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more than friends

Chapter Twelve

By Cruz April 12 2005

I spun around as soon as the accent registered. I turned the stove light on and looked at him. He was in his boxers, staring at me intently, like a hawk. I wanted to ask what the hell he was doing, but I couldn't get the words out. I was in so much shock of finding Richmond where Tanner should have been.

"What the…what the hell are you doing?" I finally said.

"Nothin'." He told me as he put his hands on my waist and roughly, pulled me close to him. I put my hands on his chest and pushed away.

"What's wrong?" he said with a smirk. "I thought this was how you liked it?"

I was shocked to shit. "Like what?" I asked.

"Tanner's told me before that you like it when he's rough with you, said you can't resist him." I looked at him, my mouth open. Richmond stepped up to me and kissed me again, grinding his crotch against mine. I pulled away and looked at him.

"Wait…Rich…you're straight." I stammered.

"I know, but seein' you with Tanner; running your fingers through his hair," Richmond ran his hand through my hair as he said this.

"And grazing them along his back…and over his arms…and on his chest," he said all this as he did the same to me. "…it all just made me even hornier, even more than I was before. You still wanna know how long it's been since I've had sex?" He asked. I stood staring at him.

He didn't wait for me to answer, "It's been four months. That's how long I've been with Cyndi." He said. I looked away from him for a moment.

I turned to say something, I was mid blink, my mouth parted when Richmond kissed me again. He grabbed me and held me against him. I kissed him back. Our tongues rubbed against each other, and slowly I put my hands on his waist.

"No! What the fuck am I doin?" I said in my head. Richmond's hands moved over my back, he grabbed my ass and squeezed.

I pulled away; "Richmond…" I said and he kissed me again, "I can't…" and again he kissed me, "Tanner…" another kiss, "and I…" But he wasn't letting me get the words out. He moved his hand around to my cock and stroked the length of it through my shorts.

"I can't." I finally said, pushing him back. He looked at me firmly.

 "It's okay." he said. He walked up to me and stuck his left hand in my shorts; I felt him rub the head of my stiff cock.

"But as far as I can tell," He then withdrew his hand, and still holding my gaze, he licked his fingers that had some of my precum on them, "…you like it."

I didn't know what to say. With that, he turned and walked away. The worst part of the whole thing was that he was right, I did like it. I knew it, he knew it... damn.

I stayed looking at the spot where he had turned down the hall. I didn't move, I don't know what I was thinking. It felt like one of those moments where you're not sure if you're awake or dreaming. I was still hard, still thinking about Richmond. I could still see him, smirking at me, his blue eyes looking through me. I collected myself and finished the water.

"He's still drunk." I told myself. "He has to be, it's Richmond." I walked into the living room.

"Yeah, that's what it is. I mean come on, he was almost stumbling to the couch. He had two more beers…he didn't even know he was hard before he went to his room. Maybe he was sleepwalking. I can't believe Tanner told him that I like it rough. Would Tanner just tell him flat out, or did Richmond ask? Tanner's not the kind of guy that talks like that, or does he? Oh fuck..." I said to myself. I felt like I needed a cigarette.

I went into Tanner's room and grabbed the cigarette case off his dresser. I walked back out of his room and went to the balcony that was off the living room. I opened the doors quietly and stepped outside. I lit a cigarette and sat down.

When I had finished the cigarette, I returned to Tanner's room, putting back the case. I used the bathroom and went to bed, putting my arms around Tanner. I fell asleep quick.

The next day went by slow. Tanner and I sat around and watched TV and then went to the Village at Highland Park. We walked around and saw a few people we knew from here and there. I didn't see Richmond at all. He was still asleep when we left and had already left when we got back to Tanner's. It was a good thing because I don't know what I would have said to him. Last night was still in my head; the way he was looking at me, the way he spoke to me. I couldn't get him out of my head. I didn't need anymore of this cheating thing in my life.

