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more than friends

Chapter Four

When I woke up, the room was still slightly dark. I looked to the window and saw the gray sky; it was going to rain again. Tommy was on his stomach, his head was on my chest and his right arm was around my waist, holding me. I didn't want to disturb him and I just wanted to lay there and look at his gorgeous face, but I had to pee. I gently moved his arm off me and slid out from underneath him. Quietly, I walked to the bathroom. It was almost twelve, so I decided to take a shower. When I opened the door Tommy was laying awake. "Morning." He said to me as I walked back to the bed. "Afternoon." I responded. I crawled back into bed and snuggled up against him. His skin was warm against mine. I felt like I could fall asleep again; he felt so good.

We laid in each others arms until I got hungry and decided to go downstairs and get something to eat. Tommy was in the shower and I was cooking when the phone rang. I looked at the caller i.d. it was Aubrey. "Hello." I said. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Cooking. What are you doing?" "Are you cooking for Tommy?" she asked with what I could tell was a smile. "As a matter of fact, I am. He's taking a shower." I said. "So what's going on with you two?" she asked. "Okay, we're together," I began. "Oh my God yall are? Oh my God how cute, you two are like soo cute together." She exclaimed. "Yeah, thanks, and he does know about Tanner. I told him that he and I had been together before and about me calling him Tommy and stuff." "Did he get mad about Tanner?" she asked. "No. But he said he wanted to be and asked me why I didn't tell him about it before, but I told him you know, how could I just say I fucked Tanner when he didn't know about me." I told her. "Yeah. So what are yall gonna' do today?" "I don't know." I said, "I kinda just want to stay home and sit around. It looks like it's gonna rain so I don't know. It's up to Tommy." "Well, I guess I better let you get back to cooking. Let me know if you decide to do anything okay?" Okay, bye." I said and hung up the phone.

Tommy came down stairs a few minutes later. "You cooked again?" he asked, putting his hands on my shoulders and kissing my neck. "I told you I was gonna get something to eat." I said. "Yeah, but I figured a bowl of cereal or something, not food." He said to me. "You can eat cereal if you want to, but I'm having eggs and bacon." I told him smiling. "Hey, I'm not complaining." He said. After breakfast, we sat down and watched TV. Tommy had the remote and was flipping through the channels when I told him to stop at Monster Garage. "You wanna watch this?" he asked. "Yeah, why?" "Because it's, not good. They trash a perfectly good car to build a piece of crap that they trash all over again." He said. "But Jesse James is like, hot. What do you wanna watch?" I asked him. He started flipping through the channels again. "Let's watch this." He said, leaving it on Mad TV. "I guess." I said. I leaned against him as he put his arm around me. It had gotten darker outside and we could hear soft thunder. "What time is it?" he asked. I looked at my watch, it was 2:10. "I told my roommate that I would help him move some stuff at three." He said to me. "Are you leaving now?" I asked. "No. I still have some time. What are you gonna' do today?" he asked. "I don't know. Maybe just sit around here, call Tanner, see what he's doing." I calmly said. "What?" Tommy asked with a serious face. "I'm just kidding. I don't even think I could face him if I wanted to." "Good. I don't want to have to kick his ass, or yours." We smiled at each other. "Hey, can I tell you something and you not get mad or anything?" I said to him. "Do you like doing that to me?" he asked. "Doing what?" "Telling me things that could possibly upset me." "It's not like I do it on purpose. It's just that, there are something's I need to tell you, and I don't know how you're going to react." I explained to him. "Well what is it?" he asked.

"Aubrey knows about me. She knows about us, I pretty much tell her everything that goes on." I said to him. "She knows?" he asked nervously. "Tommy, don't worry. You didn't hear people talking about me being gay did you?" "No." he replied. "Exactly. So don't worry, she's not gonna' go around telling anyone. She's our friend. She knows that neither of us can afford to be outed and that it's a big deal to you." I assured him. "The only one we should probably worry about is Tanner. He doesn't know anything about us for sure, but that won't keep him from saying anything. Plus, he doesn't exactly have a reason to stay quiet." I added. "Do you think he'd say something?" Tommy asked. "I really don't know. Maybe I should talk to him. I'll apologize for last night and if he suspects anything then I'll try and convince him that nothing is going on between you and me." I suggested. "Collin, I don't want you talking to him. If you do convince him that nothing's happening between us, I don't want him trying anything on you. Yall have been together before and I don't think anything would stop him." He said. "Tommy, I wouldn't do anything with Tanner, not anymore. Last night wasn't supposed to happen; he wasn't even supposed to be here, but Aubrey invited him." I said to him. "I don't care about Tanner. Last night was last night; neither of us can change it. Right now, today, tomorrow, it's you and me, and that's the way it's gonna' be. Tanner isn't going to change it, no one is. Right?" he said, looking into my eyes. "Yeah." I said, looking back in his.

