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two minute warning

Chapter Seven

By RimPigFL - - February 21 2005

Cole remained in the hospital for six weeks, going through physical therapy. I spent as much time with him as I could. He just wouldn't believe that he would never play again and so he worked himself hard trying desperately to recover. The doctor's were amazed by his progress but their prognosis didn't change. Cole's knee would never be strong enough to stand the rigors of football again.

Cole came home but he was changed. Gone was the Cole I had known and loved. In his place was a withdrawn, depressed young male who retreated within himself. Even though we continued to sleep in the same bed together, there was no sex between us. Cole either was jacking off when I wasn't around or, as I more strongly suspected, he didn't have any interest in sex at all. It was like everything went out of him. I began to fear he had no interest in life at all.

The crowning blow came several weeks later when he received a letter from the University's Athletic Department telling him that since the doctors would not clear him to play football, his scholarship was being revoked.

We were both stunned! We had no idea the University would do something like that! It was under their football program that Cole had been injured! What right did they have to take his scholarship away. Cole called his father who talked to the University's legal department, one lawyer to another. His father called back and said there was nothing that could be done. The University was perfectly within its rights to revoke the scholarship because Cole was no longer eligible to play.

Cole stayed up all night that night getting drunk. I'd never seen him like this before. He was cursing the school, the coaches, everybody. I tried to get him to calm down and he even started yelling at me. I decided to leave him alone and went down to Vince and Micah's room. Even though Vince was now in the University's graduate school, because he was studying Physical Education, he'd been allowed to continue to room with Micah in the 'Jock Dorm' while he continued his studies and was an intern in the Athletic Department.

I told Vince and Micah what was going on and Vince went down to see if he could calm Cole down.
"It's been bad, huh?" Micah asked after Vince had left to see Cole.

"Micah, it's like he's a different person! I've known him all his life and I've never seen him like this! I'm scared. I'm afraid he's going to kill himself or something equally drastic." I said.

"Have you two tried to figure out some way that he could stay in school?" he asked.

"I tried to talk to him about it and he just pushes me away. He's so angry and depressed, I know he's not thinking straight. I don't know what to do with him." I told Micah.

"Well, maybe something can be worked out. There are other kinds of scholarships." Micah said.

"I don't know. Our grades have never been great, good enough for football but not good enough to ever get any kind of academic scholarship. And I feel like Cole doesn't want to even try. He hasn't touched me since he came home from the hospital. It's like he doesn't love me anymore, doesn't want anything to do with me." I said.

"Hasn't touched you at all?" Micah asked, askance at the information.

"Not at all! I don't think he's playing around with anybody else. I think he's just not interested at all, like sex means nothing to him now." I said.

As I said this, Vince came back into the room.

"No sex?" Vince asked me.

"Not since he came back from the hospital." I told him.

Vince and Micah looked at each other and I knew just from the look that something was up.

"Ok, what do you guy's know?" I asked.

"Look, BJ," Vince said. "I'm not one to listen to or spread gossip but I know that Cole has been having sex with other guys. I've seen him in the afternoons going into guy's rooms or coming out. I even caught him blowing another guy in the shower one day. We both thought you knew about it. We thought you two had come to an understanding about it."

I sat down hard on the bed. I was completely taken aback!

"I had no idea. We never discussed it. Nothing! No, I didn't know! I had no idea. All I knew was he wasn't having anything to do with me!" I said and started to cry.

Vince came over and sat down next to me and took me in his arms.

"God, I'm sorry, BJ! I feel like a heel telling you this but we both thought you knew!" Vince said.
I cried in Vince's arms for quite a while. I was hurt beyond anything that I had ever felt before - even the night a Justin's party. This time, Cole was not only cheating - he was turning away from me completely! Vince sat there holding me while I cried. As I began to calm down, I also began to notice the warmth of his arms around me and the scent of him. I admit that I had always been attracted to him. I loved when Cole and I had our little 'parties' with Vince and Micah. I loved Vince's huge cock reaming me out and the wonderful sex with Micah, who's mouth was one of the best that had ever swung on my cock.