I left Tanner's close to four o'clock. I went home so that I could take another shower; you can't leave Tanner's without having sex, and so that I could get dressed. I was in the shower when I heard my cell ringing. I jumped out of the shower and ran to the stand in my room where it was charging. "Hello?" I said.

"Mr. Cruz?" said the man.

"Yeah?" I replied, recognizing the voice.

"There will be a delivery at 5:00 PM." He told me.

"That's fine." I said.

"There will be two packages."

"And the payment?" I asked. I looked down and saw rivulet's of water going down my legs and onto the carpet.

"$30,000 for delivery and another $30,000 for payment." He said.

"Fuckin' A!" I thought. "Very well. I'll be waiting." I said, trying to sound cool.

We hung up without any goodbyes, as usual. "$60,000 dollars!" I said. This was the first time I had a double delivery. I looked at the clock, it was 4:21. I had been rinsing off in the shower anyway, so I dried myself off. I got dressed for Tommy's and sat down at the computer in the office. I checked my e-mail, played a couple of games and chatted with a few buddies and Tommy:

tom_e: what r u doin?
c_man: observing a patient, aren't u supposed to be working?
tom_e: can't stop thinking about u. aren't u supposed 2 b observing?
c_man: not much to observe. what about me r u thinking?
tom_e: you naked.
c_man: really?
tom_e: yeah, wanna cyber? lol
c_man: ha, ha, do ppl still do that?
tom_e: I don't know, wanna?
c_man: ur crazy. excited to see me?
tom_e: oh yeah, you should feel how excited I am.
c_man: Mmm, wish I could. I'll take care of that later.
tom_e: don't make me think, I'm having a "hard" time already.
c_man: sorry tom-tom, I can't wait to suck your cock.
tom_e: don't do that to me
c_man: I wanna wrap my lips around that thick dick
tom_e: mental image.
c_man: I want you to cum n my mouth
tom_e: how long till 6?

After I got off the computer, I waited by the door with my car keys. Sure enough, at five o'clock, the door bell rang. The delivery man is always on time. I waited a few seconds and opened the door. I was expecting the short, greasy looking bald guy with the sunglasses. Nope.

This time, the delivery man was tall, muscular, dark haired, and mean looking. But he didn't have sunglasses on, so I got to look into his eyes; deep gray ones with a very serious gaze which made him very intimidating. When we looked at each other, his lips parted, in the way that lips do when you see something appetizing or tempting. They were smooth and soft looking, kind of shiny. I really don't know how I noticed all this when we were looking straight into each other's eyes.

"Mr. Cruz." He said. His voice was stern and deep.

"Collin." I told him.

He grinned and said, "James."

I grinned back at him. He turned and walked to a black Escalade that was pulled up beside my car. As he did this I opened one garage door and opened the back of the Envoy. He walked over with one of the packages and I went and grabbed the other one. The boxes were placed in the back of the Envoy. James handed me an envelope from
the breast of his suit coat. I opened it and read it; it said that instead of the usual method of delivering product and payment, I would deal with James. Not a problem with me.

"Where's the other guy?" I asked James.

"I suppose he was terminated, on account of infidelity." He said.

I raised my eyebrows and nodded. "And what about the regular handling?" I asked.

"Probably safer this way, I don't really know. Mr. Shanahan called me into his office today. He handed me the envelope and told me to bring this here." he said to me.

"Mr. Shanahan?" I asked.

"The man you deliver these things for." He replied.

"Do you deliver?"

He shook his head. "I regularly work security for him."

"Oh, so that's why the suit and tie thing is going on." I reached for his tie and pinched the crease. James smiled and nodded. I noticed that his entire character changed when he smiled; he went from austere and intimidating to relaxed and inviting. He seemed to be loosening up. We sat against the back of the Envoy and began talking.

He asked me what I did in school and for work; I didn't have to lie to him about work. He told me about himself: James Flannery, 22 from Boston.