Tommy left at a quarter to three. I didn't want him to leave. The house seemed empty without him. I lay on the couch and looked at the TV; Mad TV was still on. I thought about Tommy telling me he didn't want me talking to Tanner. I didn't blame him, but Tanner and I had had a descent relationship before. It seemed a bit controlling to me, I didn't care if he talked to any of his ex-girlfriends, which I knew he had slept with and would gladly hit on him. I contemplated calling Tanner, to try and apologize and see if he suspected anything. I picked up the phone, but decided to respect Tommy's wishes. I didn't want to risk screwing things up with us by him finding out. I laid there looking at the TV and realized I wasn't even paying attention to it.

At around 5:30 I got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the door bell ring as I came out and then heard knocking. I ran to the door and looked through the peep hole; I saw Tanner standing outside. I hesitated a moment. "He knows I'm here. My car is parked right there." I thought to myself. Tanner knocked on the door and rang the doorbell again. If he was here to kick my ass he wouldn't have much trouble. Finally, I opened the door. Tanner stood there; his eyes were fixed on me with an angry look. "Hey." I said. He didn't respond. "Why did you call me Tommy?" he asked in his deep voice. "Tanner I" I started. "What's going on between the two of you?" he said walking in and backing me up against the wall in the entry way. There were only a few inches in between us. I tried to get out from the side but he put his hand on the wall, cornering me. "Umm Tanner I, I don't know why I called you Tommy. It was an accident. I was trying to call him before you came in and I guess, I don't know, it just slipped out." I said. "Do you like him? Does he like you? What the hell is going on Collin?" he said, still holding his gaze. He was breathing heavy. I was scared I'll admit, and yet slightly aroused. "Tanner calm down, just come in and sit down." He put his arm down and followed me to the living room. I was wondering why he seemed so upset about Tommy. He sat down in the chair by the couch. "Listen, I'm sorry for calling you Tommy, I didn't mean to. And nothing's going on between us. We're just friends, good friends. By that I don't mean like benefits or anything, just good friends. Why are you so upset about him anyway? I mean I understand about the whole name thing, but why do you care if I have something going on with him?" I asked. He stayed quiet and finally broke his gaze and looked down. "Tanner?" I said. I was confused by his behavior. He had never seemed so upset with me. He looked up but not at me.

"I like you Collin. I've always liked you and not in a friend way. You're the only guy that I keep going after. You were the first person to actually know I was gay. The only reason I came last night is because I knew for sure that you were going to be here. I wanted to talk to you and tell you how I feel, but you always play that hard to get game, you always act like you're not interested and it drives me crazy. Then when you said his name instead of mine, I didn't know what to do. I was pissed, and jealous, and sad and and I didn't know what to do. So I left. And the reason you haven't seen me in a while is because I've been trying to not like you, telling myself that you didn't like me." As he was saying all this I went into shock. His words just hit me like something out of the blue. I had never imagined that Tanner, of all people, felt this way. I didn't have a good feeling about him being here, telling me all this. "Tanner, you never acted interested in me either. It always seemed like all you ever wanted was sex. Every time we saw each other you were trying to get me to do something with you." I said to him. "And last night you weren't acting like you were very interested in talking." "I'm sorry!" He said. "But that's how I get around you. That's what you do to me." I sat there bewildered. My mouth was open, trying to find something to say to him, to find the right words for whatever it was I was I wanted to get out. Tanner got up and sat down next to me. I wanted to scoot over and put some space between us but I was sitting next to the arm of the sofa. "Collin, I want you." He said, his breath grazing my cheek. I didn't realize he was so close to me. He put his hand on my leg. I turned and looked at him. His blue eyes were staring at me with fierce intensity. He moved his hand up to my face and ran it over my cheek. He stopped at my neck and pulled me to him. His lips met mine.

He continued to pull me to him until he was lying on the couch and I was on top of him. He moved his hands down my sides, when he reached my thighs he grabbed them and pulled them apart, making me straddle him. My lips parted as his tongue made its way into my mouth. He grabbed my ass then thrust into it; I could feel his cock pressing against me. I grinded back down on him. He moaned in my mouth. I sat up, took my shirt off and then undid his belt and pants. The head of his cock was sticking out of the waist band from his boxers. I slid down and took his pants with me. His dick popped up and bobbed in the air. I took him in my hand, slowly stroking him. His cock was warm and hard, its veins popped out with all the blood that was filling it up. I licked up the shaft, making Tanner let out a long moan. I circled my tongue around his head and lowered my mouth onto him. I let him in until my chin rested against his balls and his cock was half way down my throat. I pulled my self back up and continued to take him in and out of my mouth, sucking lavishly at his member.