As I sat there in Vince's arms, my cock began to get hard. It had been a long time since I had done anything. I had been upset about Cole for so long I'd been unable to even feel anything like horny. Now my bodies needs took over and I was quickly so horny I couldn't see straight. I wanted Vince. And I wanted Micah. I wanted to lose myself in mindless sex with these two jocks to get away from the hurt that I was feeling. But this time, I didn't justify it by what Cole had done. Fuck that! I had needs and since it seems that they were not going to be fulfilled 'at home', I would find someplace else to fulfill them!

Vince became aware of my arousal. I caught him giving a significant look to Micah, who smiled and quickly joined us on the bed, sitting next to me on the other side of Vince and wrapping his strong arms around me as well. They gently laid me back on the bed and began undressing me. I just lay there and enjoyed the feelings that their hands were causing as they quickly stripped me. I lay there naked between them and then Vince's mouth came down on mine hard at the same time I felt Micah's mouth sucking and licking at my tit.

I became the 'meat' in a sandwich between them, both of them sucking on my body. Micah went down and started sucking on my cock while Cole raised up above me and started to insert his cock in my mouth.

"Please, Vince! I want to suck your ass!" I begged, looking up at him.

"No problem, buddy!" he grinned.

Vince turned around and squatted over my face. His beautiful buns spread and I could see his ass trench filled with dark hair coming closer to my face. As it did, the raunchy odor of jock ass hit my nose and I reached up, grabbing Vince's hips and pulling his butt down to my nose and mouth so that I could feast at his most intimate place. I ran my nose up and down his musky trench, sucking in all the aromas of sweat, musk, ass juice and something uniquely 'Vince' before reaching out my tongue and running it up and down where my nose had been, tasting the wonderful, tangy essence of his butt! I could hear Vince moan above me as my lips locked around his hole and my tongue began to drive up into his jock body. The dark taste of his ass was so delicious to me that I ate out his hole like a starving man.

At the same time, Micah had left my cock and pushed my legs into the air. He was eating my ass out while Vince watched him and gave him directions.

"Get his hole nice and wet! I'm gonna shove my cock all the way up that hole!" Vince growled as Micah continued to work his tongue in and out of my hole.

I thrilled at Vince's words because that was exactly what I wanted! I wanted his huge cock reaming me out, fucking my brains out so I wouldn't have to think any more, wouldn't have to feel the pain that Cole had caused.

Soon, Vince tired of my tongue up his butt and climbed off my face. He lay down beside me and turned me on my side. He lifted my leg up and put his cock at the entrance to my body. Shoving forward slowly, he buried his bone in my butt as I pushed back and moaned - eager to have his massive hardon all the way inside me. When he bottomed out in me, he lowered my leg. Then Micah lay down in front of me and thrust his ass back at my own hard cock.

"Bury your cock in that hole, boy!" Vince growled in my ear.

I eagerly reached for Micah's hips and drew him closer. Then, following Vince's example, I lifted his upper leg and shoved my cock towards his hole. It was shiny with lube so I knew Micah was prepared for my entry. I was too eager to take it slowly and ended up burying my cock in his hot, wet hole in one hard shove. I heard Micah moan.

"Yeah, fuck the slut hard! He loves it that way!" Vince growled in my ear again.

"So do I!" I said.

"Then that's the way I'm gonna fuck you boy! HARD!" Vince said.

And matching actions to words, Vince began to shove his massive cock in and out of my needy butt. The feelings were incredible! With each thrust forward, I felt Vince's cock buried in my hole while my cock buried itself in Micah. With each withdrawal of Vince's cock, mine withdrew from Micah's quivering shit-chute. It was like Vince was fucking Micah through me!

Despite the hard pounding my ass was getting from Vince and the intense feelings my cock was getting from Micah's gripping hole, the fuck went on a long time, each of us moaning and sweating. The smell of male sweat and the stink of male sex surrounded the three of us and it was more erotic than the best poppers! Never in my life had sex been this intense! Never had my body been more charged and turned on! This was just what I needed. Thinking was impossible - only feeling. Only the feel of Vince's huge cock and Micah's hot hole - pounding on and on into the night.

