Cole said to Mark.

"Hey, that's not a bad idea at all! I like the idea of exchanging rings." Mark said, looking back at Andy.

Andy was silent but when I looked in the rear view mirror, I could see him smiling at Mark. I started to get an idea which could solve the problems they were having with each other's profession, if they were willing. But it was not the time for it now.

After about an hour, we came to a small town. It was almost full dark now. I found a Burger King and we grabbed food then I found a small 'tourist court', a small group of cottages. Mark went in and got us one of them which was in the back. We pulled the SUV behind the cottage so that it couldn't be seen from the street.

The cottage was small with two double beds in it. It obviously was not new but it was clean. We all sat down on the beds and ate. Then we took turns taking showers. Cole and I showered together and decided not to play in the shower like we usually did because we were sure that there was not the store of hot water that we had at home in the penthouse. Andy and Mark waited for a while to let the water in the water heater build back up and they showered together. Cole and I noticed that they took a lot longer than we had and we smiled at each other, knowing what was probably going on in the shower. It was about that time that we heard two groans and started laughing. We got naked and got into bed together. It was a smaller bed than we were used to, but since we slept curled up with each other, there was plenty of room.

When Andy and Mark came out of the shower, Cole looked over and asked. "You guys have a nice shower?"

Andy immediately blushed and gave us an embarrassed grin. Mark, on the other hand, grinned broadly and informed Cole it was about the best shower he'd ever taken! Then he and Andy crawled into the other bed and turned out the light. Cole then spooned behind me and I could feel his hard cock nudging me in the butt.

"You know, love, you are very predictable." I whispered.

"I can't help it, I get close to you and it happens." he whispered back.

"So what do we do about it?" I asked.

"Wait for it to go away?" he asked.

"Too late." I said.

Cole slid his hand down to my now rock-hard cock.

"Yeah. I can see that." he chuckled quietly.

"Okay, you know what to do. Just take it slowly." I said.

Cole grabbed his cock and began milking it for pre-cum to lube my hole. Luckily, his flow is heavy so he soon had my butt wet with his sticky essence. The he put the head of his cock to my hole and began to slow put pressure on the opening to my body. I pushed down with my muscles and his cock began to slowly slide into me. I pushed back and between us, his cock was buried completely in me. His arms went around me, holding me close to him.

"You have the most incredible ass in the world, do you know that?" Cole whispered in my ear.

"And you, lover, have the most perfectly sized cock to fit in it." I murmured.

Cole slowly began to fuck me while licking and kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. His hand slipped down and began stroking my cock with the same rhythm that he was fucking me with. I lay there with my eyes closed, experiencing all the feelings at once and being almost overwhelmed with them. Cole continued to fuck me slowly but hard. His cock was brushing my prostate with every movement and I tried hard not to moan. I didn't want to wake Andy or Mark. But soon I was past the point of no return. I heard Cole groan quietly and then felt his cock tremble inside me as he unloaded his cum into my ass. My orgasm shot out and must have also covered Cole's hand because he let go of my cock and brought his hand to his mouth to lick off my load. Cole left his cock in my ass and we both drifted off to sleep joined together, Cole's arms holding me close to him and his breath at the base of my hair. It is still to me the most wonderful way to drift off to sleep.

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