"Both of my parents are Irish," he told me, "that's how I got into work with Mr. Shanahan: the entire employment is Irish. With the exception of you I suppose. Cruz, what decent is that?" he asked.

"It's Spanish. My father's from Madrid." I told him.

"Ah, and your mom?"

"She's was born in Odessa, Texas, but her family comes from Dundalk." I said.

"Dundalk? In Ireland?" he asked.

"Yeah, are you familiar?"

"My parents hail from Dundalk. What's your moms' name?" he asked me.

"Beatrice Mulligan." I replied.

"That's a very interesting lineage." He said to me as he bit his bottom lip. "And what about you, where are you from, Collin?" he inquired.

"I was born in Valencia, Spain." I told him.

"Do you speak Spanish?"

"Castilian." I said.

"When did you come to the States?"

"Seven, I think. I remember my parents moved me every couple of years from Milan to Paris to London." I told him.

"Impressive. That's a hell of a way for a kid to grow up." He said.

I laughed, "You should hear about my home life."

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked him.

He looked at me and smiled, "Sure." He said. We went inside the house. I poured us both a whiskey on the rocks. He took off his jacket, loosened his tie and collar, and rolled up his shirt sleeves.

"You don't have to go back to work? I asked.

"I got off before I came here. I switch shifts with two other guards." he told me. I was kinda glad about that. I smiled at him as we continued to converse. I learned that he had been expelled from three different high schools, was arrested for several bar fights and even punching a cop once. He was a bad boy, fuckin hot. We shared our past drug experiences, drunken dares…we were like long time buddies catching up after years of not seeing each other.

He told me about a few of his ex-girlfriends, the most recent of which he found poking holes in his condoms with a needle; an attempt to impregnate herself I suppose. Another was into Masochism and wanted him to Donkey-punch her during sex. Crazy bitches. I told him about some of my ex-girlfriends, I had about five or six before I officially started batting for the other team.

"I like being single. But I guess it's always that way when the relationships you've had go to shit." He said. I nodded and muttered in agreement.

"So," James said, "do you have a girlfriend?"

I shook my head, "Nope." I said. He asked why.

"Just not interested." I said.

He looked at me funny. "Sleeping around?" he said.

"I guess you can say that I'm, looking for something different, new. Things get boring after a while, ya know?" I told him.

"Yeah, I guess they do. So what are you looking for?" he asked.

"I don't really know. I guess I'll know when it finds me." I said. He stared at me.

"Do you have any plans for later?" he asked me.

"Not until 6 o'clock." I answered.

He looked at his watch. "Then you're late for whatever you have planned, it's 7:23." He said.

"It is? Shit!" I said. I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed my cell phone: 2 missed calls.
They were both from Tommy. I went back down stairs and saw James walking out the door.

"Hey, "I said.

"I was just going to wait outside." He told me.

"Why?" I asked. He shrugged.

"What time do you get off tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Four." He replied.

"You wanna do something" I suggested.

James smiled. "Like what?"

"I don't know…we have 21 hours to think of something." I said.

"13, minus sleep." He threw in.

I smiled. "Well, if you don't have my number, you at least know where I live." I told him.

"That I do know. I'll be here." he said smiling and walking backward to the Escalade.

"I'll be waiting." I replied. I watched him get into the vehicle and drive away.

I opened my phone and checked the messages Tommy had left. He was only asking me where I was, why I was taking so long, call him back.

I arrived at Tommy's around 7:45. He opened the door with a big smile that made me smile. I kissed him for about ten minutes after that. We stepped inside and Tommy pulled me towards the dining room area.  I saw that he had dinner waiting for me. It wasn't the wine and candlelight kind of dinner, it was Chinese food and beer; perfect. I smiled and put my arms around him.

"My culinary skills are for shit, so I ordered your favorite: Sesame Seed Pork, Chicken Fried Rice, and Egg Rolls. Luckily, the delivery guy got lost, so it's still hot." He said.