He sat up and pushed me onto my back. He pulled off my basketball shorts and his shirt. I looked up at him and suddenly realized what I was doing. I realized I had Tommy. I wanted to stop, my mind was telling me STOP, but every fiber of my being let Tanner do whatever he wanted to do to me. I surrendered to his kisses, his licks, his gentle biting. The feel of his touch made me tingle and ache. Tommy kept going through my mind, I tried to push Tanner off, but it only made him more aggressive and he held me down. I couldn't fight him off. When I did he liked it, and he got rougher, which turned me on. I felt overwhelmed with emotion and arousal; I wanted to end this and the same time, I wanted it to go on. My body started to quiver as Tanner made his way down my chest, to my stomach, to my cock. I felt his tongue slide down my shaft. I moaned loudly as he tended to my throbbing dick. I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair. I gently pushed Tanner down on my cock. "Oh God!" I said, between clenched teeth. Tanner came up and looked at me. "Still the wrong name." he said smiling, then kissed back down to my dick. He stroked me before moving his hands down to my ass. I felt his hands spread my cheeks apart; his finger gently massaged my opening. He pushed softly, inserting the tip of his finger, from what I could feel. He moved back down and then I felt his tongue glide against my hole. I gripped the cushion of the couch as I felt him work his tongue. His left hand moved up and rubbed my abs. He worked at my entrance a little more before pulling himself up and sitting down on the couch. As I was getting up, the phone rang. I looked at the phone, then to Tanner. "You better not answer it." He said as he stroked himself. "But it might be important." I protested. "What's more important, this," he said looking down at his dick, "or that?" he said with a smirk and looked at the phone. By this time the phone had already rang twice. "Just let the machine get it." He said. I looked at the phone, and when I looked back at Tanner, he was standing in front of me. The person calling hung up during the third ring. "If it's that important, they'll call back." He said to me.

Before I could say anything, he had me back on the couch with my legs spread. He was on his knees in front of me. He held my right leg out with his left hand as he positioned his cock to my ass with his right. He pushed himself into me; we moaned in unison. I closed my eyes and felt his cock fill me up. His thrusts were long and hard. He gripped my ankles as he clenched his teeth and began swearing. His abs tightened and loosened with his pumping. I put my hands on his chest as he leaned forward and began kissing my chest. He gently bit my nipples and licked around them. The phone rang again and he leaned back. "You're not gettin' it." He moaned as he pulled my leg to his chest and bit on my calf. Not hard, but enough to where I could feel it. At that moment I didn't care about the phone. After four rings the machine picked up. "Hey, this is Collin. I'll see if I can get back to ya': Hey, where you at?" I heard Tommy's voice say. I quickly got up and picked up the phone. "Hello." I said "Hey babe, where were you at awhile ago?" he asked. "Umm, I was sleeping and the phone was downstairs. What's up?" I said. Tanner positioned himself behind me and slid his cock into me; he started thrusting. "Not much, just got out of the shower. I was thinkin' of going over later, maybe we could order some pizza, watch a movie. I don't' have to work tomorrow so maybe I could stay over, if you want me to." "Ooh, yeah. That would be great!" I said trying not to moan. Tanner let out a soft groan. "What was that?" Tommy asked. "Oh, the TV. Let me turn the volume down." I turned around and put my hand over Tanner's mouth. He was slowly pumping in and out of my ass and softly bit my hand. "So, what time?" I asked. "At about seven. I have to get dressed so it'll be a few. Okay." he said. "Aaa-lright, see ya." I replied.

I hung up the phone and looked at Tanner. "Who was that?" he asked, still thrusting. "Tommy. He's coming over." Tanner looked at me. "Why?" he asked. "Because he wants to hang out. He'll be here in thirty minutes." I said. Tanner didn't respond; he just kept pounding my ass. It seemed that he was going at it harder than before. He rolled us onto the floor. I was on my back, Tanner got on top of me missionary style, but my legs were on his shoulders. He leaned forward to where my knees were touching my chest. He was breathing heavy and swearing. The muscles in his arms were bulging; I could see the vain in his neck popping out. "Aah, fuck!" he moaned. He thrusted into me a few more times before pulling out. He got up and crawled towards my face. He jacked himself off over my mouth. A few seconds later, his hot cum shot was shooting into my mouth. Tanner was moaning and groaning as thick streams of semen filled my mouth. When he was finished, I grabbed his head and pushed him onto my still hard cock. I pulled him all the way down my shaft. The vibrations from Tanners moaning made my dick stiffen. I pulled him off my cock and came all over his face. "Ooh GOD!" I said as I emptied my load on him.

After we were drained of our juices, I looked at the clock. Tommy would be here in 15 minutes! That didn't leave me enough time to take a shower. And Tanner had to hurry and leave. Tanner was putting on his boxers and opened his mouth to say something. "You have to go!" I said. "What? Why?" he asked as I was picking up his clothes. "Because, Tommy will be here soon and I have to wash up." I said handing him his clothes and pushing him towards the door. "But" he started. "No, you have to go. I'll call you later." I said and opened the door. I shoved him out and he stumbled down the front steps. "Wait." He said. He came back up the stairs and kissed me. Tanner never kissed me! He was like a hooker; it's just something he didn't do. He pulled away and smiled. I know I was looking at him funny but he didn't say anything, just got in his car and left.