But it couldn't last forever. I suddenly heard Micah moaning louder and then felt his hole begin to squeeze around my pounding cock. I looked over his shoulder and saw his cum shooting across the bed, the blasts in time to the throbbing of his shit-chute around my cock. This triggered my orgasm, which I had been on the edge of for some time and I began shooting my hot load into his willing ass. Vince, not to be left out, began moaning and biting at my shoulder as I felt his cock grow impossibly larger in my ass and then felt the tremors as he shot load after load of hot, jock spoonge up my hole until I felt it leaking out of my ass and down my balls.
We lay there for a long time, my cock buried in Micah's hole and Vince's in mine - neither of us going soft. My hand drifted down and I was idly stroking Micah's cock and running my fingers over his sweaty balls and he was staying hard as well. After a while, I could feel Vince starting to gently move his cock around in my butt and figured he was getting ready to pound me again. But I was wrong. Instead, he pulled out of my hole and turned over with his back to me.

"Ok, time to turn over guys!" he said.

When I turned, this of course put my hard cock pointing at Vince's ass and Micah's cock pointing at mine. I'd never fucked Vince before but it looked like my chance was at hand - or cock, as the case was. Vince reached behind him and guided my cock to his hole. With the lubrication from my cum and Micah's ass juices, I easily slid up Vince's tight hole. He may have been a quarterback, but tonight he was definitely going to play 'tight end'! At the same time I was sliding my cock up Vince's backdoor, Micah was sliding his up mine. I'd never been fucked by Micah, but he was no where near the size of Vince, though he had nothing to be ashamed of! Micah easily slid into my spoonge filled ass after the withdrawal of Vince's tree trunk from my hole.

And the sex man-chine started again! Micah fucking me while I fucked Vince. It was totally blissful to have my bone buried in a hot, tight, wet hole while having my shit-chute reamed out at the same time! I later learned that some people called this position "Lucky Pierre!" and I knew why! I certainly knew how lucky I was! Since we'd already gotten off, this time took even longer. We lay there hunching each other's hole and I grabbed hold of Vince's log and stroked him in the same rhythm that my cock was pounding his butt. It was a long, hot, leisurely fuck which eventually ended with us all blowing our loads pretty close together. This time, however, I didn't leave my cock soaking in Vince's ass. Instead, I pulled out and scooted down so that I could suck my cum from his hole. While I was doing so, I felt Micah down doing the same thing to me. I then took Vince's cock in my mouth and cleaned the cum and my ass juices from it. Micah and I got into a 69 and sucked each other's cock clean of our cum and ass juice and then I sucked Micah's ass to get out my first load of cum that evening.

Having gotten all the cum we could, we curled up together and went to sleep.

The next morning, I didn't bother going back to the room I shared with Cole. Instead I showered in the dorm shower and went to classes in the same jeans and t-shirt I'd had on when I got to Vince and Micah's room the night before. I didn't want to face Cole until I was able to do some serious thinking about what I was going to say and that had a lot to do with whether or not I was interested in continuing our relationship or not. It wasn't that I didn't still love him. My God! This couldn't hurt this bad if I didn't! But I was beginning to realize that no matter how much we loved each other, that didn't make us necessarily good for one another.

Finally, when it was almost evening, I finally got up the nerve to go back to our room to face Cole. But I was too late. I walked into the room and immediately saw that it had been stripped. Everything of Cole's - as well as Cole - was gone!

I was stunned! Cole had left me! I sat heavily on the bed, nearly collapsing, and that's when I found 'The Letter'. For the rest of my life, it would always be in capital letters to me. I opened it up and began to read.


By the time you read this I will be gone. My father came to take me home and is going to help me get into another University.

Do not try to contact me - do not try and find me. I want nothing more to do with you or with your perverted lifestyle. My father has made me realize that it was you who is the cause of all my problems and you who have lead me astray from the proper path a real man needs to walk! I intend to finish college and to find myself a good wife, settle down and raise a family as a real man is meant to.