"I'm really sorry." I told him as I grabbed his hands.

"It's cool, I'm not mad. I just wanted to see you." he said to me. We smiled at each other and I gave him a peck on the lips, then we sat down to eat.

"So how was your day?" he asked.

"Slow. Spent most of the day examining a boy who seems to be developing some kind of paranoid delusional schizophrenia. He told a doctor that his "friend", is trying to hurt him. He has what appear to be self inflicted cuts and bruises. The condition could be developing from mental abuse and repression inflicted on him by his father before he was institutionalized, or he could have acquired it from his mother." I said. I restated a case I had read in a text book.

Tommy looked at me. "What about you?" I asked.

"Eh, it was okay. Mr. Davis hired a new intern and he appointed me to show him around." Tommy said.

"Interesting." I replied.

"I think he's ADD. Every time I try to explain something to him, he says something completely off topic. Like when I was telling him about acquisitions, he started talking about the modern architectural influence of the office. The only time I got him to focus was when I told him to take inquiries from around the office for Davis. That's when I talked to you." Tommy told me.

 "Good way to start the new guy off: letting him do your work." I said.

"So have you heard from Tanner?" Tommy asked.

I hesitated at the question, "Let's not talk about Tanner, okay? Let's just try to enjoy the night together." I said to him.

"Okay." Tommy said and smiled. I decided then, that from now on I was going to pretend that Tanner didn't exist with Tommy and vise versa. I felt that it was kind of a mind over matter thing: I wouldn't feel bad if I didn't acknowledge the problem. As a psychology student, I knew that this was a type of self-preservation approach that could lead to greater development of the problem at hand. But as a boyfriend, I felt that it was better for the three of us if I focused on what was in front of me rather than what was around me.

Tommy and I finished dinner and then he showed me the new entertainment system that Alex had bought. It was a nice setup: home theatre sound system, plasma screen TV with Tivo, and XM radio built in.

"How did Alex afford all this?" I asked Tommy.

"I think his uncle or something passed away and left him some money. You should see the truck he bought, its badass."

"Well, I hope he's not just going around and throwing it at anything he likes." I said to him.

"I don't know, as long as he pays his half of the rent." Tommy laughed. I sat down on the sofa and kicked off my shoes as Tommy sat next to me. We got comfortable in each others arms and watched TV.

I dozed off after Tommy started running his fingers through my hair. I was having a dream about Tanner, - He and I were playing pool at JR's, I think I was winning. It was daytime and there were a lot of people around, but that didn't stop Tanner from sitting me on the table and pulling my shirt off. He kissed down my chest and undid my pants to suck my cock. Suddenly, I was sitting on the bar at my house and Tanner wasn't the one blowing me, it was James, he was wearing his suit and tie.

"I think you and I are going to become good friends." He said to me with an evil smirk. He lowered his head back onto my cock and began blowing me again.

"Fuck, James!" I moaned. I put my hand on the back of James's head. I began to feel a kind of strange but arousing sensation on my cock. Slowly, James in his suit and the bar and the house began to fade away.

My eyes opened heavily as the dream floated farther and farther away, seeming to have happened a long time ago. I realized that the strange but arousing sensation was actually Tommy circling the head of my dick with his tongue. I looked down at his head moving over my cock. Tommy looked up at me; he saw I was awake and took his mouth off my rod. He smiled at me while he stroked me. I smiled back and bit my bottom lip. I raised my hips to let Tommy pull my pants down to my ankles. I slouched back and watched Tommy lick up and down my dick. He gripped the base of my cock and squeezed, making my tool swell up and turn red. I gritted my teeth and pushed his head back down on me. I breathed heavy as he glided his mouth up and down my dick, leaving it wet with slobber.

