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more than friends

Chapter Eight

December 2004

"Shit! Why didn't I look at the caller i.d.?" I thought. "Hey." I said. I got up and walked to the balcony doors then opened them. "Why didn't you call me? I was hoping to see you today." Tanner said to me as I stepped out onto the balcony. "Did Tommy tell you I called?" he asked. "Yes, he did." I said. "You know Collin, I feel like yesterday was different with us." He said. "Different?" I asked. "Yeah, like more intense. There was something there that hasn't been there before." He said. I didn't know how to reply, all I could think to say was, "It's Tommy." "Um' I need to talk to you." I finally said. "About what?" he asked. "I don't know. Can you come over tomorrow?" I asked him. "Of course I can. I'll be there a little before five." He said. "Alright." I said. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, see you tomorrow." I said before I hung up the phone.

I stared out over my backyard. I felt bad that Tanner was actually trying to be nice when I was fixing to, I guess' hurt him. Why is it that no one ever lets you know they're interested in you until you get involved with someone else? I mean, not that I wanted to be with Tanner, but it's the principal of the matter.

I picked up the phone and called Kyle. "Hello." He answered happily. "You ready to meet Tanner?" I asked. "Now?" He sounded alarmed. "Tomorrow, he'll be here around four thirty." I said. "Wow, uh, yeah. What time do you want me there?" he asked. "Be here at four." I told him. "Wow." He said. "What?" I asked. "I don't know, I guess I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon." He said. "Sorry, but Tanner just called and, I need to get him to let go before it gets worse." I told him. "Well, see you at four then." Kyle said. He and I hung up.

Tommy was lying with his left leg off the bed, his right hand behind his head, and the other on his stomach when I walked back in. I put the phone back on its base and crawled over him, to the other side of the bed. He turned and put his left arm around my waist, sliding his hand inside my shirt. "Who was that?" he asked, running his fingers back and forth on my side. "Tanner." Tommy's hand stopped, I waited for a berating of questions. "What did he want?" "Nothin," I said. "I told him to come over tomorrow. I'm gonna have Kyle here." I said. "Does Tanner know?" he asked. "No. I just told him I needed to talk to him?" "Well, just hope he doesn't come over with the mentality that he's gonna get laid again." Tommy said. "I know." I said. Tommy started moving his hand again. We lay there quietly until I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, I waited for four o'clock to come by. I sat watching Tommy watch TV. His eyes were set intently on the television, his lips curled into a smile as something happened on whatever he was watching. He turned to look at me. "What?" he asked still smiling. I shook my head. "Waiting for your boyfriend to come by?" he asked. I really didn't know if he was talking about Tanner or Kyle. I figured the latter. "So this Kyle dude, what's he like?" Tommy asked. "He's a nice guy." Was all I said.

"Is he hot?" Tommy asked. "What?" I asked confused, the question took me by surprise. "Is he hot?" he asked again. I stared at him. Tommy rolled his eyes, "Would you cheat on me with him?" he asked. "What?" I said again. Tommy's serious face broke into a smile and he started laughing. I didn't know how to react. Tommy looked at me. "Relax." He said, rubbing my knee. "That's not funny." I said. "Hey, I should be able to make fun of it all I want." He said. "Ass." I called him.

He sat there smiling at me. I tried not to smile myself, but I had to admit it was funny. "So'" Tommy said. "So what?" I asked. "Is he hot?" "You're not serious?" I said. "I just wanna know if the fake boyfriend can hold up to the real one." He said. I looked at him like he was stupid. "Well, he's kinda cute." I finally said. "I can't believe you actually answered." Tommy replied. "Oh my God." I said to him. "Did you want me to answer or not?" Tommy started smiling again. "You're so cute." He said to me in the way one of those aunts that pinches peoples cheeks do. "Relax, I'm just givin you a hard time." He said. I wasn't really mad, honestly I was relieved. I was glad that Tommy could joke about me cheating on him.

I looked at the TV, but he was still staring at me. I ignored him for a few minutes. "Collin." He said. I turned to look at him. Tommy didn't say anything. He leaned over and kissed me. His left hand found the back of my neck and he moved his fingers up and down; almost like he was scratching my neck, but he was rubbing them through my hair. He slowly pulled away, biting at my bottom lip as he did. "What was that for?" I asked. "Just cause." He said. Smiling at him, I pulled him back to me by the collar of his shirt as I laid back and brought him on top of me. He leaned in to kiss me, but this time he teased; before his lips touched mine, he pulled away and smiled. Again, he leaned in, this time he only put his lips on mine and stole a quick kiss. He looked at me and bit his bottom lip as he held himself up on his elbows. I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him to me.

I moved my hands up the back of his shirt while our mouths were busy devouring each other. Tommy started kissing down to my neck; sucking and licking on his path as I massaged and rubbed his muscles. His right leg was in between mine and I could feel his hard on pressing against my thigh. Do I need to say that Tommy was easily turned on? I wasn't even hard yet. I moved my hands down his sides and brought them to the small of his back. I found the waist of his shorts; slowly I pushed my hands underneath. The muscles in his smooth, round ass were tensing as he ground his cock into my leg. I pulled my hands out the back of his shorts. This time I put them inside the front of his shirt. I took in the curves of his pectorals as my hands moved down. My fingers felt the ridges of his tight abs until I felt the cold metal of his belt buckle. I pulled the strap of his belt out of the loop. "Mmm Hmm." Tommy moaned onto my skin and I felt the vibrations. He knew what I was after.