What ever delusions that I had about how I felt about you or that you were in anyway a friend are now gone! I see all to clearly that I was nothing but a conquest for you - a way to assuage the fact that you are a pervert and not a real man at all. You were a predator and I was your victim. I refuse to be in that position any longer. I refuse to end up a faggot, like you.


My screams were heard all over the dorm. The next thing I knew, Vince and Micah were there and both had their arms around me. Micah locked the door, keeping out the other curious jocks while I collapsed in Vince's arms, crying my eyes out. Vince kept asking me what was wrong until I finally just handed him the letter to read for himself.

"That mother-fucking, cocksucking little bastard!!!" Vince roared when he'd read the poison message.

"What's the matter?!" Micah asked, his face showing great concern.

Vince handed him the letter. Micah's reaction was almost identical to Vince's, just a little quieter.

"What a fucking jerk! If he think's he's not a faggot, he's got another 'think' coming! He's the worst kind of fucking faggot! The kind that deny who they are!" Micah said with more venom in his voice than I'd ever heard before.

Vince continued to hold me while I cried in his arms. My mind was reeling from the poison that Cole has spouted in the letter. What had I ever done to him that would make him want to hurt me this way? All I had ever done was love him! And this was the way he ends up treating me! How could I have been so wrong about him? How could I have watched him grow up and not know that there was this part of him? Where had it all gone wrong?

The only thing I could think of was that summer at the lake when he'd fucked a girl for the first time. Had there been others - just the way that Vince and Micah had told me about the other guys - behind my back. I had been far too trusting. I'd never even considered that he might be dating girls, but the letter seemed to imply that was what he wanted. Of course, it was all in future tense, but still...

I was finally able to calm down and sit down on my bed. Vince sat with me, his arm still around me while Micah sat on the other side of me, his hand gently stroking my leg. At least I had two good friends to stand by me. And thoughts of the lake brought thoughts of someone else who cared about me. Justin.

I still had the phone number he'd given me. Suddenly, I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to hear his voice. I wanted someone that loved me!

"Guys, I need to go make a phone call. A very private one." I said.

"Here, use my cell phone." Vince said, reaching in his pocket and pulling it out.

"No, it's long distance." I said.

"So what? I've got nationwide calling. It won't cost me anything. Micah and I will leave you alone. Bring it down to our room when your done. Ok?" Vince asked.

He looked into my eyes and I knew he was really asking how I was doing. He kissed me gently on the forehead.

"Yes, ok. Thanks." I said, and then turned and kissed Micah.

The two lovers got up and left and I got out my wallet where I had carried Justin's number since the day he gave it to me. Why had I done that? Did I know, somewhere in the back of my mind that I would end up needing him? I dialed the number, not knowing if I would reach him or not. The number rang several times and I was just ready to hang up, when Justin's voice came on the line.

"Hello." Justin said.

"Hello, Justin. This is BJ." I said, my voice trembling.

"BJ!!! My God! I thought I'd never hear from you! What's wrong? And don't tell me nothing, I can hear it in your voice." he said.

I couldn't help it, I started crying again, my sobs going into the phone.

"BJ, what is it? Talk to me, please!" Justin's voice came over the cell phone.

"Cole's left me. He just took all his stuff and left. He left me an awful letter. Justin, he called me a faggot!" I said, breaking down again.
"Hang on, BJ! It's going to be ok. Listen, you're at school, right?" he asked.


"I can be there in about six hours. I'll leave now. Are you ok until I can get there?" he asked.

"I can't ask you to just drop everything and come here!" I insisted.

"You didn't. This is my decision. Now, will you be ok until I get there?" he asked again.

"Yes. I have friends here - another gay couple. I can be with them." I said.

"Ok, I'll be there as soon as I can. What dorm are you in?" he asked.

"Dunfries Hall. I'm in room 204. Vince and Micah are in room 210." I told him.

"All right. BJ, don't worry about anything. I'm going to help you get through this. I still care about you. I'm grateful you called me." Justin said.

"You told me to, remember? Justin...I still care about you, too. I think I was a fool not to stay with you." I admitted hesitantly.