"Mmm…fuckin A." I groaned. I closed my eyes and felt my cock push past the back of Tommy's throat. It felt warm and soft. Tommy came back up and sucked on the tip of my dick and moved further down, little by little. I could hear soft slurping sounds. His right hand slid up and down as his other hand moved up my torso. I put my hand on top of his roaming one and pressed it against me. I moaned and gripped Tommy's hair then pulled him off of me and kissed him.

He stood up as he pulled my shirt off. As he pulled his shirt off I undid his shorts and slid them down his legs. His dick was semi-hard in his black boxer-briefs. I pulled him closer to me by his hips. My eyelevel was at his bellybutton; I put my mouth on it and kissed it softly. I felt Tommy rest his hands on my shoulders. I licked and kissed down his belly to the waist of his underwear.

Grabbing the waist band, I pulled them down very slowly, continuing to kiss down. I felt my lips beginning to approach his pubic area. I pulled back and pulled his underwear down. I looked at his area; I don't know what it was about Tommy's place down there, but it was, beautiful, in a way. The way he kept his light brown hair trimmed and, well shaped, it was a turn on. I kissed down his shiny patch of hair and felt the base of his cock. It slipped out as I finally pulled his underwear off; they slid down his legs to his feet.

With his hand on the back of my neck, Tommy urged me toward him. I stuck out my tongue and slid it over his dick which was hardening slowly. I grabbed his balls in my left hand and gripped them as I put his cock in my mouth. I tasted the sweet, salty pre-cum on his knob.

Tommy moaned out when I swirled my head around and moaned onto his rod.

"Fuck that feels good." He said. I lifted his prick up and licked his balls, then licked up and down his thick shaft. Tommy tensed and shuddered. He grabbed his cock and slid back in my mouth. He thrust his hips forward and throat fucked me. My hands were on the side of his thighs, steadying his pace. His cock became harder to swallow as it stiffened more.

I sat back against the couch. "Come here." I said looking up at him.

I stroked myself as Tommy climbed on the couch and got on his knees. I reached behind him and grabbed his ass. Spreading his cheeks, I slid one of my fingers down his hot, sweaty crevice. We stared into each other's eyes as I rubbed and massaged his hole. I slid my finger into it slowly, gently. I eased another finger into him and felt around for his spot. We were both sweating and breathing heavy as I worked his hole.

After a few a minutes, Tommy raised his self, then gripped my dick and pointed it to his hole. He closed his eyes and gasped as he lowered himself onto my tool. I grabbed his waste and held him for a second; letting the tightness of his ass adjust to my cock. When he was good to go, Tommy slowly rocked his hips back and forth and started moaning. He leaned forward and milled against me. His eyes locked onto mine as my cock went deeper into him. I felt goose bumps on Tommy as I ran my hands up his sides. I grabbed his biceps and thrust upward into him when he gripped the back of the couch. With one hand, I pulled his head to me and kissed him. We moved our tongues around each other's mouths as if trying to find some sweet, hidden flavor.
I put my arm around Tommy's back and leaned to the side, laying us on the couch. Tommy was on his back, his legs around me. We continued to kiss as I grinded my cock into him. I moved a hand over Tommy's chest and stomach while he moved his hands down to my ass and squeezed. Our sweaty chests rubbed against each other. I pulled my lips away from Tommy and looked at him; his beautiful green eyes looked back at me with passion and pleasure.

"Oh baby, I'm fixin' to cum." I whispered.

He moved his hands up my back and slid them around to my chest and shoulders. I felt my dick stiffen and tingle as the first shot of cum unloaded in Tommy. I let out a loud groan, falling against Tommy. He held me against him while the second, and third, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth stream of cum filled him. As soon as I was finished, I pulled out and slid down to Tommy's cock. I took him in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. His dick hardened quickly.
I sucked on his head and deep-throated him, licked all over his shaft and tongued his balls. Within no time, Tommy moaned out that he was gonna cum. I placed my fist around his dick and stroked him, following with my mouth. His hot load began streaming into me and I swallowed every bit of it.