I reached my hand inside his underwear after undoing his shorts. Tommy let out a soft groan as I grabbed his dick. He pulled up my shirt and licked all over my chest. It was becoming quite a make-out session, until the doorbell rang. Tommy wasn't moving so that I could get up to answer the door. "Mm, Tommy' Tommy." I said in between him kissing me. "Hmm?" he mumbled. I looked over at the clock, it was 4:05. "Tommy' that's probably Kyle." I said to him. "Fuck." He said frustrated as he rose to his knees. Buttoning and zipping up his pants, he grabbed his crotch to adjust his self. I pulled my shirt down and got up. I put my hand down my shorts and adjusted myself as well as I walked to the door. Sure enough, I saw Kyle when I looked through the peep hole. I looked at Tommy to make sure he had himself situated. He was sitting nonchalantly on the couch.

I opened the door and greeted Kyle. He looked back at me with a big smile. "Hey." He said. He was looking particularly good on this day; a fitted green tee, jeans that showed off his round ass and a pair of Docs. "Come on in." I said. Kyle walked in as I closed the door and followed him to the living room. Tommy stood up and smiled at Kyle. "Hi, I'm Kyle." Kyle said. "Good to meet you, I'm Tommy." Tommy said to Kyle. They shook each others hands and sat down.

"So what are we gonna do?" Kyle asked. I thought a moment. "Okay, your Kyle' what's your last name?" I asked Kyle. Kyle smiled, "Osborne, and you're..." He said. "I'm Collin Cruz." I replied. "Right, so we've been going out for what'" he started. "We've been seeing each other for two months, but we've only been officially together for twelve days." I said. "Twelve days?" Tommy laughed. "Hey, it sounds good." I defended myself. "And we met through Aubrey." Kyle said. In the distance, Tommy's cell phone started ringing. He got up and ran to answer it.

"You look nervous." Kyle said to me. "I do?" I asked. "Yeah, you okay?" he asked. "I feel a little nervous." I admitted. He smiled at me; Kyle had a great smile. Tommy walked back into the living room. "I have to go." He said. "What's goin on?" I asked. "Alex bought a new entertainment system, he asked me to help him set it up." He said. "I'm gonna get my stuff." Tommy walked toward the stair case. "Alex is his roommate." I said to Kyle. "Does he know?" he asked. I shook my head. "You and Aubrey are the only ones who do." I said. I looked at the clock, it was 4:11. I let out a long sigh. Tommy came down the stairs. "I'm gonna head out." He said. "I'll walk you out." I stood up and walked to him. "It was nice meeting you." Tommy said to Kyle. "You too." Kyle said. I followed Tommy out the door and down the steps. He grabbed my hand as we walked to his truck.

Tommy opened the driver door and threw his bag inside. "Call me and let me know how things go." He said. "I will." I replied. We smiled at each other. He put his hand on my side and pulled me to him. "You gonna be okay?" he asked me, putting his forehead against mine. "Do I look nervous?" I asked. "Kinda." He said. "I'll be fine." I moved my lips to his. It was a goodbye kiss that left me wanting more. Tommy got in his truck and rolled the window down. "I'll come over after work tomorrow." He said. I nodded my head. He drove out of the half circle driveway and I walked back to the house.

Kyle was standing at the double doors of the patio, looking into my backyard. He turned to look at me. "You have really nice house." He said. "Thank you. Would you like a tour?" I offered him. "Sure, we have some time." He replied. I took him around the house, showing him the first floor; he'd already been in the 2 story living room and kitchen. I showed him the dining room, sun room, TV room/game room, gym, guest room, bathroom, and the two car garage with my Chevy Envoy. Then I showed him upstairs; the office, sitting room (it's not really a room because it has 2 walls and it overlooks the living room), two spare bedrooms, and the master bedroom or my room. I would say he was impressed with the house. I showed him the pool house from my bedroom balcony. "Man where do you work?" he asked. This was a question that I avoided with friends and family, or pretty much anyone. I let everyone believe what they wanted; I was a trust fund baby, my parents supported me, I was the heir to a fortune, whatever. Truthfully, my parents were wealthy; my dad owned a chain of real-estate agencies and my mother came from a long line of wealth, but mom and dad had nothing to do with the way I lived.

As was said earlier, I had inheritance from my grandmother, which was enough to put me through college, buy me a house and a BMW 5 series. What I did to pay the bills and for the other car wasn't exactly a job. Though it may seem morally upsetting, I trafficked drugs. I know, I know, it sounds soo wrong. But, I'm the middle guy. I work for a man anonymous to me, I call him Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith has the product delivered to my door as an ordinary package. With the package comes a note, letting me know when and where to drop off the product and when to pick up the payment. When I pick up the payment or package, there is a note letting me know where to drop it off. I never see the dealers, I never see the drugs. I am paid $15,000 for each "package" I deliver. I have a set of deliveries at least twice a month. No one knows. Not Aubrey, not Tanner, and especially not Tommy.