"No, BJ. You aren't the fool. Cole is. You were just living up to your commitment to him. Look, we'll talk about all this when I get there, ok?" Justin asked.

"Ok. Hurry, Justin. I need you so much!" I begged.

"I'll be there as fast as I can, love." he answered.

We hung up and I took the phone back down to Vince and Micah's room. They wanted me to spend the night with them again. I didn't want to have sex, however. Vince realized what I was feeling.

"You don't need to be alone right now. You need people around who care about you." Vince said, putting his arms around me and holding me.

"I don't think I'll be much company to be with." I said hesitantly.

"You don't have to be 'company'. We just want to be there for you - no stings attached." Vince said, understanding what I was trying to say.

"Then you've got me. You're right, I don't want to be alone tonight." I said.

That night, Vince and Micah pushed the beds together again but, rather than having sex, we slept together. Vince held me in his arms and Micah snuggled up to me as well. I don't think I ever felt as loved, protected and cared for as I did that night. I will never forget the kindness that these to wonderful men showed me at a time when my life was falling apart.

We awoke the next morning to a pounding on the door. When Vince got up to open it, there stood Justin. Vince knew immediately who he must be as I had told him about Justin coming. He let him into the room. Justin and I stood there for a moment looking at each other and then I threw myself into his arms. He held me to him and we just stayed that way for a while. Vince signaled Micah and they left us alone, saying they were going down to the cafeteria and get some breakfast. When they had gone, Justin pressed his mouth to mine in a deep, passionate kiss.

"I have thought about you every day." Justin said, pulling slightly away from my lips.

"I can't say the same, but I have thought of you. Often." I replied.

"Do you want to talk about what happened?" he said.

"Yes, but let's go back to my room. I don't want Vince and Micah to feel invaded." I said.

We went back down the hall and into what had been Cole and my room. Justin sat down on the bed and I went to make a pot of coffee.

"So when did Cole leave?" Justin asked, looking around the half empty room.

"Sometime yesterday. Cole was drunk and had been spoiling for a fight the night before and I went to Vince and Micah's room to get away from him. That was when I found out he'd been playing around behind my back, all the while refusing to come anywhere near me." I told him.

"What brought all this on? I had thought you guys had worked everything out between you." he asked.

"I thought we had, too. But Cole got injured during practice a month or more back. The doctors decided he could never play football again. Then the University pulled his scholarship. That's when everything went to hell. How do you like your coffee?" I asked Justin.

"Black. Can the University do that? Take back a scholarship because a player is injured?" he asked.

"Not only can they, it seems it's common practice - done all the time. It's not fair or right, but there it is." I said.

"So I guess Cole took this pretty hard?" Justin asked.

"Yes, being told he could never play football again was bad enough, but then having the scholarship yanked out from under him at the same time was just too much for him. If he'd left, that would have been bad enough, but the playing around and then the letter he left! I couldn't believe how vicious and hurtful it was!" I told Justin.

"What letter?" he asked.

I got up and got the letter from the desk and showed it to Justin. He sat there reading and re-reading it for a long time while I just sat there staring into my coffee.

"BJ, I don't know what to say. This is the most hateful letter I've ever seen. I can't believe that Cole wrote it! I had absolutely no idea that he is that fucked up!" Justin said, the deep, seething anger apparent in his voice.

"I know. I didn't believe it either, at first. But it's his handwriting. I'd know it anywhere." I told him.

"Now I see why you called me. And I'm very glad you did. You know that none of this is true." Justin said.

"Except for the part about me being a faggot." I said, my head hanging in shame.

"Bullshit! That's just a nasty word that fucking breeders use to try and make us feel worthless! Just like some whites still use the word 'nigger'! You are NOT a faggot, BJ!" Justin insisted.

"Yes, I am." I said, calmly facing Justin. "I've lied to myself for my whole life that I wasn't one of 'them'! I was different! I played football! I couldn't be one of 'those'! But I AM one of 'those'. I'm gay. I'm a homosexual. And nothing is ever going to change that. No, I don't act effeminate or wear women's clothes. But that doesn't make me any better. In fact, in some ways, it makes me worse because I can hide what I am and make other people believe I'm just like them. So I get all the benefits of being straight. Well, I'm NOT! And I'm sick and tired of being afraid for everybody to find out that I'm not. Not that everyone won't know that now."