After he was finished, I kissed up his body to his mouth. I kissed him softly at first and then slid my tongue in. After a minute, I pulled away and smiled at him. Tommy had a pensive look on his face. "What's the matter?" I asked.

"Nothing." He said. He got up and put his shorts on. I looked at him, but he didn't look back. He walked off into the hall. I heard the bathroom door close.

I stood up and pulled my pants and underwear on. Slowly, I walked to Tommy's bathroom door and knocked. "You okay?" I asked.

Tommy opened the door suddenly. His face was wet and dripping, like he had just brushed his teeth. "Tommy, what's wrong?"

He stared at me for a moment. "That taste." He finally said. He walked out of the bathroom and back to the living room.

"What taste?" I asked as I followed him.

"The night you told me about Tanner, when I first arrived at your house we kissed. Remember I could taste something?" he asked.

"Yeah…" I said. I knew where this was going.

"That's what it was. You had sucked Tanner's cock earlier before I got there. You swallowed and then we kissed. You kissed me with the taste of Tanner's load in your mouth." The look on Tommy's face was difficult to read. I couldn't tell if he was upset or just stating a fact. He didn't give me anything to go on.

"Please, let's not get into this Tommy." I said. "You already know that I was with Tanner before you got there. Yes I blew him, yes I swallowed, and yes I kissed you…what do you want me to say?"

Tommy shrugged his shoulders.

"Are you upset?" I asked.

Tommy stayed quiet. He looked around then opened his mouth; nothing came out. A smile came across his face and he started laughing.

"What?" I asked carefully.

"I don't know, I can't believe it. You kissed your boyfriend right after you had given some other guy head."

"What do you want me to do? I can't go back and change things. I thought everything was better now?"
Tommy shook his head. "I don't know. You know, I keep thinking I'm over it. I tell myself that everything's okay, but I get this feeling that it's not. I don't know what to do." he told me.

I let out a long sigh. "Tommy, we've only been together for what, three, four days? And already we're having more problems than couples who have been together way longer. What the hell is goin on with this?" I said. Tommy looked at me.

"Don't talk to me like it's my fault. This would be a lot easier if you wouldn't have fucked Tanner." He said lowly.

I wasn't about to sit here and take this shit from him. "Fuck you Tommy! You had a chance to do this. If there's somethin' you wanted to tell me you should have did it then, not now. I'm not gonna kick my ass all over again because you've decided you're not over it! I am sorry about what I did, okay? Yeah, things would be a lot better if I hadn't had did what I did, but you knew getting' into this that some things were goin' to be hard for me…" Tommy then cut me off.

"Yeah, like getting used to sleeping in the same bed or being together more often, not stayin' committed! Hell Collin, you would think that I would be the one havin' that problem. And worst is, that of all people, Tanner. You fucked Tanner!"

"Is that the only problem Tommy? Would you be doin this shit if it had been someone else?" I asked.

"Don't ask stupid questions. You know well enough that ain't the only problem."

"I'm not gonna do this, Tommy." I said as I started putting on my shirt.

"Do what?" he asked.

"This! I think we're taking this way too fast."

"Fast? Fast how?"

"Tommy, ThrEE days! Three fuckin days! We're not a damn married couple, there is no, nor will there ever be, a ring on this finger!" I held up my ring finger. "If you think about it, nothing has changed between us except that now we suck each other off and fuck. Maybe we should calm things down a little. This is too intense for a three day old relationship." I said looking at him.

"Does it matter how long we've been together? We've known each other for months, doesn't that count for anything?"

"If it does, then I would have been walking out on an even longer relationship with Tanner." I said coldly.

Tommy didn't respond. I knew I had hit below the belt throwing Tanner in that way. He looked away from me and shook his head. I didn't know if he knew what to say. I wasn't sorry.

"I'm leaving." I said. I put on my shoes and grabbed my keys. Before I walked out the door I turned and looked at Tommy. "You know, most couples argue then fuck." I said closed the door behind me.