There have been rumors that I'm a male gigolo, a stripper; sometimes they'll say a drug dealer, but mostly I'm just really rich. I tell them that I have an internship at a psychology institute that I'm doing towards my psychology major at school' its school related so no one questions me. And I just don't seem like the type of guy to traffic drugs, so it all works out. But back to the story' so I told Kyle about the internship thing and threw in mom and dad with a smile. "You're a lucky guy." He said to me. "Yeah, I guess so." I said. "It's 4:45, where's Tanner?" he asked. I looked at my watch. "Who cares, let's get a drink." I said, and we headed down stairs.

"What would you like?" I asked him. "Uh, what do you have?" he asked. We walked into the living room and I headed for the liquor cabinet. "Whiskey, tequila, rum, vodka'" I told him. "Anything that won't kill me?" he asked. I smiled at him. "How about a beer?" I suggested. "Sure." He said. I grabbed to Millers out of the refrigerator in the kitchen. "So do your parents know you're gay?" he asked me as I handed him the beer. I shook my head, swallowing the beer in my mouth and sitting down. "I don't really talk to them." I said. "You don't?" he asked. I shook my head again. "I don't even know where they are right now. Last time I heard from them, they were headed to Australia." I said. Kyle sat quietly. "Sorry." He said. "Why?" I questioned. "Well, I don't wanna bring up any bad topics." He said. "Well, don't be sorry, I'm not. It's a mutual thing, I don't' talk to them just as much as they don't talk to me." I told him.

"What about yours?" I asked. "They know. I told them before I left for college." He answered. "How did they take it?" "Well," he started before he took a drink from his beer. "'they weren't as surprised as I thought they would be. When, I told them about Mark they weren't so surprised about that either. They said they didn't care if I was straight or gay, I just better not ever vote republican." Kyle said and smiled at me. "I guess on some level, every parent knows if their kid is a homo." I said smiling back at him. "Yeah." Kyle said and then killed his beer. "Want another one?" I asked. Kyle nodded.

I was headed to the kitchen when the phone rang. "Can you see who it is Kyle." I called out. "It's Aubrey." He shouted back. "Go ahead and answer it." I yelled. I grabbed two more beers from the fridge and walked back to the living room. "Yeah' oh yeah' uh hu' here he is." Kyle handed me the phone. "What's up?" I asked. "Kyle's cute isn't he?" Aubrey asked. "Is that what you called for?" I said. "No, I wanted to know how things were going?" she replied. "They're going." I answered. "I'm gonna use the bathroom." Kyle said. I nodded my head. "But he is cute." Aubrey said again. "Yeah, so what?" I said. "I know how you are, Collin." She said. "What's that supposed to mean?" "It means," she started, "that I know you have a weakness for cute guys." "Everyone does." I said. "Yeah, but yours involves you sleeping with them." She said. I laughed. "You're crazy." I told her. "He thinks you're cute too." She said to me accusingly. "Well that's nice, but even if I was trying to mess around with him, Tanner's coming over. Besides, Kyle knows I have Tommy." I said. "Even so, behave Collin. I'll come by tomorrow." She said. "See ya." I said and we hung up.

"So Kyle thinks I'm cute?" I thought to myself. I know it was bad to think about, but I felt flattered. Anyway, I trusted Kyle; I knew he wouldn't feel right about doing anything with me because I had a boyfriend. We were both safe.

Kyle walked back into the room. "So when do you think Tanner is gonna show?" he asked, picking his beer up from the coffee table. "That's a good question. I don't know. I'm not going to call him." I said. "Why." Kyle asked. "That'll make him feel like I want him here." I told him. Kyle shrugged, then sat down on the couch, next to me. I started flipping through the channels on the TV. I saw a hot guy so I decided to leave it there.

We watched the movie silently for a few minutes. It was actually interesting; these two brothers were trying to pull a scam on this guy, but one of the brothers ends up falling for they guys' daughter and problems arise.

"Do you have any siblings?" I asked Kyle. "Two brothers, one sister." He answered. "My oldest brother doesn't speak to me." He said. "Because you're gay?" I asked. Kyle looked at me and nodded. "You're an only child, huh?" he asked me. "Does it show?" I asked him. "A little." He said. We smiled at each other. "Do you mind if I ask you something?" Kyle asked. "Go ahead." I said. "Do you care about Tanner?" I thought about the question. "I would be lying if I said I didn't." I answered. We looked at each other; the mood seemed to change around us. "Why?" I asked. "It's just that you don't seem too happy about telling him you can't see him anymore." He said. "Just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I don't like him. I did get to know him before I slept with him." I said. "You like him, don't you?" he asked. I guess I looked at him funny because he apologized for asking that question. We didn't say anything for a minute.

I'd like to thank everyone who has e-mailed me about the story. Feedback is greatly appreciated, as is critisism.