Justin reached out and took me in his arms. I lay my head on his shoulder and the sobs started coming out of me. I cried like I was a little kid again. Justin just sat there and held me, stroking my hair and let me cry it out. Which I did for a long time. Finally, I pulled myself together.

"BJ, I understand how you feel. I don't hide my sexual orientation. But I have the type of money that I don't have to hide anything. My parents are none too happy about it, but they both know that there's nothing they can do about it. Besides, my sister can make all the grandchildren they need." Justin said.

"I don't know how mine are going to deal with this. I've never told them. But they watched me grow up. They must have known that Cole and I were more than just good friends." I said, looking into Justin's eyes.

"Not necessarily. People, especially parents, see what they want to see. They don't want to think about what might be really happening. This may come as quite a blow to them." Justin said.
"Yes, I suppose it might. I don't know what I should do. Cole's father and mine work together. I doubt that Cole's father is going to keep this from them - given the tone of Cole's letter. In fact, I think Cole's father might have heavily influenced the tone of the letter." I said.

"Yes, he mentions a couple of times about his father showing him what a 'real man' does. It almost seems like the father is standing over his shoulder while he's writing the letter. I don't know why I say that, it's just a feeling that I got." Justin pointed out.

"Well, however it got written, I've no doubt that Cole's father will tell mine. Unless he wants to keep Cole's 'shame' secret. But I think his father would rather have something to one-up my father with. He's just always been that way. Not a really nice man at all." I said.

"Didn't you tell me he's a lawyer?" Justin asked and I nodded. "Well, that kind of answers that, doesn't it. Lawyers aren't very nice people."

"That's not true! Remember my father's a lawyer! And he's a really good guy." I said defensively.

"And how is this 'really good guy' going to take the news that you're gay?" Justin asked pointedly.

"I don't know. I just really don't know." I said.

"Well, at least, it can't really hurt you. You have your scholarship here, your parents aren't supporting you, so they can't take that away from you." Justin said.

"No, there is that. But it's going to seem so weird playing without Cole. I haven't played a game without Cole in it with me since we were in junior high! I don't know if I even want to continue with football now. To tell the truth, it was always something that Cole loved. And I loved Cole and wanted to be close to him, so I played football. But heart just isn't in it anymore. But I've got no choice. I need the scholarship!" I sighed.

"No, you don't." Justin said.

"Yes! I do! How the fuck am I supposed to get through school without it!" I insisted.

"I'll put you through school." Justin said matter-of-factly.

"You'll what?! Oh, come on, Justin! Cut the crap!" I said, annoyed that he would make jokes at a time like this.

"I'm not joking." Justin said.

The tone of his voice caused me to look in his eyes. No, he wasn't kidding. The look on his face was one of dead seriousness.

"Justin, I can't let you do that!" I said.

"Why not? It's not like I can't easily afford it. Look, there are no strings attached to this. You don't have to become my lover. But I don't want you having to play football and maybe getting permanently injured yourself - especially if you don't want to. I have more than enough money to put you through any university in the world to any degree level that you want." he said, his eyes boring holes into mine.

"Look, Justin, it's not that I don't appreciate the offer but..." my voice tapered off.

"But what?" Justin asked walking towards me and putting his arms around me.

"I don't know if I can love you the way you want me to." I said quietly, resting my forehead on his chest.

"I want you to love me in what ever way you can, BJ. I don't expect you to be able to offer much after what Cole's just done to you. But I want to be there for you. I want to help heal the wounds he left you with. Can you understand that?" he said quietly.

I looked up into his eyes. I saw there the love he had for me. A love I needed so badly right then. I felt somehow it was wrong to take what I needed, not knowing what I could offer in return, but I couldn't help myself. The pain inside me was so strong, so burning. I needed Justin's healing. And he was offering it. I had felt something for him that summer. Maybe I would again when this pain was gone.

I gave my answer by reaching up and pulling his mouth down to mine. I gently moved my lips across his, gently touching, until I reached the edge of his mouth and then moved back to the center. At this point, Justin pushed his lips forcefully against mine as his arms encircled my body and pulled me strongly to him. I could feel his hard need pressing against me and my body responded in kind. I felt his hands reach under my t-shirt and begin to lift if from my body. I stepped back and raised my arms allowing him to remove it completely and toss it on the empty bed.

As soon as the shirt was gone, my hands went to the top button of my jeans as I also kicked off my shoes. Within moments, I stood naked before him and reached to unbutton his shirt. He allowed me to undress him before he took me back into his arms and gently began to lick the sensitive sides of my neck and down my shoulder. I moaned at the touch of his tongue and pressed my body harder against his.

He pulled me down onto my bed and we soon found ourselves entangled in each other. There was no subtlety in this joining. I wanted - I needed - Justin to take me! I needed to feel him inside me and in control. I needed to surrender to him and know the bliss of having another man possess you. Justin seemed to understand my need because I soon found myself under him and his hard cock pushing at the opening to my body.

While I had never done this without some lubrication, I found that the sweat of my own body and the pre-cum that Justin's cock was leaking was more than adequate for penetration. He slowly eased his cock into my hole and continued to press forward until he was buried inside me to the hilt. I moaned at the depth that his cock reached and pulled his face down to mine again in a passionate kiss. I could feel his gentle fucking motions begin - slowly at first. Just small movements in and out until, after a short while, he was pounding me with all his strength and I was crying out for more!

"Fuck me, Justin! Fuck me hard! Make me yours!" I begged.

And my plea was wholehearted. I wanted the gentle, uncomplicated love that Justin offered. No hiding, no apologizing for being who we were. A love that transcended sexual orientation or politics. Just two people, deeply in love with each other. I wanted that more than anything.

All too soon I could feel Justin about to go over the edge and realized that I was going to join him. My orgasm had built to such a point that hardly anything would trigger it and Justin's cock throbbing in my hole, delivering his cum deep inside me was enough. I moaned and cried out as the power of my orgasm hit me and sprayed both of us with my white, hot juices.

Justin collapsed on me and his mouth covered mine. I lost myself in his passionate kisses until I felt his softened cock slip from my well-used hole. He turned over onto his side and pulled me with him to cuddle me in his arms. At this point we were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms. I slept without dreams, locked in the embrace of this wonderful knight in shining armor who came to rescue me.

We must have slept for several hours. I knew Justin was exhausted from the six hour drive to be here with me. And the emotional roller-coaster I had been on for two days had certainly exhausted me beyond what I believed it had.

I awoke before Justin and lay there in his arms, looking at this beautiful young male who seemed to love me so much. He had the look of a small boy about him as he slept but his body was that of a man. I ran my fingers through the thick pelt of fur on his chest and followed the trail of hair down to where his cock was just beginning to stir from my caresses. I watched as it unfurled from sleep and rapidly stood hard and proud. I couldn't resist reaching down and stroking it with my hand.

My hand was soon covered with the sticky drool of his cock-honey and I raised my hand to my lips to lick the viscous fluid from my fingers. God! I loved the taste of Justin's pre-cum. And I was determined to get some more. I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth and began to lick and suck on it. Justin moaned in his sleep and then I felt his hand on my head, pushing down to make me take more of him into my mouth.

I complied with his desires and took more and more of him into my mouth until his cock hit the back of my throat. I swallowed and his shaft started the downward slide into the tight confines of my throat. I heard him moan again and knew that he was not going to last long at this pace. I backed off because there was so much more that I wanted to lick and taste before we got each other off again.

But that exploration was to be put on hold by someone pounding on the door to my room. I groaned and got out of bed. I figured it must be Vince or Micah or one of the guys so I didn't bother to throw on any clothes, even though I was aroused. After all, we were more than used to seeing each other naked and erect. But when I opened the door, rather than one of my fellow jocks - there stood my father!

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